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  1. I'm more concerned about the bloke that vaguely looks like Mark Bosnich not being the goalkeeper.
  2. Pistorious would have scored that in his midnight get up.
  3. Just under £100 and it's got good reviews.
  4. Have you considered an Echo dot or the like?
  5. It's weird when people talk about themselves in the the third person. Have you seen a doctor?
  6. Are you eating that in a mid size family car from the eighties?
  7. Bulgaria's Black Sea coast is desperate for tourists they just haven't lifted quarantine for the UK, yet. Aside from Sunny Beach, which is full of complete yamps, they have some of the most beautiful spots in Europe.
  8. Did this week involve trying to sit down without wincing?
  9. I think Robson-Kanu, Cruyff turning two Belgian defenders and sitting them down is one of my favourite sporting moments ever.
  10. I discovered earlier that the crowd noises are supplied by EA Sports. So, the noise is the same as in the games.
  11. Mine is paying homage to the greatest gay German to ever play for Villa.
  12. I agree on the film. It was good and Lady Gaga has that quirky beauty, that would still make me ask her to peg me behind a tram stop.
  13. No, that's someone @bickster put on a night for in the 80's. He played snooker on a table propped up with Red Stripe crates and saw Fiona Gurnaghan from the Stolen Citroen's play in front of 5 people.
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