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  1. Emile and Lee were getting quite excited about him last night, just wanting to be a defender that defends, given in this modern day CB's should be able to play out from the back, which I am sure I have seen him do this season
  2. Gary Glitter (Paul Gadd) Jimmy Greaves Douglas Hurd Pierre Cardin Pete Davidson Like @Paddywhack same 5 as 2019
  3. Whilst that's not good, given Chorley was always going to be a free hit for Lindsay Hoyle as new speaker, that one vote was probably not going to make a difference to the outcome.
  4. Surely can’t be coincidence that that is 52 x £350m. i am sure Boris said they were putting in a £33.9b spending boost, not sure who to believe now Boris or that bed red bus
  5. Jim Smith manager of many clubs
  6. Exactly this even extends to the central heating in the house and air conditioning in the car
  7. So how about her tongue action tonight? Still WB
  8. There must be 3 minutes of BBC airtime available where that could be broadcast on the main channel
  9. 70% of Liverpool fans love having sex in the shower, the other 30% haven’t been in prison yet
  10. I wonder whether the jurors who have now heard the released tapes of the inquest have any doubts about their verdict.
  11. Maybe they should do what Kay Burley did when Notso didn’t turn up and have Andrew Neil asking the questions to an empty chair
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