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  1. Seat68

    General Chat

    Assuming it was a person. We have a lot of places that are either named after a river, e.g Weymouth, basically a settlement on the mouth of the river wey. We name a lot of places like this. Chippenham, was named after an anglo saxon king, Cyppa’s ham. So Tottenham is named after a farmer called Tota, tota’s hamlet.
  2. Seat68

    General Chat

    My satnav calls eccleshall, eccles hall.
  3. Seat68

    General Chat

    We don’t see ham as odd in place names here. Its very common.
  4. Watched Rose Matefeo’s Starstruck last night. If you like a rom com, and I do, its fairly excellent. 24 minute episodes so it flies by.
  5. Seat68

    Soft drinks

    We tend to have a case of diet pepsi, diet 7up and diet fanta in the house as all of us like a can of pop. In addition a box of innocent smoothies, a bottle of ginger ale and sundry pop bottles. We get through a lot of the stuff.
  6. Seat68

    General Chat

    Without googling, ham will derive from hamlet, a kind of village here in britain. So my guess way back in a single digit century, toten had a hamlet.
  7. I just nipped to the attic room for a bit of peace on the toilet. 2 minutes in and the smoke alarm is going off from the kitchen. I let it ring out as my wife is cooking. Turns out I am a word removed as it could have been a fire and I valued finishing my shit over the property and life.
  8. You not good with the shaft?
  9. God he is gorgeous. Is that the one they call Messi?
  10. I was slowly getting through Motherland. Used it as half an hour filler. At the end of the third series came to the conclusion it was one of the best comedies I had seen in some time.
  11. Basically they installed a socket themselves that went against the standard rules and as such a double socket didn’t work. I wired it correctly and turns out the **** idiots wired it incorrectly correctly. It was not part of the main house, it was to a shed and so easy enough to sort out.
  12. While I am swinging my dick. A couple of weeks ago I changed a plug socket the previous owners wired incorrectly. I wired correctly. Turns out they wired it incorrectly intentionally and thats how I came to call out an electrician on a sunday morning.
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