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  1. Having finished it, it’s worth persevering with. I quite liked the style of it and the method used to tell the story but understand how it would irk some viewers
  2. I’m a little shocked at this. Thought he’d be given to the end of the season before being axed
  3. Done - I am hoping for some Scandi-noir gardening thriller. Please do not disappoint me
  4. Haven't started it yet, will see if I feel the same way
  5. We've had a Zombieland weekend with the original last night and Double Tap tonight. Both very very amusing, with the sequel just as good (especially the scenes at Gracelands with Luke Wilson and Thomas Middlewich)
  6. Really liked that program and followed it up with the glass.blowing competition series also on Netflix, which was really decent too. Some mad skills on display there.
  7. It will be done if I don’t get any response!
  8. Fricking eBay sellers. last week I won an eBay auction (assassins creed Valhalla for a tenner so was a real bargain) and paid promptly only to receive a message from the seller cancelling the sale as ‘his wife had given it to his brothers kids’... clearly bullshit but had to give the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, I kept on an eye on the seller and low and behold he re-advertised the game this evening! I’ve sent him a polite message to request he honours the original auction but doubt he will.. Is there anything eBay can do? I imagine if he did agree the disc would
  9. Goal for Plop against the run of play I’d say nice finish by Salah though
  10. You seem to have a serious problem with Barkley. This is the third or fourth similar post He’s played 2 matches following 8 weeks out with a hamstring injury and positive COVID tests in the squad (we don’t know whether RB was positive or negative) just be patient, he hasn’t been dogshit by any means but clearly not 100% as would be expected.
  11. we can all live in hope! if (and it’s still a big if) Newcastle do go down, I hope Bruce convinces the board he’s the best man to bring them back up
  12. James Bree gets the assist as Luton pull one back. Although the assist should really go to Kepa in the Chelsea goal what a clown
  13. Yes, meant to add Tammy was also playing. he knows how to scuff a ball into the goal doesn’t he?
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