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  1. Isn't KFC basically all about the gravy? That and the skin. They don't have the gravy in Poland which is a travesty, I did have a good go at making it myself once but that would take the sort of planning to go with an actual KFC meal that contradicts the state of a person who is in need of a KFC.
  2. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me Naturally, gravy is the ultimate crust dipping condiment.
  3. I haven't taken the Day 2 test the last two times I've been back to the UK, it really doesn't seem to matter for the reasons you've stated. Sometimes the tests arrive too late anyway (you could order on a Friday when you leave and if it doesn't get posted by Saturday then it won't be there on Sunday) or you might not have a fixed address to send a test to, etc... Just buy the cheapest one. Or I'll give you the format for a test number to put on the PLF (they don't check this when you cross the border) and don't even bother to buy one at all.
  4. Not how I see it, I’m all about ABC so it’s definitely #TeamShipman for me tonight.
  5. Tiny salmon swimming upstream Tiny salmon chasing the impossible dream Wait that's road trip...
  6. Wedding Singer deserves higher distinction than that list, along with Something About Mary.
  7. Yeah that's my point, Malmö correct but not Dinamo.
  8. And yet (paste the link not the actual image)
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