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  1. So Donald Trump has waded in with his suggestions as to how the blaze should be fought. I expect Elon Musk is designing a fire-fighting submarine as we speak and Gazza is already on a Ryanair flight heading for Paris armed with half a dozen bottles of Evian.
  2. Oh. Meh. I still haven't even even seen episode 8. JJ ruined it all for me. Although I was always more into Trek than Wars. But then I also don't really like the new Trek movies or even Discovery much (although it has some redeeming things, mostly everything apart from the writing). Now I'm going back to watch the latest episode of The Orville which is actually good.
  3. I have been at the Maltings beer festival in Newton Abbot this weekend and had a fab time with many different ales. However, this all happened as well:
  4. Oh dear... That looks concerning. I hope Dean can get them playing well. Still, at least the Rotherham win has given us a small cushion.
  5. The average championship game is better than this... So many misplaced passes.
  6. It was absolutely a penalty. Rose's arm was up in the air and he brought it down in the direction of the ball. One of the few times I think VAR was useful.
  7. Wish Jenas would shut up about the penalty in the Spurs/City game. The ball hit Rose's arm outside his body and it was seen on VAR. Just accept it.
  8. Haven't laughed this much in forever
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