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  1. Yeah that's what I meant. The way people put it make it seem like he's distracted or something lol
  2. Never understood how that works. Could he not just put that out of his mind on a matchday? Why would it affect his game unless he's making a conscious choice to put in less effort for the team that blocked his move?
  3. Keyblade


    Fergie chewing out grown ass adults and a youth coach bullying children under his care are hardly analogous. Ridiculous to suggest so.
  4. Keyblade


    Multiple articles have been posted in this thread detailing what happened. It's not exactly classified information.
  5. Was looking at my closet recently and noticed my Villa collection is getting big, now making up the majority of my kit collection. What I have so far. Looking to add last season's 3rd kit to round it off. The bolded I bought during the actual season at retail. The rest were steals. 08/09 Home shirt (my first ever Villa shirt, it's in pretty bad shape now lol) and long-sleeve away player issue shirt (no sponsor) 09/10 Home and away 11/12 Home player issue, and away (sponsor since completely washed off, looks quite nice actually) 16/17 Home shirt 18/19 Home and away
  6. Third shirt could have been nice if it were all green and didn't have the black sleeves. What a terrible combination. Don't think I'll be buying a kit this year unless there's a massive sale. I like the away kit, but until they sort out QA I'm not touching it.
  7. One thing I've noticed about these shows, it's usually just some old former player or manager and all they do is just whine about the state of football and the direction it's heading in. A lot of "I don't understand why" and "in my day..."'s going around. Is there really that much of an audience for that sort of thing? It's insufferable. It's just "Old Men Yell at Cloud" for 2 hours.
  8. Gary Neville said the same thing last week. Said there were players like himself, Wes, Nicky Butt, his brother, Darren Fletcher etc who weren't THAT good but the team needed players like that and SAF somehow got them to play at that level anyway. He really is looking so much more remarkable now with the benefit of hindsight. One thing that sticks out now is the lineup he played away to Wolfsburg in the CL and won 3-1. Wolfsburg were probably the best team in Germany that year too. Any other manager and that team would have done well to stay up.
  9. Listening to The Debate right now, and it's an utter car crash from Ian Holloway. Almost as if to spite me. I cringed when he basically called Lukaku a brainless beast of a player.
  10. Not sure what's so remarkable about those stats...he made a lot of passes and a lot of crosses. We all saw that. It was a decent performance and I haven't seen anyone in here claim otherwise. @Philosopher's post above pretty much sums up what everyone is saying Bournemouth were more than happy to let him cross and even just let us build up from the right. It was all slow and in front of them, just how they would have wanted it. That just doesn't really fly in the PL anymore.
  11. Jonny Williams. Was being dubbed the Welsh Iniesta by Palace fans when they first came up and he looked decent, if lightweight. Completely fell off the radar, now I see him topping the Championship assists chart for Charlton, and he seems to have aged 20 years since I last saw him.
  12. He had a renaissance under McLeish (I was one of the few who thought he was great) but Lambert proceeded to completely squash that.
  13. Keyblade


    Was that the game Ciaran Clark just got absolutely bulldozed by Dembele and then Mike Dean celebrated his goal? We've had some grim days recently at WHL. The infamous game under McLeish where we had the flying wingers of Hutton and Heskey immediately comes to mind.

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