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  1. Really? Hiding in a fridge is the *best* way? Seems unlikely....
  2. Why do I have to break an embargo in order to expose press lies about Labour? We’ve taken on the Mail on Sunday and won. But the newspaper regulator won’t correct the story till after the election https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/dec/10/break-embargo-expose-press-lies-labour
  3. I couldn't work out which bench he was mouthing off at. Not sure if I'm happier or not that it was our own bench...
  4. Then one of you gets ill, your insurance costs rocket or you are point blank refused insurance and then where are you? And what about all the less well off people that cannot afford 'just £200' per month?
  5. Felt like a bit of weird Brummie baroque proto-metal with the heaviest bass ever and some oboe:
  6. This is of course true, and you'd think the players would know better.
  7. Surely we have to go back to the linesmen not raising their flags, it can't carry on like this - there have been two or three screwups in the last week along these lines and it's a total shambles.
  8. We seem to be much better now Luiz is on though
  9. There was me in the middle of criticizing elmo when he puts that cross in as well
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