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  1. Man City have the record for the longest run of consecutive wins in the league - last year in fact, when they won 15 on the trot.
  2. I'm not sure that's the case - they were punished for the three year period that ended last year - they'll now be judged again on the next three year period which includes this year. It's a rolling review - every year the EFL look at the three previous years - I'd say not only are they not out of the woods, but that they're likely to fail FFP this year too. I think the transfer embargo will be softened though.
  3. Good again today. He seems comfortable with Grealish and with Taylor and he's learning when to do a lot and when to do a little. I like him.
  4. Not looking that way for Norwich - in fact, if Leeds win the game they're playing now and then beat us I don't think Norwich can come to Villa Park as Champions. I have a sneaky feeling we'll beat Norwich on the last day and put them out of the top two.
  5. Excellent - now, I fancy us to take the Baggies over two legs, so it'll just be a matter of beating a deflated Norwich at Wembley.
  6. Not at our best but still comfortably the better side. I thought we played well within ourselves and let the game be a lot more uncomfortable than it needed to be. The Dutch really only had one weapon, set pieces to their giant centre half which we struggled a little to deal with, but we looked dangerous on the break and should have scored more. It was the kind of day where we came expecting to win, the crowd, the players, the opposition, everyone expected a Villa win - I prefer the games where we have to try or where we sparkle, but I'll take this one. I thought El Ghazi looked excellent again, Grealish ambled gracefully through and we looked largely untroubled - we weren't quite fully at it though, we looked like we were playing at 80%, like we had an extra gear. Even McGinn was off his best; he played at 100% at most. Well within himself. Nice for Kodjia to get the goal, although I thought in some ways we looked better with Davis on. It looks like Abraham will be back for the playoffs so it's good we have the options. I love that if we're one up in a key game, we can get the ball into the corner and let the Jack-and-John show take over; they're hard to get the ball off and they have enough devilment to cause you a problem if you try too hard and get the wrong side. Mings looked good, Taylor and Elmo were adventurous and Jedinak is enjoying a fine Indian summer. I think you have to give a lot of credit to Dean Smith and his backroom staff in the way we're set up, the way we use the ball and the good work we do at both ends of the pitch. Results elsewhere mean we're now guaranteed a playoff place and we've beaten our record for league wins - there's a lot to be proud of today and a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks. In flashes we looked excellent - it's good that we finish with Leeds and Norwich - it'll keep us sharp going in and help us maintain our levels. Kinda hard not to be a tiny bit excited isn't it?
  7. Joshua is either being brilliantly or terribly managed, depending on how good he is. If he's good, it's criminal that he fights against fighters of the level that he ends up in the ring with and how infrequently he's in there. If he's not, it's a work of genius that he's managed to get to where he is and stay there for so long as a fraud. Whichever, his schedule is not going to make him any better as a fighter. It's a shame.
  8. Is he at the game today? Mallory will be in attendance.
  9. It's always the last three years, so the two before they went up and the one they were in the Premier league.
  10. Whilst playing my guitar in the sunshine of the back garden today (yes, I'm that kind of arsehole) I discovered that the Allez, Allez, Allez song is a simple C-Am-F-G. Now you too can annoy everyone alive. You're welcome.
  11. I just read that last season, the three teams that went up, Wolves, Fulham and Cardiff, lost £158m between them in the season they went up. FFP demands they lose no more than £117m between them - over three seasons. Wolves lost £50m+, Fulham lost £40m+ and Cardiff will have lost somewhere around £40m - Cardiff were still receiving parachute payments! The current limits are bonkers.
  12. In fact, a quick look around suggests that Fulham lost £45.2m in the season they went up and over £20m the season before that - that means that they'll need to have made a profit of around £26m during their season at the top table to be compliant at the start of the Championship season. Going on their spend, they might be starting the season on minus six with the rest of us.
  13. They'll need to halve their current wage bill to survive, they lost more than £20m in the season they went up and have spent £100m on players since then - they might come down without having made a profit - even with the parachute payments they're a million miles away from being compliant this year. I'd expect Mitrovic and Sessegnon to be gone first and they'll be followed out the door by four or five more. Fulham are possibly the most financially troubled team to drop back down in years.
  14. The Sherwood effect being enacted at Old Trafford. Manager everyone hates leaves - manager everyone likes joins - the players get all happy and perform for a few weeks using the things they learned from the manager they hated but without the fear of being bullied for mistakes - then when they look to the new manager for actual management, it turns out he can't do it. He should be gone in the summer.
  15. I have it on good authority that they don't care.

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