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  1. Dzemaili was decent too, he couldnt get a look in at Bolton around same time
  2. Can see neymar getting a red card. Petulant
  3. Thats what a 75 million pound rated keeper gives you. Brad Guzan impressions
  4. I like Lichtsteiner, fair tackle on neymar
  5. Zatman

    Media and punditry

    He would have saved the goal with ease
  6. If i played with ozil i would punch him
  7. Mexico be so far in front if released final ball quicker
  8. Buffon i think though dont think he played in one and was a Mexican goalkeeper back in 50s
  9. Herrera a good midfielder, always expected him to move to a bigger league
  10. Ochoa has form in great World Cup keeping performances
  11. Would even say so far that this is best team performance of World Cup