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  1. Unless the author intended the message to read F phonetically, as in 'Ef' which would require the letter to be preceded by an an? Clearly not the authority on that then
  2. Mutual love in over their jealousy fuelled hatred of us!
  3. Having a homemade coffee and black Cardamom spiced rum and coke. First stab at making spiced rum (just added coffee beans and black cardamom pods with a tablespoon of sugar per 200g) and it’s a winner - a lovely Smokey and coffee aroma which goes well with a splash of coke. tomorrow I’ll be sampling the ginger, lemongrass and coconut effort with apple juice!
  4. Geordies are a special breed aren’t they?!?
  5. tickets purchased for Psychedelic Porn Crumpets at the Institute next March - they are brilliant live so looking really forward to this
  6. Thought it would be more appropriate in here but do not get today’s OTT gushing reaction to Adele’s latest offering four minutes of utterly dreary warbling that is somehow deemed national news… ffs have a day off!
  7. Mine has seemingly lost all focus on home schooling… her mother is having none of it though
  8. 11yr old daughter got it at school Tuesday (tested negative in the morning but positive in the evening) and confirmed with a PCR test yesterday. Fortunately she is pretty much symptom free and feeling ok but more upset that she actually has it. Double lucky, everyone else in the house is still testing negative with no symptoms…
  9. Sky Arts Portrait Artist Of The Year 2021 starts tonight. With so much television programming taken up by vacuous, attention seeking, talentless shites it’s nice to watch people with genuine talent.
  10. Good film! I always enjoyed The Frighteners as a spooky comedy - great fun and a little underrated!
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