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  1. Yeah suit. Unless the job specs make it clear that it's not necessary or desirable, why risk it? Doesn't have to be fancy, if you're skint charity shop it if needs be gets you the basics for what £20?
  2. Rodders

    Do you read?

    Really enjoyed both of those. Ending to the former was slightly abrupt but it was fascinating and Adam Kay's book ought to be mandatory reading for anyone with thoughts on the NHS. Just finished Tana French's In the Woods - which is partly what the BBC Dublin Murders show was based on. Very frustrating book - well written and the characters are so engagingly drawn that for me the missteps she takes - or rather than the lack of sufficient justification to explain - outcomes that occur inthe final third of the book, I felt very disappointed. Part of it felt like dramatic contrivance for the sake of it.
  3. Rodders


    It's a vicious cycle. I went a good couple of months free, then a very quiet day at work the other day, i opened a new account, stuck a tenner in and placed a couple of accies. I won 60 quid and 20 quid from the initial stake. By the time I'd shut down the account my net gain was back down to a tenner. It's just SO easy to rationalise another fiver or a tenner here. Self exclusions, are a must, as are daily limits when you sign up to a new account, if you can't stop yourself opening it up, sticking that 10, 20 quid daily limit in, forces you into that 24 hour period to allow the compulsion to win the loss back to subside. Getting a filter on the gambling websites can work, but it also then needs you to set up a password, tell someone else about your issues, and ask them to throw away the password that unlocks the filter. A sound theory except for the whole telling someone else about it element
  4. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    Just watched The Aeronauts, Redmayne and Felicity Jones are both very good. Perfectly watchable, nothing special and given it's a PG you can guess how it all turns out, but it's well made and the performances are convincing. Watched it in 4DX and I know it's a shit gimmick but it did add to the spectacle a bit, heresy I know.
  5. a bad day. without grealish, heaton and engels - three of our better performers, two of which from the defensive line. Disrupted side, then disrupted further after 8 minutes. We played badly, it happens, it's disappointing, let's move on, hope the injuries clear up and we go hit newcastle hard.
  6. looks like lot's of things going against us, down three of our best players before the game, back up goalie off injured after 7 minutes, and then defender subbed off before the half is out. We are not playing well either, but sometimes it's just not going to be your day. But at 1-0 down, you're never out of the game, so come on villa, let's see what we can do.
  7. frustrating for him, good for us though.
  8. Police officer has been charged with murder https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/dalian-atkinson-murder-footballer-police-officer-west-mercia-trial-latest-a9189306.html A police officer has been charged with murdering Dalian Atkinson, the former Aston Villa footballer. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) confirmed to The Independent that one constable from West Mercia Police had been charged with murder. A second officer has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The officers are due to appear at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court later today, and then at the city’s crown court, the CPS said. But the CPS did not provide the officers’ names, against the standard practice when people are charged with crimes. Atkinson, 48, died in August 2016 after being tasered outside his father’s home in Telford. The star, who also played for Ipswich and Sheffield Wednesday, died in an ambulance on the way to hospital following a cardiac arrest. Relatives said at the time that he had suffered a number of health issues, and had a weak heart. His case sparked a “lengthy and complex” investigation by the police watchdog. Speaking on behalf of Mr Atkinson’s family, solicitor Kate Maynard said: “Dalian’s family welcomes the decision to put the conduct of police officers before a jury but regrets that already more than three years have passed since Dalian died.”
  9. it comes down in part to a pragmatic attitude to numbers of likely voters to change their mind, which is admittedly very hard to predict in this kind of election, where one single issue can cross parties in terms of it's influence, so perhaps the safe seat dictum isn't as strong a factor, but even so, the previous election happened post the Brexit vote, so you can argue the numbers up for grabs this time around aren't likely to be huge. In the seats where the Lib Dem is c15-20k+ behind say Labour, it just seems awfully optimistic to vote Lib Dems in those scenarios. I.e. a case where labour and tory are separately by only a couple of thousand or so one way or another. It comes down to whether you trust enough remainers will also abandon labour or tory to vote lib dem, or the 'safer' option being to go for the nearest contender - i.e labour.
  10. he has answered that question in the post you quoted
  11. this will get moved over to the match thread. ( https://www.villatalk.com/forum/635-lc5-liverpool-h/ )Good news for us really. Assuming we play a C team, we have a great chance
  12. selected for live coverage when we know they will be sending the 2nd/3rd string well done sky. Good news for us though I hope.
  13. I never speak about politics with my parents who are Tory ( and leavers), as I cannot get my head round people who are willing to be so supportive of their family, yet refuse to extend that empathy outside a very narrow circle of interests. Like, beyond close friends and family, it's **** everyone else. I mean it's just so depressing. We britishly like to avoid conflict though so we just mutually agree never to talk about it. I mean I can assume that when I will have my own kids that my protective instincts might kick in to a point that priorities are more focussed, but I can't imagine me not thinking - I want them to have good schools, and opportunities, I mean, that doesn't happen if you destroy the public sector.
  14. probably, smaller village GPs I presume are likely to have fewer patients per GP ratio for a start, and in more affluent areas, you are going to have more use of private health care among the catchment area I'm guessing. Growing up in a rural area, I never had a problem booking a doctor's appointment, but since moving to a city 15 odd years ago it has grown steadily worse, that the past couple of years, i find booking an appointment stressful, the rush to call up on the day by 8.30 for a same day appointment, the policy of calling up for a future appointment was two weeks on from the day you call, but no further forward which was always annoying as if that day was booked up, they wouldn't just look at the next day in their calendar, I'd have to call up the next day tbf within cities the policy has varied wildly, I used to find it easy to book in about 6/7 years ago when I lived in a different part of the city, and get seen within days. Having recently moved I'm yet to check out the latest policy, given it's a densely residential area still I assume it won't be easy but who knows.
  15. Manner of defeat is gutting but there are positives as well as work to do. We competed hard, we are still short of where we need to be but that's to be expected, we're still only just in November. Roll on Wolves. Also wish they had just gone 2 -0 up early on but we had the joy against Brighton the other week.
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