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  1. No, I’ve moved on. I don’t do that anymore, I’m not proud of it. I’m in Leeds.
  2. We've just had a fire alarm test at work.
  3. Mings has liked it on Instagram... just saying. Still, I think it’s just saying ‘we’ll be playing in the Premier League soon’, as some others have suggested.
  4. RadioTom

    Dean Smith

    Who needs Deano when we’ve got Villalad21? Bet you got Forest Green into the Champions League on Football Manager.
  5. Woke up at 2am, haven’t slept since. I hate football. And love it. And hate it.
  6. It's just a growth on my arm. I've tried to get it removed.
  7. So I’ve gone from utter anger and disbelief, to pride. Yes, Leeds brought our winning run to an end. But only by a completely unfair goal (which - I think - was offside) and through blatant cheating from a player who has a face that I think everyone outside of Leeds would like to punch. I genuinely think if Anwar and Jimmy D stay on the pitch, we win that. We were causing problems on the wing all game. They look a good side, but we more than matched them. Bring on the playoffs. 12 games unbeaten, Villa fans managing and captaining us, and a genuine connection between fans and players that I can’t remember being as strong as it is now. Well, since I started following the team in the early 00s, anyway. Mings is a colossus, Axel a rock and our midfield is absolutely stacked. We’ve always had a proud history, but now - for the first time in over a decade - it feels like we really do have a bright future, too. Prepared? You bet we are.
  8. As a Villa fan, who lives and works in Leeds, we have to win tomorrow. Mainly because I have been a complete and utter smug **** for the last 10 games and I fear the consequences should we lose.
  9. RadioTom

    Dean Smith

    I bet you’re the king of Football Manager.
  10. I’ve just been on to their forum for a giggle. They’re really not happy about our current form.
  11. I *think* that getting two more yellow cards in the next two league games would result in a three match suspension including the playoffs. If he he doesn’t get to 15 before the end of the Norwich game, then the slate is wiped clean in time for the first leg of the POs.
  12. Boro losing, Bristol City now two down... it’s shaping up to be a good day.
  13. RadioTom

    John Terry

    I came on to this thread to see what shenanigans John Terry has been up to... ...but it’s a Steve Bruce debate. Again. He’s gone and we’re on our longest winning streak in 109 years. Let’s all be friends and enjoy the present. As for JT, I hear he’s been messaging your sister.

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