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  1. Xann

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Bruno Nicolai - 'Carnival Fanfare & Party'
  2. Making sure he gets his slice of the pie in the Great Betrayal.
  3. Don Ellis & His Orchestra - 'Autumn'
  4. Janko Nilovic - 'Pop Impressions'
  5. Xann

    The Concert/Gig Thread

    Randomly, I saw Stormzy at Glastonbury last year. He's also fairly local to home and did his album launch at the Croydon Boxpark. He got good crowds at both and actually he's quite right on and didn't act like Billy Big Bollocks, which may have helped his cause? tbh I find a lot of what the kids are listening to less offensive than what some of my friends listen to.
  6. Xann

    Youtube Hilarity

    Put it here as the vid is better than the track.
  7. He's expecting a knighthood for services to tax evasion. His tax dodging father would have been so proud.
  8. This is like a vengeance movie - One at a time.
  9. Xann

    Science Thread

    It'll need to move quickly if it's going to beat the suits to that end.
  10. What are your views on the UK's part in Global tax evasion and money laundering? Europe is taking steps to harmonise Corporate tax issues over the next couple of years. Why do you think the likes of the hedge fund owners, the traitor Banks and Putin want us to leave? Putin's friends have used the likes of KPMG to rob Russia blind and they want to continue to do so. We're all getting mugged. Thisismoney