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  1. Gattuso wouldn't last 2 months, let alone 6 weeks. Do it.
  2. I forgot how lovely that warm up jacket was
  3. Having given it more thought I can see other benefits beyond his experience, set pieces, fitness, and winning mentality. We are a side that dropped the most points from winning position last season, and he's not coming to sit on the bench, he will push Cash and Targett to keep progressing. For a young squad, to have someone who has been as consistent and experienced as Young at all levels, can help a close knit bunch of players be less intimidated and be that cool head pushing the lads on to get another goal.
  4. Really positive stuff, the ambition and the drive are still there to succeed. That’s a big boost. Welcome back Ashley. The video has convinced me.
  5. This is how you announce transfers. Iconic.
  6. Whoever made this I salute you. Great to see it back.
  7. Arsenal are desperate to give him a new contract so the £25m is totally justified. Loving the banter transfer window. Again. It doesn’t mean Jack is being sold.
  8. As others have said - why let go of Taylor and Elmo just to bring in an older veteran.
  9. Why would Maddison take a step down and join Arsenal?
  10. Such quality across the pitch. What a game. Germany just outclassed and out maneuvered - pressed and pressed. The heat maps are going to be fascinating.
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