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  1. This guy is so humble, in all the post game interviews it's like he doesn't realise just how good he is.
  2. El Ghazi has pace for the counter. Conor doesn't.
  3. No wonder guilbert is always offside that guy is made out of nitrous, damn.
  4. Last ditch defending check Solid in the air check Reads the game we'll check Composed as **** on the ball check What a brilliant signing.
  5. So damn composed by Engels then. What a find he looks.
  6. My thoughts first 15mins, Wesley trying to hard, looking nervous and teflon first touch, and Jota just a little slow and looked off the pace. Then those two combine and we scored, noticed luiz and thought he'd been a bit quiet, so he has a beautiful read and smashes one guy up and followed it up with another. I clearly know nothing about football. And we look so dangerous This team is just so damn likeable, cheers Dean
  7. **** sake. Jota so weak there not even a tackle.
  8. Such a poor goal to concede after all the effort.
  9. The first 15 minutes were intense. Wouldn't be surprised if we burned a lot of nervous energy and adrenaline there that is hurting us now. Not to mention the mental energy from 80 minutes being so deep.

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