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  1. On ITV News at Ten, someone in Hartlepool running a food bank voting Tory
  2. Just been on tripadvisor, bloke called Pete B rated it excellent,
  3. No mention of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, interesting (maybe showing my age there)
  4. A few times for me, 96 on the A303 in Hampshire, didn’t understand why the Porsche slowed down and I was proud as punch as my Renault Scenic sailed past him. 59 in the M6 average speed roadworks after we lost at home to Wolves I think for the first time In eons. 5 years living in Cyprus stopped about 15 times, always said I had just arrived from the UK and 14 times got away with it.
  5. Sid4ever

    Memory Lane

    I bet Wayne Hennessey has this set.
  6. @Delphinho123 radiators are nearly sorted and working again, and all because of @blandyand others
  7. One of these Magnums and I'm all in.
  8. If not longer, my Dad started there when it opened, left on retirement in about 95, and I remember the 70/80's strikes and redundancies due to plant closure warnings.
  9. My lad (24), probably lurking on here, gets his on Saturday. Born with heart issues operated on at 3 weeks old to repair. Not stopped him doing anything.
  10. Will persistence reward with Salah, or is now the time to jettison, and how long is Jack out for, quandaries and conundrums.
  11. Which reminds me, did the car that @Xelasaid was still in the train car park ever get collected?
  12. Well, now I am praying that Bamford gets over his dead leg, otherwise Bednarek is a definitely automatic sub, if the Salah tweet is true. #prayforPatrick (I feel so dirty now)
  13. Pep G, if you read this please ensure you play Dias and Stones tonight. Could do with Jan not coming in from the bench as an automatic substitution.
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