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  1. Brandt always disappoints when I have seen him for Germany or in Europe
  2. Asamoah Gyan came out of international retirement today, he is only 33 thought pushing 40
  3. Was no price on the menu apparently which is always a sign
  4. Rather be top 6 championship every year than bottom 6 in top flight which we did for 5 miserable seasons
  5. Doing his coaching badges in Northern Ireland, Craig Gardner also on course. Must be remedial level
  6. If Bran knows evrrything why does he need a master of whisperers
  7. Gestede, Gil, Ayew, Helenius, Okore, Bacuna, Traore have barely done a thing between them since leaving
  8. If he is a bad egg we should not let him near our youth players
  9. In revenge they unleashed the Kardashians on the world
  10. That be the fear, Frank De Boer got similar contract. If Brighton get rotten start the owners will panic but sad fact of modern game
  11. Reminded me of that guy in Matrix 2 who just spoke crap
  12. It genuinely took me about 10 minutes to think what game was on at Wembley last weekend. I thought was a boxing show at first
  13. Took Northern Ireland to 2nd round of Euros, 1st manager to take an Irish club to group stage of Europa League Both on limited resources
  14. As for Starks I hated them since the start, horrible characters and worse actors. Except Ned the only good Stark was the kid who barely got a line on the show
  15. The red priestess brought him back to life for his sole purpose of killing a wannabee tyrant and peace with bunch of nobodies

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