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  1. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Enjoying The Good Place at the moment, watched the first season on a plane journey and started on the second season via streaming.
  2. General Chat

    @Xann is all "they ain't that obscure"
  3. All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    Isn't she in Le Tigre?
  4. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I was once interviewed as a vox pop for the shropshire star, they wanted my views on telford town centre introducing parking charges, I was 31 at the time I think, I knocked 10 year off my age, that got a laugh at work.
  5. Terrible dodginess. I condemn him. I hope the labour party will too.
  6. Viewing / Buying a house

    Try having replacement sash windows. I am still recovering from that one.
  7. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I have been in the habit of buying a lot of really cheap CD's from music magpie, because I like country music there tends to be a lot, at around a pound a pop. Not listening to any at the moment but merely a recommendation.
  8. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    People that use the managed motorway lane from junction 10a to 9 of the M6 (southbound), then get off but get back on again. No. I genuinely get off at 9, that's my private lane you freeloading bastards.
  9. Harvey Weinstein

    I see this escalating, Popbitch hinted at journalists that make demands to run favourable stories, not to mention the open secret about the man making the Queen film.
  10. Things you often Wonder

    I am in a fairly well paid job, an ex smoker but I gave up in 2002, I look at it now and think there is no way I could afford to smoke, let alone all of the evidence that it would kill me.
  11. The Apprentice 2017

    I like to think slowly Harrison is getting found out.
  12. Christmas Party Season 2017

    Yeah, free booze, free food, free hotel in central birmingham. Its foolish not to.
  13. General Chat

    Binary, in relation to gender was one of them words that has been introduced in the last couple of years and expected everyone to understand what it meant.
  14. Harvey Weinstein

    Perhaps you have first hand experience and I don't but the internet says in prison slang a nonce is a paedophile.
  15. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I have said this pretty much every year but never see why people get irate in the slightest about others enthusing in anyway what so ever about Christmas. It is perfect for this thread.