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  1. They didn’t play as strikers, but they were far too wide and not for the first time this season. Feels like it’s a deliberate tactic, but with Jack drifting all over the place and Wesley not dropping back as much as advertised, it does leave an enormous gap in the middle between Wesley and Nakamba.
  2. I agree but it’d still be cool if this was one of these 30-32 points keep you safe kind of seasons. That said, despite some poor results and missed points, we’ve been in every game with a chance to get points until the very end, I think it bodes well and hope it continues. I’m also a believer of the goal difference roughly showing the correct positions theory.
  3. Things finally clicked and it's great to see. Hopefully they can continue the same way against Brighton in 2 weeks because after that there's a horrid run of games coming up.
  4. Fair result. Played way too scared beginning of second half, instead of trying to control the game and it turned the flow of the game. Also, midfield is way too opened, McGinn and Hourihane played too close to the wingers and there was an enormous gap between Nakamba and Wesley. I thought Nakamba and McGinn were really good, everyone else meh.
  5. Both Grealish and McGinn drift too much and expose the midfield, losing control of the game. Smith has to try moving Grealish somewhere else, even on the wing, just try something different. We insist on playing with wingers yet our wingers are the worst players in the team, bar Taylor, and he keeps subbing them each game but to no avail. Wesley doesn’t get any service at all. Easy to blame him but he’s on his own, perhaps he should drop much deeper too. Very unconvinced about the midfield 3 of Grealish, McGinn and a defensive midfielder. I’d like to see them play a bit more narrow once Targett is back - play both Nakamba and Luiz, with McGinn, Grealish further up and staying there, closer to Wesley. Don’t create that huge gap between midfield and Wesley, it just doesn’t work even when attempting to counter there aren’t enough bodies.
  6. Nah. I’ve been critical of him this season too but he clearly has more tactics in his pinkie than a lot of our recent managers. MON - ‘Sit deep and hit em on the counter’ Houllier -‘Just pass it around. Merci’ McLeish - ‘Let’s get another 0-0 win lads’ Lambert - ‘Don’t lose 8-0 again, please don’t’ (cries) Sherwood - famousLeicester hands waving gif tactics Tim Garde/Black/Di Matteo - ‘Where am I? Who am I?’ Bruce - ‘Roll yer sleeves. Blood, sweat and piss.’ Smith is a breath of fresh air compared to this lot, albeit admittedly making some mistakes.
  7. Ref is a disgrace. That said, it was a poor display, poor awareness, poor discipline, poor tactically. First 6 pointer lost this season.
  8. Hit on the counter when playing with 10 men. That’s as tactically naive as it gets.
  9. Ref is terrible but that was a poor tackle, poor discipline. Smith must have warned them at half time. More awareness needed.
  10. At some point Smith will have to think about altering that formation. Grealish is wasted playing so deep and unlike in the championship he doesn’t get any opportunities to get forward behind Wesley resulting in a huge gap there. In games like this they should try to play more narrowly and get another player in the center with Grealish allowed a little bit more freedom.
  11. I like VAR. A small price to pay for getting more decisions right.
  12. Professional job by an established premier league team. There were positives though: * pressed them and created good chances in the second half * Jack and Douglas Luiz found their groove and had good games despite of early struggles * the team showed fight and on another day they could have got a result Negatives : * Heaton. Ugh * Taylor is useless when they have to attack. WTF was Dean Smith thinking... * Not sure what Jota does, he’s ssssllloooowwww Onto friday. Hopefully less nerves then and getting the first point.
  13. Exactly - they’re building a reputation among club executives and if they show they can be pushed around, that they don’t have alternatives, etc. they’ll always find it hard to negotiate with anyone without being ripped off. A lot like Man U seem to be the last few years. On the other hand, if they show that they’re serious when making a bid and not just fooling around trying to drop the price and are willing to turn around, say no and move to alternatives then people will take notice. This seems to have happened with Butland -> Heaton, Phillips ->Nakamba and probably others. The only poor bit of business was Mings, imo but hopefully he stays healthy and prove them right. I like how they appear to be doing their business, very much unlike how it was under Xia and Wyness.
  14. At that price it’d be good business. At the previously quoted 25-30 mil - no way. I don’t think buying Marv and Doug makes this deal a no go, in fact I can definitely see Smith’s approach with a lot of central midfielders and with only the full backs covering the wings. Last season he couldn’t play this way due to personnel but I can easily see Villa playing all 5 of Phillips, McGinn, Doug, Marv and Jack in the same team with no out and out wingers. It’d be a very fluid system especially with Wesley dropping deeper.
  15. BG_Villa_Fan

    Tom Heaton

    Not a big fan but I can understand how it’s a sensible signing after failing to agree fees for Butland and Etheridge. Not all signings can be 20 mil ones and we did need a whole new team, so hopefully he stays healthy and gives us a couple of solid seasons.
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