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  1. Exactly. Although knee sprains could take a long time to heal as well.
  2. The fact physios checked his knee out thoroughly and didn't immediately sub him should be assuring it's not a tear at the very least. I hope.
  3. They didn't have any fight or leadership on and off the pitch, they just lied down and got beat. We've seen this from past Villa teams, we know exactly what it is and how it feels. If they think they'll turn it around they're mistaken. It's not even about the players or who they could add before the transfer window closes. Club is deeply rotten.
  4. 2nd goal was a foul against the keeper tbh. But anyway, go Brentford!
  5. Between Purslow's comments and the dry Villa 'k thnx bye' tweet, the club have really shown what they think about his 'my club' bullshit., make no mistake.
  6. Purslow didn't half throw him under the bus lol Some bad blood there.
  7. I'm sure when he's washed up and spewed out he'll want another payday from the Villa. F him. Let him go to West Ham or Everton.
  8. He'll probably be as miserable as he looks in these pics even when he wins something with them. Plastic medals. F him.
  9. Wrong thread mate. He’s gone to City.
  10. Meh, just one of many. Reinvest well. Hope it's 100 mil and not some player swaps included. He can finish his career in Everton or West Ham and WBA or something after they spew him out.
  11. Good for him, although honestly hoped they'd get him a better team to play at , not a middling league 2 one. Good luck to him, hope he plays every minute of every game.
  12. I see it now. 'Jack Grealish on the ground being kicked by Villa staff for wanting to leave. Dean Smith angry af.'
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