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  1. I am up to Ant Man, thats the next one. Guardians of the galaxy was excellent. Age of Ultron was pretty good too. Overall I like the Thor character, and I now know what Groot is. Its a voyage of discovery really as none of the films ever appeared on my radar. Also thankfully, and by accident I found out that it’s essential I watch to the end of the credits.
  2. Wiki I think is wrong. Unsure where its pulling it from but other sources say population of KC is a lot higher than 35%, but Doha seems like a winner too.
  3. Kuwait City. Over 70% of the population live there. A run down.
  4. Watched Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers Age of Ultron yesterday. Particularly liked the first one GotG. Pleasantly surprised at how good the cast were and engaging the story was. Of the MCU films, my favourite so far.
  5. Seat68

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    Subscribed. In amongst the country music and live slot machine play youtubers I follow this will be another my wife says why the **** are you following that.
  6. This won’t help you in the slightest but I get a number of shirts advertised me when browsing certain websites. Absolutely gorgeous western shirts at a very good price. I dig around and they are from china, between non delivery and size issues that my wife has had with dresses from China, I avoid chinese companies like the plague now.
  7. One of my favourite songs of 1989. I played it to death.
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