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  1. family starting after our wedding was the plan. With the wedding off, that might just start sooner! Although not just yet, most of the other half's birthdays in her family are all in December, ( 9th,18th, 20th, 21st ffs ).
  2. Yeah I suspect they all got together and then Stanley told them it was time to pop down to the pub.
  3. in terms of what the govt knew, I'd say the 2018 documentary on bbc4 is insightful. You have people saying that it is absolutely expected. I mean I know there's hindsight etc, but it simulates infection rates, looks at how quickly it can spread, how you try to stop it, and all that. It even mentions the big pressures on the NHS it would cause. Maybe you then blame Hunt more ( always fair of course ), but ally that level of knowledge along with the fact people have been lamenting investment for a decade, and it's perfectly possible to articulate, non-polemically that our baseline preparation should have been much higher. There would always be a pressure regardless, but public services under strain without massive investment will seriously struggle when numbers overwhelm it (- as applicable to education and class sizes / teacher numbers, justice, prisons and numbers there in the cells or in the courts, etc. I know this could go in the other thread about political ramifications, but you need massive investment to prepare a system to cope. One imagines Corbyn will get panned for his interview despite being perfectly reasonable. )
  4. Rodders

    Coffee or Tea

    my quarantine routine has now added coffee into the mix. usually it was a wakey wakey tea with breakfast, and then a herbal night time tea in the evening, now I've added a mid morning coffee to stave off boredom
  5. Happy Birthday! Save up for a celebration once it's all passed My mate has had bad luck - he left his job last month to take up a new role elsewhere and he's been laid off before even stepping through the door. He's laughing about it online at the absurdity, but that's a tough break
  6. all of these shows to catch up on, including ozark - and yet yesterday I had alternating re-watches of ncis and house on in the kitchen. Doing this lockdown wrong clearly.
  7. @Villarocker - best of luck, and keep looking after yourself. It sounds really tough, hope it starts getting better for you asap. there's no need for computer game shops to be open, I'd have thought, many of them could be downloadable whether it's PC or console use.
  8. f*ck 'em. About time that darwinism took out the phenomenally thick. My sympathies for the children held hostage by their parents garbage anti-expert, anti-science dogmatic horseshit beliefs. EDIT - but yeah, I know it's actually bad, as those clearings in the woods can then get in contact with innocent people trying to do their bit. Just lockdown those towns.
  9. tough times mate, but you are doing the right thing in isolating- presumably you've been video calling as much as you can? This too indeed will pass. Have you got a routine you can focus on to distract you mentally?
  10. oof. Final line - "pandemics... what the government consider the greatest risk to our society"
  11. Huh, just found a 2018 bbc4 doc on iPlayer discussing our preparations before an expected pandemic. It's by Hannah Fry. Proof we knew of the risks then.
  12. lots of skyping ahoy, the like is an expression of sympathy, not in a "haha" way obviously. from a perspective point of view, just remember channel 4 interviewed terry 'kidnapped, mock executed, tortured and held in solitary confinement for 4 years "waite for tips on coping in isolation. That's not meant to undercut those struggling y, which is of course genuine and real, more meant as a bit of light relief vis C4's chronic over-reaction.
  13. I wander how representative this total nitwit is? edit - the nitwit is the caller, not the radio presenter pictured btw, just to avoid accidental slander
  14. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    Lion - wonderful film. The kid actor in the first half was astonishingly good.
  15. Rodders

    The Film Thread

    Train to Busan last night, and really enjoyed it. The little girl is great. Mildly disappointed one of the more egregious cowards didn't get a more spectacular comeuppance but good fun.
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