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  1. I imagine if any player's had it serious they won't be playing against Everton. It could be a very makeshift side for sunday, on top of the preparation and fitness issues they'll face after not being able to train for so long.
  2. I have sympathy for Fulham and for Tottenham as well in this case. But to be honest I only really care about Aston Villa. The game should have been postponed. I have a lot of concerns for the Everton game, let alone throwing the kids again. Even if our players test negative , they won't be physically ready for Everton. It'll be a loss. If we were forced to play Tottenham too it'd have been two losses at a very wrong time of the season.
  3. Absolutely true. Also, it takes between a month and two for the body to create the antibodies for the virus, it's not magically immediate immunity like some seem to imagine. Players will have to be tested even after getting a vaccine. They shouldn't be getting it, instead the league should be suspended for at least a month, probably more.
  4. Well done boys. So proud. Delaney too. Most Liverpool players were gentlemen there. Their coach - not so much.
  5. If we had a bomb squad we'd have been able to play them tonight. Good old days
  6. Don't think there's an outright malicious intent behind favoring the big clubs but a combination of personal biases, pressure and just the natural inclination of leagues to promote their biggest clubs with the biggest fanbases, compared to smaller ones. Everybody wants to watch Man U and Liverpool fighting for the championship as opposed to Leicester or even Tottenham. It's just a better product business wise. When asked about which teams he'd want in the NBA finals former commissioner David Stern once famously said Lakers vs Lakers. Such biases exist everywhere.
  7. They had a miniscule margin of error last season. Now that they're a little bit worse across the field and have a little bit less luck the law of averages has kicked in.
  8. I'm not bothered about this transfer window at all. Unlike last season we don't really need anyone. For the first time in forever I'm confident this team is run well and know exactly what they're doing , so they'll figure out how to improve the team, whether now or more likely in the summer.
  9. "It's all just mass hysteria. A point away at Luton is very good and it keeps us close to the playoff positions. There or thereabouts. You just have to roll your sleeves up and have another go."
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