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  1. I was walking down the stairs about to leave in a bit of a huff then we scored!! Nealy fell down the bloody stairs! Grealish was immense today but I think McGinn had a poor game by his standards. Some his passes were awful
  2. Got a good feeling about this game which is never a good sign. Looking forward to it mind
  3. Watching that subtitled would confuse the shit outta me I don't mind admitting that! So much going on and so many charters. Just don't look at their lips when they are talking and it's fine lol
  4. Dark on Netflix I thought was dubbed pretty well except the odd character here and there
  5. I envy you! Two people are work ALWAYS say it! Maybe it's a Cannock thing as that's were they are from but who knows
  6. People that say ‘fount’ instead of ‘found’!! People that use the phrase ‘I just say it how it is’!!! People that say ‘Cheer up mate’ when you're not in a bad mood I hate people!!!
  7. I don't mind dubbed things as I have to put my glasses on to read subtitles and it's a pain in the arse when you are lying down
  8. Mings is such a cool character in all of his interviews
  9. Poor Mings on his debut as well! What a shower of words removed
  10. I thought I could hear some unsavory chanting when Sterling was on the ball but I was hoping I was wrong. What bunch of words removed
  11. An England fan has died in Bulgaria apparently! Not sure how mind
  12. I thought the 2 1st eps have been pretty good myself and that is from someone who nearly gave up on the show after the last few seasons
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