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  1. So he's never allowed to make a move at all in his life without being classes as disloyal. Metaphorically held at gunpoint because we supported him when he was tit as a teenager. I'd have thought his goals and assists over the last few years were more than enough to pay that back, helping us get promoted and then stay up are much more significant contributions to the club from his end. But I'll bow out now, I won't be changing anyone's mind on this and vice versa etc. I would obviously love it if he stays, and will be gutted if he leaves, but I would simply understand it if he did. Anyway, over and out
  2. 10 months is a long time in football. If we'd managed to sustain our top 6 push longer it might have persuaded him to stay, but as it is, whilst our future is and remains bright, it's not the guaranteed chance of CL and cups which City offer right now. If our owners had come in a season or two earlier, maybe we'd be close enough to him sticking around forever ( and let's not yet rule that option out! ). He's a fan and a professional. I'm a villa fan, if I was a professional player and had the kind of dilemma available, I'd consider the professional opportunities very seriously. As for the deal, that was his agent etc being smart, got him a good pay deal, and security, and if we'd managed to finish in a euopean spot, I think he'd be definitely staying on. He's going to maximise his chances whilst he can. Saying he's not a villa fan if he goes, is very petty really, I mean I guess / hope a lot of it will be hot air and frustration rather than genuine anatagonism towards him, but I don't have much faith in football fans these days to have a sense of perspective
  3. He's a young lad, is he supposed to get every statement he makes correct regardless of future decisions over the course of his future? He'll always be a villan at heart. If he leaves I wouldn't be surprised to see him come back either. football fans get so tribal sometimes.
  4. He's been here since he was a kid, he has shown us loyalty and could easily have left before now. A footballer's career is short. Good luck to him.
  5. anyone who gives Jack a hard time for deciding to leave needs to flush their head down the toilet tbf.
  6. good luck to him, surprised he lasted as long as he did. Has no bearing to Grealish's future obviously
  7. go on, let's do this then. I had a stinking euros prediction time so the only way is up.
  8. inexplicably even in wales a pub here - according to a colleague who visited it at the weekend, had signs up on the windows parading itself as a safe space and that masks weren't necessary. Which at the very least wouldn't be legal until the 7th August I think, but the staff were regularly telling guests not to bother with masks. Oh dear
  9. Ha, yes lazy english on my behalf! That would be a very precise purchase.
  10. the sun is out, work was quiet this afternoon, I'd already been "good" and gone for a run and done some necessary weeding. So popped out to the shops on the work hour and bought a bottle of bourbon. one glass, two cubes of ice and some lemonade ( i can never find triple sec when I''m shopping on the hoof ) a book and some spotify time now
  11. Rodders

    Do you read?

    Hmm, I'll be staying clear of that one then. Still, I've not read his first couple of books so will happily try those at some point.
  12. It's not there, or certainly not at the same level by a very long shot in cricket, in rugby, in tennis and many other spectator sports. When an eejit in either of those sports does something stupid they get ejected pretty quickly. Football is attended and supported by far too many, utter utter utter scum.
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