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  1. With a sizeable pay off in hand. Nice work if you can get it
  2. I remember being shocked by this at the time. As I understand it, Riley has Jewish heritage but was not raised within Judaism - fair enough then for her to take an interest in antisemitism and speak out where she sees it. But for her to then accuse a Jewish intellectual with actual lived experience of antisemitism (not to mention time spent living on a Kibbutz) of being a 'spreader of antisemitism' struck me as being particularly nasty and distasteful.
  3. Agree with this. Think he'll go down as a bit of a cult hero once his time here is done, has his limitations but works hard and has scored some massive goals for us. Seems to really care about the club as well. Remember Newcastle game earlier in the season when he came back into the team, so much excitement every time we got a free kick in a good position
  4. From the Guardian: "But true to themselves, Villa played the denouement immaculately: seeking territory, clearing to the corners and using the backside of John McGinn to shield the ball if nothing else worked. Full-time brought only more tension, more awful waiting. And then, finally, release." He's back and so are we!
  5. An absolute star. I hope he stays but understand if he's off. Thanks Jack - you didn't have to give us 3 seasons in the Championship and we would have been relegated months ago without you. I'm in my late 20s and he's the best I've seen play for us by a mile - if he does leave he'll always get a good reception off me. Legend.
  6. I like Trez, has his limitations but always tries his hardest and has scored some massive goals for us this year. Must have one of the best goals/minutes played ratios in the squad
  7. The first match my dad took me to was the 3rd round match against (then Division 2/League One) Fulham in the FA Cup about a month after we'd been top at Christmas under Gregory. We barely won a game again all season after and finished 6th. I can literally say that it's all been down hill for the Villa since the day I rocked up. Sorry lads it's all my fault. If I'm honest, I've had some of the greatest moments of my Villa supporting life this last year or so under Smith. Grealish getting punched and scoring the winner against SHA. Hutton's wonder goal against them at our place. Super John McGinn. Beating Baggies over two legs (on penalties!!) and going up as convincing winners at Wembley after a club record league-winning streak. All that with a team reliant on loan players and people about to retire with a boyhood Villa fan captain in the form of his life. Smith got us up and has taken a young and inexpeirenced side to a League Cup final (that we gave a good account of ourselves in) and has us 90 minutes away from staying up, and he's barely been here 5 minutes. I supported him for most of the year but had accepted a few weeks ago we were mostly likely down. I think almost all of us would've taken being in 17th on goal difference going into a final day game against an (almost) mathematically safe West Ham at the start of the season. He's made plenty of mistakes, but credit where it's due - by any measurement he's doing better than any manager probably since O'Neill.
  8. Looks like he's getting back to full fitness - could be massive for us in the last few games if he can stay in good form
  9. Vast majority of our fans are a good bunch, but there were some seriously bad takes on the club's FB post about the players taking a knee yesterday. Noticed one or two mentioning they won't support BLM as it's being funded by George Soros/new world order etc... "I'm not racist, here's some antisemitic tropes to prove it"
  10. I quite like Lambert and think he generally did a decent job in shit cirumstances while he was here, albeit ultimately losing the plot towards the end. That said, the League Cup was ours to win that season, losing to Bradford over two legs was unforgivable. A microcosm of the **** of being a Villa fan over the past 10 years
  11. His pass for our disallowed goal was filth too
  12. Excellent in each of the last two games, has all the attributes to be an impressive PL midfielder if he can keep improving his passing.
  13. Thought he was superb tonight and that it finally looked as though Grealish finally had a midfield around him that were on his wavelength. A lesson for us all to give such young players time to develop.
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