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  1. OutByEaster?

    Tunisia, Egypt, Libya... Arab Countries in Revolt

    Good to see that the corporate lobbyists in Washington finally seem to making progress under this President on the important business of selling loads and loads of expensive and profitable nuclear stuff to the Saudis. Apparently, the country with the world's largest oils reserves needs lots of nuclear power stations for erm...energy and isn't interested in making bombs at all, oh no, perish the thought. Anyways, the money's good and I'm sure we'll all be fine. Hurrah!
  2. OutByEaster?

    The Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    I was listening to Radio 1 on the way from work today and the coverage of the MP's quitting the Labour party today was absolutely abysmal - any pretence of neutrality was out of the window and the descriptive language they used to describe the Labour party and Corbyn was something you'd expect of the worst of the gutter press. I was genuinely appalled. I guess this is the sort fo dumbed down news for a younger audience, but they don't half let the mask slip when they think no one is listening.
  3. OutByEaster?

    U23 Development League 2018/2019

    Just back and enjoyed that one - it wasn't a game filled with chances or massive amounts of flair, but it was full of a lot of other important properties and was a really good contest. First up, fair play to Boro, they came out of the traps at 100mph pressing us everywhere, high up the pitch and at real pace - we couldn't deal with it and Sinisalo had already made a number of really good saves before we'd hit the five minute mark. It looked like we might have seen it out but the penalty put us behind. We were absolutely blown away in the first twenty minutes or so; Boro have a load of pace and we just couldn't find a space to play in. To our credit, and to the immense credit of the players, we kept at it, we tried hard to move the ball around, we worked hard off the ball, we chased, we harried, we moved and in the last ten minutes of the first half, it was noticeable that they'd tired and our energy was driving us into better positions. The second half continued in that vein, with us getting better as it went on and they ran out of steam - the effort our midfield put in was enormous, theirs too in fairness and the character shown by a number of our players in a frantic but fairly contested game was really pleasing. We deserved the goal and it was nice to see Archer get his first one at this level - we then looked like we might push on and win it, before they came back a little at the death. A really good, evenly matched contest which considering the youth and inexperience of our group bodes really well for next season. I think ratings might be in order: Sinisalo (8) - a string of fine saves in the first five minutes and another impressive performance. I'm yet to see him have a bad game. Walker (7) - he's short but he's thick set and he has the head of very sensible man in his forties. Calm, assured and a leader, with calves like pigeons. I'm not sure he'll be big enough - it's a pity not every player gets a physique to match their heart. Bazeley-Graham (7) - good recovery pace, good in the air, it wasn't easy for the centre halves and he had a busy night, but he kept on coming and in the end won the day. Suliman (7) - it's hard to believe he won't have a future somewhere - he was solid and calm today for much of the game - and every now and then he gives you a glimpse of the little bit of class he has. Rowe (8) - for me Callum Rowe was our best player on the night, maybe it's just because I'm not used to seeing a left back doing left back stuff, but I thought he defended manfully against a busy and enthusiastic winger, and dealt with the quality full back that supported that winger. He also found time to play a terrific ball for Archer's goal and ran about three hundred miles up and down the left flank. There was lots to like in this performance. Prosser (7) - he's not the most mobile, or the one that will catch the eye, but he can sit in front of the back four and do sensible stuff really well for a player as young as he is. It was fast and muddy today, but in the midst of the muck and bullets he impressed by being smart. He's a big lad too, and as his experience grows I think we'll see a player. Vassilev (7) - I'm a fan of Indiana. I'm still not quite sure how good he is, but his attitude is fantastic, he's brave and busy and he has a reassuringly thick jaw. He never stopped tonight. Dynamo. Brunt (6) - a difficult half for Lewis, he only got to play against the full energy Boro side and like everyone found it difficult in that first half an hour. Knibbs (7) - Workhorse. He lacks a bit of pace, but he never stops running for the rest of the side. Having him up front must be a pleasure - he's always after the ball, defends from the front and will occupy a back four for ninety minutes; he doesn't seem to tire. He's got a big frame and I think as he fills out he'll be a handful - I think we'll need to be patient with him. Clarke (8) - close to Rowe for MotM for my money - he ran himself into the ground and looked good on the ball whenever he had a moment with it. He chased everything, competed with anyone and played some great stuff in between. Our best player on the ball and a dervish off it. Excellent. Wright (6) - An up and down night for Tyreik - he was trying things for ninety minutes and often looked dangerous, but it never really came off for him. He was up against top quality opposition and was always available as an outlet. He'll learn a lot from this game. Subs Archer (7) started out wide when he came on and seemed to be struggling a bit, but came inside as Delaney swapped things around and came to life. A nice finish and he'll be delighted with a goal. Burton (7) I was surprised and a little bit worried when Walker went off, but double-B continued in much the same way as his predecessor, he's a little smoother, but he didn't back out of anything and produced a couple of decent balls in. The back of his hair is uncannily neat. I should mention Boro's right back Djed Spence - he's tall, rangy, strong, good on the ball and lightning quick over both five yards and forty. He looked a really good player. Look out for him. On the night, a young Villa side have shown some real character to work and work and work their way back into a game they might in the end have won. This side are just starting their time together and they've a long way to go, but there was plenty to be proud of tonight and there are some very decent prospects. I thoroughly enjoyed it - a draw was a fair result on a night when I would imagine these lads will sleep well.
  4. OutByEaster?

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    It's an interesting opinion, but I disagree with this - we're now seven points behind two teams in reasonable form who each have two games in hand - in real terms, I think it's sensible to assume we're likely to be at least eleven points behind with thirteen games left. If one of those two teams keep picking up points at the rate they have been they'll get another twenty from those thirteen games. That would leave us needed thirty-one points from those thirteen games to match them - so, provided neither of those sides go on a run, ten wins, a draw and couple of defeats would give us a shot. Unfortunately, two things are true, firstly, as you rightly state, we still have to play most of the divisions better teams, and secondly, Jose Mourinho couldn't get ten wins from this squad, Pep couldn't, you could bring back Sir Alf Ramsey and this squad isn't good enough to win ten out of thirteen. When you say "if the board act now", unless you mean by buying a club above us, I think the play offs are unachievable. It's an interesting opinion, but I disagree with this - if we were to get in a new manager, a really good one, one who's incredibly capable - we'd likely get a bounce; y'now, new ideas, players wanting to impress the new boss etc. but the new manager wouldn't be able to suddenly cure the sick, or make miracles from the squad we have. I'm a believer in the new manager bounce, I'm not sure it would be long lived enough to make it through the remainder of the season, but it might get us a win or two, however I think in our case, unless the new manager is capable of making an awful lot of food for an awful lot of people with a peculiarly specific number of loaves and fishes, there's not a bounce in the world that would get us anywhere near Wembley. I'm more likely to make it in on a Spacehopper. It's an interesting opinion, but I disagree with this - Arsene Wenger would report you to someone with a mental health qualification. He's a manager with an attachment to one club in this country who has pretty much retired unless something special to him comes up - I can only see him doing three things; managing France, becoming DoF at PSG or doing something odd in Japan. He's as likely to come here as Ronaldhino, no matter how much mascara we wiggle at him. It's an interesting opinion, but I disagree with this - in so far as I've noticed, there's absolutely nothing anywhere that suggests that it's true. Indeed, there's plenty to suggest that it's not. For starters, Brentford facilitate their methodology with a system where the manager has a very limited input - that's not been the case with us in January, when the manager has talked about having looked at many of the players we've bought beforehand. Also, Brentford don't really buy cast offs from the Premiership (sic) they buy players from all over the place, scouring Europe for young talents that they think can help them and make a profit, it's a model they're having success with, both on and off the pitch - it's enabled them to maintain a period of success in the league that's as good as any in their history whilst building a new stadium and they currently have a very decent and valuable squad to continue to develop. Thus far, with the possible exception of McGinn, I can't really think of anyone we've bought who we might make a profit on. In fact, we've hardly bought anyone - our plan seems largely to be about loans at the moment - trying to bring in quality players on loan because we can't afford to buy them under FFP. To the best of my knowledge, we can't sell any of those players for £15m as they aren't ours and it's against FFP to sell players you don't own for profit. It's an interesting opinion, but I disagree with this - in four important ways. Firstly, I'm not sure they should be coming to sort anything out, I don't think that's necessary at this point - that's just an opinion though, like yours, feel free to disagree. Secondly, and more importantly they wouldn't be the ones to do the sorting out, it'd be Christian Purslow who'd do that - he's the man with his finger on the button marked "Sack" should there be a requirement to use it. Thirdly, I'm not sure that they created this mess - they haven't cleared it up yet, but I think it's fair to say they inherited a fair mess - a club on the verge of serious action over unpaid tax, with massive losses, unpayable debts and an incomplete squad with very little inherent value, poor commercial arrangements and little forward planning. There's a lot of work to be done and they may or not pull it off, but I don't think this mess was of their creation. Oh, and fourthly, our largest shareholder lives in London, and given the time it takes to get through clearing at both Birmingham and City of London airports, he'd probably be best suited just driving here - it'd just be easier, y'know? Apologies for the long answer, one rarely finds so many interesting opinions all together in one lump.
  5. OutByEaster?

    Dean Smith

    I agree with all three of these points. I don't think we have the options in the squad to address them.
  6. OutByEaster?

    Jacob Ramsey

    He'll get games now on a TINA basis if nothing else. He's still very young, I think this time on the pitch will be very, very good for him.
  7. OutByEaster?

    Pre-Match Thread

    I think I'd try: ---------------------------------------Kalinic--------------------------------------- ---------------Elphick-------------Mings-----------Hause----------------- Elmohamady---------Whelan--------Jedinak-----------------Hutton ----------------------------------------Ramsey---------------------------------- ---------------------------Abraham-----------Davis-------------------------- Which I think would be a little unfair on Ramsey and would still lose.
  8. OutByEaster?

    Tyrone Mings

    Good again today - he might be the best passer of a ball in the squad. That's always something you want to write about your 6'5" centre half. He'll get sent off at small heath.
  9. OutByEaster?

    Conor Hourihane

    He was really, really poor today. He made a couple of mistakes and then his head dropped. No one works harder than Conor Hourihane to get to three yards away from a player then no closer - it's difficult, players who are naturally aggressive, tacklers and battlers, can get a crowd back onside with a bit of graft, a bit of grit, a tackle, putting their body on the line - Conor hasn't really got that in him, so when the things he's good at aren't going well, he can't escape the criticism of the crowd through other parts of his game. His head's gone at the moment, he looks like he has to think about everything, and nothing is going right. He's a bit lost. The problem for him is that he's the only person who can do anything about that - it's not a question of an arm around the shoulder from the Holte End, it's a question of the size of your nuts Conor - salvation will not come from without, it's a matter of the strength of his will.
  10. OutByEaster?

    Jacob Ramsey

    He's not quite ready and he looked nervous - but these are difficult times and he'll benefit hugely from the game time. I thought when he came on he was trying very hard to do the right thing, rather than the natural thing - he was getting knocked off it easily, as he will at his age - but he improved as he started to forget the occasion and play the match - I think this appearance will settle him for the next one and I think the next one will be very soon.
  11. OutByEaster?

    Pre-Match Thread

    Can I be first to have a little panic over our midfield please? Here are your choices gentlemen, any three from..... Hourihane Whelan Ramsey Jedinak Go!
  12. OutByEaster?

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    I'm not sure it's a popular view, but I thought we deserved more from that game. We were the better side for 75 minutes of it and for me the performance was much better than our last two - sadly we were as threatening as a kitten with a daffodil and we still give away goals too easily. I thought Mings looked good again and I thought Hause was good too - I don't think Taylor has put in a performance to match that one this season - I thought Whelan was good in midfield, McGinn too, and though it pains me to say it Elmohamady had a decent game on the right hand side. We've got trouble in the middle of the park - Hourihane has never been the most aggressive of players, or the second most aggressive to be honest, but he's got through it by doing the things he's good at pretty well - right now he's not doing those things well and his confidence has gone completely, which is making him worse - he's currently about half a Hourihane and you can make an argument as to whether the full one is good enough - his head had gone today, he was visibly emotional when he went off and looked for a moment like he might have a go at the crowd - that wouldn't have been wise. Only he can get himself out of this rut - it's a test of his character. Jacob Ramsey came on and looked nervous, which is understandable, he's seventeen and there are 39,000 people watching - I thought he got better as it went on, but he doesn't look like a player that can settle straight in and start games - which is a pity as we're now without McGinn, Grealish, Lansbury, Carroll and Bjarnason for the next one which means that he'll most likely have to start and worse, means he might have to start alongside the ghost of Connor Hourihane. Albion didn't impress against a struggling Villa, I mean, they'll be delighted with the result, but I have a feeling they'll be back next season - a better team would have put us away today. It all looks like hard work for Abraham at the moment where a month or two ago it looked like the most fun in the world. He'll have better days than this. The radio was full of people calling for Smith's head - I think it's six points from eight games in 2019 - that's poor form and it's going to get worse before it gets better - the next four are all tricky and one of them is just across the city. There will be a test of our new owners I think and of our faith in the manager. For me, at this point I think I'd stick rather than twist, I like Smith, but more importantly I can see that this squad isn't good enough - you can't make a silk purse from this crap no matter how good a manager you are. This season finished during the week, no matter how much the local press might talk up our chances of taking a play off spot - only four of today's starting eleven are contracted for next season and for me, the size of the job in the summer is so big that next year will be a transitional one - there's a lot wrong here at the moment and sacking the manager won't solve it. Given that most of the squad will leave in the summer, I'd keep the manager and change the team - but those calls are going to get louder over the next month because we're not looking like a team that can win games - how's your luck Dean?
  13. OutByEaster?

    Pre-match thread

    I think it's fair t say I go into this one with no real expectation. I'm not quite up to dread, but there's not much in the way of positivity. I've spent the last couple of days not thinking about the game - that's not "not thinking about going to the game" that's not thinking about the content of the game.We could do with a performance of some kind today. In a way, I'm hoping for a 1-1. In a way, I'm hoping we're not embarrassed - but in truth, I'm trying not to hope for anything at all, I'm blocking out hope because there's every chance hope will make me feel worse later on today. There should be medication available for this.
  14. OutByEaster?

    Pre-match thread

    Shame! Shame! Just out of interest, what odds are you getting on that? (Asking for a friend).
  15. OutByEaster?

    Dean Smith

    I like Dean Smith. I like the cut of his jib. I like that at every football club he's been at, given a reasonable amount of time he's had them playing good football and competing a little beyond their expectations, I like that he's done those jobs on a budget. I like that he gathers good people around him and that he seems able to both dictate and to listen to others. I like that he believes in football played the right way. I think he's a very capable football manager. I fear for him though, this run of fixtures is troublesome - and in four games time if we're trudging off the pitch at the sty, having lost against both small heath and the Albion, and struggled against Derby and Stoke - if we're in 15th or 16th place - if at that point we're still below a small heath that have had a twelve point deduction - it'll be a really difficult job to get the fans back onside, and he'll need the fans onside because next season is going to be tough, it's going to need all his nous. I hope he's here for the long run, I think in the long run he proves he's a good manager, but I worry less about Aston Villa's future under Dean Smith if he's here in four seasons time than I do about Dean Smith's future at Aston Villa in four weeks time. If we don't win at least one of these upcoming games, then it's going to take patience and it's going to take some grit to get us through. The next four weeks could be the toughest of his managerial career, I hope he knows that and I hope he comes through it. I like him.