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  1. Liverpool

    apparently thats the 15th time in his Liverpool career his team have conceded 3 goals or more. Considering it is only 119 games that is dreadful. Also the 21st game they have lost a lead under Klopp
  2. Alan Hutton

    better option defensively than Elmohammady which is crucial as for me Snodgrass isnt the best at tracking back plus I imagine most opposition players can understand the Scottish accent
  3. an Adama brace would really hurt
  4. Tom Fox

    Fox talked a cracking game but in the end he was just good at PR Henrik Almstadt, Paddy Riley real blast from the past names
  5. Niasse Banned for "Simulation"

    I am sure Dele Alli was booked for diving a few weeks back, surely that is something that should have been banned
  6. Niasse Banned for "Simulation"

    Meh when sanction a big player i will take it serious
  7. Spurs

    Europa winner deserves more than 4th or even 3rd
  8. Sam Johnstone

    Its the Terry factor, i think he gives him so much confidence in front of him
  9. Spurs

    Never as countries only get 4 teams. Another sign of modern football scum
  10. Sunderland

    Crazier part is when you see some of the players wages
  11. Players that you think are rubbish

    does he still play like this?
  12. only bloody Bacuna that scored as well
  13. I would say that was the greatest comeback in Champions League history involving an English club
  14. Liverpool

    The German Kevin Keegan