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  1. Noticed that Scott Sinclair is at Preston which is interesting.
  2. He really thought he was the shit. In the end, he got sacked after not achieving promotion despite 2 years at the helm. We then got promoted 7 months later. So who was right in the end?
  3. He just completely rejected criticism. The game against Cardiff was no joke top 5 worst performances I've seen from Villa. There was genuine cause for concern, such as uh, why were we playing Scott Hogan as a target man? To respond to that by calling these criticisms "nonsense" and that he "laughs at them" was an early teaser of his arrogance and reluctance to accept any form of criticism.
  4. He started taking shots at fans at the beginning of the 17/18 season when we started poorly and got absolutely bummed by Cardiff and a couple of other teams (I think QPR or Reading was one of them). Off the back of finishing 13th, and getting 1 point from 3 to start the season. Hardly the platform to start giving it the big 'un.
  5. There couldn't have been a better kick up the ass than losing the way we did. I doubt we'll ever get complacent again. You need to put in 100% effort every game, no exceptions. We'd have had 9 days rest by Sunday. I expect to see a refreshed and rejuvenated side with fire in their bellies on Sunday. Southampton are a good side, and seem to have the measure of us if last season is anything to go by. We'll also see if Smith has learned from those 2 games and if he can turn the tide.
  6. If we're scrapping it out with the likes of Burnley and Brighton again we'd have done poorly. Add Fulham and West Brom to that, as well as Newcastle and Sheffield United and that's 6 clubs we should be finishing above. Our aim should be challenging the Saints/Everton/Palaces of this world in midtable.
  7. When your attacking options to bring off the bench are the likes of Matt Phillips, I don't see what hope there is.
  8. The British media's obsession with Pogba is weird. Is it that they can't stand the fact that a Man United academy player flourished away from Manchester?
  9. He seems to have lasted longer than most. For example, Mark Hughes, Alan Pardew and Shteve McLaren have been found out and haven't been hired by a PL team for years. Brucie's last 2 jobs were huge ones and I imagine some poor sod like West Brom will hire him once this weird romance with Newcastle is over.
  10. The younger pundits seem to be a lot better than all these ancient dudes who look like they were dragged out of a sarcophagus who only seem to have jobs because they were good players who played for big teams. I think Beckford, Dyer and Rosenior might have like 3 England caps between them. Actually Dyer has 33, during England's supposed golden age, which is astounding to me
  11. Barkley would have roofed it too. He scored a very similar goal for Everton (minus the crazy run of course!) and I'm sure he got one for Chelsea. That's the only thing to do in that case. The pass in the bottom corner isn't on because I think the keeper is expecting it, unless you curl it with pinpoint accuracy.
  12. His long range shooting is better than his close range finishing. It's odd. De Bruyne would've buried that from that distance. Roof it Jack! It's a relatively easy trait to train and improve which is scary because if Jack's finishing and decision making in front of goal improves, he becomes unplayable.
  13. We're being trolled here. Retribution for daring to win 4 in a row.
  14. lmao Mings sonning Bamford How can Leeds fans ever talk about Grealish when they have Bamford playing for them?
  15. I was watching the first half on mute but now that I'm watching it with sound now, oh my God the commentators are unbearable. One of them is former Villa Stephen Warnock too to make matters worse. Surprised they can talk so much with Bielsa's Koch down their throats.
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