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  1. The classical music thread

    Can't make my mind up about this? This is the most famous player of this composition on piano. A bit nearer to the harpsichord the piece was written for.
  2. Things you often Wonder

    Multitasking is about creating pathways in the brain. That's practice I'm afraid. Don't get downhearted. Hendrix's playing gets noticeably simpler when he sings. Robert Johnson is good at it though.
  3. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    It was the machine bought by parents concerned about violence in computer games. Sega didn't give a monkey's. Even pinball was Satanic.
  4. General Chat

    Did you check out Yanni? He's tops
  5. General Chat

    Quite, but where do you draw the line? Lots of people don't know who Nick Drake is? Or Yanni, and he fills stadiums across the globe.
  6. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Balduin - 'Bohemian Garden'
  7. General Chat

    I'd plumb for 'formerly obscure'. A digital remaster is available from half a dozen sellers on Amazon
  8. Corporate evil

    Guardian Whilst the suits moan about a neonicotinoid ban.
  9. General Chat

    They found a second album? There were supposedly only three acetates made of the known one. Guerssen got hold of one to issue it. I've got a few Guerssen titles, they're often quite obscure.
  10. Drugs

    It did seem to skip a generation here. It's back according to younger friends in the Download crowd. When the UK was in full on crusty Castle Morton, Spiral Tribe, New Age Travellers mode, acid was plentiful and cheap. Same money as a pint sometimes. Glastonbury 1990 was dipped in LSD. You could yell "Has anyone got any acid?!" from your tent door and 3 or 4 people would appear with wares to inspect. The price belies its potency. A strong trip will change you profoundly and permanently. Friends with older siblings and hippy parents got it first. You usually got coached through your first trips. Rule 1 - You can't fly. Rule 2 - Cling to Rule 1 through the madness. Nick Cave's boy isn't the only youngster that's tried to take wing recently. If you suspect you might be fragile, get panic attacks or are prone to getting all alpha and taking more drugs than anyone else? Don't do it, obviously, duh. Looking back now, it's quite sobering thinking about the risks. Most of us came out of it ok, but a couple really didn't. The teenage daughter of a deceased friend recently appeared on Facebook, wanting to hear stories about her father. There are loads of brilliant stories, but the larger picture is one of drug fueled decline ending in tragedy. He was quite spun out already when I first met him, so diverted her attention to friends that knew him as a teen. Hopefully in a decade or two when she's steady and ready, we'll get to tell her more?
  11. The ISIS threat to Europe

    Raqqa has fallen. In more ways than one looking at the aerial photos.