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  1. Wow. Newcastle are just a much a one man team as we are it seems.
  2. Agreed, and it seems to me he is perfectly aware of what the issues are.
  3. Just listening to his post match interview. He strikes me as the sort of character that could really make it as a manager in the future. I'm not sure of many keepers that go into management (rather than just goalkeeping coaches) but he seems to have all the attributes to me.
  4. Villa Park has been oval in the past, I'm sure a good architect could reference both that period of history and the more recent Holte End separate stand era too. Could be interesting to see what that might look like.
  5. But he's immortal so that will never happen.
  6. It's just what they show us at home. They use finer detailed lines to make the decision. Not that I think it makes a whole load of difference.
  7. There are alternatives. Why do you say there aren't? I'm talking about this country. Plenty of people have been given other makes of vaccine, just distribute them slightly differently from now on. Or are you saying there are no Pfizer or moderna or any other vaccines available?
  8. Yeah, it's so annoying. People are acting like the choice is "vaccine and blood clot risk" vs "no vaccine" when in truth as long as there are alternative vaccines why give the at-risk group the AZ one? They are literally advocating killing people (because it does seem there is a link, however tiny the risk, and that some people are dying from it). If there was no alternative vaccine then yes, push the AZ one to the affected demographic, but we do have alternatives so we can do some risk mitigation for basically no effort.
  9. https://www.channel4.com/news/uk-medicines-regulator-considers-issuing-new-advice-over-oxford-astrazeneca-jab UK medicines regulator considers issuing new advice over Oxford-AstraZeneca jab Hmmm... Let's hope that if this does come into play that the government have enough supplies of other vaccines.
  10. Yep, and the AZ vaccine does seem to be the one that is most at the centre of these incidents. However, the truth is that as it is clearly saving so many more lives that there is no real justification for stopping the vaccinations. But I think it's still well worth investigating in case a link can be found and maybe alternative advice given for those that are at risk of being affected. I hope that it continues to be investigated, in case lives can be saved.
  11. Was your eye infection an extremely rare type that you would expect maybe one or two cases of in your demographic a year? Was there a statistically high number of these rare eye infections happening within a few days of you eating the snickers bar? There may be no proof of a connection, the number may still be low, but it sounds somewhat suspicious to me and definitely worthy of investigation in case some kind of environmental or other link can be established. I mean, if lives could have been saved just by suggesting those people had eaten a Mars bar that one time it seems fair enoug
  12. Yeah I think this a good point. Covid is such an exceptional circumstance that trying to apportion blame on Brexit or the EU or anybody is basically pointless because it's totally outside the scope of what we knew or expected beforehand.
  13. If the Alexander Stadium were to become a football stadium, what would happen to the athletics? The national competitions, the Diamond League meetings, Birchfield Harriers. It's the home of UK Athletics, would they move too? I can't see how one of the premier athletics sites in the country could suddenly be converted to something else. It isn't like the Olympic stadium which wasn't there before and had no obvious use case afterwards. This is a totally different scenario, so I'd be astonished if anything other than "carry on as before but with a slightly nicer stadium" was the end result h
  14. Apparently it's common to use Fahrenheit when it's hot and Centigrade when cold because the higher/lower numbers seem more extreme in the headlines. I don't think this is a "we are British we must use this archaic Dutch system". I might give them a pass on this one as long as when it's cold they use Centigrade. I'd much rather they just ditched the Fahrenheit system overall though.
  15. Even Coulthard knew during qualifying commentary that the drivers had been told the track limits would be different during the race. This is totally on Red Bull/Verstappen for not listening. Even though it was a stupid thing to tell the drivers and ended up being totally confusing for everyone.
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