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  1. He did indeed but looked awful , scored a bit of a jammy goal i recall off the bench ,spent a couple of weeks before that on the bench . Don't think he really stopped scoring after that
  2. i remember a certain Mr Benteke getting the same stick , lets give wesley a chance
  3. Our season tickets weren't uploaded , refused to let us in without going to ticket office , stood in the queue for 40 min and then was told to go back to the turnstile and they would now let us in. 3rd year in a row the same problem!
  4. sizing is woeful , ordered a training top , went a size up and still way too small and now out of stock everywhere
  5. We didnt have a resale partner last year , was a shambles
  6. Watched the players celebrate for 15 min , then joined the tube queue where a fair amount of derby fans clearly wanted trouble with villa , being as they couldnt get a reaction due to us being hugely outnumbered , they proceeded to fight each other on the tube.No need at all there were loads of kiddies from both teams around.
  7. mattyvilla


    just a heads up to anyone travelling from tamworth train station , there have been a lot of cancellations today due to staff shortages , hopefully wont happen again tomorrow
  8. ill be wearing a claret and blue scarf so im easy to recognize!
  9. mattyvilla


    Great im on this , i thought derby fans would get the st pancras train straight through
  10. mattyvilla


    booked on west mids trains , so code not valid .Still not too bad a price with tube passes
  11. mattyvilla


    Does that have underground passes includes , ive paid £86 for the same journey 2ad 2ch
  12. Norwich to be awarded the trophy after the game apparently (should they win it ) , would pretty much put the dampeners on the lap of honor
  13. believe so , unless the league expel them

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