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  1. Imagine seeing this video after being linked to him in the transfer window. We'd be going crazy. What a player.
  2. He almost relegated us with his miss of that sitter against Watford. Just for that, no
  3. Saw him playing for Ireland at Euro 2016 and he made Yacouba Sylla look like a technical player. Was the most Burnley signing ever.
  4. Jeff Hendrick's representatives to Villa
  5. To be fair we needed a midfield badly. We were like a donut out there, nothing in the middle. Hourihane was the best midfielder in the league for a while and getting him for like 3m was amazing business. Lansbury not so much. Bjarnasson uh the less said about him the better lol
  6. That January window was a disaster. Bruce was like a kid at the candy shop. Only Hourihane really succeeded. The Taylor deal was good too.
  7. Keyblade

    Wesley Moraes

    Incredibly he didn't score in that match. He had about half a dozen chances. He was magnificent otherwise. It was the quintessential Keinan Davis performance. Everything good and bad about him all in 1 game.
  8. Keyblade

    Wesley Moraes

    He only scored 1 all season, in the cup. He's never scored 2 in one game before, but if he did, it would actually be 50% of his total Aston Villa goal tally
  9. Why oh why isn't the badge monochrome. The black and sky blue is such a clean look.
  10. Keyblade

    Wesley Moraes

    "40% of his goals came in 1 match" is a sentence you can't and probably will never be able to say for Keinan Davis.
  11. One thing I like about the new home kit is they absolutely nailed the shades of claret and blue this time. Very vibrant. None of that washed out shit from last year.
  12. Last time we won on their ground we were in a black kit. Last minute Gabby winner. It's gonna happen.
  13. Disappointed that the badge on the away isn't monochrome like on that mockup though
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