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  1. Two games now luiz has had an impact off the bench. Deserves Drinkwater's place next game
  2. The guy has a better than 1 in 3 and close to 1 in 2 record at almost everywhere he's played, even internationally. Of course it's a gamble because he's not played in the top leagues, but at least he knows where the goal is. Hopefully this all gets tidied up soon, should be a straightforward work permit with 51 international apps.
  3. Just realised that side is gonna get battered at set pieces, bar the back 3 there's zero height
  4. AHH the old 5-2-3-0 formation. We need a striker
  5. What? Surely it doesn't matter is the ball is gone a foul is a foul and there is no advantage to the team fouled against. Shit defending yes but that's still a foul
  6. What is Luis even thinking there though absolutely brainless
  7. It's the inability to keep possession after we've won it back. Whether it's a good nowhere near anyone. Or a pass that goes straight to a Watford players feet. We've been doing this for a while now and I can't understand why the team seem incapable of passing to each other, when we pass it around at the back it just looks panicked and like we're going to give it away every time.
  8. With some of the stick some others in the team get I'm surprised Nakamba isn't getting a pasting after these last performances. I'd almost go as far as to say he was the root cause to us not keeping possession and having no foothold first half. Southampton and now Norwich have shown if you press him on the ball he simply can not pass, whether he directly gives the ball away or plays someone in to trouble with no out ball. The worst bit being when he does this it is always leaving us wide open at the back. We have enough options at cm that he shouldn't be close to starting against Watford.
  9. Grealish heaton konsa very good. Hause much improved from last week. El ghazi absolutely dreadful, nakamba just creates panic and kills any possession, and trez is brainless and weak as piss.
  10. Simple ball, Jesus wept it isn't that hard, just play it in to feet, we're 1-0 up keep the **** ball
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