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  1. Good Lord. If we had waited and signed Buendia, Bailey and Ings today, VillaTalk would be in meltdown proclaiming this as the best deadline day in the history of all the universe. Take a breath, we are going to be okay.
  2. No we weren’t, two of the subs happened at 2-0 down. He also changed the shape which improved our performance after the second goal went in. Unfortunately, a number of players were unprepared for the start of the season due to a lot of mitigating circumstances. Mystic Meg has some competition with you, clearly you can see things before anyone else. Can I have the lottery numbers for Tuesday’s Euromillions please. Dean Smith continues to improve each year. You don’t know anywhere near as much as you think you do.
  3. You seem to be forgetting last week’s game, when he made all three subs by the 72nd minute. The thing you - and other posters who bang about with the same points *over and over again* - seem to forget, is we haven’t had the strength in depth to make quick, decisive changes to massively influence the game. That’s a long process and this isn’t Football Manager on Editor Mode.
  4. Hopefully he does a bit better than the last player to wear it.
  5. I’d rather we spent our money on someone who is proven in the Premier League.
  6. In fairness, if they’re claiming the community shield as a trophy, then we can probably claim the playoff final as a trophy.
  7. Well... this sure beats signing Borja Baston.
  8. I doubt he'd be playing in goal.
  9. I really don't understand some of the negativity towards signing 'Championship players' on here. This time last year, McGinn and Grealish were Championship players...
  10. Pretty sure you’re talking about Reina, assuming you had the same footage as was on Sky.
  11. I think I speak for every sane and moderate Villa fan when I say... DEANO DEANO DEANO DEANO
  12. Should I go through every point and explain why you’re wrong, or would you prefer to rewatch the game so you can figure it out yourself?
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