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  1. This game might be called off by the sounds of things with the rain.
  2. That should quieten them down a bit.
  3. He's the chap that AC Milan wanted before we got him to sign a pro contract isn't he? All very peculiar - I'm hoping he's good.
  4. In fairness they're doing exactly the same things that "we" do when we're at war - these players will have friends and relatives away in the fighting and they're saluting them. I mean fair enough, you might well dislike the war (and I hope you do) but I don't think you can blame the football team.
  5. OS Catalina then? In their efforts to create an operating system for the future, Apple have managed to make one that isn't compatible with the present. I can't see any advantages to it - my mac sometimes boots up without its dock and I have to restart, some of my older apps are dead and I can't watch the rugby because no one told ITV their technology was obsolete. Windows Vista II?
  6. We are romping our division and look dead certs to go up. Now you might be bothered about that or you might not, but it's yet another little indication of the way in which our owners want to see this club represented. It's a lovely little sign of our underlying health.
  7. I would be surprised if they need to man the ticket office on the 18th.
  8. I'd say very few - largely because you needed to be a member with a booking history to guarantee a ticket for this one - less than a thousand tickets went on sale to new members and those sold out in a couple of hours - that means that as a Liverpool fan, you'd have needed to spend the money on a membership and then study the timings of eligibility for tickets and get in before a lot of other new members to get one. If every single new member was a Liverpool fan it's less than a thousand - I'd reckon you could probably fit the actual number in a coach. For me, the club should be adding a note onto the membership sales letting people know that membership doesn't guarantee you a ticket. We've got more than 10,000 members and there are at the very most only 9,000 tickets available for each game - most likely only around 7,500 - for big games, especially if we're still selling memberships - membership alone won't get you a ticket. There are rumours that we have over 12,000 members right now - so by the time we get to the last game of the season, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that we'll start seeing tickets on sale to "members who have attended three or more games this season" and so on.
  9. The problems are in midfield - Henderson is just about good enough, Rice isn't, Mount has looked lost and Sancho was invisible. Add Rose and Kean to that and you'll struggle. Thankfully England are currently in a position where all of those players can be replaced with better.
  10. Indeed, but the thing about globes is that to me - they look like the 2D projection pushed into a 3D model - which is the thing that doesn't work well in reverse - are our globes an interpretation of a 2D projection that isn't true, or are they a true reflection of the size of the big bits of mud and rock?
  11. Are globes accurate in this respect? If not, why not - surely that's possible?
  12. Brighton and Liverpool are now sold out, meaning that's our first six home games all sold out - we've got Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and Spurs all still to go on sale - plus a boxing day home game - you'd be surprised not to see all of those selling out - that's twelve out of eighteen that you can pretty much assume as sell outs already. It's now becoming difficult to see a situation in which we won't sell out every home league game this season. Liverpool is the first game this season that didn't reach the stage where season ticket holders can buy additional tickets - which means it's also the first game where there were members who didn't get tickets. The chances for a casual one-off fan to attend a league game at Villa Park are really diminishing. For Cup games, you'd think there would be opportunity, but dependent on who we draw and whether we get home draws this term, it looks like the pattern could be continuing; for the Wolves game, with the allocation for away fans and the free ticket for season ticket holders, there will only be around 6,000 go on sale - that's about half the number of members we've got and I'd be surprised if it didn't sell out. This is almost unprecedented - our average has been higher - in 1948/49 it was 47,320 and we had a record thirteen consecutive attendances over 40,000 - but our capacity that season was around 70,000 and we had several crowds of over 60,000. In that season we had several less than 30,000 too. In terms of sales, at the moment we're looking like there could be a chance we'll have more than 40,000 at every league game for the first time in our history. In terms of demand, if we had another 5,000 seats, I'd wager they'd be full for more than half of our games this season, perhaps more. Mr Purslow says that there are plans that include some infilling - I can't see that being more than another couple of thousand seats - if we remain in this division and continue to improve, it ain't gonna be enough.
  13. This is the first time that there will have been members who weren't quick enough to get a ticket and now won't be able to.
  14. Tickets for this would almost be better on a ballot than a sale. Members who have attended all of our home games so far?
  15. 4 left - you can put this one down as a sell out that didn't get to season ticket holders.
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