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  1. Neil Taylor

    I'd disagree, I think he was hoping to get to the ball first, he was wrong, that's the first of the two misjudgements that cause the issue, the second being the distance and speed he had to travel to get there, he was stretching too much. I'm guessing on his mindset based on having seen the tackle and I guess we won't know, but for me I saw a player that thought the ball could be won and was wrong. I'm not sure it's particularly two footed, and I don't think it was necessarily over the ball (I know you haven't said so) - the ball wasn't rolling, it was still bouncing when he got there - but as soon as you leave the ground you have to be very sure you're right. He was wrong. The scissor style isn't so much as a problem for me, it doesn't cause the injuries, it's there to make sure you foul a man in case he's nicked the ball past you. I think also in his favour in terms of guessing his motivation is that he's ended up going across Coleman's leg and the energy from the collision comes from the combination of Coleman attempting to kick through the ball and Taylor's momentum. As you say, most of the time you get away without the bad consequence, sometimes you get away with the ball, most often you give away a foul and on very rare occasions like this, you end up with an injury - either to yourself or to your opponent - it was reckless, it was misjudged and it was a poor challenge, but I don't think he went for him. None of which really matters, I'd really hope that this doesn't become something that's pinned to Taylor for the rest of his career, because I don't think he deserves it, it reminds me to an extent of the Ryan Shawcross one on Aaron Ramsey which for me wasn't much off a 50-50 ball - it took Shawcross a long time to shake that. I'm pleased that Martin O'Neill has said that the operation went well and that the surgeons are happy and I wish Seamus Coleman the best of luck with his recovery - modern techniques are capable of ensuring that these injuries don't automatically end careers nowadays, I very much hope that's the case. Taylor just needs to get his head down and not let the fuss affect him. It's important that the fans are behind him on Saturday I think.
  2. Neil Taylor

    He leapt at the ball, recklessly? Yes With the aim of getting the man? No. It's a split decision in a passionate game, 'I can get to this one', 'Mine', an aggressive leap for a ball that was off the ground. He's caught the man and the motion of both men has meant the collision has been of the worst kind. A genuine mistimed tackle with an error of judgment that meant there was a risk involved. It's not one of those where you look at it and he's gone in to 'do' the player - he's gone for a ball he can't get. On another day, it's a yellow and both players walk away from it - sadly, this wasn't that day and Seamus Coleman has a really bad injury; one that anyone would wish him a speedy and complete recovery from - but this was a tackle gone wrong, not an assault.
  3. Neil Taylor

    It's hardly a scumbag tackle - it's a misjudged 50-50.
  4. Neil Taylor

    I think the injury is shocking; I'm not sure the tackle is. Without the injury it'd be spoken of as reckless and would probably still have earned the red card, but it's not a tackle that people would talk about for weeks other than because of its result. Tackles like this produce bad injuries maybe one time in fifty - they're a bad judgement, a player reaching for a ball that was too far away at a speed that means there's a risk in the collision - bad judgment, not malice.
  5. Neil Taylor

    He's a full back. He makes challenges. Sometimes bad things happen. I'm sure you could find the same for Seamus Coleman.
  6. Jack Grealish

    He stayed on the bench.
  7. Neil Taylor

    It's a poor challenge and I'm sure we all hope Coleman makes a full recovery. As a Villa fan, well, he's got himself a bit more rest, so if his head is right, this'll be good for us.
  8. Republic of Ireland

    The Bouma injury was a joint, his ankle - it's different to the kind of break Coleman has - hopefully he'll come back, but it's the kind of injury that ended careers on every occasion even ten years ago. There were a number of pretty rough challenges during the game and it got more physical as it went on - oddly enough, if the referee had sent Whelan off for the forearm smash on Joe Allen in the first half, it might have calmed things down a bit. Horrible challenges by both Bale and Taylor, but sadly, neither out of context with a game that was always about heart and passion more than skill.
  9. U.S. Politics

    It'll be the interfering menace of big government and how the will of the people is being denied by political structure. Koch playbook 101.
  10. What am I on about?

    Is it Helsinki?
  11. Weekends Football 17/19 March

    Scrap in the tunnel by the sounds of things too.
  12. Weekends Football 17/19 March

    Not seen it and only got the radio to go on, but has Gestede bitten the Man United defender there?
  13. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Jacobs got robbed there. 115-112 on two scorecards? It's the kind of thing that gives boxing a bad name.
  14. The push for the Play offs ?

    Incidentally, 51 points is our highest 38 game total since 2010. Now obviously those are different leagues and so on, but I think it's worth noting that from an enjoyment point of view, as a supporter, it should have felt like a lot more fun than the last six years; I'm not quite sure it has, and I'm not quite sure what point I'm making but......erm. Oh and it's also exactly three times the amount of points we got last season in 38 games.
  15. Match Thread: Wigan v Villa

    It sounds like Johnstone has been solid.