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  1. Personally, that has always put me off houses. Makes me think the vendor is trying to hide something. But I guess everybody sees things differently. I struggled to sell my house. Kitchen wasn't very big. Gave up and now having an extension built. Taking a long time but at least it'll be what I want (within the boundaries of the available plot of land anyway). It's always an option if moving is proving difficult.
  2. 22 points from 19 games. That could easily drop down to under a point a game if they're not careful. A relegation scrap isn't impossible if Brighton and West Brom start to pick up. Unlikely yes, but not out of the question...
  3. I'm confused ... I swear I saw a post on Instagram or Twitter or something saying Anwar had won player of the month, but now I can't find it. Am I going mad? Edit: maybe I'm thinking of the whoscored one...
  4. Just... How socially unaware is it possible for an actual human person to be?
  5. And, as a bonus, I am now an expert sword maker!
  6. Not to get into this argument again, but you do know that Phil was in the band at the same time as Pete right? Unless you are actually referring to their first two albums exclusively. And also, go listen to The Knife and you might change your mind about them being "drivel".
  7. Lichfield Dean


    Oh absolutely, and it's good that there is a lot of choice of different styles of watches at this price point. Another newish manufacturer that makes nice automatics at this sort of price is Egard. I have their Passages watch that was (believe it or not) co-designed by William Shatner and has some actual asteroid dust on the display. It has a very nice automatic mechanism. However Egard have just announced they are quitting Twitter for Parler after the Trump ban so I guess I won't be recommending them any more!
  8. Wonder if he'd have gone down under the challenge if there would have been a red card... But then he wouldn't have scored the goal so I'm glad he didn't!
  9. Going to be a rubbish match if they have to wear masks and keep 2m apart as that team sheet says.
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