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  1. I'm in South brum too (not KH) and there's a LTN on the side roads the other side of the main road from where I live. Lots of commotion in the local FB group that the LTN is in the posher area, forcing cars over to our side. I dont drive so doesn't affect me really, and it definitely hasn't caused anything like the same reaction as the one in KH. However, our road is used for parking for people going to the High Street and that has got noticeably worse as all the roads opposite are now blocked off, it was always tricky getting a parking space outside the house, but my partner often has to
  2. The most sensible take on RB that I've seen anywhere - I agree completely
  3. Might just be because I only really follow the Villa, but we do seem to have had more than our fair share of these types of stories. Anyone who's been to a game at VP knows that we sadly do have some toxic morons in our support. Some kind of united message to the players from supporters, letting them know we are proud of their efforts this year and that the social media trolls are very much in the minority would be an excellent gesture
  4. Don't think it was a pen, but don't see how the ref can call that a dive either, and really don't think he deserves to be made an example of by jermaine **** jenas on motd. Gutted for him watching that tonight after his efforts and bad luck this year
  5. Luiz will come good for us IMO, but needs some decent competition. Marvellous has done a job when asked this season but is never seriously going to push him for a starting place regularly
  6. Absolutely - McGinn has upped his game of late, but Targett has consistently performed like this all season, outside shout for player of the season for me
  7. Fair enough! Be boring if we all saw things the same way
  8. Feel for him really, young man learning his trade still. Had a good game until the mistake for the pen
  9. Comfortably our best player today IMO (and the most popular choice for MOTM in the reactions thread) - seems an odd moment to post this
  10. Meh. Went exactly the way we all would've expected, so I'm choosing to see the positives. For large parts of the game we looked good IMO, we've gone from being completely abject against these to looking at points like we can match them - it's progress of sorts. I don't think any of our lot had bad games per se, with the obvious exception of Barkley. McGinn in particular had a good game. Until Cavani's goal it wouldn't have been a massive surprise for us to peg it back to 2-2, unfortunately when you roll the dice and go all out attack you run the risk of conceding, which is wha
  11. Turned into a very enjoyable game to watch this has. Be surprised if we can go the whole game without conceding but our pressing has had them rattled at times and we've every chance of getting something from this
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