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  1. Finished the first season, will definitely stick with it. Totally daft stuff
  2. That effort, combined with precision movement, passing and clinical finishing does not entertain you? you are Steve Bruce and i claim my £5
  3. Have to say, Citeh are good to watch, not just on the ball, it’s each and every players desire to win the ball back and then attack. Poor old Troy Deeney - most impact he’s had was the coin toss
  4. I would, but on loan as competition for Abraham (if we manage to secure him, if we go up, if.....!)
  5. I’d actually forgotten we had Bolasie with us earlier in the season! Not exactly missed was he? What a wasteman
  6. Enjoy oh sees tonight. Will drop you a text Monday
  7. Every online link for tickets show not available so will give it a go on the door. Do you still fancy it?
  8. Some band at Phase One - stonefield (who wont be as a good as Oh Sees - enjoy it Bicks!!) going to chance my hand on the door Tuesday for psychedelic porn crumpets
  9. Off to see J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr tonight and tomorrow will be a bit of a chill day, fa cup final and another gig in the evening. sunday may have to do some work though
  10. Just started watching Lilyhammer on Netflix terrible acting but the concept is very amusing! Will stick with it.
  11. Oddly enough I can envisage Chelsea attempting to prize Nuno from the dog heads for their next manager.
  12. That looks brilliant. wasnt expecting much from the first movie as heard too many negative things but I loved it (even my wife thought it was great and she’s no ‘horror’ fan!) excited by the sequel and think they’ve got the adult versions spot on with their younger counterparts.
  13. Oh well - not watching the game.
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