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  1. Too busy licking his ass telling him he is a genius and has reinvented football
  2. slow motion actually makes it look worse from the Villarreal player
  3. quite classy comments from Hassnhuttl, not all managers would be so humble
  4. They were top of the table in November after about 10 games and then collapsed. Hassnhuttl wont see out the season one way or the other
  5. surely it would be the other way around since Liverpool have a sell on clause on Ings
  6. not just them, i have a feeling some expected similar from Jack and would have had articles prepared
  7. Kane is an absolute prick. Still being defended by some members of the media
  8. Liverpool got a big pay out so probably why the fee was a bit higher
  9. He probably thought we re-signed Mings
  10. Like that time Leeds bid for Denis Irwin but lost Eric Cantona in a counter bid
  11. Zatman

    Tammy Abraham

    Thats the end of Tammy, be sad on here now
  12. The ITK really earned the money on this
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