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  1. ITSAWS (That counts right) Welcome back Tyrone
  2. I prefer kidneys for my offal, none of those hearts. GGTTH.
  3. Who is this player you are giving a yes to?
  4. Sid4ever


    Why do you want to dig it up? If because of the quality, ie more moss than lawn, I'd have a think about scarifying it, then dressing it with new seed, sand and topsoil. I did this to mine 2 years ago, and as @wazzap24 said the satisfaction you get is great. Certainly a lot cheaper than starting all over.
  5. Don't think it will be ready in time, I mean we haven't coughed up the £30m for Maupay and Benrahma yet
  6. Sid4ever

    General Chat

    Happy Birthday and what a way to mark your 17,000 post
  7. I am confident we will be not be there or thereabouts this year
  8. My brother who happens to be a Luton fan text me at 1710 on the 27th May congratulating us on promotion but also saying that there would be no change out of £15m for Justin given that we were back in the Premier League and Luton were in the Championship. The day before he was valued at £7m.
  9. Not sure that’s on the waiting list I read it as just over 4K season tickets available but everyone now goes on the waiting list. Yesterday over £1k for 2 seemed pricy, why didn’t I follow my gut like @villarule123
  10. Haven’t Bournemouth set a marker down for the price you would expect to pay for a highly rated Championship defender with the £13m they apparently paid for Lloyd Kelly, a player they want unlike Tyrone a player they seemingly don’t. So £20m seems a bit steep but as somebody previously mentioned he might bring more to the squad than just his performances on the pitch.
  11. Don’t know if he has been mentioned before but Sasa Curcic, so much promise given his displays for Bolton
  12. My brother wants to know whether it’s still ok at 50?
  13. Maybe the club have had enough e-mails from @Villan4Life to actually start reading them, I believe he rates him very highly.

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