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  1. I don’t remember Haller having a shot, do you? I’m a big fan of Haller but I thought Mings and Engels shackled him
  2. Surprised to see this thread languishing on page 2, I thought he was excellent this evening, he and Engels kept Haller quiet, he barely had a sniff. If he keeps up this form, he’ll get in the England team next to Harry Maguire in my opinion, £25m looks a snip at this stage
  3. Can only echo this, it’s a top 10 spine for me
  4. Give him time, he’s new to the country and surroundings, he’s young and will improve over time. I think he’s the type of striker that thrives on service, we should’ve signed another striker in the Summer, I think they have faith in Davis and rightly so
  5. There’s a lot more to come from him I think, we have real competition at DCM now
  6. Agreed, they toyed with The Championship, give them time and they’ll come good, they just need time to adjust, it’s a big step up
  7. I thought he was poor tonight, he seemed to give the ball away every time he got it, he seems to be struggling now we’ve stepped up to the Premier League. Mings should be captain in my opinion, he’s a more natural leader and he leads by example
  8. £7m for him looks to be a great buy again by Smith, looks a snip, he’s a great defender, he’s strong in the air and make no mistake, he can play. He can tackle and read the game, he’ll be playing for Belgium soon if he carries on like this. Engels and Mings are already a great partnership for me, don’t forget Ezri Konsa and Kortney Hause too, we have strength in depth at centre back and in central defensive midfield with Nakamba and Luiz
  9. I thought he looked excellent considering it was his debut and he was up against very good opposition. He tacked, harried, mopped up and he can pick a pass. I watched his interview when he signed and he came across as very likeable and humble. I think he will go on to be a great player for us, he looks to be another great find by Smith
  10. I’ll be amazed if we have paid £11m for a player to just sit on the bench, same goes for Targett, we are not in a position to do so, this notion that ‘we’re Aston Villa, therefore we can just pay £11m for a player and he can warm the bench, competition for places is important
  11. Taylor is ageing, 30 years old, he’s on the decline, I’m not denying he’s been a good player throughout his career and he played a big role in our promotion but I think that Targett is a better option. Targett is better on the ball, more cultured and a better crosser. The market is inflated now, we paid a lot of money for Targett, I’d expect him to come straight in the first XI when fit Tammy Abraham is a terrific centre forward who I’ve always rated and he’s made a great start to the season but I’d be surprised if he maintains it i.e continues scoring goals at the same rate
  12. I don’t think Taylor has been worth £11m throughout his career

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