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  1. It was next on my list but now I know it's dubbed I'll avoid it.
  2. Same here, every christmas as boy I went to Villa Village to get the Bosnich kit. Even his gloves.
  3. They now do exactly the same with Son. They have SonTV which all Spurs games are shown on.
  4. Yeah, first few days of Keto are rough. Headaches and fatigue but once it clears the energy is great (proper stonking stiffys, too). You forget bread and pasta after a while.
  5. I've had to give up drinking because quite frankly I'm a nob when drunk. I didn't even drink on NYE. Just before Christmas I went to a bar with a good mate and went to walk home at 9.30, instead I turned left instead of right and ended up on the floor at 3am with a grade 4 ripped out collarbone. Couldn't lift my baby from her bed, couldn't wipe my own arse properly and couldn't work for 5 weeks. I wouldn't just drink, I'd get black out drunk. 3 bottles of wine and shots. All very quickly too. I can drink all that in about 2/3 hours. So, yeah for the sake of my kids (and also, no one want
  6. It's how we work. For example, when Ruge isn't on here posting he's quite obviously rogering Henry the hoover.
  7. What I've found with cheat days is that, the more you build up to them the more disciplined you kid of are on the actual day. At the beginning I earmarked my cheat day after 1 month from the start of the diet. I think was an obscene Dominos order. The next cheat day I regulated myself more. Not from self-control but more from I couldn't be arsed to get that much food. There is a Turkish restaurant near me that does an amazing mixed grill and it does for me that a large meat feast, and wings does.
  8. To start with strictness is absolutely necessary. You have to let your body adjust completely. Normal keto would be around 50g of carbs a day and then there is strict keto which is closer to 25g a day. Your body will take around a week to get into ketosis to begin with, so you will lose the effectiveness with too many cheat days early on.
  9. I'm very addicted to the Repair Shop and its quite worrying.
  10. I had a bit of a mental Christmas but still largely stayed the same weight, which was nice. I've still a long way to go on my weight loss journey. From 48/50" waist down to a 38" now. Whilst I'm still a bit of a chubster it's been incredible seeing my knob when I wash it in the shower. I'm going to continue on the Keto for another year and also keep doing my 5-aside once a week. I hope to get down to a 34" by July.
  11. I was in Istanbul for nearly 6 years. I started off in a secondary school, then as a teacher in an Armenian primary school. After that, I did a stint for Siemens there doing in house teaching. Then I started on my current path as a pre-school/elementary guide in kindergartens in Istanbul and here. Now I'm currently finishing my qualification as a full blown Montessori guide. The course was meant to be in Prague but COVID switched it all to online.
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