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  1. I think a lot of clubs will go bust and I can see professional teams reducing in England which is something teams in top 2 divisions have been looking to do for a while with Championship teams trying to form a breakaway league as well.
  2. Its all in the username
  3. including front line medics and possible police to stop fans getting through
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/27/players-refusal-to-compete-could-stall-return-of-premier-league-and-efl
  5. 8 West Ham players showing symptoms, Karren Brady masterplan in action
  6. Wrestlemania 7 is the oldest Wrestlemania when the wrestlers from the main event are still alive. Pretty crazy
  7. Drinkwater is the worst midfielder ever to play for Villa even worse than Bacuna and Salifou. Drinkwater might have more "talent" but Hourihane is 10 times the player and the man
  8. Yet you enter Grealish thread weekly to criticise him but praise Drinkwater constantly, probably the biggest dickhead to play for Villa ever
  9. possibly the most ridiculous thing I have heard, you do realise the majority of footballers are not millionaires. Players in League 2 are struggling since they mainly get 1 year contracts
  10. OHare is an idiot for his press interviews but Drinkwater is fine despite a number of acts of idiocy
  11. Fair play to the club, nothing revolutionary but will cheer some people up at this time. I dont know if club did it but somebody uploaded a game vs Everton in 2006 that we won. Hardly one for the memories
  12. Nobby Solano arrested for breaking curfew in Peru
  13. Up with Lescott among biggest dickheads to play for Villa. Even Ross McCormack got a goal or 2, even Balaban chased down a ball. More effort than these 2 clowns
  14. I hate this phrase Festival of Football, its a load of Sky created bullshit. They have been trying to push this from the start
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