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  1. starts again tonight for Scotland
  2. The head of FA is a bit of an egotist, sacked Loptegui on eve of World Cup to show he was in charge
  3. Denmark havent lost in 34 games since 2016 They technically lost to Slovakia last year but senior team was on strike and had play amateur players
  4. Zatman

    Douglas Luiz

    Made his Brazil debut today. Good for him
  5. Sure needed to keep James McClean on who just peppered the Dansh rightback with his crossing
  6. Is the travel really that bad though compared to a tournament in Brazil or USA for example
  7. Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia be a cracking group
  8. Ireland were chasing the game so took him off for a forward
  9. Zatman

    Glenn Whelan

    pretty much, same with Villa as well. He isnt the greatest midfielder ever but he has a footballing brain, bites into tackles and is good on the ball. It seems unless your midfielder is popping up with 15 goals or 15 assists they are shit
  10. Zatman

    Douglas Luiz

    Couldnt agree more, fans are more at fault than players. I have friends who post similar crap but nobody cares as they are not famous
  11. Zatman

    Glenn Whelan

    Very good performance tonight for Ireland, Eriksen was kept quiet most of night
  12. Crazy part about Owen he was like 28/29 when he had his last cap
  13. Strange move but cant imagine any malice from players and staff after what Luis Enrique went through. A lot different than Lopetegui
  14. Shane Duffy is limited in a lot of his game but I don't think I've seen a more dominant player in the air since Laursen.
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