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  1. Palace, Reading and Burnley all winning probably isn't good for us,
  2. Dear Mrs Ramsey, the boys have done great this week, fishfingers for tea please!
  3. 1-1 Aaron Ramsey! A good week at the Ramsey house!
  4. 0-0 at half time. It does look like we're struggling for numbers a bit. Still, this inexperienced team is holding its own.
  5. Menagerie at the Hummingbird was often an almost surreal experience. I remember watching a bouncer approach some kid lying on the floor unconscious, he sort of arranged him into the recovery position, went through his pockets, stole what he found there and wandered on. Those were happy days in a haze of Red Stripe, allsorts and big hair.
  6. For me it's one that ultimately the ref has got right, Targett deserved the booking for holding onto Roberts and I think a booking is right for Robert's retaliation. I think Mike Dean would have sent Roberts off, but that's why Mike Dean is what we all think he is.
  7. It was definitely a kick, he span round throwing and arm and a kick at Targett in frustration as Targett was holding him to prevent a quick free kick. He went down, he got up, nobody surrounded the referee, it was all a bit of a nothing. It was made something because Hinchcliffe on commentary didn't notice the kick and assumed that Targett had gone down as a way to pretend that the swing of the arm had caught him. Without the commentary I don't think anyone makes a fuss. In fairness, if Roberts had actually kicked Hinchcliffe I'm not sure he'd have noticed it, he seems particularly
  8. How so for Targett? I mean, I can see how you might think he could have been sent off from a Leeds perspective, but I can't see any play acting - he went down holding his calf when Roberts kicked him on his calf, but I think that's because Roberts kicked him on his calf.
  9. Doesn't seem to be unless Sunderland are just keeping it really close to their chest.
  10. Halsey was dreadful. When he was bored in games and had nothing he was supposed to fix, he had this habit of giving five or six bad but small decisions in the middle of the park in a sort of hectic way as if there was an absolute bar fight going on, then once he'd got the players all wound up he'd book two of them for nothing. He's still top of my list.
  11. The amazing thing about this modern Leeds - Villa rivalry for me is that we think they are the most despicable bunch of diving cheats operating in the modern game whilst we are hard done by and they think that we're the most despicable bunch of diving cheats operating in the modern game whilst they are hard done by. You wouldn't think that such diametrically opposed views could survive being tested twice a year in actual games, yet at the end of each match, each of us comes away with what we'd consider as rock solid evidence to support our belief - it's an impressive thing. Anyway, w
  12. He's not far off right there though in fairness, there's a lot of dross in the Spurs side (along with three or four with real quality). It's great to see them arguing with a bit of passion about something rather than the usual matey garbage in fairness.
  13. Was there a place called XL's at Five Ways, some sort of rock/indie thing in the mid-90's. Also, does anyone know the name of the place that was in the old ITV studios next to Alpha Tower, I seem to remember going a couple of times and it being a bitt moody. Spent most of my time in the Hummingbird, Snobs and Edwards.
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