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  1. Great cross from Amavi. I remember that was one of the rare games we saw Jack and Adama together.
  2. He definitely turned us into something resembling a football team where we were a complete shambles before. I was quite pleased with his first couple of months here. That said, 11 games was a tad too soon to let go of RDM before he could put his stamp on the team. It looked like we were just 1 or 2 things clicking for things to get back on track. We weren't losing too many. With how cutthroat that decision was, it was kind of surprising that Bruce was kept on despite finishing 13th that season and a bad run to end it. Seemed like it was promotion or bust in the beginning, and that seemed
  3. Those Lyon fans look dumber and dumber every game he plays.
  4. As luck would have it, Spurs and Everton play each other in the next round. We'll get to rearrange our game with one of them the following FA Cup weekend you'd imagine.
  5. They looked well-drilled under Benitez. Same core group of players. Don't think it's the personnel. They have what looks to be a solid, if unspectacular midtable side, which they were under Benitez. Now they just look like comfortably the worst team in the league, which given some of the squads there at the bottom of the table that is just not good enough. The media and Bruce like to make a strawman of Newcastle fans wanting European football or whatever nonsense. They just want a team that competes in every game and isn't in danger of relegation.
  6. He doesn't really have a rigid system though, and that's the problem I reckon. They don't really press, they don't play a low block like say Burnley do. None of the pundits seem to be able to know what their system is. They just kind of languidly soak up pressure, and then pray for some magic by 1 of the lads up front. There are managers, like Dyche, Allardyce, Hodgson and Moyes whose style, while not pretty, is very much defined and drilled into the players. Can't really say the same for Newcastle. It was my biggest criticism of him while he was our manager. 2 years at the club, with abo
  7. I can't quite put my finger on what to call this style, but I have to say it's one of the most entertaining styles of football I've watched. Every game is a joy to watch.
  8. I remember VT wouldn't shut up about a young and upcoming manager at Norwich, Paul Lambert from like 2010-2012...until we finally got him. Crazy to see how his career has spiraled since then. How has he not been sacked at Ipswich yet?
  9. "Great ball by Alex (Westwood)" - Rudy Gestede The beginning of the end. We'd only win 2 more games after this.
  10. Didn't Benteke have his best spell post-Liverpool under Allardyce? He was almost at his Villa level that one season.
  11. Only thing Lampard has on Southgate is time really. Southgate's career started similarly. Given the Boro job with no experience, being a former player.
  12. This is exactly it. He's a relic of an era where that was more than sufficient in managing a football club at the top level. Nowadays you have to actually coach and improve players otherwise you'll be stagnant, or likelier, regress.
  13. He doesn't improve players, many of them regress under him. Look at managers like Rodgers, Smith, Hassenhutl and even Sean Dyche. They squeeze every ounce out of their players. Limited players like Walcott, Adams, Albrighton etc are all very good PL performers, whereas like you say if they played for Newcastle, they would end up being deadwood before long.
  14. Didn't Leeds hit them for 4 or 5 last time they met? Couldn't be a worse 2 games for Newcastle to get back on track than 2 winnable games on paper against Villa and Leeds but they might as well be playing City and United because they match up so poorly against these kinds of teams. You love to see it! Personally don't care too much about Leeds and how they do. They'll finish about 12th or 13th with no relegation fears. Hell, Newcastle haven't won since November and are still 7 points clear of the drop.
  15. I remember him saying something along those lines when he managed us. I could be remembering wrong though.
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