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  1. OutByEaster?

    World Cup : Group E (Brz, Swi, CRC, Ser)

    Great goal by Coutinho. Neymar is a despicable character isn't he?
  2. OutByEaster?

    World Cup : Group F (Ger, Mex, Swe, Kor)

    Mexico have the most right footed left winger in history and Germany still can't defend him!
  3. OutByEaster?

    Alan Hutton

    He is risen.
  4. I will happily admit, I've completely lost the plot with what's happening with Brexit. It seems to have disappeared up the bum of party politics. I'm still trying to find out who it was that pushed for the referendum, we don't get many and I'm still unsure why we had this one.
  5. OutByEaster?

    Villa and FFP

    I always get those two mixed up. The big one anyways.
  6. OutByEaster?

    Villa and FFP

    The modern game is first and foremost a television rights entity, that's where its value lies. It's a sporting entity second. I remember almost a decade ago reading Peter Scudamore saying how much the "big four" had helped the Premier league in Asian markets - having a settled group of teams at the top allows for viewers in other regions to more easily access the league. If a man in China picks Chelsea as his English team, he can be fairly sure they'll be modestly successful for some time; they'll be involved at the top and that will keep him interested. You need enough of those teams to allow for choice, but you don't want too many - too many teams like that is like a soap opera with too many new characters, it's hard to keep track of and your favourite might not be involved in as many stories. If that happens, people will turn over to Eastenders.....sorry, I mean La Liga. TV wants leagues like they have in Scotland and Spain, the Premier league is probably a tiny bit too top heavy for them at the moment - big teams aren't making the Champions league - they'll find a way to fix that. It doesn't want someone like Southampton suddenly finding a fortune and pushing into the top 4. That'd be like when Jeremy Renner became Bourne - it'd be confusing and devalue the franchise. FFP is primarily about protecting the value of TV rights by keeping the cast list for the show nice and consistent.
  7. OutByEaster?

    U.S. Politics

    So, given that most everything Trump is a misdirection, what bill got passed in congress while we weren't looking?
  8. OutByEaster?

    U.S. Politics

    The language has changed - "any foreign leader" - under Trump there's now no difference to the US between economic Canada and economic Nigeria - the US is pulling the leash and moving us to a model of global trade that serves America and that the rest of the world lives with or suffers. There's a huge aggression in the language used in piece and by Trump; it's all couched in "try it, I dare you" this isn't coercion, and it isn't alliance - it's an economic fascism driven by people like the Koch brothers, the US banking system and anyone that can put money in Republican pockets. No wonder his party support him, I bet right now they're being bombarded with offers of cash from US companies lining up to be next in line for the benefits of Trump's global trade controls.
  9. OutByEaster?

    Cricket: General Chat

    Well done to the sweaties, great game of cricket. Now we have to listen to them bang on about if for a decade.
  10. OutByEaster?

    U.S. Politics

    Almost the opposite is truer I'd say - people will live with the slightly dishevelled, not quite slick Corbyn politician in order to support the policies. The last month of Trump has been very interesting - corporate America moving from a 'we'll make some rules, and those of us in the club will all make money' attitude of the last thirty years to a new 'the big lion eats first and the rest of you will have what you're given' approach. The US no longer wishes to share anything with its dependents.
  11. OutByEaster?

    Going Under ?

    See if you can guess who has been running our catering since February 2017 on a five year deal.
  12. OutByEaster?

    Going Under ?

    I think you're right on giving it 48 hours. If the tax bill gets paid then I think we can assume that the Villapocalypse isn't happening.
  13. OutByEaster?

    Season Ticket Renewal

    For those like myself that have already renewed, is our money and ticket 'safe' in the current scenario. If we go into administration could these tickets be annulled or similar? Does anyone know how that works?
  14. OutByEaster?

    Keith Wyness

    In fairness, football and football players was never his business - he was the football club sale equivalent of an estate agent that people seem to have confused with an architect. He'd be the right person to bring in if Xia was selling the football club under normal circumstances, but he'll never be a CEO. Those three above are costing us £6m a year. I have a horrible feeling that's half our wage budget!
  15. OutByEaster?

    Keith Wyness

    There's nothing for him to sell!