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  1. stupid rule, stupid technology. bin it off bin it off bin it off. stupid rules, stupid VAR. spawny word removed **** newcastle. **** me I hope they go down
  2. rashica can **** off. Bored with him now. If we wanted to sign him and he wanted to have come here, it would have been done by now. Absolute waste of everyone's time this has been
  3. good luck to him, cut our losses on him pretty swiftly, a relief from having him lounge around doing nothing for 4 years.
  4. Poppycock. Any of the elevens from 2015-2017 would be worse than that for starters
  5. I'm happy with that. Fulham is more important surely that's obvious but I still want and think we will win. There is back up on the bench
  6. Nyland leaving imminently I presume. Gilbert or Elmo on the left side of defence and shove Taylor inside?
  7. I hope so, I completely accept the Drinkwater loan is having an negative impact on my confidence in this idea tbf
  8. I'd prefer RLC to Barkley personally. I'd be wary of Ross being another Drinkwater. Probably slightly lazy thinking, but I much prefer trying to get players on the up. But if Chelsea subsidise his wages then it could be good
  9. Well Bill and Ted 3 was lovely. I mean you probably have to have affection for the first two to enjoy it, lots of in jokes and nods to the other films, but I went with it. Acting was a bit iffy at times I concede at times, but if you go in happily pre disposed to enjoying the film, you'll enjoy it. Very low budget clearly though!
  10. where have all the links gone? I've been assuming we'd still be getting in 2-3 players but seems to be radio silence for a while now
  11. I'm curious as to who it was in reference to? Benrahma?
  12. Tough game, but with a home game in the next round for the winner incentive to win still there, plus another game for the back ups / those in need. No Grealish here but I'd play McGinn Nyland Elmo Hausa Mings Taylor McGinn Nakamba Ramsay Traore Davis AEG Have Jack and Ollie on the bench
  13. People rarely seem to factor the opposition in to their reactions..they were disciplined and organised and parked.the bus. It's also only.the second game, but first for many of the players of the season. We still have new players to incorporate and buy into this side. Hopefully Traore gets useful minutes against Bristol City. Fulham have zero brains in the defence..I expect next week to be more productive for.our forwards.
  14. First league game, 3 points and a clean sheet. We played against a well organised defensive side with 10 men for 80 minutes. We lacked some sharpness and imagination and creative support for Jack is essential for these matches. Please don't go overboard on the general performance, it was a result we needed and I back us to improve as games and players come. Very happy. And what a start for Emi!
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