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  1. Hey Villa's!

  2. Hello

  3. Live on Sky /Kick Off change

    Please always include a link.
  4. Life After Death?

    The evidence is that the bag of watery chemicals which we are stops being self-aware when we die. When damage happens to the brain, it changes a person's personality - it's hard to understand how if you believe that they are in some way separate. If someone makes the claim that there is something of the consciousness which persists after death then that extraordinary claim will need evidence to support it and / or a mechanism by which it can be reproduced or explained. Until it does there's no reason to believe the claim. This applies to all claims. The burden of proof is always with the person making the claim. The opposite is a logical fallacy. My position on whether there is life after death is that I've seen no evidence of it at all, let alone sufficient evidence that I could believe it to be real. I want to believe in as many true things as possible and as few false things as possible. That people believe in things without good reason is why we need to stop teaching kids what to think and start teaching them how to think.
  5. Championship Fixtures 17/18

    Preserved so that I can point out it's your fault to anyone who gets up at the wrong time of night for a game.
  6. Championship Fixtures 17/18

    I've updated the match forums - if anyone gets a few minutes to check the away ground names, please PM me any errors. Thanks https://www.villatalk.com/forum/479-season-201718/
  7. Live on Sky

    Please always post a link. Thanks
  8. Newbie

  9. Cyber warfare

    My data isn't stored locally. I continuously backup so that if something happens to my endpoint, I can move to another. If your risk is different, you might find it harder to describe your relationship with your provider as "trust".
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Yes. That's the point I was making. It's a cognitive bias related to how one's beliefs are inversely proportional to one's lack of subject matter expertise. Your conclusion doesn't address the aspect of expertise and indeed seems to refer to the corollary related to actual subject matter experts.
  11. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Setting aside the Dunning-Kruger effect; I don't believe that thinking (on its own) can ever make someone better informed. It just reinforces existing cognitive biases and strengthens the thinker's "bubble". In extreme cases this might make people with other points of view appear to be "do-gooders". The truth is, they have their own bubble
  12. General Election 2017

    Yes, but I don't see how that's relevant.
  13. General Election 2017

    Apart from foxes. Or elephants. Or the poor.
  14. Nuneaton a 14th July 19:30

    Me? I don't know anything simple copy and paste fatigue.
  15. Nuneaton a 14th July 19:30

    If you were a mod you'd be able to fix these things