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  1. City have 'bid' £100m to meet a buy out clause but that is made up of a deal including a player/players who we disagree on the valuation of.
  2. I think this is how it has been all along. However, and 'acceptable' offer will be obscene amounts that City won't reach.
  3. The best and worst of McGinn today. Great shielding, turns, and driving forward but then needless first time balls clipped or volleyed straight to the opposition to give the ball away. He's on the verge of being a very good top 10 -top 6 player if he didn't turnover the ball so often.
  4. How does Bailey compare to Parson Daka who was as recommended by a lot of VTers before Leicester swooped?
  5. Just seems something so wrong about these dickheads trying to form the ESL (getting blasted for it by all in the media) fiddling FFP, and then still being allowed to put huge offers out for players without any consequences. Not to mention the same media bods who were so against the ESL now seemingly not bothered about the actions anymore and activeoy promoting speculation about it for clicks. Just doing what they want. It's gross.
  6. Even the club shop mannequins rotate players more than our first team. Smith out.
  7. I think he'll probably be off. You can tell by his confidence that he feels he deserves to be doing it on the biggest stage and that won't have been helped by his best mates all winning trophies last season and then having a Summer with the England set up. He'll want to be doing that asap, not when/if Villa get there. I've always thought that if he played for any other club (with the socks, hair, face, whinging, flops) I would really dislike him. But he has been 'our' prick so it has been OK. Time to test the theory out. Is it reasonable to boo and clap at the same time?
  8. Jack just isn't going to force through a move IMO. As long as we say no, he'll stay and give his all. The owners are definitely going to be saying no.
  9. Are the claret shorts a hint about what the away kit will use or are they part of the training range?
  10. May-Z

    Wesley Moraes

    Just the 6 mins of fitness building today...
  11. May-Z

    Keinan Davis

    I think Stoke suits him down to the ground. Although aerial balls aren't his best quality, holding up a long ball and bullying defenders definitely is. If Davis doesn't succeed at Stoke I don't know any other clubs that he would succeed at.
  12. He's a Heskey FM re-gen. If 442 was still the flavour of the month you would have his smaller, faster strike partner singing his praises. His debut against Norwich was so good that I've wanted him to be a success ever since...but success as a striker means goal output and he hasn't got that.
  13. If Davis goes out on loan, I think Alvarez (or at least another striker) will come in.
  14. People have been talking about his increased commercial impact. I give you, the Grealish Nugget...
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