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  1. Other teams don't seem to be signing anyone or can't afford to right now so it's a bit of a statement to complete this one.
  2. 3 wins, 2 draws but it's good going.
  3. They're only bitter because we are a rival now, not an insignificance. You wouldn't hear a peep if we were in 17th place.
  4. Signing players and doubling, tripling, quadrupling their wages can go quite badly. Lansbury, Kalinic, McCormack
  5. Enjoying the shows. It's important to me to get the podcast out as soon as possible after a game which you have been doing, keep it up!
  6. Wow, never started for England and yet their best player in the lineup.
  7. Hey, I'm happy! Now if we could just get Delfouneso, Gary Gardner and Ethan Moore back together what a team we'd have!
  8. It's about having bodies in defensive areas rather than necessarily calling a player a defensive midfielder. Liverpool play with 3 in the middle, all capable off tracking and tracking back to their box. It depends on the opposition and really it's just a tactical theory because in reality Nakamba is not really good enough to be starting PL games.
  9. Motivate himself? His issue is he is constantly injured, haven't heard any issues around his attitude.
  10. I'm not sure where Terry comes into it, he was not at Chelsea with Barkley. Also if it is loan to buy them Chelsea aren't interested in Barkley improving, they want him out.
  11. Anyone else think this signing simply won't happen? 30 million plus to compete with Watkins?
  12. I have always liked Barkley but a: he's injured too often and b: he doesn't seem to live the best lifestyle. I'm sure the 2 are linked. Playing wise he has a touch of Gerrard about him, obviously nowhere near him but he does have similar traits.
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