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  1. Decent showing, considering the circumstances. The game had the atmosphere, cohesion and feel of a june friendly, but did anyone expect more? Other games will be similar. The whole restart thing is farcical, I've no idea why TVs or anyone would care. Should have canceled it and prepared for next season.
  2. This. S.Korea and Japan reacted very quickly and got things under control. Meanwhile Europe was diddling and now it's way too late. France, for example, were having elections just 10 days ago ffs. Heads should roll for this kind of negligence.
  3. Sure, if you want millions to die and every country's health system to collapse. Can't speak about herd immunity while you don't have a cure or vaccine. It's ludicrous.
  4. How do you imagine making unfit players, without proper training and pre-season, play 9-10 games 3 days apart even if you stagger the games? How about lower leagues where they'll have to play even more games with playoffs? I know they care about money first and foremost, way more than about health, and even players would probably be up for it in order to keep their wages, but it'd be reckless.
  5. The least bad thing. Others should follow suit.
  6. Bullshit statement, presented as a fact, per par.
  7. Lambert inherited a squad full of premier league players, so it's not comparable at all. Smith inherited half a squad, with only a couple of players who had ever played a premier league game. Plus Lambert never needed to make a full rebuild. That said, with hindsight, Lambert's job was OK in the first couple of seasons. His problem was he was going on an unmistakable downward spiral, whereas Smith overachieved massively to take this team up so quickly. If you don't think 17th is a great job, given the circumstances, then you're deluded.
  8. It'd be incredibly stupid to gather unfit players and make them play some 10 games each every 3 days. Exactly how they expect this to work is beyond me. Not that I believe the coronavirus thing will be over in time to ever try pulling it off.
  9. Spot on. Dean is in the incredibly rare position, as a manager, where in difficult times the fans would likely be prepared to give him more patience and backing than the board would.
  10. How do you know they have even a quid to spend due to FFP?
  11. Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who think you can’t have depression if you’re rich? Kodj has been through a lot with bad injuries derailing what looked like a promissing Maupay-type career. He’s got a lot reasons to be in a bad state of mind. It’s no joke.
  12. It was so obvious how on a few occasions in the first half Grealish had the ball and tried to do everything so that he wouldn’t have to pass to Taylor.
  13. There’s a world of difference between a teenager and a 30 year old man.
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