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  1. I take my info from bbc's deliberate handball guide , i'm not clever enough to provide a link , so certainly can't find it in the rulebook
  2. This seasons holders seats won't be released until the deadline has passed , usually in the summer june time
  3. Handball isn't a caution , Deliberate handball is. There has to be an intent to handle for a card to be given , attempting to chest the ball and it hitting the arm isnt a caution if we go by the letter of the law.
  4. i don't believe for a minute that the owners would allow our best chance of getting out of this league to be dropped for the last 3 months due to a fallout
  5. cant think of any really bad views in the trinity , they are prob at one end and you end up with a bit cricked neck looking down the pitch!
  6. Spot on , i think smith gets a bit of an easy ride he is getting it horribly wrong.It was crying out for keinan davis to hold the ball up , and he made defensive changes
  7. Go on youtube and look for why you coming fast , there is a joke in what bolasie said
  8. Just wish it would get sorted , feels disrespectful now , chelsea should just recall
  9. Will watch his progress from afar , 3 goals from the bench in the 2nd half of the season for wolves , returned to chelsea and swiftly loaned out to recently relegated fulham . He could have got himself a big permanent move in the summer had he stayed here and scored goals!
  10. It could well be that we have simply been lied to by the owners yet again and they havent sorted FFP as they seem to suggest
  11. mattyvilla

    Alan Hutton

    Thats the whole point , the problem is a succession of seasons without anything being done about it
  12. mattyvilla

    Alan Hutton

    Maybe some of the blame for Hutton should be deflected to those who pick him every week and also play him out of position
  13. big if but if the charity shield is considered an official match then he can't play for anyone else this season
  14. would that not be a ruptured tendon?
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