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  1. I'm not saying he can't score good goals, but the precision of the finish from Foden at that angle and that pace is not something I have seen from Grealish.
  2. I don't think you'd see Grealish score the goal Foden did, I've never seen lethal finishing like that from Grealish.
  3. Formation didn't work. The problem with 3 at the back is they end up having too much influence on the game in terms of the amount of passing they do, which leads to mistakes. When Bailey is fit and Buendia settled I don't think we will play with the 3-5-2
  4. With this formation you need a midfielder pushing on, I don't know if that is meant to be Mcginn or Ramsey. You also need big input from the wing backs, as good as Cash and Targett are, they are full backs at heart.
  5. I think it all started with him saying he didn't rate Smith. Then Villa have a magnificent run of form and he slightly tongue in cheek doubles down. Eventually he can no longer keep it up and has to praise Villa. But in the meantime he has been getting dogs abuse from Villa fans on social media, hence his issue with the fans. At this stage it's the fans only he has an issue with, not Villa as a club or team.
  6. It's not hype, just look at the results.
  7. Mr_Dogg


    Is he? He hasn't been tearing up trees at Liverpool. They paid huge money for him. Feel like he's never had that breakthrough at Liverpool.
  8. I think he would like to play for 2 or 3 of the top clubs of Europe. But it's not that easy to leave a Real Madrid or Manchester United, just because you want a new challenge.
  9. It's just a question of when not if he ends up in the Premier League.
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