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  1. I may have completely missed this, but their board insisted a suspended player played, to ensure they got relegated?
  2. November to May is six months in my book.
  3. Absolutely love this guy. One of my favourite goals for a long time, don't think any other striker in this league scores that. Can't wait to see him live and give him the love he deserves. And on top of that, a humble, eloquent and beautiful man to boot. What a guy.
  4. Had a great game yesterday, but let’s not forget the six months of awful performances. We mustn’t sign him. Hopefully he has a great remainder of the season, but let’s not make the mistake of signing him.
  5. Thought he was excellent last night. Best game for a long time.
  6. Interesting point. I see it as though we’d only want to have four wingers at the club (excluding youngsters), including injured players, as that seems to be Smith’s philosophy. He doesn’t want to stockpile players, so if he wants to bring in a new winger this summer (which he must), then one of them would have to be moved on.
  7. He’s given us some great moments, but I personally would be looking to moving him on this summer, especially as his stock may potentially never be higher, so we may get a good price for him. We’ve also no chance of selling Trezeguet with the injury, and Traore only joined last year, so El Ghazi is the obvious one to move on. He should be remembered as someone who gave us great moments though, even though he’s had some very frustrating periods.
  8. Just watched a video of Bailey, and now I desperately want him.
  9. If we signed any of Buendia, Neto or ASM, I’ll be delighted.
  10. I thought he was excellent last night. Very surprised to see some of the comments in here today. We all see it differently though.
  11. I also hope we aim for higher than both of them.
  12. Would prefer that money to be distributed to clubs in the football league to be honest. Would be a very good gesture from the Premier League given how much Covid has ruined clubs.
  13. He compares himself to Pogba, and it’s a very fair comparison.
  14. Pereira and Yokuslu would both walk in to our team.
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