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  1. Again, he's never said anything about quitting, just that he'd be happy to see the back of football when he inevitably hangs his boots.
  2. Football is just like any other profession, just because there's more money involved doesn't put it above the rest of society. Big Dalian Atkinson is proof that hits close to home that being a millionaire doesn't put you above racism and it's much more serious than some drunk idiots chanting something. Rose is just saying he'll be happy to see the back of all this bullshit when he's done. I don't care how much money you have, you shouldn't have to be subjected to any sort of abuse, whether it's in England or Russia. They're not just there to entertain us, these are human beings too. Rose is an excellent player and if he's available I would definitely go for him, he would sort out our left back conundrum. There are absolutely no question marks over his professionalism for me.
  3. You make it seem like racism is just a couple of rowdy d-heads saying naughty things they shouldn't say. It's baked into our society. It's not an exception, it's the rule. I guess that's a discussion for another thread, but I'll say about Danny Rose that he shouldn't be given grief for how he's responded to the situation. Everyone reacts differently, he just stated how he feels. I watch a lot of Spurs, he's been nothing but professional. If this makes him feel like he'll be relieved when he's done with football, I won't begrudge him at all. I'm not gonna police his feelings or devalue him as a footballer/professional.
  4. Qatar is actually pretty decent. Play nice football and have some skillful players. Might make a good showing in 2020.
  5. Keyblade

    Wesley Moraes

    McGinn and Grealish 2019 all about the midfield partnerships.
  6. Butland Guilbert Mings Tuanzebe Targett Phillips McGinn Grealish Benrahma El Ghazi Wesley Can honestly see this being our starting XI against Spurs. Me likey.
  7. Keyblade

    Wesley Moraes

    Very impressed with our scouting. We know what we want, and we go out and get them, no fuss. We have a model and we're sticking to it. You love to see it.
  8. These are all implementation and teething issues though. I'm sure as time passes those issues will be smoothed out.
  9. Yeah I've come completely around to this signing. He's a very good keeper and while we might have one that's doing a good job right now, it never hurts to improve and it also shows that we really mean business this summer as GK is like 4th or 5th most important position that needs addressing this season.
  10. theTrees is rolling over in his baggage carousel seeing that McCann guy.
  11. who the hell is that guy? The ITK game ain't what it used to be. Bring back the cryptic geezers.
  12. It sucks that Leeds are so cretinous as they're a huge club that should be up there. You'd rather have them than Brighton for example but yeah, can't say they don't deserve these past 2 decades.
  13. Can only imagine how much Jack is relishing the chance to be back in the PL. He'll remember when he first broke out as a teenager, that players couldn't even get near him. Now he's older, bigger, smarter, more mature...he must be thinking "I got this". To be the captain of his club this time around is like the cherry on top. Living the absolute dream.
  14. Not too familiar with Butland apart from his excellent shot stopping? How's his distribution? I'm assuming pretty good if Dean and co. are after him. Can't have had too much use of it playing for Stoke and SHA you'd imagine.
  15. Up there with West Ham as probably the most overrated club in English football.
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