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  1. Quick question here, does anyone know fans can attend the u18s match tomorrow at Bodymoor?
  2. They are a great partnership for me, they compliment each other well. Konsa just keeps it simple, he doesn’t over complicate the game, I like that about him. Mings is tough and good in the air, he is still an inexperienced league player, people forget that
  3. For a 17 year old on his full Premier League debut, I thought he did well. There will be plenty more to come from him, I am talking about Carney Chukwuemeka here
  4. Agreed, he was a good keeper
  5. Patterson went off after about 60 minutes or so, I originally thought he was a midfielder but every time I’ve seen him play, he’s played at left back. He’s solid defensively, no frills style left back. Although they lost, Feeney was excellent, spraying long range passes off both feet, he’s elegant and good on the ball. Not only that, he’s tough and takes no prisoners on the pitch. I have high hopes for both of them from what I’ve seen so far
  6. It’s the second time I’ve seen Josh Feeney and he just looks class, just eases his way through matches. Travis Patterson has been a bit quieter but he also looks to have a bright future in the game. Jobe Bellingham is playing too but he’s been quite quiet, the Dutch have had the most of the play
  7. I think he is quite elegant and good on the ball, I think he is a ball playing centre back but he does just hoof it upfield quite a lot. He knows Watkins will chase it when Watkins plays, when we have Ings playing up front, we need to be a bit more cute because he doesn’t work as hard as Watkins but he is just as clinical
  8. They can only beat what’s in front of them, the players have no influence on who they play against
  9. villalad21, he has never let us down when he has played for us in the past. He played a big role in getting us back to the Premier League. He is a great deputy, I think he should be commended for staying at Villa for as long as he has and he never kicks up a fuss, just gets on with his job
  10. I haven’t seen him play, so I can’t comment sadly
  11. I saw him for our u23s, he looked really great, he just strolled through the match. It’s impressive for a player that is only 16 years old, he’s a first year scholar
  12. I watched the u23s on the official site last night, anyone could tell within 5 minutes that Josh Feeney is going to be a player. He has all of the ingredients to be a top player, he’s strong in the air and quite elegant and good on the ball too. It’s hard to believe that he is only 16 years old, he just looks class, he’s a centre back that we signed in the Summer from Fleetwood Townhouse
  13. I’ve only seen him on Arsenaltv for our u18s last season, he looked good. He scored for our u18s last season as an u15. His size didn’t seem to be an obstacle for him when I saw him. He’s not small, not particularly tall either. He looks to be a player to keep an eye on though definitely
  14. Haha, I am still the same guy, just mellowed a bit. I’ve seen Patterson a couple of times, he looks good but I don’t want to put too much pressure on him like I have in the past
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