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  1. Dale

    Richard O’Kelly

  2. Dale

    Dean Smith

    He moved to Brum at less than a week old...
  3. Dale

    Scott Hogan

    So basically Darren Bent?
  4. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Have you ever watched one of his teams. Good football you will see...
  5. Dale

    Scott Hogan

    Scored plenty in a Smith team before. Why not again.
  6. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Not a chance.
  7. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Attack attack attack! Welcome Dean!
  8. Dale

    New Manager Speculation

    And I think we've hinted we're not...
  9. Dale

    New Manager Speculation

    I've wanted Dean Smith from the start. Still do, get it done.
  10. Dale

    New Manager Speculation

    I want this resolved ASAP! Sick of refreshing! Kodjia is a quality player who requires some guidance, I think he'd perform better in a team with far more structure!
  11. Dale

    New Manager Speculation

    He may be considered though, on the basis of his Uefa A License and role coaching for Belgium. People make the step up somewhere. Gary Monk at Swansea was a bigger risk when they took him straight out of playing.
  12. Dale

    New Manager Speculation

    Smith if we're obsessing about championship experience. Otherwise Garcia, Flores, Arteta. All play football properly!
  13. Dale

    Steve Bruce

    I've made it to other football. Nice to see you here...
  14. Dale

    Awful Loan Signings

    He did and then spent the season talking of his heart being at Chelsea and being perennially disappointing.
  15. Dale

    Steve Bruce

    He's resigned to leaving going by the sound of it!