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  1. Seriously? He's not even worth half that. There's a reason we are replacing him.
  2. They might not have a choice if the players want out, which I'm sure they do.
  3. Who cares what Southampton fans think of us? Newcastle fans dint like us after SOB on the Tyne, who cares.
  4. They'll still be their two best players...
  5. The more I think about it the better and better this signing gets.
  6. Hopefully a loan with an option to buy. Otherwise he's just a squad filler.
  7. Lukaku going for 100m. Dings could be a bargain.
  8. Me too, seems like an insane amount for him with one year left on his deal and he's 29 and has a terrible injury record.
  9. Bollocks. If you were in his shoes you'd have left too. He's a professional footballer, has the chance to win the european cup, the league, treble his wages, work under one of the greatest managers of all time, etc. The begrudgery is laughable. Good luck to him he owes us nothing and will go down as one of the best players we've ever had.
  10. Nope, it's football. The wealthiest teams buy the best players and win the trophies. That's why I;ve lost a lot of interest in the game and much prefer sports like NFL. I'm just surprised Jack has stayed this long, best of luck to him I'd also leave for city if I was him. Anyway back on topic, good move here showing interest in him. Even if we don't sign him we might be in pole position to get him when his contract is up next year. It also reminds him not to bother signing a new contract with Delia.
  11. That's football I'm afraid, you buy success. I'm sure other Championship clubs are jealous of the money Norwich have compared to them.
  12. I imagine it would be a one year loan deal. No thanks.
  13. I wouldn't. That's their business model. They are already preparing for next season's promotion push.
  14. Nah he's gone. It's as good as done and dusted. Good luck to him, he's been a great servant for us and could have pushed for a move alot sooner, especially when we were cabbage.
  15. Tammy + ward prowse = jack - (pi plus 8.76) divided by the cubed root of 27. For you thicko's that means trading one world class player for two mediocre ones and a few pound is a bad deal.
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