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  1. He's good. Just realised there's seven albums here, though that's cos you can get them on twofers. Most seem to be on Spotify. You got into them? Florian Fricke is a New Age Lord.
  2. Xann

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    Sure. The majority have hung up their cans after having kids, going bald and raising familes. A couple still had residencies until Covid hit.
  3. Telemachus - 'Disaster-Enabled Vending Machines'
  4. Rebekah Mercer funds Parler. Gives you an idea of the sort of scum behind Brexit.
  5. Going to be spending less in Gerry's grog shop this year, as I'm feeling it's been quite a heavy drinking year all around already. Opening prezzy gambit has been a ton fifty on cheese.
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