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  1. Lichfield Dean

    Lovre Kalinić

    Didn't both goals happen after his injury though? I wondered at half time whether he had been affected by his bang on the head and suspected he wouldn't come out again. It's possible he wasn't at 100% at then end of the first half, especially if he had concussion.
  2. Lichfield Dean

    Kortney Hause

    He did alright. He is pretty slow and I think his attacking efforts were a bit poor towards the end but he did ok defensively. Could be one that improves with game time and fitness work.
  3. Lichfield Dean

    Conor Hourihane

    I noticed his slow walk off too. Not the actions of a man that cares about the club or the manager or the fans. I don't think he should play for us again if that is his attitude.
  4. Lichfield Dean

    Jacob Ramsey

    No worse than Hourihane so I see no reason not to play him. He had a decent debut, he tried to get involved, can't ask much more really.
  5. Lichfield Dean

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    Waste of my time and energy. The players can't be bothered so why should we? West Bromwich just didn't even need to turn up in the second half we were so ineffective. Tyrone Mings looked good. Hause was ok doing the basics but is very slow and has no impact when we push forward. Tammy totally Agbonlahored his one effort on goal. Hourihane got subbed, wandered off slowly hence wasting our own time when we needed to push on and score, and his replacement who had never played for us before did very little but that was still more than Hourihane did. Overall hugely disappointing.
  6. Lichfield Dean

    Possibly interesting maps...

    There is plenty of evidence in the geological record. The earth's magnetic field becomes unstable during the process of transition. The fields are generated as you say due to the iron motion in the core, but simulations show that this motion is basically unstable and occasionally it all goes nuts and you end up with the poles switching. The magnetosphere won't vanish entirely but it will be chaotic and can be hugely diminished during this time, which seems to be for around a hundred years or so. The fields always seem to strengthen back up afterwards fortunately.
  7. Lichfield Dean

    Possibly interesting maps...

    I understand that the experts don't think this is indicative of a pole switch as the South pole isn't moving. In fact, one guy supposedly thinks that the North pole is actually the sum of two magnetic hotspots, one under Canada and one under Siberia and that the moving of the pole we see here is simply the waxing and waning of those two areas in their respective strengths. Could be complete bunkum though. The biggest problem with the pole switch is believed to be the collapse of the magnetosphere during the transition, opening the surface up to all sorts of nasty cosmic rays and radiation from the Sun. Would be a bad time for electronics I expect but a good time for the sunscreen manufacturers.
  8. Lichfield Dean

    Possibly interesting maps...

    Magnetic north (in red) has wandered such that it is now pretty much directly in line with geographic north as viewed from Britain:
  9. Lichfield Dean

    The Championship thread

    Bristol City now on 8 wins in a row! This year's Fulham perhaps?
  10. Lichfield Dean

    The VT Baby club

    My little daughter will be two months in a few days. Time goes so quickly...
  11. Lichfield Dean

    Chris Gaughran - AKA Villan4Life

    Sad news to hear, get well soon!
  12. Lichfield Dean

    Weekends Football FA Cup 3rd Rd

    God this Wolves-Liverpool game is tedious so far. Like watching two Steve Bruce teams. Not what I was expecting.
  13. Lichfield Dean

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Oh, hadn't thought about that. I assumed they all at least partly blamed him for their current financial issues.
  14. Lichfield Dean

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Surely this is a terrible, terrible idea??!?!
  15. Lichfield Dean

    Dean Smith

    Dean Smith's brother is Wilson Fisk? Oh dear...