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  1. Zatman

    Josh King

    Bournemouth manager said no bids have been made yet
  2. Van den Beek easily gets in the team
  3. Have Aldershot not suffered enough
  4. **** NO. he is a pretty garbage player especially considering his cost
  5. they have a wobble most seasons and still win. I think they try to give some teams a chance
  6. Zatman


    pretty sure Mark Bunn replaced him for a while at Norwich. says it all
  7. Zatman


    Engels would smoke both of them
  8. Ikone goal stats are quite poor for a wide player
  9. Apparently Wigan have been warning they might go the same way as Macclesfield. Shameful EFL
  10. We should tell them the truth, Hogan fee and wages off the books had helped to pay for Jacks new contract
  11. The treble is off the table now
  12. Lost the final in 2004 to a Brazil B team
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