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  1. Does he not play in the same position as Buendia?
  2. Emi Martinez still confuses me. What did he do at Arsenal? He has emerged as a beast and a leader but only really started his career in 2019.
  3. There is and it already exists. Spirits and low calorie mixer. Also Hard Seltzer is going to grow and grow I think. Even though it's just slightly flavoured sparkling water!
  4. The US women's team lost to FC Dallas U-15 boys team a few years ago. I'm not sure how you think a mixed league could happen.
  5. That's the way it goes with women's football. Just we haven't been paying attention. Usually deals are 1 or 2 years so players end up moving a lot.
  6. They have effectively paused the pandemic. But where do they go from here? Low vaccine supply and low uptake. I don't know how they exit this.
  7. He's a defensive midfielder, or is that defender in midfield. It's 5 at the back without calling it that. Which I don't necessarily mind but don't put Phillips beside him to do the same job with the occasional crossing of the half way line.
  8. What a shit team. Who's meant to attack from midfield? Just going to leave the middle of the field empty?
  9. I have to say, we have a good team behind the scenes. You might get one day notice before we sign someone. Not much drawn out transfers these days.
  10. Keinan Davis on at 80 minutes.
  11. Rafa heavily linked now. That will be a very brave move!
  12. The only thing Scotland are battering is their mars bars.
  13. It's a tall part of the world, they love their basketball!
  14. I think he will easily get a PL team. Too many managers love a good set piece.
  15. The source for this story is a good one so I would believe we are interested. Whether it happens is another thing altogether. But generally if it gets out that we are interested there is a lot more to it than he is just on a list somewhere. Probaby his agent has been contacted etc.
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