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  1. We finally hit our President Camacho moment. An entertainment star of a fictional sport promoting a reality-TV politician whose nearly every word is bad fiction. Matt Judge predicted it all long ago.
  2. He's been encouraged by stupid people in the USA who watch ESPN and think having a Scottish accent makes you earnest and wise.
  3. My guess is Emery wants Felix particularly to help defeat low blocks. I honestly think that's the main reason. Our experiences last year against too many euro-crap clubs and relegation-fodder who managed nonetheless to hold us off by stopping up the goal drain had to be super frustrating for Emery. He thinks he can get Felix to break up these blocks by working the "small spaces" and unlocking room for Ollie. If that happens, it's worth it.
  4. Me, too. Son and I will be going. Sixth row in a corner .
  5. I think many players aren't, but I also I don't think it's black and white. Lots of grey areas and timing in how and when players choose to sign, too, must admit.
  6. This. Will he embrace Villa? Hard to imagine. Still feel like Mendes plants these stories of flirtations with Villa to leverage other Felix deals. I fear we are being played, but maybe not this time?
  7. Wonder how much that brings in? I think Arsenal got something £50m for the Visit Rwanda arm patch.
  8. Do we have an arm-patch sponsor? Must be hard to decide how to use that kind of sponsorship real estate.
  9. Haha. Nice one. I'm thinking this isn't exclusive, but continent-specific and just for certain markets, so other completely separate retail partnerships can still be established in other markets, right? I think I've answered my own question.
  10. I liked more because it's interesting than beautiful -- but maybe those are the same at times?
  11. Graham Potter is the less bold, risk-averse version of Gareth Southgate. Now that's a breath of fresh air.
  12. I’d be satisfied if he finished them with a peach or a bowl of grapes , too.
  13. Go home, please. You cocked up your two hours at Number Ten by almost single-handedly tanking the British economy. You have nothing left to do but pander to a megalomaniacal felon in someone else's country?
  14. This year is the year the Big Six are turned back, I hope. Any club not in the Big Six is one I'd like to see do slightly less well than Villa. So, I don't mind seeing clubs such as Newcastle, Palace, or Brighton, or Everton vie to for European spots and challenge us hard -- we need that. But we've got to focus first on breaking up the PL Cartel and be pitiless when comes to Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool, and most of all, the Club That Shall Not Be Named. Toon are a concocted rival, brewed from recency bias, a few rough matches, and both being top of the Not The South and Not Manchester subtable. PSR has for now clipped their stubbly, ale-soaked, bloody pig wings.
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