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  1. Why not? We won’t sell him for less than we paid, or even not unless we make a tidy profit, and he’s not exactly doing himself any favours at the moment. He only just signed a permanent contract last summer. If he wants to leave he’ll have to earn a move. IF (yes, still if...) we get relegated, Mings would still make a very good Championship CB and probably our captain too IF (yes, still if...) Jack leaves.
  2. Stoke doing well until some rocket polisher makes the stupidest foul for a penalty I've ever seen.
  3. But at VP and BCD is a different scenario...at least that’s what we have to hope! Anyone else just have the feeling we can get a result tonight?? For what it’s worth, which is absolutely nothing, I dreamt about the match last night and we won a penalty just before half time with the game still goalless. That’s all I know (imagined).
  4. If your Aunt gets a pair of balls then she will be your Uncle technically, yes. You can’t use that analogy for a future event that has every likelihood of occurring, can you? Nope.
  5. Both look delicious. I’ll have a beer tonight if we manage at least a point, otherwise I’ll wait to go out tomorrow and drink all of the beer. We have a 31 degrees C and full on sunny day so I’ll need refreshments.
  6. Really hope Wigan can stay up despite this, since the deduction is deeply unfair considering the impact of Covid-19 and that the EFL only just ratified the takeover. Looks like they’ve got the form to give it a good go at least. I thought Blues were safe a long time ago but they must’ve starting coasting. They might be in real danger this time, but they’ll probably still avoid the drop as usual. Few more teams going into administration on the last day when they’re in the bottom 3 I guess.
  7. Man Utd in great form, always win at VP...maybe just maybe this is one match in which losing our home “advantage” (non-existent against these) could be a good thing? Their run has to end at some point and so does our home (and away for that matter) record against them. Wouldn’t it just be typical if that happened when there will be no one in the stands to see it? Praying for a miracle, remaining optimistic somehow. The kick off time in the topic title seems to be wrong by the way, BBC have it listed as 20:15 not 18:15.
  8. Wouldn't be a bad thing if he had a more than mild dose would it...that's about as tactful as I can be on the matter.
  9. Jack Whitehall, including year, and this complete shitshow of players that I've largely never heard of:
  10. Went to a Weldworks beer tasting yesterday, this was the highlight and one of the top 3 beers I've ever drank: Stout - Imperial / Double 14.5% ABV "The blend for this very special batch was selected from freshly emptied bourbon barrels, ranging in age from 6 to 11 years, used to age Medianoche for 19 months, expressing notes of toffee, baker's chocolate, brownie batter, and sweet vanilla. Drawing inspiration from the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos and the desserts and drinks that accompany it, we conditioned the beer on Ibarra Mexican sweet chocolate, vanilla beans from Veracruz, Mexico, cinnamon sticks, and raw, unprocessed piloncillo panela sugar."
  11. We've had 2 already, that's the whole point of the league concept.
  12. Fish looks much better, just need some social distancing between it and the gravy then that wouldn’t be so perverse.
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