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  1. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    Can You Ever Forgive Me? - with Melissa McCarthy and Richard E Grant is thoroughly entertaining. For someone who's allergic to alcohol, the latter really does know how to do drunk well Funny and empathetic to both leads, it is also a world away from what one might associate with MM as well.
  2. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    The Lego Movie 2 is more of the same smartly written colourful fun. Great family friendly film with plenty of good gags for the adults in the room.
  3. Rodders

    The Quiz Thread

    Has me largely somewhere between Oxford, Peterborough and Reading. 15 years in Cardiff yet I've in fact gone east of my original birthplace instead dialect wise I guess that mostly means not many people from Worcester have taken the test
  4. Rodders

    Pre-match thread

    we'll get **** smashed
  5. Rodders

    Jack Grealish

    He will play at least another 10 games this season I think, he can't be far away now. And he's obviously talented, he's signed the new deal, and we'll still get c.£25mil for him.
  6. Rodders

    Dean Smith

    No but if in the meantime, hes incapable of any sort of pragmatism in terms of getting results, what's the point? How many insipid defeats and clueless performances are acceptable? How much fans time and money be wasted watching tripe? Should fans accept there will be no improvement in performance for another 6 or 7 months? Yes, many of the players are not good enough, but they are experienced enough and have shown ability previously to do a lot beter than they currently are. They look directionless, and lack cohesion. If we're writing off the season, why even bother turning up on Saturdays? What are the goals and objectives of this season? I don't think anyone knows what they want at management level.
  7. Rodders

    Dean Smith

    latest in a long line of insipid performances. Even including the freak come back against Sheffield United. We've been shit for almost 3 months now. Absolute **** garbage.
  8. Rodders

    Dean Smith

    fraud, fraud, fraud. **** off
  9. Rodders

    What you eatin' there then?

    Anyone got any particular slow cooker tips for a stew? I've not used mind yet, but tomorrow it's being called into action, and the beef is going to need to last 10 hours at least really, so does anyone have favoured cuts of beef they'd use? I'm wondering whether to drown it in red wine as well, but I've read a couple of conflicting tips on volume of liquid in there. I probably should have done a dummy run of this at the weekend or earlier, but never mind!
  10. Rodders

    Cricket: General Chat

    Pope was also unfairly promoted up to number 4 as well, which was ridiculous. For a young lad, he should be going in at 6 or 7. He will be back in eventually, though he needs time with the Lions. Agree on Foakes, he is clearly a quality player, and gives us good batting at 7 and great wicketkeeping. Bairstow has done great stuff for England in the past, so for me it should be Bairstow v Buttler for the number 6 spot based on form. I don't think JB really wants to bat at 3. I suppose that area of the team is a nicer dilemma to have, but I think they've got it wrong dropping Foakes. I don't really know what the best option is in terms of trying to force an aggressive batter to be disciplined - it didn't really work with Moeen, or just accept there will be high calibre, and high ego players on the bench. I guess the thing with the T20 players that gets advocated is they play in more "high pressure" environments in all these tournaments. Not sure it's enough of an argument. Maybe we should just try Woakes opening the innings after all. He's been a bit unlucky with injury, and in English conditions, we need to get him in the side. It's odd, when you start thinking about who's in for the next series, it always ends up feeling like we have so many riches in certain departments, that all the collapses feel all the more infuriating and surprising. Hey up, looks like we may have declared already.
  11. Rodders

    Cricket: General Chat

    I'd want Burns to Start the summer. He made the team based on his performances in English conditions, thus far he has had to open in Sri Lanka and the West Indies, against spin and fast pace. He hasn't done great, but nor has it been a disaster, in my view. He's done ok, He's had two good scores, a few half starts and yes some cheap outs. Tough conditions, but good bowlers and a whole load of pressure. He should get all summer. Jennings will definitely be got shot off though, he's had enough chances and just being good against spin isn't going to be useful often enough to warrant him failing in other conditions. There's such a long way to go until we play Ireland and then Australia that there is plenty of time for new candidates to put their names forward, but I'd still like to stick with Rory, he deserves a go in the conditions in which he earned his call up. Denly - nice 69 ( insert carry on image of choice here ) yesterday and he's holding the number 3 spot for now, but I think he needs to start the season well with Kent to keep hold of it. I don't think just going to the short form bashers is always the way to go, but with the World Cup preceding the Ashes, I guess it is a golden chance for Roy - who seems to be candidate du jour amongst the pundits for some reason these days, despite playing so little 4 day cricket - to fire his way in. I'd still really prefer the emphasis on finding a Cook / Trott-in-his-prime candidate up there than going for someone who might just be boom or bust each series. We have enough talent, as shown this test to accelerate the scoring in the middle. If the golden combo of power and discipline can be developed, like Warner learned to do for the Aussies - minus the whole being a dickbag thing - then great. If Roy can be that person, then I would happily enjoy my scepticism being proven wrong as I was with Buttler though.
  12. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    I thought the Favourite and Black Klansmann were two outstanding films with great performances throughout, as was Green Book, so none of those nominations weren't deserved and would be worthy winners for performances. If the push for diversity is creating space for more films like this then go for it. I don't see a winner that is undeserved really. That said awards are generally quite silly anyway, the voters can only ever see a selection of the films in contention and are always subject to intense lobbying by the distributors etc anyway. So I think both cynicism at the nature of the awards and acknowledging the merited wins aren't mutually exclusive positions to hold
  13. Rodders

    Things you often Wonder

    Gouda is great for something different, especially when one decides to be terrifically middle class and experiment with a host your own cheese and wine evening. Gouda is nice with a pinot noir I found. ( christ it's hard to talk about liking cheese and wine without sounding like a complete bellend isn't it? ) Boursin is lovely, and Abergavenny cheese is nice as well. Also voting for Brie and Stilton. Can't abide camembert, mind.
  14. Rodders

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    "There's only two things I hate in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch." On rugby, I'm not sure what it is. I've lived in Cardiff for 15 years so I notice it everytime the big matches come around. I have welsh friends who all properly get into, it's like it essentially is part of the welsh culture, but it's never really appealed. Out of simple socialisation I've watched many games of rugby accidentally. I will say though, on pure anecdotal evidence ( no statistical analysis being brought to bear here ), English rugby fans are more tw@tish than the welsh. But I think the deciding criterion is English rather than english+rugby.
  15. Rodders

    What is your experience of mental health?

    Don't worry about what's gone on before, it's done and it's gone. You aren't a time traveller, you can't change it. What you can always change, every day at any time, is how you decide to do things in the present and the future. And it's rare that people write off people forever. If they see you're open and honest about the past, that's always a path to re-connecting. Just don't get bogged down by male pride. Acknowledging the full picture of who you are is important, otherwise you sleep walk through the same habits and behaviours. If you start to think about why you might be acting in a certain way with certain people, you've got a chance of reconfiguring new habits. But, as everyone's said, the best person and place to work through that with is a trained professional who you feel comfortable with. But by all means, if you just want to rage into the internet ether to let off steam here, you can do that as well! But best of luck!