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  1. Please, please, please go bust and end up down in the vanarama league where they belong.
  2. villa89

    Steve Bruce

    Well I think it's clear that he has plenty of positives. He's a good "man manager", thoroughly nice fellow and he definitely has a good reputation and influence with the media. Because of that he keeps the club at a higher profile and enables us to attract players (McGinn maybe) who might have gone to another club (Celtic) if we had a less high profile manager. Based on his transfers, and the people we are linked with, he seems to have a decent eye for a player too. He's also got loads of experience and doesn't get carried away when we win or too down when we lose. So overall everything would seem to be okay. Then you watch us play...
  3. villa89

    Players that you think are rubbish

    If only he bombed forward, overlapped, got in some really good positions....then booted a cross straight out of play he'd be a cult hero and fan favourite like one championship Scottish full back.
  4. villa89

    Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    Meh, they have enough talent to cope without him for a couple of months and then he'll be back raring to go for the last 6 months of the season.
  5. villa89

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Agree 100%. He's not able to lead the line on his own and never will be. If he's going to play then it's for Green/Adomah/Elmo/etc., he should not going to come instead of Codger or Hogan.
  6. villa89

    André Moreira

    If you watched the game and think he played well then I'm sorry but you don't know anything about judging a goalkeeper. He was poor (at best).
  7. villa89

    Steve Bruce

    We've had that problem for a long time but Bruce and RDM in recent times were the only managers who had the budget and playing staff to fix it. Too bad neither was a good enough manager to actually do it. Most of the teams in the championship would kill to have our budget and players but instead of playing like man city we play like Bolton under fat Sam without the structure. At least fat Sam had a style of play, we just make it up as we go along.
  8. villa89

    Steve Bruce

    You should have expected that. He does it after every bad performance like it was nothing to do with him.
  9. villa89

    Resident Evil 2 remake

  10. villa89

    Jake Doyle-Hayes

    If they were good enough they would be in the first team every week.
  11. villa89

    Henri Lansbury

    I think he'll be loaned out somewhere by the end of the window.
  12. villa89

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Another in the 'I forgot he played for Villa category'.
  13. villa89

    John Terry

    If he was going to come back and play for us this season he would have already been signed. He's not coming back and it's no harm.
  14. villa89

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    How the mighty have fallen.
  15. villa89

    Scott Hogan

    Starter for ten, which striker did Aston Villa bizarrely waste £12m on in January of 2017?