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  1. Horse bolted. That time critical aspect was lost on many eligible voters that might have stopped it. Any incoming Labour government will most likely find the storeroom ransacked. You get to watch now. Brexit next. Who knows what sort of idiot draconian legislation and Sovereignty surrendering trade agreements the Filth might attempt to cook up?
  2. Online University services have suffered concerted cyber attacks of late. It couldn't possibly be those cuddly Tory funding and Brexit aiding Russians, chipping away at the institutions of the UK.
  3. As the budgets and production values drop in Italian cinema, the soundtracks really start to punch above their weight. The depth of talent is incredible away from the household names, right down the pyramid.
  4. Xann

    General Chat

    Limahl's had his eyes reduced
  5. Magic attempted tackle from an Everton player. Hurling himself head first at the ball on the deck, from behind the opposition player in possession
  6. Matching speed with traffic thinking you're being rapid, then a bloke in long trousers and collared shirt sails past everyone. Real eye opener, innit.
  7. You could easily fall foul of this. Very easy drinking.
  8. Xann

    U.S. Politics

  9. How Stuff Works It's hard to see how the Cambridge 5 won't be eclipsed by the Brexit 4. Farage, Banks, Johnson and Cummings.
  10. Mercer's worked them out. They won't do anything. They're in denial. Leaving the mess for their kids and grandkids to pick up.
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