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  1. Ginko

    Dean Smith

    I like him and I particularly liked how he played down the fact he was a fan as a kid. Yes it’s a nice story with a tinge of romance but what we need right now is a professional who has a plan and can get to work, and that’s exactly the impression I got from him in the press conference and the interview on the OS. We’ve needed this sort of appointment for the longest time now and what particularly fills me with hope is that it goes further than a change of manager. We have a plan in place and a brand of football we’re aiming for. I hope Smith works out and I think he will, but it’s comforting to know that even if he were to go we have identified a system we want to adopt which makes the process of filling that role that much more focused. This also means the necessary changes can occur but the core philosophy remains the same and trickles all the way down from the first team through to the schoolboys. Much better than the aimless appointments of god knows how long now. It may take some time but I think Smith was absolutely the correct choice and I think he’ll be good for us.
  2. Ginko

    John Terry

    Well he announced his retirement from playing a day or two ago and we made the announcement he’s on our coaching staff so I wouldn’t hold your breath, unfortunately.
  3. Ginko

    Dean Smith

    I’m happy with this appointment and the news that we appear to be restructuring the club in a more modern way is very welcome since we’ve been crying out for it for years now. However, if we ever needed a bit of patience and to get behind the new management and coaching setup, this is that time. As much as we’d all love an instantaneous effect on the pitch, implementing Smith’s methods and the infrastructure above is going to take time. I don’t believe we’ll be going up this year, but I do believe we’ll see improvement towards the latter half of the season which will give us hope for next season. I think we all need to remember that this is a necessary change. We were never going to go up and stay up with Bruce. We should have restructured the club as soon as Xia bought us, hell, as soon as we got relegated really. Finally it seems the new owners have the right idea. I’d love us to immediately start dominating other teams and go for promotion, don’t get me wrong, but if it doesn’t go that way we all need to realise the bigger picture. As long as Smith doesn’t make daft, inexplicable decisions like previous managers and we appear to be moving in the right direction, I’ll be happy. I can’t pretend that I was bowled over when I read the news last night, though I had been travelling for near 24 hours back home from Tokyo so maybe put some of that down to exhaustion. However, given some time to think, this just feels right, and I haven’t had that feeling for a very long time. Fingers crossed and good luck to the new setup. Let’s get right behind them. UTV.
  4. Ginko

    New Manager Speculation

    John Thierry?
  5. Ginko

    New Manager Speculation

    Surely you’d think the new owners would see this as an opportunity to change the philosophy of the club and emulate Wolves last season (god I hate saying that) by going for a young coach rather than appointing an ‘old boy’ with experience. Plenty of time for that if the next appointment were to fail and we were at risk of relegation. Now is the time for a complete overhaul in the club’s infrastructure and to get everything in place to mount a challenge next season, realistically, though if we were to respond to the new approach well theres nothing to say this season is a write-off just yet.
  6. Ginko

    New Manager Speculation

    On holiday in Tokyo right now. It’s 2am and I don’t know if it made the news back home, but we were rudely awoken by a severe earthquake alert at midnight which terrified the crap out of everyone, though we didn’t feel any tremors. My lady and I searched online for news and contacted the hotel reception. Apparently it was reported as being a lot higher on the scale than it really was and it was off the coast a little away from the city. All seems to be well. The one bonus of this whole ordeal (aside from there not being anything to worry about ‘quake-wise, of course) is that I’m awake to learn of Bruce’s departure. I’m not entirely sure the earthquake and the termination of his contract are related. Thanks for trying Steve. He sounds like a nice bloke and I wish him well, but he was never my choice and I never saw us going up and staying up under his management. Now’s the perfect time to change the club’s approach completely. If we can appoint a forward-thinking man higher up and get a younger more tactically astute coach in to get us playing good football, we’ll be on our way.
  7. Ginko

    Steve Bruce

    I think you’re confusing ‘young and good looking’ with a new generation of managers who are naturally going to be younger, a number of them being very driven ex-professionals. Being ex-players of the generation where peak physical fitness really came to the fore, many will naturally abide by the lifestyle of modern footballers by eating well and exercisng regularly, realising that a healthy body and healthy mind go hand-in-hand. They will also have grown up in the era where the modern game was conceived and therefore will be far more tactically astute, head coaches rather than managers. Look at the successful teams and you’ll see the common denominator in many of these is this philosophy. Naturally you’re still have a number of older managers who paved the way for the modern game, but they are few and far between and chances are we could not attract or even afford a big name with that kind of experience. As for your defence of Bruce, that’s your own opinion, but I can’t understand how anyone can see the dire football we’ve played under him since the beginning and realise that’s acceptable for a club of our resources in the league that we’re in. A number of ex-Championship clubs now promoted to the Premier League have shown the way forward, and whereas it’s certainly not impossible to get promoted under Bruce, it’s not a sustainable brand of football if we want to go up and stay up.
  8. Ginko

    All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    Is that a Brummie thing? My uni mates took the piss out of me incessantly for my overpronounced ‘ings’. I’m from Lichfield and don’t have a Brummie accent but most of my family do so I guess it’s the one thing I must have picked up. Thanks! Been wondering about that for years. Thought it was just me.
  9. Ginko

    Gran Turismo Sport

    You’ll always be a D in my eyes, Stef Did my first couple of online races yesterday afternoon. In my first one I came 5th starting from right at the back in 15th, then my second one I started 9th and wound up 7th, though I was 4th until I went off on a corner halfway through and then 1-6th were so far ahead they were impossible to catch. Nice to know those instructional videos really work. Had some German guy try to ram me off the road on the second corner of my first race.
  10. Ginko

    Gran Turismo Sport

    I’m really going to have to try and play nice online. I’ve gotten a lot better the last week or so, not bumping into the ai so much but so far I haven’t played any modes that punish you for it.
  11. Ginko

    Gran Turismo Sport

    It looks like you and Marcus let them overtake you early on. That a tactic of yours? Didn’t want to get taken out on the first corner or something like that?
  12. Ginko

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Can’t wait to try the online stuff once I’ve gotten more used to the game. I’m just going through the Campaign at the moment but I think I’ll give online a try soon, especially now I’ve watched the compulsory training videos to ensure I’ll be a good boy.
  13. Ginko

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Yeah mine does too, like a fine stripy grey effect? I assume it’s intentional. Makes the ugly-ass logo more conspicuous too so it’s a plus in my book. Also, I wore the shirt to football on Tuesday and scored a hat trick so, it works. Not so much for the first team apparently, but for civilians, absolutely.
  14. Ginko

    Gran Turismo Sport

    It’s my controller. I remapped my controls to have accelerate on the R1 and it worked just fine. No problem on any other games but I guess they’re not as sensitive as GT or other racing games. Mystery solved.
  15. Ginko

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Just messed around the traction settings, no difference. I tried uploading but the **** service is temporarily unavailable or some crap like that. I can’t find much online so I doubt it’s an issue with the game as a whole, just mine for whatever reason. I saw something about controller triggers not registering as fully held down properly but my car is maxing out on the revs, it’s just like I’m driving a super slow car. I’ve tried auto and manual but yeah, I can’t even hit 13 seconds and it’s literally weaving around two damn cones. Same issue on the first challenge and that’s literally driving in a straight line. On the official videos, the guy is getting into third before hitting the finish line but I don’t even get out of second before I cross. I’ll keep trying to upload a video, I must be doing something really dumb without knowing.