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  1. AshVilla

    Pre-Match Thread

    2 - 0 to Rotherham
  2. AshVilla

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce Out
  3. AshVilla

    Steve Bruce

    Whoever sanctioned Elphick's move and has left the Defence the way it is deserves the sack. Such a shambles.
  4. AshVilla

    Steve Bruce

    I'm sure he and his media chums will have a list of excuses written ready.
  5. AshVilla

    John McGinn

    Yep he's certainly been dragged down to our level.
  6. AshVilla

    Steve Bruce

    Well when were stuck down here next season with no parachute payments you will get to thank your estimated 33% that want to keep him and would blindly follow him into the abyss. I'm sure they will change their minds eventually but by then it will be far too late.
  7. AshVilla

    Ørjan Nyland

    SoldinJan Nyland if we can get anything for him
  8. AshVilla

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    On second thoughts i wouldn't mind Huth Providing he promises to tell the Huth the whole Huth and nothing but the Huth so help him god.
  9. AshVilla

    New Manager Speculation

    Is Lord Buckethead available?
  10. AshVilla

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Terry over huth anyday. Both players legs probably shot to shit at this point but Terry's strengths has always been reading the game and being one step ahead of his man so will probably still be good in the championship. Plus he also already has the chemistry there with Chester.
  11. AshVilla

    Micah Richards

    Micah for manager wearing his santa outfit.
  12. AshVilla

    September Optimism Gauge

    Rock bottom. Nothing has changed since last season if anything we have regressed defensively. If there is no change in manager I fancy us to finish midtable which would be pathetic given the players we have compared to other championship sides.
  13. AshVilla

    Steve Bruce

    We're not all willing to bury our head in the sand digging deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. Praying for miracles and behaving like everything is ok. Bruce will continue to receive stick until he's either sacked or actually delivers and rightly so my money is on the former. I find it amusing how some fans have become so accepting of failure. We really have been dragged down to his level.
  14. AshVilla

    Steve Bruce

    It looks like were going to continue to close our eyes and pray it somehow falls into place. He just needs another preseason.
  15. AshVilla

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I just wanted a backdrop for my pun. I don't really think he's shite, i just think he's had severe personal issues off the pitch gambling/alcohol addiction, depression trouble with the police e.t.c which really screwed with his development. He would also be a short term option as he wouldn't be good enough for the premier league should we get there.