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  1. U.S. Politics

    The budget he's just signed (against his will) is obscene. The only thing that has gone up is military spending (the movement of public money into private hands) everything else is down - the only social group that has any investment is veterans - the US spends more on its veterans than it does on Education! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_United_States_federal_budget Trump leads a government run by a corporate oligarchy which is deliberately undermining the strength of government to influence society for the benefit of financial markets, he's doing this in plain sight and an awful lot of Americans seem to support it. Maybe the key to getting Turkeys to welcome Christmas is better media?
  2. U.S. Politics

    Iran might have to get in line - the Chinese may have taken the Trump tariffs on the chin without too much of a kerfuffle, but they're particularly miffed with the Taiwan Travel Bill. The Chinese expect trade to be contentious with the big orange dealmaker, but this for them is a matter of sovereignty - the equivalent of Trump telling us that he'll only speak with Dublin on matters concerning Northern Ireland. As ever with Trump, the stupidest thing is hidden under layers of other stupid things.
  3. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    I think in terms of the plans we can see; those for the training ground which have been submitted to the planning department and can be viewed online (or in the Bodymoor thread), in my opinion, they're quite impressive - I find them quite reassuring as an indicator of potential future development.
  4. Russia

    I keep forgetting he's still with us. Sos' Sergei.
  5. Keinan Davis

    No, I read that on a gambling site - even thefa.com didn't seem interested.
  6. Keinan Davis

    Came off the bench to score a last minute winner for England U20's today. That won't hurt his confidence.
  7. Holland v England/England v Italy

    Keinan got the winner!
  8. Holland v England/England v Italy

    The U20's finished 1-0 to England who had a man sent off on 78 minutes and scored in the last minute.
  9. Holland v England/England v Italy

    Thank you! Easeh Suliman is Captain - good to see. RHM up front and Davis on the bench. Good to see Villa well represented.
  10. Holland v England/England v Italy

    England vs Poland U20s kicked off about 5 minutes ago - I can't find anywhere that will tell me whether RHM and Keinan Davis are starting up front - if anyone knows of any way to follow it, please share!
  11. Control

    That'd be a nice world to live in.
  12. Cricket: General Chat

    All out for 58 in an hour and thirty four minutes. Christ.
  13. Cricket: General Chat

    We've done it - an heroic 26 from Overton including a six has put us ahead of our worst ever score. It's also proved that there's nothing wrong with this pitch for batsmen.
  14. Cricket: General Chat

    Up to 40-9 - if these two can put on another 200 we'll be in with a shout.
  15. Cricket: General Chat

    31-9 and needing 14 more to avoid our worst total in 130 years.