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  1. Problem is, until they solve this, some self employed people will still go out to make their living, I know someone who is doing this and showing some mild symptoms. Despite telling them off and calling them irresponsible, he's continuing with his employment to help put food on the table. Government really need to get to grips with this, as does he.
  2. I do, but I wipe with tissue first then nozzle with bidet... Just more hygienic
  3. Just read "what if us humans are the real virus and covid19 is Earth's vaccine?" Mind=blown
  4. We're probably taking this Brexit thing too serious
  5. supermon

    Dean Smith

    Same was said when we lost to man City 6-1
  6. This is going to get me pelters but... I'd drop Guilbert and Targett for Elmo and Taylor Come at me BRO!!
  7. I laughed out so loud!!!
  8. We're just not a Premier League team, we haven't been for a number of years. Championship is our level, nothing has really changed. Our board are as clueless as Lerner and Xia, reward Smith a extended contract lmao. Pathetic
  9. Just have to contain Iheanacho and Maddison and I reckon we can beat these lot. Maddison looked like he could have had 5 goals the last time we played him, Nakamba will have to do a job on him. Commonn Villa, we can take these lot! UTV
  10. 115 confirmed positive cases! We should have looked to Singapore to see what they're doing. They seem to have a better recovery rate than most other countries. There's 9 in the midlands! Ergghh
  11. Proud of the lads, we lost with dignity. Hold your heads up high boys. Hope Grealish is ok
  12. Oh no, now Grealish is going to be injured
  13. Don't understand this, they're on 32 points. They've played and managed games better than us so that they've either held on to a winning position or grafted a draw, something we aren't capable of. Currently the bottom two are rightly the two shittest team in the league. Each team has their fair share of luck as the season goes on.
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