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  1. So how about her tongue action tonight? Still WB
  2. There must be 3 minutes of BBC airtime available where that could be broadcast on the main channel
  3. 70% of Liverpool fans love having sex in the shower, the other 30% haven’t been in prison yet
  4. I wonder whether the jurors who have now heard the released tapes of the inquest have any doubts about their verdict.
  5. Maybe they should do what Kay Burley did when Notso didn’t turn up and have Andrew Neil asking the questions to an empty chair
  6. @OutByEaster? one for the future, but given that Virgin Trains lose the franchise on the 8th December, has the club spoken to the new owners of the West Coast Mainline about the discount for season ticket holders?
  7. So Mexico in February, promised the kids we would have a last big holiday. looking at Tanzania in June as I can fly by Dubai and cross off something from the wife’s bucket list, looking at you @tonyh29 for any recommendations. then probably Italy (Sardinia) or Croatia in September again any hints/tips most appreciated.
  8. So that’s Priti, Andrea, Liz, a bit of Laura K, Theresa with Jo watching, is there a little spot left for Rachel Riley, you are all perverts i tell you perverts
  9. Sid4ever

    General Chat

    Oh all the pubs in all the world you chose the cheaper Wetherspoons in Preston
  10. That’s why I have never completed a crossword from the clues, it was actually 2 across from NE to MM, and if you had said Warton not Salmesbury I would have got it sooner
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