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  1. Thought the Aussie comedy-drama Upright was bloody great. Tim Minchin and particularly Milly Alcock we’re both excellent. well worth checking out!
  2. Almost finished too (at the final big bad guy) but cannot finish it until my lad does as it is his game after all - he was miffed that i got the double lightsaber before him! I've really enjoyed it but surprised it hasn’t taken too long to complete. is this the usual size for a game?
  3. @Roddersfinds something to pass the time...
  4. At least he can buy some new trousers now - poor thing is running around in tattered rags... what were Barca paying him, if at all?
  5. Have heard a fair bit of the new Field Music album on 6 Music today as it was their album of the day. Liked a lot of the tracks played and will seek out the album (can’t remember the name of it!!)
  6. Good player in his day but probably the wrong side of his best now
  7. Finished the book the other day and recording the series on Sky Atlantic. will record the lot and watch in bulk. Looking forward to it as enjoyed the book. have started reading Mr Mercedes now (which has some links to The Outsider) and will look out for the adapted tv series once I’ve finished.
  8. They’re the Derek Acora of football transfer knowledge. the whole segment is just shameful guesswork and speculation.
  9. Wouldn’t be surprised if the club arrange a behind closed doors friendly this week to give him another 60 minutes game time with the U23s. Drinkwater could be very important to our stay in the premier league.
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