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  1. He even played for Simba SC, that’s a sign that we should be going with my Hakuna Samatta chant if I’ve ever seen one.
  2. Wesley scored 2 (in 2 different games) against Monaco in the CL and 1 against RB Salzburg in the EL.
  3. i'll have a go: He's Ally Samatta, It's football that he plays. He's Ally Samatta, Scores the goals that we crave. He means no worries, for Villa on matchdays, He's Ally Samatta.
  4. Did not know this before. What a pleasant thing to learn, bet he'll be pissed off about it for his whole life.
  5. Not unless we loan Kodjia out on deadline day without bringing anyone in!
  6. He's been gone for ages, he must be good by now.
  7. Well, this worked with Reina signing last night a few hours after posting, so here goes again:
  8. The guy on the right could be Will Hughes, and I think the man on the left is Eric Djemba-Djemba-Djemba.
  9. Few more injuries tonight and the Rochdale kid to make the headlines again.
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