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  1. at least some parts of the media have copped on to his tricks https://www.planetfootball.com/quick-reads/ranking-sunderlands-10-least-worst-managers-of-the-premier-league-era/
  2. waiting for Bruce interview to say he has always been a big fan of the player and then playing him on the wing from the opening game
  3. Impressed by Chelsea high pressing even though its only a friendly, one thing Barcelona really struggle against since losing Xavi and Iniesta in middle of the park
  4. The son of Lilian Thuram, Marcus has signed for Gladbach
  5. Might have to make them our feeder team then. Newcastle Villa
  6. Missing some big players as well who are in pre-season like Parrott from Spurs
  7. Receiving high praise on the United tour, good luck to the lad except when play Villa
  8. Apparently Bale refused to come on the other day for Real
  9. Zatman

    Said Benrahma

    Said clique not cliché
  10. Zatman

    Said Benrahma

    His season only ended Friday, will take a good while for him to return and then settle into the squad
  11. If Longstaff goes for 50 million then we would probably ask for a bit more for McGinn
  12. yep its crazy, 20 million is worth the risk in current market. Makes our business look quite sensible. A Premier League version of Wesley would cost about 50million
  13. I would take Enda Stevens over Gael Clichy any day of the week or Oliver Norwood over 39 year old Emre

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