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  1. At least you won't be full of sh!te for a bit.
  2. I would like to see Sansom for a few games.
  3. One of the ladies' cups had an interesting concept ... If it is a draw each team gets a point and then have penalties for an extra point.
  4. Better than Bielsa and Potter, I get it.
  5. So would you take Wenger or Mourinho instead of Smith? Would Pep do a better job?
  6. What I find strange is that reasonably intelligent adults don't seem understand that people make mistakes, even so called basic ones ... including Dean Smith
  7. Agree ... Apparently it was the Pear Tree before that (way before my time). The last time I was in there (whatever it was called) in 1986, it struck me as a relatively clean but plastic pub. I wish when they renovated the place they kept some of the old time character. In the seventies it was definitely down market but had character.
  8. I think, as a group, that it is us fans that need to understand the players, management and the game in general. The posts as a whole on VillaTalk in reaction to yesterday's match did not even reach the standard of amateurish. Amateurs can actually be good. They were infantile. I ended up taking the afternoon off from VillaTalk yesterday it was generally so puerile.
  9. They can look forward to public floggings of miscreant players.
  10. It is important to have someone to blame, whether it be the players, Dean, the referee. The universe is fundamentally chaotic. Having said that I personally blame the Wolves players for the loss.
  11. Well pick which one you think is the worst (I thought they were good) and give the new one a miss. The worst one will be ten times better than the new one. Interestingly the Daniel Craig Bond movies were routinely showed/rerun on tele in my bit of Canada.
  12. Yes we want nothing but the best British atoms on display in British museums.
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