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  1. It was a freedom of information request from the journalist - it's data that's recorded by each of the countries police forces. There's a little bit of influence in the numbers that tells you which police forces take this sort of stuff seriously and which don't - WM Police have a specific hate crimes unit.
  2. Why am I immediately thinking that for Ryanair you'll be fine to fly with the AZ-Oxford but British Airways will demand a gold standard vaccination? I think I may have become overly cynical
  3. It's a massive advantage - didn't know that! So that's the payoff for the 20% drop in effectiveness? The AZ-Oxford one is cheaper and easier to distribute?
  4. Isn't temperature and storage the issue with these vaccine's? Pfizers vaccine needs to be stored at -70c and that requires specialised storage equipment. It'll be really difficult to administer this vaccine from, for example, Boots.
  5. We'll only get 4,000 if Birmingham is in tier 1 as I understand it, we get 2,000 in tier 2 and nothing at all in tier 3. We were tier three before the lockdown.
  6. You know it's almost time when the team bus goes behind Tom Heaton's goal.
  7. All getting a bit fractious toward the end. Mostly because their number eleven is a nob.
  8. We've made a really poor start to this half. Sleepy.
  9. "F**kin shambles man!" Stoke player not pleased with that decision then?
  10. I reckon he's 6. Ty Wright is 7, JPB is 11, Jacobs is 10 and Chukwuemeka is 8.
  11. Why is their keeper time wasting in the first half of a game they're losing 1-0?
  12. Lovely JPB 1-0. We look so comfortable here, completely dominating the ball against ten men and looking like we've got more goals in us.
  13. He's a big fella too - I hadn't realised that about him.
  14. Red for their keeper - for handball outside the box - Louis Barry got the better of Ryan Shawcross there.
  15. There are by consideration - the club is still considering last season's season ticket holders as season ticket holders.
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