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  1. Yep all sorts of people can be nice. I do my civic duty and invite my JWs in and keep them long as possible, pointing out the inconsistences in their postilions. Your JWs drink coffee? I got the impression they did not. Could be wrong. Sadly they don't seem to come any more. On another note. Regarding the two major Abrahamic faiths ... I never got the hang of believing ... 2000 y ago an angel came to a lady called Miriam (or whatever it is in Aramaic) and foretold of a godly inspired birth (by some accounts, a parthenogenetic birth). This belief is beyond my skill set. Could a passing Christian or Muslim Villa fan explain where Jesus got his Y chromosome from?
  2. A little bit about myself and a juxtaposition of Aston Villa and religion … nothing terribly original
  3. Been married for 43 years now. When we first met she was not my type … but that somehow changed when she made a pass at me. We had been in the same circles for two years prior to that. The short answer is it [love] changes.
  4. Funnily enough for me you guys are 8 hours behind, but tomorrow?
  5. Yes that is true … some have their machine on the rocks in the local stream. Mine wanders around the house doing chores, vacuuming, dusting, cooking etc. But a bit more seriously we have a room for the washing machine and drier. Canada Most detached houses have two floors … the main living space and bedrooms tend to be upstairs, and the washer drier combination can be found on either floor.
  6. I am looking forward to August. Getting up on Saturday morning, finishing up the bacon and eggs. Reading the VillaTalk comments. Finally some Premier League wingeing and whining about the club. None of this second tier stuff. I am happy now. Back where we should be.
  7. Well good luck fighting those demonic forces with God.
  8. You appear to say here, you believed in the Devil and that made your belief in a god somehow reasonable? Personally I would be far from sure of a belief in the Devil. If someone does something really horrific I would not attribute that to a supernatural being, nor would I attribute something to god when someone does something nice. To me it seems perfectly obvious that just is the way the world is.
  9. So you agree a logical or reasoned argument won't win you over and that those of us who wish to proselytize atheism should be reaching for an emotional hook?
  10. So you think it is a reasonable possibility Jesus is the son of God? But you might be skeptical that an angel foretold of the immaculate conception, but it was immaculate nevertheless? If so what persuades you? This does not quite make sense to me Mr Rugeley. You believe God is a possibility, fair enough; but, you believe (apparently unconditionally) there is a devil? Is this not a bit of a tautology? Perhaps, I think I see the light now without having any fantastic beliefs? What are my reasons for needing this belief. Here are some sayings reportedly from Jesus: Otherwise, avoid rules and follow the truth you discover yourself. Act from awareness, not habit or convention. Don’t blindly repeat rituals. Don’t trust those with spiritual pretensions.
  11. I have not watched the video and I am sure it is quite erudite on the subject matter. I am guessing the problem with this kind of argument is, it is all brain and no heart. Religion has wormed its way into some people's hearts the same way science has into mine. So people I think can understand the logic behind the arguments against (certain aspects) of a particular religion, but things like science and logic might not meet everyone's needs. So to win people over from religion, an emotional hook is needed. God knows what that might be.
  12. Fair enough. So I presume you don't believe that Jesus was literally the son of god? If so the little prayer you posted does not quite make sense, at least not to me. OK, you believe in a "higher power". Is this like a personal higher power, that is represented in the Abrahamic religions? eg this higher power actually cares about you and me?
  13. I am not making the claim that it is true. I can show you no more evidence that an angel did not come to a woman and foretell of some kind immaculate conception than for fairies under my garden shed. But there is a whack load of absence of evidence for their existence. So you believe in something that you have no evidence for. Fair enough.
  14. What is your actual evidence for believing this, Mr Rugeley?
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