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  1. OutByEaster?

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I think he might struggle for game time under Smith. From what I know Smith likes players who are bright, alert and able to fit into a passing jigsaw, players that understand space and can work the ball with teammates to create openings. Kodjia is a bit more head down, pace, dribbling and Ride of the Valkyries. I think his ability to create things on his own was perfect for Bruce, but his inability to play well with others might make it harder for him to find opportunities under this manager.
  2. OutByEaster?

    Pre-Match Thread

    --------------------------------Nyland--------------------------------- Hutton--------Tuanzebe--------Chester------------Taylor -------------------McGinn-----------Hourihane------------------ Bolasie------------------Grealish---------------------El Ghazi ------------------------------Abraham-------------------------------- I have to miss out tomorrow with work. I hate that.
  3. OutByEaster?

    Rogues Gallery

    I can't see them and when I try to open them in a new tab they try and download stuff.
  4. OutByEaster?

    Jack Grealish

    There's every doubt that Grealish has been shite this year! He's been our best player this season - this season - he's been the central figure in just about every game we've played - he's moved the ball around, he's moved defences around, he's drawn more fouls than any other player in the division, he's looked a danger on the ball, he's been bright, inventive and he's worked hard - his ability to transition us from back to front, the weight of his passing, his dribbling ability are unmatched in this division. Has he been at the level he was at in February and March? Not quite - but in February and March he was the best player in the league by a country mile. Does that mean he's shite? Not by a long chalk, I think you can argue that he's still the best player in the division - right now, on his form today. We're talking about a player dropping from a "10" to a "9" and we're reacting like he's a "4" - it must be difficult at times to play here.
  5. OutByEaster?


    I don't think he's ready. I think there's still a lot of development left in him before we see him in the first team. If he progresses well he should be knocking on the door next christmas.
  6. OutByEaster?

    U.S. Politics

    A couple of things from that video of Trump, firstly the way he says "one hundred and ten billion", the emphasis he puts on it, the clarity with which he's explaining that it is the important thing in the room and that you'd have to be stupid not to realise - it's the most open he's ever been on who his actual constituents are. Secondly, as an indication of his personality, when he's not sure of something he's just said, and he thinks he might be wrong, the nearest he can get to confessing he doesn't know is "Is that right or is that right?".
  7. OutByEaster?

    Pre-Match Thread

    According to the (not alway reliable) online ticket map, we're now down to about 1,600. Open the Upper Trinity?
  8. OutByEaster?

    Dean Smith

    He starts by saying they were joint leading scorers in the Championship last season with 72 goals (which they were in 2015-16) I don't want to worry anyone looking forward to goals galore, but see if you can guess how many we scored last season under Bruce? That said, I've a good feeling about this one. I'm looking forward to it. It'll be a bumpy start, he can't magic up centrebacks, but I think he's a good un.
  9. OutByEaster?

    Pre-Match Thread

    I like the line up from the page before this one - although I'd have Hutton over both of the fullbacks you'd selected. In terms of which weakness I'd prefer, I'd probably stick with Taylor over Elmohamady on the side not occupied by the Scotsman.
  10. OutByEaster?

    Dean Smith

    Great Barr boy in charge of the Villa. He's got that going for him at least. The statement welcomes him and his staff which will be interesting. Terry's role will be important too I feel. Let's see.
  11. OutByEaster?

    Dean Smith

    Welcome Mr Smith. You have chosen wisely.
  12. OutByEaster?

    Pre-Match Thread

    Also, according to the (not always reliable) online ticket map, there are only about 3,300 tickets left for this one as things stand. I wonder if a new manager announcement this week would push sales to the point where the Upper Trinity would need to open?
  13. OutByEaster?

    Pre-Match Thread

    Without a manager, we can just pick whatever we like. Yay! ---------------------------------Nyland----------------------------------- Hutton------------Chester---------Tuanzebe-----------Taylor -------------------------------Bjarnason-------------------------------- -------------McGinn----------------------Hourihane---------------- ---------------------------------Grealish---------------------------------- -------------Abraham--------------------Kodjia----------------------
  14. OutByEaster?


    I've watched about fourteen years of reserve football, most of it under the direction of Kevin MacDonald. It's almost always been a delight; a structured, free flowing, attacking, spirited football that's often been an antidote to the pain of watching the first team. I've seen youngsters develop confidence and a winning mentality and watched those youngster pick up trophies. Like any human being doing a job he has flaws, and he's been under a cloud on the basis of those flaws at times, the line between bully and old school sergeant major is a fine one. But the football? The football's been a joy. He's an excellent youth coach, one that successive owners have had the good sense to keep on, he's not a good manager of senior players and he's both a perfect and terrible caretaker manager, but please don't judge his philosophy on the game from the very occasional times he's stood in as babysitter to broken first teams.
  15. OutByEaster?

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    It's strange isn't it? We've signed, one maybe two Mendes players and suddenly we're apparently in his thrall, he's the shadowy figure running the club. At this point, there's really no suggestion that's actually the case or that he has any more influence at Villa Park than whoever John McGinn's agent is. If Pitarch becomes our Director of football (and at the moment all we've got on that is a rumour from twitter) then maybe it suggests he's an agent whose voice might be louder than the next agent along, but I think it's a bit of a leap from what we know at the moment to being worried that Mendes is some dark mastermind, the machiavellian puppet master intent on running the club for his own evil intention. I mean, it's possible I suppose, but personally I think it's probably worth waiting for a tiny bit of evidence.