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  1. Lichfield Dean

    Doctor Who

    Yum yum
  2. Lichfield Dean

    Doctor Who

    I really enjoyed it. Post-regeneration episodes are often tricky, I think only the Matt Smith/Karen Gillan episode was a truly excellent example of a new Doctor intro. But overall it wasn't bad at all,and I think it bodes well for the rest of series, especially when Jodie's Doctor settles into her character properly and gets past the 'slighty channeling Peter Capaldi' thing.
  3. Lichfield Dean

    Dean Smith

    Nothing wrong with people called Dean is there?
  4. Lichfield Dean

    John Terry

    Fantastic news! Let's watch Jack get back to his best. Really pleased with this.
  5. Lichfield Dean

    Dean Smith

    Welcome. I do hope this works out, it could be so good if it does.
  6. Lichfield Dean

    Pre-Match New Dawn Patience

    Yeah, a sort of 5-3-1-1 that can morph to a 3-5-1-1 seems to me like a nice idea given our players. Would rather see that than Grealish out on the left again to be honest.
  7. Lichfield Dean

    Pre-Match New Dawn Patience

    Hope it isn't Grealish out on the left again.
  8. Lichfield Dean

    New Manager Speculation

    I think the a38 is more our style
  9. Lichfield Dean

    Steve Bruce

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Absolute comedy gold.
  10. Lichfield Dean

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    Quick work...
  11. Lichfield Dean

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    What a totally crazy game. With Chester now presumably suspended, defensive nightmare we feared would happen inevitably has - and this has to be on Bruce's head. And yet again we just totally failed to turn up in the second half - so frustrating. Two years of this nonsense I've had to put up with, and the odd accidental 4-goal win against a Wolves or a Bristol City or whatever has never fooled me into thinking things are going well. I have wanted him gone since he arrived and I still do. One thing though - it was a bizarrely entertaining game in the end.
  12. Lichfield Dean

    Steve Bruce

    Yep not surprised at all.
  13. Lichfield Dean

    The Film Thread

    Surely that is just a trailer for the new season of Arrow?
  14. Lichfield Dean

    General Chat

  15. Lichfield Dean

    General Chat

    Nah, I'm not acually from Lichfield, I'm from Sutton Coldfield So feel free to criticise the place everybody.