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  1. Terrible actor, not even fit for the Harry Potter role which he almost singlehandedly ruined. Can almost forgive that as they just picked some kids and they weren’t all going to end up as talented as Emma Watson, but I have no idea how Radcliffe still gets work.
  2. Went mad for Taco Bell in Vegas for a quick and cheap fill (not thrill). Brilliantly shit.
  3. No time like the present. Personally I’m enjoying Thailand’s Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day holiday but I can also heartily recommend Monarchy Day in Romania and Gospel Day in Tuvalu. Holidays and Observances Around the World truly are your oyster.
  4. Sssssh! The government’s vaccination programme is world-leading, unlike NHS Test & Trace.
  5. Would it still be worth watching S1 as a stand-alone or does that fact it doesn’t end there make that pointless?
  6. Did you steal their car battery?
  7. Wycombe conceding a last minute winner to Derby was the difference for them both, massive shame.
  8. Fine with that, I just don’t want another team winning the European Cup.
  9. There is hope that Mam City won’t win the Champions League
  10. When you get some food for sharing and the quantity of pieces is a prime number
  11. Hence them having a chance, not being automatically safe!
  12. Just 10 more and they’ve got a chance!
  13. Good. Goal hanging like that has been ruining the sport.
  14. If they’re in Everton’s range then they’re in our range too. Few more goals needed for Wycombe...
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