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  1. Sid4ever


    They do but nowhere (£37 compared to £120) near the level of other sites, and I am sure they include VAT in their advertised price as well.
  2. Sid4ever


    Just phoned and completely sold out now, they have had a busy morning.
  3. Sid4ever


    The service fee on that site adds £112 to the ticket price. i know that no shirts or club colours are allowed in the neutral zone but does anybody know whether you can celebrate goals?
  4. So hopefully I will be again dancing with strangers in a pub in Gibraltar, certainly be needing a wee, this is the 5th pint of San Miguel and its only half four
  5. Nothing better than being there but dancing around a pub in Gibraltar with strangers in Villa shirts comes mighty close
  6. Also surely against the rules of the Europa League for another team to step in and play the second leg. Were Sparta busy last week for the 1st leg?
  7. Sid4ever

    Dean Smith

    So you're saying there's a chance
  8. Nah there’s enough pirates on here already and we prefer to talk to the founding club of the city
  9. I can remember when 10 Silk Cut went upto 78p in the budget of 1986 and making sure no more than 2 litres went into my moped, and then remembering my Dad’s lawnmower ran on the same petrol grade, siphon and funnel times
  10. Bolton has now sold out, but only an allocation of 2,400. With my postcode I went to buy a ticket in the West stand, but the South stand is completely unavailable to purchase, do you think the club will ask for an extra allocation? With their financial problems I would have thought Bolton would have liked the additional revenue.
  11. Unless the President of the FA applies pressure for an early resolution of the potential penalties for the pitch invader, maybe another 6 pt deduction.
  12. One for @BOF, Charlie Whiting this morning on the eve of the 2019 F1 season. Suffered a pulmonary embolism.
  13. Best I can get on us tomorrow is 7-4, best I got today was your Silver Streak in the 1530 at 100-1 each way paying 3 places, I would say that was a long shot.
  14. Villa to beat Forest, I really enjoyed your Catfish tips today
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