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  1. I don't think we've strengthened yet. Our CB partnership at the end of the season was Mings and Tuanzebe. Right now it's Chester and Bree. I'd disagree with the folks above - I think we need three CB's - one of those could be Hause, one needs to be Mings and I think we need another one. It pains me to say it, but I don't think Chester will be back at this level. I'd like to see Mings and Hause in asap - I'm sure the manager will want his squad largely in place by the time we go to the states, so maybe four weeks at most.
  2. Just watched it - either of those things on their own would be disgraceful, but together they're juts bizarre.
  3. I don't think Deehan got 20 in a league season with us. I think he got 12 in 1976-77.
  4. Blimey - I'm trying to figure out when that would have been. 1976-77 might be a possibility I guess? Gray, Graydon and Little, 42 years ago? Edit - nope, Little got 14 league goals that season. 1974-75? Edit again - nope Graydon got 19 league goals that year. I give up!
  5. Absolutely - but when you're selling to the whoppers and to the police and making a tidy sum out of both - you'll continue your "investment" in the political system to make sure nothing changes. We see a problem in US policing and US crime because people get killed. US democracy isn't about people - while there's a profit there isn't a problem.
  6. Problem? With the sales figures on armoured vehicles and increased weaponry to the US police forces currently (all taxpayer funded, so no issues on the money running out) you'll have trouble persuading many in congress that there's a problem. The Police are profitable; the police are running well.
  7. OutByEaster?

    Ethan Ampadu

    There is no chance Ampadu would be coming here to play in our U23's. He's got eight full senior international caps. He'd be a great signing on a permanent deal, but I think he'd be pricey.
  8. I do wonder if our constant "Announce Mings" and the clear and overwhelming desire from the supporters and from other players in the squad for him to join might be having an influence on matters. It's not impossible that we agreed a fee with Bournemouth a while ago and the sticking point is Mings' personal demands - right now he could ask for an awful lot of money and we'd be under a fair amount of pressure to give it to him. A story where the club agreed a fee but wouldn't pay the wage would be potentially damaging to the club's current momentum. If I'm his agent I'm licking my lips. I should say that's complete speculation on my part and I've no idea what's happening behind the scenes - just a theory on why things might be perceived to be taking a little longer than might be expected.
  9. It's 3,000 minimum for Premier League games. So we're most likely looking at putting on sale around 38,000 home tickets each week. It's vital to have some 'churn' in that, so that different people get to see the team each week. We've sold over 20,000 season tickets already - if we sell another 6,000 then we'll need to start thinking about how we sell the remaining tickets. You don't want to get to a point where if you want to see Villa at home, you need to know a season ticket holder because the tickets rarely make general sale. The fixtures have worked out well for us in terms of sale too - with the traditional big selling dates having he right teams for selling tickets = first home game and boxing day are Bournemouth and Norwich which might not otherwise sell out. If season ticket demand is there - the club might have a host of new problems they're not expecting - the kind of problems that we like.
  10. I know nothing about him, but the first thing I notice is that he's flipping' massive! He's got a fourteen foot wingspan and arms like clubs. If we've got this one right he could be a proper talisman.
  11. I bet they are! This guy has done a tremendous job for them - I hope he can do the same for us. We potentially just got the whole region back.
  12. No. It's as a replacement for Sean Kimberley. Isn't Hughes the U18's Head Coach rather than Academy manager? Mark Harrison by the way is very, very highly rated - Albion have a raft of young players that have been recruited locally and got to the semi-final of last seasons FA Youth Cup - he's had a big influence on them dominating the region for the last few years - this one is a coup.
  13. Timing will be interesting now - we'll want to go to Minnesota with the foundations of our squad in place. We'll set off for the states in around 30 days.
  14. The BBC is one of those things where if you can get an impact on its programming, not only do you weaken its neutrality on news and opinion, but you also weaken the idea of it as a viable alternative to billionaire financed news sources, in doing that you create the situation where people call for an end to its existence - and removing one of the few defences they have against that corporate control of news. At its best, it's an independent broadcaster on an enormous scale, capable of putting out news that isn't directly controlled by an oligarch or corporate interest - it ought to be the prized possession of a well run, functioning democracy - a genuinely free press on a dominant scale. The influence that politics inflicts on it through money is a disease - but killing the patient does more for those funding the disease than those hoping for better. I believe the BBC is worth fighting for - it needs independent guaranteed funding that cannot be affected by change from government - it needs complete independence from party political or financial interest. Easier said than done I realise, but still worth the fight in my opinion.
  15. Ah, now. I got slightly confused. It could be tomorrow - I've a feeling it'll be next week though - there was a lot to make notes on. Sorry.
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