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  1. Academy General Topic

    Odutayo so close to a hat trick right at the death - but we're through. Looks like Bury (a) in the fourth round - I thoroughly enjoyed that, we're a good, determined side with some very lively forward players. Hopefully these get back to Villa Park in this competition and we can get a bit of a bumper crowd in.
  2. Academy General Topic

    Kitchen sink time for Cov.
  3. Academy General Topic

    Odutayo is a Dutch U16 international. I have a feeling we'll be hearing more about him.
  4. Academy General Topic

    2-1 Fantastic long range goal from Odutayo. A star is born.
  5. Academy General Topic

    Half time 1-1. Odutayo looks a player and I'm very happy to declare that Indiana Vassilev looks like he can play a bit.
  6. Academy General Topic

    We've had a few chances - Odutayo and Sea are absolute bags of tricks and Vassilev looks to have a nice touch too - both teams are better attacking than defending which is making for a really good game - it's currently hammering down with snow at Villa Park though which hopefully won't affect things too badly.
  7. Academy General Topic

    Odutayo with a lovely equaliser - I've seen ten minutes of him and he looks a cracking player!
  8. Academy General Topic

    A young side, including my first chance to see Indiana Vassilev. Should have had an equaliser then, around the keeper but got it stuck under his feet.
  9. Academy General Topic

    Not the best of starts then, one nil down after a minute.
  10. Academy General Topic

    And it's live on youtube SGC.
  11. The Film Thread

    Headhunters is on the BBC iplayer at the moment, cracking little Norwegian film and well worth a watch.
  12. Pre match chit chat

    Tough, tough game this - Derby are in really good form and they're a decent side. I have a feeling Bruce might set us up to make this one as tight as possible (even more so than he usually does) - and I wouldn't be too surprised to see us get a 0-0 or a 1-1. I think we can look poor against poor sides, because we can't control games using the ball, but I think we can surprise against better sides because we work hard without the ball.
  13. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Millwall

    Lacklustre. The whole thing just seemed very flat - there were the usual worries, our inability to unlock a team or control a game where we're nominally the better side, and a couple of new ones with the injury to Samba exposing a bit of a lack of height through the team. We've been worse I think; this was an uninspired performance with a slightly soft underbelly. Johnstone had a good game I thought and Grealish definitely added something. I think it's the kind of game where Kodjia is useful, one where we do nothing and he finds a solo goal. Millwall were better than had been reported, or we made them look that way maybe. We didn't look hard to play against today. We'll need to pick it up if we're going to progress.
  14. I think this government is altogether less powerful than Thatcher's, and I think it's largely Thatchers fault. One of the principles of neoliberalism is the reduction of democracy - the shrinking of the public sphere, and with it all of it's apparatus - the unions, public utilities, railways, the royal mail, the NHS and ultimately government. The corporate structure in which we live, the one that was encouraged and nurtured by Thatcher (and Reagan) does not want to risk its concentration of power to wealth on the whims of voters - so it has spent decades undermining democratic processes - not so much voting, it's important that people believe they can vote and it makes a difference, but by imposing controls on the work of those people that are voted into power. Elections here are moving in the same direction as those that the US has - every four years, the people get together and vote for the people that they believe would best be able to serve the interests of the lobbyists. That's not a representative democracy - it's corporate oligarchy. When David Davis originally said he'd done the reports into the impact of Brexit in various industry sectors, one of the reasons he gave initially for not releasing them, and for redacting them was that the information within was sensitive to individual companies - those are the people that are protected in the process, not voters, those are the people he works for, those are the people that Brexit is being worked on for, the people this government are attempting to protect - the lobbyists for a corporate structure. When Donald Trump announced that he recognised Jerusalem as capital of Israel, he did it because of a campaign promise - is that because Jerusalem is a massive vote winner - do dust bowl farmers chew thoughtfully on a sprig of hay and think, "I'll vote for a man who supports Israel in the occupied territories"? No. Of course not - your average American doesn't give a fig - but the pro-Israel lobby does - and it's those people to whom Trump reports, to whom the senate is beholden. It's easy (and fun) to point at idiot Trump and imagine he's the cause, the reason for Americas lurch into insanity - when he's just a front man - if you believe he makes the policy decisions then you're exactly what he wants - Trump does what he's paid to do, by whoever he's paid by - Israel pays; Israel gets Jerusalem. Lockheed Martin pays, Lockheed Martin gets increased tensions in Korea and a good sized US defence budget, Citibank pays; Citibank gets a tax bill. The USA is not by any definition that makes sense a representative democracy and we're headed the same way. Is this government our worst? Maybe - but it doesn't really matter as much as it used to - Thatcher made rules for business and now because of her and the rules she made, business makes rules for May. This government might be hopeless, it might be doing its best to represent a sector of society that doesn't care or believe in society and as a result looking like it's hopeless because we don't know the aims, but it's the least relevant government we've ever had - over decades, corporate power, money in politics, global markets and financial institutions have moved the power from the democratic process into places they can control it and turned government into puppetry. In that situation, is it any wonder that government flounders under the instruction of so many different masters?