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  1. Maguire living up to his price tag yet again
  2. Brighton’s model is what we should aim to replicate. Think that’s Norwich down now.
  3. Feel so sorry for Wigan fans. Shame on the EFL for allowing this to happen.
  4. Defensively sure but unless our set pieces dramatically improve I don’t see where the goals will come from. Perhaps a moment of magic from Jack or McGinn. We shall see.
  5. He cost £10m which goes to show just how inflated the Championship still is for overrated English players.
  6. Lampard has always been defensively clueless as a manager
  7. Bournemouth losses were a mix of poor mistakes - from giving away a silly penalty to not closing down, to sheer dumb luck. The second fixture should have seen the Bournemouth keeper sent off for his first punch on Engels. It’s all relative and unfair to compare how they play against other teams. Bournemouth and Watford are imploding so it falls to Smith and his team to push on and get results. That’s all that matters. Hopefully Chelsea pick up another win this evening.
  8. I don’t see how they can introduce a salary cap and not face legal challenges from the bigger clubs and those relegated. The EFL is a bubble and unsustainable given how they sold tv rights for very little, shafted the likes of Bury and Tranmere Rovers. It needs better management across the board.
  9. EFL confirm 12-point deduction for Wigan. They approved this takeover last month. Utter, utter ghouls. Shame on them.
  10. The EFL signed off their takeover a month ago. Utter farce.
  11. That’s never going to happen
  12. Some are just happy to see it fail if it proves them right. We are still a Premier League team until otherwise.
  13. I don't think the ownership expected to be promoted under Smith so soon.
  14. A great write up on Brentford. A model that we must continue and build from whichever league we find ourselves in next season.
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