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  1. Give Workaholics a couple of eposodes too, or Eastbound and Down. Not overly long.
  2. or 2pm on any stage at Glastonbury.
  3. Have you watched Parks and Recreation? Its not short but when The Office finished that was suggested to me and it hit the spot perfectly.
  4. Having Easter in the living room. Cant wait.
  5. immortal technique is a fantastic artist. Grim and honest in equal measure.
  6. In that case I dont think anyone would expect you to call yourself English or British. It would be weird like those crazy Americans that call themselves Irish.
  7. When its all opened up again I might ask you for those local routes.
  8. Watched a couple of early Tyson fights recently. Reminded of the immense power in his punch.
  9. I think its a very mild hangover too. Like a hangover but very mild.
  10. Every morning I wake up with what can only be described as a very mild hangover. Is this a symptom?
  11. Literally every? Sweet baby jesus are they handing back the railways?
  12. If you have a chrome device you can cast the entire laptop desktop via a setting in the chrome browser.
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