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  1. Still got over 1,500 (1,557 to be precise) for sale on their website, along with hundreds more listed on other sites.
  2. Sold out now, just gone on no queue and no tickets left Although not showing as sold out now, error message saying coming soon.
  3. And it’s true, my cousin booked tickets in their new sensory lounge for the Villa game, only match he has ever attended, and he can buy 3 tickets for the final. I have his city logon and password and can get 3 tickets.
  4. It is if you only visit once a year. Been living here now for 15 years
  5. Can we form an orderly queue to perform the same premeditated action, VT poster of your choice allowed.
  6. What even if we score 3 in each of those games? Benitez isn’t coming so we have to back the manager and the team.
  7. I know that Avanti have taken up the discount offering, however it’s not that easy to get the discount on the old virgin train website you used to use AVFC20 and the discount was automatically applied, does anybody know how it works on Avanti as using the link offers the same price as booking direct on their website. I can’t believe that the train manager gives you 20% of your fare back.
  8. Apologies to the Americans by the hotel pool who seemed slightly scared by me and my son going mad when Trezeguet scored. thought they asked me what the score was but they actually asked what the sport was. great result
  9. Emile and Lee were getting quite excited about him last night, just wanting to be a defender that defends, given in this modern day CB's should be able to play out from the back, which I am sure I have seen him do this season
  10. Gary Glitter (Paul Gadd) Jimmy Greaves Douglas Hurd Pierre Cardin Pete Davidson Like @Paddywhack same 5 as 2019
  11. Whilst that's not good, given Chorley was always going to be a free hit for Lindsay Hoyle as new speaker, that one vote was probably not going to make a difference to the outcome.
  12. Surely can’t be coincidence that that is 52 x £350m. i am sure Boris said they were putting in a £33.9b spending boost, not sure who to believe now Boris or that bed red bus
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