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  1. How is this possible? He jogged away from Boris as soon as he tested positive, surely avoiding infection.
  2. 5 players from one team test positive a day before and it's all cancelled. Pathetic idea.
  3. This season needs to be voided now so they can start to plan how to complete next season before the Euros, or be prepared for whatever situation we find ourselves in later in the year. Possibly make and state clear rules about how next season will be decided if not all games can be completed, if teams can agree on them in advance. Suggestions of finishing this season are pure fantasy.
  4. The Gentlemen was great. I'm a massive fan of Lock, Stock and Snatch so that was a good return to form that I hope he can maintain.
  5. Obviously it's a terrible idea and flies in the face of upholding integrity even more than playing all remaining fixtures behind closed doors in a short space of time, but just to play devil's advocate, a one-off "home" game (which it wouldn't really be, but still) versus Sheffield United to avoid relegation might a fairly good deal for us given our current position. If we won it of course
  6. And obviously they can't get the grammar/spelling correct.
  7. I think he said that they should be playing men's/first team football rather than the U23s, which he is, not that they should be in the first team necessarily.
  8. Not brave, just stupid. speaking of which, I don’t know what’s up with my guts lately, but it will be really **** apparent if I lose my sense of smell.
  9. But there isn't already a Euro 2021 or Olympics 2021 tournament next summer, whereas there is a Premier League 20/21 season due to start in August. Even that starting on time, or indeed being reasonably able to complete on time, is massively optimistic, and that's with this season being voided now, which is clearly the only sensible option at this point.
  10. It is eyewatering but in reality this is "only" ~£38 m per club that they could take off next season's payments instead. Relax FFP and this is manageable, even more so if it is recouped over a few seasons, although that adds some complication for the payments to promoted and relegated teams.
  11. We have a joint debit card set up on Apple Pay on both of our phones, so yes you can.
  12. Can't help but feel he'd be getting off a little lightly dying of Coronavirus or otherwise and not serving his rather lenient sentence.
  13. Agreed, total crap. Probably some nice shots of space, but I've blanked it from memory already.
  14. It's a really amazing place, been there about 5 times for weekends or layovers, absolutely love it. The news from there is very sad, and I'm sure I'll return one day soon to hopefully contribute a little something back, but it might not be or feel like the same place again.
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