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  1. Zatman


    Why does the prick Salah never get booked for diving
  2. Zatman

    Dean Smith

    It was not possible for Smith to scout Wesley as we wouldn't have paid 20 million for a Championship striker. The Belgian season was a long time over before we got promoted
  3. To go with his Champions League winners medal and a World Cup runners up medal
  4. Zatman

    Wesley Moraes

    Funniest part for me is that his brother is called Timmy Abraham
  5. They were signed after the 2014 season from the Suarez money along with few others. Markovic was another bust from that time considering his potential
  6. They also made similar mistakes early on like Balotelli, Moreno, Lovren but they built on it
  7. The festival of football has brought us many entertaining fixtures so far
  8. Son has probably gone off crying now
  9. last Schalke game I watched had Jonjo Kenny starting and Rabbi Matondo and Matondo looked a talent though very raw. He would have never got the game time in England I see Reece Oxford is still popping about in Germany as well not sure he will ever build on his early hype
  10. Klopp didnt sign him but the current Liverpool centre forward got 7 goals in the Bundesliga before they spent 29 million on him in 2015
  11. it means we wont be hiring that manager and rightfully so
  12. Thats it. Wilshere turning down Milan for Bournemouth was a shocker and even Tammy preferring Villa to Bordeaux I couldnt understand. The rare players that do go abroad I have more respect for like Joe Hart for example. Still a shit player but not afraid to leave his comfort zone
  13. Zatman

    Dean Smith

    who is the highly rated young ENglish striker? I bet no other Premier League fan could tell you a thing about Keinan Davis
  14. As has been mentioned many times before Michael Edwards makes the transfers at Liverpool not Klopp. Begiristain does them at City not Pep
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