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  1. They do have plans to redistribute funding, but they'll be like the 'extra' monies for the NHS. A further privatised NHS that is. So their chums get the extra funding and services deteriorate as the private companies seek year on year growth. You also have to balance any redistribution against: Covid loans, HS2 overspend, Brexit damage to agriculture and industry (see O'Brien vs Rees Mogg), the future job market being affected by AI and automated services... yada yada.
  2. That's a given. The post was more about the opinions of the wealthy, that bank in tax havens, that own our media. Though that headline is not really an opinion, it's more a blatant lie to comfort the dolts. * Bungalow Liz to the rescue! Lap it up, you witless pricks. * Nowt up top
  3. Rejoice Tory Brexit! There it is in a newspaper! This is the team to deliver! Is it sinking in yet?
  4. What's going on at HS2? Gagging whistleblowers! Who da thunk it in Boris's Brexit Banana Republic?
  5. Heil and elsewhere. Meanwhile our government's policies revolve around stuffing the nation's cash into their chums' pockets.
  6. So they're breaking up and further privatising the NHS, and increasing tax to pay for the NHS? How thick are people? The extra money will be going to shareholders and tax havens. Then they'll tell you they're spending more than ever on the 'NHS'. This nation needs to wake up, it's getting rinsed by parasites.
  7. Keep Our NHS Public Now Parliament's back from holiday, the filth will be seeking to break up and further privatise the NHS. A Tory Brexit for lobbyists, the tax parasites, Conservative donors and chums. What a nation of mugs. Times Is it sinking in yet?
  8. Keep Our NHS Public An American model. They were pushing it through when the football was on.
  9. Morning. Thought to bring a FB conversation here about what's happened, and what happens next? They've taken credit for the NHS turning the tide, after their initial response was to line Tory chums' pockets. When their strategy caused the casualties to mount horrifically, they hurriedly handed the problem to the 5th biggest employer on the planet. Then it started to turn around. Since then, they've been getting people to clap for the NHS whilst selling it to corporate America. They couldn't have done it without a tax swerving press and a muzzled BBC. That said, people should have worked it out anyway. That was me, can you tell? This is a friend's sister in law. She reads the small print. This Conservative party is really the English Towns party, obsessed with ‘place’ and identification with place. All the recent economic strategies/ white papers (yes, I have read them all) have place-based investment as central tenets. The focus is on levelling up left behind places, ie English towns. Over the next view months we’ll see investment moving from urban areas and into towns. These places do need help and they will need more because the Brexit wrecking ball has yet to impact, but not convinced the planned interventions will have long-term systemic impact. No link as only one other VTer could look at it anyway. Still got family stuff to sort. Bye for now.
  10. Xann


    Sure, though this thread isn't about war, it's about methods of influencing and controlling domestic populations. In this case it's tech that will be the successors to horse charges, water cannons and tear gas.
  11. To give you an idea about how well Boris's Christmas arrangements worked out? 4 week wait for a service at the crematorium in the Mids, and the local mosque here has put out a call to the public for assistance with their backlog, non Muslims welcomed.
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