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  1. villa89


    The NBA regular season is a snoozefest. Wake me up when the playoffs start.
  2. villa89

    Pre-Match Thread

    Why 5-3-2? We only have two centre backs so why try to play this formation? I would anticipate we will be playing the standard 4-5-1 that the vast majority of teams play these days.
  3. villa89

    Pre-Match Thread

    The cabbage.
  4. villa89

    Republic of Ireland

    it's going to be a grim couple of years following Ireland.
  5. villa89

    Republic of Ireland

    It is actually funny just how clueless he is. He's an embarrassment and so is that overpaid clown Keane too.
  6. villa89

    Scott Hogan

    You obviously don't watch Ireland much. They are, and have been tonight, even worse than Villa under Bruce to watch. MON's caveman football is an assault on the eyes. As for Hogan he's on a hiding to nothing in that Ireland team. Messi would look rubbish in that mess.
  7. villa89

    Henri Lansbury

    Like what? Villa knew in the summer they were going to sack Bruce and replace him with Smith in October so they asked Smith who we should sign despite the fact that Bruce was still the manager? So we should give Smith credit for signing McGinn?
  8. villa89

    Dean Smith

    He came across well in the presser but it's results on the pitch and the style of football that counts. Get the best out of the talent he has at his disposal and we'll be up there in the top two (*or thereabouts )
  9. villa89

    Villa and FFP

    There's obviously a huge sponsorship deal in the works with the world cabbage growers organisation that will see unibet replaced with a green cabbage on the home kit and red on the away.
  10. villa89

    Henri Lansbury

    I'm sure he can, he's just not arsed doing it. Always struck me as a player who thinks he's alot better than he actually is. He probably still thinks he should be playing for arsenal.
  11. villa89

    Dean Smith

    I couldn't disagree with this more.
  12. villa89

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Not for me. There's still a long way to go and a January transfer window to come. Second is still a real possibility.
  13. villa89

    John Terry

    Get him in at right back. Then we could play 5-3-2 with the back five all made up of right backs. The cabbage would be proud.
  14. villa89

    Dean Smith

    An extremely important point that seems to be missed by most people. Bruce should have been sacked long before he was. Anything less than a stellar start to the season with that favourable fixture list was an embarrassment.
  15. villa89

    Richard O’Kelly

    Sure didn't Bruce hire about 15 assistants in the end. Didn't do him much good.