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  1. How it's only 1-0 I have no idea. Don't care what Mr Gayle says we've absolutely dominated this game
  2. I think you mean Millwall fan and Aston villa hater Tony gale (Not actually a Millwall fan but I'd think Millwall were winning if I wasn't using my own eyes)
  3. I'm convinced that ref was going to let them keep playing until they scored. No idea how he hadn't blown up
  4. Thought we should have scored at least 4 today. And despite what that Bristol commentator was chatting we deserved that, we created much much more.
  5. Hmm not sure on the subs we now have 3 players in jedi Lansbury and Davis that haven't played much football at all recently on the pitch.
  6. Absolutely, el ghazi nowhere near the cross, Andi weimann beating our CB in the air and then Elmo? Just watching the guy whilst he winds up a ohk. And that's not even mentioning how we lost the ball in the first place
  7. El ghazi reminding me of young this second half. You know exactly what he's going to do every single time. Receives it on the touchline run at you cut inside. But they absolutely can not stop it. About time hourihane scored as well, should have had 4 today tbh.
  8. We're moving the ball in very straight lines not many triangles, you can tell these guys haven't played together in these positions much, not moving the ball fast enough to break their press and just hoofing.
  9. The only player in that team that we didn't have before January,(including recalls) is steer. It's basically the squad that started the season minus all the players that left in January, Jack kodj and Chester. Where did this injury(and suspension) crisis come from, its almost unbelievable.
  10. His ability to shield the ball whilst also driving with it is just incredible, he's developed so much through this season so much more effective with his use of the ball.
  11. He was immense today, so strong so tricky and he was doing the dirty work and chasing for the team. I've been a huge critic of his recently but that was a very very good showing, everything he used to be with a bit of Smith work rate as well.

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