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  1. Rodders

    FFP 2020/1

    most clubs, will go, 'well **** playing by the rules then', ourselves included I presume.
  2. sshh on the match fixing chat ya daft clearings in the woods. Leicester need to win for top 4 ffs.
  3. bournemouth have southampton and everton last two, winnable for them. Need Leicester to at least find one somewhere though
  4. 2-1 Bournemouth but need to focus on ourselves
  5. Finally finished GoT. All told with low expectations I thought the last season was fine, some long indulgent scenes aside and boring broodiness. Only thing that irritated me was when a character in chains just casually anoints a new king more or Less just like that. That scene in the final episode was weird. But the rest, all made enough sense to me, though everything after The Long Night had a weird epilogue, anti climactic feel. Should have focused a whole season that instead of three episodes, but generally was fine though one closing arc was a little underwhelming, as well as under rubble.
  6. It is my house art - well not literally at the moment, still waiting for father rodders to make them, the books are currently in bags and boxes but book decoration is my aesthetic, in the way records are for others. I dream of slowly collecting certain collections, and particular editions of books. I like the Everyman Library book styles and hope to build them up slowly.
  7. On a re-watch of the films with the partner who never saw them before. She's actually got into them which has been nice, and I've found both Iron Man 2 and Thor 2 to be more enjoyable on a re-watch than I expected. Perhaps the often repeated general perception of them being duff films among many people lowered my expectations really low, but they were solid. Perhaps there's the added emotional engagement with tony stark having seen his full arc play out. Age of Ultron on the other hand, bored the pants of me, that's definitely one that's much worse than I remember. Can barely remember anything of the storyline now just a few days later. I have memories of Vision walking past a chippy in Scotland with the red haired one, but that must have been from a different film.
  8. Rodders

    Do you read?

    Just finished another memoir - Autobiography of a Super-Tramp by WH Davies, about his tramping around America and Britain at the turn of the 20th century. Sparse and economical prose, but somehow compelling, though more interesting for the historical observations more than his own life, albeit he does lose a foot along the way. 4 more new ones in today: Mick Herron's - Slow Horses spy series - 'Real Tigers' 'A Woman of No Importance: The Untold Story of Virginia Hall, WWII's Most Dangerous Spy' biography Christopher Hitchen's commentary on Paine's The Rights of Man because I was reading Paine's work quite recently, and I know Hitchens was always a big fan, and I like his writing so hopefully that should be interesting. 'Girl, Woman, Other' by Bernadine Evaristo because Waterstones was insistent I try it, so I agreed. Why not? Sounds like a different voice, so worth a read.
  9. after 4 months discipline trying to catch up on unread books ,I succumbed and bought 4 more this weekend. The smell and touch of a new book never fails to cheer me up. May also be the whisky ofc.
  10. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    two films this weekend, Da 5 Bloods and Eurovision - somewhat different in tone. The first is 'better' in terms of content and commentary, and has many Spike Lee tropes that are effective - integrating real life footage with the film etc, but it is more of a mess than Eurovision which was entertainingly daft but at least it was coherent. Da 5 Bloods was just too many films crammed into one. The tonal shift's weren't fluid and effective in the way Black Klansman was ( a superb film ) but the performances were strong throughout. Even when it was Apocalypse Now-lite, it was still well performed, but just never comes together properly as a film.
  11. good half of that, well organised. Here's hoping that full week has paid off.
  12. Trump. He's survived every scandal so far, I'm sure his brain dead cult like maniacs will sweep him to power. **** the polls now, as soon as it gets to election week / month, the usual assault on the senses in the press and through the tweets will see this corrupt **** win again. I refuse to believe he is capable of losing, certainly not gracefully. Obviously hope he loses, but he won't. It's a rigged system, and a good few million americans love and take pride in violent ignorance and stupidity, they embrace his racism etc. ****'em, but they'll win. I don't expect any decent preferable, even halfway liberal candidate in any modern country to win elections these days. The populace in so many countries is alive with frothing rabid racist words removed, anti covid illiterate words removed, anti science words removed, anti basic empathy words removed, anti nuance, pro dictatorial propaganda tribalism. words removed everywhere
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