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  1. And then never again after a 13-0 loss
  2. I didn’t mind the family bit at all, if only as it distracted Tench from the work in Atlanta. If Tench was properly focused, who knows if the bridge scene with Wayne Williams would’ve played out differently? The lesbian sub plot did at times feel shoehorned in though, just to give her something to do in the show!
  3. John Stones out for 5 weeks. Normally wouldn’t be a big loss but having already lost Laporte for several months, Citeh don’t have much depth in their defence now. (Watch them score 4-5 goals a game now to mask over it!)
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/49733089 What a shame, hope it doesn’t disrupt them too much
  5. Dull game that lacked any excitement or prolonged passages of good play. marvellous had a good full debut though and thought Gilbert is progressing nicely too. When we were last in the top flight, we'd have lost that game. A point is a point and against a fairly decent team too.
  6. England were pretty crap with the bat, bar some individual performances, throughout the whole series so they must be elated with drawing the Ashes. Australia on the other hand must be gutted they didn't finish the job properly. It's frustrating, that England have drawn the series because they've played badly throughout and made some individual and team errors (shot and batting line up choices particularly). If only they'd got their act together, we couldve been celebrating a series win. however, regardless of the series result, the Stokes inspired headingly match was fantastic!
  7. This current trend of 2yrd goal kicks to a centre back is totally stupid and just invites pressure. Would rather see a punt up the pitch and win back the ball in the oppositions half.
  8. Smash and grab by Arsenal. watford dominant in early exchanges but now falling to pieces. 2-0 to Aubamayang!
  9. Re watched Warrior tonight - still think it's a pretty good movie with a decent family based subplot away from the MMA stuff.
  10. It was a huge thing to come out back in 2009, so if this raises more awareness and understanding then fair play to him for raising his hand again.
  11. Someone’s gonna be in the shit for that
  12. Was gutted when my daughter grew too old for Sarah and Duck
  13. Off to see King Khan’s Louder Than Death tonight. loved his stuff with the BBQ Show and The Shrines tiny tiny venue - should be pretty epic (and clearly loud!) Post gig note - really decent night, the two support bands The Fruit Tones and The Ohms were both good albeit very different. As for King Khan, he's moved on from garage rock back to punk. It was still great and he is a solid and entertaining performer live.
  14. theboyangel

    Do you read?

    Mainly jo nesbo. Whilst I've really enjoyed the Harry Hole books, I think Nesbo's best book is the standalone Headhunters (which was made into a decent Norwegian movie too).
  15. Just finished the Netflix limited series The Spy based on true events when Mossad successfully planted a spy in Damascus on the sixties. It was pretty good and interesting, especially as I'm not that up on middle eastern political history. whilst the lead was played well by Sacha Baron Cohen, I couldn't help but think he was just playing a serious borat!

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