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  1. I think Phillips will be the next one then Maupay and Trezeget..... sorted for the season me thinks. Very happy with how this window is going
  2. Yeah I loved those kits that season, probably as the home that year was my 1st ever villa kit and it was the 'coca cola' cup edition too I really hope the green one is correct.... UTV
  3. Well we've released a good few players and turned two loan signings permanent, so makes me laugh when people say we're doing a 'Fulham' (not saying you are) I think our approach so far is spot on and the prices reflect the current climate, so £25-£28m for Phillips is a good deal. Fulham completely fobbed off the team that got them up and spent £100 odd million and tried to start again, I see us adding strength and quality to what we currently have with hopefully Mings and Webster to follow
  4. No he has Instagram and has changed his profile to him standing in the Trinity road with the pitch behind him, so its safe to say it's all done. Sorry no screen shot as don't have Insta' on PC.
  5. I think it was a basic template used for the kids before playing against Kiddiminster, I'm not sure it really matters for the training gear TBH. I'm sure there will be flashes of claret 'n' blue for final product somewhere.
  6. Oh no a little bit of sex wee might of just popped out
  7. Anything 17th or better, sounds mad to say to aim that low but we just gotta make sure we stay in this division. One reason being for the kind of money you get from T.V. We got £7m last season in championship compared to the likes of Cardiff who raked in £100m the gap is staggering.
  8. I love when these mock ups but I'd wish the round badge to stop being on them, we all know really deep down it's never coming back (although I wish it would) it just isn't I'm afraid.
  9. Put it this way; Lower Holte L4-L8 SOLD OUT, L2 4 seats left, L3 1 seat left. Upper Holte K2 87 seats left, K3 15 seats left, K5 16 seats left, K6 88 Doug Ellis stand there's a couple blocks left with 180/200 odd seats everything else is similar numbers to upper Holte. North stand most blocks sold out Lower Trinity Pretty much sold out and just opened upper stand, so there's a lot been sold leaving maybe 10-12k So I wasn't too far off
  10. There was a price freeze before last season ended, maybe people should've renewed then Also with people moaning about the ticket office being a nightmare Yeah I understand but you have to understand the amount of traffic going that way at the moment, I seen on Twitter last night that almost 35k season tickets have already been sold, so that tells you a little something. Either a lot of people have renewed when they froze during last season or people aren't bothered about it going from £23 to £32 a game. We're back in the prem' baby lets have it UTV
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