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  1. Yeah pretty frustrating seeing Cash bomb forward only for Traore to ignore him.
  2. Yes it's possible imo, I've seen managers go in and change the philosophy of the team and get their players to become better on the ball. They somehow manage to get average players look comfortable on the ball.
  3. I would assume they'd coach the team better and work on our weaknesses, ie misplaced passes. there are managers out there that can bring out the best in players and push them on
  4. His distribution is woeful, I have no idea what his brain is thinking when he tries some of his ridiculous over the top passes. He fails more than he connects. He needs to be a squad player next year and shouldn't be starting as many games. Let's hope we can find a replacement in the summer.
  5. I'd agree, can't see him going to any of the top half teams in premier League. Just my opinion, I think the owners will let Smith go in the summer and go for a more well known manager. I just think they want us to push to the next level and Smith probably isn't that guy.
  6. So you don't mind that we can't string a few passes together, you don't mind we constantly pass to the opposition. I'm not asking for a lot, these are basics. I didn't mean I'm expecting swathes of possession but is it nigh on impossible to expect the basics?
  7. The meltdown is because of the shit performance we are seeing week in week out, constantly looking like headless chickens n not being able to keep possession.
  8. Can't understand why he didn't bring Davis on, he really is limited as a manager. I do wonder if our owners are going to keep patience with him, their ambitions are very high and I just don't see Dean Smith being that manager who can take us to that level.
  9. Wasnt expecting that. Glad to be ahead but my gosh we are bloody terrible. Seriously what the heck do we do in training, can't even get the basics right. Need to fix up big time. Really not enjoying watching us lately, we look dire.
  10. At this point just throw Davis on, we look terrible and can't keep possession. At least we can use him as a target man
  11. Can't even strong a few decent passes together, extremely poor from us. McGinn has been woeful in possession.
  12. Don't think Traore should be dropped, id start with Davis and as harsh as it is, keep Trezeguet on the bench. Play Watkins on the wing. Maybe have Nakamba play this one for defensive protection.
  13. But what does Alan Mutton think of all this?
  14. Y'all going to debate this all the way to the Fulham game lol? Great debate tbf think we just have to all accept we all have differing views, we all see things differently and it's unlikely you're going to change an opposing view point no matter how hard you try. Let it be.
  15. I think he's going to go too, it's too much of a rebuild job and despite such a positive start to the campaign we are slowly going back down the table. It's great that we are where we are relative to previous two years but we are we down quite a distance off breaking into the top 6. Is Grealish going to hang around for us to just compete, as I doubt aby trophies are coming our way anytime soon
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