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  1. Off topic, but don't ever invest in stocks
  2. Realistically even sustaining this season's achievements - getting around 50 points and maintaining 10th/9th - would represent a good season. Being an established top half team isn't that easy. Obviously we'd all love a few more points and a couple of positions higher up but challenging for top 6 seems quite optimistic to me even with another busy summer. We're years behind in terms of squad building, just like Wolves, who have suffered this season. This is why simply avoiding a dip, like theirs, would be a positive for me.
  3. Arsenal Are they going to draft him for the Super League or something?
  4. I like Luiz and would like him to stay permanently and continue developing, however if City activate the clause then 35 mil would certainly give the club the opportunity to get a good replacement. It’s a win-win situation. Buying him has been a great move regardless of the clause.
  5. Anyone who expects serious punishments is a being little bit naive tbh. We all know the reasons why neither FIFA and UEFA, nor the PL will do it. It's the same reason for creating the SL in the first place. They'll include some legally questionable texts about severe future repercussions for clubs who try this and that'll be it. In two months no one will even talk about this. Until the next time they try it, but much better prepared, that is.
  6. You can be sure FIFA and UEFA have given the teams x amount of days to pull out with no punishment. I expect they'll quickly sweep it under the carpet, no one will be punished, same with the FA.
  7. This is very true, and I'm probably in the minority but I think finishing 8th/9th next season and establishing into the top 10 would be very good and would represent further progress.
  8. Well there's a difference between his perceived market value and the actual price Villa would sell him for ( hopefully ).
  9. He definitely is both. His value was that at the time we bought him from Brentford. Only cost less because of a release clause. I'm not saying he's untouchable or he wouldn't be sold, but 30m isn't enough for him. Wouldn't be able to find a replacement for a similar fee. Tarkowski, Ben White, etc. cost more.
  10. Jack has very good work rate as well tbh. I don’t think we’d be able to attract players that are a tier above Barkley, especially as it seems we’d need to make a mini rebuild of the squad with a few players leaving. We attracted him because he wasn’t going to get games at Chelsea after their new arrivals. I wonder what kind of player you’d have in mind to replace him with? Prem teams rarely sell regular starters to other prem teams unless it’s for obscene money.
  11. Some of the criticism is way over the top. He's been good, he's won games and points for us, he links up well with Grealish, he gives us an extra dimension that no one else in the squad does. So he doesn't have Ollie's work rate? Boo hoo, not many do. Villa aren't likely to be in a position to attract better than him in the summer.
  12. I agree that his price would likely be around 5 mil, but Purslow doesn't strike as someone who'd be sentimental about these things. He seems way more cutthroat, although admittedly we haven't yet been able to see how they act when they're in a position to sell.
  13. I've no love for West Ham but how they can look at this incident literally 50 times and decide it's a red is beyond me.
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