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  1. Is he better than Adam Johnson though?
  2. Our u18s beat Chelsea 3-2 at Bodymoor this morning, Aaron Ramsey scored twice for us, Jaden Philogene-Bidace got the other
  3. I’ll get one right eventually and then I’ll be laughing
  4. He’s had a lot of injury problems which have held him back, I think he is good enough for us
  5. He was our only threat and now he’s seemingly gone but I’ll trust Smith on this 1
  6. Having Kodjia is better than having no-one at all
  7. Agreed, Kodjia for me, has been a good servant to this club, I won’t forget 16/17, he kept us up virtually by himself
  8. We must be close to 1 or 2 if Kodjia has actually left, would be virtual suicide if we weren’t
  9. I don’t think Brighton should be underestimated, they are now an established Premier League outfit. They have some fantastic players I think, this will be a very tough match. I would go with the same side as you predicted Farlz
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