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  1. I think he may be referring to one of his legs is 3cm shorter than the other.
  2. We bought him after we got promoted!!!
  3. Has this turned into the bashing or not bashing of Neil Taylor thread or is anyone going to actually talk about transfers
  4. Looking at the remaining games I can only see us picking up 13pts realistically. Hopefully 35pts to stay in the Prem' is enough this year, as it is pretty close upto 9th UTV
  5. Maybe it has been done and they're just doing photoshoot, as don't you think it's weird that Villa themselves haven't announced Kodija's departure but BBC have???? I feel a farewell and a welcome new boy Tweet coming up
  6. floody555

    Dean Smith

    Yep Should've been Guilbert for Elmo and Targett for Taylor. Completely agree. Not sure why he keeps dropping Guilbert I think he's really exciting to watch and by far a better RB or RWB than we've had for a long time.
  7. I find it hard to believe that Milan would let Piatek go as he scored 22 league goals last season along with 8 in the cup, plus they only signed last Jan for 35m euros
  8. TBF that's how it normally goes
  9. I think Phillips will be the next one then Maupay and Trezeget..... sorted for the season me thinks. Very happy with how this window is going
  10. Yeah I loved those kits that season, probably as the home that year was my 1st ever villa kit and it was the 'coca cola' cup edition too I really hope the green one is correct.... UTV
  11. Well we've released a good few players and turned two loan signings permanent, so makes me laugh when people say we're doing a 'Fulham' (not saying you are) I think our approach so far is spot on and the prices reflect the current climate, so £25-£28m for Phillips is a good deal. Fulham completely fobbed off the team that got them up and spent £100 odd million and tried to start again, I see us adding strength and quality to what we currently have with hopefully Mings and Webster to follow
  12. No he has Instagram and has changed his profile to him standing in the Trinity road with the pitch behind him, so its safe to say it's all done. Sorry no screen shot as don't have Insta' on PC.
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