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  1. Three by big hitters that weren't used in the films they were intended for. Vangelis for 'Bladerunner'. Ennio Morricone for 'The Thing'. Tarantino did use it 3 decades later. Lalo Schifrin for 'Dirty Harry'.
  2. Find your one and put it up for some A/B comparison. If the BBC are making a habit of rewriting history, like they did for Boris's massively disrespectable Remembrance Day gaffe, then we need to know.
  3. Xann

    New Music 2019

    Colour Haze - 'We Are'
  4. My oldest friend put this up the other day. I'm just going to lift it it wholesale.
  5. Barry Miles Beatfanatic Beau Dollar & The Coins Belbury Poly & Moonwiring Club Brian Bennett Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie Big Ben Banjo Band Big John Patton Big Star Black Sun Empire Bobby 'Blue' Bland Bobby Shad And The Bad Men Boom Bip Brainticket Brenda Lee Buckfunk 3000 Buddy Collette
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