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  1. One for @BOF, Charlie Whiting this morning on the eve of the 2019 F1 season. Suffered a pulmonary embolism.
  2. Best I can get on us tomorrow is 7-4, best I got today was your Silver Streak in the 1530 at 100-1 each way paying 3 places, I would say that was a long shot.
  3. Villa to beat Forest, I really enjoyed your Catfish tips today
  4. Doubled my money today thanks to @Kingmanand @Brumerican so any tips for tomorrow greatly appreciated.
  5. Blackpool FC After the removal of Oyston, Blackpool fans go home
  6. Square on Blackpool for me, never lived there, been in Preston for 14 years but before that down in leafy Hampshire.
  7. Lazy I know as I haven’t worked out how to link properly but Luton just signed 3 players on loan until the end of the season from clubs in Premier and Championship, maybe Justin is still on
  8. Calling @Xela where should the baked beans be, on the plate or in a separate pot?
  9. With all the references to Bacuna and Carles GIl, I would have thought Michael118 would have been active today.
  10. Maybe not one known to everybody but to a fair few on here, Diane Oxberry sadly today. RIP
  11. Calling @mjmooney to the thread
  12. Personally I think it will be the hat trick bicycle kick, although Doug's was better.
  13. The new Skyr yoghurt advert, with a line something around “Iceland’s roads aren’t for everybody” given what happened over Christmas with the fatal crash.
  14. Is that, could it be that the first response on that tweet is our very own Julie B? I suppose she has some spare time now that Jermain has been released from the basement.

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