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  1. It's very annoying indeed. However, I took the plunge and got the Eurosport player app for €12.50 for the year. It's brilliant. Every single live event is being shown. I've watched water polo, table tennis, synced diving, mountain biking and now the surfing.
  2. Little fist bump there for that gold.
  3. I've just seen that Eurosport player has multiple events. So they're doing what the BBC used to do. They're owned by discovery. It's €12.50 for a whole years subscription with a 3 day free trial.
  4. This BBC / Discovery deal has really done me over. The BBC coverage used to be amazing but now I'm stuck with two events. Asparagus to nothing but I was watching the gymnastics earlier and there was the most annoying northern co-commentater droning on.
  5. "Joshua and Tabitha are worried about their money. The specially resined oak dining table that was meant to go in their dining room has been delayed another 6 weeks from Eindhoven." Joshua: "Yes, we're a bit worried. Obviously the quadruple glazed windows for the skylights have set us back and now we've had to move down to Mum and Dad's 6 bedroom farmhouse in Somerset." Tabitha *weeps silently in a portacabin*
  6. Off to Sozopol for 8 days on Tuesday. I've had a bollock of a year so I'm really looking forward to eating an absolute shed load of food, and splashing with my 1 and 3 year old in the pool/sea. Solid 30 degrees forecast for the entire time I'm there. Also, new Villa top arrives tomorrow, just in time.
  7. Yeah that's funny! A friend was just asking, though...who is that?
  8. Tile has some good reviews.
  9. I had this problem the other day. Apparently it's something to do with a reply to a tweet getting more likes than the original. It still 'kin annoyed me that I had to look it up.
  10. The English cat would meow slower and louder.
  11. Face the urinal. Piss myself. Once fully drenched take everything off. Wring everything over the urinal. Grab some toilet paper and make a cone. Call it a French suppository and enter yourself with a tripod grip. Hum La Marseillaise and exit.
  12. Imagine being swayed by the Gregg's corporate packet. Infantino munching on a steak bake. Swigging Pg tips out of a Sports Direct mug.
  13. Haven't seen my dad or sister since Christmas 2019. My mum came over for the birth of my daughter last July but had to quarantine for 14 days when she got back. I might have a Birmingham Christmas after all.
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