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  1. The hyperbole is getting out of control. He is far and away their best player. He was a world cup winning side's best player. 13 goals and 9 assists from midfield this season, pretty much double the next highest midfielder in the Premier League. But you would think he was **** Yacouba Sylla the way some of you go on.
  2. One thing I will say about him is that his tracking back is excellent. So he actually does offer something to the team. But he looks terrified in attack.
  3. You wouldn't want to have to overturn a hypothetical first leg deficit away from home. Home 2nd leg is always preferable.
  4. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    P10 W10 Goals scored: 23 Goals conceded: 6 Is absolutely incredible. The defensive stat is in a way even more remarkable considering the shambolic state of our defense before Smith arrived. We are colossal at the back and unstoppable up front. Think today was the first time in this run that we were held to a single goal. I have never seen Villa play football of this calibre. Gone are the days that I used to envy other teams and what they were doing. It's our turn to be envied. Not going up last season was a massive blessing in disguise. We'd have been slugging it out at the bottom with Steve Bruce likely getting sacked in December and replaced by Mark Hughes or something. More importantly we wouldn't have been taken over by NSWE and crucially would probably never have hired Dean. Now if we do go up, we have an embedded style and culture and actual ethos on how to win games. We also have an established player recruitment strategy and crucially we know where we stand financially. At the very least we are on much surer footing. What an amazing turnaround in less than a year.
  5. Incredible from Sheffield United to be fair. They have a good young team with a manager that plays good football. Can see them becoming the next Burnley or Bournemouth.
  6. So that's Norwich pretty much up then. They have taken over the mantle of yoyo club from WBA it seems (hopefully we'll help ensure that).
  7. Need to sign him if we go up.
  8. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    With the glorious kit he's in also designed by a Villa fan. What a time to be a Villa fan!
  9. Imagine Leeds get done by Derby or Boro in the semis and if we get by WBA we'll have one of 2 teams we beat a combined 13-0 this season in the final.
  10. Leeds away would be a good test. If we come away from there with a W, that would give the team a massive confidence boost. West Brom who?
  11. There's really no point in starting him anymore. Green should make that spot his.
  12. Neither Bristol nor Boro can surpass our current tally of 75. The only thing not confirmed now is 5th. A draw in one of the last 2 games would secure that.
  13. Norwich not out of this yet. Though I should probably wait until stoppage time is over to say that
  14. Hoping Reading can nick one. I'm looking at 4th, the clubs below us don't worry me at all.
  15. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    Someone at Walsall must have forgotten to give him the memo that he was supposed to finish 9th.
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