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  1. I'm surprised to see him omitted from Garth Crooks team of the season.
  2. I think we may have had over a thousand a day for a few days now. Lot of stories going around now about the difference between whats being reported by PHE and the ONS. A 70% increase... i saw banded about on C4 news.
  3. I'm surprised Drinkwater wasn't driving.
  4. I saw Paul from the chucklebrothers in Asda earlier I said "Oi, Two metre you"
  5. A huge blow. Where do i get my breakfast from now.
  6. I don't understand how people can be so ignorant or stupid especially when you have other countries such as Italy a few weeks ahead of us in the infection curve who are running out of room to put their dead and doctors saying there are so many sick that they are having to refuse giving ventilators to anyone over the age of 60...
  7. How many more need to die before people realise distancing from one another is a must and non negotiable. We will be into the thousands soon enough maybe then it will start to sink in.
  8. Should i be worried. Woke up this morning with pain in my chest in my breast bone and right pec. Done nothing physically demanding just woke up and it was there. Only hurts when i press it or move my arms or stand up and sit down. No other symptoms i don't think.
  9. Did Jota refuse to pay his bar tab or something?
  10. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    Not sure what's worse the players lack of fight or us being tactically clueless with no gameplan. Either way were ****.
  11. The players gave up after 10 minutes. Gutless.
  12. The players are showing about as much hunger as the bunch we had when Sherwood/Garde was in charge. Disgraceful.
  13. Well it's not the first time we have shot ourselves in the face this season is it.
  14. It's getting to the point where I'm not bothered if we go down. At least we won't have to put up with the **** that is VAR week in week out. The division is corrupt to the core.
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