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  1. Not sure but was never a big fan of the marvel movie franchise.
  2. Will feel sad if he goes but if he were to leave provided we get 100 mill + and all of the funds are reinvested straight back into the team i could live with it. If he has a clause that's lower like 80 - 90 were getting mugged off and he should sign a new contract on better wage terms but with a higher release clause in the 100 mill + range and also be given assurances by the club that he can leave next season should we fail to qualify for europe providing the newly implemented release clause is met.
  3. I'd like to think we have moved on and progressed as a club since then. Were capable of landing bigger and better fish now.
  4. So i wonder when Jack will be back for preseason. Will he have much if any given his involvement in the euro's?
  5. Yeah i expect to see a tweet from AVFC twitter as soon as he's done with the euro's.
  6. Or it could be that he has enough on his plate with the euro's and is focusing on shafting the Germans.
  7. Is Pires still available while were at it.
  8. AshVilla

    Josh King

    Were well past this kind of signing, let Newcastle or one of the newly promoted sides take him.
  9. He's 90% Van Dijk, 10% Titus Bramble.
  10. He was actually quoted saying he chose Newcastle over us because he watched that terrible Goal movie as a kid. The bloke is a complete and utter tool as far as i'm concerned.
  11. He had his chance. Time to move on.
  12. 40 million is a ridiculous price. He's worth about 20 at most but Norwich don't need to sell hence the hyperinflated price. He's a decent player but not for that kind of money. I hope we have other targets in mind.
  13. AshVilla

    Ezri Konsa

    Ben Godfrey and White ahead of Konsa? Can i have some of what Southgate has been smoking.
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