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  1. Xann

    U.S. Politics

    The Dems know it too but figured letting it slide was a worse option. Their logic being Fatboy needed to know there'd be some inconvenience in not playing by the rules, even if ultimately there was no chance of a successful impeachment.
  2. Bob Cook - 'We're Massey-Ferguson' From an industrial musical, it was only given to employees. There's a niche. @Seat68 it's actually pretty well made this.
  3. Historically it's often been like that, especially when bands leave their own territory. International Talent Booking were the dons a couple of decades ago. They're still around, but not nearly so trendy. http://www.itb.co.uk/roster They came knocking when the band I worked for were at the height of their pomp. We proper got into them for tix
  4. The genre of this line up is too cool for school. It's for young, internet muso fashionistas. No surprise the VT regulars aren't keen. There's some massive international acts there from the East as well as the West. Looked at a couple of names further down the bill in tiny writing I didn't know. They're scoring tens of millions of hits, but they're alongside Rough Trade favourites that aren't and some blatant crowd pleasers. Obviously it's not my cup of tea, but there's certainly acts in there I wouldn't turn my nose up at and it's actually a really strong line up for its target market.
  5. Xann


    Their economy isn't strong. It's likely they have the quick missile. Will it be sure technology and safe for the operators? Nah. That's Russia.
  6. Xann


    No coincidence that this news came just a couple of days after implementing tighter internet controls. Russia can now seperate itself entirely from the web. He's had a good giggle getting the Trump and Brexit dolts to trash their own countries. He's not wanting the same internet shenanigans employed against him. Also, everyone saw the hypersonic missile? It really doesn't change much, all sides still die if they're employed. It does make the billions poured into a US missile defence umbrella look badly spent.
  7. I had a small part in bringing Opta over to the UK from Germany a couple of years ago. It was quite a coup. Came back from a break today to find the team has been redundant and I'm freighting their kit to Portugal. Bong! Git your Brexit here.
  8. My Sister's bloke is a consultant in the motor industry, that's you isn't it? His thing is factories, establishing them. When I first met him over 10 years ago he was working in Mexico. For the last few years it's been all about China. 2019 was a rough year with my Sis and he'd planned to retire, but I think some of the offers he's received from manufacturers seeking to move abroad are making him reconsider?
  9. On board with Brexit now. We've just shut down one facility. Yesterday morning I was told we're moving seamlessly on to shutting another. Quite a surprise, it's not two years old, but was started before Cameron's folly. Plans for a UK state of the art ingest and cloud facility canned. Physical kit will be headed for Spain, much of the work outsourced to a US company.
  10. Xann

    Unpopular Opinions

    A Greggs macaroni pie is an offal free Scottish delicacy. There is also now a vegan steak bake.
  11. Xann

    Hi-Fi Equipment

    True enough, but now there's a whole world beyond Red Book. Probably had a knock or two. Maybe a snug little USB extender, Male to female?
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