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  1. Gotta admit Leeds were breathtaking going forward, what a manager Bielsa is. How he gets his players to perform like that is beyond me
  2. There was one moment when we broke yesterday, he kept the ball for too long, I think trez and Watkins was either side of him. If there ever was a minute of negativity it's that he doesn't release earlier.
  3. Just hope Iheanacho doesn't score against us, he always seems to. McGinns bday today so he should be well up for it
  4. That take down and control on the right wing from a cross was just sexy!!
  5. Yeah nothing really screamed out there....wonder which journalist will first break the Sturrridge to Villa link
  6. Targett reminds me of Neil from the Inbetweeners
  7. Im sure the visa can be sorted after deadline day, its the contract between the two clubs that have to be finalized before deadline day i would assume
  8. He's getting more of his ass into the game...the deffo back!!
  9. This is why I think it's having an affect, subtle things like groans and moans would no doubt have an affect on a players confidence, now if a player flops on a cross as an example, he just shrugs it off and goes again.
  10. The no fans really is having an affect, I do wonder if we would have been capable of that scoreline if there were fans in the stadium... Not that I'm trying to take the shine off it..just feel like the players play better without the fans at Villa park??
  11. Came across the other day, it's old but first time I've watched it, gotta say he makes me so proud that he's our manager. There's something different about him, he just oozes class!!
  12. He was excellent, motm performance along with others tonight, great asset to have in the team, he's improving, can definitely score and his crossing has gone up a notch.. Well done lad
  13. So it's happening on Monday omg omg omg
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