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  1. He is only listening to it because MrsChrisp65 said no more bloody Super Furry Animals.
  2. Heading back and watching This Is England again. Started with the film last night. Still love it. Stating the obvious but Stephen Graham is an absolute star even then.
  3. I watched him on YouTube as I pretty much find all the comedians I like, so was looking forward to seeing him on it. He seems to have total disdain for Alex Horne. Rightly so.
  4. Is this the culture war the daily mail warned me about? I remember the indie wars. Bad times man.
  5. Agreed. Old words removed will look and say, my god these kids with their vines and mp3’s. How dare they want to have fun in a way that absolutely will not effect (or affect) me or disturb my day. The pathetic losers. I wouldn’t do it. If I was 25 and just coming off lates at Lyreco and someone said Spoons is opening up at midnight, do you fancy a pint. Hell **** yes I would.
  6. Ghosts is also fantastic. Make of that what you will.
  7. Are people wilfully ignoring bits that don’t fit their argument? People work shifts, people may fancy a drink at 12 with friends as they normally do pre covid and it just so happens they are able to do it again.
  8. Lets say as a scenario I finish work at 5. The pubs after months open at 6. It would be normal to assume some pubs might see some queuing. Now lets assume some people work outside of those hours.
  9. Its not pathetic and its not weird. People want time with their friends. People are on furlough, people work shifts. Not everyone is happy sitting in their house and being at a computer 9-5.
  10. I could but I get enjoyment out of watching it. Some don’t, I do.
  11. I am not outing myself by saying I love shit telly. Strictly, The Voice, all of that. Its background to conversation thats all. I am not going to have dialogue driven drama on and talk all through it, whereas I can have z list celebrities doing an Argentine tango and my wife and I can have a conversation or I can fix my grandsons toy car for the 50th time. (I pretend I am a mechanic who inflates the charges, he finds this hilarious) the telly is secondary to all of this.
  12. No. You are talking about a film I haven’t watched yet.
  13. Not in Homecoming. I am watching them in order so that’s probably a future film.
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