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  1. Yes, I think we'll be a stronger team next season with or without Jack. I think the thing that should comfort everyone is that this is a club on the way up losing a player, not one in terminal decline which is where we were with Milner, Young, Downing, Benteke, Barry....
  2. I don't think it was a case of sticking with us through relegation. Jack's stock was low at the point of relegation, and let's be honest, he didn't lift himself until the middle of the second season in the Championship. Our best player was Kodjia at that time, the bloke has come on a lot, but if you look back through this thread, many were on the verge of giving up on him four or five years ago. Me included, he was flattering to deceive. Dean has lifted his game no end.
  3. Jack's brother created the thread and chatted a lot, but left VT when Jack broke through.
  4. I mean. Goal returns are everything, the lad scores, he's no worse than Traore and we payed £17-20M... You look at players like Solanke going for more, Ibe for more. He's a better player than you give him credit for.
  5. That'd be abysmal business... Should be £17-20M range
  6. He was much better than Johnstone in that season...
  7. I'd make myself unavailable for selection till he's gone.
  8. Dale

    Tyrone Mings

    I do find it perplexing that Maguire seems to be immune from criticism, every game I see him play he has a shaky moment or three in. He's not a world class defender, he just happens to be Manchester United captain. Stones has been brilliant this season, but he still gifted Villa a goal this season and last. Defenders make mistakes, it's how they get back up that defines them, Tyrone gets up off the mat and performs straight off, no hiding.
  9. Southgate is a prick who has never liked Jack.
  10. Dale

    Tyrone Mings

    Maguire and Stones have as many rickets...
  11. Ghana really isn't unstable. Its basically the model democracy from an governance and development perspective.
  12. Paper talk says Chelsea want £30m
  13. If Utd are offloading James/van der Beek I'd be very happy to go that way...
  14. It's also not a left, right issue. Give me a break. You're telling me that multi-millionaire footballers are taking the knee in order to inspire people to take control of the means of production and for their cash to be given according to needs. It's just bollocks to justify acting like a prick, quite possibly because the boo folks are *whispers* racist. Tyrone is a first class individual and his leadership on social issues like this, and social media abuse, are reasons that I admire him. He's younger than me, has a bigger platform and uses it for good rather than taking the quiet life. Top man!
  15. Because they're words removed.
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