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  1. I have just started this tonight after a disappointing stab at one of the Batman games, which I just couldn't get into. Only did the first couple of levels that basically set the scene and really like it. Had read through this thread (avoiding the spoiler bits) and heartened by the positive remarks. Will hopefully manage an hour or so tomorrow too.
  2. I agree that it’s a disgrace. One thing I’d like the premier league to do is oppose it and ban any club that opts to go to the super league from returning to the premier league if it all goes wrong. I wouldn’t allow them to compete in domestic competitions either. if they want to go then let them but I wouldn’t rush to welcome them back or include them in FA/Premier League fixtures. I honestly cannot see local fans wanting this to happen either, this is purely a financial decision based on global tv revenue as not many fans would be able to go on regular away days etc
  3. Thought the first episode of The Alienist S2 was pretty decent, although the subject matter very dark. fingers crossed it's as good as the first series.
  4. Taunton Rugby club just off the M5 - the freezing fog didn’t help either.
  5. Now I’m cooking it’s time for Handsome Boy Modelling School - So... How’s Your Girl?
  6. I’m not sure what’s worse, the light bulb erections or the star impaled baby!
  7. Oh yes - even have the Arcade Machine pop out packaging! The whole family is enjoying the SFA day!
  8. Wouldn’t mind but he’s the worst when he’s on the receiving end of ‘banter’ and often throws a hissy fit
  9. A mate who is a Leeds fan but hardly ever hear off. surprise surprise my WhatsApp convo with him has gone into overdrive since last night. ive muted the representative of Wellingborough
  10. A wet and windy Devon Saturday only means the Super Furry Animals back catalogue in chronological order whilst prepping a three course curry for tea later! currently loving the blast through Phantom Power (definitely up there with my fave SFA albums)
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