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  1. It's in my top 5 games of all time, it's brilliant.
  2. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    It's what pretty much every promoted club plans on doing. Even Wolves with their deep pockets and strong squad weren't banking on European qualification in their first season despite having the foundation for it:
  3. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    So what, appoint a CL caliber manager while we're still finding our feet in the league? We can't attract one yet. All we can do for now is try to unearth one, and it's too early to say Dean is or isn't that man. Or we can progress to the point where we actually can attract one; a la Everton, but that's also a ways away.
  4. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    And our first season back in the PL is certainly not that time. Let's cross that bridge when we come to it.
  5. If football does restart soon, he'll actually be playing on a level playing field for once with all the players not being match fit so you never know
  6. Felt like a preseason match. No intensity.
  7. Mings debatable? He went from Bournemouth cast-off to England starter under Smith's tutelage.
  8. Gonna be weird tuning into a football match during a global pandemic.
  9. Haven't seen a single ad on NBA 2K19. That must be a regional thing.
  10. I bought 2k19 on a sale like that last year. Was very worth it.
  11. I see the ignore button doesn't affect quoted posts. Anyway, I think we have a real case in our favour if we do get relegated without playing another game. No way we should accept it considering we were out of the relegation zone when everyone played 27 games and only fell into it after all the other teams played the 28th. PPG isn't fair either as it still takes into account a game week we didn't participate in and was completely out of our hands. No way in hell we get relegated for this and Leeds/WBA get promoted despite not confirming it themselves. We should raise absolute hell.
  12. The UK seems very odd if what people are reporting is true. Here in Canada we've canceled all prayers big and small, the mosques are empty. On Eid, nobody's doing anything. Even Mecca is empty.
  13. I'm really liking the story. It has shades of Avatar, and has some excellent characters. Apart from Skyward Sword, Zelda never really had particularly great stories imo. I'm just worried about what the rest of the dungeons are going to be like. I did the elephant one and it was really fun, some really inventive puzzles. If there other 3 are up to this level, I'm not even mad about the lack of temples.
  14. I'm still using my OnePlus 3, and it got an official Android 9 upgrade last year. It's a 4 year old phone (then 3 years), and I honestly can't justify upgrading yet it's that good.
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