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  1. Wesley looked great today... But we do need more depth in that position; still intrigued to see what Kodjia can do.
  2. Dale

    Dean Smith

    My bad, twenty wins down. Cracking.
  3. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Second, we beat Everton already.
  4. Another one got the list of var offences. The Burnley free kick was moving in the run up to their goal. What is var for exactly?
  5. Dale

    Douglas Luiz

    Big fan in June and July...
  6. Arsenal are giving away a penalty a game at the moment. Push Jack up and get him running at Luiz. Conceded most shots in the league, we need to push forward and get them crumbling.
  7. Dale


    We need to get back to quality in set pieces, we had a roaring trade last year.
  8. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Very impressive interview. Difficult not to like Dean!
  9. Dale


    Surely the statement should clarify that Jack did not commit an act of simulation. And if that was clear and obvious, there was a clear and obvious error. Shocking.
  10. Dale

    Tyrone Mings

    Lingard is piss poor!
  11. Dale

    Tyrone Mings

    Lingard is piss poor!
  12. Llorente or Sturridge still available, I'd back them to score far more than Wes...
  13. Dale

    Douglas Luiz

    Its against the laws of the game to. Should be a free kick if that happened
  14. Watching back the replay... Clear foul on Grealish in run up to the goal, what is VAR for? Also, I think it wouldn't have been unreasonable for the jump on McGinn's back to have a penalty awarded...
  15. Dale

    Tom Heaton

    Burnley are stingy!
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