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  1. I work in computing I know what your issue is. You are trying to run Transfer Windows on an Apple device and that won't work.
  2. Haha, I went to Aston too and spent many a miserable day being forced to play rugby there.
  3. Villa trained on Cooksey Lane playing fields?? The house where I grew up backed into those. Admittedly much later on than that, but still. Interesting.
  4. If we won the Champions League they'd instantly change the rules so that we couldn't qualify again. Just like that time when we won't the Nextgen competition and they changed it so that only clubs with their first team in the Champions League could enter. That really made me angry when they pulled that move.
  5. The women's road race was hilarious. The cyclist that came second thought she'd won. And everyone behind her thought she'd won. Why? Because the actual winner was not a well known cyclist and she launched an early attack and all the favourites effectively forgot about her and spent the remainder of the race faffing about with their peloton "tactics". Also, they didn't get any radio info about the positions of riders (unlike in other road races and tours). Of course, they all started blaming the lack of radio comms rather than the fact that they were concentrating so hard on the tactical side of things that they basically forgot to race.
  6. If there was a release clause and City triggered it he could still choose to stay at Villa surely (unless NSWE didn't want him to), so it isn't exactly black and white. You can't force somebody to go and work somewhere else unless they agree to it.
  7. Has nobody else been to the club shop to corroborate this story?
  8. £20 to watch Black Widow??!? When we already pay for the streaming service anyway? Crazy.
  9. No horses either so it definitely isn't Tipton
  10. Red Bull being very petulant with all this "it cost us a million pounds" and "we're going to sue" nonsense. Crashes happen. To everyone. It's how the sport works. Horner is really getting on my nerves (more so even than usual which is some doing)
  11. I see this a lot but he didn't have any trouble against Liverpool in the cup.
  12. Who is Jeremy Performance Head? And what does Australia have to do with anything?
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