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  1. It's much the same in Bulgaria. Very racist from the older generation. Also, old people particularly women just have no idea what to do or say when they see a black person. The younger generation are pretty open unless there is a Levski v CSKA match on. 20 fans battered a Ghambian student a few months back. Luckily he survived. It's pretty standard that 99% of the population don't like the Roma population, however.
  2. AVFC_Hitz

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    Probably the guys who told jokes against the party. They still don't know the wall's come down.
  3. Some absolute spazzjeffs stole my grandmothers purse in Bromsgrove last weekend. They spent £91 in poundland on bedlinen and ordered a dominos while also withdrawing £500 on two cards. The police caught them from CCTV and they'd been following my nan for about an hour before they grabbed the purse. I have to say I would't be so kind to their nads if I ever see them.
  4. Thought you'd be used to this living in the Eastern Bloc.
  5. Oh FFS I get it now. Yes very good.
  6. A friend wants to know whats going on here.
  7. You should read Blitzed. A great book about what Hitler's personal 'doctor' was sticking into his arm. Then you realise why he was a mass murdering ****head.
  8. The quality is always a bit crap. It sounds different and with the amount of free minutes companies throw around why not just use the phone?
  9. I'm talking about them calling me through WhatsApp or messenger. But, yes, messaging is always preferred.
  10. I hate it when people call me via WhatsApp or Facebook. To the point where I won't answer. Call me via phone and then we can talk. Pfft.
  11. The old site used to show something like this: Next Unread Topic: General Chat Now we dont know which thread comes next. Is there a way to have this back?
  12. As the boy angel has said. Next unread topic is not coming up. On mobile. Chrome. Android.
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