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  1. Just give him time, he is beginning to show what he’s capable of
  2. I disagree, he is beginning to show what he’s capable of, just because he is hampered by injury currently doesn’t necessarily mean he will be for the rest of his career
  3. Yeah I do, he’s still only 20 years old, feels like he’s been around for ages, do you?
  4. He’s injury prone yes but when he’s fit, he’s a joy to watch. I still think he can make it here
  5. Nice finish by him, across the keeper, can be seen on skysports.com
  6. Apologies for the delay but our u18s beat Leicester City away at the weekend 1-0, Aaron Pressley scored for us
  7. Anyone know if it’s on YouTube? I can’t find anything
  8. I think he’s easily PL quality, I hope we go up this season so we can keep hold of him, he has potential to be a real top player, I love him
  9. The transformation in our defence since Hause and Mings have arrived can’t be underestimated. They’re starting to form a nice little partnership in the middle. I’d sign both in the Summer if I was Smith, thankfully I’m not
  10. Considering he’s not playing on his natural side i.e he’s playing on the right and he’s left footed, I think he’s doing a grand job. I hope we sign him in the Summer. All of a sudden, we look so strong at the back

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