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  1. AshVilla

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Playing for a move away I think he's had enough of this circus and who can blame him
  2. AshVilla

    Jack Grealish

    Will probably bang in a hat-trick then leave all villa fans feeling like it was an episode of bullseye. "Look what you could have won"
  3. AshVilla

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Thanks for the goal against Wolves Birkir.
  4. AshVilla

    Jack Grealish

    Disgraceful and the Dr should be ashamed of himself.
  5. AshVilla

    Tony Xia

    Probably the Chinese government
  6. AshVilla

    Tony Xia

    Spoke to a Coventry fan yesterday he said they will be above us in a year or two. Of course i called him a dickhead but i could actually see that happening if this clearing in the woods doesn't go asap.
  7. AshVilla

    Tony Xia

    Were going to have nothing left when he's finished.
  8. AshVilla

    Jack Grealish

    I have no issue selling him. What i do have issue with is none of that money will be reinvested back into the squad.
  9. AshVilla

    Tony Xia

    **** off
  10. AshVilla

    Tony Xia

    I remember when he was saying we were targeting the champions league within 10 years.... There is still time lads were only 3 years in
  11. AshVilla

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    At least now brucey is staying we have his "contacts" We can now blood other teams young players on loan for another season again instead of our own so baggies can sign them. Let the rebuild commence.....
  12. AshVilla

    Steve Bruce

    The con man chairman has got us exactly where he wants us according to your survey. Successfully lowered fan level expectations to the point where we are now privileged to have such a manager as Steve Bruce because we are broke and have no money to spend. Minimal outlay from here on in from him, as long as were sustainable ticking over and Brucie keeps us in the championship he's a happy man and he gets his bonus. Bruce must feel like he's won the lottery, how does it now feel to have a manager who is bigger than the club?
  13. AshVilla

    Tony Xia

    I genuinely hate the guy for what has he done to our club. Not only is his short term thinking the reason why were in this shit situation but he is going to add insult to injury by making me watch another season of this shite bruce ball. Can we just go into administration now and be done with it.