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  1. Countries in which @tonyh29 has asked to be pegged by a courgette, but roundly refused.
  2. AVFC_Hitz

    General Chat

    Well, I'm thrown. I was surprised he had a wife and kids. Thought he was gay all the time.
  3. Any CV I've seen outside of GB has had a photograph in the top left of the page.
  4. I bought the missus a handbag for Christmas. I thought it was quite nice...I saw her mother walk in with it around her shoulder the other day. My wife's current handbag looks like it was pilfered from Chernobyl. I didn't say anything. I just sort of gave up.
  5. AVFC_Hitz


    Pelted it down with snow the past 72 hours here in Sofia. Now its crystal clear skies and the whole place looks like a postcard.
  6. This is the best thing I've ever bought, for my bonce. Very sharp and wide. Can zero my head in about 5 minutes. You grip it differently (sort of like holding a tennis ball) and just zip it around.
  7. AVFC_Hitz

    Memory Lane

    Yeah...my friend typed that...while I was...knitting.
  8. I've just finished a months stint in Prague. So tonight i'm ordering the dirtiest pizza and chicken wings to celebrate. Tomorrow I'll wander around Prague and look for somewhere to watch football. I've promised myself a beer so I will probably find a nice spot by the river and get fleeced on prices for a pint of Urquell. I've got a huge wank scheduled as well. Fingers crossed.
  9. I made up a joke at around age 5, which my mum will tell everyone when she's on her 3rd bottle of wine. Why did the snooker player pot the black? Because he wanted to show everyone his bum.
  10. AVFC_Hitz

    General Chat

    Well I only drink once or twice a month but after going from 17 pint sessions to that, it seems to have worked.
  11. AVFC_Hitz

    General Chat

    White wine and soda. Looks a bit ghey but the same fun is had. I haven't had a beer since February 2019. I miss it. Not even had on here in Prague.
  12. Absolutely. I don't really think its disgusting though, it's just a bit shit.
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