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  1. "The surplus population better get dying more quickly then!" Isn't that how Scrooge put it?
  2. That meme has REALLY taken off in the last few days. Everyone I know on FB is sharing and raging at it. **** hardcore Dickensian shit there.
  3. It's good. I like it. Sometimes it sounds like she's reading too quickly off a teleprompter but it's probably my hearing that's just slow.
  4. Well, that sort of understates it. They're not just more thick than thick, they're profoundly anti-intellectual. Not merely stupid, but actually hostile to learning and knowledge. As I understand it, the professional class in Washington with the sorts of expertise the White House needs right now are either so terrified of Team Trump's incompetence that they don't want to risk their reputations by being associated with them, or they're being rejected from service because of their perceived disloyalty. So there's a kind of impenetrable ring road of stupidity surrounding the White House.
  5. Not to point-score, but after this exchange I watched the NBC Nightly news -- sort of like ITV or Channel 4 news but much less literate -- and at one point, embalmed across the screen in huge letters, the phase: "UTTERLY RIDICULOUS." I sort of smiled to myself as I didn't except the phrase to gain quite so much traction, but there's a certain way that American media love to portray Britain and British culture (verbose, adverb heavily, etc etc) that is almost irresistible for them. Again, not trying to score points, but I was actually surprised at how the news seemed to do exactly what I suspec
  6. If he's not a grave matter of national security for Britain, I don't know what is.
  7. Well ... yeah. But I'm thinking of some of these very mature press corps vets, who meticulously and calmly take the Trump spokespeople's BS at face value, when the absurdity of what's being offered to them beggars belief. They show a kind of restraint I both admire and feel concerned about. Whenever I see these White House briefings, I feel like I'm dying for V to show up and give his speech ...
  8. I agree. hard not to watch. It's like if Werner Herzog met Trump.
  9. That would actually play pretty well. Last week, Samuel Jackson took on a Trump cabinet secretary in a tweet, and it was very effective: I guess I just wish people in positions of power and influence were less politely indignant and well-mannered towards Trump's bullshit. I sort of admire the quiet dignity of the press calling out Trump's lies with their starchy "fact checks," but I also feel it hasn't been effective and may actually be strengthening Trump's position.
  10. If I could do that, I would be cooler than I am. A British spy agency just publicly rebuked a sitting US president's press secretary. It's extraordinary. I think it's very interesting and worth parsing word by word, but I totally get and respect what you're saying!
  11. Yes, they will, but there are probably ways to make his bullshit seem less palatable to the bullshit eaters, and saucing it up in indignation isn't one, IMO. I wouldn't have commented if I didn't think it was a real problem. The response to Trump and Trumpism is a tricky beast.
  12. They WILL hear the phrase "utterly ridiculous" far and wide, on Fox news, on Rush Limbaugh, etc etc etc ad naseam. The more Trump outrages, the happier his cult followers. My point is that the meme is now out there -- Obama hired the British to spy on Trump -- and it will never, ever, ever be put back into the genie bottle. How to combat this? I don't know. It's very hard. It's something many people are trying to figure out. But as we've seen repeatedly, shrill outrage only seems to throw more petrol on the fire.
  13. I can't think of a more perfect way of persuading more pro-Trump Americans that the British DID spy on Donald Trump than calling such a claim "utterly ridiculous." Plays straight into Bannon's strategy. The adverb sounds really pompous and, well, matches up with the stupid Harry Pottery ways many Americans misconceive of English culture, which is of a kind of Old World elite. And no, I don't know what else GCHQ should have said. Probably nothing. Just say nothing.
  14. People getting KRAAAAAAAAA-ZEEEEEEEEE in on east coast of USA with blizzard warning. Panic buying in our local shops. Just saw a woman put three huge cases of bottled water in her grocery cart.
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