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  1. I used to have a Guinness/ stout and black sometimes when it was the beginning of 'Guinness season' ( late sept onwards) to ease myself in to winter drinking. For shame. I know
  2. well of course but, it was **** everywhere. They cancelled whole channels and even when you just want to stick the radio on for a bit, it was non stop pathetically maudlin playlists for this manipulative cult of grief porn. I didn't bother complaining but I'm quite glad that it has become the record thing complained about. Maybe they'll take the hint when liz pops her clogs, though I doubt it. Mercifully, streaming services makes it much easier to ignore the obsessive nonsense, but the beeb did their level best to ensure it invaded every last nook and cranny of any of their output.
  3. I have just realised I've got my degree and have lived in Cardiff for 15+ years and I beyond hello, good night and 'the next stop is' I don't speak a word of welsh
  4. Accept I might just be being a bit fusty about this, but if you go to get a degree in a foreign country, there ought to be the reasonable expectation you should learn the language sufficiently well enough to communicate and be held to the same standards as anyone else. Being a non-native speaker is not the same as various disabilities / impairments. If it's a barrier, why not choose a university where you can speak comfortably?
  5. extending the Charlotte Ritchie theme, Ghosts is glorious too. I love it. haven't seen dead pixels but will check that one out. I've been re-watching the original Red Dwarf for the first time in probably about 10-15 years, oof that makes me feel old, and it still holds up, naff sets aside.
  6. just watching MOTD, Son is such a **** prick. Not the first time he's done that.
  7. or you just queue outside for a midnight pint like these **** wits
  8. annoying. but we lost 2-1, only just, so not a disaster. Could have won it. Get to 50 points and then starting blooding the youngsters. Also send Ross home early. pointless player
  9. barkley **** up and then they score. pricks and so leeds are ahead of us now fuckign shit weekend
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