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  1. Pulled out of the running... He has supreme self confidence. Can't imagine there will ever be an opportunity that matches his ego.
  2. Looks like he's about to get the QPR job. The bloke isn't a coach, isn't a manager. He'll fail. Again.
  3. And somewhat perplexingly we let him leave for America in that January. Very intelligent footballer who successfully adapted his game (heading wasn't something he was famed for at River)!
  4. GT MKII really screwed Juan, could hardly get a game with him.
  5. I thought he was quality today. Liked that he drifted in with Jack drifting out.
  6. The season we went down we stopped running all together. Would never have happened with Andi in the team!
  7. Hattrick today... Always a decent player. Never ever lacking industry. Feel we missed him after he left
  8. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Anyone missing Steve Bruce?
  9. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Best football I've had the pleasure of seeing at VP (from us)!
  10. Dale

    Dean Smith

    He's abandoned plan a, the high press swashbuckling attack mode which was so enjoyable. Can we have it back please.
  11. Missed an absolute sitter today
  12. Dale

    Lovre Kalinić

    Slows down play an absurd amount. Awful distribution.
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