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  1. Why weren't there 11 Villa players all over the referee after that blatant handball? Put some pressure of the idiot ffs.
  2. Great game, they're a joy to watch right now. Makes the slow start and the shambolic defense and keeper situation double infuriating. These players are good enough to walk the league, instead they're in a dogfight for the playoffs.
  3. It's not a challenge though, it's his last big job and he knows it very well. The game has passed him and his kind by. Unless something crazy happens and he drags this terrible shitshow to the premier league, he'll never manage there again. Best chance some dumb team will appoint him midway through a season with the hope of survival only for him to pull a Paul Lambert 1 win in 15 run and fail. His next job is going to be in the championship again, and the next one too. And he knows it. So he'll hold onto this job for as long as he's allowed to with the hope the players will drag him. But they won't.
  4. What's the point with this manager even if we somehow, against all football logic, stumble our way to the premier league? Play the same shit aimless football but with more expensive players on our way to either barely survive or get relegated back? You've got to build something, to have a semblance of a system that would allow you to know what to expect from the team, to improve it and create an identity. What we have is nothing , every game is different, no system, nothing is built upon, nothing is there to step on and improve from. One game we press high, the next we sit very deep, one game we put a million crosses in, the next we try to run through the center. There's nothing there. It's like different teams of players play in each game, there's not a sign of cohesion, these players don't know each other, they don't know where they should be, they don't know what they should do in different situations, they just... sort of give it a go every week. Doesn't matter who plays, doesn't matter who is bought or whether Grealish or anyone else stays or not, it's all the same. So much worse than the sum of the parts and they're not even the motivated, going through brick walls, piss and blood, kind of team. They just give it a go every week, starting from scratch each time. So frustrating.
  5. This half was a crime against football. Both teams should be given 0 points if the second half is the same.
  6. I've seen this quite a few times and I genuinely have no idea what it's based on... I've no idea about his time at other clubs but since he's been our manager he's been feuding with players, he's had his bomb squad, he's regularly thrown players under the bus, he's tried to ship players out for the sake of it, he's not been able to get the best out of his players, he's not developed players, they've generally been less than the sum of the parts, etc. So, in what way can he be called a good man manager? He's got Jack fit and playing well for half a season, I guess, but was that Bruce or it was the same as Benteke keeping Sherwood's job?
  7. Not playing better than last season's start. Only the teams we've played were worse, nothing else is different or improved.
  8. Sure but a new manager could try the unthinkable and play players in their own positions and to prepare them for their roles, to tell them where they need to be, that kind of black magic that some managers do occasionally.
  9. He's just thrown all of his subs under the bus the other day. He can't expect a positive reaction from them.
  10. Well hopefully Chester can play 46 games.
  11. Good point against a team that know what to do with the ball instead of just crossing it blindly. We need a new CB and a LB.
  12. Desperately need a couple of good loans in, but Bruce's set up was all kinds of wrong and the team still has zero identity after almost 2 years in charge. It's still send 11 players and let them do something somehow. That said, whatever the way, any 3 points gained are so important. They just need to show much more cohesiveness in order to be more consistent.
  13. Really don't get the fascination for being ITK, so many people just embarrassing themselves presenting obvious guesswork and nicked twitter rumours as them being ITK. Even if you guess a couple correctly you'll still not be ITK lol Tomorrow someone will claim Jack will not sign a new contract and another will say he will and we'll have another 'proven' ITK ? Great news from Kevan.
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