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  1. I think I know more people with it now than at any point even during the peaks of the lockdowns. It is very concerning.
  2. I remember being dismayed when I learnt they weren't actually marbles.
  3. Yeah, we deliberately didn't go for a new build, we ordered one that was already in the pipeline. Even then it got indefinitely delayed, presumably it hadn't quite been started or maybe it was partially built, not really sure. At least the one we switched to actually exists. Just need it to get past the shipping issues and the UK HGV driver shortage issues...
  4. Thanks for clearing up what that key actually meant. I totally didn't get it at all.
  5. I had a look when ordering my Kona electric. Looks very smart but is absolutely enormous and the dealer said he thought they were overpriced (for the larger range model). On that note, my Kona got indefinitely delayed because of the chip shortage so we dropped down a spec to get one that has already been built. It's being shipped now but still... We ordered in August for October delivery, and we're actually getting a December delivery of a lower spec car than we initially wanted. Supposedly these issues are affecting all manufacturers.
  6. Still how do they extend the Doug Ellis then? Over the road?
  7. Classic Jack. Putting himself between ball and man and forcing the penalty.
  8. Maybe we just felt bad for them and let them have a few corners
  9. All of a sudden we can't get out of our own half...
  10. Blimey. I thought I'd seen bad defending before, but that...
  11. I guess so. They must be happy that it's safe
  12. Apparently all is fine and the game is going ahead. Part of the pitch having been burnt to a crisp? No issue. Not a problem.
  13. I dunno. I expect the Crown Prince would be able to negotiate his way round anything blocking his way. I'm sure Boris would happily make sure that FFP isn't an issue.
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