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  1. it looked like Nakamba was about to strangle him on his way out of the holte end
  2. Reported that Brentford have had a £5m bid rejected for Folarin Balogun, 18 year old Arsenal striker. We should just bid for this dude, otherwise we'll probably be drooling over him in 3-4 years but expecting to pay the £30mill. Could do with more striker options for our under 23 squad
  3. Yeah if he just works on his crosses a bit more, lifts his head up when he's running. although a few times when he breaks, he actually has nobody to cross it into, Wesley wasn't the greatest at busting a gut to get on the end of crosses (probably cos he came so deep).
  4. He should make that his celebration each time he scores
  5. They just showed extended highlights on sky sports, frikkin buzzin still!!
  6. The annoying thing is that if we win we are likely to play Manchester City.......Think I'll just stop there.
  7. What happened to the Callejon links? If they've found a replacement, could his transfer now happen? Maybe a cheaper option to Bowen?
  8. I think Jarrod Bowen will leave Hull but it will go down to the last day of the window. I can't imagine Hull sniffing at a possible £15-£20million only for Bowen to leave in the summer. With no guarantee of making it into the premier league, i reckon they'd sell this January. Really hope we are in for him, could be the missing link
  9. That's pretty huge news, I used to work with Eniola in my teens, she would never play with us lads. Her insurance didn't cover her for any injuries lol. Amazing news though!!
  10. Think he's a decent option as a squad player, thought he played look today also. Does try to be an outlet
  11. Weird that nobody has a clue on this. Engels should be ahead of Chester. Did he do something wrong?
  12. I do feel as though we have one of the toughest remaining fixtures left, possibly West ham with the other. Really need to start taking points off the so called top 6 sides
  13. Still think he needs to be more consistent with his crosses.. Although could say that about most of our players
  14. His celebration was just class!!
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