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  1. When it comes to FFP its all bollocks. Whoever owns a club should be able to spend their money how they like. I feel there should be some sort of earning to wage ratio as that is what kills a club if the owner stops wanting to fund the club.
  2. I'm logging off before I get myself banned for all the rage inside me right now.
  3. Absolute shite, we don't do well with 2 up top and 3 at the back. There isn't enough width! The players just sat back and invited pressure, they have thrown the lead away.
  4. I don't think we will progress this season without finding a line up that Smith is happy with in some sort of variation of 433. I also think we need to find just a little bit more consistency than we currently have but I think that will come with Bailey and Buendia settling in and being fit.
  5. Thanks for that, I must have just seen 8 loans max originally, it shouldn't affect us too much then as the mix of the two could easily see 15 players on loan at once.
  6. I'm not sure it will work in future, I can't remember the exact rules that are changing but I remember reading them and immediately thinking, well that's Chelsea's model gone.... 6 loans max rings a bell. Perhaps someone can confirm?
  7. The Chelsea model has served them really well, it’s in profit for a start has given them some really good players and let’s not forget if it wasn’t for their short termism on their managers they would have a few of the worlds best players there right now…… as well
  8. It could save us quite a lot of money, however it must be remembered this kids have to be of high quality to really make it with us and that level of quality is going to need to raise as we do. Honestly if 3 of all the much vaunted kids made it through to being in our top say 15 players it would be a storming success, the rest can be loaned/sold to recoup some money ala Chelsea, although that is going to be harder in the future as the loan rules are changing.
  9. I don't think our wage total has gone up since the end of last season..... But I think it went up a hell of a lot on the same season before with new players and a bunch of new contracts. Going forward I think our biggest problem buying players will be the wages.
  10. So glad we are finally on target for the amount of points we should have accumulated by now (to make 60 points after 38 games) and in touching distance of the teams in the places we would like to finish. I thought cash and McGinn were excellent today but I am still not convinced for 2 up top.
  11. I don't care what is best for him, I only care what is best for us and that is to tie him down because as you say we are unlikely to get a better 4th choice.
  12. Time for a new contract I think.
  13. Ollie has played one game no way could we not have put out one of them and changed them around early in the second half.
  14. I am pleased with everything today. I thought we should have started Ings or Watkins with the other being on the bench as we aren't reliant on one striker this year. The replacement scored a good goal and got some good experience. Our second string, played well, got minutes under their belt, I even thought Deano made the right tactical choice in going to a back three in the late stages and the correct subs.
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