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  1. Taking away any context on whether I agree with you or not, you really come across as rude and hostile. It's no wonder nobody wants to hear your points.
  2. Harry Kane wouldn't be a back up. I agree with you but I like the way the club is being run and I like the romanticism of the manager and the captain being fans so i'd happily not take him.
  3. Rico Henry is a blue nose. No thank you.
  4. I don't know how reliable that site is as a source but its quite an exciting link if true.
  5. https://www.scenenews.com/aston-villa-to-seal-alex-oxlade-chamberlain-transfer-on-a-deadline-day/
  6. Apparently nobody has come forward to Villa and enquired about Jack yet and Villa have committed to matching whatever offer he gets, financially
  7. Thought it was average at first but after seeing it on whoever that pop star is I think it looks really cheap.
  8. It's been an awful season but if his target was to stay up and we do then he will have succeeded. Premier League survival and a cup final. I don't see what grounds they can sack him on.
  9. We need a point at Arsenal or we’re relegated, that’s right isn’t it?
  10. I like the look of Marcelo Gallardo. Linked with Barcelona at the moment and he's been River Plates most successful manager ever. He's gonna go to a big european league at some point.
  11. Throw money at Gallardo and stop wasting money on managers we hope will come good.
  12. He could just try 2 up top, just once.
  13. mrchnry

    Doctor Who

    Did anyone watch last night? I was pleasantly surprised, most of all by Bradley Walsh who I thought was fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series now.
  14. I hope he's sacked before lunch time tomorrow. Perfect timing with a new season of the apprentice starting
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