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  1. I agree, not sure where I would rank him but hes 11 million on the transfermarkt website and often when a player is sold it is double whatever their figure is. So basically if some keeper with potential is available for a 5 million or something like that then sure go for it but it is the least of our issues so no point spending serious money.
  2. It is a deal that should only be done IF you know exactly why he has gone down the drain and that would definitely change if we brought him.
  3. Agree however if there is clearly an exceptional player in a poor league (Holland/Portugal/Belgium/Austria/Turkey) it is worth going for them
  4. Everyone has a value and if it isn't met he isn't moving.
  5. Because it appears no one wants to pay his fee.....
  6. Eh? I see the complete opposite if we sign Rashica you are almost guaranteed to be getting another wide forward and spending money than CAN bring in quality players, Jack will be moved back into the middle and allowed to roam to knit it all together.
  7. One would hope that is the case every window.
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8618761/Watford-demand-30m-star-winger-Ismaila-Sarr-amid-Crystal-Palace-interest.html 30 million for him is a no brainer
  9. You can do it by adding new revenue too. but the suggestion to spend that much on wages is crazy for our club and where we are at now
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