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  1. This. Arsenal's dodgy performances usually come away from home not in their own library.
  2. villa89

    Dean Smith

    I don't think he uses his subs well generally but it was especially bad last night. I understand the players on the bench aren't great but it was crying out for changes when they went down to 10. I think Smith was happy with a point to be honest.
  3. I agree with the sentiment that he is trying too hard. He's not helped by the lack of quality around him though. El Ghazi and Jota were awful last night and Taylor offers absolutely nothing in terms of an out ball on the left.
  4. Not great, not a disaster either. We are going to struggle this season. Taylor, jota, el ghazi not near the standard required tonight. Grealish was very poor in the second half too. Engels is good, very good.
  5. Been very bad since the sending off. Worryingly bad.
  6. Jota looked exhausted from all that running he didn't do.
  7. Jota looks incredibly slow and one footed. He's miles off the pace.
  8. We are pretty light everywhere squad wise. I think we will sign a couple more in January.
  9. Their centre backs will cost them the title. Laporte out for 6 months.
  10. It's amazing what a shambles it has been. How can they not manage to stock the shelves when there are customer's waiting to purchase it.
  11. 1 down already . Dreadful shot.
  12. Weather looks great for batting today. The Ozzies need to get 400+ in their first innings, batting last on that pitch could be very tricky. Wouldn't want to be chasing 200+
  13. Already dropped root twice. The siddle one at fine leg was a dolly as well.

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