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  1. I thought the game passed him by today.
  2. This is one of the worst Everton sides i've seen in years. If we can't get 3 points here its terrible.
  3. Nakamba is shite. Carney and Ramsey should be loaned out why don't we have another championship club blood our youngsters for a season or two that's what the top teams do. Haven't seen enough of Sanson to make a judgement but he's not a CDM and McGinn and Luiz are not CDM's either and all too much alike. We need proven quality in the CDM area to push on. Its frustrating we always lack that final piece of the jigsaw and with these new owners and their "ambitions" i really thought we would seal the deal for once.
  4. I'll give this window a 5/10 rating if no further signings are made. I think squad as a whole is stronger but no Jack so we have lost that edge and gaping hole in midfield. This was the time to push on and try and catch the teams above us instead i think we will be going backwards.
  5. Last chance to salvage this season and fix the gaping hole in midfield.
  6. Moving towards the Dean out camp. 1 point out of Watford and Brentford at home is shocking. What we going to do when the fixtures get harder?
  7. Should he be starting for us if we have ambitions of being a side challenging for Europe?
  8. Brain is probably already on the plane to Venezuela.
  9. Travel against the wishes of their clubs? Will they be disciplined if this is the case and be in breach of contract?
  10. Great decision. He got plenty of game time in internationals during preseason i doubt he will be that annoyed.
  11. I'd like to see him do 90 minutes and not get sent off. If he can do that it's progress.
  12. Can our other wing options get fit quickly so i never have to see Anwar in a villa shirt again.
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