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  1. Not looking forward to this one if I’m honest. Like most I’d take a draw
  2. Bizzzle

    The Film Thread

    Not seen once upon a time yet but If anyone cares this is how I’d rank his films personally Reservoir dogs 10/10 Django unchained 9.5/10 Pulp fiction 9 /10 Kill Bill Vol 1 9/10 Jackie Brown 8/10 The hateful 8 8/10 Inglorious Bastards 8/10 Kill Bill Vol. 2 7/10 Deathproof 6/10 I love most of his movies tbh kinda a self confessed fanboy
  3. Bizzzle

    The Film Thread

    Watched Jackie Brown for the first time in years last night. Forgot how good that film is!
  4. I absolutely loved Dark and season 2 was immense!
  5. Surprised Vodafone works! I was on Vodafone years ago and the phone signal was terrible let alone 4G! I hope they do sort it I was kind of hoping it was just my phone so I could get it sorted but by the sounds of things I am not the only one. I'd love them to get some free WiFi there but that's not going to happen I don't think
  6. Not sure this is really the thread for this question or if it's something that can be fixed but does anyone else struggle to get 4G signal at VP? I am on 02 and I never get 4G signal no matter where in the ground I sit. It is so frustrating not being able to check/cash out of bets or check other scores etc. It's strange as I get full phone signal so I can make calls and send texts but no internet. I see other people on their phones so maybe it's just me Sorry if this has already been brought up
  7. Started watching Mindhunter when it was first out but couldn't get into it but having read some of the comments on here I might give it another shot. I need something new to watch anyway
  8. Its happening on both my phone using the standard android internet browser and iPad using Safari
  9. Can't pretend I am not disappointed we didn't sign another striker
  10. I've never been a fan of cricket but watched the last 2 hours or so of the world cup and really got into it so I thought I'll give the Ashes a try and although I don't fully understand all the rules and that I am obsessed with it now! Watched a good 10 hours or so of it
  11. I’m starting to think we are done with transfers now but hope I’m wrong
  12. Didn't even realise Jack was on the pitch. Dont think I've heard the commentator say his name

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