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  1. Doug Payne Fearsome orchestra. Lalo Schifrin is amazing. Went to this.
  2. Not been for a little while, but Jumbo and Crash were decent and there was a smattering of interesting smaller shops. Don't know how many survived the mass extinction?
  3. Xann

    Global Warming

    A friend signed me up to XR, then he got kicked out From internal communications it's clear that they're really pissed off about yesterday. If what I'm reading is true? The tube action was unanimously voted down by XR's strategy group, but some individuals decided to do it anyway. They're actually considering cancelling a few demos, to work out how best to deal with loose cannons in the ranks?
  4. Fusioon - 'Absolute Fusioon' @mjmooney - Tidy these. Strong collection too.
  5. Nara Dreamland - 'Chapter 1: Kawagishi' EP
  6. Xann

    U.S. Politics

    Alas, it's quite safe. It's available over the counter without prescription here.
  7. Satnavs have devalued local knowledge somewhat. "I know away around this. Shit, so does everyone else". They move traffic problems to new and interesting places, like housing estates and country villages.
  8. Quartz You get a better return from a Wagner opera.
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