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  1. So I couldn't go to VP today because of work and I don't think I'm even going to be able to follow the score because I've walked in to a **** understaffed shitstorm. Make some extra noise for me please ! UTV
  2. Credit to Paul Robinson for saying it how it is, he's not exactly charismatic but he could easily be biased in that situation, especially with Lee next to him.
  3. I'd consider taking Jack off at half time here. I can see one of them going straight through him soon, seeing as they can't even get the ball off him when they're actually trying.
  4. Kodjia from the sublime to the ridiculous in 0.25seconds
  5. How it's only 1-0 I have no idea. Don't care what Mr Gayle says we've absolutely dominated this game
  6. I think you mean Millwall fan and Aston villa hater Tony gale (Not actually a Millwall fan but I'd think Millwall were winning if I wasn't using my own eyes)
  7. I'm convinced that ref was going to let them keep playing until they scored. No idea how he hadn't blown up
  8. Thought we should have scored at least 4 today. And despite what that Bristol commentator was chatting we deserved that, we created much much more.
  9. Hmm not sure on the subs we now have 3 players in jedi Lansbury and Davis that haven't played much football at all recently on the pitch.
  10. Absolutely, el ghazi nowhere near the cross, Andi weimann beating our CB in the air and then Elmo? Just watching the guy whilst he winds up a ohk. And that's not even mentioning how we lost the ball in the first place
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