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  1. Morning. Thought to bring a FB conversation here about what's happened, and what happens next? They've taken credit for the NHS turning the tide, after their initial response was to line Tory chums' pockets. When their strategy caused the casualties to mount horrifically, they hurriedly handed the problem to the 5th biggest employer on the planet. Then it started to turn around. Since then, they've been getting people to clap for the NHS whilst selling it to corporate America. They couldn't have done it without a tax swerving press and a muzzled BBC. That sai
  2. Xann


    Sure, though this thread isn't about war, it's about methods of influencing and controlling domestic populations. In this case it's tech that will be the successors to horse charges, water cannons and tear gas.
  3. To give you an idea about how well Boris's Christmas arrangements worked out? 4 week wait for a service at the crematorium in the Mids, and the local mosque here has put out a call to the public for assistance with their backlog, non Muslims welcomed.
  4. Parallel research into the efficacy of existing drugs has turned up possible goer in a cancer drug, plitidepsin, made in Spain. They'll be in a hurry to trial it, as it may bypass Covid's mutation tricks.
  5. Dealing with Covid isn't about A vaccine, it's about vaccineS and continued management. This is how we operate here. Times
  6. These machines are mostly 30 years old minimum, and even at the basic operation level required checks and balances with azimuth and bias when they were new. If you were lucky enough to find a machine that didn't have a million hours running time and was affordable? Other components, like caps, may have wandered from their original specs over time. For a one off I'd be inclined to use a transfer service run by old bastards that know how to service them.
  7. Xann


    He won't be coming for Terry to save his defence, so good news for us already.
  8. Keep looking, we're dropping off the radar with growing numbers.
  9. Brexit benefits are coming soon, I'm sure. 50 years wasn't it?
  10. With the BBC nobbled and the Times, Sun, Telegraph and Express expressing the views of their owners, fanning the flames of division.
  11. Whilst stuffing billions in taxpayer's money to their tax swerving parasite chums. Times
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