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  1. It's now been more than nine games since a Villa forward or midfielder scored a league goal - that's a quarter of a season.
  2. The penalty was their first effort on goal. We were defending pretty well before it, but there's so little confidence in the side that as soon as we go behind it's over. Awful decision and the whole game has been about it.
  3. McGinn not fit enough to stay with him for that one. We're done in this game. Put five subs on at half time and get set for the next one.
  4. There's a case for that being a red for Fernandes - it's most likely not, but it's a stronger case than the one for the penalty.
  5. Never ever a penalty - jumped over the ball, stamped on Konsa, cried like a baby.
  6. Debenhams has gone in the Bullring too hasn't it. Holes appearing.
  7. Premier League have decided they're keeping the five substitutes rule for next season. I hate football.
  8. Also, how does all of that tie in with Boris's bombastic cry that w'll build our way out of this crisis - with homes being thrown up left right and centre - if we've got huge job losses, a depressed economy and a lot more houses available, aren't property prices due to crash anyway? £5k off a £250k house that'll be worth £190k in two years isn't a great deal is it? I'm confused.
  9. With the houses, I'd have thought an awful lot of people would be staying put at the moment due to the uncertainty of the jobs market. If you've got a £40k deposit saved up right now, you'd be thinking about sitting on it in case you're out of work in the coming months wouldn't you? I guess the saving on stamp duty might encourage a few brave souls, but for me it's more likely to be a real benefit to those people for whom buying and owning houses is a profession rather than a part of a life. If you're Robbie Fowler, I'd have thought it was great news and I can see how those people who want to add another couple of dozen houses to their renting portfolio will be delighted both with the saving and it's potential to keep prices stable. For people looking to move house though, I'd have thought right now what they really want is some sort of income security before they jump. Now I don't know much about how the housing market works so I'm probably missing the point of how this works, but it's not immediately clear to me how helpful this will be to all but a handful of brave souls pressing on regardless.
  10. That's lovely Blandy. But it should be on two plates. Fish to start then Chips and Gravy for main.
  11. McGinn is still slightly off the pace, I'd have Hourihane and Samatta on after an hour or so. The question is how we cover the flanks when the gas goes on Trez. Maybe leave Davis up there and put Samatta down the wing.
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