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  1. Farcical they are allowed sign him
  2. They have other issues at the moment and would need replace Dembele and Kane before came looking at Jack
  3. Zatman

    Birkir Bjarnason

    I throw you and Aly Cissokho or a Rudy Gestede
  4. Zatman

    André Green

    Kenny Jackett says he was recalled as we needed to fill a domestic home grown quota
  5. Zatman

    André Green

    Norwich last season he was pretty good though Davis performance took the headlines. Think he got injured after that and we rarely saw him since. Still only 20
  6. Zatman

    Media and punditry

    The Spygate has really brought out the weird ex-player opinions. Peter Shilton was visibly upset when he found out Bielsa was Argentinian after thinking he was Italian. Dean Saunders going on multiple rants about Bolasie (he meant Bielsa) and saying he did similar analysis when he was a manager Wont even start with Martin Keown take on it
  7. Zatman

    Leeds United

    Yeah but a 46 game season is a lot that if they dont collapse I would be even more suspicious Bielsa only league titles were in 19 game seasons and Bilbao and Marseille collapsed shortly after this time. Remember Bilbao battered United around February and collapsed soon after
  8. Zatman

    Leeds United

    Tim Vickery on the radio is still expecting a Leeds collapse at some stage due to the intense training
  9. Zatman

    Winter Transfers 18/19

    They were chuffed with German lad last season, was worse than Nyland and Bunn
  10. Zatman

    The Game's Gone

    Are you Danny Murphy?
  11. Zatman

    Leeds United

    I guarantee Bruce did nothing like that. The most insight he gave on an opponent was that Forestieri was a dangerman when he was suspended
  12. Zatman

    Winter Transfers 18/19

    He really cant be worse than Giroud or Morata. He has the same amount of goals as both of them combined in the league so far and if he hits 6-8 for rest of the season it would be enough for Chelsea to get Top 4 as takes pressure of Hazard, Pedro and Willian to score
  13. One thing I have noticed from most players that go from Irish league or English non-league to bigger leagues is they have a steely determination and know they wont get a chance again compared to say some players you might get on loan or dropping down from pampered academies. Vardy, Coleman would be best examples
  14. replace Southampton with Aston Villa