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  1. Sid4ever

    Steve Bruce

    Good to see @TrentVilla still supporting Bruce, even if he doesn’t post on here anymore.
  2. Sid4ever

    Guess the player/manager

  3. Sid4ever

    Guess the player/manager

    Budgie Burridge
  4. Sid4ever

    Guess the player/manager

    With Spinksy and BIRCHY
  5. Sid4ever

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    And there was me thinking the thread has been bumped as they had been deducted 12 pts. Never mind carry on
  6. Sid4ever

    Carabao Cup 2nd Round Draw

    And just because @andykeenan didn’t, @abdulaziz1 did
  7. Sid4ever

    John McGinn

    What all 4 of them!
  8. Sid4ever

    John McGinn

    See page 10 of this thread for one stolen from the Hibee’s and actually it’s a sin is the tune used in another song about Super John McGinn, although line 2 only works in a Scottish accent.
  9. Sid4ever

    John McGinn

    Even though your hearts have been broken, hopefully there is still a little Sunshine on Leith today and I believe like you that SJM will be a huge success.
  10. Sid4ever

    John McGinn

    We’ve got John McGinn Super John McGinn I just don’t think you understand He’s Aston Villa’s man He’s better than Zidane We’ve got super John McGinn Hopefully as some have said a friendly with Hibs at Easter Road would be brilliant
  11. Sid4ever

    John McGinn

    Agree with this and from watching Hibs, would suggest you could have extended past 1minute 26 seconds. Hopefully not too prematurely and stolen with pride from the Famous Five Stand We’ve got McGinn Super John McGinn I just don’t think you understand He’s Aston Villa’s man, he’s better than Zidane We’ve got super John McGinn
  12. Sid4ever

    Jack Grealish

    Who you, given you have a cracking 4G signal or Jack?
  13. Sid4ever

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I am going for 0 seats, just multiple twittery instagrammy thingymebobs.
  14. Sid4ever

    John McGinn

    And this season due to EUFA removing the cup tied rule, he could play for Celtic when they drop down into the Europa League