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  1. They hit him in the head with something too.
  2. Apart from the Palace fiasco, we haven't lost a game to a rival since.
  3. Wan Bissaka is an excellent defender. Had Sterling in his pocket all game.
  4. Yeah I hate that inconsistency. If looked at it like that, it was a nailed on pen. As for Fred, his hands only came out for balance. You can't slide in with both hands behind your back. That was impossible to avoid.
  5. Would have been very harsh if given. Had his hands behind his back until he hit the floor. Ball was whipped into him from point blank distance. Handball rule really needs tweaking.
  6. I love the Christmas fixture schedule. We've had an October's worth of football in a week.
  7. Our result against United is looking better and better every week.
  8. Trent Alexander-Arnold. Just brilliant. Hard to believe he's only 21. He has another decade at the top of his game. Ridiculous.
  9. Keyblade

    Wesley Moraes

    Hard to believe we paid £12m for Hogan 3 years ago. Puts Wesley's £22m into perspective somewhat.
  10. Keyblade

    Wesley Moraes

    Couldn't think of a more measured response if I tried, echoing exactly what people were guessing he's been thinking as well as @useless' sentiment that it's in defence where we need to improve more.
  11. Watching Arsenal vs Brighton yesterday and I couldn't take Dale Stephens seriously. I kept remembering the ridiculous speculation at the time
  12. Keyblade

    Wesley Moraes

    I'm not referring to criticism, God knows I have my fair share of them. He hasn't exactly pulled up trees. I'm talking about those saying he's a wash and we wasted 22m and we should sell etc etc. It doesn't make sense. We're not even halfway through his first season in English football.
  13. Keyblade

    Wesley Moraes

    It's 15 games my man. Declaring him a definite dud is literally proving my point.
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