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  1. The Welsh Oggies at Glastonbury, authentic or not, are superb. They're so big that you have to keep half of them to eat later for a whole other meal, and they used to flog them off at half price on Sunday evening.
  2. I will also say “just stop” but that’s because I’m crying into my super noodles about how good it looks.
  3. Why limit yourself to cow juice. You could always use luxury milk, from the human cow.
  4. Regardless of cream or jam first, which I can't even think how I would do it to form a strong opinion on, you've definitely got to butter the scone before adding either. That will stop it getting soggy.
  5. I’d go with that, certainly an improvement. There’s still work to do to score a goal even if there’s an advantage gained from an accidental handball. Still a bit of a grey area though if a hand is in a completely unnatural position and makes an incredible, accidental assist. Hang on, why is that line “including by the goalkeeper” in the above? They can’t seriously be clarifying that a keeper attacking the opposition goal isn’t allowed to use their hand/arm to score, can they?
  6. That’s two separate handball offences: deliberate or the hand being in a unnatural position, and scoring directly from a handball even if accidental. See here from IFAB via the FA: Each of the above filled bullets is a separate offence. The hand doesn’t need to be in an unnatural position if touching it results in a goal.
  7. If you think about it, milk is just gravy before the flour and stock have been added and the milk taken out.
  8. Yes unfortunately with this one it’s the ridiculous rule that VAR has properly enforced. Well it’s kind of the same for the Werner offside I just complained about, though there’s much less factual evidence for that than a handball.
  9. Yeah probably, the being fouled offside off the top of my head. For this one i meant that Werner is so clearly in line with all but his arm which is leaning so far forward because he's starting a sprint. He's in fact clearly behind Robertson who is stood upright with limbs into the body,
  10. Not if it immediately leads to a goal being scored apparently, then any touch of the arm at all is a foul. And agreed it is absolutely ridiculous because it would've hit his body and had the exact same result if he didn't have an arm. And unfortunately VAR actually got this one "right" in that they implemented the law correctly, it's just the law is bollocks.
  11. Wow that's the worse VAR offside of the ever-growing collection, apart from Wesley's heel walking away from goal 10 phases of play before the goal of course.
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