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  1. Thought he was excellent yesterday, he didn't put one foot wrong. Love it when he breaks up play!!
  2. Well done Deano, I've seen some steady improvement these last few games, there's a plan, there's a system, there's in play tactics, there's serious squad quality and depth, backroom staff deserve credit too, can see improvements in set pieces and possession, onwards and upwards we go. Please Deano, just beat United next and you'd become an absolute legend!!
  3. Someone quickly open the January transfer thread
  4. Lingard available after West Ham signed that player. Dunno if it's possible to get two loans off Utd but he'd certainly improve our left side of midfield, rotating with El Ghazi
  5. Hope he doesn't lose his place, he doesn't deserve to be dropped.
  6. Wouldn't be fair to criticize Dean for result today, squad was decimated and considering what team we had then can't really complain with the point. We'll improve when some of the players get back to full fitness. I see hope and quietly confident things will be fine
  7. I didn't see all the game to be fair but first half I saw him play quite decent
  8. Am I the only one who thought Nakamba actually played some decent balls forward, swear he pinged it and switched play on one occasion, maybe cos it was Barrow and he had more confidence. It's the most I've seen him pass forward in any game.
  9. I've had to watch that pass about the four times, that was the highlight of the game. Destroyed the defenders with that pass.
  10. You know what a confident El Ghazi can do....
  11. Was that Dougie flicking his hand like how Zidane did after Ronaldos overhead kick
  12. Yeah agree, thought he had a purpose about him, did some harassing too
  13. Maynn, I wish one of his shots go in, he always seems to have a decent shot at goal. If he scores at Villa Park, the fans will go nutz
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