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  1. Yes, that's definitely something they'll be on top of sharpish
  2. Just finished Tiger King. Wow. I am just amazed. If that had been fictional I'd have written it off as too ludicrous to be believable. I mean, even Spinal Tap doesn't reach the levels of preposterousness that Tiger King so effortless scaled. As previously stated, every single person in this appears to be a bad guy of some sort, aside from a couple of the zoo keeping staff. But no doubt season 2 will have a bunch of plot twists to come (and I wouldn't be surprised to see a sequel in a few years)
  3. Not sure the Daily Mail are reading VT unfortunately
  4. So where was Gove tonight? And isn't Raab supposed to be stepping in as the nominated person? Seems odd to me that a random minister who nobody has ever heard of took tonight's TV briefing.
  5. Yeah, but I hear there's a VAXine in the works
  6. Finished Picard. Pretty rubbish. Not only did it not feel like Star Trek it was just terribly written and poorly plotted. Not impressed, but not surprised.
  7. Yes, there do suddenly seem to be lots of fireworks
  8. Plenty of clapping echoing across New Hall Valley in Sutton just. Impressed.
  9. I did thanks, but the few they had couldn't be delivered to sutton.
  10. I can't see one. I guess things are coming in and out of stock at various times. And not all shops will deliver to all locations frustratingly. I guess it's just keep looking until you get lucky
  11. Ta. Seems mostly to be fridge freezers they have but I think at this point my parents can't be choosy!
  12. Yeah... All the places are open for delivery they just have no freezers. They all got panic bought by the panic buyers who realised they hadn't got anywhere to panic freeze their panic buys.
  13. Haven't seen any freezers anywhere have you? My parents decided that today was a good day to break theirs...
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