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  1. Only just seen this, I’d go to it, can’t speak for others
  2. Just an avid, obsessed fan, nothing more
  3. Apparently, we’ve signed Charlotte Greengrass from Leicester City and Natalie Haigh from Coventry City too, anyone know anything about them?
  4. It’s still Aston Villa...
  5. On the OS, it says we’ve signed Shania Hayles from Birmingham City, anyone know anything about her? She’s a striker apparently
  6. Harry Kane struggled during his loan spells, he went back to Spurs and well, I think the same can happen to RHM
  7. Great player I think, Mings and Konsa already look to be forming a great partnership at centre back. Konsa can go as far as he wants I think, he has a great future ahead of him. Konsa is so good on the ball
  8. No, he didn’t, in the first half at centre back it was Mings and Konsa. In the second half, it was Chester and Hause, we looked more than solid at the back I thought
  9. It’s a good sign that he dominated their defence, no?

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