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  1. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    The Leisure Seeker is wonderfully moving. Helen Mirren and Don Sutherland complete inhabit their roles so well. **** the cynics who may call it manipulative. I don't care. Laughed and cried throughout. Cue the senir Chang god I know!
  2. Rodders

    Premier League Predictions 2017/18 - GW35

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Ipswich 1 2 Villa Villa West Brom 1 1 Liverpool Draw Watford 1 2 Palace Palace Arsenal 2 0 West Ham Arsenal Stoke 1 1 Burnley Draw Man City 2 0 Swansea Man City Everton 1 1 Newcastle Draw Rodders
  3. Rodders

    Cricket: General Chat

    saw a comment on twitter which summed it up. Go straight to hit and run, two dot balls and the batsman's out if thats what they want. Ridiculous.
  4. Rodders

    Cricket: General Chat

    how thoroughly depressing. Though on the twitter post reacting to it, reaction was hearteningly, universally dismayed, depressed and annoyed,
  5. Rodders


    Do your job today and celebrate in style please Wolves. 5-0
  6. Rodders

    Premier League Predictions 2017/18 - GW34

    I won Still it's a 38 week season, statistics allows for such anomalies Name Home Team Away Team Guess Villa 1 2 Leeds Leeds Southampton 1 1 Chelsea Draw Burnley 2 2 Leicester Draw Palace 2 1 Brighton Palace Huddersfield 1 2 Watford Watford Swansea 2 1 Everton Swansea Liverpool 2 0 Bournemouth Liverpool Spurs 3 2 Man City Spurs Newcastle 1 2 Arsenal Arsenal Man Utd 2 0 West Brom Man Utd West Ham 2 2 Stoke Draw Brighton 1 1 Spurs Draw Bournemouth 1 2 Man Utd Man Utd Burnley 1 1 Chelsea Draw Leicester 2 0 Southampton Leicester Rodders
  7. Rodders

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    People who use the wrong side in staircases. Absolute scum. Use the left hand side like everyone else. Also the crippling indecisive types who on same stairwells which are regularly used and aren't mega wide constantly stroll up the middle. Usually with some plenty of baggage in tow. Great, thanks your royal highness we shall all wait for you to slowly go about your roite whilst we wait unable to get past or move along. Swine!
  8. Rodders


    phenomenal strike
  9. Rodders

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    whilst that is true, there is undoubtedly a valid point about context - i.e. the business end of the season. Twice now we have had clear opportunities to capitalise, on a fight for the automatic spots, and followed up with limp awful efforts - it wasn't as if we were just unlucky against QPR or Norwich, we were just plain crap. We did not perform when we needed to, with the pressure on, the door opening, and our players gave a collective shrug. The context of those missed opportunities forms a valid criticism of players and manager,
  10. Rodders

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I mean really pleasantly surprised with the win, but jesus why did we have to lose to QPR and Norwich? Hell even just one of them and we'd be in touch. Still going to be play offs but feel slightly more optimistic about our chances. Best thing about tonight is beating Colin le Bellend.
  11. Rodders

    Jack Grealish

    what a **** goal. Was in a cardiff pub, with this and the liverpool match on. Arms went straight up, but not a word from my mouth. Let me express the YAAAAAAAS here.
  12. Rodders

    Pre match

    Nope, I'm off to the pub for a social evening with a mate to enjoy the city - liverpool match. If I am pleasantly surprised when I check the villa score at the end, then great, otherwise, my blood pressure needs a break from following villa directly for the moment.
  13. Rodders

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    bingewatched and now caught up with The Good Place. Why couldn't I have paced it out Was impressed with how they developed the idea, and whilst I'm unsure if the direction for series 3 would work out I did really love the Cheers reference.
  14. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    The Meg looks astoundingly brilliant and shit in equal measure. I can. not. wait.