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  1. U.S. Politics

    I was thinking to myself earlier that it's been an awfully quiet couple of days from Donnie. Then he goes ahead and does this . Never a dull moment.
  2. U.S. Politics

    I know hate crimes have always occured, but I can't remember something like what happened in Kansas yesterday where a guy just walks in and opens fire on people yelling 'get out of my country' or what happened in Quebec last month. People have been shouted down for saying that Trump will embolden the crazies. Why does it always take tragedies to get people to wake up (assuming they will)?
  3. U.S. Politics

    I mean, a game show host is currently president and Kid Rock is going to be running for senator. This is the new normal.
  4. U.S. Politics

    Jenna Jameson trending on twitter for going on a rant about Muslims and comparing them to the KKK. There's a name I haven't heard in a while.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Given my vast experience in football management gleaned from Football Manager, I can confirm this. Even if the players you bring in are better than the ones replaced, it doesn't always work out.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Even our midfield which is one of the areas we supposedly really improved is kind of thin. One injury to Jedinak made it obsolete. What was the point of getting rid of both Tshibola and Westwood? We also have like what, 3 center backs? Don't tell me we sold someone there too. What a disaster.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Also how the hell did we go from having Kodjia, Ayew, McCormack and Gestede to just Kodjia and Hogan (not counting Gabby or even RHM for obvious reasons)? We went from the strongest strike force on the league to one of the thinnest in just 1 window.
  8. Steve Bruce

    I'm just perplexed at how he can go from completely turning is around and showing sound fundamentals to looking absolutely clueless. What changed?
  9. PES 2017

    I regret selling Lobato for like 7M, but I was desperate . I recently seen him when scouting for backup strikers and he's turned into a beast. Should have kept him. That E. Mor from Dortmund is very good and cheap as well. Bought him to replace Morata who I used in a deal to sign Manolas. I just hope Martial never gets injured or I'm screwed . 4th season now and I'm looking to win the title. Won the CL last season so despite finishing 6th, I get another shot. My team looks like this right now, which isn't too bad considering my budget. Just hope my salary budget cushion can keep me afloat for a few more seasons. Martial (88) Coman (86) Dybala (87) Salah (87) Renato (88) Verratti (89) Amavi (80) Rugani (84) Manolas (84) Concelo (79) Gollini (79) For bigger games I sacrifice Coman or Grealish and play Sensi at DM who is a beast despite being tiny. Can't afford better fullbacks, although I did manage to get Telles in a nice deal. Every year I buy a fullback on a free transfer as a back up then sell him for profit. Last season it was Arbeloa
  10. PES 2017

    Ridiculous. They completely gutted the game. Luckily managed to wheel and deal and assemble a decent team, but even that wouldn't have been possible without selling youth players. Players are all double or triple their market value when you bid for them, ybit teams bid under the market value for your players. I'm still getting 20M bids for 2 time scoring champ and World player of the year in just 2 seasons, Martial. Just utterly broken. Had to pay 40M + Thiago Silva for Dybala which totaled around 60 odd mil, and I'm getting 20M bids for him. You should be able to set the fees yourself. You can't even sell to buy
  11. U.S. Politics

    Milo resigns from Breitbart haha We ultimately come out the losers though, for letting things get too the point where someone like him is important enough that he can hold a press conference.
  12. PES 2017

    "You don't have the budget to fund this transfer" You don't say.
  13. Ashley Westwood

    The angle of the camera is misleading. He clearly said that in what I assume was English.