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  1. Playstation 4

    Best co op game I can think of is portal , not sure if it's local or ps4 though. But a quick Google found this
  2. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    WHAT A FIGHT! I have never been so wrong at every point. I didn't think it would live up to the hype at all. After the first 4 rounds thought it was going to be Klitschko's night. Then AJ comes out like a rocket and looks like he's finished it, only to gas so hard he could barely stand up and fail to follow up the kd. Then AJ goes down and is walking around the ring like me after 8 pints for he next 4 rounds, surely Klitschko will finish him. Nope he steps off seemingly looking for a points win, only for AJ to come from nowhere with an incredible uppercut and gets another kd. But he's gonna be gassed again I'm saying he's gone for it too early in the round, bang another kd. Ref asks wlad for his gloves, wlad says ok and drops hands and steps sideways, surely the refs gonna stop it the guys not even there. Nope carry on, and AJ continues the onslaught and gets the job done.
  3. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v SHA

    just got home, safe to say I'm worse for wear. Awful game, not sure there was any football and i couldn't care less =D Had to be Gabby didn't it, amazing Was rocking the last 30mins
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Check out the machine bio's in the menus and exploit weaknesses. The reason I like this game so much is the fact that you have to approach each machine differently, and the fact a gang of walker's can be just as dangerous as a t-rex(thunderjaw). I don't want to spoil the fun of finding your own way to beat them but better weapons and the status effects are your friend. PS this game is brilliant, didnt want to to finish and when I did finish the story
  5. General Election 2017

    Those things aren't mutually exclusive though. Perhaps he thinks he can trash her with her own words whilst also believing that he and the Labour party can do a better job over the next few years. Not that I think he's particularily capable of convincing people of that. Just seen a green party broadcast, do they really think refugees and supporting protests is going to be a vote winner? Very bizarre choice imo.
  6. Formula One - 2017

    I'd imagine wehrlein will be back for the next race, unless some serious money has changed hands. And the race was disappointing tbh, I managed to watch the first half then had to leave for work just caught the rest on catch up and it seems nothing happened. I think these regs have made it very difficult to close the gap to pass.
  7. Formula One - 2017

    Ferrari and Mercedes looking evenly matched, verstappen at the back of the grid and a wet track that you can overtake on as well. Has all the ingredients for a great race. Let's see if these new regs are any good, if they don't work today then I don't think they ever will.
  8. The push for the Play offs ?

    Exactly this, if you take their current points hauls, get a points per game average and extend that until the end of the season this is what you get. Sheffield weds 75.9 pts Fulham 73.6 pts Preston 70.15pts Derby 67.85pts Norwich 67.23pts Now if Newcastle beat Wednesday(which you'd expect) and we beat Fulham( which we need anyway) Sheffield weds 74.05 pts Fulham 71.80 pts When you realise all these points totals are based on everyone else having very good form it really shows that if we do our job we have a damn good shot. The unlikely part is just us keeping this run going.
  9. Jordan Amavi

    First half i couldn't understand what him and bacuna were doing so gave him a free pass but he didn't look interested at all in the second half. walking, not getting back, or tracking his runner, almost every time he got the ball he gave it away, some passes were suicidal. Then when he finally makes some effort and breaks through he goes for goal from an impossible angle when we could kill the game. Really really poor. Frustrating because he clearly has ability on the ball
  10. Formula One - 2017

    Thing is, there is nothing wrong with DRS at all its purely the way it's used. If everyone had it available at the same times it just makes the cars quicker on the straights. It's only letting the person behind have it that makes it such a joke.
  11. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    British gas bombard me with calls about a smart meter for months, i give in just to stop the calls. And then when he arrives i find out that because my cooker is unsafe(won't light itself) he has to cap my gas supply. Thank God I had a plumber coming anyway to look at my rads, otherwise he was gonna chop the local pipework to bits and cap it. Note to self, next time tell the company harassing you offering something for 'free' to get ****.
  12. Formula One - 2017

    Well fp1 told us little, other than the McLaren is properly slow. Every team other than sauber had a driver go almost a second faster than Alonso, who seemed to be running relatively problem free. Ferrari clearly playing some games at this point.
  13. Battlefield 1

  14. Battlefield 1

    Just popped this on after not playing any games in a couple of months. Should have eased myself into something else, couldn't hit a barn door, amazingly I still went positive playing assault just running at objectives. Was missing people about 5 metres away.
  15. New TV advice

    I just got myself a 55" 4k hdr LG for £650 and have to say I'm incredibly impressed. The upscaling in particular is brilliant, I've only got standard terrestrial atm whilst I wait for internet, but the comparison from SD on my old 47" hd TV is unbelievable. The picture is fairly crisp even with the SD inputs on a bigger screen compared to noticeable blur on my old set. Whilst I'm still not sold on there being enough 4k content the prices are very reasonable now. Saw a samsung quantum dot hdr1000 suhd? Whilst I was looking as well and the colour definition was unbelievable even next to a hdr TV, twice the price for a smaller TV though.