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  1. He has played in the Premier league in central midfield. I think he'll start tomorrow. I don't think he's by any means a long term solution, but he's a safer bet than Lansbury or Ramsey right now.
  2. In the case of Luiz though we risk losing the player for a lot less than his market value should City decide that's what they want to do. We have Luiz this season because City say so - if they chose otherwise, then yes, both teams would profit on the initial fee we paid, but the control, the decision making lies with City - I'm sure we're not satisfied with that. I think we'd be reluctant to take on another loan with buyback option because of that loss of control.
  3. I think because we agreed a buy back clause for Luiz and have found it not to our liking. The way prices have been heading this summer, his buy back price is horribly good value.
  4. Vassilev is on from the bench for Burton, he'll have half an hour to make a first impression.
  5. I don't think there's a more damning indictment of this government than that they haven't been able to get their badges out to NHS staff. That's the badges they've given out instead of pay rises, instead of better working hours or conditions, the badges they're giving out instead of free parking, or instead of decent functional equipment - those badges. They can't even do their wrong right.
  6. Chelsea next. They're giving everyone a three game start before launching the great escape nice and early I see.
  7. In fairness, pretty much all of the reactions on there were both polite and in good spirits.
  8. He's the BBC's Chief Football writer - in theory, that makes him the most senior football journalist in the UK. A position that carries a huge amount of prestige - and one that no journalist would want to jeopardise by confessing they've not done even the most rudimentary research before writing an article.
  9. McNulty seems quite upset about the whole thing. I think he's taken a punt this morning without having done even the most rudimentary research and whilst he's probably realised he looks like a tit, he's in no way ready to admit that. In terms of "unforseen" opportunities - I'd refer him to the 320 pages of foreseeing on Rashica. Daft thing to say given that the club said the opposite yesterday, I'm sure he knows it was daft, I'm sure his ego won't admit that, I'm sure his twitter feed will light up when we sign a player next week.
  10. That's daylight robbery surely? Is there some reason that Liverpool want to keep Mendes happy?
  11. I'm pretty sure they said that when season tickets next go on sale, the existing season ticket holders would still have priority to purchase their previous seat.
  12. Stoke or Gillingham for us at VP if we beat Bristol City. I'll take that.
  13. Lee Hendrie about to do the honours. I'll take either the worst team left in it or Spurs please. (If we get past Bristol City in the third round).
  14. Gents. We're all excited. But can I again ask that you try to keep the thread on Rashica, and the potential transfer of Rashica. Thank you.
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