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  1. Very happy with this, I've always rated him. I don't even mind if it's not a loan-to-buy, it's not like he's really at the stage where he needs much development. Good statement signing from the club and will hopefully give us a bit more quality in midfield and help us maintain possession. Feel a bit for Connor – assuming that's whose spot he'll be taking – but hopefully that'll light a fire under him.
  2. True, but you'd like to think we've given Bremen a deadline for this to be wrapped up this week. If they don't play ball then hopefully we'll use the final week of the window to approach our second choice target and get it sorted quickly.
  3. You get them with all clubs, mate. Unfortunately they’re the ones that shout loudest, but I choose to believe they’re the minority. I‘m sure I’m not the only one who has really appreciated and enjoyed your information regarding Rashica, but I’d understand if you felt like keeping stuff to yourself from now on. It no doubt seems like a thankless task.
  4. Part of me thinks that even if we did have a signing to announce, they'd leave it until tomorrow to ensure maximum media exposure. Any signing today is just going to be overshadowed by Jack signing a new contract.
  5. The first line of this post is guesswork and we'll never know, just like we'll never know if Suso was the real issue. The second, third and fourth are pure speculation based on absolutely nothing other than your own biased opinions and you don't even have a shred of proof for any of it. As for the last line, since Purslow has been in charge we've been promoted to the Premier League a year ahead of schedule and then survived that first year. We also appear to be spending big for the second season in a row so we can move onto the next stage. If he starts doing a bad job in line with NSWE's
  6. I can understand people's concerns, but I'm always of the opinion that we should give all the players we sign a chance before writing them off. He hasn't even signed yet, let alone kicked a football wearing a Villa shirt, and who knows what's been going on at Lyon behind the scenes? Sometimes a player just doesn't work out somewhere for multiple reasons, but at another club, in a different country and working under a new manager and coaches, they could become a different player. Assuming those stats posted above are correct, they're not even that bad. If we end up signing him we should g
  7. I’ll be pleased if we don’t get Wilson, don’t get me wrong, but it worries me we were in for him in the first place. For that reason, I’m struggling a little to believe that we’re looking at more ambitious targets, but I remain hopeful. I must admit, as good a job as Smith has done with us in his time here, I do worry that he’s a big reason as to why we may be struggling to attract quality players, particularly those from outside the UK. It would definitely be harsh on him, but I can’t help but wonder if we’ll be sitting here in a few months time wishing our owners had been more ruth
  8. Must be. The alliteration of Acacia Avenue also just sounds right. I actually thought it was Acacia Avenue at first, but decided to do my research and check the intro on YouTube before I posted. I was as surprised as you are.
  9. Says the man who started it!
  10. Not according to this... Edit - Beat me to it.
  11. Pretty sure it is, and he lives at 29 Acacia Road.
  12. A bit niche, but I like it.
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