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  1. Odegaard, Saka and Partey probably is it
  2. He was poor on Wednesday below his standards but still bizarre he is being blamed for the goal. He showed the wing back onto his bad foot and he shanked a shot which was going miles wide
  3. I know anybody can have a YouTube channel but just found this video from random YouTubers but this is actually much better than any punditry than you get from clowns like Souness, Savage, Neville or Redknapp. Sky be better hiring these guys
  4. He was taking a lot of set pieces early on so this might have added to it
  5. Zatman


    apparently they have less points than David Moyes United team has at this stage of the season
  6. If i remember he was just announced in the squad vs Derby when we had given up wondering when he be back
  7. They battered Mexico, unlucky vs Germany and beat a tough Swiss team for a team nobody expected to get out of the group stage. Pretty impressive tournament No chance for me they get through qualifying vs France, Netherlands and Italy with Zlatan
  8. Its true though, its like when Roy Keane left Ireland in 2002. Players realise you have to play yourself instead of just passing to the only superstar in your team. Toivonen and Berg are average forwards but they did a better tournament for Sweden than they had since 1994 because of the work rate. I dont think Sweden qualify for 2018 with Zlatan as they needed a tough qualifying campaign and needed workhorses
  9. Last season was sane with Mings snd McGinn no timeframe was given. Mings was rumoured to miss months and think he missed 3 games This season Barkley and Trez weren't given reports on how long they wiuld be out. Its not some exception just for Jack
  10. I think its a disgrace if he comes back to play in the Euros when others have went to far flung countries to play or even sit on the bench in qualifiers. He was dreadful in the last tournament he played amd Sweden clearly are better without him. They dont get to the World Cup quarters in 2018 with Zlatan
  11. Horror stat alert. England have now gone 70 partnerships in a row without getting to 50 Minnow stuff
  12. Shambolic but ive seen it before, they will use the excuse of the 2nd and 3rd test pitch and not criticise the poor batting technique
  13. England squad is like Spain in 2008-12 in that they have rhe most quality players but msinly ik the same area. Spain had a manager ti squeeze in Busquets, Alonso, Xavi, Iniesta and one of Silva or Cesc I dont think Southgate has ever tried with his attacking issue, England want to win they sack him now
  14. In what is probably the most bizarre and wlldest conspiracyvtheory by a pundit in a while. Michael Owen thinks Mane is no longer going down in the box because he doesnt want Salah scoring penalties
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