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  1. My aim from the start of the season hasn't changed, 50 points. Whatever position that is, I will be content with it. People need to look at the fixture list and see how horrible it is for the last 2 months of the season as well. P.S next season I want 60.
  2. Realistically we need another handful of players like last summer before going down the expensive route
  3. 35 million I think, he’s a very good player who can’t get a game as he plays the same role in their setup as Bruno
  4. Only just found out about the podcast is it shown on Youtube?
  5. Making moves for apparent stars of the future like Koopmeiners is a good idea, we are a premier league club so it is a step up if even a stepping stone to a top 10 in europe club
  6. Give him some minutes in a game we are 2 goals ahead with like 20 mins left. I will pretty much always want a youth player to go out on loan to make the bulk of their mistakes there rather than here costing points.
  7. So basically anything but Barkley, we are kindred spirits.
  8. Getting a short term injury can have a silver lining like that.
  9. Isn't it nice to have some saleable assets again, making upgrades that bit cheaper.
  10. If we are doing that we need to drop the 10 and play a 6 and two 8's, otherwise it's two 6's and a 10.
  11. paul514

    The NSWE Board

    booo I just wanted to see what FFP wiggle room there may be this summer, nevermind.
  12. Personally the only way I see him being part of Deans plans next season is if he doesn't want to spend what is available on his position as he is forced to spend in a couple of others just due to others leaving.
  13. He is certainly better technically but Trez offers the work rate in spades and that is the reason that I would rather keep him as he offers something different.
  14. Well we have actual holes to fill in the squad with a handful of players definitely off this summer before we even think of improving positions that we have enough players in. Also I would expect 80, I'd hope for what we spent in the first year. Need to see the accounts for last season to have any idea of what might be available though.
  15. You must be hoping for a lot of funds in the summer....
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