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  1. Always difficult to play against 12 men. The most bent ref I've ever seen.
  2. Not the hamstrings again.
  3. Not sure about Jota. Bloke ran like a mad man Friday night. I'd have rest him with the others.
  4. Everton fans really are salty looking at their forum. Apparently were awful, a limited side and not going to win another game before Christmas.
  5. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    Were going to win the league.
  6. There is a reason why sides attack us relentlessly down our left side.
  7. That goal he scored was outrageous. Looked like a double nutmeg to me.
  8. Should be called Guilebert after tonight. That slide tackle he did was straight out of van damme's playbook.
  9. He got his engels right tonight. looks so smooth with the ball.
  10. AshVilla


    Wesley was MOTM but this guy was really not far behind. Worked his little socks off, a great buy.
  11. AshVilla

    Wesley Moraes

    lol where are all his doubters now. was class tonight and bullied the everton CB's senseless from deep. Everton were playing two DM's as well LOL unplayable.
  12. Ben arfa only 32 wtf and also why didn't cattermole sign for Newcastle.
  13. That clearance he did was pure class. 50 Mill Wan Bissaka could learn alot from Bjorn.

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