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  1. Watched possibly the worst film of the last year - Robin Hood (the one with Taron Edgerton) absolutely garbage and not even ‘so bad it’s good’
  2. Haven’t switched sky sports news on all weekend as all week has been spent on them noshing off Liverpool it’s cringeworthy
  3. The plastic Liverpool fans at work will be unbearable tomorrow seriously hope they somehow screw up and throw another commanding lead in the league away
  4. Beware Mr Baker a warts and all doc on legendary arsehole and sometime drummer, Ginger Baker. christ knows how he lasted so long! Worth watching (to get a feel for the guy) just for the opening credits!
  5. At least Lingard wasn’t selected ahead of Grealish I have more interest in seeing if our Montenegro goalkeeper Sarkic gets selected. He’s doing well on loan in Scotland
  6. Jealous of @Designer1 and @rjw63 for the Dinosaur Pile Up gig - expect it will be pretty epic! One of my fave albums of the year!
  7. Have had this on over the last few weeks and whilst it’s got a natural summery feel it somehow even makes the wet winter weather tolerable! The new Temples album is a good listen too!
  8. theboyangel

    Do you read?

    Looking forward to reading Acid For The Children by Flea the chilli peppers bassist. rather refreshingly surprising, it’s supposed to be more about his youth and upbringing rather than RHCP its on my Xmas list so will have to wait until then (or most likely post Christmas when I have to buy it for myself and make do with being given another framed picture of the kids!)
  9. That will be British Transport Police - big part of their remit and nothing to do with the ‘regular’ forces.
  10. No surprises but the plastic scousers in my Devon office have been giving it large this morning. sad thing is, I’ve seen Liverpool play live and been to Anfield more times than them combined. does that shame them? Does it buggery
  11. I’ve just watched Mother! The Aronofsky film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. A couple who live in a house in the middle of nowhere begin to get many visitors out of the blue and events begin to escalate and spiral out of control. what a strange movie that is quite a task to watch. I liked it but it passes over the ‘too clever for its own good’ threshold.
  12. Don’t jinx it - guaranteed that’ll happen now
  13. The way my days going, it’ll be 5-0 to Liverpool with added VAR madness
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