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    Aston Villa at alll levels, tennis, gym, badminton, cinema, I'm easily pleased

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  1. sir_gary_cahill

    Jake Doyle-Hayes

    I’ve met Jake Doyle-Hayes at youth games the season before the one just gone and he said alright to me, I was shocked, it was very nice of him. He seemed like a very nice guy indeed, he could be a very good player for us
  2. sir_gary_cahill

    Ritchie De Laet

    Looked very good today, could be an option this season
  3. sir_gary_cahill

    Jake Doyle-Hayes

  4. sir_gary_cahill

    Jonathan Kodjia

    We’re a different team with him in it, he’s such a threat
  5. sir_gary_cahill

    Jake Doyle-Hayes

    What’s a Cavan lad?
  6. sir_gary_cahill

    Burton v Villa

    So much for going with the kids then
  7. sir_gary_cahill

    Burton v Villa

    Does that mean Green is on the left and Adomah on the right? I hope so
  8. sir_gary_cahill

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Where have you heard that? Vorm has just signed a new one year contract at Spurs
  9. sir_gary_cahill

    Aaron Tshibola

    We have some very good young players coming through and Grealish leaving might open the door some of them, we’ll see
  10. sir_gary_cahill

    James Chester

    Swings and roundabouts my friend
  11. sir_gary_cahill

    James Chester

  12. sir_gary_cahill

    James Chester

  13. sir_gary_cahill

    James Chester

    I didn’t say anyone did but I do think praise in this thread is a bit OTT
  14. sir_gary_cahill

    Aaron Tshibola

    I think things can might take an upward turn this season
  15. sir_gary_cahill

    Aaron Tshibola

    He’s only played 33 times for us according to wiki, I for one will never forget his goal against Birmingham City, his celebration was great he’s a local lad, come through the academy, I think we should be a bit more lenient for want of a better word