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    I love this football club, I love Villa Park, the lights, the noise, us. I love what the game does to me, how it makes me feel, that it makes me feel, how it brings me together with the people I love and creates memories that don't fade. I love the cold, the smoke bombs, the passion, the songs, this team, all of it, the bad times and the way they make the good times so good, the times where you wonder why you bother and the times like tonight when you just know it's perfect and always will be, I love Jack Grealish, I love late goals, I love this football club. Aston Villa FC. I love it. Also Egypt.
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    What a result. Shit game management by Smith though. What the hell did Elmo, Davis or Trezeguet actually bring to the party?
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    Observations: We go to Wembley an awful lot because we’re fkn massif Nyland was a fkn boss again Jack Grealish pisses all over Maddison Elmo cross was hella underrated Trezeguet may actually learn confidence tonight Samatta knows how to be in the right place Pitch Invasion was bit OTT but we’re a crazy bunch who love our club Purslow loved slapping Grealish arse a bit too much Brendan Rodgers last 2 cup exits in 5 years have come at the hands of the almighty Leicester are an excellent side but we’ve proved we’re good enough for the PL in these 2 legs Keinan Davis is a massive plus for the run-in
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    4m watching the semi final. Could have the whole of Tanzania watching the final!
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    All we need now is for Man City to go on a Winter tour of China.
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    Dude has an awesome villa tattoo on his arm and has left Barcelona to sign for villa. His family are huge villa fans and he is regarded as one of the hottest prospects in the game. Yet there nothing but a bunch of snidey criticism about the guys appearance and whether he is ready or not for first team action. This place baffles me sometimes I swear. Welcome Louie. You are living the dream. No one knows when or if you will make it here but good luck fella
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    **** Anfield. There's only one Villa Park. It's the home of football.
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    Hilarious. I didn't know I was writing a **** essay which was going to be marked. C-
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    Fair play to you, very clinical and took your chances, just seemed to want it more than we did Nyland and the back 3 (especially Nyland) were like a brick wall over both legs, we struggled to get the one goal and I thought it would be penalties because we would struggle to get another Do it for all the non Big 6 teams in England and beat Man City in the final! Would be good to see another Midlands team in Europe next season! As for Mike Dean and VAR they can do one!
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    Mate have a word. We were the better team for long periods against a team that were in last year's champions league final.
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    Nyland should play the final, wouldn't be there without him over the 2 games
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    I find it amazing that after years of people moaning about Bruce being too defensive, we now have a manager who isn't as defensive, has got us promoted, got us into a cup final and is on track to keep us in the premier league; and people are complaining that we should be more defensive.
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    Great interview. Bolded the football bits I particularly enjoyed. Joe gets it.
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    Genuine question for those that expected a relegation battle this season but still think Smith should go or is out of his depth or whatever...what did you expect from a relegation battle? I mean we're inconsistent, sometimes downright awful, our squad depth isn't great, a lot of players just don't tick enough boxes to be top players, our younger players aren't quite up to the physicality of the PL yet, I get all that, but we're 16th in a season where 17th is a good achievement, and if any of those things weren't true we'd be a lot higher in the league. Hell, the way this seasons gone we'd probably be 5th! I get the impression that some people accept 17th is a good result, but want to get there without ever playing badly, going on bad runs, or seriously considering relegation, it's bizzare
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    Not sure if you’re serious? Owners saved us from the brink, invested as much as they could and we’re 16th and in a cup final. You should be on your knees thanking them.
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    Twitter ITKs fighting over credibility is one of life's tragic little cul-de-sacs.
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    I **** love VillaTalk, and I love each and every person that has posted in here. To share strength, vulnerability, advice, consolation - it's amazing. I can understand the feeling of having "no friends". I've used inverted commas because I believe the definition of friends has changed. Relationships and social interaction have changed. I've lived in so many cities and countries that it's been hard to have long-lasting friendships in the traditional manner - Sundays down the pub watching football, hanging out, popping round for a brew. But I know I have a network of people that care about me. And a real core of that is right here. I've had ups and downs with mental health, and some real dark downs lately. I've not posted about it in this thread recently, but it's been a comfort to know I could. @kurtsimonw @Jimzk5 @Stevo985 @KentVillan and many others - to come in here and talk so openly about perceived weakness takes a huge amount of courage. Even if we're virtual strangers, we're all virtual community. Virtual family. I feel a deep level of care and kinship for so many people on VT, and particularly in this thread. For me, that makes us friends.
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    Villa Fans - the 6 stages of grief. 1st Jan - Ya boi Piatek or Alcacer!, splash dat cash! 10th Jan - well, Saltek looks ok, 4 in 49?, not 2 bad. 20th Jan - urm, how about Benteke, bring him home??, 4 in 61......might work out??? 31st Jan AM - would prob take Callum Robinson, he has some friends at the club??? 31st Jan PM - Glenn Murray..........? Jan 31st Post 11pm - *to be fair we are ok with the squad we have, didn't need another striker anyways*
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    Social Media ffs
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    Credit to Douglas and Nakamba tonight, too. They were as good tonight as they were frustrating in the first leg. That's what you get with young players. Luiz in particular looked like a Brazilian international tonight.
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    Leicester never lost a cup semi final until tonight. Brendan Rodgers undefeated at Villa Park until tonight. Dean Smith has been manager for less than two seasons and given us two Wembley finals - so STOP F**KING MOANING ABOUT HIM!
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    Without Engles’ stupid error, it would have finished 2-2 and most of us would have been pleased with a point. Fine margins make all the difference.
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    Maybe it is human nature of most fans to over play the hand of other clubs and under play the hand of the club you support. The bottom line is though that 25 games in, with some of the other clubs in relegation mire having played 26, we find ourselves out of the relegation places. We can be doom and gloom and say that we won't maintain our points per game and other sides below will pick up but recent form shows we are actually doing better than every other club around us. I know it is hard but I think there is much to be hopeful about and I also think it would be beneficial as hard as it may be for those of us who are going to the upcoming games if we can avoid being edgy as that will only transmit to the players.
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    I think we just have to be aware of what we are. don't get carried away when we win don't get depressed when we don't. I think it will be like this, through to the end of the season....highs and lows.
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    If we were to put him on the transfer list at £60m there would be a queue of clubs the length of the pitch at Villa Park with the cheque in their hand. In my opinion if we wanted to sell him quickly we'd be looking at £90-100m and if we don't want to sell him then someone had best go looking for £140m behind the sofa. £60m doesn't get you anywhere near Jack Grealish in this market.
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    It is one thing to beat Leicester’s best ever team in their best ever era, as a newly promoted club with a brand new team. But beating the referee, the media, the pundits, the bookies and that utter clearing in the woods Andy Hinchcliffe and their beloved Brendan Rogers is especially pleasurable.
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    That’s a bit unrealistic mate, I can’t see Man U scoring.
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    Yeah we’ve all been there, had a few drinks, got a bit caught up in the atmosphere and before you know it spent £30,000,000.
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    It's exasperating - football has found a way to get just about all of its tricks into that one. Opponent getting away with potentially being down to ten men after six minutes? Check. Dodgy penalty given on VAR? Check. Missing chances to put the opponent away in the first half an hour? Check. Cards only issued to one team? Check. Individual errors costing you at key moments? Check. Injury time opposition winner? Check. It had just about every way to mess you up that was available, and it's frustrating that very good performances from Samatta, Guilbert, El Ghazi, Reina, Targett and Grealish don't matter at the end of it. I thought we were the better of the two sides, it was a close game between two very evenly matched sides that I felt we edged. Beating a team can be more difficult than being better than them, beating two teams is incredibly difficult and Martin Atkinson treated us to another one-eyed display to add to his collection, beating three teams is almost impossible and the boys in front of the monitors have very slowly made a bad decision to change the game too. We looked decent going forward, our passing game providing a contrast to Spurs lumping balls into the channels (both teams playing against type) I thought Samatta did really well and El Ghazi did a great job of taking the game to them - at the other end, Moura looked a threat all game, Son never stopped running and the Dutch lad was lively too. The first half was dominated by the shambles that is the Spurs back four and the omnishambles that is Premier league refereeing - and yet the game has finished on a defensive error at our end that's let them in. It's a cruel mistress. I thought there were eight bookable offences in the game, six committed by Spurs players and two by Villa players - there were two cards issued, both to those Villa players. In fairness, he got those two decisions right. How Aurier didn't get at least one booking for his three fouls on Jack in the first ten minutes will remain a mystery to anyone who believes that the multi-billion pound TV show is refereed by neutrals. I'm trying very hard to still be in that group. The added layer this year allows them extra scope to ensure things go the "right" way and the VAR penalty is utter bobbins. No man in football deserves the sack more than Mike Riley - and there really ought to be a lot more noise about him personally. But, the injustice of the first half at least sparked us into life in the second and we thoroughly deserved the equaliser and looked like we might go on to win it - there's a little lack of belief though I think that stops up taking that extra step and then our penchant for unforced errors catches up with us. Credit to the Tottenham front three - they kept making runs all game and troubled us, and Son (who should have been booked for a shocking dive in the second half, make that nine bookable offences) took his late opportunity really well. Lo Celso looked decent when he came on, but beyond that they look a poor side. it was interesting seeing Dele Alli and Jack Grealish on opposite sides and making that comparison in terms of the England team - Alli was poor throughout and invisible in the second half and Jack was the best player on the pitch - the more you see Grealish in direct opposition to those that are considered rivals, the more you realise that he's a class apart from some of them - he's ten times the player Alli is and I'm not sure we appreciate him enough. There were points in this for us today, points that we desperately need, points that we haven't got. The injustice of it, the poor luck of it, the self inflicted calamity of it those things don't matter at all, the good performance, the energy, the movement, the passing, the determination we showed - those don't matter either. What matters is that this is another game that's passed by without a point added to our total. Twelve more chances remain - if we can perform like we did today, cut out a couple of errors and find a level playing field, there's no reason to think we can't take some of them.
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    Won't be letting a last minute goal overshadow a game where we matched a top side. We were much better than before the winter break and deserved at least a point imo. We just made one too many errors today. Simple as that. Gutting to lose in that fashion, but there's still positives to take.
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    Chukwemeka, name just rolls off the tongue. Good thing is if he get's knocked down he'd just get up again, they are never going to keep him down. I just hope he doesn't drink a Whiskey drink, and then drinks a Vodka drinkand then drinks a Lager drink, and then drinks a Cider drink.
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    I am not being funny mate but is is hardly a shock is it that team struggling has deficiencies. You say you expected this season to be a struggle, it turns out to be a struggle and now you seem a little put out that we have certain problems in our game. You are right we concede too many as we struggle defensively and to retain possession. Watford don't score enough and I guess their supporters could give you reasons why. Likewise Bournemouth. Norwich don't score many and concede loads. West Ham like us always look good for a goal but concede too many. It is exactly what you'd expect from teams struggling they either concede too many, don't score many or both. I am no more concerned now than I was at the start of the season. In fact I am thankful that as I had hoped we are making a real fist of staying up and 25 games in find ourselves it seems in with 5 other sides trying to keep ourselves above two of them and at the moment achieving it. I'd have taken that at the start of the season and obviously have expected that being in that position would mean we'd have struggled in certain parts of our game. As for us going down if it happens I'll cross that bridge if we come to it but I already know we'll be in a stronger position financially than had we have stayed down and squad wise, despite obviously losing 3 or 4 of our best players, will still have solid foundations of a squad to build on to compete for promotion. That discussion is hopefully one we won't need to have though if we can maintain what we have done over the last 25 games.
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    I see that even after the recent run, at the first setback it's "Smith out/is shit" all over again! **** me. We can still get a result here, and even if we lose it's a blow but we have a lot of games to get the points we ned to stay up.
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    annoyed i missed Brendan moaning how awesome his team where and how they deserved to win comfortably, the arrogant *****
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    Thank you and thanks for the other messages chaps Like I said I wasn't really ready to talk about my situation bit after reading what kurtsimonw posted I wanted to let him know he isn't alone
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    I find this staggering. Not just the content of the post, not the fact you’ve managed to somehow spell ‘neck’ wrong, but the fact it’s come from you, SGC. You have claimed that nearly every one of our academy products over the years will go on to great things. You still claim RHM will be better than Harry Kane. Players that have gone on to ply their trade in the conference south were once lauded as future superstars by yourself. And here we have a player that has come through our academy, an absolute superstar in the making the like of which we may never produce again, and you’re claiming he doesn’t warrant the praise he is receiving from nearly every pundit in the world. Has he done something to your family? ’Doesn’t dominate the game’, ‘Doesn’t take a game by the scruff of the kneck’. Those are two things he absolutely does in nearly every single game he plays. He is literally our only attacking threat in most matches, he never drops his head and he continues to fight hard until the very last kick. His attitude is absolutely superb and it compliments his incredible ability. It’s very rare, unless it’s something posted by VillaLad, that you come across a post so wide of the mark on this forum. I think you need to wind your kneck in sunshine.
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    You do know that Grealish is the one with the floppy hair and short socks yes? Your entitled to have an opinion (which is wrong by the way) but all that you have described there is the complete opposite of how Jack goes about his business so I think you actually don't know which one Grealish is.
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    I just watched his post match interview. He was obvs gutted with the result but I found his comments about his own performance interesting. He commented how he needs more time to get up to speed, that he's come from Belgium and that the level in the Premier League is so much higher, and that he needs to understand the 'culture' of the team so he can offer more. He seemed v professional and confident of his ability to execute. He seems like a bit of a thinker as well as a fox in the box. I really like him.
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    Been with my other half for 3 years next month. Last night, we went to a Stewart Lee gig (paging @tonyh29 ), it was a great night out. We met for the first time after chatting online for a few days and I mentioned I had a spare ticket to his show in 2017. We were at the same venue, sat in the same seats. We had a chat with him afterwards, I told him the story, thanked him for playing a small part in bringing us together, mentioned we were getting married in a few months and he gave us a free dvd of his last tour and signed it wishing us a happy marriage. Top night, and he's a bloody nice bloke.
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    There's room for pragmatism and sentimentality in any successful venture. Veering too far one way or the other is what leads to problems. It's ok to both think that Chester is no longer good enough to be of use to us while also being grateful for what he did for us. Part of the reason he's not good enough is that he sacrificed his own health and well-being (and future) to do what he could for us. People are simply taking offense at how you don't seem to care about any of it because it isn't right now, but trust me, if this organization treats players as nothing more than numbers in a spreadsheet, that's how the club will be treated in return.
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    Not once did I ever doubt this guy.
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    As we are approaching the 2nd leg of Carabao League Cup semi-final v Leicester on Tuesday, I thought people may be interested to see my 2nd leg programme from very first league cup final which we won over two legs against Rotherham. Due to congestion the previous season, we couldn’t play the final till the 1961/62 season. Despite its historical significance and the opportunity to win a cup, there was only a crowd of 31,202 at VP. As an 8 year old, I was one of them! We got off to a disastrous start in the first leg losing 2-0 at Rotherham in August. A month later at Villa park, we were still behind on agreggate by the 66th minute. Then Alan O’Neil and Harry Burrows pulled it back to 2-2 by 90 minutes. In extra time the legend that is Peter McParland made it three - nil and won the very first league cup for Aston Villa FC. After the match McParland described Villa fans as “the greatest fans in football” for urging the team on throughout the game. Nearly 60 years later, beat Leicester on Tuesday and we have a chance at Wembley of making it 6 League cups - Man City may have other ideas of course. UTV

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