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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Remember it tore the arse out of backwater Iran?
  2. Looks like they're considering scaling down other treatments? Like just about all of them. Including chemo. This is not a good time to fall ill with anything.
  3. The Oscar Peterson Trio - 'At the Stratford Shakespearean Festival'
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Essentially accurate, but a little misleading. Everyone's trying to balance their books without f***ing over the leagues, employees or fans. J-League is currently in pole position for a restart, but I'm not sure we're even halfway through the race yet?
  5. Remember that pianist that played Ligeti's 'Devil's Staircase', Marc-Andre Hamelin?
  6. Got Heifetz doing the same piece and the boy may have it? Though he does have better recording tech. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Was there some sort of explosion?
  7. Various Artists - 'The Soundtrack Gallery'
  8. Honestly - Surface noise wasn't acceptable in the 20th Century
  9. I'm talking more about acts that didn't sustain a whole album's worth of material. I like 'Raspberry Beret', but don't like Prince, I like 'Crazy Horses' but don't like the Osmonds. Gave up buying albums for one track years ago.
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