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  1. jjaacckk91

    Media and punditry

    It's the same every single tournament, they all talk beforehand about quelling optimism and then as soon as it starts the media lose their marbles
  2. jjaacckk91

    Jack Grealish

    It only makes any sense to sell jack if it sorts out the problem in one go. If we still have to rip the squad to bits after we sell him it doesn't make sense. If the money gap is only 15m then it doesn't make sense. A lot of ifs and but but it ultimately comes down to when losing one player is better than many, and at 15m I'd rather sell others and keep jack(I'd personally keep jack at almost all costs) but at 40m+ then I can see the argument.
  3. jjaacckk91

    Alan Hutton

    Rumours that hull are after lichaj, and karanka is happy to sell as they are mid shake up since he has basically signed a new squad since January. Source Nottingham post and working with a lot of forest fans.
  4. jjaacckk91

    Xcom 2

    Thought this deserved a bump seeing as it's currently free with psplus. Hadn't played the series beforehand and the learning curve is suprisingly steep but seriously enjoying it. Also reading through the previous posts about losing your best soldiers really resonates RIP 'RIPPER' Santiago even if you were moody as whenever I asked you to move.
  5. jjaacckk91

    Tony Xia

    If you're going to slaughter the guy at least do it based on things he's actually done rather than murmurs, and predictions. So far his decisions have had us as by far the best team not to get promoted and although you may disagree with some of the decisions he or his staff have made(I for one disagree with a few) you can see the rationale behind it with going with the tried and tested. You might be right but nothing so far suggests he is done with us, at least give him more than 6 days since we found out what division we are in to start ripping in to him.
  6. jjaacckk91

    Villa and FFP

    Decent write up that, and whilst I understand the maths behind it can anyone explain the financial benefits of using amortized player values over the full contract length, rather than a strict money in Vs money out over that 12 month period. I know players are technically assets, but it just seems to make a situation like ours worse, as they are behaving like liabilities on the books unless sold.
  7. jjaacckk91

    Ratings & Reactions: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Gutted but, When you play that negatively in the first half in a play off final, I can't honestly say you deserve to win, When you get 20 minutes to attack Vs 10 men and you repeatedly fail to spread the ball and create men over and show little urgency, I can't honestly say you deserve to win. So frustrating when we do get the ball down with grealish snoddy and adomah we look such a dangerous side. The only thing that made this worse was having to watch this in a 'neutral area' that turned out to be in the the Fulham fans end. I don't know if Bruce is the right man or not, but there are no excuses next year whoever is in charge, we were far and away the best team/squad not to go up this year and winning the league should be our only goal.
  8. jjaacckk91

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Things changing every minute atm.
  9. jjaacckk91

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    **** off Cardiff **** off Warnock you clearing in the woods
  10. jjaacckk91

    Science Thread

    Stephen hawking has died aged 76. RIP stephen. Such a huge loss to science and the world, The void he leaves is huge, to think there is no other scientist alive with even close to the same name recognition and mainstream influence.
  11. jjaacckk91

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Ignoring everything else. Today we have a chance to guarantee we catch up 3 points with a team above us. We only have one other game this season where we can do this. Considering how hard it is to make up ground at the pointy end, a win here would be massive.
  12. jjaacckk91

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    The results at the top of the table this year have been ridiculous. At Christmas and even in January wolves were a lock for 1st.
  13. jjaacckk91

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    If Cardiff go on to win midweek and as Fulham don't play that could be 10-11 points behind with Fulham 9 to play. IMO that is just not happening, Cardiff would have to crumble and Fulham will still need to win almost every game. Would not want to face Fulham in the playoffs though
  14. jjaacckk91

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Can't believe I feel disappointed that SHA are getting mauled, I guess it's because you just know as bad as they are they'll nick a few points at the end of the season and stay up.
  15. jjaacckk91

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Woman who doesn't work where I work has turned up with her kids to see someone who I work with and has taken over the break room. Just want to chill out on my break, don't want to deal with kids. Aaaand one of them just threw their drink on the floor. Top.