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  1. Jordan Ayew

    Played very well indeed, he seemed to have more appetite than he did in a Villa shirt
  2. Academy General Topic

    There's a report on the OS
  3. Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    Still? I thought he was fit now
  4. Academy General Topic

    U18s won 3-0 away to Norwich this morning, that's all I know
  5. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Grounds has scored for Blues to make it 1-0
  6. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Che Adams has been sent off now, keep it coming
  7. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Jutkiewicz you god! He's missed a pen
  8. Pre-match Thread

    Easah Suliman? Rushian Hepburn-Murphy? Matija Sarkic?
  9. Academy General Topic

    Thanks, as always I respect your opinion but I disagree with it. I think the academy is in the best shape it's been in for quite a while. For me, Andre Green has been of our better players this season, it's a shame that he has been injured lately. I think that the likes of him, Easah Suliman and Rushian Hepburn-Murphy will all emerge over the next year or so and have a sustained impact on the first team, not to forget Sarkic
  10. Academy General Topic

    What do you mean by the last bit?
  11. Pre-match Thread

  12. Pre-match Thread

    Anyone think that midfield is too narrow?