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  1. supermon

    Dean Smith

    i thought it was a penalty, was livid when nothing came of this, was VAR even checked?
  2. It was weird for me cos I felt the same but couldn't out my finger on why. Although he didn't do much in the 10 minutes, there was something about those few minutes made me think this guy is going to be class. Maybe he just has that aura!! He looked confident when he was on the ball
  3. He did try to defend from the front at least, something Wesley is going to have to do for us a lot more I feel.
  4. supermon

    Dean Smith

    I don't think anyone can question the fullback decision cos Elmo and Taylor didn't really do much wrong
  5. Felt he was our motd up till half time, was running the midfield. He was defence game was actually really good, could tell he was well up for it, covered a lot of grass today. Silly mistake for the goal but overall he had a decent game, alleviated pressure at times too
  6. He was excellent today, probably gets to keep his place based on this performance
  7. supermon

    Wesley Moraes

    Not great today, not going to write him off but his tracking back was the most disappointing, needs to be better at this
  8. Well can see why Jota didn't start, a little lightweight
  9. Dean Smith needs to have a word with Wesley, he's played shit this half. Doesn't look like he's bothered to hassle or defend from the front, really disappointed so far
  10. We got this lads, we're Aston Villa not Norwich, I think we'll win 2-0
  11. Disgusting challenge by Timo Werner, Grealish really does wind other players up doesn't he. Most fouled player in premier league?
  12. He managed to walk off which is always a good sign, Trezeguet made a nice cameo appearance though setting up McGinn

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