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    When Dean Smith arrived, it was generally agreed that he had inherited a squad with some serious flaws. In addition it was widely thought that it would be difficult to get these players playing a more attacking style. He’ll need time was the general consensus. However he did quickly get us playing much better in regard to both performances and results. Recently we have had a lot of injuries, including 2 of our best players and performances have inevitably suffered. Incredibly some people are now, after only 14 games in charge and with barely any opportunity to bring in players, are questioning Smith. I find this unbelievable. I also hear people questioning why we haven’t signed players in one position or the other. It really beggars belief that anyone with an interest in football can’t see that it isn’t as simple as a trip to ASDA. People are even questioning why there aren’t any rumours, as though rumours from the internet are equivalent to hacking into the club’s private email account. I know we live in a world where people expect everything now, but a bit of common sense please.
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    This fixture always brings back memories. It was the first away fixture I ever went to around 50 years ago My dad took me. The old chap is 90 now, with early dementia. Poor old bugger cant remember how to use the remote for the TV But he can remember the whole team that played that day
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    Partly to do with the selling club wanting to have a ready made replacement in line before selling I guess. You don't want to go into the season with only 2 CB's having loaned out or released the rest and hoping a midfielder will do the job. Only a moron would think that a good idea.
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    My mate is a an obsessive Wolves fan and inspite of that has immense football knowledge. I thoroughly respect his opinion and he thinks Hause is unlucky not to be playing for them regularly, thinks he could easily do well in the PL and would be a great signing for us. In return i have told him Abraham is far from the finished article, wouldn't make it in the PL and they can shove any bid up their arse, which I think he really appreciated.
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    Anyone who is criticizing smith needs to just **** right off. This is Bruce's team. Bruce's mess. Smith has got us playing brilliantly and is trying to sort the blatantly obvious problems asap I.e kalinic. Give your heads a wobble
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    Merry Christmas to my villa talk family I wish you all a great day celebrating. Eat drink and get fat or In demglish Ate drank adn gte aft
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    That's the effect of Brexit on Hause prices.
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    It's been mentioned already but think it really does need putting in perspective how well Smith has done since he's come in, and how promising it looks if we can get a little bit of luck for the remainder of the season. The teams in red are who we played when Bruce was manager, the green being since Smith has taken over. Automatics are very ambitious I think, as regardless of how well we do, it's more the amount of teams we'd have to overtake and Leeds, Norwich and WBA are all very strong, while if through nothing else but sheer pragmatism Boro will be up there. However at this point I'd be very surprised not to see us looking strong for the play-offs come the end of the season. Hopefully a bit of fortune with injuries, a couple of necessary additions, and more time for Smith & co to further implement their methods are all to come. Villa have thought me more than enough times down the years to never be too confident, but it speaks to the job Smith has done thus far that I'm - perhaps naively - ignoring it all over again.
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    So that's: P12 W6 D3 L3 Points 21/36 In a fixture list that's included the teams placed: 1st 2nd 3rd 5th 6th 7th 8th 10th 11th 13th (twice) and 22nd. That is quite remarkable when you think about it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we'd still be in playoff contention after this set of fixtures. Incredible job by Smith.
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    I've been ill in bed with sinusitis since Thursday, and managed to top it off with a migraine yesterday that got so bad it made me cry. Managed to surface today, thankfully, so I've seen the kids open their presents. I'm supposed to be cooking dinner so we'll see how I'm feeling. Anyway, Merry Christmas you lot. I've never met most of you, and yet you often feel like some of my most precious friends.
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    After coming through our nightmare-ish run in December with flying colours, we go into the new year with a far more forgiving schedule on the horizon. We've now got the 'easiest' run in the league over the next 6 games based solely on league position. Our opponents AVERAGE 17.67 in the league with Leeds, West Brom & Norwich at the other end of the table hopefully about to drop some points. We need to flat track bully from here onwards if we're to even think of automatic promotion.
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    It’s the 3rd of January. We’ve signed a keeper, which I might add came out of almost nowhere and we appear to be on the verge of signing a CB from Wolves. That’s a pretty good start. Yes we need a LB. I think it’s debateable if the need for a LB was more pressing than the need for a keeper of CB personally, despite me probably being Hutton’s biggest critic, I’d argue not but that’s beside the point. Smith, Suso and the team will have identified areas we need to improve and a list of targets in each position. Normally there will be 3 or 4 for each position and they will be working through them. There are so many variables. The top target might be interested but not for sale, or he might be for sale subject to a replacement. Or we might have gone some way down the line with the top target then had to start again with a lower target. The process of identifying and signing players has been going on for weeks but it’s complex and open to so so many variables. I don’t think an absence of rumours is reason to think that things aren’t happening, I don’t think that is not having signed a LB by the 3rd is an indication that it isn’t being treated as a priority. I get the frustration especially when we are throwing away points but I’m confident they see what we all see, we’ve made so many mistakes in the market we need to try and start getting things right.
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    Grrrrrr and also Aaaaaargh. It's all very well adding eleven minutes at the end, but it doesn't really make much difference if you're still going to continue to allow the time wasting. That game lasted for 104 minutes and a good 70 of those were spent with their right back taking throw ins as slowly as he possibly could, from wherever he liked. We opened slowly but methodically built to the point where we put some pressure on them and then scored. Even in that opening twenty minutes though, there had already been some time wasting from their keeper and a succession of pull backs and fouls, none of which had tempted a card from the referee. We then went into a slightly lazy mode having scored and they pulled a wonder goal out of the bag. As soon as it went in, they pushed the time wasting and the fouls a little more until by half time, they were perfectly satisfied they understood the referee. The keeper took the slightest of flicks from Kodjia, there was next to nothing in it - it took seven minutes for the physios to ask him if he was alright and comb his eyebrows a few times - in so far as I could see, there was no blood. There really ought to be some sort of rule with players that if an injury can't be treated in five minutes an enforced substitution has to take place, other than in the case of the most serious injures (Neck, spinal etc). The actions of their physio who came back onto the field of play to treat a keeper who had started the process of taking the free kick were a disgrace and I'd like to see him fined. The game then became a bit frantic through our frustrations and they scored on the break, our bench were incensed by the QPR tactics, our players were too and our discipline went a little. The two subs changed it and we deserved the equaliser, but it was hard getting anything going because of the cheating. The number two, as well as his two-minute-throw-in routine also went down on four separate occasions holding the back of his head - getting up just in time to avoid the physio having to come on in each case - I can only imagine he'd bumped it getting off the bus. I hope he bumps it again getting back on. They were vile throughout, fouls, pushing and the worst time wasting I think I've ever seen. How the number two goes home without a booking is utterly beyond me. The man who knows would be our referee; Mr Linington - it's not a name I've seen before and I would assume on this performance, not a name I'll see again - he never had any sort of control over this game at all, from the opening moments he was managed and controlled by QPR. A referee of any sort of ability whips out a couple of cards immediately after half time for time wasting and we get a game of football. He's awful and I hope he has lovely 2019 in whichever other profession he decides to take up; refereeing ain't for you James. For us, I thought the key thing (and it was really noticeable) was how tired our middle two looked - McGinn's attitude gets him through games, he's still trying to McGinn along, but the legs have lost some snap, Hourihane looks knackered - both are ghosts of the players we had a month ago. Bjarnason was our best midfielder on the day, simply through not looking like he'd run the London marathon as a warm up. We miss Grealish that's obvious, but I think what's perhaps been overlooked is that we really miss Lansbury - he'd be perfect to have given each of these two a rest over the Christmas period. Elphick improved the defence, we look like a team with two centrebacks, it's not perfect but it's better - Bree looked good for long periods and then would occasionally spoil it with a bad pass, I'd persist with him. Hutton was poor today - the touch wasn't there. Jed Steer didn't do anything of note, but he also doesn't make me feel afraid. Adomah looked good for an hour I thought. Kodjia looked dangerous to a point, but then got every single decision he made wrong. Take him on again when the cross is there, cross to an empty box, shoot when there's a man unmarked in a better position. I remain completely unconvinced by Jimmy the winger. The two that came on looked full of life and ideas and running and I thought if either team deserved to win on the balance of play it was us, but then I also thought that if either team deserved to win on the basis of karma, or the principles of the game, or sporting principles, it was definitely us. Best player on the pitch was Abraham - he was strong against the barrel-on-legs 37 of theirs, he was excellent at holding the ball and linking play, he called their keeper a couple of names that he thoroughly deserved and he scored two opportunist goals. He's got ability, an excellent attitude to the work and character that's evident in the way he approaches games and the way he interacts with a crowd. He came and thanked everybody at the end and gave the Holte End a couple of little waves - I'm hoping that's just because he's a good lad rather than because he's off - we'd be poorer without him, there are times where I wonder if Chelsea are poorer without him. He's a class act. So, yeah - another draw - one we've been unlucky not to get something from - one that's been earned by a team playing anti-football and a compliant, weak referee. I took my eleven year old nephew - he wants his Sunday team to have a game tomorrow so that he can kick someone. I know how he feels. We'll have better days, better referees, better results. We could do with a bit of a rest, but there's not too much fundamentally wrong with this side. QPR on the other hand need to have a good look at themselves and ask what it is they want to be - it's a point they can be ashamed of.
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    Just give the man the trophy already, ain't nobody gonna out-troll Sadiq in 2019. 11/10 - Top stuff. There isn't enough Egg and Pineapple in the world to go with all the roasted Gammon going nuts about this.
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    5 points to the top 6, January transfer window up to bring in a defense and a run of easier fixtures. You lot talking about next season. Enjoy yourselves. I'm going to dust off my rail card ready for another trip to Wembley. Quitters.
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    According to Wiki, he has made 57 appearances for Gent but hasn't scored once. Terrible signing, Bruce out.
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    So I ended up getting back with her. We had a good long talk. She just felt a bit smothered and we'd moved so fast, but having a bit of space made her realise that she needed that space, but she also missed me a lot. She does love in a very small place, am old converted barn, so space really is at a minimum and maybe tough for two people. It's been good since we started again. I hope it's a lasting thing. We'll see. Thank you to everyone who gave me kind words and advice, we've got a good bunch on here.
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    I'm currently a youth scout at Walsall, Used to work for St Mirren until August 2018 (but been speaking to the new manager closely and given him list of Jan targets) I also have a diploma as a Football Agent as well as 9/10 qualifications as a scout in Football now and 1 coaching qualification! i work closely and making new contacts all the time i speak to likes of Asmir Begovic, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk (Assistant Manager of Zenit St Petersberg) and many others via Linkedin as well as. In last few months freelancing at First Team level since i left St Mirren end of August i have helped a number of clubs (Reports or Suggestions) including few non league clubs, 2 League 2 clubs, An English Premiership Club, A top 6 Bundesliga German Club and a top level Austalian club and few other things going on No real money in it all to be honest just expenses (Sometimes) get experience though which is vital... until employed by a massive club full time then might get a wage.. I keep going as love it and to be fair it's a hobby when i'm not working full time. To show you how much money there is... Blackpool wanted a full time (With degree) Sports Scientist and was willing to pay £10k a year a few months back. Even Man Utd take on new scouts and don't offer them a penny. But need start to showing who that scout can bring to the table or to the club and then get taken seriously. I recommend reading the book "The Nowhere Men" by Michael Calvin! The guy that found Wilfred Zaha playing park football in London for Palace only got £10 for finding him for his expenses. Scouts poorest paid people in football alongside some of the coaches. But we do it for love rather than the money involved.. Hopefully that may come but i'm happy to work in football regardless
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    That So Solid Crew song makes sense now.
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    Because we tossed away really easy points under Bruce tbh. Failed to beat 10-man Ipswich (bottom), lost to Millwall (3rd bottom), failed to beat Reading at home (4th bottom). Our run of fixtures just has been Derby (A), Blues (H), Forest (H), Boro (A), West Brom (A), Stoke (H), Leeds (H). 7 sides currently sat in the top 9 positions in the league and we lost once, to a 95th minute winner whilst missing our most influential player. Things aren’t that bad TRO.
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    Always frustrates me when the typical negative posters pop up when things are going bad but when things are rosy they are no where to be seen.

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