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    Ethan Ampadu

    I can't see a pre-determined buyout clause to ever be in the selling club's interest. It's like selling a played but getting the money a year later, however if he fails to impress you get him back. No way would I want Villa to send players on loan with such options and I do not see too many teams willing to follow this model. Purslow's comments shouldn't be taken literally, I agree. It's more like a statement that Villa will no longer be pushovers. However, it wouldn't be prudent to completely deny loaning players. It's a way to get talent that is superior and wouldn't otherwise be able to attract.
  2. I agree, if they’re trying to negotiate in bad faith and expecting to milk us then I think dealing with Purslow will not be a nice experience for them, really doubt he’ll allow them to play him for a fool. I like Tyrone but if they want too much for him then I’m sure there are better options elsewhere while they’ll be left with an unhappy player that they don’t even seem to plan playing in the first team.
  3. Like others I hadn’t heard much about him until yesterday, however how could you not be excited about a new brazilian no.9 for Villa when a couple of weeks ago we were a result away from discussing the possibilities to get the best out of Hogan and how to try replacing Jack. That said, after watching a little bit of him I don’t see the comparisons to Tammy at all. Wesley looks like a much more well rounded player who drops deeper, can control the ball better, can pass and create space and opportunities for others, as well as being able to dribble way better than what you’d expect from a 6’4 target man. Sure he’s not the finished article, he’s not prolific enough yet and his heading must improve but then if he had this too then he wouldn’t be available to Villa in the first place. A couple of 10-12 goal seasons with good overall impact and he’ll be worth 50 mil. Great signing and hopefully he’ll adapt quickly.
  4. End of october to beginning of december looks pretty horrible to me but otherwise a decent , balanced draw. About as good as one could expect.
  5. We'll have to wait at least a couple of years for the second star, so one will do for now. Great work on the crest!
  6. With Smith as a manager and all the goodwill Villa should be in the rare position where the fans would be prepared to give the manager more time than the board would, unlike 99% of clubs. I don’t think Smith should be sacked even if we go down.
  7. Hope people won't jump on VAR because of this truly ridiculous referee decision. VAR did its job, everyone but him saw it.
  8. I’ve seen this argument a few times but there will be a lot of games where Villa will sit deep and defend. It’s not like we’re at a level where we could go away to a mid table established team, say Watford, and dominate the possession. I’ve no idea whether Cahill has anything left in the tank as he’s barely played but him being slow is the last reason to care about when it comes to signing him. Besides, neither Mings nor Axel (potentially if we get them back) are experienced and disciplined enough to survive playing a high line against PL quality , so I doubt Smith will be so open to that approach right away.
  9. Eh not exactly exciting but oh well. Probably one from the if-we-don’t-get-promoted list. Hopefully our business won’t be mainly from championship players.
  10. Don’t be ridiculous. Doug Ellis might have not been fantastic but he’s leagues above that charlatan.
  11. Even if they're gettable at all these three will cost at least 60m, which would probably be the better part of the transfer kitty. I doubt we'll have all three back and even if we do 2 would likely be loans only, which is fine.
  12. Indeed. Play him on the wing for periods in games like this, see how they mark him there, will they let a center back move away from position or drag one of their central midfielders out wide. That leaves their other defensive midfielder roaming with not much to do since they can’t cover for the other DM easily without leaving the middle completely open.
  13. Would prefer House at left back on tuesday. He’ll help defending their set pieces and it’s not like Taylor offers anything offensively anyway.
  14. I know Jack is better in a central role however I thought he should have been put on the wing in place of Adomah/Green and see how WBA’s defending adjusts. Taylor and Elmo were probably the guys who had the most touches but all of their crosses resulted in nothing unsurprisingly. Smith has to find ways to get the ball to Jack in games where teams mark the center. Leeds game was similar. Also they’d better train defending corners and free kicks in the days until tuesday. Will be tough for WBA to score from open play.
  15. Villa have the better players by far but completely outclassed tactically. Three more halves to go, so a lot of football to be played and changes to be made. No need to panic.

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