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  1. It could be a cunning plan to make the £22m million spent on Wesley not look as bad. in the context of £15m for Luiz and £8.75m for Hassan Wesley doesn't look so over priced.
  2. Nyland Elmo Engels Mings Taylor Guilbert Nakamba Luiz Targett Jack Samatta I'd probably pick a team something like that. Putting Taylor into the team is madness but so is putting in El Ghazi or Hassan. No point risking SJM either, he's needed for the league. If it's possible to play two goal keepers I'd drop Taylor for Reina.
  3. If we were given a 3 goal head start we'd still lose.
  4. He's the boy who cried wolf. He goes down like he's been shot any time he's touched. Even if he was injured today nobody is going to believe him because he needs physio treatment 3 times in every game. If I was his team mate I'd be yelling at him to get up too. Coward.
  5. villa89

    Dean Smith

    We need to change back to 4 5 1 to get 3 central midfielders playing. We dont have the players to play 2 in the middle.
  6. All well and good saying players have played themselves out of next week but we don't have a squad so who's he going to play? El ghazi is a coward but if you drop him you have to play hassan. It's like choosing which Corona virus is going to kill you
  7. I think that's us gone down to be honest. We cant defend and rely on jack to do everything. The cup final next week could be embarrassing.
  8. Too many players in the team that are championship standard. Simple as that. 3 at the back is just papering over the cracks.
  9. Mings pissed off with el ghazi faking another injury. He's weak as piss.
  10. He's been the best player in the league but he wont get a look in for player of the year. Imagine voting for Jordan Henderson ahead of de bruyne? You would want to have had a lobotomy to do that.
  11. Anyone know why some of the RB lepzig players have their jersey sponsor in colour and some have it in just plain white?
  12. He's been dreadful for years. Just lucky he's at a club where they are too tight to replace him.
  13. It has been a continual theme of the season that we gift the opposition easy chances, usually by overplaying at the back or loss of concentration, and today it happened again numerous times. Poor defending has cost us alot of points this season and could be the difference between staying up and going down.
  14. Showed today how badly we missed a striker when wesley got injured. Crazy to go into the season with only wesley and the sick note Davis.
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