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  1. Chernobyl was brilliant as everyone else has said! Love Black Mirror but keep reading mixed reviews of the latest season of it not that that's going to stop me watching it Anyone watch The Handmaid's Tale? Can fully recommend that
  2. C'mon Spurs! Can't bare Liverpool and thier vile fans!
  3. I hope I'm not the only one that was in tears at full time! What a day its been! Get in Villa
  4. Dreamt we won 5-1 last night
  5. Bizzzle


    Haha you joke but I wouldn't put it passed them!
  6. Bizzzle


    Well you guys have successfully put me off going on the train so I am now stuck on a bloody coach. The idea of having to stand up for two hours on packed hot train that maybe full of Derby fans is giving me anxiety at least now I know I can sit down in relative comfort plus it’s cheaper on the coach more direct and it’s a 5 min walk from my house to the coach stop. I have never been to Wembley and I am going on my own so it’s probably best that I go by coach anyway tbh rather than train hopping. I just hope if it goes all the way to penalties the coach waits!!
  7. Bizzzle


    Where did you book that mate? I’m going from Lichfield too
  8. Bizzzle


    I'm in 531 towards the back too
  9. Bizzzle


    My tickets are sorted now just got to work out how I'm getting there
  10. Bizzzle


    11 minute que! Not long now
  11. Bizzzle


    When do tickets go on sale? I assume after the other semi tomorrow
  12. I'm both excited and nervous! I wish I had some of the confidence that some of you have!
  13. Me neither tbh I like them more than liverpool that's for sure
  14. Ffs Barca we'll never hear the end of this now!
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