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  1. Maybe Christian can have a little chat with Ed, and if Jack is already going there as some are suggesting, we knock £10m off the asking price for 3 pts tonight, and £5m for a draw.
  2. We start in August on a five year fixed at 1.79% which looked like a good deal, think it still is.
  3. That's my industry, so let me know if you hear anything, I haven't as yet.
  4. @theboyangel, I am ordering the beer package from biernuts also comes with a weekly quiz and bar games and some absolutely delicious peanuts
  5. My lad lurks on these pages and has just text me to say that gravy on fish is the future. See what happens when you move up North when the kids are so young.
  6. Not going to lie I think that is the first time I have ever tasted Salted Caramel, very tasty although probably not more than one per evening
  7. Nah sorry Blandy not having it, been in Preston for 15 years and I have never had gravy on my fish and chips, please do not tar us all with your gravy perversion. Although salt and sauce in Edinburgh is the dogs danglies in my opinion.
  8. The Bunneymen, Aztec Camera, The Icicle Works and OMD, that’s my 80’s right there.
  9. And to think he lives about 5 miles away from me and I have never had gravy on my fish.
  10. And finally Villatalk has the rate my plate Facebook stream
  11. So’s ours the 2 dogs love him, they wait for him every morning to get a bite of the treats he has in his pocket for them.
  12. New fuel card arrived today, if only I was a bit younger, would have saved a fortune at Boots.
  13. Quite nice and not normally a sour person
  14. Just got mine but it says tune in on Sunday? We are playing tomorrow aren’t we?
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