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  1. Sid4ever

    Questions for the seniors

    And the 1976 Ladybird plague as well
  2. Sid4ever

    Questions for the seniors

    Now that’s a memory that was way embedded down in my brain. I remember now flying from Liverpool to Dublin “on holiday” with my mum and cousin just to come back with bags of sugar in our suitcases.
  3. Sid4ever

    West Ham

    Nah, it was only for the twitter feed, #imforevrablowingbubbles.
  4. Sid4ever

    Micah Richards

    Where's @TrentVilla when you need him with his contract countdown timers?
  5. Sid4ever


    I bet the Coates Family have got all the media marketeers working through the night at Bet365 towers tonight looking for a witty response.
  6. Sid4ever

    Things you often Wonder

    And what with you and your stomach condition, double Asacol for you tonight.
  7. Sid4ever

    Things you often Wonder

    Why @Xela went back into the Steve Bruce thread, when apparently that's how the world will end
  8. Sid4ever

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2017

    I got 3 in 2017
  9. Sid4ever

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    Jimmy Greaves Ian St John Lord Carrington Ronnie Wood Douglas Hurd
  10. Sid4ever

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    My eyes my eyes, why peddle such stuff. my mortgage is paid by selling the brand leader. So don't Depend, trust the market leader. Stag do tips or Pants just PM me
  11. Sid4ever

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Look we are an honest bunch of lads and we will go again but with more pashun next time
  12. Sid4ever

    Ratings & Reactions: Bristol v Villa

    Was it just me with my tinted spectacles on, but for their goal was their record purchase, bought from Angiers who played in the French cup final last year, the same team that Brizzel bought Jimmy Danger from offside in the build up to their goal?
  13. Sid4ever


    New fella seems to be settling in well with his big brother. https://imgur.com/gallery/hBs9J
  14. Sid4ever

    Worthy GIFs 2017

    I can see Limpid now cursing Xela again about another days lost advertising revenue because of Xela's goat fetish
  15. Sid4ever


    New fella came home today Welcome home Pablo