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  1. Simply because they are better , you have to work harder than them to say in the game .It's inevitable that you start to run out of steam late on.
  2. Strange game , strange atmosphere , and a strange 34k sell out!
  3. pretty sure in was to enable 4k coverage
  4. For me at the minute its a little bit like watching a kids coach on a saturday morning.Certain players are untouchable , so poor from smith.Had wesley come off and nakamba and mcginn been replaced with 20 min left we would have won today
  5. last night jack had given everything and for me his legs had gone with 20 minutes left he then became very poor.With the kind of money that has been spent we shouldn't be in a situation where we won't or can't take him off.
  6. mattyvilla


    They make more than that , sold my everton ticket and got £10 back , they sold it at full adult holte end price
  7. He did indeed but looked awful , scored a bit of a jammy goal i recall off the bench ,spent a couple of weeks before that on the bench . Don't think he really stopped scoring after that
  8. i remember a certain Mr Benteke getting the same stick , lets give wesley a chance
  9. Our season tickets weren't uploaded , refused to let us in without going to ticket office , stood in the queue for 40 min and then was told to go back to the turnstile and they would now let us in. 3rd year in a row the same problem!
  10. sizing is woeful , ordered a training top , went a size up and still way too small and now out of stock everywhere
  11. We didnt have a resale partner last year , was a shambles
  12. Watched the players celebrate for 15 min , then joined the tube queue where a fair amount of derby fans clearly wanted trouble with villa , being as they couldnt get a reaction due to us being hugely outnumbered , they proceeded to fight each other on the tube.No need at all there were loads of kiddies from both teams around.
  13. mattyvilla


    just a heads up to anyone travelling from tamworth train station , there have been a lot of cancellations today due to staff shortages , hopefully wont happen again tomorrow
  14. ill be wearing a claret and blue scarf so im easy to recognize!
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