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  1. May have died? Essex Police being very weird to announce it like that if so.
  2. I hope it wasn't a cake related incident. (Sorry, hope he's ok obvs)
  3. **** me who's paying £40 for a wand, just go outside to your **** yard and pick up the nearest stick and and dob a bit of paint on it ffs. Or just tell your 6 year old child 'er no'. I assume it's for kids, no adult could be that useless.
  4. I really enjoyed it, and saw it twice at the cinema, but I did think it might lose it's appeal on the smaller screen, I've not see it since. It is visually impressive, but perhaps not enough beyond that I guess.
  5. education, then the feckless thugs ( see also in non terroristy ways, groups like the Restore Trust **** who think the NT is too wokey: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/oct/13/national-trust-warns-of-threat-from-ideological-campaign-waged-against-it ) absolute **** cretins. I cannot stand the idea that because history was written by some bellend winners in the past that somehow it is this immoveable behemoth that brooks no revision, no updating and reviewing as we change. **** racist statues, **** colonialism and **** all the mewling quim pricks who have a fit any time someone criticises their beloved, and revoltingly racist Churchill. There's a lot of fingers in ears about the entrenched consequences of wealth being hoarded and appropriated by the powerful in the past. People will agree with the statement that actions have consequences, but apply that logic to industrialists and empire ruling ****, and suddenly "it was different then". absolute **** cock sockets.
  6. I do love the "it's how much?!, better play it tonight!" because £3mil ( or whatever it is most weeks) just isn't worth it I was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago, what I'd do. I'd be anonymous, not having any **** knowing. And honestly, I reckon it'd be a few months before I quit my boring job. I'd need time to process it and how to deal with it all. I'd definitely be taking the financial advice on offer. Like I came to the conclusion that winning £1-5million would be a lot easier to deal with, sort yourself out and your family and friends, but £200mill is just insane. There'd be so much pressure to do lot's with it. I'd be both investing in schemes to help the environment and also jetting off on holiday so wouldn't be very consistent. Invest in local schools, there would be charitable contributions, but I'm not sure how best it would be, one off big donations, or try and support something that eventually can support itself. I wouldn't move house immediately. We only moved in 2 years ago and we're enjoying making it our own space and house moves are hell. I'd still stay put and drive my 10 year old honda jazz for a good while I suspect. EDIT: Would probably trade it in for an electric car eventually. Wouldn't want neighbours or anyone giving us grief if they suspected anything. Indeed I'd be glad of winning the lottery now more so than in my younger days when I would piss it all away and probably let it change me badly. The big expenses would be holidays, and a wardrobe, a new kitchen, I'd do our little backyard up properly, give us some more privacy. I'd load up on our parents, and siblings, and I'd order my folks to relax. I'd tell a close friend or two, but that would be it and try to maintain a normal life as much as possible. I'd allow myself time to pursue something creative, maybe try and write a book ( with absolutely no excuse in the slightest for trying ) and I'd buy a vatload of the fanciest whiskies on the planet.
  7. **** the no Vax words removed anyway. **** worrying about a slippery slope. I'm Fed up of entitled arrogant science denying bellends deciding they're better than everyone else. **** em off. **** dipshit care workers, you can be unemployed asap thank you very much, **** YouTube watching conspiracy theory dipshits who think 'their immune'system somehow functions on a different scientific basis to everyone else. **** them all.
  8. Had a couple of bottles of this at the weekend I'd had it a few weeks ago at a cricket team dinner and it went down well. Bought one on the saturday ahead of sunday dinner with the folks, but we downed happily that evening so I had to buy another one Got a distinct berry and vanilla after taste to it
  9. why did that remake that, it's 2018 the danish original, and that original is absolutely top class. dumb american remakes. LEARN TO READ SUBTITLES.
  10. Christ, footballers really are thick, thick, words removed. Hope we aren't too bad, but honestly. Just a squad full of labotomised trained muscle some of those squads. Ban the non vaccinated from playing. **** em.
  11. White Lotus was **** weird. Dull choral music dragging scenes and a show populated by unlikable rocket polishers. Didn't get the appeal myself
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