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  1. I think he’s shown some quality, he’s very brave and strong in the air, to coin a phrase he’ll put his head in where others wouldn’t put their feet. He has pedigree, he’s scored in the Champions League against Liverpool and we only paid a reported £8.5m for him, some posters seem to not rate him, I’m not one of them
  2. How likely is that in reality though?
  3. In my book, that’s a good thing
  4. We paid £3m for him, that is very little in today’s market, he wasn’t even close to Wolves first team and we gave him an opportunity to come here and play some games. He’s great in the air, if he was as good with his feet, he wouldn’t be playing for us
  5. I disagree, I think Konsa is good enough for The Premier League, Smith think he’ll play for England
  6. We can’t rely on other teams to keep us up, we have to do it ourselves, we’ve made a great start, let’s hope we can keep it up
  7. I think he’s easily good enough for this league. For the reported £11.5m we paid to Southampton for him, I think he’s done well. When he links up with Grealish, it’s a joy to watch
  8. He’s one of very few members of our squad that actually have experience of playing in this league
  9. If we approach the upcoming matches with that mindset, we are asking to be relegated. We need to be 100% focused on the next 3 matches to give ourselves a chance of survival
  10. I don’t think there is such a thing as an easy game in the Premier League
  11. He’s naturally a centre back and a very good one at that I think
  12. After today’s result, we have given ourselves an outside chance of staying up
  13. I think he’s done quite well at right back but his natural position is centre back for me
  14. Considering we paid £8.75m for him, overall he’s done quite well and popped up with some vital goals for us
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