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  1. Looks very good to me, one to watch as is Sinisalo
  2. Odutayo is talented but he is lazy, thanks for your info
  3. I don’t know, have we? It would be a shame if we have
  4. I think you are correct on all of them apart from Charlie Farr, I think he’s only a second year scholar for next season. Jake Walker hasn’t really kicked on as much as I hoped, don’t get me wrong, I think he’s excellent but considering he played for the u23s as an u16, he hasn’t really developed as much as I hoped
  5. It’s Akos Onodi and Jaden Philogene-Bidace, that is all
  6. Is there any news whether Suliman has been offered a new contract? I can’t find anything, can anyone shed any light?
  7. Yes, I am aware of this, can we not have both? We’d be set for the next few years at centre back
  8. I disagree with you lot, I’ve seen more of him than most, I saw him in the youth team (u18s and u23s). For me, he’s better down the left, that’s his natural position, he’s quick, strong, good in the air and he is one of us, he loves the club. I met his Mum at one of the matches, she’s nice, he went to Lode Heath school, a school local to me. I expect him to have a long successful career at Villa whatever league we’re in
  9. He’s been named in the England u18 squad for an 8 team tournament in Slovakia,
  10. Worst case scenario: we lose on Tuesday, get knocked out to West Brom, we lose Abraham, Kodjia and Hogan will leave too. Who do we sign to replace them? I’d struggle to name better than Gary Hooper
  11. Why do you think he’s rubbish? Wherever he’s been in his career, he’s scored goals, I’d take him on a free if we’re still in The Championship next season

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