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  1. Right, Who's competent? BT aren't, in anticipation of a house move and despite several phone calls from me checking they had the date right, they've still managed to disconnect my current internet and say they can't restore it for another 2 weeks. Genius. So, using this spell of contractual freedom to browse around. Our new place apparently doesn't receive Virgin Media, and I've not heard of many of the others. Does anyone know how good NOW, Sky, talktalk, vodafone, plusnet etc are?
  2. Haven't seen the game but we needed something from it and a point is ok. Sounds like lots of work to do. It will take a good couple of months at least for us to approach a coherent best so probably more dodgy performances to come.
  3. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    The 90s film thread prompted a re watch of Heat this evening. Hadn't seen it in over 15 years, forgot how damn good it is.
  4. Happy for him. Count me.amongst those with reservations about his a ility at this level. Early days but so far he's proving us sceptics wrong. Well done lad .****, this Chelsea side are vaguely likeable.
  5. Enjoyed a night at Glee Club in Cardiff last night, all 4 sets were good but the compere was a dick which made for a slightly stilted flow between acts. Life of Brian at Cardiff Castle open air cinema tomorrow which should be fun. Today just enjoyed a celebratory fry up after completing a solid run that ended with a massively steep hill climb. Only about 2/300 metres but such a literal pain. Now if BT deign to do their jobs and reconnect my internet the plan is full on vegging with the cricket
  6. I'd bring in Foakes at 7. Assuming Dom Sibley continues to end the season well enough in form, he's up next. Burns, Sibley - a new no. 3 Root, Stokes, Buttler, Foakes, and then 4 from Curran, Woakes, Broad, Archer, Anderson, Leach, and Mo I guess, depending on conditions and fitness. Bowling last on this pitch will hopefully give us a longer look at Jack Leach the bowler, rather than Leach the redoubtable tail-ender. Bairstow needs to decide what's important to him, he used to be such a powerful force in the top 6, but he is not deserving of that spot at the moment in time.
  7. imagine what Buttler could be allowed to do if other batters stayed with him. However, he has also been short of the standard himself this series. Of all the luxury batters I'd rather go with Buttler than Roy or Bairstow for a specialist spot I think.
  8. I **** hate this test side.
  9. Absolute shite from Woakes that.
  10. Curran out..pointless wicket like many already..this is **** shit. Australia are going to have a **** laugh on this deck tomorrow and Saturday. Can't wait to finish this series and tell a bunch of this side to go **** themselves. How many good balls have got us out this innings? 1? 2? **** pathetic shite
  11. I suppose they must have decided now was too soon to throw someone in and sully them with this final test. Maybe the ghost of simon kerrigan's inauspicious test at the end of a series haunts them. At least Woakes' return puts to bed various rumours of pissing off people. There are the final county games going on for the next few weeks so hopefully name's get thrown up. And the Bears have got some tenacious contenders - Matthew Lamb with a hard earned 170 odd today. The much mentioned Sibley got a 51 yesterday, Crawley got 82. Mo sadly has only got a breezy 18 and 26, albeit in not great batting conditions. I think any return for him needs some regular solid scores over the last two matches, but more likely from next season onwards.
  12. Curran in as batting all rounder is a good move at least and nice to see Woakes back. Stokes at 4 I presume then, I wonder if he may even go at 3 and push Root back to 4 as he's just batting.
  13. That guy is standing though isn't he? I mean, those are his legs and toes? We know how @Stevo985 likes to dress his feet
  14. still can't see what's in that photo...

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