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  1. Investigation? Took 2 minutes to investigate that I was driving with a mobile device in my hand. Granted it was my stupidity and I've learnt from it, but an investigation? You either get nicked or you don't.
  2. Lot of Twitter outlets reporting that talks have begun for £25mill
  3. Is he gutted if Parson Daka end up at West ham, the kind of signing we need to kick on.
  4. Yeah I agree, think we can rely on him as CB cover. Let it free up funds for a striker and winger
  5. Ive nearly lost my voice from the screaming I did when Barry scored, so proud!! The best 4-1 defeat ever
  6. If be more excited to follow this have if, as others have said, our under 23 players get some have time, otherwise meh, don't care if we get tonked 8-0
  7. Would love is to sign Florian Thauvin as or winger option. He's getting straight into the first team, think he's really improved since his Newcastle days. Striker would be Parson Daka. Both are probably unrealistic but are the type of calibre we need to push on.
  8. I think Barkely and Ming's should come straight back in, not because anyone deserves to be dropped but we need fresh legs in the team. We really need a good Jan window to rotate the squad. Remember when McGinn was shot to pieces after playing so many games and after injury he was himself again. Really worry about fatigue setting in.
  9. Such a great striker, his ask round have is amazing. He's always getting chances in games, they'll come eventually. We just look a threat each time he receives the ball
  10. Guess you had no time for him when his goals last year kept us up.
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