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  1. Loved the first episode of the latest Ozark season - great show
  2. Can’t help but be reminded of this
  3. Just grinned my way through The Lost Boys - what a brilliantly naff movie that somehow works! absolute corker of an 80s flick!
  4. Bizarrely I’ve had The Doors discography playing all afternoon. great way to spend the afternoon working!
  5. Symptoms of an STD is she’s involved?
  6. Will try and be good during lockdown and abstain from alcohol. Also trying to cut down on meal portion size. i live a dull existence at the moment
  7. Lasted one episode of Avenue 5 - didn’t float my boat at all
  8. Just over halfway through Miracle Workers on Sky. Very amusing indeed and Steve Buscemi nails it playing God who's gone to seed.
  9. Was at the Irish Centre gig too. The best time I saw Neil Hammond live was in Liverpool with an orchestra accompanying him - such a great voice live.
  10. Today I have had the Divine Comedy discography playing on random - some tremendous tunes being played.
  11. I love Pearl Jam and so want this to be good but I fear it’ll be cringe inducing dad-rock. hope I’m wrong but finding it easy not to find out either way. I played my 13yr old Ten yesterday and it’s still an epic record that’ll be 30(!) next year
  12. Lad at the bottom of our close has a new hairdryer/motorbike and wants everyone to know by trying to break the land speed record in 60m of road every time he leaves or returns home. utter penis... if only I could remember where I put those tacks!
  13. I’m hoping Netflix release all episodes straight away instead of on a weekly basis. will finish off The Outsider tonight (which has a very bland middle section through too many changes from the source material) and will be ready for Ozark tomorrow (Feels like Bateman season in our house as only just done S1&2 of Ozark and straight into The Outsider!)
  14. .....................Bosnich Delaney.Mellberg.Laursen.Bouma .................McGinn.Barry Young.............................Grealish .................Carew.Angel
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