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  1. “Scored a goal via VAR” (I think this is what was said before the HT break). For ****’s sake, they scored a goal and VAR confirmed it should stand, the VAR didn’t help them score the goal.
  2. Yep, the Recon group we’re gambling on a £250m box but ended up with 1p
  3. I thought The Mule was abysmal.
  4. We’re going to ruin Bournemouth no worries
  5. **** off. Deserved to win. We are the greatest team the world has ever seen. We’ll still win the league. McGinn is an absolute beast despite being the whitest member of the squad - because being a beast is the most non-racial quality there is. In Deano we trust UTV
  6. Stevens in goal and Baldock up front is a recipe disaster
  7. Never offside, what was that all about.
  8. Well that’s fine though, we have a SHA thread etc. There’s no reason for them not be called Tottenham on Fantasy Football. If only there were a thread in Off Topic for this sort of thing...
  9. Fulham only wanted £20m for Sessegnon but Tottenham have paid £25m + Onomah. On an unrelated note, does it piss anyone else off that they’re called by their nickname Spurs on Fantasy Football unlike any other team?
  10. fightoffyour

    Keinan Davis

    I think Davis can make it as a Premier League striker. He could even be incredible. Got all the attributes for me, just needs a bit of luck to start bagging some goals and get going. Glad if we keep him here, he's a good option. Come on wor Big Keinan!
  11. Honestly thought he was 30 and the above post was some kind of joke
  12. This transfer window has been amazing; and Augustin would be the icing on the cake. But as good as the signings have been, the highlight has been the Villareport jokes. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Although people have now started to pass off Villareport jokes as their own material without crediting the source, much like Villareport itself does, ironically.
  13. Everything I said was true apart from the joke about VillaReport I'm expecting Luiz to take part today from what I was told!
  14. No it’s true! Can’t find any info about the actual event so I’m guessing it was just kept local word of mouth, but here’s some mentions of the Club, DS and the Scott Arms ran by his uncle: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/sport-opinion/aston-villa-dean-smith-avfc-16476412
  15. I got my info from Villareport, but they just posted someone else’s report and tried to claim it as inside knowledge.

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