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  1. Mr_Dogg

    Dean Smith

    Wow, he's drowning in this league.
  2. Mr_Dogg

    Tyrone Mings

    6 months ago Bournemouth would have snapped out hands off for 1\4 that fee. Let's hope it all works out injury wise etc
  3. Ya couldn't help but smile, crazy stuff from Lolley. Living the dream or is it his nightmare?
  4. He's done nothing in his career, basically still an unknown.
  5. I saw George talking about how Fred at United would bring competition for Lukaku and I thought 'Oh, he knows nothing'
  6. I really can't see Leeds and Cardiff near the top of the league in a few months. Wolves maybe and we're 4 points off them.
  7. Maybe I just like the players we have but I'm not overly pleased with this signing, the team needs to settle down, let the players gel. But maybe it's too good a chance to turn down for what is really a PL standard player.
  8. I'd rather stay in the championship. Anyway, Terry is physically finished, it doesn't matter what league he's in, he basically can't run.
  9. A shocking decision signing this guy, he must have been recommended from a United contact. We let go of a keeper who'll probably end up playing for Italy for this clown. We'd have been better off plucking somebody from the academy, it's not like johnstone even had couple of seasons of playing out on loan. He had handfuls of games all over the place. How he was deemed good enough for Villa is a mystery.
  10. Has to go I'm afraid. Johnstone was a woeful signing, he has absolutely no consistency in selection or tactics, the midfield is now unbalanced the other way and the team is devoid of fight or commitment.
  11. Mr_Dogg

    Adama Traore

    Probably one of the rawest players I've ever seen. When he can't learn tactical awareness and tactical discipline at Barcelona he won't learn it anywhere. Disappointing but I have nothing personal against him. Unfortunately I can see him fading away completely.
  12. Sidwell in that 451 with Gabby up top contributed to a great run of form. He was decent when simply working hard and keeping it simple.
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