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  1. Their announcement of him being back in training, and our ‘interest’ in Sarr is both clubs posturing. They’re saying they’ll start playing him again, we’re saying we’ll pull out of the deal. Still confident it’ll happen. And would actually prefer him to Sarr, who I think is a bit overrated.
  2. Engels came from the French league. Very odd what’s happening with him though, do we know if he played any pre-season? I liked him, but if Smith doesn’t then we need to replace him.
  3. Aye we did this with Wesley last year. Wouldn’t have been approved if it was any lower.
  4. I don’t see how there could be. He got his first work permit after playing just 42 games for Vitesse. In the last four years he’s played 87 out of 148 possible league games, plus 22 European games. Not to mention how many more international games he’s played, too. Scandalous if Chelsea got his work permit, but we’ve got issues.
  5. I went and asked an Ajax forum about him: https://www.ajaxtotaal.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3391&start=100 He sounds exciting, but potentially frustrating. If he’s not having a good game, we can bring on the likes of Trez to replace him. I, for one, am excited.
  6. Are him and Martinez homegrown? Just thinking for when we’re in Europe next season.
  7. Very happy with the signing. Knowing Smith’s preference for new players to know someone in the squad, and seeing how he spent time at Reading, is there a chance that the Swift rumours have legs?
  8. CM and CB still needed in my opinion. CB is more important in my eyes. I rate Konsa highly, but I’d like to see him learn off a new and experienced CB, whilst being first reserve.
  9. Sounds an exciting signing, I don’t get all the hatred. Is it purely the Lyon fans? They’re a consistent Champions League club, and have far better players than us (Jack aside), so an average player for them could well be a star for us. Do we know the opinion of Ajax fans of him?
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    Villa fan, season ticket for 25 years. Based in East Anglia.
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