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  1. Xann

    U.S. Politics

    Horrendous dodgy businessman ethos unwelcome in government. Package of proof inadequate, for now.
  2. Les Reed OBE. Composer, band leader and co writer of plenty hit songs including 'It's Not Unusual' and 'Delilah'.
  3. Quarter of a million attempts to access porn in the Palace of Westminster in a year under Cameron. Quarter of a million attempts to access Grindr in the Palace of Westminster in a month a couple of years after the above. In between the the two incidents WiFi was added in the public gallery. Draw your own conclusions about that second gem. You'd suspect a lot of those attempts would be automated updates to and from Grindr's servers as users entered the vicinity.
  4. Today - Canary Wharf. 'Customer incident' says TFL.
  5. Molly Tuttle - 'Take The Journey' Way too Country to listen to for fun, but hats off to her skills, fabulous technique.
  6. Now wondering how long you'd get locked up for shagging in the gallery of the HoC?
  7. They could have bought a new one with a helicopter landing pad and a waterslide with that $4 Billion paid out to victims of abuse.

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