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  1. I’d be happy with 50 points from this season. In my head I don’t have a position that I want to achieve, just if we reach that it should be a success and we can buy again next summer to try for 60
  2. The games gone let’s just move on
  3. You know it didn’t even occur to me to put an extra defender on, if it was before it went to two yes I could take off Barclay for Engels and stick him in the middle of the centre backs. Traore on for Trez and see what happens to John and Doug after that
  4. I thought it was a pen but the red didn’t and therefore VAR can’t do anything about it as it has to be a large error on the refs part for them to do so, which it wasn’t.
  5. Nakamba, Conor and Traore for McGinn Barclay and Trez
  6. That isn't his role in the system we are playing that is John and Doug's role.
  7. I felt that about McGinn before the season started but we all love him! I would stick with the two but categorically if we are to play with 4-2-3-1 then McGinn & Luiz when they aren't on the ball must only be in two places.... In a defensive midfield position centrally for what ever transition of play and when the opposition gets the ball and moves it to one of the flanks then the defensive midfielder for that side goes to help the full back for that side whilst the other sits. It also requires the trust of the front four not go back to fetch the ball and defend their job is to pre
  8. That isn't their job in our system that is the job of the 2 defensive midfielders one goes to cover the play the flank is on and the other sits.
  9. Everything that was wrong with this game was the midfield three. The reason Leeds looked like Barcelona from 10 years ago is because they had total free reign inside our half on the flanks and it wasn't the full backs fault it was the total fault of Luiz and McGinn not giving them protection which is what their role is in a 4231. If we aren't playing a 4231 then Ross needs to be much further back with the other two and you can't play Trez from the start in that system. It is unforgivable that the two defensive midfielder perform that poorly and it is unforgivable that either Dean didn
  10. Who the hell said the manager had a better than poor performance not making the changes in tactics and personnel in the midfield?
  11. Seriously if I were a horse I should have been shot long before the final whistle having to watch that
  12. It's unforgivable not to make the changes in tactics or personal
  13. Nah they should have changed two of the central midfielders
  14. Traore hasn't had the ball to do something, Ditto Grealish,
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