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  1. Sullivan is a real piece of work. Makes me so grateful for NSWE.
  2. Their social media usage last night (about an unobstructed view of the Villa goal) and Wilder’s ridiculous moanings make them sound so tinpot. Just excuse making for their poor form since the lockdown lifted.
  3. If you needed another reason to ignore Sky Sports, check out the chairman of Palace on Twitter. Sky ‘fake news’ Sports
  4. They are an organised side for sure but I think the lack of goals will haunt them. They cannot fluke it. It will be a rough month ahead for them.
  5. Sheffield United will struggle this season, not sure where the goals will come from. Wilder just comes off like a pub bore.
  6. Chris 'galaxy brain' Wilder. Probably still bitter about the Cash deal.
  7. First game back is always going to be a challenge, especially against a side like Sheffield United, who are hard to break down, very organised from the defensive line moving up the pitch. Still an ugly side to play against. Cash looks like a baller. Martinez a hero. Konsa took that goal well. Dougie was fantastic. A true engine. Grealish always a danger. Watkins is again looking very promising in his natural attacking and link up. This game was crying out for the pace of Traore off of the bench. That will really give us a new dimension. Had to shake those cobwebs off. It wasn’t pretty nor great at times but we should be beating teams like Sheffield United to stay in this league and we did. Well done all.
  8. It’s still happening I’m sure. Bremen’s resistance can only go so far.
  9. Very encouraging stuff. We aren’t done spending and the rest of the league can’t take it.
  10. Neither foul was a penalty. Great theatrics from Bamford. This could finish 3-3.
  11. We have the media on strings, they know nothing of our transfer dealings, and continued to be pantsed by the foreign press.
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