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  1. Surely if we level up our most prosperous and successful people, that wealth will naturally trickle down to the working man in the street?
  2. For me last season as the season ticket holder when I was taking my nephew, the seats either side of mine were also season ticket holders, so I had to move to a place elsewhere in the ground (usually the Upper Trinity) where there were two seats together.
  3. Do you usually mute the sound when her videos are on. Y'know, with your free hand.
  4. Not the greatest turnout at the Emptihad tonight.
  5. It's an interesting theory, but I'm not going with it. Schumacher would do that, I always felt that his assisted accidents were the result of a keen strategic brain; that he knew when the accident might happen, where it would happen and how it would happen, well in advance of it. I think in the case of Max's accident it was more a tantrum, I don't think he envisaged a crash going into the chicane, I think he was just furious and determined to get past and when it didn't happen he did the F1 equivalent of a rage quit.
  6. Football Insider. Which is actually Dutch for made up bollocks.
  7. Robin Johnson, the owner of Football Insider is an Arsenal fan who started out with a website called Arsenalinsider. Most of the stories are now made up by a chap called Wayne Veysey, he once worked for the Shropshire star and is from Shrewsbury, so could well support a MIldands team with a raging inferiority complex although there are rumours he's a Spurs fan. He wanted to be a proper journalist, but has since found a more comfortable niche in creative football writing. He's responsible for an awful lot of the complete garbage written about football in this country. My understanding is that Wayne Veysey is in a battle for his job after Robin found a monkey that picks stock phrases from a board in the office to make stories. "That's it monkey, one from the player board "Marcus Rashford", very good, now the action board, "is furious with", okay, good, and now the final board "Everton". Excellent, "Marcus Rashford is furious with Everton after talks breakdown" print it and list it against our football insider source - right then...pub?" Dean Smith on the other hand, is not under any threat of losing his job.
  8. Brilliant result for football against the ESL at the Wankdorf!
  9. Less than a hundred currently on sale - I think we can start thinking about this one as a sell out.
  10. Another partnership added today in the form of Parimatch. They've added two other clubs today and are now official partners with us, Chelsea, Everton, Leicester and Southampton. Hopefully it's a few more quid in the piggybank.
  11. I don't think Max ever gets alongside - I think pretty much every other driver on the grid, including Lewis as he proved earlier the race, gives up on the corner and cuts it, the accident is a choice that Verstappen makes. Max's mindset is that everyone should give way to him, that is his god given right, anyone that is in his way is by default doing the wrong thing, in this case, he's heated from the pit stop, he's involved in a tough battle for the title and he's unwilling to consider ceding the corner despite being behind and despite there being no room for him to do anything but cut the corner, so he chooses to put his car into a place where he knows he'll hit Lewis. The accident is a decision that Max makes and I think that's recognised by the stewards. His behaviour immediately following the accident is disgraceful and I think exposes a lack of character, it's a boy kicking his bike - that's what you get if you don't give me space - it's indicative of the attitude he has to racing and I suspect to life where he is the only human being on the planet that matters. He's appalled that he hasn't been given his own way. The psychological thing with Max where his enormous sense of entitlement leads him into poor decisions and endangers others drivers is a massive weakness and I would hate for him to win a world championship without learning the lesson that the world is repeatedly trying to teach him. He's a good enough driver to be world champion, but he's not a good enough man to deserve it.
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