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  1. Tonight I shall mostly be drinking Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold
  2. To all those asking about supermarkets, my daughter is store manager for one of the big 4, and advises me that unless you want compost and ice pops then you should be ok. They were the most popular items sold in her store today.
  3. And we’re waiting? No handover tonight?
  4. So I have just got timed at 2140 an e-mail from CEO of Currys/PC World telling me stores will remain open as long as “safe as possible”. This is not what Boris said earlier.
  5. So guys keep me sane for the next 12 weeks, just had my text from the NHS and I am now at home until the 15th June
  6. So I have a conundrum, and I think it fits in here, time of need. We have had a self employed decorator planned to start this Wednesday, painting the internals of the house. I am not sure we should still be doing it, but the good lady is on the “supporting local business” especially those self employed path. is the position with government allowance for self employed any clearer or should we be supporting the self employed by getting him in. Thanks
  7. And of course like me, you shit a lot with your UC, not sure whether my asacol treatment suppresses my immune system but coupled with my asthma, I ain’t going anywhere I don’t have to.
  8. So that's me then, as I get an NHS Flu Jab.
  9. Most supermarkets are offering preferential deliveries to those, tested positive, self isolating or key workers, there might be a code you have to put into the system when you check out. Might be worth a check online to see how it works
  10. And from a purely selfish point of view, if you are in a supermarket and maybe they don’t have all the things you want, just maybe stop and ask the store colleague how they are. The best and worst of humanity is being shown at this time but it seems the worst is in supermarkets and it could be somebody’s daughter who has been working for at least 12 hours per day that you are abusing.
  11. Breaking news on sky sports, that Peter Whittingham has died. RIP HEITS
  12. And I can tell you I am not miserly with the sheet count either
  13. I always knew in the back of my mind that one day working for a bog roll company would come in handy. See Mum I told you it was not a dead end career.
  14. Take my leave from @HanoiVillan, for things that piss you off that should, but how is Jeremy Hunt now criticising the NHS about Covid-19 when he was health secretary for so long
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