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  1. The post election Private Eye was an orgy of free digs. One of the few PE's to make you feel better about the World.
  2. Hi-Fi Equipment

    The Oppo is looking to be a pretty serious piece of kit. I know what @Chindie was talking about earlier in the thread. A multiformat player usually isn't going to outperform a specialist, but the response from the audio heads so far has been one of surprise. It's got two posh new DACs that can turn their attention to whatever's in the tray, or stuck in its backside. A hefty toroidal PSU cleans up the power, the video circuitry is shut down in pure audio mode, great headphone output and it's built like a tank. @Kingman must have noticed it? It's supposedly one of the best machines out there when it comes to quality visuals. I'd discounted the Oppo as an unnecessary expense, as the picture side of it is of little interest to me and the Marantz is less than half the price. Though with many ditching physical digital media, a machine like this takes charity shop marauding to another dimension. That may be more of a selling point than its ability to play 768 KHz files, which is actually just silly considering the operating parameters of the important bit - Your ears
  3. Nay. Perhaps over a curry when you're in London?
  4. Hi-Fi Equipment

    My room isn't set up optimally, no. Doors, windows, alcoves, telly and my other half make sure of that. One of the things I miss about working in a studio is having a proper stereo set up to hand. It does play a big part in the stereo listening experience, if that's what floats your boat? If your room isn't set up properly there isn't much point in spending really big money on kit. Positioned absolutely correctly, your speakers' locations should be just about impossible to locate from the sweet spot, when you're eyes are closed - Obviously As for toeing them in? Depends - follow the manufacturer's advice. Hopefully they've taken the time to test them? I have a pair that are geared for off axis sound, so the face of the speaker is parallel to the wall behind no matter what. Some makes do recommend toeing in however. The tweeters should be at the same level as your ears btw.. My personal preference for speakers is something made within the last quarter century. Mid and top are much more refined than earlier models. Incidentally Pepe use these... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Event-20-20-Passive-Studio-Monitors-Speakers-/162549942802?hash=item25d8bb4a12:g:Lt8AAOSwdzVXuBi to mix. It's their mastering guy that has the posh set up.
  5. Despise him. Still hopeful his nasty little secrets come into the public domain.
  6. General Election 2017

    Still evil. The tail end of Labour's evil cycle. Then came the identity crisis and the drift into chaos. Quite a lot's changed, hasn't it?
  7. General Election 2017

    Ken Clarke and John Prescott are going to shiv them in the bogs.
  8. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Remembering what it was you ate that turned your poo that colour? In this case a packet of red velvet biscuits.
  9. Los Indios Tabajaras - 'Sweet and Savage'
  10. Heh heh - Bucket Boy's worked it out.
  11. General Election 2017

    Entirely predictably, the Orange order are looking to the DUP to push for permission to march.
  12. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Les Baxter - 'Dock At Papaete'