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  1. I loved season 2 of the wire, but then again thought the whole lot was brilliant
  2. Finishing it tonight and will look at your spoiler comments afterward. i’ve not been sucked into this latest offering and in all honesty probably prefer the second series. However that could all change with a strong finish!
  3. Ah, the not so good version. Check out the Manchester based original - very good (for the first few series)
  4. Original Uk production or American remake?
  5. Scott Walker going is a sad thing for sure
  6. Just back from taking my lad to watch Captain Marvel. the main thing is he enjoyed it. I thought it was ok, nothing special but not Iron Man 2 either. The chemistry between Nick Fury and Carol Danvers was probably the best thing (along with a fairly decent 90s soundtrack) and Jude Law was surprisingly ok too. Part of me (the cynic) thinks the film has been shoehorned into the Marvel series and guaranteed it’s income as it’s so close to the release of Avengers End Game, with the main character featuring in the latter too, thus inferring some necessity to see this ahead of the next Avengers. I doubt I’d watch a stand-alone Captain Marvel 2 though.
  7. Having a very quiet one after being away with work this week and having something on for the past three weekends too. will be taking the boy to see Captain Marvel on sunday.
  8. Having the same issue. has taken me 5 attempts to post this message without being diverted away from the site. Really frustrating
  9. So, when’s he signing for Small Heath?
  10. Triple Frontier on Netflix wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. pretty formulaic but a reasonable watch nonetheless.
  11. Curse of the commentator for poor Glenn Murray (the penalty ‘banker’) as he promptly smashes it off the crossbar
  12. Stupid stamp/raking by a millwall player deservedly gets a red card. Brighton then have a goal wrongly ruled out for offside.. penalties it is!
  13. Tough paper round? (Oh, and happy birthday!)
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