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  1. Brucey special sitting deeper in a 0-0 with 10 minutes to go
  2. I don’t buy the idea we should fear losing him, Emi is a true professional and wants to repay the faith put in him. I know after years of failure and mediocrity, it feels weird, but we’ve made such big progress that we aren’t that club we used to be. Emi gets to be a foundational stone at this club and the ambition we have will continue to push him to want to stay and build something here.
  3. I agree. Saint-Maximan is by no means a bad player, we need upgrades to give Traore competition, not a like-for-like player who won’t push each other to develop further.
  4. Remember when Arsenal fans were trying to convice us Leno was better than Emi? He had absolutely no reason to pass it to Xhaka - who made enough of a mess it anyway.
  5. That would be a great combination. If Southgate plays five at the back, at least he could use Saka as a wing-back.
  6. What part of there or thereabouts did Richie not understand? Modern day footballers eh. #TweetlikeBruce
  7. Good analysis, I will say, however, tonight shows how much we miss Cash. Elmo simply isn't good enough going forward, his passing was almost always away from goal, disrupting flow, or falling short. It's disjointing to watch.
  8. We looked more threatening with the ball into the feet of Davis and Barkley. We know Elmo, McGinn, Targett can cross, their efforts today were laughable. Yet we continued with the latter.
  9. McGoldrick should have been sent off for his foul on Konsa, instead, he won a foul. Joke.
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