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  1. Well done AJ! Wasn't the most exciting fight in the world but fair play
  2. There really hasn't been that many great films this year imo! Couldn't really pick a favorite
  3. I'll take a draw away to United any day. Pleased with that
  4. Bizzzle

    Dean Smith

    Great news and well earned imo
  5. Arsenal are losing at home! Surely Emery is getting the sack now
  6. Not only is this a must win game because of our league position and up and coming games but for me it's a must win game because my two brothers are Newcastle fans and they are **** unbearable when ever Newcastle beat the Villa! Please please win villa
  7. Would have won £125 if TAA hadn't scored a 7th goal! Never been so gutted about a team I am supporting scoring a goal!
  8. Enjoying Watchmen tbf I have never read the comics or graphic novel’s or whatever the nerds call them so couldn’t careless/don’t notice whether or not it feels like Watchmen. His dark materials has been good but I must admit I am completely confused at times having never read the books. The new Rick & Morty was pretty dam good not the best episode ever but I am just so glad it’s finally back on!!
  9. Hopefully it spurs him on to play even better!
  10. Maybe 5-0 was a bit much. Don’t get me wrong losing hurts no matter what but to lose in the dying seconds when you have played really well and deserved at least a point hurts for me a lot more than getting humped by a much better team, against a lesser team it would be different
  11. Bizzzle

    The Film Thread

    Watched the other day and agree with your review 7/10
  12. Never read the books or watched the film so His dark materials was a bit confusing I suppose but still really enjoyed it
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