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  1. Almost inevitable that he would. It was PR smoke and mirrors that they’d sack him so soon.
  2. I think it’s a clash of personality - maybe he doesn’t approve of the partying. Maybe that’s why Chilwell doesn’t get a sniff either
  3. It’s always a useful stick to beat the club with - why didn’t we sign X, rather then acknowledging the continued class of players like Ronaldo
  4. I still get the feeling Southgate doesn’t like him but is such a yes man he picks him to start now he’s at City
  5. The hypocrisy was pointed out by a lot of fans when Jack made the switch and made the starting line-up. People aren’t stupid - a lot of fans from Leeds and West Ham understand this now, Southgate is a ‘Yes man’ for the status quo.
  6. Rice was a major passenger in the Euros and it felt like he escaped any criticism because Phillips did so well covering both positions. Rice is just like Southgate: quiet, doesn’t impose himself, follows the instructions and plays it safe. No wonder he gets picked so much .
  7. Right? Why is it automatically assumed it’s a Newcastle deal.
  8. Bridges were burnt, that much is clear. The focus should always be on the club. Glad the clip did justice to the crucial contributions of Trez and AEG who had crucial goals at crucial times.
  9. Actually sickening the mental gymnastics their fan base is going through to justify this. "They have got human rights issues. Everyone knows that. But we need this. We need it so bad," said a Newcastle fan to AFP. "The club, the city, we've been put down loads of times. We're a sleeping giant and it's about time. It's lovely for the club and for the region. Everyone's happy," he added.
  10. I agree - they will spend but nothing to that level quoted in Jan
  11. Right?! They spent £40m on trash like Joelinton after all
  12. The media buy into their fanbase’s hype than they do. for years they were a laughing stock with their sob on the tyne. Give Keegan the job etc, they’ve won the lottery to justify a hideous autocracy
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