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  1. He isn’t terrible, not by any stretch of the imagination, he just had a tough start to life in a new country, that’s all. This is Nyland’s chance to stake his claim now
  2. We have quite a few now in my opinion, our squad is in good shape for a newly promoted team, 2 full England internationals (Mings and Heaton), 3 ex England u21 internationals (Hause, Targett & Grealish), a current England u21 international (Konsa), a Belgian u21 international (Engels), 2 full Brazil international (Douglas Luiz and Wesley), a Holland international (El Ghazi), an ex France u21 international (Guilbert), 2 ex England u20 internationals (Davis and Green), a Norway international (Nyland), a Croatia international (Kalinic), an Egypt international (Trezeguet), 2 Wales international (Taylor and Chester), an Egypt international (Elmohamady, a Scotland international (McGinn), a Zimbabwe international (Nakamba), 2 Republic of Ireland internationals (Hourihane and Hogan), a Galicia international (Jota), an Ivory Coast international (Kodjia)
  3. Whatever happens with Green, he’ll have a good career, he’s been around the fringes of our first team for a long time now without ever really establishing himself. He’s had a lot of injuries in that time, he might need to drop down a couple of divisions in order to come back up. He probably broke through too early in his development, it didn’t help him
  4. We’re top of the English Women’s Championship with 19 points from only 7 matches, does anyone go to watch them?
  5. I think he’s done ok, Nuhui is a tough customer. In the main, I think Mings has dealt with him quite well, he’s had a couple of shakey moments though
  6. I think you are correct as per, his goal return is excellent though but like you say I don’t think he’s an out and out centre forward, more of a wide forward, it’s something that we lack I think. Bowen seems a perfect fit for us, let’s see in January
  7. According to Wikipedia (I know), Bowen had a trial at Villa when he was Hereford
  8. Mings starts for England against Kosovo, 5pm kick off on itv1
  9. Obviously not stockpiling them, we tried that with Bruce when he signed Hogan and Grabban, we were close but it didn’t quite work out. A sprinkling of Championship players, stand out ones like Bowen who are at a good age not hasbeens like Grabban. I think Bowen would be perfect for us, he’s young and his contract is expiring, no brainer for me but there would be a lot of competition from other clubs, no doubt. From what I’ve seen of him which isn’t that much (YouTube videos and when Hull City played Villa at Villa Park last season when he scored), I’d go all out to sign him
  10. With a real possibility of relegation this season, Chris Wilder said at the beginning of the season that we wouldn’t even be in the mix
  11. Why don’t we need to focus on The Championship? Are we all of a sudden above them? There’s a real possibility that we could end up back there this season. A lot of hidden gems can be found in The Championship. Bowen strikes me as a player that could play in The Premier League
  12. I think they are worse than Wesley and El Ghazi, yes, we’ve paid an awful lot of money for them. I think it would be foolish to write them off after such little time Personally, I always thought Abraham was good enough for Chelsea. He’s proving that currently, let’s see if he can maintain it
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