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  1. raise the profile, create opportunities and the next generation of kids have a broader span of heroes to look up to. Change takes a long time. I am always utterly baffled by people's inability to realise they can not watch / listen something. Like people who complain about the licence because there's one show they object to. F**king weirdos. Being annoyed by clickbait on social media too - I mean who cares. Surely most people can recognise when a newsfeed is just trying to be all needy with headlines like "you'll never guess what THIS possible signing had to say about his future" - I mean honestly, if I pop on to Newsnow for a quick scan of Villa news I can see the unending list of sad cases who desperately tag their articles in that fashion hoping someone will read their no mark blog. If they actually had worthy information in the title, I might actually give them the courtesy of a click! Personally women's football doesn't interest me as I have enough established sports interests taking up my time, but for younger kids coming through, crack on, a big profile helps say "it's ok, it's cool to like this". When a podcast in my feel arrives, I have the super-human capacity to read what it's about and then deciding if I'm interested in this week's issue. There are 20 other podcasts I listen to if I don't fancy it this week etc. Sorry I know this discussion was done two weeks ago, but reading it now the thread has been bumped ( funny how I managed to not be forced into opening it before now ) it's annoyed me Good luck to the women.
  2. SPOILERS for 1981 film Escape to Victory if anyone is so concerned (although the clue's in the f**king title)
  3. I did emphasize the fishbowl was silent ffs.
  4. upside down triangle, backward dog head, sun, 3 horizontal twiglets, squirly square, dog head, bird, backwards bird, silent fishbowl, stork, candlesticks, vase, three ribbons, eunuch.
  5. Wasn't it something like every run up to 50 he got a pork chop, above 50 he got a steak cut
  6. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    Yesterday - a surprisingly watchable Richard Curtis film, helped by Danny Boyles direction. I had feared the worst, some ghastly Love Actually / About Time cringe fest but it was more Notting Hill, Mamma Mia, easy entertainment. Obviously mushy but not too much, or as much as it could have been, but surprisingly plenty of decent jokes and very watchable leads.
  7. I'd say a striker - after Luiz and Trezeguet is most important, personally, and I'm ambivalent on a goalkeeper. If we get a player like Heaton for decent value, then fair enough, but otherwise I think those two should be fine
  8. Dom Sibley has been doing pretty well for the Bears lately and he's playing for the Lions ( along with Gregory ) against the Australian touring side. Hameed hasn't pushed on since coming back with a century at the beginning of the season, so he's not back there yet. Zak Crawley is also playing for the Lions, he's done ok but there haven't been too many options
  9. I'm annoyed Foakes has been left out, he had a wonderful series in Sri Lanka, did fine in the West Indies, then they crowbarred JB back in, and I'd rather they just told him to go be a great batsman and have a specialist no.7 Wk instead. Understand the reasoning for resting a few it's just a shame this test is so close after the world cup - which was needlessly a couple of weeks longer than it could have been. Woakes having red ball game time is great but I'd be wary of over exerting him, so I'd go with a bowling heavy line up against Ireland Roy, Burns, Denly, Root, Bairstow, Curran, Moeen, Woakes, Gregory, Stone, Broad. Rest Anderson as he's only had an injury quite recently. Play Leach instead of Broad / Woakes if it's a spinner. Then you've got enough bowling options to not over exert Woakes or Stone with their injury issues, but enough batting for this test. Let's hope that Moeen can quietly find some confidence again with the bat. He's still an asset with the ball in red ball cricket so, I know he had a poor world cup, but different format etc, it's a good match for him to re-set. Edit, to add I doubt that in reality both Gregory and Stone will play but that's just my eleven for this test.
  10. Depends on the show for me, 95% of them I just take the entertainment during it's time and move on, but there are a couple of shows that once I get into, I properly devour endless articles and episode and series recaps, and slightly go round the bend consuming all the analysis
  11. which as this one has already started, means he should in full fairness be given the next 11 3/4 months regardless to settle in. Only fair.
  12. yes, a forward is still needed I think, whether that's a striker or another general attacker role, we need more depth there, but I am confident that will be attended to in good time. Getting the base established is most important.
  13. Likewise, all the best. See you all in the next life, or when the fat c*** dies, hopefully writing in agony. If he's in agony surely he should put the pen down?

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