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  1. We weren't really confident of safety until we beat West Ham away with that late winner from Gabby to be fair. We always seemed to do just enough in those years until Tim Sherwood messed everything up lol
  2. Or injured. That did not look comfortable. He wasn't 100% in the crowd, he was sort of dangling from the boards.
  3. We had an electric draw with United at VP that season too, with a young Bannan and Hogg running the midfield. Really should have won that. We beat Liverpool on the last day and had an entertaining 3-3 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Rollercoaster season but Houllier was building towards something. The amount of (often xenophobic) abuse he received was off the charts. That season really introduced me to how toxic our fanbase can be.
  4. Depends if you consider Brett Holman a striker but we signed him, Benteke and Bowery in the same window. The next year we signed Helenius, Kozak and Grant Holt, though the latter was in a different window. 2016/17 we signed McCormack, Kodjia and Hogan in the same season, again Hogan in January though.
  5. Weird that we were relatively safe in midtable, when it felt like a crisis at the time. Real relegation hysteria. I guess it makes sense coming off the back of the 6th place finishes in a row.
  6. Same. I usually skip over his posts, but that was a good'un.
  7. Keyblade

    Wesley Moraes

    I mean this thread is public record, but sure I guess. Literally after our 11th game away at Man City:
  8. It's an effective approach to the game...when it works, as it is now. But it's very flimsy. All it takes is the other team to score first for it to fall apart as we saw at VP. There are question marks over how sustainable it is, but if they keep this up even until the end of the season it would be some feat.
  9. If you watched some of their games like against Chelsea and Tottenham for example, it was literal daylight robbery. They've had quite a few of those kinds of games this season. You have to give credit to Bruce for making them hard to beat and giving them the platform to pull off these results in the first place.
  10. Has to be a running gag at this point.
  11. Wins against Bournemouth, Palace, Newcastle and Man Utd. Draws against Everton, Sheffield United and West Ham. Losses against Wolves, Leicester, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Southampton, Chelsea Mix and/or match. Doable.
  12. 4 wins 3 draws 7 losses Surely we can manage this?
  13. Grim scenes at OT. Never seen it that empty.
  14. He makes Hourihane look comfortable in possession. He just about gets the job done, but he adds absolutely nothing to the team. Pereira can play there and you wouldn't notice the difference.
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