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  1. Discogs. Not cheap with postage, though I've ended up dipping into legit South Korean editions and been impressed.
  2. Xann

    New Music 2018

    Another Panfilov. She's good at shouting, some the other vocals seem flat and oddly mixed, though I'm listening on the computer's speakers. Love the band though
  3. Xann

    Desert Island VillaTalk

    The Vivaldi box is supposedly stunning. New recordings too - The Brilliant Mozart and Bach complete works boxes were compiled with a stroke of a pen, with recordings licensed from other labels.
  4. Xann

    Desert Island VillaTalk

    I want the larger Vivaldi box and a couple of the historic Russian sets. What else was there? Big Superdrug was it?
  5. Israel became a somewhat of a Nazi state with the passing of the Nation State bill yesterday. They can bleat all they like about anti semitism. They're full of shit.
  6. Xann

    Desert Island VillaTalk

    The Brilliant one? Listened to Symphony No. 1 from that box last night. Brilliant aren't always brilliant, but when they're brilliant, they're brilliant.
  7. Xann

    Desert Island VillaTalk

    The films and boxset would be pornography. The rest would need a bit more thought than that.
  8. Hang On... Link from Guy Verhofstadt's Facebook... Euro News