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  1. That Mexican steak is powerful stuff. I wonder does Canelo have the plaster of paris powder down the gloves too? Strange someone as heavy handed and with as many fights as him doesn't have any broken hand issues. I'm delighted BJS got his career ended, he's 100% scum.
  2. Real madrid with a disastrous result against Sevilla tonight.
  3. There's no chance of that happening though.
  4. I'm just surprised the fines are that high. Anyone expecting any real punishment was living in cloud cuckoo land.
  5. Arteta will be gone once the season ends. It was too big a job for him.
  6. How do you release a game that doesn't have an option to save your progress.
  7. Traorè or saïd benrahma? You decide.
  8. I agree and there is no chance he will be replaced in time for next season.
  9. Bruno Fernandes penalty.
  10. It wasn't the fans that stopped them.
  11. Why? I dont think the owners will sell up or care about any fan protests. They haven't cared before why would they start now.
  12. About as pointless as the green and yellow scarves they used to wear.
  13. Gueye found out. The game passing him by, getting schooled in the middle and then tries to break a lads leg. Easy be a holding midfielder when you're in a PSG team but the one time they actually need you your not good enough.
  14. Hopefully there's a new 6 year deal for bruce in the works now he's kept them up.
  15. Surely 'Qatar foundation' can come back in as a sponsor.
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