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  1. who's the old fella in the above pic?
  2. It'll be interesting to see how many changes Leicester make for their trip to Brentford in the FA Cup - not an easy game. I suspect they'll make quite a lot to focus on this game but you never know.
  3. Rodders

    Louie Barry

    [ old man mode] that haircut is f**king stupid [/old man mode]
  4. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    Saw this last night. Michael B Jordan and Jamie Foxx are great. A legal drama about a guy challenging the death penalty verdicts for his clients. Whilst in some sense the film is conventional, I still genuinely had no idea how the film would end as it went along, I mean Alabama was(is I guess) so f**king racist
  5. I dunno. They'll need a slump, but you look how close it is, it only takes 2-3 weeks of results against them, their jammy luck not happening, and suddenly they're back down there. Norwich are obviously toast. Bournemouth, I dunno if they can recover sufficiently, then between us, west ham, watford, brighton, newcastle and burnley are contenders. It's still only January, a long time to go. Personally I'm confident we will be absolutely fine, and will eventually pull away. Burnley will do enough, and I like Brighton, even if their loss to Bournemouth wasn't great for them, and under Potter I think they've got a solid future, and should also survive. So personally, of the weakest teams, it's then 2 from Newcastle, West Ham, Watford and Bournemouth to join Norwich. Newcastle have a useful gap right now, and you might well be right, but I can easily see them being pulled back down into the mix over the next month.
  6. god I remember the days before people talked about this xg codswallop. Blissful memories. oh, and f**k newcastle. they'll still go down
  7. He's already appeared in it for Burnley unfortunately.
  8. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    yes, that's a great shout. She did like Inside Out, thinking about it, so I am optimistic.
  9. I've grown into this Trial of Christine Keeler on BBC. It's really good, last night's episode was so infuriating - for the picture of a very backwards world - not due to the quality of the performances. James Norton was terrific, I was glad that Stephen Ward got a full episode where he's the focus given his eventual fate.
  10. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    I'm attempting to convert my partner who doesn't "do" animation / thinks they're for kids. She did enjoy Kiki's Delivery Service so hopefully one or two more can break that nonsensical logic once and for all
  11. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/netflix-snaps-up-rights-studio-ghibli-films-north-america-japan-1271362?fbclid=IwAR2dEOKABSHJRxtG4g8ZGhYw49bEQj9Sgnp994b2tQEqxHnctmrIVi2qACY Excellent news
  12. Great result. Emphatic performance that was almost flawless. Helped by South Africa. I'd expect momentum to take us onwards to a 3 1 win now if weather holds.
  13. what a gift from South Africa - their last 4 wickets for 1 run in 20 minutes. Bafflingly bad batting, but bugger it Follow on enforced
  14. we got a point. that's ok. now to get more players in quickly please.
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