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  1. Well I was expecting it to be bad but it was beyond terrible. I'm not sure how it could have been worse really. Wasnt helped by more shoddy acting and terrible dialogue. A hugely disappointing season and a sad end to a once great TV show. The writers managed to lose the one thing that made the show great and that was that the unexpected could happen. It wasnt about Hollywood storylines and bowing down to fan pressure. Its actually amazing they could make such a balls of it given that they had 5 series written for them by GRR Martin.
  2. Interesting move but probably one that Sony had to make. They don't have the infrastructure to really compete in a disc-less world of streaming.
  3. If he was good enough he'd be in the team. Whelan and Hourihane are bang average, if he can't get in ahead of them he's not up to it.
  4. villa89

    James Chester

    Still could happen this summer if we don't go up.
  5. They have to play them otherwise they would just be training for 3 weeks waiting around for the EL final.
  6. Talk about a sponsor ruining a kit, bring back Muller yogurts.
  7. That Leeds keeper is woeful. Does he ever stay on his line?
  8. It was insane that hourihane or someone else didn't tell him to piss off. It was setup for a left footer.
  9. Has any team ever lost two playoff finals in a row?
  10. , he's lower championship quality at best. His passing is woeful, the only asset he has is scoring goals and crosses/freekicks. In general play he isn't up to it.
  11. What WBA have shown when they've played us is that we can be bullied physically in games. Leeds know this too and if we play them in the final we better be up for the physical challenge and cynical fouling that will come our way.
  12. One win away from promotion and an exciting summer of transfers and Jack signing a new contract. One loss away from near total squad obliteration and a summer of cuts, job losses and misery. No pressure.
  13. He was miles better than green tonight despite the laughably bad penalty.

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