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  1. Saiss touched it after it had crossed the line.
  2. Nakamba on to protect lead. Correct. Young on to add a bit of experience and composure. Right. Ramsey on to offer energy. Right. I think playing two up top is wrong generally. But unless your changing system with subs those were perfectly reasonable.
  3. You can't put this on Smith. That was dire from players on the pitch, right subs at right time. Just panicked and capitulated.
  4. Utd have been denied a couple of clear pens as late. I back them to have a dodgy pen given against us.
  5. I'm at the game and was impressed. All action!
  6. I watched their game against Burnley - yes, they scored three, but I didn't see anything that worried me from that... I think this one is a Villa win to kick start the season.
  7. It's a Purslow quote. http://www.avillafan.com/33794/aston-villas-kappa-deal-and-fanatics-coronavirus-efforts/
  8. Just read a bit more, Villa are paid a set fee by Fanatics, this has been static, but demand for kits has more than doubled since the deal was signed. We're getting taken to the cleaners, there was mention that the deal ends this year. No idea if that's Kappa or Kappa/Fanatics - if the latter, it's a huge opportunity (our kit is top 15 in Europe by sales now).
  9. Yes, I think it was prior to the club being in a horrible mess. It's the same thing that Everton had done under him which turned their in house merchandise from loss making to profitable. I'd suggest one of the ways that they become profitable is as they don't have to do too much in terms of discounting due to the dire stock position. I don't know how long the deal is but I suppose a big part of next, at the very least, will be disaggregating the retail from the kit manufacture (as I think that Fanatics also manage manufacture of the kit, and probably take more of a cut from Kappa that the club should have)
  10. It's true, but we're allowing his contract to run down reducing his sale value, unless we're getting an exceptional deal out of it, it probably isn't fantastic for the club. It's clear he's surplus, a sale would be preferable for all parties (I'm surprised there isn't interest from lower PL clubs tbh, if there was we could get best part of £10M on him I'm sure).
  11. Sheffield Utd could afford on parachute and Ramsdale money for one...
  12. But of a pisser the club can't even sell him. Surely someone would pay £3M? We're a soft touch when it comes to surplus.
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