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  1. sir_gary_cahill

    Gary Gardner

    Players develop at different rates, his injury problems have obviously affected his development. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of him in a Villa shirt, far from it in fact. Some fans will obviously hate the fact that he has pulled on the Birmingham City shirt but I think it takes guts to go and celebrate like he did when he scored against Birmingham City in October 2016 and then go and pull on their jersey. When he was younger, he was brilliant, he is beginning to translate that youth form in to senior football for me
  2. sir_gary_cahill

    Gary Gardner

    He’s 26 years old and he hasn’t really had a sustained run in our first team, when he was younger, he was very highly rated. I remember watching him in the Next Gen tournament at Villa Park for the u18s, he was excellent. He’s had an awful lot of injury problems in his time at Villa, I wouldn’t write him off just yet, he seems to be doing well at Birmingham City. It wasn’t too long ago that he signed a new contract here, just be patient with him
  3. sir_gary_cahill

    Gary Gardner

    He seems to be doing rather well at Birmingham City, he’s had a lot of injury problems. It wasn’t that long ago that he signed a new contract here, I wouldn’t write him off just yet
  4. sir_gary_cahill

    Gary Gardner

    Do you hate him that much? Why do you have such a low opinion of him? He’s had an awful lot of injury problems, when he’s played for us he’s been more than decent in my opinion
  5. sir_gary_cahill

    Academy General Topic

    We take on Swansea City in the third round of The FA Youth Cup at Villa Park on Tuesday 11 December (7pm kick off), it’s on our OS
  6. sir_gary_cahill

    Gary Gardner

    Why not?
  7. sir_gary_cahill

    Gary Gardner

    I think he can still make it here, he seems to be performing well for Birmingham City, he’s still got a chance in my opinion
  8. sir_gary_cahill

    Axel Tuanzebe

    I think they are all decent players, just not outstanding like previous Man Utd players have been such as Ferdinand, Vidic etc. I think Tuanzebe has a job getting in ahead of all those centre backs but let’s wait and see
  9. sir_gary_cahill

    André Green

    I think he can still have a future here, he’s a very talented young man
  10. sir_gary_cahill

    U23 Development League 2018/2019

    I can see that comparison between O’Hare and Hare, both in the way they look and play Anyone can go to these u18s or u23s matches, they are not an exclusive club that you have to be part of, more the merrier, every player has to start somewhere
  11. sir_gary_cahill

    U23 Development League 2018/2019

    Yes, we are (3pm kick off)
  12. sir_gary_cahill

    U23 Development League 2018/2019

    It’s very rare for FA Youth Cup matches to be played on a Saturday. In my time going to them they are usually a Wednesday night
  13. sir_gary_cahill

    Axel Tuanzebe

    I think you are correct
  14. sir_gary_cahill

    Axel Tuanzebe

    I doubt he’ll be cheap, he’s highly rated there I think, we should try to get him permanently at the end of the season in my opinion edit- in the above interview, he says he wants to be playing week in week out at Man Utd, shame
  15. sir_gary_cahill

    January transfer window 2019

    Linked with Matt Penney from Sheffield Wednesday who played at left back in their recent victory against us at Villa Park, looked very good, it’s on the Birmingham Live website