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  1. Just looks the total package. Good with his feet, Good in the air. Good shot stopper. Commanding and commits when he makes a decision. Feels weird trusting the man between the sticks.
  2. Timewasting, he took a while with one a few minutes ago as well.
  3. Matty then booked for timewasting, then looks at trez "I can't throw it that far"
  4. Mcginn definitely has his pace back, just needs to get his touch back.
  5. There is at least another 1 in this for us. They look to have abandoned their 10 at the back at least for now.
  6. I don't like this gif. It implies we are the uruk hai. Ezzzzrriiii
  7. We have to be quicker to get back and in to shape. Can't come ambling back when most of the team is on the edge of their box just because they have 10.
  8. What is he even on about though, admits it's a foul. So the question is, is it denying a goalscoring opportunity, or for var is it clear and obvious it is not a goalscoring opportunity. The guy is drunk. Of course it looks harsh, cos it's not much of a foul for a red, but it's the circumstances that make it a red, not the fact he just went through him.
  9. I hope he is, and he's thinking I could create the difference and find the goal.
  10. They are letting us have it out wide, and at the edge of the box, I think we need to set it up for a luiz special. Rather than only keep smashing the crosses.
  11. I actually can't get over how good Martinez has looked. Been brilliant everywhere, High ball - easy Passing under pressure - easy Needs to get rid - have it Has to make a save - completed it mate. If he keeps this up it's an unbelievable signing.
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