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  1. Bizzzle

    The Film Thread

    Watched a film called Vivarium last night and it was hands down the strangest film I've ever enjoyed. It was like watching one of my panic dreams on TV! I'd give it 7/10 but could understand why people wouldn't like it
  2. Might have to give BCS a 2nd chance
  3. Bizzzle

    The Film Thread

    Absolutely loved that film!!!
  4. Bizzzle

    The Film Thread

    Watched a fair few recently. Outbreak 7.5/10 love a cheesy 90s film Contagion 6/10 pretty boring imo The platform 7/10 **** weird but decent Birds of prey 5/10 pretty poor Bloodshot 5.5/10 had potential to be good but really wasn't. Still relatively entertaining mind Underwater 5/10 meh wouldn't waste your time with this
  5. Bizzzle

    The Film Thread

    Watched the new bad boys last night which was okay but definitely my least favourite of the 3! I would probably give it 6.5/10
  6. I like Devs and you've just reminded me the latest episode is out today
  7. Rewatching season 2 before I watch the 3rd
  8. Bizzzle

    The Film Thread

    I watched the gentlemen last night and really enjoyed it. I kinda wondered where the hell it was going at first but once it got going it was a solid 8/10
  9. Bizzzle

    The Film Thread

    Watched the hunt which was alright but not amazing and also Onward which was also alright but not amazing
  10. Bizzzle

    The Film Thread

    Watched the invisible man last night as it's been released early. Solid film 7.5/10
  11. Well I thought the season premier of Westworld was really good. I like the new direction it seems to be heading in
  12. I still loved it but I do get what you mean. It was far more complicated than it needed to be. I’ve heard the 3rd season is much easier to follow though
  13. Looking forward to Westworld tonight! For me it's the best show on TV but I know I am probably alone with that
  14. Yeh I thought that would be the case
  15. What are the chances of him being on the bench tonight?
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