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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I didn't manage that long. Have the beeb laid off all their sound engineers?
  2. Either that or they say they work for a "sponsoring organisation".
  3. Playstation 3

    I meant you need to delete the device when you sell it on, or replace it
  4. Playstation 3

    Sounds legit Sony must associate the physical box with an account. Worth remembering if you ever dispose of a PS device. I just checked and there is a section in your account to deactivate devices (account settings -> media and devices).
  5. Top Gear 2017

    I'm not so sure. They need to cut out around 16 minutes in other countries to allow for adverts.
  6. Playstation 3

    How well do you know this friend?
  7. Playstation 3

    Yes, it's a PC. Try this to reset it.
  8. It was a joke. You've now emphasised that you were actually serious by highlighting the word appears. So you think that it is possible to tell someone's health from their appearance? In that case, the same reply but no sarcasm implied this time.
  9. If you are able assess someone's health by looking at a picture of them, then you're going to revolutionise science.
  10. I was in London a couple of weeks ago. They closed the whole of Victoria station during evening rush hour. Everyone at the meeting just stayed for a drink at the bar. No panic. No speculation about what might be happening. I heard the next day it was for a suspected stabbing (I'm on a train so I'm not going to fact check what it was). It's true that things like this happen. It's likely that the media would have turned it into a major story if they could link it to terrorism. The reality is what the mayor actually said.
  11. Search Range Shortened

    It's ignoring the "All" option. If you click custom and put a start date of 1st Jan 2003 it finds them. I'll report it, but you have a workaround
  12. Things you often Wonder

    Cognitive dissonance.
  13. Things you often Wonder

    When you say "thought", what do you mean? I suspect that you've never thought about this at all, but just received this information from an authority. All the Abrahamic religions established themselves by spreading hate and bigotry, they didn't "become" like this.
  14. Search Range Shortened

    Before i get this escalated. What were you expecting to find that you aren't? ie. What results are missing?
  15. Search Range Shortened

    Can you post a screenshot of the search screen? Check what time window you have for "last updated". It defaults to a year so unless you change it will only show you content in threads changed in the last year.