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  1. I hope not, whilst I would love to spend stupid amounts on one player we still have big upgrades to make on the first 11 and squad before budgets go on one or maybe two players a summer
  2. IF we have spent our transfer budget and have this fee to spend we need to buy a starting quality centre back for numbers and true competition. We need a DCM to stop us being played through so easily and add some balance to our midfield. After that you can argue what we need, I’d sell Conor, loan out Wes and sell El Ghazi to buy one more wide forward. It would be nice to have an ACM but we have Sanson, McGinn and some of the wide forwards and kids who can play there. We could also look to sell Guilbert and bring in a better right back too. really it’s the DCM and CB that are most pressing.
  3. It won't be that he is our best player for decades at least.
  4. Wow didn't expect that signing at all. I would have prefered a younger and less injury prone Tammy Abraham though. Ings is a big upgrade to our striker options.
  5. That is what is delivered when you order Grealish on wish .com
  6. I'm not excited about him.... He was really good at the Euros but by all accounts he hasn't played like that for his club team.
  7. IMO if Grealish goes even with Bailey and Buendia coming in we still need another wide forward and to sell AEG. IMO we still need a full blooded defensive midfielder and not IMO but fact we need a centre back. IMO as Davis is injured for a few months and Wesley is still unknown a striker should be higher on the list of priorities now. IMO our midfielders are all good but I don’t think the balance is there at all. Maybe an out and out DCM fixes that, maybe it just improves the current situation but we need to be thinking seriously what Luis, McGinn and Sanson’s role is in the team and make some ‘difficult’ decision on them.
  8. Tammy doesn't press like Watkins does and is a penalty box player.
  9. Looked him up since only 13 goals in ligue 1…. I don’t know him so no idea if he is good
  10. Maybe they are good at judging players? They do use the same type of analytics that I do when looking at players.
  11. Yea it’s similar lines of thinking, Dortmund got Haaland on exactly that basis. If we can develop that rep we can pick up these players who want the final move before they go to a top 10 club in the world. We get them for a few years, benefit from that and then the big pay off when they go. Work our way up to challengers
  12. Ok, I wouldn’t buy Mings for that either…. It’s the going rate in the premier league
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