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  1. The_Steve

    Jack Grealish

    He makes the headlines again for the wrong reasons. Not about tearing the young man down but passing out in the street is not 'laddish' or particularly bright. Nor is he the only footballer I'm sure. But after the laughing gas photos you'd think he'd be a little more sensible.
  2. The_Steve

    Ron Vlaar

    Disgusting comments. Sorry Ron, we supported you through your consistent injury problems and you've thrown it back in our faces. I appreciate the good performances and the odd goal. But you are not nearly half as good as you think you are.
  3. The_Steve

    2015 Takeover Thread

    Too early?
  4. The_Steve

    Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    Scummy bunch.... #NUFC release R Taylor by phone, before telling him to pass his mobile to J Gutiérrez so he could be released #SSNHQ
  5. The_Steve

    The Shay Given thread

    Coleman hooked Given's arm.
  6. The_Steve

    Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    Carver's out accusing Williamson of getting himself deliberately sent off... What a shit show of a club.
  7. The_Steve

    Ratings and Reactions: Villa - Everton

    Given's clearly being impeded. Shocking call from a shit ref.
  8. The_Steve

    Match Thread

    Not sure how you'd get more of an incompetent ref.
  9. The_Steve

    Match Thread

    Slippy G misses a penalty.
  10. The_Steve

    Match Thread

    Clever goal!!!! He deserves it.
  11. The_Steve

    Match Thread

    I hate how players take penalty's like that too.
  12. The_Steve

    Match Thread

    Never, ever a penalty.
  13. The_Steve

    Match Thread

    Disgusting how the ref has allowed Everton to target our players.
  14. The_Steve

    Match Thread

    As I type... Well taken!
  15. The_Steve

    Match Thread

    As I type... Well taken!