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  1. Got what we deserved. Too many had poor games. Son is a very good player
  2. Got one of these for my son off his favourite YouTuber during the first covid lockdown when I couldn't see him for a few months and the guy put loads of effort into it, really went out of his way and my lad loved it. Got one ironically for my Mrs from some reality TV bod that she likes, was literally a 10 second video saying happy birthday and clearly hadn't even bothered learning her name as was reading (badly) off the screen. Shithouse. It's not the overall concept of these sites that annoys me but some of them people on there who really shouldn't need an extra £20 from recording 10 second videos. Michael Owen has rightly been pointed out as a prime example.
  3. I like Smith, but unfortunately he... 1) can't organise a defence 2) is ideologically wedded to playing a 4-3-3 3) is incapable of having us play good football without Jack Grealish in the team Trollface.jpeg From where I'm sat he has continually improved us and himself ever since arriving and continues to answer every criticism put forward about him. Long may it continue
  4. Sticking with Nuno, hopefully a big home loss against the Villa will finish him off
  5. Given the almost pathological tendency of Villa fans to fight amongst ourselves, I reckon any launching of beer would soon be stamped out. Even so, as much as I really want to support this, if I'm honest it's a bad idea with more negatives than positives
  6. Not worried about him at all, was still pressing the United defence into injury time yesterday and have no doubt that him and Ings will click soon enough and become a deadly partnership
  7. Can't wait til his brother's starting games alongside him so we can chant "they're two of our own, they're two of our own, the Ramsey brothers, they're two of our own"
  8. Currently looking a match for any midfield in the league, all three in great form and complimenting each other fantastically. Massive credit to the players, Smith and the coaching staff
  9. Looking back to his best and improving every week, you love to see it
  10. Utterly immense this season so far, that through ball in the first half which led to Targett's big chance was just
  11. All the signs so far of a typical game against this lot. Promising first 25 mins, looking the better team, not taking our chances... contentious Man U penalty coming in 10 mins and then another scrappy goal for them just after half time to finish the game off
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