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  1. Hopefully the only player he’s replacing is Hourihane, but if he does end up replacing Barkley, it might be to allow McGinn to play further forward in the Barkley role next season.
  2. Today I joined the next generation I instantly regretted not preordering one, but to be fair that was before I knew I was getting a handsome Christmas bonus from work this year. As soon as I found that out a couple of weeks ago, I've been keeping fairly close tabs on the next wave of stock. I managed to snag a digital edition from Amazon yesterday and it got delivered an hour or so ago. I'm downloading Spider-Man: Miles Morales as we speak. I'm sure I'll cave and get Demon's Souls over the weekend, too.
  3. Bit late to the party with this one, but this is my favourite thing he was a part of:
  4. I love Star Wars and Souls games, but I just think this title was lacking a fair bit. The story had its moments, but overall it felt a bit weak and I think it fell into that trap that a lot of Star Wars media falls into when it's farmed out to other companies – namely that they're obviously not allowed to mine the depths of the existing lore too much, so they have to make up a lot of new ideas, most of which fall a bit flat. It was also buggy as hell and the combat lacked the finesse and weight of a From Software game. Oh, and 99% of the aesthetic collectibles looked crap, so I prett
  5. Ginko


    I'd love these games if: a) They got rid of Quick Time Events – the worst thing to happen to gaming. and; b) Cutscenes didn't make up 90% of the damn game. I watched my girlfriend play Yakuza 6 a couple of months back and my GOD. I swear some of them went on for over twenty minutes. I realise that would essentially make them completely different games, however, though it sounds like the shift to turn-based combat might be more my sort of thing.
  6. Watched this yesterday and it does look great, but the cynic in me cant help but wonder if it is actual gameplay or if it’s pre-rendered. The lack of HUD obviously doesn’t really mean anything, and if it is pre-rendered then they’ve done a great job, but it just doesn’t look quite like actual gameplay to me.
  7. Arkham Knight is easily the worst of the three Rocksteady Batman games (Arkham Origins is actually the worst, but it wasn’t made by Rocksteady). Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are by far the best, so you should try them, though if you’re not a fan of the controls then maybe it’s just not for you. I personally think the combat system used in the Arkham games is the best I’ve ever played. Spider-man is good too, but honestly I think it’s a bit overrated. Combat is decent but nowhere near as weighty as the Arkham games, or indeed God of War. Story-wise Spidey is also a bit forgettable, a
  8. Which one, out of interest? God of War is a great game though, probably my GOTY for 2018. I've never played the previous games in the series as they seemed a bit cheesy, and hack 'n' slash really isn't my bag, but the 2018 game looked too good to resist, especially with the move to Norse mythology. Really need to go back and finish that final bloody Valkyrie at some point, but I may need to New Game + it just to familiarise myself with all the moves.
  9. Feels a bit basic and unpolished to me. I was a massive fan of the Rogue Squadron games on the N64 and Gamecube, but so far this has yet to kindle the same kind of excitement. I played those missions over and over as a kid, but so far the missions in SW:S seem a bit dull. And the on rails point-and-click bits in between missions that are presumably meant to be inspired by the X-Wing/TIE Fighter PC flight sims are just boring. The characters are lame and the story so far is naff, which would all be fine if those bloody sections didn’t last as long. I assume you can skip them, so it’s proba
  10. Gesundheit. That’s not where the username comes from, but I’ll take it. Better than Pissflaps, at any rate
  11. Ah, fair enough. It was a very similar Twitter handle though, if I recall.
  12. I’m pretty sure that’s the account that a few weeks ago promised news at a certain time. When that time came round, he openly admitted he was a fake and made fun of all the people following him for believing ITK accounts on Twitter.
  13. Seems like a nice guy, just didn’t have the drive to force himself into the starting eleven, and it’s not like the RAM position hasn’t been up for grabs. I wish him well, he’d be a good pickup for a Championship team. Hopefully this means another AM coming in soon, as it seems strange to terminate a contract otherwise. That sounds like a last resort move to free up space and wages. It also means freeing up the best shirt number in professional sports. Hopefully the next player who takes it will be worthy of it
  14. Picked up Nier: Automata on the Big in Japan PSN sale. It's pretty good, and I'm not usually one for hack and slash or bullet hell. The combat is fun, the dodge/parry is infinitely forgiving (though I'm only playing on Normal difficulty, admittedly) and the upgrades aren't as daunting as I first thought. The music and visuals are great and whilst it's not quite Catherine levels of Japanese bonkers… ness, it still has it's moments. Certainly a niche game though.
  15. Very happy with this, I've always rated him. I don't even mind if it's not a loan-to-buy, it's not like he's really at the stage where he needs much development. Good statement signing from the club and will hopefully give us a bit more quality in midfield and help us maintain possession. Feel a bit for Connor – assuming that's whose spot he'll be taking – but hopefully that'll light a fire under him.
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