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  1. I've been thinking about the other options, Boris, the 18th century, Hunt etc. I feel a little bit ill. I know it's a bit of a big ask, but do they have a candidate with any sort of humanity?
  2. OutByEaster?

    U.S. Politics

    It's hard to make an argument that the Democrat party doesn't exist for exactly the same purpose too in fairness.
  3. OutByEaster?

    Academy General Topic

    Jacob Ramsey - first time I recall seeing him, he's impressive driving at the defence, sometimes looked like he wasn't so good when he had a lot of time and was looking for a pass, but his instinctive stuff is excellent - he had a really good game.
  4. I kind of got from Juncker today that he believes the language of the deal is the only thing that now has some room for negotiation. He's not going to change the deal but he's quite willing to explain it to us again in a slightly different way if we didn't understand the words first time around.
  5. OutByEaster?

    Fans Consultancy Group Meeting

    There's an absolute mass of stuff in there - I think that reflects the effort the club has gone to in order to connect the questions raised with those responsible for the answers. Have a read through and decide for yourselves.
  6. OutByEaster?

    Fans Consultancy Group Meeting

    So, here are the notes from that follow up meeting:
  7. OutByEaster?

    U.S. Politics

    Did Trump really send people out to a climate change summit this week and have them push the benefits of US coal? Ah, yes he did. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/that-was-awkward--at-worlds-biggest-climate-conference-us-promotes-fossil-fuels/2018/12/10/aa8600c4-f8ae-11e8-8642-c9718a256cbd_story.html?utm_term=.1954824ab806 This quote stands out. By "country" in that sentence, it's pretty clear he doesn't mean population - the country is not the American people, it's American business, and he doesn't believe that American business should have to sacrifice economic prosperity just for the sake of the survival of human life on the planet.
  8. OutByEaster?

    The When Will Dem Get Flu Thread?

    When he's etten all his diner.
  9. OutByEaster?

    Academy General Topic

    I went and it was a good game, we started really brightly (the opening three minutes were bonkers) but we faded badly after an hour. I thought Wright and Ramsey were both really impressive in the first half, I liked the look of McConnachie and Revan looked better as the game went on - our keeper also looks very decent. Indiana Vasilev works like Sisyphus (which means he works hard) fair play to him, he put a huge shift in. We were shattered after an hour and fair play to Swansea, they battled on - their number 11, number 8 and especially their number 2 looked decent and they showed good character in coming back. Our fourth goal is a thing of beauty. It was good to see the entire staff seemingly there, Dean Smith, Richard O'Kelly, John Terry and Neil Cutler joined by Christian Purslow and Jesus Pitarch in a nice warm hospitality box. I'm sure they enjoyed it. Onwards to a home tie with (probably) Reading, somewhere around the 14th or 15th January.
  10. OutByEaster?

    Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi 2018/19

    As I wrote that sentence out, I did wonder if I was being a bit harsh on both Zidane and Cruyff.
  11. OutByEaster?

    Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi 2018/19

    The Brazilian Ronaldo isn't at the same level at the Portuguese Ronaldo for me, he's more in that Zidane, Ronaldinho, Cruyff band who were incredible in their own right, but not quite where the big three are. In all honesty, I'm not sure the Brazilian Ronaldo makes my top six or seven - he might not be top ten. For me, the two Argentinians are almost inseparable at the top of the pile - I'll give it to Maradona, because he could do it while he was off his face.
  12. So the delay turns it into my deal or no deal and rules out everything in between I guess. She really is appalling.
  13. Is she going back to the EU expecting them to move on the backstop? If so, what is it she's going to offer them in return? What is it of ours that she thinks she can sell cheap enough to keep her job and force this mess through?
  14. OutByEaster?

    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    Again, I agree with you on the other points - but Rodriguez gets away with three different things here. Firstly it's a foul on the keeper, the keeper has his hands on the ball and Rodriguez barges into him and fouls him. Now I can understand how the officials don't give that one for a couple of different reasons; firstly it's in a mess of bodies and isn't the easiest to see from behind play and secondly because our keeper's lack of aggression makes it difficult for him to pick up fouls other keepers would because he never looks like he has the confidence to be in control to start with, even when he's got the ball in his hands. Secondly, he knocks the ball away from the keeper with his hand, it's his hand that makes contact with the ball and knocks it out of Nyland's grasp. This is the one where you might get a ball to hand claim - he wasn't trying to knock the ball clear with his hand, he was just trying to foul the keeper in the hope he could get him to drop it. Thirdly, when the ball is on the ground and he's on the ground, he thinks it's going wide or losing momentum or both and steers it into the goal with his right hand - that's a clear and obvious deliberate handball - the linesman should be spotting that. The referee should really be spotting that. It's poor from the officials. Ultimately it's one incident in a whole lot of incidents in a really good game between two really good sides - the result could have been decided in a whole host of other ways and we've missed opportunities to take that incident out of the picture - what's frustrating is that when you miss chances, or when your opposition beat you with good play, you can accept it, it's your own responsibility and your own failing - we could and should have scored more - Abraham will be frustrated, but for the team the frustration will be that responsibility for the final result was taken out of their hands by the officials. I think that's a shame given that I thought it was a really good game, one where Albion were dangerous throughout and dominant for a period after half time but one we probably deserved on the balance of play. I'm not massively upset by the result, I'm thoroughly enjoying watching us play and I think the season promises a whole lot. You never know, maybe the magical lie about these things balancing themselves out will come true for us. I think this season, if we can keep players fit, we might be good enough for it not to matter.
  15. OutByEaster?

    U23 Development League 2018/2019

    The goals are on Southampton's twitter feed.