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  1. Dale

    Steve Bruce

    Doubt we'll be looking at promotion next season
  2. Dale


    Welcome... Would a smile kill you though
  3. Dale

    Glenn Whelan

    Guessing Glenn will also be on his way? Fanatastic season which I think many have suggested that his career was somewhat wasted under Pulis!
  4. Can't believe it's come to this. Sign him up now...
  5. No resale value... But how about Danny Drinkwater, feel like Chelsea will be desperate to offload if Sari stays
  6. Dale

    Dean Smith

    I'm so happy we've pulled this off, and especially happy to have done so with Dean. I've been coming to villa regularly since O'Leary - this is easily the most stylish brand of football we've played in that time, with a manager a number of people wrote off as not big enough. The turn around from October is huge. The bond between players and fans never stronger. So much pride in what the coaching staff have pulled together. Aston Villa. Prepared.
  7. Dale

    Jed Steer

    Does he get a medal for League 1 too? Made enough appearances...
  8. Need to keep it tighter, neither Leeds nor Derby defended well, there will be gaps to expose.
  9. It's not even like there's a question in it... Clear as it comes!
  10. They'll be relegated next year...
  11. He's been pretty consistent in the games he has started...
  12. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Anyway, I think regardless of the next couple of weeks, I think Dean can look at his performance at Villa with pride. I've enjoyed watching us play like never before...
  13. Dale

    Dean Smith

    So for where you think we are having a game that you could flip a coin to decide is impressive??
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