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  1. jjaacckk91

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Fielding is tall, and looked a decent prospect before he went in with Callum Smith, who KO'd him in one round. I've watched a few of his fights since and he hasn't looked particularly good, his chin doesn't look great either. Canelo should make fairly easy work of him despite the height difference, especially to the body.
  2. jjaacckk91

    Dean Smith

    Good luck Dean, hopefully you'll be able to get us playing some football. =]
  3. jjaacckk91

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Thanks for the nightmares, they are some absolutey scathing reviews.
  4. jjaacckk91

    Android: General Chat

    I'm in the market for a new phone, my HTC one m8 has served me well but it is beginning to die a death getting slow and poor battery performance. I know nothing about the current market so looking for some help. Most important things to me are battery life, a nice size and resolution display (I'd like something similar or bigger to the 5.3"on the m8 as i frequently stream tv/videos on the go) and a good build quality. Don't take enough photos to care much about a camera. I don't know if anything on the market at the moment is built like the m8 as its basically indestructible and has lasted me 4 and a half years but that'd be ideal. Planning to buy the phone outright as already have a good contract. Budget is pretty flexible.
  5. jjaacckk91

    New Manager Speculation

    That mourinho ain't too bad though
  6. jjaacckk91

    New Manager Speculation

    Trying to imagine these two as a pair. Im imagining Thierry will be most influenced tactically by Wenger and pep, focusing on how to keep the ball, how to break teams down and build up play. At worst he could be viewing us an opportunity to prove himself good enough for an Arsenal job(which if he leaves us for he will have done something very right), at its best wanting to build the kind of legacy with a top to bottom(youth team) structure that those guys have. Then you have Terry, who has worked under many of the highest profile managers of the last 15 years notably mourinho. In a team focused on how they can nullify the opposition and defensive structure. If this is a real partnership and they agree on how to set up the potential is huge, they arguably both fill in the areas the other would seem weak. It could easily be a disaster, and I'd have never even came up with the combination myself but in some wierd way its so left field it really could work as a pair.
  7. jjaacckk91


    We are in a mess at the back, but you look at other teams and when the squad looks bare they look to the youth rather than this patchwork approach we have going on. Whoever the new manager is he needs to promote someone up, decide who his 3/4 centre back options are until January and stick with it. If you pick a youth player or 2 give them a chance, pick a set back four, with set back up options(across the whole back 4) that can play every week and keep doing basic drills all week so they know what eachother should actually be doing when push comes to shove and we will look better in short order. At the moment CDM's and RB's that have different instincts to CB are just making creating a solid back 4 harder.
  8. jjaacckk91

    Ratings & Reactions: Millwall v Villa

    I know it wasn't great, but let's remember we just sacked almost the entire coaching team, and we don't have a senior centre back available. I doubt they've done much of anything on the training pitch since. Just been sent out there and hope for the best. No suprise we still look disjointed.
  9. jjaacckk91

    New Manager Speculation

    Can't believe it's actually happened. Here's to a fresh start.
  10. jjaacckk91

    Steve Bruce

    After the first half i thought that's it until Christmas but those ducking subs yet again. Potato is in the microwave folks, will be done in 10 minutes.
  11. jjaacckk91

    Steve Bruce

    Most telling thing for me was how we were just applying some pressure and as soon as the Bruce out chants started(after the sub), the players just downed tools. The fans want it, it looks like the players want it, let's hope Nasseef and Wes want it. Bruce out.
  12. jjaacckk91

    Match Thread: Bristol City v Villa

    How have we managed to collect a group of players that individually are clearly very good players, yet as a collective are absolute dogturd. Grealish had it right with what he said the other day, we have the best squad in the league but there are much better teams Bruce out. (Missed us score but there we go, above still stands)
  13. jjaacckk91

    Steve Bruce

    Vassell on SSN saying he thinks Bruce is the right man( because he can't see anyone better coming) Then goes on to say we have got some quality players and the problem is players playing out of position, and not getting the most out of players because they aren't in the right positions. Sounds like the manager to me Darius.
  14. jjaacckk91

    The NSWE Board

    Don't want to burst any bubbles but from what I understand this is pretty standard practice for a company with multiple investors/owners. Just insulating themselves from it all going south. Where I work we just had a management buyout and it was similar to this, and it was their first go at ownership for 80% of them.
  15. jjaacckk91

    Form and Stats

    Top post @allani. Enjoy reading stuff like this where there's been a bit of digging gone in.