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  1. Think it’s bizarre we’re letting him leave, especially with Mings out and Konsa potentially injured. If we do sell him, it has to be a transfer, we need to start making money on players leaving rather than loaning them out. We’ll start to get a reputation as pushovers.
  2. Also born in Basingstoke. Don’t think I’ve been back there since the day I was born, mind. Big up the B’stoke massive.
  3. According to WhoScored, Ollie’s ratings, goals and assists in each position in his career is this: AML: Played 50, scored 14, assisted 6, rating 7.20 AMR: Played 18, scored 4, assisted 4, rating 7.18 FWD: Played 90, scored 40, assisted 8, rating 7.22 It should also be noted that his highest rated season was him primarily playing on the left in 2017/18. I’ve been of the opinion that Ollie must start up front, and was against the idea of signing Tammy. Ings is a different proposition though, he’s one of the best finishers in the league, and for me must start up front. I would primarily play Ollie on the left, I think with Grealish gone we can, and should adapt how we play. I look at how Salah plays on the right for Liverpool, basically a second striker, and that’s how I’d like to see Ollie play on the left for us. With Ings’ injury record, and the need to manage his fitness levels, Ollie will still get plenty of minutes as a striker. For example we can afford to take Ings off after an hour, move Buendia on the right, Bailey to the left and either bring on Carney, Nakamba, or bring Traore in on the right and keep Emi central, depending on the situation in the game. Starting games, when everyone is available, I would have Ollie, Ings and Bailey, with Emi floating as a number 10 behind. I’m torn on what I’d do in the market, as we all want top players to join, but if we went in to the season with our current array of attackers, I wouldn’t be too disappointed. The caveat to playing the above formation is that we need more steel in midfield, and that’s what I’d go all out for in the remainder of the summer. Tl:dr, Ollie’s great, must start, and will play equally as well in any of the front three positions.
  4. As they say in Italy, “morto un papa, se ne fa un’altro” - when one pope dies, they make another. Emi Buendia is our new pope. This guy has got it all, and hopefully we’re able to give him the number 10 shirt (with the touch of refunding all Buendia 20 shirts).
  5. I read earlier that he was brought in to help with set pieces during Northern Ireland’s Euro 2016 qualifying campaign, and out of the 16 goals they scored, 11 were from set pieces. He seems very highly rated, and I think this will be an excellent and very underrated appointment. Buzzing.
  6. They got taken over by a multi-billionaire American, so they have plenty of money, and hence Mourinho joining them.
  7. Sounds like there’s a game against Crewe at BMH, and he’s probably playing in that one. Hope you’re right though.
  8. Not playing today? We really needed to see him today for a lift for the fan base.
  9. Another West Midlander. Lovely stuff.
  10. Inter are my second team (my missus supports them), so I know Martinez well. He’s not leaving the Serie A champions to go a team that hasn’t qualified for the Champions League for years, even if Inter have got money problems.
  11. Let’s look at the positives. If Jack leaves, our front three will be BBW.
  12. Firstly, Martinez isn’t going to Arsenal. Secondly, of course you can decide that Abraham isn’t worth £40m, yet Martinez is worth £80m. They’re different level of quality.
  13. Notts County were in League One at the time. Sorry to be that guy!
  14. We’ve just been criticising Man City for ‘cooking the books’ and saying how disgraceful it is. And now we have people suggesting we effectively do the same by paying Jack an inflated wage by means of another company. Some of the stuff spouted on here at times is insane.
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