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  1. That is what sums up bruce the most. Zero effort put in, zero brain power, zero tactical ability, zero knowledge of how to judge player. A con artist of the highest order.
  2. villa89


    Two mid-table clubs in a huge 10th place six pointer. Doesn't get any bigger than that.
  3. I agree that Ronaldo just doesn't get criticised. I think it's because of his goal record, his brand and what commercial value he brings to a league. For the last few years he's basically Fillipo inzaghi (or Jermaine Defoe/Darren Bent) just better in the air. A goal scorer and nothing else. He stands up front, does nothing for 89 minutes and gets you a goal at some point. You can have him in the side but it means the other 10 players have to work hard to compensate for him, or at least the two banks of 4 behind him. United don't have anyone in the midfield who can do that job, that's the problem. Pogba, Rashford, Greenwood, Penandes, Sancho are all attacking players and then fred and MCTominay, Matic are no where near the level required. TL:DR; Ronaldo should have gone to city. He would have been perfect for them.
  4. As an expert lip reader I can confirm he was saying "kebabarama"
  5. villa89


    Thing is it won't be a scandal. People will just accept that to have sports people in top level shape so often you have to dope them to keep them fit. It's not the old fashioned steroids like ben johnson, its HGH and crazy named drugs that can be fobbed off as medicinal.
  6. Plenty of teams have in the past and it worked fine for them. Pressing high up the pitch is just the trend at the moment. United's problem is in midfield, it's not all CR7.
  7. There are other ways to defend apart from pressing high. You can get back into a deep lying, solid defensive unit but olè isnt a good enough manager to coach that and I'd say most of his players have zero respect for him.
  8. They can just look at the league table, plenty of ammunition there.
  9. Give him his 1,000th game in charge, a ceremonial bronze cabbage and let him toddle off to the nearest kebab shop with his 8 million pound kebab budget.
  10. He's exactly what man city need to replace. He's overpaid, unreliable and rarely does it in the big games. Get rid of sterling and get haaland or someone who can score regularly. Not going to get better either when his pace goes.
  11. Look at the number of followers 'dude perfect' have on youtube. People seem to buy into it, which I find bizarre.
  12. villa89


    The PGA Tour approach, you don't get a drugs ban you get an "injury" .
  13. villa89


    I'd say its absolutely rampant. Basically no footballer ever tests positive, you'd be a fool to assume that means it's all clean. Just the opposite. No look policy firmly in place and it suits everyone to dope up players.
  14. *Shudder* ... what a con artist he was.
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