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  1. Think you could be right, maybe only Taylor will stay if we can’t get a suitable replacement. The others mentioned though should hopefully be offloaded. I’d probably add Kalinic to that list too
  2. She looks a bit koi to me
  3. Absolutely loving season 2 of The Umbrella Academy - great characters and well humoured Just two episodes to go tomorrow night!
  4. Just made my first banana and cashew nut curry - Bloody lovely and went well with the chicken nagore curry I made too.
  5. True (the first leg was a disaster for them!) but even with Tammy dropping down the pecking order at Chelsea he’ll still get chances to play at the top level of club football. I can see him staying and eventually resolve his new contract.
  6. Tammy Abraham starts for Chelsea in the Champs League against Munich. I just cannot see him leaving them for us anytime soon.
  7. Maybe a little bit of a stretch but it’s certainly becoming the European league of choice to extend a career at. I know Ronaldo is the exception but the vast majority of others couldn’t play in the Prem effectively nowadays
  8. I’m not sure AV - it seems to be new MLS where players can extend their careers a few extra years for good money. look at the likes of the ageing Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo and even Ashley Young amongst many are still highly influential in the league, whilst (maybe not Ronaldo) not many could last a season in the Premier League now. don’t get me wrong, I used to love Serie A when they had the best imports from across Europe and some cracking homegrown talent.
  9. Sarri sacked by Juventus. Didn’t think it was a good fit at the time they signed him.
  10. Or Julie B’s cellar (visiting Defoe and Dale Stephens)
  11. Reminds me a little of the Libertines in their pomp. think it’s a great track too. courting are one of the new bands I’ll be keeping an eye on with interest.
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