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  1. Remember when he got rid of Alonso and brought in Alberto Aquilaini? That went well.
  2. villa89

    Ethan Ampadu

    We might have been but I doubt we would have taken him on a season long loan without any option to make it permanent.
  3. By miles. It should be pinot's to win now but you never know how the bodies will react in the third week. I just hope it's close going into Saturday. It would be nice to have a french winner but I wouldn't mind seeing Kruijswjk win.
  4. villa89

    James Chester

    Well if the rumours are true about his knee he wont be going anywhere.
  5. villa89

    Ørjan Nyland

    3rd choice is about his level to be fair...
  6. Its intentionally like that. The design would have been approved by multiple people so it's not an error. Although it does look like one.
  7. That's one of the first things I noticed. The misalignment is bizarre. Twitter is awash with rumours @NurembergVillan is outside kappa HQ with a trolley full of cabbages.
  8. Not a fan of either kit so far. The rumoured third kit has promise though.
  9. I find it baffling how people on here cant see the wood for the trees with this potato headed clown. I cant wait to see him fail at the toon.
  10. Does the hideous green and purple bum bag come free with the kit?
  11. To be honest you would. Wolves will put 4 or 5 past them during the season too.

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