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  1. Xann


    BBC Radio 4
  2. Got bored of not finding anything. So it's: newly acquired, boxes, series (Ultralounge, Mood Mosaic, Psychic Circle etc), soundtrack, SACD, classical, electronic, singles and then the rest. It's worked alright actually.
  3. Milton Nascimento plays the Barbican tonight. Still a few tix. Was tempted. He's playing 'Clube Da Esquina', a massive album in Brazil. He's doing other non MPB bits and bobs too. He was in Som Imaginario, who had their Heavy Psych moments. He's quite frail now. Performs seated and wobbles around the notes a bit - Total legend but don't think I want to see it
  4. Xann

    Global Warming

    Grauniad Whilst f*ckwit Tory climate change deniers try and ignore it.
  5. You been? A friend in Earlsfield told me he'd been before, he usually comes my way for curry..He's a chef himself. He took us to a place around there that's a caf in the day and a South East Asian place in the evening. Inauspicious but great food.
  6. Xann


    I'm thinking your starting point is later than mine and the labs? You're maybe looking at a percentage increase? We're looking at multiples.
  7. Xann


    The labs are saying it's ramping Forbes
  8. Xann


    Well yes. However the stains don't stay static. Plants with desirable characteristics are chosen to seed, obviously. Grow enough and sooner or later you'll get mutants cropping up. It might be stunted, or have peculiar leaf formation, but if you're an aspiring marijuana farmer you want it to get you bombed. There's your fork in the strain, and sooner or later it'll be crossed with someone else's mutant strain. Rapid turnover of generations and you get where we are now. You're not telling me a 3g bag of AK47 has the same amount of THC as 3g of Jamaican weed or North African resin that was everywhere until the bud frenzy. That's just nonsense.
  9. After moaning, Trip Advisor's top rated London restaurant is veggie, vegan and nearby. Earlsfield - Who knew?
  10. Golly, a privatised service failing. An exam board, the irony. BBC
  11. Xann

    Would You...

    Philip egging you on, adding timely squirts of baby oil from a large squeezy bottle into areas of friction. Treason not to.
  12. Xann


    It's a full house at the repurposed Gala bingo in Kettering.
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