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  1. Match Thread: Villa v Barnsley

    Gone to absolute pieces
  2. Pre match thread

    5 at the back when we have 1 up top seems overkill. Grealish could have all sorts of space if the central 3 play flat. Keep their full backs penned in and we should be able to dominate this.
  3. Match Thread: Brentford v Villa

    Look like half our team are competition winners today. Hutton has been an absolute embarrassment . Brentford are just taking the piss out of us now
  4. Pre match chit chat

    Need to win, dropped too many points this month already.
  5. Witcher 3

    Decided to give this another playthrough a couple weeks ago, just doing the Baron parts of the story. Forgot how good it was, horizon aside nothing has even got close to as good that I've played since.
  6. Final Fantasy

    I enjoyed XV but the way the open world was structured was poor, made it feel unfinished(which apparently it was). There's only 1 maybe 2 points where the world is truly open. And the story missed the spot for me as well could have been much better if they had actually slowed it down and created the backstory better( ending in particular) I think like hogso I got too caught up in hype, it's an enjoyable game.
  7. Match Thread: Villa v Sunderland

    That's a really poor goal to concede.
  8. Ashes Cricket

    Only seen the ad and just based on the graphics it looks awful, with little effort put in. It could be a good game but I'd be very surprised(I mean if you can't be arsed to make 15 seconds of the game look good then what's the likelihood it actually plays well) especially at the 40od quid price tag. Looks like a cash grab from the increased exposure cricket will get the next few months to me.
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Why do people think we aren't capable of a good run of results? Since Bruce has been here yes we've had poor runs but also good ones. Last season it was something like 7 wins in 8 around Feb/march(feel free to correct as going off memory) and this year before last weekend we were top over the last 8 games( gameweek 7 to 15). I'm aware I'm being a bit selective here but I'm not trying to argue the likelihood of it happening just that we are very much capable. 30 games to go people, it's all very much still to play for.
  10. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Even without Terry we're well capable, it might encourage bruce to be more positive and play on the front foot, but we've been decent defensively since Bruce arrived anyway, I think our fortunes will be decided on how well we do at the other end of the pitch tbh. Fwiw I don't think it's likely we'll make top 2 but we're certainly still well in the mix, just need to put a run together and Bruce's results have been a bit streaky.
  11. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    If we're going to get top two we need a big run of wins, I think if we get up there we'll take some shifting. I don't think the points are that important at the moment, maybe be I'm being naive but Wolves aside I don't see any of the teams that have more points than us maintaining form and getting second, I think they'll all fall away at some point leaving space for whichever one of us/Middlesbrough/Derby hits the best form over Christmas.
  12. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Our squad depth is going to be vital. None of jedi kodjia grealish Lansbury Taylor green in that starting 11,(some have been missing large parts of the season) all were starters last year and we look stronger not weaker for it. Yet Preston have some injuries and they don't look the same team. We should really kick on over the next few months as the injuries start to stack up.
  13. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Great fight.I hate the about of "robberies" that have been called recently but that 118-110 scorecard is just ridiculous. BJS fight was seriously boring. And Callum Smith looks like he'll struggle against better opposition. Had it much closer myself.
  14. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Middlesbrough

    First half against 10 men was difficult viewing, no one committing at all. Second half positive subs adomah in particular had real impact (why he isn't starting only Bruce knows) only to get shoved to right back after 20 mins. Lansbury 10/10 for being a complete and utter moron. Looked better second half but ultimately 0-0 with 60 mins against 10 men is a poor poor result, especially when for 45 mins of that we didn't even look interested in scoring. I'm done with Bruce, that first half was the final nail in the coffin.