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  1. He isn't great and forward passing, he does do a lot of sideways passing, guess he's main attribute is to hoover up and break play
  2. supermon

    Wesley Moraes

    He's shit plain and simple
  3. Great player for breaking play up, just never ever shoot please
  4. Looked like he wanted to come off, got torn by Adama
  5. We are apparently somewhat of a bogey team for Liverpool, would take a draw, it's probably their time to slip
  6. We're going to win 1-0, they'll have 80% posession and have two goals ruled out by VAR.
  7. supermon

    Keinan Davis

    Don't think we should be that quick to write him off, he's an affective sub to bring on in late stages of the game, gives us a different dynamic
  8. Think we need to play Luiz and Nakamba as DM's for man city and Liverpool, if we lose that's fine but need to keep the scoreline low. Some Liverpool fans are actually worried about the Villa game, they see us as their boogey team lol
  9. So they didn't talk about the VAR decision on motd like it's not a talking point
  10. the wrestling is amazing in AEW shows so far, i wonder how long these wrestlers can maintain these high octane performances, they really are putting their body through all sorts. I do wonder sometimes if there will be longevity in these kind of matches.
  11. Just saw the stats for Norwich have, did they actually have 21 shots at goal, a small worry for future games. Need better game management and control of the ball. Can't let the opposition have that many shots. Still lots to improve on, but it's a great Monday feeling nevertheless!!
  12. Becoming one of my fav players!
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