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  1. I have cornered the meth market, there isn’t room for 2 of us.
  2. I get up at 5 and walk to the computer. I finish at 5 on a good day. Today it was 7. This isn’t sustainable. At least with an office it didn’t open till 7.30 and it closed at 5.30.
  3. Seat68

    Murdoch Scum

    I know 14 people. 1 of them reads The Sun, he is despicable.
  4. Its a racial stereotype and the brand decided it was time to change. They weighed it up and thought its only triggered men that would be offended.
  5. Judy Dyble previously of Fairport Convention has died.
  6. I always thought it was the same company with Bud trying to sell a czech style beer. Every days a school day.
  7. The more I watch and listen to Roy Clark the more I realise that I am going to be broke this month.
  8. Seat68

    U.S. Politics

    January 20th 2021. Capitol Building. President West is being sworn in. A figure enters stage left.
  9. Do I need to avoid this thread till I have watched it all?
  10. Finished season 2 of Stranger Things last night. Loving this show. I can see us binge watching the third season this week.
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