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  1. I'm coming back from Uncle Bulgaria at Christmas. Was planning to go to the boxing day match but would cancel that for an Irn Bru and a rusty trombone behind an old kwik save with any of you lot. But seriously, yeah I'll be around.
  2. What's your thoughts in this @mjmooney?
  3. AVFC_Hitz

    General Chat

    There's another thread for this and its helped me a lot, cant link it to you now because I'm trying to send you a snapchat of me gobbling off an ocelot.
  4. Great idea for a best XI plan. I'd have the Djemba-Djemba table next to the Balaban table, then maybe 'the Berson' as the head table. Have 'the Unsworth' for those who only come in the evening and leave early.
  5. That pisses me off around Europe when I see shopping centres called 'Something Center'. Also the word 'Wellness'
  6. Will that franchise ever **** end?
  7. And the stadium announcer apologised to...Armenia.
  8. Keto has worked for me. 25kg down now. Although on Wednesday night I got spannered and obliterated a large big mac meal with an apple pie. So, I had one meal yesterday and today I haven't eaten anything since. I'll probably have a bowl of yoghurt and flaxseed for lunch and some babybel and sausage for dinner. I do all this so I can see my penis without a mirror.
  9. Maybe we'll finally sign David Bentley if we play the same long game.
  10. This popped up on my FB earlier. Made me Barry Chuckle.
  11. "Lynne, I'm not driving a Mini Metro"
  12. Ah yes, Massimo Delete. Played for Chesterfield, Sparta Prague and Morrison's Night Shift XI.
  13. Was it around the time you forgot you had a sock drawer?
  14. Yeah...but who's in the Prem you massive gloryhole seeking buntyman?
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