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  1. Especially as we should judge him for getting off with a prostitute 20 odd years ago.
  2. I am 2 episodes in on After Life. Its magnificent in every way.
  3. Words to that effect and if its a track off her last album it will absolutely be, as you say, a banger.
  4. Claimed mine yesterday. Thought there had to be a catch. Nope. Available here. www.spotify.com/uk/family/ As of now the link is dead.
  5. Hunter opened the Virgin Megastore in Telford when I worked there, he was very tanned.
  6. Legendary guitarist Dick Dale has died. I had the pleasure of watching Dick Dale in 2006 in Santa Monica, he was excellent.
  7. Am I missing something here. 50 quid and you get dinner, breakfast and accomodation for 2 weeks. Thats exceptional value.
  8. Jen Brister, Katherine Ryan, Janey Godley, Suzi Ruffell, these on a bd day are funnier than Michael McIntyre. Thats a small list and funny women do not begin and end with Jo Brand.
  9. Seat68

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    It's my knees. My knees have long said **** you old man.
  10. Seat68

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    My 40s have been excellent. Happy birthday.
  11. The 80s called they want your knowledge of female comedians back.
  12. In the 90s (that's a decade, ask your dad) I foolishly punched a wall. I broke my hand and it plagues me to this day. I did feel quite the **** idiot.
  13. The mention of Carol Kaye makes me insist to any passing reader. Look her up. To have played on a single classic is an achievement, then you look at hers and indeed all of the wrecking crews CV. It blows you away.

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