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  1. theboyangel

    The Film Thread

    The first one was bad enough - what made you think the second would improve the franchise?
  2. theboyangel

    The Film Thread

    Ready Player One - enjoyable but not a patch on the book (however some of the changes, such as the road race were very well executed) Wind River - another great film from Taylor Sheridan who wrote/directed Sicario and Hell Or High Water.
  3. theboyangel

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Definitely need to add another quality centre back
  4. theboyangel

    Jake Doyle-Hayes

  5. theboyangel

    New Manager Speculation

    I can’t listen to Georgie Bingham - she makes my ears bleed. also can’t listen to Danny Kelly, who seems to fill in on most shows and then talk over whoever is being interviewed. talksport is bear-baiting for radio... say something outlandish and wait for those premium calls (mainly from drunken Scots) flood in!
  6. theboyangel

    Burton v Villa

    What a dull first half. adomah has been totally ineffective and has pushed Grealish back into the middle of the park where he can’t influence the game as much. de Laet has again been good and Kodjia is looking fitter each game. deffo need a keeper (maybe one that can clear a ball further than his own penalty area!) hopefully second half will liven up.
  7. theboyangel

    Jack Grealish

    Think we’ll know more about jack’s future in the next 60 minutes when today’s team against burton is announced. if he’s in the team, I reckon we’ll keep hold of him for this season. Rumours are Spudzzz want this completing ahead of their preseason tour. (Also wonder if they’ll pursue Zaha now instead after his alleged rejection of a new palace contract)
  8. theboyangel

    The Bundesliga Thread

    Vfb Stuttgart - awesome city, great stadium and always good when you combine one of their games with their beer festival at the end of September.
  9. theboyangel

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    More like - Basically we need to sell a load of shit players
  10. theboyangel

    Jonathan Kodjia

    maybe a bit harsh on him but against Telford, Kodjia showed he can't play as part of a front two. However, last night showed he also can't play as a lone striker.
  11. theboyangel

    Glenn Whelan

    For one of your posts Zatman, that is quite friendly.
  12. theboyangel

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    The continuing World Cup wxxxathon over Mmmbop by pundits yes, he’s young and very quick but he’s not the finished article yet by far. everytime he gets on the ball it’s like the verbal second cumming of Christ...
  13. theboyangel

    Telford v Villa

    I know its only our first pre-season match, with the first team and academy players mixed together but a few thoughts Kodjia looked sharp but didn't interact with Davis at all - neither linked up together and it was a bit like playing two lone strikers Good to see Green back, again he looked fit but will have to cease checking his runs and passing the ball backwards every time. Hopefully his confidence at taking his man on will return once he gains full fitness. Was impressed with Mitch Clark, James Bree and Richie De Laet and thought Bedeau looked promising whilst on the pitch. Hourihane and Whelan both kept the game ticking in midfield nicely. We can't really judge much on the performance but a win is a win, which is probably the most positive news the club has had since the end of the season.
  14. theboyangel

    Telford v Villa

    Great grandson (probably ) (He's actually the son of the ex small heath player Tommy Mooney)
  15. theboyangel

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Potter about eh?