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    Our squad is capable of far more than our manager. That is all.
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    Don't get the negativity and anti Bruce thing on here tonight.
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    This guy is a monster!
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    Really hope the Abraham rumours are true. At 6'3" he is the ideal man to replace Jedinak.
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    If he signs - what a player If not - he's old and sh*t anyway I will adopt either stance when it becomes clear
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    God, ent the Championship great? A game every day, finding shitty streams of people who don't know how to operate a phone or a casting device, so we see a shaky phone held vertically pointing at a tv half way across the room, while the family who sound as thick as pig shit are audibly yelling and swearing at the latest scapegoat. Your patience, getting slimmer and slimmer until you shout "SHUT THE **** UP YOU THICK WANKS!", then realise you're in the living room, the 3 year old is crying and your wife is looking at you disgustedly. Then because the stream was that bad you check up on VT and think "why did I bother? We're obviously the worst team in the world and I'll never live to see another 3 points". So you plan to tape the highlights on Channel 5 later that night because you're a tight bugger who refuses to buy sky and your Modro only works if we're on Sky sports. But then at 10pm when you settle into your sofa, huge gut hanging out and resting on your thighs, your pants barely visible through your net curtains you have because you live on a shitty main road on Erdington High Street.. God you just hate the Polish, don't ya? So you flick eagerly to the "recorded shows" part of your 15 year old Virgin box and to your horror there is no Championship, League 1 or League 2 highlights package...! So you flick furiously through the guide, pressing the wrong combination of buttons and ending up on the kids tv channel selection because **** me, your hands are fat. Eventually you hit the "search" function, misspell Championship 4 times and there it is... a channel called Quest.. "What the **** is "QUEST??" you mutter, before clicking series link. You're understandably upset by this. You managed to watch 67 mins of that shitty stream before the yokles did your head in enough to think "**** this, **** you". You had it all planned... **** Quest.. You hope to watch it on catch up.. "sorry, this programme is not available for catch up"... "fuuuuuuuuuu" you grumble. So in your defeat you flick over the Babestation and hope to see a tit or two before nigh nigh's. Sleep well, tired prince.. sleep well. *lights up, rapturous applause*
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    I thought people’s main critique of Bruce was that he was too defensive and played long balls. But tonight we weren’t defensive and we didn’t play long balls, so why are people still saying ‘Bruce out’? When we win apparently it’s just the performance that matters, and when we don’t; it’s the result. Starting to sound like the bloke can’t win with some people.
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    Haven't been this excited since Tonev.
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    I think if Bruce sells him his vision he will choose Boro
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    Disagree, success breeds success. Not having a dig at you, but I hate the attitude that will be trotted out later that it’s something we can do without.
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    Will go down as the most shafted Premier League manager in history.
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    Good first 60 minutes then reverted to type. Bruce out if we have any aspirations of going up this year.
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    Imagine how salty Bristol City fans will be when we line up with Adomah, Kodjia, Bolasie and Abraham...
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    I think you have to be blind not to see how he makes excuses for himself. Talks about wanting younger players and younger squad but he is the one who went down the experience route and used that to justify our high wage bill. He then talks about how things would have been different if Fredericks went off in the final but yesterday says its more difficult against 10 men. Which is it Steve?
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    Very true in every way, I really enjoyed watching the game and do hope this is us from now on. If this is what Bruce is working for then I am for him staying with that style of football, our lads looked like a bunch of rampant Bulls chasing down there opponents, where every player had red on there shirt and they were not getting away. Keep this up Bruce, keep getting our lads working on this style, it certainly looked like we had learnt alot in tonight's game, we deserved the win.. Well played, just a shame maupay got away with that stamp. I think in circumstances like that the replay technology should of came into play and he should of been off, we would of won.
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    There isn't time to explain here - can I get you a ticket for tomorrow night?
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