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  1. Our lack of creative midfielder was definitely our achilles heel during that era. We were so desperate we signed Joe Cole on a free, and eventually we got Carles Gil, who didn't see much time with Lambert before he got sacked. They were going for minimum 10m a pop, like Kiyotake and Belhanda you mentioned. We just weren't stumping up that kind of cash. If I'm not mistaken the most money we spent on a single player under Lambert was the ~7m for both Benteke and Kozak.
  2. That's another conversation entirely. You certainly won't find me arguing that he was a decent coach. But in terms of his budget while he was at the club, it isn't a myth that he had to make do with a Championship transfer budget. Edit: I also thought Warnock could still do a job for at least a season (he was declining to Neil Taylor levels under Mcleish though), but Lerner obviously saw different. He was bomb squad'd in preseason. Also Lichaj played a lot in his first season, but he was an utter calamity, so I can understand why he was replaced. Problem is, 2m doesn't buy you much better.
  3. Including Richardson, the 4 of them cost 8m combined. You get what you pay for.
  4. Both. First season it was definitely quantity over quality. And we did manage to sign the bulk of our few quality players that season. Benteke, Vlaar and El Ahmadi. Add that to the fact that Lerner wanted to expel high earners, it meant we had to constantly replenish with cheaper options.
  5. Signed 27 players over his tenure for a combined whopping 49.4m. That's less than 2m per player. Championship budget.
  6. I swear if he doesn't stay at Villa after all of this
  7. Bought an arcade stick for me and my brother and it's just been nothing but fighting games recently. Third Strike mostly for now, but we've got Dragonball FighterZ, Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Dreamcast stopped reading discs) and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on the back burner. Resurgence indee!
  8. I recently bought a Grealish nameset for my 17/18 top. Not sure I'll be customizing it now. Not gonna be walking around in public with this fool's jersey on, to quote DeRay Davis
  9. I still maintain he was actually good that season. Only player trying to play football, along with Robbie Keane briefly. Their combination at times was the only watchable portion of the McLeish year.
  10. Bradley and Ireland shouldn't be on this, and Neil Taylor deserves to be. Has to be between him and Keiran Richardson for me, both made me struggle to believe they're professional footballers. Tonev should probably win it, but his appearances were too fleeting, I feel like he was a myth
  11. I'm in awe at the discrepancy. Football seems more important to people than I thought. When someone who's just an okay footballer transgresses, in the footballing realm no less (ie: "feigning" injury), all types of insults flies their way. Someone literally puts human lives in danger (in more ways than one if he was drink driving), and this thread is surprisingly respectful. I've seen maybe a couple of people calling him a prick at most. If you didn't know what he actually did, you'd think this was just a repeat of his Tenerife exploits judging from the tone of the read. All because he's an indispensable footballer to our club.
  12. I'm just not down with people hand waving the ones who are venting about this, calling them "snowflakes" etc because he happens to be a very good player. That shouldn't come into it.
  13. Don't you see how messed up that is? This is just a game. Who really gives a toss about Jack the footballer in the grand scheme of things? Right now football doesn't even exist, and as far as I'm concerned shouldn't until this situation blows over. Jack the footballer is an afterthought right now.
  14. Man, I don't know what to say but these "he did a bad thing, he apologized, he was stupid, let's move on" posts are rubbing me the wrong way. I feel DCJ has a point here, despite how perhaps insistent he is in making it. If this was any other lesser player than Jack, they'd have been absolutely skewered. Can you imagine if El Ghazi or Douglas Luiz were to do something like this for example? Remember the outrage after the former came off injured one game? Jack has put actual people's lives in danger here. Doubly so if he'd been drink driving. It's unconscionable. I hate that it had to be him, but you gotta call a spade a spade.
  15. I don't care if we get relegated, but there's no way they should try to finish off this season. It's just unfathomable levels of greed to try and recoup TV money while there's a global pandemic. And that's before we even get into how by the time the season is restarted, it would cease to be the same season for all intents and purposes. Players not match fit, teams decimated by either the virus or injuries, contracts expiring mid season etc. Just give Liverpool the title and start a new season after lockdown. If that means we get relegated, so be it.
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