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  1. Too late, we only know about Traoré because Wilder was interested. Before that no one else had ever heard of the player.
  2. Blues fans delighted as Birmingham beat Villa to the signing of TOP international striker despite the “clarets” desperately wanting him to sign a new contract! Click HERE to find out who:
  3. Not fun =/= absolute necessary to avoid Not fun = a little annoying / non-preferable outcome
  4. If our aim for the season is acquire 114 points then yes I agree.
  5. Unless both we lose to Bristol City and Liverpool lose to Lincoln in the 3rd round then our PL match vs Liverpool will be moved to Sunday if not more likely Monday again. It will probably get moved anyway in anticipation of both teams not going out before the 4th round.
  6. Good work Lee, he's drawn some of the Sky 6 against each other too.
  7. Gabby making himself a legend again. I'll be forgiving him for a poor last few seasons if he comes up his defence of all things Villa and comedic put-downs. Meanwhile, Jack is staying. @Fairy In Boots:
  8. fightoffyour

    Keinan Davis

    Really hope he gains confidence after that goal. I think his ceiling is very, very high.
  9. I keep seeing excuses like this, but all I can think this is that these are reasons for exactly why you will struggle. The squad is so threadbare that 1 injury and you're left without a proper CB. Add in the Bielsa Burnout leading to fatigue/injuries and you've got a recipe for disaster. Can't wait!
  10. The Sea Queen in Burntwood has a full Greek menu now. An extension of the kebab section to deep fried halloumi etc.
  11. I only eat battered chips now when I can get them, it's definitely the way forward. Just guaranteed crispiness. They'd probably even hold up after being covered in gravy, or the correct choice of curry sauce.
  12. Time to pay up @Fairy In Boots, unless you still want to wait until the end of the window well it will give you a bit of time to find that cash down the back of the sofa at least.
  13. fightoffyour

    Keinan Davis

    Yes Keinan lad! Delighted for him. Just hope he can build on this as I still think he's got it all, besides confidence. Not sure if I'd loan him out yet, but I guess not while Wesley is still out as Davis is currently our 2nd choice striker for me.
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