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  1. And they say footballers aren't relatable these days
  2. Zero time for excuses again. It's a shame it is making headlines again, he needs to ditch these bad behaviours and influences around him.
  3. Also, what's the rules on throw ins? Not excusing the awful defending but Brighton took up a lot of additional ground from where the ball initially went out of play.
  4. Also, how is every Fernandes penalty not ruled illegal? He disrupts his run at the start (making the keeper move from their line) and before he kicks. It's not fair or legitimate.
  5. Do VAR publish their justifications for overturning big decisions online? If they don't, they should. The lack of transparancy is abysmal. West Brom should of had a penalty, and it's frankly outrageous at the other end. If Michael Oliver is the best referee in the league, why did he not request more angles on the VAR yesterday?
  6. Honestly, losing Barkley so early had a major impact but we still created a lot of chances even after going behind. Energy levels weren't quite the same come 60-70 minutes. I blame the international break, though we are still a much better team than last season. Still mad about the penalty.
  7. I feel like people are also wilfully ignoring this basic fact because it involves Villa.
  8. I had to log off. The stupidity is astounding. March knows he **** up also!! It's crazy.
  9. The big problem is how it's all a boy's club. Journalists don't wanna be too critical lest they lose access, and ex-pundits either try to make it about themselves or want to create controversy to get clicks. It's not a critical or helpful way. They close ranks to protect what they know to be poor and wrong. If this was one of the elite clubs the reaction would be very different.
  10. It's amazing how many journos and pundits are arguing it wasn't a pen. They know nothing. It's embarassing.
  11. There's enough contact to warrant a foul. Trez had every right to go down. March was reckless and not in control of the ball. 18 fouls from Brighton. I don't think Oliver gave the players enough protection today either.
  12. BBC going to great lengths to praise Oliver. **** off.
  13. 'He got the ball' is a red herring, March touches the ball, not in control, thus ceding posession to Trez, who isn't able to progress, because he's KICKED him in the shin.
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