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  1. Brilliant stuff. Leeds are falling apart...again.
  2. Ok.... So back at uni in Aberystwyth the cricket team used to book the back room of a pub for our socials. It was mainly used to sort out fines and shout abuse at each other before we moved onto Rummers. Anyway me and my mate turned up early one day and we just sauntered on through...we opened the door and there was at least 10 rugby boys around the pool table furiously wanking over a digestive placed in front of them. It was a proper Homer Simpson retreating into a bush moment.
  3. Soggy biscuit is a genuine thing.
  4. Bulgaria with only 13. I could probably tell you where they all are aswell. Only people with beanie hats and big headphones drink there. The rest drink in the countless far superior independents.
  5. I'm far too pissed to be posting links. King tubby and the observers Rebel dance.
  6. You'd do anything after a cheeky vimto.
  7. There was a girl at the gym tonight so fit I almost cried. She's definitely in the bank.
  8. Reminds me of a fantastic weekend in Brest.
  9. British and Canadian forces liberated Bergen Belsen concentration camp.
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