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  1. I am all for shooting those who wear below the nose.
  2. Seat68

    U.S. Politics

    Someone who doesnt know who the parents of 545 children are enacted under their presidency.
  3. For us down here, Nick Owen.
  4. Seat68

    New Music 2020

    Interesting, reminds me in part of Butthole Surfers or parts of Pere Ubu. Love that its a one man band, listening to a different track on bandcamp and it reminds me so much of Tad. Thats not a bad thing at all.
  5. I put a bid in and it was accepted. All was going well other than nerves with the slowness of solicitors. One day I had to pop in to the estate agents and the estate agent said to me, they had a higher offer than my asking price offer but they turned it down as they had already accepted your offer. Immediately I am now nervous, but my overriding thought is why would you, the estate agent communicate a new offer when my offer had already been accepted.
  6. Watched The Dirt last night, based on The Motley Crue book of the same name, it was OK, as rock biopics tend to be. Nothing earth shattering, just OK. The Dirt is one of my favourite books, it probably should have remained just a book.
  7. “Just take the bloody picture, you wouldn’t understand”
  8. Thats it. Still basically the same premise, one voted out each week, winner gets a million dollars.
  9. I am the king of reality. For **** sake when I was on dial up I downloaded Survivor. I still even now watch Survivor and the amazing race. The Bridge is utter shit. I gave up after 30 minutes.
  10. When a motorist has wronged me I call them cyclists. This stems from not being able to call cyclists words removed when my grandson was in the car, so I muttered cyclist. Its now stuck and just reserved for cars who have vexed me.
  11. Upsizing in all honesty. I don’t mind nosiness. Me and my wife were moving, terrace street with no parking had started to get old. Then talking to my daughter it was decided she, and grandson would come home for a few years, so going for a larger property with parking.
  12. You say its you. Next time could you hold up a piece of paper with Scuba Steve written on it.
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