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  1. Zatman

    Murdoch Scum

    Is anybody really surprised. The blues of journalism
  2. Not sure what that has to do with Wesley unless you meant another striker. Pointless dig
  3. Didnt Walker play Centre back in World Cup in a 3. Not the greatest defender but a lot of City mistakes could be covered by his pace that Stones and Otamendi don't have
  4. Zatman


    Coady is an honest defender, no better than Collins or even Clark. Protected by the Wolves system
  5. Zatman

    Tyrone Mings

    He was pissed at El Ghazi then about 30 seconds later he had a cheeky laugh with somebody
  6. Pretty sure your only allowed changeover once. Grealish cant go back to Ireland for example Think he already has 2 friendly caps
  7. Brilliant block from Rice shot as well as it looked dangerous
  8. Zatman

    Wesley Moraes

    Can't think of any loan forward we could have signed maybe a Shane Long. Does any Prem club have a striker on loan at the moment
  9. Wes did more last night than Benteke in 18 months
  10. Currently he is our best chance of a goal
  11. Vs Arsenal I have no issue playing Guilbert ahead of Elmo or opposite way around
  12. If Grealish had of missed the ball from his late chance it would have fell to Taylor. It could have ended anywhere
  13. Zatman

    Douglas Luiz

    Was a good chance as well. But when he came on West Ham targeted him and got a but of joy through the middle. He isnt a DM and not sure where he fits in. bit of a luxury we cant really afford now

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