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  1. I think we should have a separate Brentford thread on Villatalk
  2. i would prefer Steer to start as our number 1 goalkeeper just because of the hard work he has put in, but Steer and Butland as our 2 main goalkeepers is pretty healthy.
  3. Wouldn't mind Xaver Schlager of RB Salzburg as a squad player, great box to box player, can play as DM, Centre mid or AM, got bags of skill, can score and set them up too. Only 21 years old. Great option to cover or start as DM, McGinn or Grealish
  4. Wouldn't mind one or two older players in the team, I think you need those leaders in the team/dressing room. Now that the likes of Whelan and Jedinak are gone, think we need those characters in. First season isn't going to be easy. I hope we buy some established premier league players
  5. Would love us to sign this guy, would be a real class signing, prefer him to the the Leeds player, probably be cheaper too.
  6. supermon

    Wesley Moraes

    i wonder if he has silky skills like most Brazilians, hope he has some beautiful stepovers in his arsenal of skills
  7. supermon

    Wesley Moraes

    Saw a report that Lazio were after him with a 16m Euro bid with 5mill in add ons. the initial fee probably isn't as high as 25 million euros https://thelaziali.com/2019/06/13/wesley-moraes-lazio-stretch/
  8. supermon

    Wesley Moraes

    oohhhh Wesley Mora - es
  9. First W88, then BR88...lf it means pumping cash monnay into the club then that's just GR88
  10. would look better if it was just the W without the W88 at the bottom
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