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  1. "I'm honestly scared to get out of the car" "And you should be!" Jesus.
  2. Haven't tasted sushi I like yet, but I know people who swear by it. It always makes me gag. I think it's the texture of the cold rice that ruins it for me.
  3. I think 7th gen games still look great today. It's not like how PS1/N64 games have aged (even though you could argue we're viewing those wrong in the first place). Games like Wipeout HD are still stunning. Also, it seems the industry nailed the art of making games a long while ago and if anything most of the current gen counterparts kind of pale in comparison? Like there's never going to be another Castlevania Symphony of the Night despite indie developers and others spending all of the last decade trying to make one. They already nailed JRPG's in the PS1/PS2 era. Really the only games I
  4. And probably the door closed on a whole bunch of future jobs.
  5. Nope. He made 5 appearances first of all, but you're being disingenuous if you're saying he was playing exactly how he is now. Even in his poorer game against Southampton for example, there were still flashes here and there. He had 2 goals and an assist in those 5 games. Just the 1 goal in the 13 games since. There's been a marked drop off in everything he does. His work rate was never the highest even in his pomp.
  6. I've been noticing that post-covid, players seem to come back from injuries as a shadow of themselves, especially if they caught the virus along the way. McGinn last season, Trezeguet this season. But the drop off from pre-injury Barkley to post-injury has been staggering. Two completely different players. Can't see a way back for him anymore. His career is about to go the way of Drinkwater it seems.
  7. Yeah it's supposed to happen in June or July but people are already reporting problems. It's a disgrace and really putting me off getting a PS5 eventually as I planned. Microsoft has a much better outlook on preservation, and their latest system can basically play every game from all the previous generations, and I mean you pop in a disc and it works. That's how it should be.
  8. So apparently people have been having trouble patching their PS3 games now that the PSN shutdown has been announced. Even physical games aren't safe now, and coupled with the growing trend of the last 2 generations (PS3 survived well into the last generation) of games being released essentially as unfinished betas and needing day 1 patches to be properly playable, this doesn't bode well for preservation. I picked possibly the worst time to get into the bloody console . Going to have to go through all of my unplayed games one by one now to patch them.
  9. You could argue his horrible luck started when he got that silly injury at West Ham and then caught covid while recovering. He only just looked like bouncing back from those set backs and then this. Poor guy.
  10. Oh man I just tried Timesplitters 2. I was just playing by myself but it was so fun. I can't wait to run some death matches with my brother. Why did I not hear of this game when it was out?
  11. TAA injured him so bad he started crying but it wasn't a penalty lol
  12. Trez clutching Alison in pain was just too funny I don't know why
  13. That would have been the sickest goal ever. Trezeguet is an enigma
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