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  1. Could be a North American thing. We always had to reference them for like geography and classes like that.
  2. You can always put him on when we're chasing a goal so he can whip some crosses in.
  3. I like how we were complaining about set pieces and then we went and signed Buendia and Young.
  4. He's only a few years younger than me and I remember using encyclopedias in school. I even had a digital one for Windows back before the internet was really big. Jack isn't that young.
  5. He was definitely a pioneer of the technique. Nobody did it like him.
  6. It's pretty close to the penalty Jack won against West Brom in the playoff semi-final, give or take the fish out of water act. I'm fairly confident Jack would go down the exact same way if he were playing against us, and he's a boyhood Villa fan.
  7. Also, it was still a foul from Ciaran Clark. His theatrics were kind of unnecessary, especially given he was playing for United at Old Trafford.
  8. He finished 9th in his last season with us. Say no to Houllier season erasure!
  9. Not sure if this was announced during E3, but Shin Megami Tensei V is coming to the Switch later this year. That's huge!
  10. Did Edouard sign? That would be crazy if they signed Daka on top of that. Vardy, Iheanacho, Edouard, Daka gives me Manchester City circa 2011 vibes.
  11. He was 7 at Villa, which is McGinn's number.
  12. Crazy that Gabby was finished as a top level footballer like 4 years ago, and Ash is still going strong today, and he's a year older than Gabby too!
  13. It's proper symbolic too. Left right before the beginning of the end is coming back when we're back properly challenging again. Like we're doing it right this time.
  14. So interested to hear his thoughts. He was always very well spoken too, I wonder how he feels about how things went down.
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