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  1. To be fair any club would. Its £18m quid and a football club is a business at the end of the day.
  2. Classic mcleish performance, get a surprise 1-0 lead and then try to hold out to keep a clean sheet.
  3. villa89

    Scott Hogan

    Maybe cos of his injury record he cant play on artificial turf?
  4. villa89

    Scott Hogan

    Cos he's 100% shite. Can't get into an Ireland team that struggled to beat Gibraltar. Says it all.
  5. Woeful performance. How mick wasn't screaming at them to keep the ball on the deck I'll never know.
  6. Have to win your home games. There isn't enough games left to make mistakes
  7. Exactly this. The FFP thing is a joke the way its enforced. Without being an accountant it is hard to state a system that would work but the current one is a nonsense.
  8. Where's the lmarsha_926 mock up of a kappa version of next season's kit (*pallet background preferred)?
  9. To be honest I think he wasn't playing that good in first 7 months he was just popping up with a lot of goals. His general play was much better than it is now but I think people look back on the goals/assists he got at that time and think he was a better player than was. Just my opinion.
  10. This. With the embargo and no money they would have gone down next season with a -9 point start.
  11. villa89


    The Verge It begins...Xbox One SAD edition. Timed nicely to react to the launch of Stadia. Google Vs. MS in the battle for the cloud. If Google have any sense they'll try to partner up with Sony. MS using this as a test version to see what the reaction is I bet. In reality it's pointless buying a digital only Xbox unless it costs < £150. You can get really good deals on an Xbox currently with plenty of games included. Without the disc you can't buy second hand games from CeX etc. or play blu-rays.
  12. McLeish is a very poor manager, always has been always will be. The fact that they were stupid enough to give him the job once, nevermind twice, means I hope they crash and burn in their group.
  13. villa89


    Most people don't care about 'owning' media anymore. If you buy a game and it's in your game library for 15 years, it's been 12 years since you last played it and it disappears then who cares. Most likely the games will be around forever anyway much like you can still get the old games on steam etc., or old movies/TV shows on Netflix. If you look at the fine print of a game (AFAIK) you don't actually own it anyway, you just buy a licence to use it. People don't 'own' music anymore, they just have a spotify account or stream it from youtube, etc. It doesn't bother 99% of people.

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