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  1. AshVilla

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    lol that press conference was hilarious. literally two five year olds throwing insults.
  2. AshVilla

    Conor Hourihane

    Waste of space. Going nowhere carrying deadweight like him.
  3. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    Reached the play off final but then didn't turn up? Nobody remembers the losers in a playoff final, we may as well have finished midtable.
  4. AshVilla

    Pre-match thread

    God what a horrible team
  5. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    The whole "Were Villa" thing is pure hubris imo. Were not a piss pot team i agree and we have a great history, but we haven't done anything of note for a while now and i think the sooner the fans start to realise the harsh reality of the situation we find ourselves in thanks to the idiotic decisions made by the club and get behind the manager the sooner we can move forward and try and build something for the future.
  6. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    I just don't think we have the luxury of being able to change the system currently. Sure we can try and change and maybe we will have to gamble at some point, but were already conceding 2 - 3 goals a game on average due to the gaping hole in our midfield and terrible defence so i don't see how sacrificing the protection of a DM for another striker is going to help imo. McGinn can do the running for 90 mins in a two man midfield sure and cover the ground, but who would you partner him up with lets look at the candidates. Whelan - Not dynamic enough, too slow, will be knackered after 60 mins and will be targeted and pressed because of it. Jedinak - Not dynamic enough, too slow, will be knackered after 60 mins and will be targeted and pressed because of it. Lansbury - Gets injured whenever he plays, don't think he could do 90 mins in a three man midfield let alone two man. Bjarnason - Meh never seen him in a 2 man midfield for us, just seems terrible in any position other than DM where he has been substandard at best. Grealish - Would be too much of a change for him, would need to do a lot more defensive work. Hourihane - He's ineffectual in most games in a three man midfield and the game passes him by already.
  7. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    So is this another bad appointment by the club then or just a case of the fans being on the new managers back after a run of poor results. Who would you have gone for instead? The managerial merry go round is almost exhausted of candidates... I suppose we could gamble on Fat Sam next as he's been at some "big clubs" but if he doesn't deliver straight away no doubt he will be outed sharpish because of the dire football and then the cycle begins again. Anyone who takes this job currently is on a hiding to nothing, if anything i take my hat off to the size of Smith's balls for taking it on in the first place.
  8. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    I'd also just play all the young kids now. Adomah, Jedinak, Whelan, Hutton, Taylor e.t.c just pay up whats left of their contracts or banish them to the reserves. At least Hutton is a trier but it's time to give someone else a go.
  9. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    If i had a time machine i'd fast forward and get this season out the way. It's painful to watch now not just from a footballing perspective as a fan, but also if you consider the stupid decisions that have been made by the club to get us in this situation in the first place. Someone mentioned in another thread that Norwich have only spent something like 3 mill this season and look where they are now compared to us who have spent upwards of 60 million since we have been down here with no visible improvement. It's really dreadful stuff and quite disgraceful but it also fills me with hope that if they can do it on a stringshoe budget and Cardiff can we could do also with the right man and i think Dean is that man.
  10. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    The only way i can see smith getting sacked this season is if he's completely lost the dressing room. Were not going down and were not getting promoted so the club will make the sensible decision and give him more time and back him otherwise what was the point in getting him in the first place? He's not a quick fix promotion specialist us going up this season was a bonus if anything and the club wanted him for the long term should we fall short. If he does lose the dressing room then you have to ask why he lost it in the first place and maybe look at the attitude of the players. He could be instructing them to play in a certain way for all we know but they are completely ignoring him. I get that managing people with big ego's is part of the job, but if we have half a dozen players at the end of their career knowing their contract won't be renewed what do they have to fight for exactly? This is our team currently....
  11. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    The players reverting to type when the pressure is on is not his fault imo. It's human nature to do what your comfortable with when under pressure and this team has been comfortable playing shite football for the past few seasons and grinding out results. Dean Smith is not this type of manager and he simply does not have the tools at his disposal to do his job currently, lets not be short sighted and sack him before he's even had one summer window and a preseason. If people are angry they should blame the previous regime for taking a gamble, failing and in the process saddling us with a bunch of aged hasbeens on fat wages with nothing to play for. Being critical of a manager who has been here for less than six months and had to work under these restrictions in terms of the personnel he has available is incredibly harsh.
  12. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    I must have imagined us playing some of the best football i've ever seen at the club when Grealish wasn't injured and Dean first took over. I guess it must just be a co-incidence that it all started to all go downhill after the baggies game eh..... Imagine a gold nugget in a a steaming pile of shit, Grealish being the nugget take that away and what's left? The team that's churning out results like this.
  13. AshVilla

    Kortney Hause

    lol my god what a comparison.
  14. AshVilla

    Kortney Hause

    I hope he brings the hause down