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  1. I'd offer 30m for Maupay and Benrahma. 15m each seems fair. 40m for each is ridiculous. 20m each?
  2. AshVilla

    Ethan Ampadu

    No thanks. Loan and he will probably have some sort of clause where he has to play a certain amount of games/minutes. Our first season back in the prem i'd rather have someone more proven and i really don't like the idea of blooding other teams assets it was ok in championship as it was a means to an end but now were back in the big time.
  3. If we don't sign him he will be the But of all jokes.
  4. AshVilla

    Wesley Moraes

    According to the con heatmaps on the birmingham mail website he doesn't play as advanced up the pitch as Abraham does. I think we will defo need another striker, Maupay would be ideal he's a threat in the box.
  5. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    We'd have spent 50 mill on someone like Connor Wickham if Bruce was in charge.
  6. 2x CB 1x Striker 1x LB 1x DM 1x Winger 1x Goalkeeper? I think were short on.
  7. Butland 20m Mings 15m Dunk 15m? Targett 10m That's 60m worth of defenders. Then we still need another winger, striker, DM and CM. Were easily going past the 100m mark this window lol.
  8. I think we still need another striker. The other options we have are terrible.
  9. AshVilla

    Scott Hogan

    The guy has said he will score 25 goals if he has a run of games on numerous occasions now and has never delivered. Complete wasteman, loan him out to the championship which is his level.
  10. I wouldn't go above 10 mill. Rather us take a punt on someone abroad for cheaper.
  11. I wonder if were throwing the kitchen sinkgraven to sign him. God sake, how difficult is it to make a pun for that one.
  12. Enter Maxi Gomez. This windows Sneijder. There is always one.
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