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  1. Karanka is just a shitter Basque version of Pulis or Bruce
  2. They have spent about 45 million combined on McBurnie and Brewster The latter is probably why Wilder is fuming all the time at Klopp
  3. Real Madrid 2 down thanks to the Premier League rejects combinaton of Lucas Perez and Joselu
  4. the issue is when will he quit, he could easily quit tomorrow for example without giving any notice i
  5. Raphinha, Koch, Meslier, Helder Costa and Rodrigo were all involved today
  6. Phil Neville said he knew he would be a top player because he wears black boots. Good enough scouting for me
  7. Norwich was a blip, no better than a Phi Brown or Ian Holloway
  8. Dortmund shoot themselves in the foot again
  9. Burnley have the look of Paul Lamberts villa team. Sleepwalking through games
  10. Fighting with BT and Chris Wilder now is the peoples champion Klopp. Fair play to the BT guy for not allowing himself to be bullied by this piece of shit https://www.irishmirror.ie/sport/soccer/soccer-news/full-transcript-jurgen-klopp-interview-23084086
  11. Burnley have lost the last 3 games at City 5-0, it looks like they want to keep this consistency up
  12. Brighton fans are convinced Maupay faked an injury as well, wouldnt be surprised
  13. 9 minutes added on, last week our penalty decision had maybe 4 minutes
  14. Happy Clapper Klopp will be off moaning again after this if it stays 1-1
  15. that is why we should have not went after Lallana in the summer
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