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  1. limpid

    Last post read

    Sometime try clicking "activity" then "unread content" at the top of the page
  2. limpid

    Pre Match Thread

    So, yes it's on Sky, but not in the UK.
  3. limpid

    Last post read

    I've just fixed it in the locations I think people use it. If anyone sees somewhere it doesn't behave as expected, please press back and post the link to the page containing the bad link.
  4. limpid


    It's always possible that one of the ad networks has a problem - but others would be affected then.
  5. limpid

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    It can't be much of a fashion brand - so do I.
  6. limpid


    Anyone else getting the same? I think you might have some malware or your router has
  7. limpid

    Last post read

    If you are still seeing the last post thing, please try clearing cookies and cache.
  8. limpid

    Last post read

    I think the "first unread post" is fixed.
  9. limpid

    Last post read

    Swear filter should be fixed. They are still investigating the profile issue and the "first unread post".
  10. limpid

    Crypto currency

    Or you could do it and I'll license you the name (and use of the various domains) I'm not greedy - I just need enough to pay for everything. There is already a VTC though
  11. limpid

    Crypto currency

    Is it for sale? All these people investing in crypto currencies and I still have to have advertisers to pay for the site. If only there was an alternative....
  12. limpid

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    There are doctors who recommend homeopathy. It's because they aren't ethically allowed to prescribe placebos. I believe the treatment helps you. I don't believe it helps more than paying a stranger to rub you a bit and to spout some medical sounding nonsense at you. If it did, your doctor would refer you to someone with a qualification that didn't come from the internet
  13. limpid

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    What made you choose an unqualified quack rather than a medically qualified professional?
  14. limpid

    Last post read

    You control your notifications in your account settings. They've just fixed the bug which meant notifications were silent. They've fixed the issue about going to the first unread post. I need to check the swear filter when I'm not mobile.