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  1. It was an attempt at satire on my part but I see your point
  2. I'll be voting conservative because I'm filthy rich and don't care about the common folk. It's also important that we get brexit done.
  3. Because he loves to wear the shirt and they are jealous he"s not playing for them.
  4. Poor poor result if this finishes 1 - 1. Like 4 points dropped now against 10 men of Brighton and West Ham.
  5. This match was over when Brighton went down to 10 men.
  6. Not signing Maupay was a huge mistake.
  7. I didn't know someone played for them called Villa he's just scored. I guess they don't chant his name.
  8. I'm surprised VAR didn't rule that one out.
  9. Trezeguet MOTM for me so far. The work he puts in going forward and tracking back is nuts. What an engine.
  10. Yes he played terrible but i think the whole coming together between him and Mings is being blown all out of proportion by the media. You would think listening to SSN it were similar to the infamous Bowyer/Dyer incident which is ridiculous. The media have always hated us and they just can't wait to put the boot in as usual. They are also probably desperate to fulfill their prophecy that we are going to do a Fulham.
  11. We need to be beating teams like West Ham with 10 men at Home if we want to stay in this division.
  12. AshVilla

    Wesley Moraes

    Reminds me a bit of Kozak.
  13. AshVilla

    Dean Smith

    Time to ditch the midfield three not working. Our wide options are woeful and Wesley can't play up top on his own. Give Grealish and McGinn license to roam forward with Nakamba and Luiz as a solid base. Drop Taylor on his face and go with Targett and Guilbert for the width instead. We actually have the strength in depth to play this way also.
  14. Always knew it was going to be a struggle replacing Tammy's goals but taking a punt on a complete unknown front three at this level was a luxury we couldn't afford.
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