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  1. Not a large garment, it shouldn't take that long to dry. It would take a hair dryer 30 seconds. Buy a second mask if you've not got.a hairdryer?
  2. Bowl, kettle and stick rather than waste a wash worth of water and detergent I reckon?
  3. BBC Another expensive U-Turn, but one that needed to be made. Now for the nuclear power station?
  4. Not a happy place, unless you're a disaster capitalist, is it? Brexit's killing jobs at my work, and the f***witted voted for that!
  5. Factor in the many people feeling the same as you, a proportion of carriers being asymptomatic and the exponential infection rate.
  6. Wearing a mask is a part of Islamic Shearer law takeover of the UK.
  7. The noises about long term damage from Covid seem to have got louder today. Hope they're wrong, because it's not just about the lungs.
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