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  1. Depends on the attitude. Can easily sit back on a 300k a week 5 year deal in the Championship QPR did similar with SWP, Barton, Zamora etc and went flying down
  2. Zatman

    Dean Smith

    10 million a player. Same summer Haller to West Ham 40 million
  3. Interesting what reception he will get from Arsenal fans. Could put pressure on Arteta and Ramsdale
  4. Its why they have 2 legs to stop underdogs like Sevilla and United from winning it
  5. Maybe but when in the Championship he was supposed to be better player than Jack. I just dont see it
  6. Zatman


    Klopp will be preparing his rant as we speak
  7. Zatman

    Dean Smith

    Pretty sure we were really close to United in the table when we played them. Think it was November time
  8. You cant really judge a striker since you prefer Bamford and Maupay over Haaland and Ronaldo
  9. Zatman

    Louie Barry

    I think so, not his fault though but some people are overhyping him for his age Just let him play
  10. Zatman

    Louie Barry

    How has he done us over? He sees Barry everyday and if he doesn't rate then thats it. If he plays Barry 46 games and he gets 2 goals he gets sacked Its a big difference for him financially getting sacked than a Premier League manager getting sacked
  11. Zatman

    Dean Smith

    Its obviously Bruce, not sure what the comments were but not surprised
  12. If Purslow is still here then he wont be welcome in my view
  13. Zatman


    You'll Never Walk Alone
  14. injuries. only one regular centre half in the back 3 as Demiral and Toloi injured De Roon playing there, wasnt great at Boro
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