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  1. £12m - may I suggest £2-3m. He's proven at championship level, not really at PL level though he could be useful for lower sides. He's also 30 and not much left on his contract. Re-coup what we paid and I'd be happy enough
  2. we always do worse than we expect from such "next 5" polls. I've gone for 4-6. a win and a couple of draws
  3. sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say, that is class. that is another majestic performance. 0-1. A well deserved victory [ed. sic?] for the greatest team on the planet.
  4. Not a bad game to have first game back really. Nothing really to lose, yet the game.may suit us playing well, can look forward to it as a bit of a free hit
  5. I was about to post, we're just as bad as them. Sibley's at least was a defensive shot beaten by a better ball, but crawley just chucked it for no reason at all. Great opportunity wasted. Trying to remind myself, they've had very limited preparation and aren't match sharp, but that was a daft shot all day long
  6. fair enough. I'm sure he's desperate to play, but he's down the list. I think behind both Nakamba and Ramsay in the middle.
  7. England will be batting after tea now. Done, fine but christ the sri lanka batting was poor. I saw some of their game with South Africa a couple of weeks ago, and they started off badly then too, being bowled out for 150, but this is their home territory. 2 wickets were unlucky - a run out at the non striker's end and a caught assisted by JB's ankle, but the others, particularly at the top of the order were pretty much all gifts. Great opportunity now for the team to play themselves in to unfamiliar conditions under no pressure at all. Go for it Zak and Dom.
  8. not a completely unreasonable figure really, given his calibre. I'd be reluctant to pay it now but relative to other 30mil players that's ok. Would wait and see how many games he gets through first though
  9. shitting crikey. We're going to have a horror march or april
  10. moving out of our house thinking we could move all of the house into storage with one van and just the two of us in 24 hours was one of the dumbest and most stressful days of my life. We were still in the storage place at 3am. I think any future move we'd definitely be budgeting money aside for a removal firm. **** doing that again.
  11. Statistically, the chances are they should all be fine, really. Again from stats, the higher risks might be our black contingent as I believe I remember from the early days there appeared to be a higher proportion of BAME victims, but whether that was a physiological or sociological cause I can't remember if that was investigated further
  12. is he the fella who score all the goals in a 2-2 game once?
  13. Their general fitness should be ok. It's going to be about a 2 week gap since the Man United game, we'll have a day to train together, but ultimately we're a confident side who know how to play decent football. We might start slow, but I think we'll be fine. That's all caveated by the fact we don't know if players have a serious version of covid or are asymptomatic etc.
  14. the PL completely at fault for not making this decision on thursday evening when we went into isolation.
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