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  1. not even a single quote in that article
  2. Barcelona have just thrown away a 2 goal lead
  3. Good night in Serie A, Atalanta and Milan have winnable games tomorrow to push Juventus closer to not qualify
  4. HE got 5 apparently as his highest in a season in Turkey
  5. Zatman


    I think next season will be closer in relegation. Southampton and Brighton will continue to struggle, Palace and Wolves if they hire a shit manager if Roy and Nuno leave and Newcastle with Bruce will be the same. Burnley are getting older as well so could struggle unless invest
  6. 3 games before the transfer window opens
  7. Commentator yesterday was wrong then Only 2 winners ex Villa
  8. They were younger and had some re-sale value. I think Keogh was 32
  9. Will still pass the fit and proper test
  10. Zatman


    Editor is probably Alex Bruce
  11. Zatman


    It was Gerrard the week before
  12. Premier League made them play 4 games in 8 days. Would be killing the players to make them play an unchanged team
  13. Its a must win for Leicester as well
  14. Zatman


    Football Insider with a negative Villa article, what a shock
  15. Zatman

    Tom Heaton

    Apparently on his way to United on a free to join the United international goalkeepers club. Only think can think of is they offered him a coaching role
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