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  1. Yes sir I can boogie @lapal_fan says.
  2. Genuinely. I shave obviously. I'm not a farmer. But can't recall ever washing my face. My face gets wet and I dry it with a towel after a shower, but I don't wash it so to speak.
  3. Tomorrow I am off to Bearded Theory Festival.
  4. Every inch gets washed, apart from my face, obviously. That's not had a wash in current memory. I genuinely can't recall washing my face as an adult.
  5. So sorry to hear that Chris.
  6. Anyone mention. The voice of Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys, Leon Rausch. He died last week, he was in his 90s.
  7. Ah I thought it was alright. Loose ends tied up and as TV shows go it's been a nice ride. Its like when people get angry about Star Wars, it's just a film and this is just a TV show.
  8. Seat68

    General Chat

    Shit. That's a fair bit of drama.
  9. Seat68

    General Chat

    Not that she has ever asked but outside of my daughter I would never be a guarantor to anyone. Relatives have asked in the past and saying no has caused ill feeling.
  10. My friends are aghast at my Eurovision love. Even more when I tell them it's not because of the women.
  11. This is as ever the televisual highlight of my year. Will be consuming the EU wine lake and being nerdily critical.
  12. Man who named his vanity project The Brexit Party says they aren't just about Brexit.
  13. Merthyr, you get **** all money but a fair percentage of that **** all is from EU coffers. NF would like that for his pension please.
  14. I get that. Sometimes you have to think, no time to ditch.
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