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  1. jjaacckk91

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Think the ref is just blowing the whistle every time anyone appeals for anything
  2. jjaacckk91

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Maybe the old kodj is still in there somewhere
  3. jjaacckk91

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    From that one look I think kodjia got away with one there looked like he threw a punch?
  4. jjaacckk91

    Steve Bruce

    I like many of you thought the first team selection today was a bit odd, but I think I get what he is trying to do. Last year we were reliant on the pretty much the same first 11 and I suspect Bruce is trying to make this more of a squad effort this year, Chester and grealish are going to be everpresents but I can see a lot more rotation this year as we have multiple good options in a lot of positions that I don't think weaken us too much. At least I hope that is the plan.
  5. jjaacckk91

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    If you want an automatic spot I think you have to aim for 2 points per game. Last season the slow start killed us and we were always playing catch-up on that 2ppg. Despite generally not looking fantastic to the eye(which I'll add bar a handful of games we were similar last year) we now have the luxury of being able to drop points and still be above that 2ppg. Start of the season is all about the points, hopefully as the new guys settle in and the squad is more settled we'll be a bit better to watch.
  6. jjaacckk91

    Jack Grealish

    Sky "interview with pochettino coming up and we'll find out if anything is happeennjng with grealish" Interview *pochettino talks a lot, nothing about grealish* Interview ends. Sky *shit, get Gary from admin to drag a Tottenham fan in off the street to talk about grealish*
  7. jjaacckk91

    Joe Bryan

    I still think there's a chance he ends up here, either way I think it will be a last minute job, because if Fulham sign targett I think that would change his mind.
  8. jjaacckk91

    Jack Grealish

    Whether jack wants the move or not spurs have got the media on the payroll trying to twist the story here. No way jack being 'desperate' to move there is coming from our side or jack, so I doubt its the truth.
  9. jjaacckk91

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Maybe it's because we owned him and payed a bit more attention to his progression and drawbacks but I can't be the only one that thinks traore will never change and is such a poor team player that as good as he can be, at that level he's just too flawed to get picked every week.
  10. jjaacckk91

    Albert Adomah

    Alberts always been heavily underrated by most on here IMO. We are simply put a better more balanced side when he is in the team whether that's last season or the season before. When kodjia or green or grealish or hourihane(I've probably missed someone but you get the point) are played out there they either don't get back to cover as well or can't get up and down as much because they lack the raw speed and stamina. I know people don't like the fact he's either in a red hot run of form or seems to have no confidence at all but 100% of the time his work rate is there and that's why he'd be so hard to take his place off him let alone sell him.
  11. jjaacckk91

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Might only be the first weekend but I see those results and think if we can get our house in order we have a chance here. The last 2 seasons have proved a strong start is vital, now is our chance.
  12. jjaacckk91

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Coral advert. One guy shouting "sports, golf tennis hockey, sports..."etc.I can deal with him. The other guy that wiggles his foot and says "football" and "don't bet silly bet savvy". Duck off mate, you annoying twunt.
  13. jjaacckk91

    André Moreira

    Didn't take long...
  14. jjaacckk91

    Nassef Sawiris

    Saw that post. Out of curiosity why did you suspect it may be him? Know anything about him or just Google rich Egyptians?