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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    My eyes my eyes, why peddle such stuff. my mortgage is paid by selling the brand leader. So don't Depend, trust the market leader. Stag do tips or Pants just PM me
  2. Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Look we are an honest bunch of lads and we will go again but with more pashun next time
  3. Ratings & Reactions: Bristol v Villa

    Was it just me with my tinted spectacles on, but for their goal was their record purchase, bought from Angiers who played in the French cup final last year, the same team that Brizzel bought Jimmy Danger from offside in the build up to their goal?
  4. Dogs...

    New fella seems to be settling in well with his big brother. https://imgur.com/gallery/hBs9J
  5. Worthy GIFs 2017

    I can see Limpid now cursing Xela again about another days lost advertising revenue because of Xela's goat fetish
  6. Dogs...

    New fella came home today Welcome home Pablo
  7. John Terry

    Mike, do you have Steve's number on speed dial now?
  8. John Terry

    Oh Xela, here you are missed you today in off topic, so glad you are safe and well.
  9. Things you often Wonder

    I can't forking believe that that picture got through the censors.
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    It's the Ulcerative Colitis that is. Get some Salofalk foam enemas, jobs a good un
  11. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    That the emergency dentist I saw last night was able to calm my dry socket and today I have been human.
  12. Trite Observations About the Housing Market

    M3 Junction 9 just by the Tesco Extra?
  13. What do you drive?

    If this is going to turn into an auction and @rjw63 is going to come in with his double bids, then I will offer £100.
  14. Trite Observations About the Housing Market

    Just on a personal note which village just outside Winchester? Both my children were born in Royal Hampshire Hospital and I commuted everyday for 10 years into London from a sleepy village in Wiltshire? Pm if more appropriate.
  15. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I don't directly sell to the public but via UK retailers, please can I be excused?