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  1. And that would say more about you than her? But I hope you got my point?
  2. She was drunk and a girlfriend dared her to do it?
  3. I get what you mean ... OK ... if someone makes a "mistake" does that make them unintelligent?. I've done some unintelligent stuff over my sixty odd years ... I don't think that in of itself makes me unintelligent. But based on experience I would be suspicious. If my marital status did not preclude it, and I was interested in that sort of thing, surely the intelligent thing would be to investigate.
  4. OK? If this woman was intelligent, outgoing, attractive, liberated, had a sense of humour and sane, you would rule her out; because?
  5. I generally agree with your post here. As someone who could do a reasonable impression of a English Brit, I always thought the British Isles should have been one political unit. That way the habit drinking beer at cellar temperatures could be more easily protected.
  6. I've always read it as coveting next door's wife's ass. But what do I know? Regarding your shower ponderings ... "inert" is the wrong word. Perhaps inanimate?
  7. cf Agreed ... But it is marginally better than an off the cuff opinion.
  8. I just did a quick search regarding the property managers. I could not find a definitive answer, but as the picket was around SmartHomes, for the moment I will presume they are the property managers. Now a very quick preliminary search has not identified any obvious "scumbag" activity. If it turns out this is not as bad as it looks, will we be sending a note of apology to the folks at SmartHomes, being big on responsibility 'n all?
  9. There's nothing to apologize for ... but thanks anyway. I suspect we all do at times. But end of the day we are expressing opinions about Bruce with minimal information. I could be wrong here of course, but I would be interested in what Bruce did or did not know. ps keep up the pro bono work.
  10. I am removed a little bit from British politics these days ... but in my lifetime the Labour Party have had only two electable leaders: Wilson and Blair. What's going on? Has the country moved that much to the authoritarian-right?
  11. I agree with what you wrote. But not knowing the facts does not spoil the fun of being righteous.
  12. Strange ... I had something similar in my teenage years and young/middle adulthood. I always called them my Sunday headaches. I always associate with dark Sunday late afternoons in Kings Heath. Mine were not like clockwork, maybe three times a year. And not as bad as your Dad's. I sometimes could walk them off by going into the daylight. Painful but it worked. Luckily ... not had too many in the last twenty or so years. 1999 ... visiting the Del Prado (Madrid) first and only on a Saturday. God, the Goya exhibit was depressing. This was the first time it was sufficiently bad where the he
  13. The Dean Smith thread is positively weird. The universe fundamentally is at least fundamentally chaotic. Let's say we agree on a substitution that we all can agree on as being "correct". Now, we have to wait until there is a stoppage in play, for the substitution to happen. Dean does not control this aspect of the game. The imagined optimum substitution at the sixty-ninth may not be the same as seventy-first minute. Football is chaotic. At best we can deal with probabilities and we (including Dean) don't have access to data, never mind sufficient data to reduce the probabilistic
  14. especially prior to Trick of the Tail
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