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  1. Is this like snakes on a plane but with low ABV IPAs causing mayhem on a flight?
  2. ' Shouldn't bite, but we wouldn't have even been playing against Chelsea this week if it wasn't for Tammy.
  3. The whole of A Los Campesnos! Christmas EP, particulaly: And bonus points for the usual LC! football references in this one: Moving on to a bit of pop, this lesser known Girls Aloud gem: And this underappreciated modern classic, Bieber's finest work:
  4. Oh for sure, but we’ll never know with those ones if the linesman would’ve given it himself had they not been instructed to be “lenient” with flagging. You’d have to hope so.
  5. The opposite just happened in the Arsenal match. David Luiz was 2 days offside and the linesman didn’t flag, VAR still took a ridiculous amount of time to overturn the decision.
  6. What’s actually the point of linesmen now? ”I’ll raise my flag if I think it’s offside but don’t stop playing because if it’s not actually offside then I’ll be overruled anyway. If I don’t raise my flag and it is offside (to sub-atomic accuracy) then it will be given eventually.”
  7. And we brought it to its knees:
  8. fightoffyour

    John Terry

    I would find it disgusting if Jack and Dean were secret Bluenoses.
  9. Mings didn’t celebrate a great goal at Old Trafford because of VAR. literally ruining the game.
  10. Why doesn’t Steve Bruce just **** off?
  11. How many votes does Sol Campbell have?
  12. Breaking news on the BBC Politics Twitter:
  13. Once again, if that’s offside then the rule is wrong.
  14. Why not just make the draw when qualifying is complete?
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