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  1. He’d only be a skeleton if he was revived. Only his bones were sent to Winterfell, I think. The Arya sex scene didn’t really bother me, you didn’t really see much of anything by GoT standards and it’s character-driven, reminding us she’s now a grown up and seemingly gets whatever she wants since she’s a badass, etc. I think the fact you didn’t see the NK in the last shot with the rest of the walkers (unless I missed him) suggests he’s not there, so I don’t think their plans are going to work. Slow episode but clearly the calm before the storm. I still enjoyed it.
  2. To the day? That's a bit spooky. Also I just cried watching that
  3. I finally have better internet now @lapal_fan, no more dial up for me. Like to see you run me over now.
  4. Ginko

    General Chat

    I often get dragged into Wikipedia black holes, too. Can’t resist a good hyperlink to help me better understand the original article, but twenty minutes later and you’re so far removed from what you initially started to read. I love it. Remember before when all we had was Encarta? Even that was mindblowing to my child brain at the time.
  5. We got a Switch on Black Friday and the girlfriend and I have been having a blast on Mario Kart too. Apart from that I only have Zelda: BotW which I already played after borrowing my mate’s Wii U when it first came out, but it’s still great fun to play. As for Warframe, I take it it’s the same one that’s been on PS4 for a while, right? Haven’t played it much but it was fun. Not the easiest of games to get into though, I found. It wasn’t very clear what I had to do. I had to watch a number of the YouTube videos they had just to figure out how to get going.
  6. Ginko


    Running out of Likes due to this thread I’ve always been quite the farter, and I’ve always found it hilarious. My thinking is thus: The human body is such a complex system made up of a plethora () of organs working together in harmony. If we didn’t release build ups of gas, we would die. It’s a serious and necessary bodily function, but all those hilarious sounds you can make... Nature has quite the sense of humour.
  7. Anyone get the Skysports highlights to work? I couldn’t watch the game and now the damn highlights won’t load for me!
  8. Ginko

    Ice rink

    Looks like an Oni (demon) mask from Japan.
  9. Last few posts remind me of that time someone asked for a photo of Villa Park and everyone photoshopped it in different ways Surely that thread must be in the Halll of Fame?
  10. At the risk of sounding like I'm rehashing an old VT in-joke... it's good, but I think it would have been even better without the caption at the bottom. Let people figure it out.
  11. Does TCS really make that much of a difference? I’ve only played around with it set very low once or twice and I found it very difficult to control. I’ll practice more with it.
  12. It really does! It’s a tight track and I tried being as clean as I could. The third place guy bashed me as he overtook me on the first lap. Aside from that I had a bit of a coming together with the lead car as I overtook him on the inside which was admittedly a bit tight, but oh well.
  13. Won my first online race tonight. I’ve only done nine of them in total, but I’ve barely qualified halfway up the pack and the highest I’d finished before tonight was about 6th, I never got anywhere near the leaders. Just decided to give it a go tonight as I bought a new controller and my R2 works properly now. Did the TT race around Tokyo Expressway and qualified 2nd much to my delight. Managed to get in the lead at the start of the second lap and lead comfortably for the rest of the race. Uploaded a video for anyone who might be interested, though it wasn’t the most exciting of races and I definitely made mistakes. I sometimes get distracted by other players, thinking they know better than I do and lose my racing line, instead adopting a similar one to the cars in front, meaning I make the same silly mistakes they do. Managed to snap out of it on this one though. Silly how nervous I was to hold on to the win!
  14. You’re probably right. What player wouldn’t play in the Prem with a famous club like Manure, but that interview was by manutd.com and the question they asked him referred to coming back so he was hardly going to say, ‘Actually I’m going to stay here at Villa.’ was he? Given the chance he’d stay, but I’m not sure he’ll be good enough for them.
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