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  1. We've very rarely been able to get the right move for our young players, hopefully this one will be different.
  2. He looked rusty, which is normal I suppose after sitting out a lot of Brentford's friendlies. Probably because of that his all around game wasn't that impressive but he consistently found himself exactly where the ball was in the box. You just can't teach that feel for the game.
  3. I won't believe it until @joshharris12 confirms.
  4. Wait, so it can't be Terry knowing him and vouching for him, or him being on the radar for a while, but it surely must be Lange's signing, who has zero connection to the player or Lyon. because he's foreign and we've had a foreign director before him? Weird logic but then again you have to try overshadowing VillaLad's drivel somehow. I'd say the likeliest thing is that Lange has had very little impact on any of this summer's targets and signings.
  5. A front three of Rashica, Watkins and Traore would be very mobile and their switchability would make it difficult for defences to mark. We lacked energy and movement in the final 3rd last season and often had too few players in the penalty area when attacking.
  6. I don’t know whether we can afford Edouard but we were definitely in for Wilson and he wasn’t going to sit on the bench either. So they definitely want 2 strikers. Edouard would be amazing.
  7. Bucks certainly made the wrong choice extending Bledsoe instead of paying Brogdon , however, it’s much more complicated as Rightdm00 explained. It wasn’t a cheap move by the owner , it was a mistake by the GM. Currently it doesn’t look good for them in terms of keeping Giannis past next season, so Edens will have a lot of headaches in the near future.
  8. Konsa over Axel for me. He's way ahead of Axel in his development because he's played week in week out for 4 years now, instead of sitting on the bench or the treatment room. They're both very similar, though, and I don't think they could work playing together.
  9. Well unless something changes before the deadline and he actually signs. Then you'd still be right he's not signing right now Quit sitting on the fence mate.
  10. Yes - like Watkins turned down Tottenham and signed for us. What's the problem?
  11. So our statement signing would cost half of what our new championship striker did? Nothing against Ollie, just sounds funny.
  12. I don't rate Josh King too highly, however, I don't see why his penalty goals are used against him. We could do with someone who has a good record of scoring penalties.
  13. Surely Rashica would be somewhere, maybe Edouard. Also definitely Webster over Konsa/Engels and perhaps Butland over Heaton
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