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  1. Shows you how bad our backups are that a half fit Barkley still plays 90 minutes.
  2. He's doing so well city would be mad not to buy him back next summer for whatever the agreed price was.
  3. This was happening all through the first half but it got worse if anything in the second half. I'd love to know what tactical changes were done at half time because they certainly didn't work.
  4. Workrate or not he doesn't have the ability to justify his place in the team. Can't beat a player, zero pace and can't trap a bag of cement.
  5. Let the over reaction commence. Well done Leeds they were much better than us on the night and deserved the win. Hopefully Smith can learn something from the game because they exposed us down the flanks and we couldn't do any thing to stop it. Leeds will stay up this season, comfortably.
  6. Totally outplayed and Smith found wanting when the game plan needed to be changed. It was always going to happen at some point. We will blow hot and cold all season.
  7. Or just someone who can play football. Bertie to come on asap please.
  8. Why does he ever try to beat players? Does he not know that he's slow as tar.
  9. In theory their high pressing style should set up perfectly for our counter attacking game.
  10. This is a myth, one widely publicised by cabbage himself to protect his "reputation". He turned us from an underachieving midtable championship team with a huge wage bill to an underachieving mid table championship team with a huge wage bill.
  11. villa89


    They have hit a ceiling because they dont have the money to buy the players needed to get into the top 4.
  12. He's United's best defender but olè never picks him.
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