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  1. Got the same about a month ago. Took it up 2 flights of stairs. It absolutely broke me.
  2. Heard Starmer put £35 in his car when the pumps clearly stated there was a £30 limit. Arsehole.
  3. Seat68

    General Chat

    That's weird. I thought being an oasis fan you didn't like music.
  4. I have been watching the show Survivor ever since I first learned to download via dial up, it's first season in 2000. It's up to its 41st season this year. It's a dumb show but one, I without fail, watch. Over the years they have embraced diversity, gay, lesbian, trans, rich, poor. From goat herders to burlesque performers, to NFL players, Hollywood script writers to neuro scientists. They have a broad cross section of people. Survivor has always had it's little quirks, Jeff Probst, the host, for example pretty much has always worn a shirt that is a shade of blue. The times he doesn't are few. He always welcomes contestants in to challenges and tribal council with "come on in guys". This is where I get pissed off. This season he put it to the contestants should he change it. Initially the contestants said nope. Then one guy said Yes. It needs changing and because of that after 20 years. An innocuous phrase, no one was ever offended by has been changed to come on in. This shouldn't piss me off but this is like people who buy a house next to a music venue and petition to have it closed down.
  5. While my back was turned a new season of what we do in the shadows was released. Watching via foul means. Not sure if it's on Netflix.
  6. Arsehole might be pushing it. Individual asks him contentious question with camera in tow, chooses to remain silent.
  7. I see neighbours are still words removed, just a different class of word removed.
  8. I have been on a diet for the past 3 weeks and haven't had a drink in that time, no plans to have any till a fortnight's time. I am using this thread as porn effectively.
  9. Seat68

    Do you read?

    I think I read for a number of his books he provides the story and others write it. May be incorrect, but that's what I read
  10. Seat68

    Do you read?

    I like the Alex Cross series from James Patterson. That said the latest remains unread, I will come round to it though.
  11. Seat68

    Smart Watches

    My daughter is considering an Apple watch. Strictly an Apple watch so appreciate there are others on the market but don't need the recommendations. She is looking at one with cellular connection. She hopes to use a watch without the need to always have her iPhone to hand. Does the Apple watch do this, and if so does she need a second sim/contract? Thanks.
  12. Seat68

    Do you read?

    I will toss do androids dream of electric sheep or Dune in as most famous sci fi books.
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