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  1. Everybody thought Kane was a "model professional" and wouldn't throw his toys out of the pram if he didn't get his move. Also, we didn't have the option to refuse City's bid, so nothing we could have done there.
  2. There was a counterattack in the first half where he was driving through the middle and it looked like the Grealish of old and then he just stops and lays it off to De Bruyne. For Villa he would have driven to the penalty box. I thought he was being restricted by Pep (probably is to a degree), but Foden came on in his place and was way more penetrating. Maybe he's scared of coming across as a maverick or isn't trying to get on Pep's bad side.
  3. Did they sign a new striker that I missed this summer?
  4. It was the ease at which he did it. You know once it left his boot it was going in. Yet how many players can do that with such regularity? Grealish, 100m player would be happy if he could do that once a season. He's a different class.
  5. Yeah I was genuinely excited. This site was hilarious. My favorite player becoming our coach, and he was highly rated back then after all he'd done at Molde. We ended up with Paul Lambert in the end, and the rest was history.
  6. We did what Leicester always do when they sell a player. Bailey + Ings + 40m left over to replace Grealish is very good going. We've done well for ourselves. All parties come away with a win (except hopefully City).
  7. It's why they're so boring to watch. Part of what makes football so exciting is when teams capitalize on opposition mistakes. It makes their games boring on 2 fronts, 1 they very rarely make any mistakes so teams can't really do anything to them, and also because they seem to refuse to counter when the opposition messes up.
  8. OGS was my fav player as a kid and I can't remember why I was repping him 10 years ago when I joined the site (where does the time go?), but I wouldn't change it. It's like a little piece of history. It's even being pulled from Gravatar which I thought was defunct by now. Can't lie though, his salty antics after our game really made me contemplate changing it though
  9. Looks like he's struggling to adapt his game to this City team. I thought it might have been tactics from Pep, but Foden has completely shown him up so far.
  10. For an elite player, Mbappe's first touch is not so great. Wonder how he'll fare when he loses a yard of pace later in his career.
  11. Why do you keep asking this?
  12. I agree they seemed like they deserved more points than they got, but I don't think it's by chance that the ball didn't go in the back of the net though. I think it evens itself out over the course of the season (being unlucky to not get the points your performances deserve that is). Last night was the same. They lack penetration (KW.gif), and you can put that down to recruitment and a number of other reasons, but I think ultimately the buck stops with them. I guess this season is the real litmus test now being their 3rd season, and they've started really well so let's see how they get on. Hope they do well.
  13. I guess, if you were trying to argue that one was better than the other. I'm just saying not much has changed about the club bar the style of football for all intents and purposes. They still finish 15th/16th every season. But apparently he's working wonders over there...I don't know I'm failing to see it.
  14. That's literally almost every co-commentator though, the biggest offender being the biggest one, Jim Beglin. It's almost like a requirement.
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