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  1. A little update on u15 midfielder Travis Patterson here, he has played for England u15 and recently made his debut for our u18 team and even scored on his debut against Southampton away. I could be wrong on this but I think he is our youngest ever u18 goalscorer
  2. Another 2 goals for Aaron Ramsey this evening in the FA Youth Cup against Reading. He can’t be far from the first team now
  3. Brilliant this evening for the u23s, scored twice and caused havoc, he can’t be far off our first team. It was the best I’ve seen him play for us
  4. I don’t know why, I will have to ask him and report back
  5. Thanks, means a lot, hope you’re well, I don’t know if it’s temporary or not
  6. My Dad told me to stop posting on here but I’ll make an exception here. For me, Kessler is a fantastic talent but he’s 18 years old, he still has a lot of developing to do but I’m confident that he’ll do it. He’s quick, strong, he can offer an attacking outlet down the right. Elmohamady has been a good player down the years but I think his best years are behind him, now could be an opportunity to blood Kessler but who knows? I’m not the manager, thankfully!
  7. Our u17s won 4-1 against WBA u17s today according to Mikell Barnes Instagram
  8. The media can’t give too much away because of the player’s ages
  9. Our u17s are playing Wolves u17s in the Premier League Cup on Wednesday 20 January at 7pm away at the Sir Jack Hayward training ground. I found this information on Wolves official site
  10. There’s a video on his Instagram of the penalty, nicely placed left footed effort
  11. You have great knowledge of the youth team, do you go to the youth team matches?
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