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  1. Mitchell Clark

    I thought he was outstanding - he was occasionally out of position defensively and got the wrong side of his man, but he was well supported and his recovery chasing was excellent. What really impressed me was what he did on the ball, a great ball down the line for Bjarnason settled his nerves and then a lovely ball over the top for Adomah which should have resulted in a goal ten minutes later. He looked measured, assured and confident - not in the slightest bit overawed - congratulations to him on a very impressive debut.
  2. Jake Doyle-Hayes

    Gardner. Villan4life's mate has it bang on - he made some great bursts from out of defence and his distribution was really, really good. I thought he looked better tonight than he does for the reserves - he looked very much at home.
  3. Jake Doyle-Hayes

    He didn't, tonight was his debut - I think you're thinking of O'Hare.
  4. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wigan

    So, no sooner do I claim we've a thin squad of ageing players who just aren't putting in performances for our predictable, dour, defensive manager than we win two games in four days, with two completely different elevens, dominated by youngsters, playing some very good football. Mr Bruce, you've made me look a tit. Good. Tonight, I thought young Clark was outstanding at left back and Doyle-Hayes was excellent in his impression of Whelan - they both showed courage both on and off the ball, confidence and most importantly some really excellent passing ability. They were very ably supported by the more senior players - I gave Bjarnason man of the match, with two assists, a goal and some very fine support for a teenage full back making his debut - but Adomah was excellent and Hogan was sharp and dangerous, he'll be disappointed not to have made it two Villa hat tricks this week - in fairness, if he could figure out staying onside he could have six. O'Hare was lively - he did the same job as Davis, but in a completely different way - allowing us to link midfield to attack and to bring the midfield into the game - the 4-4-1-1 really suits both him and Hogan. It's worth remembering that we started the game with four very young players - I think it's credit to Bree that we don't think of him as a kid anymore. It was interesting to note that at half time, Bree and DeLaet were swapped over. with Bree playing centre back and DeLaet out to right back in the second half and a promising sign for us that we finished the game with a back four that featured three very capable teenagers. We were good, we were dangerous, capable, organised and the team worked hard for each other - it could and should have been more. You win this one Mr Bruce. Which of course means we all do. Ta very much.
  5. U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Stoke said it was Abdo with the goal? I think the result reflects that some of our better youngsters are with the first team tomorrow.
  6. U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Stoke's twitter is better - and they lead 1-0.
  7. Pre-match thread

    No O'Hare in today's reserve side - so I think it's safe to assume he'll play.
  8. U23 Development League 2017/2018

    AVFC twitter has something.
  9. U23 Development League 2017/2018

    I'm guessing there's no coverage of this anywhere? There's nothing I can find on the official site.
  10. Conor Hourihane

    In the current market, I'd want £4m for Gardner. £4m in Premier league terms isn't a transfer fee, it's a salary; I'd be looking for four times that.
  11. Pre-match thread

    Be interesting to see the selection for todays U23 game - it might give us a couple of clues on how tomorrow will look.
  12. Like with Hamas? The US doesn't really believe in democracy - it's proven that time and time again, both at home and abroad - it just likes the word. I think in general, Corbyn chooses to side with the side that's right - Ireland is an island, it should be one country - it's not because an imperialist power (in this case us) needed its natural resources (in this case its ports) - Palestine should be a flourishing member of the international community, it's an open prison being starved to death because an imperialist power (in this case the USA) supports a client state that needed its natural resources (in this case land), Venezuela should be one of the richest nations on earth, a Saudi Arabia of South America, it's not because over more than half a century an imperialist power (in this case corporate USA) has systematically prevented any form of stability that might result in Venezuelans rather than US oil companies benefitting from its natural resources (in this case oil.) What's often wrong about siding with the side that's right is that oppression breeds violence and chaos from which unsavoury groups often emerge - to believe in a united Ireland doesn't mean believing in blowing up shopping centres, to believe in a free Palestinian state doesn't mean believing in suicide bombings, to believe in a Venezuela that exists primarily for the benefit of Venezuelans doesn't mean believing in whatever bad things our papers are peddling today - but - it's hard to separate these things, and in politics in particular that separation becomes incredibly difficult when the forces of violence and chaos become the only place where resistance converges, it's hard to find anyone else to talk to about the bit that's right when all that's out there are violent men. I'm not particularly familiar with the argument about the newspaper article, but I'm guessing the difficulty wasn't in how it compared to political discussion with difficult groups, I'm guessing it's because it was fundamentally 'not right'. Method and means are very difficult paths, but I think that initial judgement is simpler.
  13. Pre-match thread

    He can....but it's can not does. I'm not sure he's either comfortable or good there.
  14. Season Ticket Renewal

    I think the Pride Rewards scheme was supposed to start initially for the start of the season, then for the start of August, the last thing I can find on any of the clubs main communication channels is from the 3rd August which said it would start "next week" - there are some good ideas in it I think, and some good ideas in a few areas at the club - but this season has come a little suddener than they seem to have prepared for.
  15. Season Ticket Renewal

    I don't think you can yet can you?