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  1. We did miss Guilbert, a lot! He's a real gem of a player. Hoping El Ghazi will be back on Sunday too.
  2. Chelsea are masters of the art of shithousery, had 60%+ possession but more niggly fouls. Meh.
  3. If he goes. I hope its abroad, I don't want to see him lining up against us
  4. Dale

    Tyrone Mings

    Mistake led to goal again ... Needs to realise that you can't overplay in this league
  5. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Really happy with that. Dean has done a great job
  6. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Also lost 3-1 to Norwich and 5-0 to Leicester, can't see us doing that. Bruce will finish as he always does somewhere between 16-19th.
  7. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Also worse squad is questionable. They spent £40M on a striker this summer, have decent seasoned Premier League players through their team. I'd say we've got a squad with a higher ceiling but more work to do to get it right.
  8. Dale

    Dean Smith

    You've been waiting weeks to be able to say that eh? We've just played two of the bets teams in the world. None of this matters until May. I have confidence that we'll continue to improve over the season and pull off some shock results.
  9. Dale

    Matt Targett

    He was terrible today, but ended it nicely
  10. Dale

    Wesley Moraes

    Worked harder than I've seen him work to date. No end product, but held up better, harried more. Played his part in the result
  11. Could and should have had 1-2 penalties. Not. Clear and obvious... Should have had another goal, outlawed. All this tech is achieving is taking from us, not even balancing out.
  12. Wesley looked great today... But we do need more depth in that position; still intrigued to see what Kodjia can do.
  13. Dale

    Dean Smith

    My bad, twenty wins down. Cracking.
  14. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Second, we beat Everton already.
  15. Another one got the list of var offences. The Burnley free kick was moving in the run up to their goal. What is var for exactly?
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