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  1. Keinan Davis

    Well so did Davis, but these were both their full debuts.
  2. Google Assistant

    Google Now still exists no? I still get cards and articles on the regular.
  3. Keinan Davis

    No he started that game and got 2 assists, one of which was for Milner's last goal for us on his last appearance for us as well. But yeah he looked like Messi that day, beating fullbacks for fun. Pretty sure Ciaran Clark also started that game.
  4. Keinan Davis

    Albrighton against West Ham, August 2010?
  5. Media and punditry

    Liverpool is a cult
  6. Players you've completely forgotten about

    Eljero Elia. Played at a World Cup iirc
  7. Weekends Football 18/20 August

    We really calling it the BET 365 now? Football is getting so weird
  8. Conor Hourihane

    Damn, I wasn't even alive the last time a Villa midfielder scored a hattrick
  9. Steve Bruce

    When will we get a manager who goes for the jugular after taking the lead. We always invite teams back into the game. It's good to see us actually playing football though. Who'd have thought it would work? You mean to tell me lumping the ball up to 5'10 Hogan was not a very good tactic? Madness.
  10. Wtf apparently we scored 5 goals in 2015
  11. Benteke vs. Sunderland before that too
  12. I was gonna joke Samba up front for Davis, but that's what's actually happening? Lmfao
  13. Who the hell is this Murphy guy, he's excellent.