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  1. Rosenior is the best pundit out there but wont ever get the big games because he's not "a name". The masses don't want intelligent analysis, they want Thierry henry feeling up Jamie carragher
  2. Leeds can't afford either, nevermind both.
  3. What a spurs thing to do given that we were willing to offer that last season and it was rejected. His value hasn't exactly gone down either.
  4. I think people are going to be disappointed if they think we'll be signing any £30m pound players. The only way that might happen is if we sell Jack. £30m players expect £100K a week (or higher) salaries. Watkins is exactly the type of level that we are shopping in.
  5. Would be a great signing for 18 million.
  6. Come on ireland! I have switched over to that instead of this terrible game.
  7. Hard for them to look good in team that's being dominated.
  8. Water break came at the right time for brentford
  9. Tammy Abraham. I've nothing against him but I think he'd be vastly overpriced compared to his ability if we did try to sign him.
  10. Still looks purple to me. It should much darker like red wine.
  11. Dean does double deal for Brentford Duo! Get Watkins and Benrahma when Fulham beat Brentford tonight.
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