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  1. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Great fight.I hate the about of "robberies" that have been called recently but that 118-110 scorecard is just ridiculous. BJS fight was seriously boring. And Callum Smith looks like he'll struggle against better opposition. Had it much closer myself.
  2. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Middlesbrough

    First half against 10 men was difficult viewing, no one committing at all. Second half positive subs adomah in particular had real impact (why he isn't starting only Bruce knows) only to get shoved to right back after 20 mins. Lansbury 10/10 for being a complete and utter moron. Looked better second half but ultimately 0-0 with 60 mins against 10 men is a poor poor result, especially when for 45 mins of that we didn't even look interested in scoring. I'm done with Bruce, that first half was the final nail in the coffin.
  3. Match Thread: Norwich v Villa

    When was the last time we scored 3 goals in the league? Rotherham?
  4. Steve Bruce

    Bloke on talksport(Tom Ross?) Apparently we broke even over last January and then made 25m this window, Bruce just needs backing by xia. Basically it's not Bruce's fault it's xia's for not backing him or ours for not supporting the team enough. And 10 months is too soon to judge him. I know talksport tries to wind people up but my blood is boiling.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Just looking at the stats the biggest standout is that winning run we went on, we didn't concede in 7of8 games and we're still about 1 goal per goal conceded. Even with kodjia we just don't score close to enough, and Bruce has to take the responsibility for that because of the way we set up. Yet despite the best part of a season and an entire preseason we find ourselves a couple of games in to a new season and we still don't have a plan of attack, that's why imo we should be looking to see who else is available. I'm not saying we sack him now, but he needs to prove we can score goals quickly.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Right, tried to get some numbers but had to mostly work this out for myself. Numbers for all championship games with Bruce in charge. Without kodjia Played 7 games won 1 lost 3 drawn 3. Goals scored 5 Conceded 9 With kodjia Played 30 Won 14 Lost 11 Drawn 5 Goals scored(kodjia) 33(18) Goals conceded 31
  7. New Manager 2017 Part 2

    If the manager isn't responsible for the coaching then what exactly is he responsible for?
  8. Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    We should have scored 5 already today. As much as Bruce should have changed it earlier our finishing has yet again been poor.
  9. Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    This ref is awful. How have they not seen a card, when you look at the fouls for ours.
  10. Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Bacuna ball watching and marking air, but that should have been dealt with sooner. Gabby hasn't been involved at all this half either, I'd take one off at least, probably both, stick anomah/green and hourihane on.
  11. Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    That was brilliant by Terry, saw the danger intercepted and immediately put us on the front foot.
  12. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Has there been much(or any) promotion of the world boxing super series over here? I haven't seen any yet, but seeing as super middleweight has groves and Smith(Hearn?) and possibly eubank and to a lesser extent Cox who I think is with Hearn as well I expected to hear a bit more and have a bit more hype. Have I just managed to miss it all?
  13. Couldn't find a thread for this so thought I'd start one. Fancied a bit of a nostalgia trip and this popped it's head up about the right time. Went round 4 shops today to pick it up and all sold out, even the online retailers appear to have sold out. Did they massively underestimate sales for this, produce limited stock or has it just sold that well? Either way I'm sure it'll be just as good as it was 20(has it really been that long) years ago.
  14. London Bridge Incident

    Devastating, I think this one hits home more knowing me and my friends were there not long ago. How do we stop this stuff from happening. 'intelligence' and prevention methods clearly aren't particularly effective against attacks like this. I've seen lots of calls for closed borders, early arrest and sentencing/ deportation, but I don't think that works or is possible tbh. I think the only way is to remove as much of the motive for someone to even consider it as possible. We can't undo getting involved in the middle East , but now even if we stopped getting involved in the middle East, how do you manage to make peace when they can't make peace with each other and you've given them every reason to hate you. At this point there must be an entire generation of people there that know us as one of the counties that bombed or was at war with them. It all just looks so hopeless to me.