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  1. Last night I heard: We all dream of a team of John McGinns, a team of John McGinns and one Tyrone Mings We all dream of a team of John McGinns, a team of John McGinns and one Tyrone Mings etc
  2. I think he's looked absolutely excellent - calm, assured, strong - if I have one criticism, it's that he should never have let Ferris borrow his dad's car.
  3. I did - I think he's quietly excellent next to Mings.
  4. Villa Park was epic this evening. The noise in the first half was incredible and the scenes at the end were just amazing. It was a warm night, the players showed heart and ability and the old place absolutely rocked. I thought we deserved the win, for all that Everton huffed and puffed, I thought we edged it overall - and I think Everton are a very good side. Heaton was nicely solid, exactly what you'd hope for, Guilbert was excellent I thought; his pace and energy opens up space down the flank for others - dropping Elmo was the right decision based on that performance and on the other side I thought Taylor was really solid again Then we have the pairing in the middle. I'll start with the obvious - the man whose name will be rolling around Gareth Southgate's head tonight - Tyrone Mings was immense, a colossus - he's a leader, he can do the simple stuff and the dramatic stuff and he does it all with a little bit of a strut - there was a tackle with about five minutes left in the first half that was simply perfection - appearing out of nowhere to sweep a ball away - he's a Rolls Royce - and I see no reason why he shouldn't play in more shirts with lions on. He's not alone though and what's brilliant about our defence is that Bjorn Engels is very quietly, very efficiently excellent next to him - we look decent at the back. In midfield, Luiz is a very good footballer - but I think there's a great footballer in there - it's important we remember that he's younger than Callum O'Hare - that he'll make mistakes from time to time - we need to be patient with him - he looks like he's worth it. I love watching John McGinn chase down someone who has the ball, I know what's going to happen, you know what's going to happen, but the poor bugger in possession often has no idea - I feel bad for those who have to play against him,. Grealish was very good, without being flash - he got us out of tight areas at times and linked back to front really well - as did Jota - he's got really quick feet and an eye for a pass - I still don't think he's a winger - he has no pace at all, but he's fun to watch with the ball. Trezeguet is rapidly becoming a favourite - he's a little bit of Grealish and a little bit of McGinn spliced together - he's smooth, but he'll chase lost causes and get stuck in - at some point, he's going to win us a game on his own. If Tyrone Mings is Superman at the back - Wesley is the incredible Hulk up front - I thought he was brilliant - never mind the goal, he beat Keane and Mina up tonight - he dragged them all over the park, held the ball up brilliantly and used it intelligently - he's learning that the Premier league is a fight and we're learning that there's plenty of fight in him. The goal will do him good, but what I felt was really impressive was his desire and energy to put in the work that made our second goal. I think we've got a good one. I thought the ref was rubbish - allowing players on both sides to stand over free kicks all game - then not having the balls to back that up by sending off Coleman after he'd kicked Trezeguet on the ankle - in fairness, it wasn't big things he got wrong - it was every small thing. What will stick with me tonight though is the noise, the atmosphere - there aren't many grounds that can match that - there aren't many grounds that can play host to the celebrations for the second goal and do them justice - there isn't anywhere quite like Villa Park. There isn't a better feeling than winning three points and earning all three. We're back.
  5. He was injured at the AFCON and then refused to train at Brugge for a bit - I don't think we need to panic about his absence yet.
  6. I think the cup team will be interesting in terms of what it tells us about the squad. The natural second eleven is: -----------------------------------Steer----------------------------------- Guilbert---------Konsa ------------ Hause----------Targett --------------------------------Nakamba----------------------------- ---------------------Jota---------------Lansbury------------------- ?????????----------------------------------------------?????????? ----------------------------------Davis--------------------------------- In terms of what I can sort of figure, I guess we could play Kodjia on the left wing and maybe Jota on the right with Hourihane in the middle- but we are very short of wingers - I don't think Jota is one and I definitely don't think Grealish is either. In terms of naturals in the position from our squad, we're looking at Indiana Vasilev and Colin Odatayo - I love em both, but they're not ready for the Premier league (and I'd argue Vasilev is a CM too). So, Jota and Kodjia wide seems to be our back up plan - but they're as much a pair of wingers as me and your mother. I don't think we'll see the same formation for every game this year.
  7. Just on this - Jack is absolutely brilliant at making a defender (or two) think that they're in an individual battle with him; that he's about to try some trick or movement to get past them, like he's working out a way around them, that he's entirely focused on them and their effect on him as an obstacle to his progress, when he's actually focused on something ten or twenty yards away and he's waiting for a bit of space to develop or a run to be made by a team mate before playing a ball into an area that the defender stopped thinking about some time ago - it's one of his greatest strengths and one of the things he has that very, very few other players do.
  8. Am I right in thinking this bloke didn't have much of a pre-season having been in a sulky strop about wanting to join us? If he's not quite up to speed, it makes perfect sense for him to not be involved yet.
  9. Also, I noticed that on the side of the Holte End on the Trinity Road there are a set of empty posters for an ultimate XI. I'm guessing at some point we'll be asked to vote on that.
  10. Concussion sub. Sub concussion.
  11. I still make the Aussie's favourite to see this out, but the series is being changed by Archer.
  12. I think our capacity for this season will be near to 41,500 with the closure of R1 and the netting keeping the segregation on place. There were noticeably empty seats in a couple of areas, including the away end - but if those are sold, they'd still count toward the attendance. Home tickets definitely sold out, so I'm guessing the away end didn't.
  13. Our clearest chance of the game came from an Elmohamady cross that was six yards out right on Grealish's head. As an attacking fullback, it was a really good display. I like Guilbert and I think he'll go on to be a very good player for us - I think Elmohamady is poor defensively and I worry mostly that El Ghazi is out of form, dropping Elmo for Guilbert right now is removing one of our strengths and not fixing a weakness. At a push, I'd consider dropping El Ghazi, moving Trezeguet over to the left and playing Elmo ahead of Guilbert on the right - but for now, I think we have to give El Ghazi a chance to play himself into form.
  14. No it's not. In fact, I think it's possible to make a claim that Elmohamady was our biggest attacking threat yesterday - he played almost the entire game in the opposition half. Taylor isn't adding much and it might be that Guilbert can do the job better than Elmo can - but to claim Elmo isn't helping out in attack at the moment is simply to ignore the evidence in front of you.

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