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  1. Mr_Dogg

    Keinan Davis

    Well done Keinan. Ultimately what is his position? I'd love to see him make it at Villa.
  2. Jack's ball carrying protects the team so much and gives them the chance to regroup. With Jack out, that midfield 3 could be in a world of trouble. Added to a right side of Elmo and Traore against Harvey Barnes, this could go quite wrong.
  3. Are you not being completely hypocritical there? Villa spent money but it didn't count, it was in the championship!
  4. Talk of £40 million when Arsenal were linked to Buendia.
  5. Going down because you feel contact is how modern football is. I personally hate it. But if you can't beat them, join them.
  6. No mention of McGinn in the thread. Does that weird bent over running until he feels a touch then goes down. He's good at it!
  7. Wrong setup from the start, I don't think Brighton were given enough respect. But then the lineup and system doesn't seem to change no matter who we're playing.
  8. He cannot start the next game, I could say more but if you've got nothing nice to say...
  9. We don't have a midfield 3 with Barkley playing. It's a 4231 with Barkley well pushed up, under instruction I assume or he wouldn't be playing. This puts the 2 in midfield under huge pressure, which they can just about handle and when they can't the back 4 shines. There are exceptions of course, West Ham being the most recent.
  10. This deal is done, next news will be from the club.
  11. Other teams don't seem to be signing anyone or can't afford to right now so it's a bit of a statement to complete this one.
  12. 3 wins, 2 draws but it's good going.
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