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  1. Zatman

    January transfer window 2019

    Bournemouth beat them to Wilshere . Milan are not a team going anywhere soon and need big rebuilding i think
  2. Zatman

    January transfer window 2019

    Aberdeen manager told Bruce a week before deadline if wanted him could bid now. Bruce bids on deadline day
  3. Zatman

    The Manager thread

    Like Bruce, Pulis etc. Martin O'Neill is the most stone age of them all Was he really all that though in his peak or a media myth. Dour football, no ambition and this was 10 years ago
  4. Zatman

    Republic of Ireland

    For a team with one tactic of nicking a goal from a set piece. Doesnt make sense why Hourihane not in team
  5. Zatman

    James Chester

    The Scottish Ramos
  6. Zatman

    International Football General Chat

    Worlds best defender apparently made a fool of for that German goal
  7. Zatman

    International Football General Chat

    Timo Werner just scored a quality goal then fluffed a tap in
  8. Zatman

    Republic of Ireland

    3 full back system again
  9. Zatman

    International Football General Chat

    Another fine defensive show from Martinez. Absolute sham
  10. Zatman

    International Football General Chat

    They have played there for a good while, think it was for atmosphere as cant sell out millenium stadium
  11. Zatman

    Republic of Ireland

    Sean Maguire is the potential answer but sadly he is made of glass plus combined that MON isnt a fan
  12. Zatman

    Game Moved

    Not confirmed on Sky site yet but this game was never going to be a 3pm kick off Can understand anger in general but not for this game
  13. Zatman

    England v USA/England v Croatia

    He has played just over half the games for Dortmund this season. When I have seen him he never wowed me
  14. Zatman

    European City Stag Destinations

    Madrid is a 24/7 city. Metro runs all not too which is perfect Copenhagen is great but as you say prices are scary
  15. Zatman

    European City Stag Destinations

    Is a lot of cheapish bars if know the local scene which is quite hard for a stag as most from my experience like to go tourist drinking spots, ex-pat bars etc.