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  1. He must’ve had a falling out with the manager, I hope we bring in Axel Tuanzebe as his replacement
  2. Engels started so well, I fondly remember his debut away at Spurs, he was outstanding. It’s a shame that he’s left, I thought he was a very good player
  3. He’s not a full back, I still have great memories of him in a Villa shirt as a winger
  4. 23 Premier League goals and he’s just had the season of his life, he just had a bad game. He’ll be on it again next match
  5. The long balls are part of Mings’ game, at least it clears the danger momentarily at least. If fit, Maguire will come back in next match, he plays for Manchester United and they paid £80m for him
  6. The game isn’t played on paper, Foden for me is one of the best young players in the world, I think Pep thinks the same, he’s capable of moments of brilliance, he can change the game in an instant. Everyone sees the game differently, has a different view on the game, that shot where he the post was genius
  7. I thought he ran the show in the first half, everything went through him. I think that fans’ expectations of players are too high, they are not superhuman, we expect miracles from players. I think Foden is immense and will only get better in time, he plays like this at 20, imagine him when he’s 28, scary thought
  8. Thanks Mings didn’t put a foot wrong last night, maybe we could praise him for a change. It was the best performance I’ve seen from a Villa player at an international tournament, I’m 30
  9. I thought Foden was class in the first half, he faded a bit in the second but that’s understandable
  10. He is a competent manager and he was an excellent player too, he gets so much from fans. For me, he’s doing a great job, he got us to the semi finals of the 2018 World Cup, let’s see if he can do something similar in this tournament, he’s made a great start
  11. Stones has been immense all season, a couple of silly mistakes and people are on his back again. These players are not superhuman, they will make mistakes, it is up to them to minimise them. James Collins was good on the ball, he could ping it long time and time again and he could consistently find his target. What did you think of Mings’ performance this evening?
  12. They all are SGC, they all are Aaron Ramsey is great as is Arjan Raikhy and Hayden Lindley is good too but they all are!
  13. It’s often the case that players act differently on the pitch than how they act in normal every day life
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