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  1. Zatman


    Rotherham have players on League 1 salaries and level Sunderland have players on 50k a week and dont give a ****
  2. Zatman


    No basis or track record to indicate this
  3. Zatman

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Glenn Whelan and Cattermole scored recently and had similar enough droughts
  4. Zatman


    Truly bizarre interview post game by Klopp. Called West Brom come back useless and they needed points more. then moaned the pitch was too dry
  5. Zatman


    Was success as always managed top players. They respect him and play for him Arsenal dont have them players
  6. Zatman


    Would be awful choice as manager. Ancelotti is a steady hand and has no rebuild experience
  7. Zatman


    Take France job after World Cup
  8. Zatman


    Yet here are 68 pages into a Wolves thread on a Villa forum
  9. Zatman

    Jack Grealish

    In the right hands, not the one that bougght Hogan, Bree and Lansbury
  10. Zatman

    Jack Grealish

    league champions 2 years ago
  11. Zatman

    Jordan Veretout

    Sinclair was signed by Lambert and we had buy him apparently from loan deal
  12. Zatman

    Jordan Veretout

    2 fine goals he got but as said before didnt show anything like that at Villa Borja Valero another that struggled in midlands but thrived in Italy
  13. Zatman


    Got 8. Blackburn player I had no idea played in England