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  1. rocket polisher Blair played his part, but the current crop of fat fingered tax evading pricks are determined to line their chum's pockets.
  2. Xann

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    Glenn Snoddy, the inventor of the guitar Fuzz effect died on Monday. He was 96.
  3. Xann


    Very nice. Is there a bar in the shed?
  4. Xann

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Claudia - 'Chora Ceu'
  5. Nothing to see here. Please concentrate on the royal wedding for a little bit longer, we'll be back to vilifying Joo hater Corbyn soon enough.
  6. 'Les Fleur' - Amazing.
  7. The Litter - 'Emerge'
  8. Xann

    All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    Favourite couple of panels in the strip. Will always associate his name with a metre long burrito.
  9. Xann

    General Chat

    Tetrachromacy is possessing 4 types of cone in the eye, an addition to red, green and blue. There are people wandering about having a slightly more psychedelic experience than the rest of us. It is in the gene pool but not common. The way the chromosomes stack up it's more prevalent in women. Most will have lived their whole lives without realising they could communicate in secrecy with goldfish.
  10. Xann

    The Royal Wedding

    Windsor Greggs, Wetherspoon and Gala Bingo Castle just rolls off the tongue.
  11. Xann

    The Royal Wedding

    Oldsters glued to their TVs. Tomorrow could be the best day to drive to a garden centre for months!
  12. Xann

    What Class Are You?

    Bet Archibald Leech got better seats for the polo than possibly Brian Sewell