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  1. villa89

    John Terry

    Delete me
  2. villa89

    The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    I think it's reiterating just how spineless refs are. Now alot of that is the lack of support they get but refs are petrified to make any decision. They dont punish divers, they don't punish players shouting in their face, they see obvious fouls in the box that would be freekicks anywhere else on the pitch and don't give penalties, they don't punish time wasting, the list goes on.
  3. villa89

    E3 2018

    That's what happens with every recent Nintendo console. You should have known that when you bought it. They haven't had any proper 3rd party support for their consoles for years.
  4. villa89

    Fixtures 18/19

    meh, i don't see that as an issue at all to be honest.
  5. villa89

    Fixtures 18/19

    What's the problem?
  6. The faster Iran get knocked out the better. I don't like watching games on mute.
  7. Oh great more horns. They aren't annoying at all.
  8. villa89


    Fingers crossed they get top four. Only then will the football powers do something about the cancer that is football agents.
  9. villa89

    Jack Grealish

    It's not just when the world cup is on, it's all the time.
  10. villa89

    Tony Xia

    Well given the current situation and desperation of our owner it could be the case that you get good chunk of the club for not a lot of money. Then in the (unlikely) event we get promoted at some time in the future suddenly your investment would be worth 3 or 4 times what you paid for it. I wouldn't put in a penny while Dr. Dodgy is involved if it was my money.
  11. villa89

    Tony Xia

    I'd prefer to see "Dr." X turfed out of the club permanently. I don't want to see a situation where he sells a percentage of the club but keeps majority control. It's not clear from that tweet if it's a full sale or just new investment.
  12. villa89

    Media and punditry

    Will there be a minutes silence before every game from now on given that poor Mohammad salah is going out of the tournament? Christ the bbc coverage is abysmal.
  13. God those stupid horns are unbearable. You'd think after the south africa world cup fiasco they would be confiscated from fans.
  14. Well that'll paper over the cracks. If they play like that against a half decent side in the last 16 they'll be out.
  15. by who England or Tunisia? Or both. Neither look capable of scoring.