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  1. Scores again. Full of running, good link up with Watkins and Ramsey. MOTM between him and Mings!
  2. I'd have dropped him long before Luiz... Time will tell.
  3. He lacks composure on the ball, miscontrols and kicks are common, this is more an issue when he's potentially furthest back and isolated.
  4. Dale

    Wesley Moraes

    The pundit Alan Smith (ex Arsenal/Leicester is) - the blonde bloke who played for Leeds, Utd and Newcastle, I don't think so...
  5. Dale

    Douglas Luiz

    Yes, I think this is right, I look at his movement and positioning and he's the most disciplined and its clear what his role is on and off the ball. Others, less so.
  6. Yes, the latter is possible. I think the answer on identities is probably not the answer, it'd stop things like twitter being used to overthrow dictators, was central in the Arab Spring. But I don't know what the answer is in order to quickly identify individuals, most people leave more than enough bread crumbs to be identified by.
  7. They have a good record against Leeds
  8. I'd start him v Leeds - something like this...
  9. Just seen it. Wish I hadn't. These people are the pits.
  10. El Ghazi is a great backup for where we are, and has produced this season. I really don't understand people's issues with a very decent squad player who can go on goalscoring runs that few in our squad could match.
  11. Dale

    Dean Smith

    As Dean often says you have to earn the right to play... With lethargy and a man down in midfield we aren't getting that. A more energetic player in place of Barkley would go a long way towards.
  12. I thought he was good in the game, had flashes which is what you get with a winger. Involvement in the run up to the goal, some clever touches. Certainly more composed than his replacement. Harshly dropped for Barkley and has something in those feet. Don't want him as a starter, but not many have a backup of his quality.
  13. Also TV here pointed out foul throw n integral to their second goal. Castagne had about 6-7 jump throws today. I'd say around 50% of throws in this league are fouls
  14. We got better as it went on. Trezeguet was so poor on the pitch. Sooner keep AEG on who had moments. Barkley poor again. McGinn poor for 60 mins.
  15. I thought El Ghazi looked good in flashes today
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