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  1. It’s not up to VAR (due to the chosen implementation) to check every foul, and once they have the free kick it’s a new phase of play so there was nothing for VAR to check for their goal. So even though the free kick leading to it may have been an incorrect decision, that itself is not deemed important enough to be scrutinised. Much like 2nd yellow cards resulting in reds can’t be checked because it’s “just” another yellow, despite the resulting red having a huge effect on the game. Total farce.
  2. Get them down to 9 should be the tactic.
  3. Referee should’ve sent off Montoya regardless of Jack getting back up. If there’s a clear and obvious second yellow, which it was, the game needs to be stopped and the player sent off even if there could’ve been an advantage (I’m not sure the rules on sending offs after advantages as the player in question could still effect the phase play).
  4. Good point, Friend chalked off a goal in almost exactly the same circumstances.
  5. Yeh we would’ve gone in 1-1 at HT anyway in all likelihood but what a **** disgrace. No single decision has been overruled by VAR all season apart from nostril hair offsides until now, against us again, and for what?! VAR is clear and obviously a **** disgrace. Couldn’t celebrate our 2nd goal because I was waiting for them to concoct a reason to chalk it off.
  6. Unchanged side. 3-1 win with Hourihane having another poor game apart from scoring 2 and assisting Grealish.
  7. Hmm this is just a rumour from @villareport. I won't believe it until it's published by a reputable source such as The Mirror or Birmingham Mail.
  8. Well OK I'll give you set pieces, assists and goals from open play, but apart from that was has Hourihane ever done for us?
  9. When does Aldi release it's 12 metre long pig in blanket out into the wild? That will be the highlight of this year's festive season for sure.
  10. That's what I was afraid of. Hadn't previously considered the other worst case scenario of the deal passing and still resulting in no deal (I'm assuming we're all in agreement that no deal is still worse than any terrible deal?)
  11. Thanks everyone. So is there no (legal/feasible) scenario where the deal is voted down on Saturday but we still somehow leave on the 31st?
  12. Basic A-level politics, thanks for the reminder. Presumably then there's a hardline Brexit section, possibly including Boris himself, that want the indicative vote to pass in order to actually force a no deal situation.
  13. Can you explain please (and I'm asking sincerely in the nicest possible way)? Surely if the deal passes that's that? Whereas if it doesn't, Boris "has" to ask for an extension (possible trickery to avoid doing so?) but the EU doesn't have to grant one? Then what?
  14. Yes, you. Oh my God! Not yet over God? Wake up proud today.
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