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  1. I don’t remember telling you guys about that...
  2. I'm a bit confused too, but NV's comments above (I believe he's seen the kits, right?) seem to suggest that away and third kit mock-up are pretty much correct but the home strip is not? Guess we'll just have to wait until they're unveiled, whenever that is. Sometime in July I think I read? Nice and specific.
  3. My Leeds-supporting mate seems to think we've got no chance - reckons Bielsa will walk if they sell him. I don't think this one will happen and, as others have stated, you'd like to think we could find someone playing abroad for cheaper. I don't think it's a stretch to think we have enquired about him, but I think that's about as far as it's gone. I'd be happy if we signed him, mind you.
  4. Even though I know he’s signed and it’s been officially announced by the club, the fact this thread still has a ‘loan in’ tag makes me anxious. Is this normal behaviour?
  5. Yup. I don’t think he creates enough for himself to be a good Prem striker, much less a top one. £25 million could be better spent elsewhere.
  6. Second playthrough for me, this time on the Switch (mate leant me his Wii U first time) and I still love it. I’ve been working through the DLC lately which I did find a bit of a slog at times, but I have my cycle zero now which is fun and will help me locate the last twenty or so shrines. The Master Sword upgrade quest is a ball ache though. Some of those levels are tough without your equipment and it’s straight back to the start if you die. Just did the medium level (the last 5 were much easier than the 5 in the dark before them) but I’m not sure I could do the next upgrade assuming it gets even tougher.
  7. Either the tunic like @Stevo985 says, or I believe you could find some peppers on the plateau to cook that would give you buff against cold for a time. Either that or I think equipping a torch (that’s aflame of course) protects from the cold.
  8. I thought it was brilliant but a couple of my friends who love these films more than I do came out of it quite disappointed, so you’re not not alone @leemond2008. I’d need to see it again for a proper deconstruction but there’s only a couple of things that irked me...
  9. He’d only be a skeleton if he was revived. Only his bones were sent to Winterfell, I think. The Arya sex scene didn’t really bother me, you didn’t really see much of anything by GoT standards and it’s character-driven, reminding us she’s now a grown up and seemingly gets whatever she wants since she’s a badass, etc. I think the fact you didn’t see the NK in the last shot with the rest of the walkers (unless I missed him) suggests he’s not there, so I don’t think their plans are going to work. Slow episode but clearly the calm before the storm. I still enjoyed it.
  10. To the day? That's a bit spooky. Also I just cried watching that
  11. I finally have better internet now @lapal_fan, no more dial up for me. Like to see you run me over now.
  12. Ginko

    General Chat

    I often get dragged into Wikipedia black holes, too. Can’t resist a good hyperlink to help me better understand the original article, but twenty minutes later and you’re so far removed from what you initially started to read. I love it. Remember before when all we had was Encarta? Even that was mindblowing to my child brain at the time.

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