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  1. I'm going to pretend that this is music - it is something what I made on my modular synth. It's sort of a generative soundscape thing, although probably not totally generative because I suspect it is repetitive somehow (I have no true random voltage source)
  2. Looking at that yellow lion makes me wonder what our current shield would be like if the claret and blue were switched around so that the lion stood against a claret background. That might fix the big issue I have with it which is the contrast.
  3. Good, good, if that's the case then Wesley and Grealish will probably earn us a hundred penalties and eleven red cards a match between them.
  4. I thought that at first, but it's equally true that if the Australian striker hadn't been there then the Brazilian wouldn't have headed the ball (she knew full well where the attacker was imo). I guess it all hinges on the interpretation of words like 'close' and 'clearly attempting to play the ball' in the above bullet points. But yes, with the new rules posted above perhaps it was an understandable decision in the end. Either way, it still took an absolute age to get to the result.
  5. It's ridiculous how much time is spent waiting for VAR decisions. And half the time they are reviewing something that happened in the buildup to the thing that you thought they were reviewing. And in this Australia-Brazil game VAR didn't rule a goal offside when a Brazil defender headed the ball into her own net when an Australian player in an offside position was also jumping for the ball, which I find a weird decision. So I don't see how VAR is really taking away the personal opinion side of decisions anyway, it is just slowing everything down and making controversial decisions take two minutes minimum every single time.
  6. I really like the lion without the shield. The yellow looks much better on the claret background than on the light blue of our current badge. In fact, I think it looks really clean and smart like this.
  7. This. I think the problem I have with it is the colour choice. The light yellow lion on a pale blue background just doesn't have the right contrast. In back and white it looks great.
  8. I'm sure the Swedish have put out a team of clones...
  9. Agreed. We should just stick to goal line technology imo. And even that I sometimes wish wasn't there because it takes away some of the excitement and talking points.
  10. I'm enjoying it. Yes the quality isn't as good but I still find it fun to watch.
  11. Almost had a major VAR controversy in the Australia Italy women's world cup game. The Australians very very nearly scored a goal, after which the game stopped and was dragged back to the other end for a penalty appeal for the Italians. In the end it was deemed not a penalty, but if it had been (and if the Australians hadn't missed their chance) then presumably the Australian goal would have been chalked off and the game would have rewound to the other end of the pitch for an Italian penalty. Would have been confusing for the crowd that one!
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