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  1. . Just knew someone would go there
  2. Thanks to whoever suggested Celebrity Mansions by Dinosaur Pile-Up - brilliant album. loving the Jane Weaver latest too
  3. Just watched The Shape Of Water and although I guessed the 'twist' within the first few scenes i thought it was a beautifully made film with a great cast.
  4. Hogan didn’t look that pleased to score earlier - was he getting much stick from the crowd beforehand?
  5. Beneficial run out for all having 45 mins a piece. difficult to assess the second half play as the team was pretty disjointed with no real width, which hampered both Bree and Targett who never had anyone to overlap. big Wes looked ok, with some nice touches but I feel suffered from no support from out wide. Good assist for hogan too. the youngsters did ok too, RHM was better than expect and O’Hare was tenacious at least. Central defence and midfield were also fairly solid.
  6. Bit of a mixed bag really. whilst Gilbert started horribly he soon switched on and looks a great acquisition as does Jota. Davis looks a great specimen but for me lacks that killer instinct in and around the area. He holds the ball up well but never looks like scoring. Taylor and Green will need to up their work rate if they’re going to play this season. Konsa looked assured, whilst Mings was a little sloppy in execution of passes. jack and McGinn barely got out of 1st gear and I thought BB did a job as DM. All in all an ok 45mins.
  7. Zidane confirming Bale will move this window. Have no idea which club will want to get anywhere near his current wages at Madrid though. absolutely crazy contract and understandable why Bale has been so far reluctant to leave the club.
  8. 2pm uk time - believe it will be streamed on YouTube too
  9. £12m + Chester for Kalvin Phillips is what I’d suggest. Not desperate to see Chester go at all but understand he may want to play each week and may not be guaranteed it here. He’s been very good for us and played through injury to the detriment of his own long term fitness.
  10. very excited about this - looks very good indeed
  11. It’s a Mcleish wet dream - he’d play them all
  12. but it’s not Wednesday yet

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