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  1. Becoming a very decent player for us. Great tackle on Tielmans in second half!
  2. Dale

    Dean Smith

    I think we also played well against Watford on Monday night... We've had a bunch of decent halves too including against Brighton and Burnley.
  3. Dale

    Kortney Hause

    My non villa mates thought he was very decent tonight!
  4. Dale

    Douglas Luiz

    Difficult not to bring him in for Drinkwater now...
  5. Ref is lax on yellows for them. Deeney should have had one for shit housing the holte, we get one for actual joy. Grealish clipped all over place (tackle on first 30 seconds worth one)
  6. That's a hot take on a performance where we've comfortably outplayed the form team in the league. We have no senior striker.
  7. Not sure why he's starting again....
  8. Dale


    The interesting thing is, the club after we were relegated rapidly wrote off Veretout, Gana, Ayew... And sold them for no more than we bought them for. We bought potential, and that hadn't dissipated, there values have grown since. What I'm saying is its way too soon to deride the transfers - yes, if we could afford we'd want the finished article. But we can't, and we didn't have a squad.
  9. I'm strongly of the opinion no one knows or transfer business until its done. Percy doesn't get them wrong, but he doesn't call them early.
  10. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Watching the presser, the jumper Dean is wearing suggests a lack of quality this year, everything peeling!
  11. Because that's income. By bringing in an asset who's contracted for five seasons, you get to apportion the transfer fee over the life of the contract.
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