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  1. Dale

    Jonathan Kodjia

    He's played well under Smith so far... Players have off days. He still has a part to play!
  2. Dale

    Steve Bruce

    Currently favourite for Reading job... Will we get to stop paying him if he takes it. Assuming he's effectively on gardening leave?
  3. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Just spotted the one win vs Millwall, they've lost all but one... Our respective positions have pretty much switched.
  4. Dale

    Dean Smith

    My favourite cog in the wheel. Brentford have lost every game since he left.
  5. Dale

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Show me any successful European club that plays 4-4-2 today? If he's in it'll be shoe horned onto right or left of a three and expected to do l work defending as well as attacking. Perhaps when looking to stretch a defence he'd be a good option?
  6. Dale

    Yannick Bolasie

    Was the weakest link when on the pitch
  7. Dale

    Richard O’Kelly

  8. Dale

    Dean Smith

    He moved to Brum at less than a week old...
  9. Dale

    Scott Hogan

    So basically Darren Bent?
  10. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Have you ever watched one of his teams. Good football you will see...
  11. Dale

    Scott Hogan

    Scored plenty in a Smith team before. Why not again.
  12. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Not a chance.
  13. Dale

    Dean Smith

    Attack attack attack! Welcome Dean!
  14. Dale

    New Manager Speculation

    And I think we've hinted we're not...
  15. Dale

    New Manager Speculation

    I've wanted Dean Smith from the start. Still do, get it done.