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  1. well they make the rules , but whether anyone listens is another story
  2. as someone who has been involved with football at many levels , trust me the Fa are anal , somewhere buried deep i believe there will be a rule for abondonment of the league.What that would be i have no idea
  3. His head looks to have been turned or he has given up a bit. Dont buy into this hoping players do well elsewhere though , once they go i really don't care. Ive been here longer than all of them
  4. One thing is for certain the club need our support if we are to stay up , the meltdowns on here are bad enough when we get a bad result , its now happening when other teams get good results. Anyone who thought this would be easy are deluded
  5. Done euston last year was awful , literally rammed in with people trying to climb over each other to get on , hope its better this year , im driving for the first time because of it.
  6. mattyvilla

    Pepe Reina

    2 of his saves were from him passing the ball to one of their players
  7. mattyvilla

    Pepe Reina

    Thought he was a liability today , too casual with the ball at his feet , floating passes 40 yards straight to the opposition instead of clearing properly. Made some good saves but the majority were caused by him
  8. i'm still behind Smith , but if it goes wrong Ian holloway has to be the man to get us back up. The rants would be comedy gold "who are the fans to tell me that Freddy Guilbert isn't a goalie , i'd like to see them try".
  9. You know the goalkeeping coach will have the same qualifications of the other staff right? The goalkeeping qualifications are done after the normal coaching ones. Don't think theres too much unusual here
  10. if the seating map is accurate and all tickets have been released only about 1k left
  11. Was anyone in that packed away end at swindon in 87/88 , waiting for results from elsewhere , as they say the rest is history
  12. completely agree , ive bought poor tickets in the past only for better ones to be released after.
  13. avfc support tweeted last night that the seats are released in waves , so its difficult to get a true picture of whats sold. I'm not sure they have gone as quickly as expected
  14. £2 booking fee per ticket + £2 postage a bit of a rip of thats and extra £10 for me
  15. We are parking in the stanmore area , paying to park on a private drive then tube to the game and back , no way we would go on train again , last year was awful even at 8am
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