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  1. Just watching The One Show previewing the new Dad's Army - The Lost Episodes. In the clips so far Pike is not wearing a Villa scarf. I shall not be watching* out of principle * I will, I love Dad's Army
  2. Jack comes across really well in that video. He doesn't seem to have any ego at all and just seems like an all-round decent chap.
  3. We nearly saw it in the women's world cup, but I'm sure it won't be long before a penalty shout is denied by the ref, and then a goal is scored at the other end, and then VAR rewinds the game back to the penalty incident to award it, meaning the goal is struck off. But this got me thinking - what if the same thing happened, but instead of a goal, say a player gets sent off for a violent challenge. Would you rewind to the penalty and pretend that the sending-off offence didn't happen? Are there rules around this sort of thing?
  4. Aaaaah Tammy! Just missed a tap-in (admittedly under pressure). He won a penalty though, albeit a dubious one.
  5. Or maybe they are treating it like a friendly. They certainly aren't pressing like they usually do.
  6. Liverpool struggling a bit in this supercup game. Maybe Chelsea won't be as bad this season as everybody thought...
  7. He does voiceovers on Hollywood film trailers and stuff. He sort of does the same thing as the original deep-voice "in a world" guy Don LaFontaine.
  8. Love this guy's optimism
  9. I think modern keg beers are much nicer than that old smooth flow stuff. And it isn't like a football stadium is geared up to keep the beers in pristine condition. I think this is a perfectly fine way to go about it. I like that the club is supporting some local breweries. Hopefully this is all part of a wider improvement to the facilities on offer at VP.

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