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  1. theboyangel

    New Manager Speculation

    Is anyone else concerned about the potential clash of egos? both are leaders, Terry more so than Henry but with the latter in charge. How long will it be before Terry wants to take over or they disagree over fprmations, tactics both pre-match and during the 90 minutes. It's not like they're old team mates or buddies. I feel a manager needs to trust his no.2 implicitly - will Henry trust Terry 100%? I'm not convinced by either appointment together but would understand JT as a no.2 to a more seasoned manager/coach. I'd love both to be as successful on the sidelines as they were on the pitch but cant help but see the inevitable failure.
  2. theboyangel

    New Manager Speculation

    I'm more apprehensive than excited by the reports over Henry. i just don't see it panning out well.
  3. theboyangel

    Steve Bruce

    Fall.on.your.sword Just go, for the love of god, just go
  4. theboyangel

    The Film Thread

    Too young and nimble, come back in 5 years and a hip replacement:)
  5. theboyangel

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce undoubtedly has a fairly decent points ratio for us and arguably much better than our other more recent incumbents Lambert, Garde, Sherwood and RDM Even though he is considerably better than those guys, he is still a dreadful tactician who spews out a mind-numbing brand of football. Just goes to show, those who have been in charge of the club have done a shocking job of employing the right staff to take care of team affairs... Bruce needs replacing for sure but can we have faith in the club to finally employ someone worthy of the position?
  6. theboyangel

    The Concert/Gig Thread

    Anniversary of Phantom Power being released? (New material would be awesome though!) In other news (with a Welsh link!) Have got tickets for Boy Azooga in Exeter next month - only £5.50!!!! Bargain
  7. theboyangel

    The Bundesliga Thread

    It's a cracking beer festival and a lovely city too. Mercedes Benz arena is decent as well. Have a great time!
  8. theboyangel

    Aaron Tshibola

    ‘Not a patch on Westwood though’ would’ve sealed that thought!
  9. theboyangel

    Aaron Tshibola

    Tshibola has found his level - equivalent to league One. whilst it could be argued he was never given an extended run of matches in the team, he barely managed an extended run whilst on the pitch! for a young ‘fit’ lad he’s slow, languid and appears to have no sense of urgency on the pitch.
  10. theboyangel

    Jack Grealish

    Could be a factor in all seriousness but now he’s signed, time to pull the plug on Bruce
  11. theboyangel

    Jack Grealish

    Now Jack has signed we can surely sack Bruce?
  12. theboyangel

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    Al Matthews, aka Apone from Aliens gone at 74yrs
  13. theboyangel

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    All over. Joshua retains his belts
  14. theboyangel

    Steve Bruce

    Needs the sack just awful, so so awful