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  1. It really wasn't , we stayed up and played in a cup final , expecting any more is delusional
  2. would he not have problems getting a work permit under them conditions? He would have made 0 apearances for his current club?
  3. Simply shouldn't be captain , never has been captain material , even more so if he's off and the club know it. More often than not he is mouthing at officials rather than bonding the team , very good player but we could buy 3 good players with the money for him , his time here is done.
  4. The rest of the UK can only be in groups of 6 people at a 2 metre distance. Football however do what they please. There are still 8 thousand people in hospital and hundreds dieing every day. The idea of voiding is far less bizarre than starting again in my opinion
  5. yes same i have 2 adult and 3 kids tickets , only got emails for the 2 adult , i just filled the form in for all of them
  6. would be fair to assume we won't lose our seats either way , we cannot renew at this point so shouldn't miss out
  7. gary penrice up front would be a must
  8. nothing to do with safety , its about economics , they are political decisions just like the coming out of lockdown
  9. When you decide that our players are clowns and little bitches , i think it may be time for you to move on , there is no way you aren't a troll
  10. I think the club also need to sort out compensating season ticket holders now as well. There has been no mention , many other clubs have already sorted it
  11. i don't believe for a minute top level players will stay away from home for weeks for this , the whole idea is obscene. Imagine Aston Villa xi 4 v liverpool xi 3 *several players from both teams refused to play and both captains were ruled out with a temperature , game abandoned after 50 minutes due to linesman becoming ill. All players and coaches involved are inelligable for the next 14 days. This just isnt going to be viable
  12. allan evans , mcgrath , delaney , mellberg
  13. I think Platt tainted his time here a little with things said after he had gone , close on 70 goals for villa in 3 and a bit years , and over 60 england caps. Not so hot in goal though
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