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  1. Nice set up for a 'your mum' joke. I won't because I'm a mature individual. Breasts.
  2. Lovely and dry from the Thracian valley.
  3. Hopefully, fingers crossed, seeing them live in September.
  4. Also brings me back to the question of what did barn owls do before we invented barns?
  5. I found some real school dinner potato smilies here, in the local Kaufland. Whacked them in the air fryer and they remind me of break time at school.
  6. Was it something I did? You never called me back.
  7. I always see this in memes but what the actual **** was she doing here? I'm not trawling through archives of Antiques Roadshow to find out. It doesn't look doctored to me, but what is happening?
  8. I counted two nipples and one cock on this page.
  9. Bulgaria. Metal wheelie dump on each street corner. Rubbish thrown in everyday and rubbish collected everynight. You can leave anything against the bin and the Roma will have it away in 20 minutes.
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