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  1. Happy with the point but not with the performance! We need to be way better than that if we want to get anything from the Watford game
  2. Yes Jack that's more like it! Christ if we turn this around after the way we've played I'll be chuffed
  3. Utter shite! Dont know if I even want to watch the 2nd half! Not one player looks good not even Grealish
  4. Loved the first two episodes of the outsider
  5. Already sick of the Samatta puns and he hasn't even signed yet!
  6. Bizzzle

    The Royal Family

    So glad it's all falling apart for the royals! Can't **** stand them!
  7. I was out so couldn’t watch the game live. I got to halftime before I turned off and checked the score online. **** awful
  8. Bizzzle

    The Film Thread

    Just got back from watching 1917 and it was superb! Also watched Uncut gems which was very good too! Much better than I expected it to be anyway
  9. Well I sure am glad I have read through the last 20 odd pages of Benteke talk
  10. Bizzzle


    Can't really get my head around why tickets are so expensive for the games against the top teams. Us Villa fans are paying to see Villa not Man City or who ever so it should be the same price as any other game imo. I am sure there is a reason for it but 50 bloody quid to watch a game where we will potentially get hammered and is on TV anyway?! Pfft no thanks
  11. Oh shiiiitt I didn't think they were doing any more seasons of Fargo!!!!!
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