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  1. icouldtelltheworld


    Got very lucky, had to book for 7 people, had 3 devices open, 2 of which would have had waits of well over an hour, but the other one was pretty much straight in after about 2 minutes. All within a few seats/rows of each other. Very happy boy tonight! UTV
  2. icouldtelltheworld

    Ross McCormack

    Just spotted him drinking in spoons in Mere Green. Hes really got no future here has he? Also, if I was on footballers wages I wouldn't be drinking in spoons
  3. icouldtelltheworld

    Football Betting 17/18 Season

    Was Betfair but looks like they've shrunk massively since this morning. Took a punt at 17/1 the other day, since taxi-gate am feeling quietly confident
  4. icouldtelltheworld

    Football Betting 17/18 Season

    You can still get 7/1 for Pardew to be next Prem manager sacked. Surely he's gone if they lose today?
  5. icouldtelltheworld

    So what would you do?

    I'm really not sure what we should do at this point, but I feel like things are likely to get worse before they get better. Bruce can't get the best out of the team, and it's going to take a lot of coaching for anyone to get us performing in a coherent and consistent fashion. My gut feeling has always been that the "promotion at all costs" approach could end up hurting us and was the wrong way to go about things given the utterly shambolic state the club was in when we went down. Instead of accepting that it might take 2 or 3 years to come back up, and building a vibrant team with a clear identity and ethos, we've continued to focus on the short-term, which is largely what got us into this mess in the first place. In this sense, Bruce and our current troubles are merely a symptom and not the root cause. We have a top heavy team, many of whom would need replacing even if we do go up. Next year the parachute payments dry up, and then what? We have a large wage bill, with much of the squad nowhere near justifying the money they are on. Ironically, the focus on promotion in as little time as possible could now lead to us spending many more years in the wilderness. I can't help but feel the club has missed an opportunity to finally become a well run unit with an actual plan. Now, if we don't go up next year we could be in real trouble. Something needs to change pretty quickly, but I'm damned if I know where we should even start
  6. icouldtelltheworld

    Mark Sampson Sacked

    Yep, that would also be racist
  7. icouldtelltheworld

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    ...fast as ****
  8. icouldtelltheworld

    Nathan Baker

    Poor decision IMO, but I guess we need to sell to buy. It's all in danger of going a bit tits up, isn't it? Amazing the money we've just pissed up the wall the last year
  9. icouldtelltheworld

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    That's an O'neill-esque transfer window with pitiful sell-on value that could see us waste another opportunity to establish ourselves where we should be. A few years ago there was a near consensus on VT that we should move to a more sustainable model, but now we have a new billionaire owner, it seems a lot of us are just happy to throw the money around again, and pay over the odds if needs be. I sincerely hope lessons have been learnt at the club, and that this won't all end in tears.
  10. icouldtelltheworld

    John Terry

    I didn't say that though, I said if we got promoted we'd be in a position of hoping a by then nearly 38 year old JT would be up to playing a season in the Prem, which doesn't fill me with much confidence. Difference of opinions is all I guess
  11. icouldtelltheworld

    John Terry

    Point taken, but then where does that leave us in a years time? Either JT isn't up to it and it's a waste of resources and holds us back this year, or we get promoted and either have to start all over again with a new main CB, or hope that a nearly 38 year old JT is up to a season in the PL. Along with the rest of our transfer policy under Bruce ( and RDM) thus far, this doesn't really give me any confidence that there is a long term plan in place. Which is exactly my point. If JT isn't the savior/isn't up to the pace anymore, we'll have Gabby, Richards and JT all draining vital resources and contributing (at least relatively) **** all. Could add McCormack to that list as well, and probably a few others. It's a worrying scenario. As I said, I really hope to be proved wrong on this one, but I really just can't get excited at all. Some might accuse me of being negative, but I always take a glass half full approach to the Villa, just have a bad feeling about this one. Sincerely look forward to someone quoting this in the summer when we've just walked the league and JT wins player of the season, I'll happily eat my words if that's the case
  12. icouldtelltheworld

    John Terry

    Not excited by this, starting to worry that theres a lack of long term planning at the club and Xia's tenure could end up like Lerner's if we keep throwing money about. Is he still worth 60,000 per week in the Championship? For that kind of money at this level you'd want him to be a near ever-present throughout the campaign. I'd be so happy to be proved wrong, but I really can't bring myself to feel the excitement that most fans have for this signing. Time will tell I guess!
  13. icouldtelltheworld

    Libor Kozák

    Scored some winning goals for us during a season when Benteke was injured/not with it for long periods. Without checking, im fairly confident to say that one or two less victories wouldve meant relegation that season. With Randy Lerner still firmly in charge (think he announced intention to sell after Lambert's second season?). Probably not the same player after 18 months out injured, but worst signing ever? Give it a rest
  14. icouldtelltheworld

    Ratings and Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    As bad as anything last season. Dreadful. Barely strung two passes together all night, players were constantly isolated with noone to play the ball too. Amavi the best of a very bad bunch. Ayew is not at the races at all, Gabby isn't a footballer
  15. icouldtelltheworld

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Definitely has a role to play at this level, not a starter, but looked bright and in better shape today