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  1. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    (Hopefully) a show-er not a grower
  2. Southampton

    Mark Hughes or Marco Silva for the job?
  3. Southampton

    Hoping they beat wet spam, new manager or not!
  4. Southampton

    Looking for a new manager!
  5. The Film Thread

    The hitman’s bodyguard was an easy buddy/action/comedy film to pass a Saturday evening too. Totally predictable but enjoyable all the more for it. both Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds on typically good form.
  6. Media and punditry

    Bizarrely I cannot see Sky sacking him, regardless of their previous disposals of mssrs Keyes, gray (totally justified) and Rodney Marsh (who was sacked for an ill advised tsunami/toon army joke on live tv) I just have a feeling they’ll allow him back after his ‘grilling’ on sky sports news in which he cried and declared remorse. it was a despicable thing to do and the ‘goading’ was nothing compared to what’s shouted on the terraces most games. He is an ambassador for sky sports and that is not the public image they should back and endorse. However, I agree the dad doesn’t come out of it well either (particularly his reaction, where I swear I heard the cash ringing in his eyes!) he should hang his head in shame for putting his daughter in this situation due to his moronic and childish behaviour whilst driving his family home.
  7. General Chat

    Speedy recovery Chindie!
  8. VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    The England cricket coach? where have you heard that?
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I believe neves received a 2 match ban, the first of which was against Fulham. as mentioned, the dog heads play Leeds midweek which should mean he’ll be available to play against us on the weekend...
  10. Wolves

    15 - 20 point deduction please Or just the right amount to put them 7th in the table at the end of the season
  11. Chelsea

    I suppose we have been similar in the past too - with a nucleus of 'strong' characters who hold sway over the rest of the squad. This influence can be either a massive benefit or a huge problem depending on how the manager is perceived by those players. I have read, Chelsea's players do not like Conte continually beasting them in training and he doesn't appear to the be kind of boss to bow down - in fact, I get the impression, the whining would only make him worse.
  12. Chelsea

    Bunch of pampered, Overpaid players, devoid of any understanding of how life really is for everyday folk, so believe its OK to not bother trying if the boss works you too hard in training......
  13. Questions for the seniors

    White power?? Were they travelling with pillowcases over their heads? I guess the sugar was to put on their Special K(KK) cereal?
  14. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    A 3 1/2 year deal???? Their current record of holding onto managers is closer to 3 1/2 months!!!! Can't believe he's taken the job as no doubt in a week or so West Brom will be looking for a new manager and regardless of them being relegated also they'd be a better option to run next season.
  15. General Chat

    At least you’re in the right place Chindie, speedy recovery and pleased you made the call!