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  1. I think Mbwana going to sign us another striker in the summer.
  2. I think we will need 40+ points to stay up this season.
  3. I want to be as romantically nourished as the next man when it comes to benteke returning to b6 but he's done nothing since he left us.
  4. Is it to early to send him back.
  5. Lets hope they take his keys off him. He might decide he needs a drink after this performance.
  6. I'm struggling to think of a worse debut.
  7. We really have signed some complete garbage.
  8. Danny Treadwater more like. Bloke is so slow.
  9. We can lead Danny to water but can we make him drink.
  10. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    We could take another punt on Remi Garde. Anyone?
  11. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    3 - 0 against 10 men is shocking.
  12. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    It seems to have gone all downhill since the 4 year deal.
  13. I predicted we would be in this position come January not signing another striker such as Maupay in the summer and relying on an unproven forward was a stupid stupid mistake. Prepare to be held to ransom by clubs because it's the Jnuary transfer window and people will know how desperate we really are.
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