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  1. I'm convinced he's injured, looked it last week and not himself tonight either. So sprints at all.
  2. This is absolutely dreadful, so much to fix before we even compete
  3. Watching the man utd v man city game I noticed United set up defensively exactly as we did. Very narrow with the fullbacks tucked in at the back but the midfield also very narrow, allowing city's wingers to pretty much stand in as much space as they wanted out wide. So my question is what did united do better than us to limit their clear cut chances, or did we simply face a better city.
  4. I'm worried Jack looks crocked.
  5. As good as he is, we have basically gave him and Sterling all the space and said. If you are going to win today then one of those two is going to have to win it for them. Edit: and packing the centre of the pitch instead.
  6. We need to keep the ball better, that and get control of their wide men. Our inability to keep the ball when we have just won it back has been far too common this season.
  7. The way were set up it should be AEG for me, and Elmo on the other side. Otherwise we get too stretched across the back 4.
  8. I understand why you would pick Elmo in this formation. But I don't understand why you pick Elmo to play so narrow like this, offering nothing forward or back.
  9. Bit confused who is picking up the wide men when they are playing so wide. Full backs are clearly being told to tuck in, but the wingers aren't marking their wide men at all. The diagonals are impossible to defend
  10. If we had half decent centre backs we'd be a different team. Hause thinks he's far better on the ball than the Trainwreck he is. Engels can't deal with any space in behind him. The amount of times we had opportunity to clear the danger and just gave it right to a spurs player today was obscene. However we created so much today, and controlled large parts of the game and deserved more. Find it surprising that some can blame smith after the individual errors made this game.
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