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  1. There's a clip available of the behind the scenes of the fight where you can watch Canelo's hands getting wrapped. Looked pretty standard to me.
  2. I like white away kits.
  3. Liverpool 2-1 up now. Both sides are organised and move the ball well, but I don't think either team have special individuals on this showing. Quansah at the back for Liverpool looks the best of them for me.
  4. The other semi has just started on BT Sport if anyone is interested in doing a bit of scouting.
  5. Even Carrie looked up from a freshly killed antelope to have a chortle.
  6. There's no way Leicester would be looking to sell Iheanacho, especially with there being a lot of talk of Vardy retiring in the summer.
  7. Yep, if you applied for four, you have to buy all four.
  8. Which is of course where he's wrong. The leadership vacuum left by Starmer and his fringe team is allowing the members of the party to define what the party stands for (and has always stood for). Which is of course not what Blair stands for and is therefore something he considers as wrong. Now would seem an ideal time for Mr Blair to return to the middle east, perhaps at night in a high-vis vest.
  9. The Premier league hierarchy is the twenty chairmen. Manchester United have the same number of votes in that structure as every other team.
  10. I think the key to all of this is in this line: Which sounds sensible enough - but I'm not sure is true. Not that people are stupid, but that people use their cars for all sorts of reasons. I think people will sit in traffic for long periods of time rather than look at different options, I think they'll be unhappy about it, but I don't think they'll give it up. People prefer to travel by car for all sorts of reasons and yes, time is one for sure, but it's by no means the only one. Whenever I've worked in Birmingham city centre, I've driven. There's a bus stop outside my house
  11. I thought this might benefit from its own thread. At least one London based poster has strong views on it and it seems like those views are echoed in Brum. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-56927371 Anyone live in one of these zones?
  12. The Premier league hasn't yet announced any action has it? They're the one group with the potential to impose some sort of punishment on the six of its members in England that tried to cut the throats of the other fourteen. Does Mr Purslow have to do everything nowadays?
  13. Can we keep match selection to the pre-match thread please.
  14. Others have suggested Traore up front. I don't think he can play there, he can't play with his back to goal and he doesn't make the kind of runs that strikers do. He's excellent at carrying the ball, that's his strength and it would be wasted if he was up top. Selection will be interesting with no Watkins and the possible return of Jack. I'd guess at: ----------------------------------Martinez----------------------------------- Cash-------------Konsa----------------Mings---------------Targett -------------------------------------Luiz------------------------------------
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