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  1. I am ok with it but that's me. I have many work related apps that potentially could track me, as does Google and Facebook did. That's me though, I am OK with it. I would have to be armed with all of the facts to say if that is all true or not, what is the app, what is its real purpose? The only Superstore I can think of and the role would be a delivery driver perhaps. There is just little info in the tweet and that's why I might question it.
  2. What I am saying I never had a retail job where the company provided me with trousers. The rest in this day and age are pretty much the norm, if I agree with them or not, or if I believe that the tweet is true.
  3. Hmm first of all the irritation of paycheck and cab aside. Is this too crazy? How would this lad know how many applicants and how many superstores would make someone provide a uniform, trousers yes, but top, nah I don't buy that.
  4. I saw this earlier, and someone said Robert Forster, my heart sank a little before I googled and saw it was the actor, which is bad for the actor, but not for the go betweens member.
  5. Seat68

    Ice rink

    I hear you. Wrestling, Cricket and Rugby right?
  6. This is a niche bake off joke but hell I don't get it.
  7. I love the expression I first read on here, and it is so fitting. Thick as mince.
  8. Pig sick of europe telling me which window I can and cant jump out of.
  9. You know fully well what happens if we jump out of that window. We should still do it though.
  10. Drop my motorhome off down in the cotswolds so a man can make improvements to it, then into Birmingham to watch Prism at The Rep. After that Strictly I will wager.
  11. Off to see The Entertainer tonight at Wolves Grand and then Saturday Prism at Birmingham Rep. Back to gigs in a couple of weeks with Detroit Cobras in Manchester.
  12. Seat68

    General Chat

    They have heard a noted Trombone Teacher is flying in.
  13. Lord Sugar still not caring that people think he has a problem with black and Asian people.
  14. Let's not forget Mike Love is still a word removed.
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