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  1. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    Some interesting stats: We are 5th in the league for shots per game, and 3rd for shots on target. According to whoscored ratings, we are actually the 5th highest rated so far this season. The table actually makes for interesting viewing, with the top and bottom 4 the same (albeit slightly different order). The only real major outlier is us being 5th, which kind of reflects how well we've been performing without necessarily getting the points. We're 4th in the league for chances created and 2nd behind Man City for assists. In Jack Grealish we have the 3rd most frequent chance-creator in the league...the most from open play, tied with Kevin De Bruyne. Predictably, we're also the 5th highest scorers in the league. Unsurprisingly we're the most fouled team in the league, but also the team that concedes the most shots per game. We're #1 in blocks per game as well as 5th for clearances per game which is unsurprising given that we have Tyrone Mings in defence. Given that a year ago we were floundering against teams like Ipswich and Preston in the Championship, the fact that we are now performing like this in the PL is truly astounding. Dean Smith deserves all the credit in the world for turning us around like this in such a short space of time. It's been a decade since we were able to hold our own in this division, and we're now doing so in style with a young, growing team and staff. We've had to suffer for years, but we can finally say we have a PL team to be proud of.
  2. I'm just embarrassed when football fans do the rocket polishing gesture at each other like after a decision gets overturned for example. Bunch of grown men acting like children, it's embarrassing.
  3. Caught him clear on the ankle. That was a foul imo.
  4. It was recently claimed he was 6'2 as well. You can never really know how tall athletes actually are unless you see them in person.
  5. A 20 second difference, sure. That was just 1 scenario. I've seen goals overturned by linesmen due to infractions not too dissimilar to Wesley's yesterday take just as long. We've seen it happen to us so many times. Ref walks over, linesman tells him there was an elbow, shirt pulling etc etc. The player's have already finished celebrating by the time the goal is chalked off. There was the playoff match last season between Derby and Leeds where Derby were awarded a penalty and then it was overturned after over a minute of discussion while the player already placed the ball on the spot, ready to take it. VAR or no VAR, there was always the threat of a decision being reversed, and frankly it was always a weak argument against it, especially now that there's all this evidence of VAR being a huge cock up anyway.
  6. I don't see the issue really. Goals are ruled off for offside all the time for example. Players celebrating and finding out their goal doesn't count after the fact predates VAR tbh. How many times have we seen a ref give a goal only to be told by the linesman over the earpiece that there was an infringement, after which he goes over to him to discuss and eventually rules out the goal? Players should just play to the whistle/call regardless.
  7. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    Next 2 games we need to have Douglas holding with Marvelous. Our midfield has been way too open recently. Brighton just had the freedom of VP to do what they wanted, and they're not even half the team City is. We'd get ripped to pieces if we play like that against City. I know he's been good since coming in, but having Conor play against City would be suicide. Having Douglas sitting also has the added benefit of freeing up McGinn to basically play as an ACM without much worry. We'll be really dangerous on the break with Jack, John and Trez floating behind Wesley.
  8. Good on Haringay. I agree with Darren Bent's view that teams should be banned from competitions. Hit them where it hurts. English clubs being banned in the 80's for the Heysel disaster (extreme example) messed up Everton's whole history for example. They were good enough to dominate Europe in that era. Instead they had to settle with being also-rans for the next 30 years.
  9. I rather decisions be right (on average) and have to wait 10 seconds to find out than be shafted by shit refs every week. Of course we're still being shafted by shit refs every week with VAR. I'd be so much more content with the World Cup implementation than whatever this abortion is. As it stands, just bin it until they figure it out and get better refs because it might even be a net negative at this point.
  10. It's this new weird template they had this season. They usually make nice kits like this. If we're still with them next season, I'm interested to see what it looks like.
  11. No worse than Danny Ings or Jordan Ayew I'd imagine.
  12. Keyblade

    Tom Heaton

    Yeah I'd have Heaton over him any day. It just would have been nice for him to have as well. He kept giving them the ball right back to them in the first half when they were all over us which made it harder for us to get a foothold in the game. It's not just that he plays it long more often, but that even his long balls are rather aimless. They're just punts up the field. At least they're not going out of play like with Johnstone or Guzan though, so it's not the worst kicking in the world. But the fact that I'm nitpicking is a sign of how good he is I guess.
  13. This is a nice microcosm of how opposition fans already have their minds made up about him without really knowing anything.
  14. Keyblade

    Tom Heaton

    Very solid performance again. Only thing lacking really is his distribution. Huge difference between him and Ryan today in that department.
  15. A win against City or Liverpool would be absolutely huge. We'd go into the Wolves/Newcastle games with huge confidence. We need 4 points from those games because after that we have Chelsea, United and Leicester.
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