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  1. Arsenal apparently after Benrahma and Eze, that'd be us out of the running if true.
  2. I really want us to go all out for the Celtic forward Edouard, scored a hat trick today and is just a clinical finisher.
  3. Looking back Wesley's goals are actually really good
  4. Just get two star signings that shows our intent and shows Jack that we mean business next year, for me that would mean a star striker and star winger. Then the other signings would follow
  5. Was the Playoff final this nerve racking?
  6. I don't think I can bear to watch or follow today's games, I'll be tuning in at half time and full time.....I know we can do this though, this is our time!! Step up lads and get it done, I'd go beserk if Davis scored and got the winner!!
  7. Please just survive and stay in premier league Villa...do this for my newborn son who's only a week old, he's a new villa fan, let's give him some Premier league action please....mainly for his old man as he'll not remember any of it haha
  8. I thought we could get a result from Arsenal because they are like Jekyll and Hide, I just feared a final game decider. I've seen us usually choke up on the big occasion, plus West Ham have picked up some decent results recently
  9. I just can't see us beating West Ham im afraid, they'll be too physical for us, I can see a draw but fear that results won't go our way on the final day.. Still think we'll get relegated
  10. Terrible dive, but he played much better. There were times in the first half though he infuriated me with the time he held on to the ball. Smith needs to have a word.
  11. I'll attempt at an 11 as there's nothing positive to do: Reina Guilbert Konza Mings Hause El Ghazi Hourihane Luiz Grealish McGinn Davis
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