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  1. By 'backfire" I mean one of these scenarios: 1) He turns up for a year of taking it easy knowing it doesn't necessarily matter as it isn't really his club 2) He turns up, plays the season of his life, propels us up the table then goes back to Chelsea leaving a massive void behind that we fail to fill and we then fall back down again Now, I don't believe the first will happen - I've never been a massive fan of Ross as a Champions League/England level player but I believe him to be professional enough not to act like that. The second... Well if his potential finally gets fulf
  2. Does he actually exist or do we just wheel out a cardboard cutout whenever anybody signs?
  3. Season long loan... Hopefully that doesn't backfire on us
  4. Only had the radio on so didn't see how he did. Decent PL debut?
  5. So in the Man Utd game the VAR penalty decision happened after the final whistle. What are the rules around this? How far beyond the end of the game can a ref pull the players back onto the pitch? In the changing rooms? On the bus back home? I realise there is common sense involved here obviously but something doesn't feel right to me that we are seeing VAR decisions happening after the final whistle. We now have a world where not only can we not celebrate when a goal is scored but we can't even celebrate when the final whistle is blown.
  6. Ah, that Settings Area drop-down totally bypassed me. I was hunting for an option but didn't spot that menu at all.
  7. Well, the serco app will work fine with serco approved tests. Just not, you know, NHS tests.
  8. Before the upgrade, selecting a topic title took you to the last read post. Now it goes to the first page which is not very useful. I seem to think this has happened before...
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