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  1. Maybe we'll finally sign David Bentley if we play the same long game.
  2. This popped up on my FB earlier. Made me Barry Chuckle.
  3. "Lynne, I'm not driving a Mini Metro"
  4. Ah yes, Massimo Delete. Played for Chesterfield, Sparta Prague and Morrison's Night Shift XI.
  5. Was it around the time you forgot you had a sock drawer?
  6. Yeah...but who's in the Prem you massive gloryhole seeking buntyman?
  7. I always thought Swan was a tool. He was a fantastic bowler and presence but if I was a captain I'd make sure his places was known. KP is a different kettle of fish. I'd have kept him onside for the sake of the team. That guy could turn losing situations into winning ones within 2 overs with his attitude.
  8. AVFC_Hitz

    General Chat

    Exactly I haven't watched Heartbreak High in about 15 years. Haven't even watched TV in about 4 weeks either but, up it popped into my head. It did make me contact an old aussie friend of mine though and we had a really nice catch-up. So, you know, every cloud is bummed in an alleyway.
  9. AVFC_Hitz

    General Chat

    I've had the Heartbreak High theme tune going around in my head all day and I've no bloody idea why.
  10. Imagine tripping balls and having to navigate that.
  11. Noticed this. Like he was a shit footballer and collected their stickers as a child.
  12. Utrecht had a similar thing a few years ago. What is going on?
  13. AVFC_Hitz

    General Chat

    Drinking....water to stay thin.

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