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  1. Keyblade

    Jack Grealish

    One thing we have going for us is just how underrated he seems to be throughout football. All of the focus in the Championship has been on Sessegnon, Neves and James Maddison.
  2. Keyblade

    New Manager Speculation

    I would absolutely take Allardyce, he's like an upgraded Bruce. I can't remember a job that he actually failed. Never got relegated from the PL or failed to get promoted from the Championship to my recollection.
  3. Keyblade

    Jack Grealish

    Keep Grealish and we have a bright future imo. Sell him and it's a dim one. To sum up, we need to keep him at all costs.
  4. Keyblade

    New Manager Speculation

    Imagine sacking Bruce and bringing in Moyes. What a shitshow that would be. I'd take a break from Aston Villa if that happened.
  5. Keyblade

    U.S. Politics

    Not only separated from their parents, but ICE also somehow "lost" over a thousand children. Now they almost certainly will never be united with their families. Like you say, it's pure evil and shows Trump's "animals" comment being put into devastating practice.
  6. Keyblade

    Jack Grealish

    The Sky commentators forgot to take Fulham's **** out of their mouths for that amazing run, it was shameful.
  7. Keyblade

    Steve Bruce

    Honestly, I want to see what another guy can do with this team regardless. He's been with us for almost 2 seasons and failed to get us promoted in both. What's going to change next year, especially when we'll be weaker financially? We need new ideas.
  8. Keyblade

    Jack Grealish

    There's really no sense in him going to a club outside the top 6 because he could just as easily come back down (and possibly swap leagues with us) next season a la Traore. Such is the nature of the PL that at least 12 teams will be scrapping for survival. He should give it one more go for his beloved club after coming so tantalizingly close this year.
  9. Keyblade

    Steve Bruce

    By not being behind the manager and putting a lot of pressure on him to get results obviously. That's never is a good atmosphere to play in, and can lead to a manager getting sacked mid-season which could obviously disrupt things. How did that sound like a threat?
  10. Keyblade

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    If Jack stays we have hope. We need our youngsters to step up next season. Green and Davis had a taste this season, but they're going to be bigger next year. O'Hare and Hepburn-Murphy hopefully will step up too. We should sign/resign Hutton, Johnstone and possibly Snodgrass, and maybe bring Axel on loan again to be first choice CB. Our first XI probably won't be to drastically changed, but we won't have the excellent squad depth we had this year (which was squandered in all honesty). At the very least we need: 2 CBs 1 LB 1 CM 1 Winger 1 CF Our first XI next season will hopefully look like this: Johnstone Hutton/New LB Chester Axel/New CB Bree/Elmo Hourihane New CM Grealish Green Kodjia Snodgrass/New RW Subs: Steer, Adomah, Jedinak, New CF, O'Hare, Davis, Elmo/Bree Still needs work, but it's not as desperate people are making it out, and not outside the realm of possibility.
  11. Keyblade

    Jack Grealish

    I'll honestly be miserable next season if he goes.
  12. Keyblade

    Ratings & Reactions: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Feel worse than after the FA Cup final. Absolutely gutted.
  13. Keyblade

    Match Thread: Play Off Final v Fulham

    He had a look on his face like he knew too. He's always been the absolute worst.
  14. Keyblade

    Match Thread: Play Off Final v Fulham

    We need Kodjia on. Grabban and Adomah are doing **** all in their respective positions. This team always finds a way to disappoint ffs. We're making Fulham look like the Barcelona they think they are.
  15. Keyblade

    Jack Grealish