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  1. I love this football club, I love Villa Park, the lights, the noise, us. I love what the game does to me, how it makes me feel, that it makes me feel, how it brings me together with the people I love and creates memories that don't fade. I love the cold, the smoke bombs, the passion, the songs, this team, all of it, the bad times and the way they make the good times so good, the times where you wonder why you bother and the times like tonight when you just know it's perfect and always will be, I love Jack Grealish, I love late goals, I love this football club. Aston Villa FC. I love it. Also Egypt.
  2. I'm unsure if our bids will be under the radar or at a standard and recognised height authorised by the CAA. Can anyone advise?
  3. That shitty situation is English football and I don't think it's broken - but I think Klopp has the ability to wail loudly enough that people will believe it is. The ongoing process of removing the randomness from the sport to protect the money - seeding and groups in Europe, increases in the number of substitutes allowed on the field and on benches, the removal of tiring replays, huge squads, armies of loan players - all of those things for me make the game worse - I will happily see a player tired in order to make the game better - we need to find ways to make it tougher on the bigger teams to use their enormous resources to overcome their opposition, we need to be working on ways back to parity - that's what makes the game better - Klopp is looking to exploit a gap between governing bodies to protect the advantages already available to bigger clubs by constantly protesting that those advantages are in fact shortcomings. The game against Shrewsbury was Liverpool's 38th of the season; it was Shrewsbury's 36th of the season.
  4. I could not disagree more. The people running the game have done everything possible to fit Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool's desire to wring every penny out of this season into their planning - it's not enough for him - he's a spoiled child. He can play any of the dozens of players in his absolutely enormous squad that he likes, that's his prerogative - but he's the manager and he should be there to manage them - that's his job. His decision not to be there has nothing to do with tiredness, winter breaks or fixture congestion and everything to do with him playing politics for his own ends.
  5. They've been told to honour the break and not use it as a chance to make money on the sly - both the FA and the league have been clear with clubs that this would happen for the last couple of months - Klopp's kept his enormous mouth shut on that. The FA have moved the 5th round of the cup to midweek, they're getting rid of replays in the later rounds - all to please just half a dozen of the hundreds of clubs that enter the tournament - and those same clubs are now using the Premier leagues winter break to try to bully them into more. They've given him everything he's asked for, bent over backwards to give him every chance and he doesn't have the simple common decency to attend a game played by the team that he manages.
  6. Those teams have been told, months in advance by the FA that FA Cup replays might be in this gap - a message that's also been conveyed by the Premier League - the caveat on the break was that they don't use it as a money spinning opportunity for friendlies, not that they give up on other tournaments - they've signed up to take part in the FA cup and they should do just that - we're talking about shortening their break from 14 days to 11 days - that's the price of success, it's why Liverpool have 50 players on their books, it's normal, it's football, it's why they have squads - the only reason is feels different is because this gobby German has been banging on about Liverpool and the pressure they're under to fulfill fixtures all season. The club world cup was different - FIFA insisted and it was out of the clubs hands - in those exceptional circumstances that's acceptable - in these completely unexceptional circumstances, we've essentially got a manager, not a team, but a manager telling the FA he's too big for them.
  7. I think the question for the FA is "What is a Liverpool team?" For me, the answer to that doesn't necessarily need to have Mo Salah in it, or to have Trent Alexander Armstrong in it; I believe it needs to be eleven players registered to Liverpool and managed by Jurgen Klopp. If he doesn't turn up - then for my money Liverpool haven't turned up. Klopp should have to stand on that touchline in the rain or he should be sitting in the stand for the rest of the season - he knows exactly what he's doing here and it's nothing to do with the two footballing bodies ability to organise things - they've bent over backwards for him - he's using the gap between them to find a way out of having to be at the replay so he can spend time with a first team group on a beach - and he has absolutely no concern for the repercussions that had on English football. Is he personally so exhausted that an eleven day break won't do it, that it's the full fourteen or nothing? I don't care who he does or doesn't pick, but he should be on the sideline and if he's not, there should be strong action against him. He's gone right down in my estimation this season - it should be the best season of his life and he's done nothing but moan and scheme and plot and blame from the day it started. He's becoming a blight on the game.
  8. Spurs down to around 2,800 tickets left and it doesn't go to general sale until Friday. I doubt there will be too many left at that stage. I think there's a chance that Man Utd, Wolves and Arsenal don't make general sale. Spurs will be our thirteenth straight league game over 40k.
  9. Here's one other thing to consider - Liverpool's 16 point lead in the Premier League means it's likely they'll win the title with at least five games remaining - that's five dead rubber league games at the end of the season with no consequence - it could still be seven or eight games. Liverpool's situation in terms of the number of games they're playing is no worse than an awful lot of sides and might actually be a lot easier when you count in how likely they are to have achieved their aims in the league by April. In context, this is a manager with a mood on him throwing his toys out of the pram and driving a massive wedge into the gap between the Premier League and the FA. It's a manager so obsessed with his own tantrum that he's quite happy to put permanent damage into English football. It's shameful.
  10. Clubs were warned to respect the break by the Premier League. It's a warning designed to stop them going to Saudi Arabia or the US or China and slipping in a lucrative friendly - FA Cup replays are unlikely to be what they had in mind. Liverpool's break would be cut from fourteen days to ten days with this replay.
  11. I guess because there's no way he'd have gotten away with it - as the manager he's expected to be on the sideline when his club are involved in games. That for me is the big step, it's different to fielding a weakened team. It's fielding a weakened team and not being there to manage them - not because of fixture congestion, but because you're on holiday.
  12. What are the limits that the FA has in terms of sanctions? I'm guessing the FA can't uphold a touchline ban for Klopp for games in the Premier league?
  13. Klopp is trying to use the Premier League as an excuse - he's got a letter from the Premier league telling Liverpool that they "must respect the winter break" by which I'm guessing they mean "you can't piss off to Saudi and play a friendly for a fortune" and he's saying, well if we can't play those games, then we can't play any games, I've promised the lads a holiday. It's incredibly disrespectful of the FA Cup and if it happens, Liverpool shouldn't be allowed to enter next year's and he should get as much of a punishment as the FA are able to muster. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11669/11918822/jurgen-klopp-liverpool-kids-will-play-fa-cup-replay-against-shrewsbury What a whopper of a man.
  14. Jurgen Klopp deciding he's not going to manage Liverpool in an FA Cup replay because he's going on holiday with the first team and leaving the kids to play it. If he's not keen on the touchline I'd recommend a very large fine and nice long touchline ban. Tit.
  15. Apparently Klopp is taking the first team squad away for a break on the continent and leaving his U23's manager and the team of kids that played us for the replay against Shrewsbury. For me that's immensely disrespectful to the competition and to Shrewsbury - it's one thing doing it because FIFA's schedule puts you in two continents in two days and another doing it so that your stars can have a couple of days in the sun.
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