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  1. Got to be honest I feel like it's mostly the midfield having a bad night, their runners are what's doing us. There's a lack of support defending out wide, even when our fullbacks push, and then when the ball does find its way to the centre they are either getting beaten to it or just far too late to get back. If they were adding a lot going forward it would make sense but right now they're just passengers and considering there's 3 of them it's difficult to give the benefit of the doubt
  2. Just wanted to post in here to say **** Graham souness.
  3. Is that a gif of souness right now trying to do his bit to help his old club?
  4. **** hell you seen how much the grass has grown since half time.
  5. What the **** is going on boys 7 goals 7 **** goals oh my god
  6. Whatever we do we need to keep that counter threat. Still goals for us.
  7. I love that we are winning this game. But the fact that souness was so salty about to makes it that little bit sweeter.
  8. We're actually dominating them in their deep midfield. Fabinho and keita look shell shocked.
  9. So Graham, How do you feel about villa being 4-1 up at half time...
  10. This guy is the iceman. So composed.
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