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  1. Keyblade

    Jack Grealish

    Glenn Whelan
  2. Keyblade

    Jack Grealish

    If there was a stat for assist of an assist, Jack would top the league table by a wide margin I'd imagine.
  3. Keyblade

    John McGinn

    What a player. 3 million? Absolute steal.
  4. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    I have rarely seen us press a team and force them into mistakes like we did today. We made Swansea look like Aston Villa at times, which is a huge improvement from making every team look like Man City. So excited for the future.
  5. Keyblade

    Scott Hogan

    Am I? I saw the post he quoted, when I quoted him obviously. You seem to be struggling with context. Has Hogan had a 10 year championship career that I've missed?
  6. Keyblade

    Scott Hogan

    Yeah I probably did miss it because if it did happen, it was probably only one person. Actually I just searched it, and it really was just 1 guy . In fact, you've talked about "people" calling him terrific more than anybody even called him that. The majority of people have been making the point I mentioned, which like I said is so innocuous that it doesn't warrant over 10 pages of discussion. Anyway, I don't know why I'm being sucked into this weird argument but this was the point I was disputing. In very clear terms, Stevo's has been referencing his entire 10 year career. So yeah, it's just wrong. That's all.
  7. Keyblade

    Scott Hogan

    His career isn't irrelevant when that's what's being referenced when people say "he's had 1 purple patch in his whole career" . That's the entire context that's being discussed. Literally nobody is disputing that his time at Aston Villa hasn't been horrible...that's why his career outside of Villa is being referenced in the first place. The point that's being made is that maybe, just maybe, and hear me out here this might sound crazy....that it might have to do with him being horribly mismanaged by our former manager...which is something the player himself has also intimated. Nobody is saying he's terrific, that's just you adding 1 + 1 and getting 30. Given the evidence of his career prior to joining us, he's probably better than what he's shown for us is all, I don't understand why such an innocuous point is being so hotly contested honestly.
  8. Keyblade

    Scott Hogan

    I was disputing the point that he had 1 purple patch in his career which just isn't true. He was a 1 in 2 striker in his entire career including in the Championship where his record was 21 in 33. That one spell was his only spell in the league.
  9. Keyblade

    Scott Hogan

    I think @bobzy already mentioned this, but he was better than 1 in 2 for his entire professional career before joining us. That's not just one small purple patch. Knowing that, I think the much safer presupposition, especially given who our previous manager was, would be that he's been woefully mismanaged in his time here.
  10. Keyblade

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I think he's got enough of a football brain and gifted enough technically to fit a passing system. If his place in the starting XI depends on him doing so I'm sure he'll get up to speed in no time. I imagine he'll be even more lethal in such a system.
  11. Keyblade

    Scott Hogan

    Even if he's not better than Kodjia or Tammy, it is still massively beneficial to us to have him as an option if Dean manages to get some form out of him. Pretty sure every team in the league wouldn't mind having a Scott Hogan waiting in the wings for 2 even better strikers. Now if only we had these same problems for our defence...
  12. Keyblade

    Scott Hogan

    Damn he was a good finisher.
  13. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    When it comes to the fans' perception of him perhaps, but I think the 2 situations are eerily similar. Both came in mid-October with the club in the bottom half. Both had unbalanced squads to contend with (back then it was no midfield, this time it's no defence). Both have wonderfully stocked squads apart from the aforementioned deficiencies. I would say that Smith might be more restricted in January due to FFP than Bruce was who splurged in his first January window iirc. I'd say Smith is luckier in the sense that the league this season seems to be much tighter. Put a little run together and we could be right up there, whereas Newcastle and Brighton ran away with the league in Bruce's first season.
  14. Keyblade

    Ross McCormack

    Would only work if Bolt is banging in the goals
  15. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    I don't disagree that we "dominated" per se. like I said we had most of the ball and put most of the pressure on their final third. But domination =/= playing a team off the park if you don't do anything with all that possession. My point was that for all of our domination, Brentford had almost all of the chances. All you have to do is just look at the goals both teams scored. As usual we relied on individual brilliance and a header from a deep hopeful cross, whereas their goals came from incisive passing football, and were team goals. If you don't believe my recount of proceedings, here's the match summary from Frankly I think it's disrespectful to use that game as any sort of counterpoint to DS' abilities. It does him a huge disservice as on the day they were the better side anyway.