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  1. Imagine if every club tweeted like this every time a deal was being negotiated. Great you made a deal with the selling club. The player doesn't want to come to you, and you want to share that embarrassing information with the World!? Hilarious.
  2. Possibly meant this San Fran outfit: https://www.spurssoccer.com/
  3. He's a Jota prospect than some of our other signings
  4. Could link up well with Big Wes, deserves a chance....
  5. He's definitely out of our league, he's out of the Superliga Argentina de Fútbol.
  6. Come on, we finish against Wet Spam and there's not a horrible run in the whole season.
  7. I see @Hairyhands ended up working at Brighton. Brighton and Hove Albion ground staff sacking 'a witch-hunt'
  8. Glad to see this mentioned. It truly is.
  9. We've got assume that any outlay on a new goalkeeper will be offset by recouping all or most of what we spent on Kalinic, otherwise we wouldn't be buying one in the first place. £5m or £10m net to get Etheridge or Butland should be good value.
  10. Young keeper for Atalanta helped them qualify for the Champions League, name escapes me
  11. Passing interest in F1, well I turn on the races if nothing else and check the results. Really enjoying Vettel's meltdown though!
  12. I think that tweet suggests that if you say "VillaReport" three times in the mirror, a pair of hairy hands comes out and throttles you.
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