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  1. He did well at Southampton and took a big money move to China to semi retire
  2. Why bringing in Reina could be a masterstroke
  3. Coventry brought more fans today. Got a replay at same stadium
  4. Barton and Whelan I think played in the City youth teams together.
  5. They finished about 10th under Dalglish
  6. Think the issue I have read is that he hasnt filled out and strength is one of the major things a centre back in England needs. He is only a couple of months younger than Konsa
  7. Didnt he have only 6 months on his contract as well
  8. Was that Kieftenbald with the "tackle". Disgusting
  9. Zatman


    Yep, seriously nothing dodgy at all
  10. Yep as suffering person I hoped Chelsea and City would destroy United and Liverpool forever
  11. Speaking of Lambert, before we appointed him. I remember the huge support on here for OGS to be our manager back in about 2012 because of a training session video
  12. Mings the better defender and leader for me
  13. I think they have thrown OGS under the bus, he isnt a great manager but they have given him nothing in the transfer market in attack.
  14. If results stay the same then was just us and Bournemouth who have won in the bottom half this midweek
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