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  1. Just watched and really enjoyed The Battered Bastards Of Baseball, regardless of knowing nothing about American Rounders. fascinating underdog story! (it’s on Netflix!)
  2. This season has started really well with all contestants providing good moments! id never heard of Jamali Maddix prior to this though.
  3. For some reason I thought Christian Bale was originally lined up for the Beach and DiCaprio in line for American Psycho but somehow they ended up playing the other part. No doubt The Beach would’ve been better with Bale as the lead - maybe then they wouldn’t have messed around with a perfectly decent storyline. That film sucked.
  4. I have mine in a few weeks too... deep joy!
  5. This happened to me with my first house I owned back in the late nineties. I gave the bloke a call and he offered me more than I was expecting so took him up on it and instructed a solicitor. it all went very smoothly and I didn’t have to pay any estate agents fees!
  6. That’s terrible news regarding Paul Ritter - what a terrific and versatile actor.
  7. Well, you were both right. Bloodlands really dropped off the cliff and descended into utter laughable garbage. overall it was...
  8. 2 episodes (out of 4) into Bloodlands on BBC iPlayer. pretty much a run of the mill crime drama set in Northern Ireland but not too bad at all.
  9. Gammon flavour would go down well in these times
  10. Hmmm don’t know that bit... yet! ive just unlocked the order of ancients targets, which was one of the bits I loved about Odyssey. I know I’ll really get into it and already think it’ll be above Origins but below Odyssey in my ranking.
  11. Jack not in the squad...
  12. I’ve started Valhalla and just landed in England - it’s pretty good so far but some of the dialogue is unintentionally hilarious! I like the addition of having a homestead and raiding missions but some of the side missions are a little unnecessary as there isn’t much to do. I did like the Animus Glitch side mission though.
  13. We don’t mind the Tesco fresh naan breads which are found in the fridge section along with their take away curry dishes. they’re the closest we’ve found to the real deal and cost £1 for 2.
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