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  1. The need is far more pressing elsewhere, I would also just have Freddy back as the other option to Cash.
  2. A signing of excessive quality is how I term it, we have one in Jack we need to sign another.
  3. Thanks for that, I won't be using that site (not that I have before)
  4. By the way I think this conversation has moved completely away from football at this point.
  5. This is an example in itself of the slippery slide because everything is open to campaigning and differering opinions.
  6. My box isn't a platform for speech its a box, any box or no box can be used. You are using a philosophical argument rather than a real one.
  7. That’s fine but if you don’t allow ideas to flow then resentment builds and conflict follows. Sunlight is always the best disinfection
  8. Yes, I get that point entirely. I don’t argue they don’t have the right to censor what is said on a platform they have created. I want that right taken away from them so it is treated as a public space and ergo free speech is allowed short of direct incitement to violence. As a complete side issue social media takes all the privileges of not being a publisher (editing what is said on the platform is what makes something a publication) whilst actually being a publisher.
  9. Its not about being for hate speech it’s about people being free to express themselves as a fundamental right. But isn’t it nice to talk to someone with the opposite views cordially
  10. Ok well before section 127 of the communications act was passed under Blair that was how it was in the UK and still is like that in the USA.
  11. We won't be signing him as loads of clubs are apparently after him for the last few windows, I got fed up hearing his name on sky sports news.
  12. I will never agree with any limit other than direct incitement to violence for the reason I already said.
  13. That place where those freedoms exist are in the USA, they just don’t currently extend to private platforms. As for use somewhere else, those platforms have been busy destroying them like Parlour for example. You don’t want 1984 but advocate for it.
  14. Because there isn't an alternative for me, also I say what I want to on here and if that is deemed not ok at some point I will be removed. Like I said offence and hate is subjective which is why speech can’t be limited justly. if it were up to me this would apply in all places where speech and writing happens.
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