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  1. Lichfield Dean

    The Concert/Gig Thread

    Saw Maiden on Tuesday thanks to my mate who had a spare ticket. Fantastic show - Bruce(*) really went all out with his costumes this time (positively Peter Gabriel-esque at times) The stage and props were amazing, the band were flying, the set list was sensational and it was just all-round brilliant. And to top it all of it was Bruce(*)'s 60th birthday. How he has that much energy still I doubt anyone will be able to ever adequately explain. * (not Steve)
  2. Lichfield Dean

    Nassef Sawiris

    I still like the way it perfectly mimicks the shape and proportions of the goal posts in front of it. It's like a giant goal behind the actual goal.
  3. Lichfield Dean

    West Ham v Villa

    Andre Green! At last!
  4. Lichfield Dean

    West Ham v Villa

    Jesus Christ Kodjia, pass the ball!
  5. Lichfield Dean

    Thierry Henry

    Ah yes, the 5 turbo. The legendary model that would get you half way to your destination quicker than anything else on the road and then explode in a ball of flame because the turbo overheated. I hope this doesn't become an accurate analogy!
  6. Lichfield Dean

    Time for a takeover

    "At least we can sit down and carefully choose a manager to steer the club in a professional and stable manner. I mean, it's not like we just drunkenly phoned up our favourite footballer that night and offered him the manager's position! Wait, what do you mean that's exactly what we did? Oh no!"
  7. Lichfield Dean

    Nassef Sawiris

    Are you suggesting Eric Idle as our next CEO?
  8. Lichfield Dean

    Time for a takeover

    "So did you have a good time last night honey?" "Yes, we watched some of that world soccer, had a few beers with the lads, we got a bit drunk and joked about buying a football club! Haha! Good job we didn't get too hammered otherwise we might actually have... Hang on, where has all my money gone? Oh no!"
  9. Lichfield Dean

    Time for a takeover

    Sorry, I meant to say wouldn't
  10. Lichfield Dean

    Time for a takeover

    I don't think I would say we'll have a new owner tomorrow
  11. Lichfield Dean

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    Lot of hugging going on here
  12. Lichfield Dean

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    Villa's Wembley performance was far more upsetting to me. With England, I've enjoyed seeing us surpass expectations and potentially set up a bright future for the next few tournaments.
  13. Lichfield Dean

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    Not a surprise to me. But we have shown the beginnings of a potentially very good team - with another 4 years of experience and some of the excellent youngsters coming through to bolster the team, maybe next time we can mount a real challenge? I am not disappointed at all with this result. I just hope we can see it as a great starting point and build on this.
  14. Lichfield Dean

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    Rashford got the ball on two or three occasions in an attacking situation and managed to find a man with the subsequent ball. Unlike Sterling who still managed to make the wrong decision every single time he ended up in the same situation. And I purposely watched Sterling closely to make sure that I wasn't being "someone who doesn't understand football" - he was slightly better today granted but is still useless when it comes down to converting a good position into something resembling an end product. Rashford, in his short time on the pitch, has at least managed that a couple of times.