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  1. Steve Bull was done but for a medical, he'd even got a little graphic done on his car Steve Bull - Aston Villa... A friend of his from the day told me, something on medical wasn't right, so Doug tried to haggle a bit more.
  2. Ampadu could be a great signing
  3. El Ghazi also scored goals, 4 in the league including winner against Everton, a goal in win against Newcastle and a goal in a draw against Burnley...
  4. When did he give the interview... A fair assessment a couple of days ago!
  5. Dale

    Dean Smith

    If Wilder was manager we'd have spent another 3-4 years coming up and working with a settled squad. Our squad on promotion was a mix of players that weren't ours and geriatrics... It was always going to be tough.
  6. His hold up play has been good throughout the return, he's getting into some good spaces, it'll come.
  7. Dale

    Douglas Luiz

    Top mentality... Keep
  8. Goal... We'd need to show some inclination towards getting the ball near him. Isolated.
  9. Goodbye! Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.
  10. Are you watching. He trod on our player and received a penalty for it. Studs into leg, I've seen sending odds for that!
  11. Dale

    Pepe Reina

    Looked pretty solid against pool, felt less jittery than with Nyland
  12. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Far less one sided that man city Soton, which they lost. We need to score.
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