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  1. We've been binge watching BCS over the last few weeks and just started season 5. It is indeed terrific and dare I say better than BB. I hope Bob Odenkirk recovers well and quickly.
  2. Not back until monday??? reckon this thread will be over 3000 pages by then (consisting of the same arguments with no correct answer!)
  3. Isn't it odd that that figure has been banded around on here over the last few days... Villatalk is clearly a source for Football Insider
  4. And if a certain no.10 isn't in the promotional photos, many beds will be wetted!
  5. I hope they make it in the style of a Scandi-Noir drama but no doubt end up like the only way is Essex
  6. That sucks… will have to give Tres Hombres a listen to.
  7. If it’s close to being completed, I wonder if Grealish will return to training at all… Hopefully we’ll see images of him at bodymoor on Monday when he’s due back along with Mings and Martinez. I’m still in the ‘he’s staying’ camp as I believe we don’t want to sell and we’re improving the squad around Jack.
  8. Let’s face it, we’ve signed plenty of has-beans over the years
  9. No fish puns or gifs 2/10 for effort - wnb welcome to the site
  10. This sounds so petty - just suck it up and move on. im no LH fan but red bull sound very small time with this.
  11. I have no problem with Rugby 7s, which is a joy to watch. Rather that than football, tennis and golf which get enough yearly coverage as it is. There are some head scratching events though (horse dancing for sure) that get in ahead of badminton.
  12. Olympic Taekwondo is awful to watch and nothing like the more fluent sparring Taekwondo code my kids practice. Such a strange choice as an Olympic code as it’s basically stand there and kick each other.
  13. I’ve heard he’s left so he can go and comfort Colleen Rooney in her time of need Cannot knock his time - he was terrific in both roles and certainly a positive influence on our squad. Wish him well in his next endeavour!
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