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  1. And 100% profit for FFP purposes, I seriously think we're going to end up better off for it
  2. Club have pulled an absolute blinder here. Rather than being worried about the future without Jack, I'm excited for what a more complete squad can achieve this season. Don't reckon we're done yet, think there will be at least one more signing which makes us all sit up and pay attention (based on nothing but a hunch, I don't have Tom Hanks as my avatar)
  3. I've read some strange things posted online about the Villa this week, but this tops the lot
  4. My captain Think he will relish the responsibility and can see him having a massive season
  5. Think if the past few days has shown us anything, there are lots of weirdos on the internet doing strange things to make it seem like they have insider knowledge. And lots of gullible idiots who fall for it!
  6. Looks as though I was duped by a fake image, so doubt the information is accurate
  7. No idea mate but same for me - looks like it may have been a fake
  8. Quite sad really, starting to seem like the bloke has a problematic relationship with drink. Hopefully he can sort it out, not something you'd wish on anyone (or their family)
  9. Pretty astonishing to find out that Tyrone Mings has a VT account
  10. Just tweeted saying that Delphino123 is a word removed
  11. Tickets go on sale for the Newcastle game for members this Friday - does anyone know what time this will be at? Can't find anything on the website (predictably)
  12. At the age of 21, he's got 96 PL apps under his belt and 23 goal involvements in that time (goals/assists), while playing for a team that are usually among the lowest scorers in the league. That's pretty good going for someone of his age IMO, and if he has been identified as a target I could understand it, and can imagine that Smith would feel he could improve him. I think people sometimes forget that at 21 fans of other teams used to use Grealish's lack of goals and assists as proof that he was overrated
  13. I'm not so sure he would cost the £40-£50 million that some are suggesting, and doubt he would cost more than Buendia if I'm honest. Burnley seem to have to sell in order to bring in new players, and he's one of their few saleable assets - Dyche may well feel that with around £25 - £30m to spend he could plug a few gaps in their squad. All speculation of course based on nothing but a hunch
  14. Seems like I'm one of the few who really rates this lad and would be very happy if we signed him, with him on the left, Jack moving Central and Buendia on the right I think we'd cause problems for any team. Puts a shift in and would bring something different from our other wide options, with El Ghazi and Traore excellent rotation players.
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