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  1. Coincidentally I just saw a guy asking Maltgarden on their Facebook post asking if they would be sending some beer his way, so I clicked on his profile and it says he’s the founder of Yupp.
  2. I've got a Graham's 10 year tawny port, which seems to land right at the upper end of your Guinness-addition-acceptability range. I also didn't even think about just eating cheese with it, but then I didn't think about drinking it at all - there's actually some decorative fake ivy hanging off it
  3. I am up for the Krakow-Katowice craft beer crawl
  4. Got given a bottle of Port that I wouldn't have found a good reason to drink...until now. Cheers!
  5. Nice site, never heard of that before. If you're going to go for one of the stouts then I can vouch for The Middle of Silence and the can with Pinta is also well regarded, but I couldn't recommend the other bottles at that price despite being good. They've also had better IPAs this year than those from the latest release, but your Calm As Usual(ly) is there. For reference the cans go here for about 12.50 to 15 PLN (£2.50 to £3), the bottles for 25 PLN (£5), and the x Pinta can for 35 PLN (£7). The bars for when you visit are actually about the same price on draft.
  6. I would love it if he said that again, love it.
  7. Respectable 2-0 loss against contenders for the title, that should shut a few up.
  8. Finished season 5 of The Sopranos, bloody brilliant.
  9. Peanut butter is literally just blended 100% peanuts, how can one be nice and the other not? the only different is textural.
  10. Yep that’s another pretty unusual one! They specialise in imperial stouts I’d say but they bottle most of them and HB only seems to get in the cans. There is one vanilla and cocoa imp in a can that just came out around the same time as the PB sour.
  11. They have some Maltgarden on Honest Brew, it might appear there soon.
  12. It was fine! Last time I ever share a blueberry peanut butter pancake beer with you Finished with this, best beer I’ve had in a long time!
  13. That's minus 1 shot on target already
  14. Yeh I’ll have it on in my house. BT Sport 1 https://m.livesoccertv.com/match/3756915/aston-villa-vs-brighton-hove-albion/
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