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    It is good to see the disappointment of yesterday handled with humour, we are all craving new arrivals so the lack of a promised one yesterday could easily have been greeted differently. I was very very fortunate for an extended period of time to get unbelievable information from someone who was directly involved in our dealings. It taught me two things, that the press in the main literally haven't a clue what is going on. Some of what they write is accurate, in that I can think of examples where we will have enquired about a player, one of a number for a position. The press report it, then they run on and on with it making up all kinds of things about the deal being close, stalling for x or y reason or failing because of z. I can think of plenty of examples of this where I'd ask the contact I had and they would dismiss them out of hand. That is the media, it is what they do. They get a sniff of something from a club, player or agent and they make the rest up, sometimes they just make it up entirely. The other thing it taught me is that even when you are getting something from someone as close to things as it is possible to be, things change. We saw it last summer with Joe Bryan, that sort of thing happens all the time okay perhaps not as dramatically but it happens all the time. A deal is agreed and set to be signed only for a club or agent to ask for more, move the goal posts etc. I can't imagine how hard it must be trying to get deals done. These days info coming out of VP is far far far harder to come by, there are still snippets but not the stream there once was which is perhaps an indication of the improvements in how we are run, frustrating as that might be at times. Cynicism of ITK especially on Twitter is wise, most is utter fantasy but some can be genuine or at least it was genuine at the point it was heard but unless you have a very direct in then your info is never going to remain current. Look at the well placed people calling Butland as "done" almost 2 weeks ago now, it is never done until its signed and even then there can be a surprise or two as those who remember David Unsworth can testify. So don't burn Delphinio on a cross just yet his username is punishment enough. Right now our squad looks threadbare, so much so that anyone rocking up early for the kit launch should take their boots but I've complete faith in those running the club at all levels. We will be negotiating with multiple clubs and agents, a number of deals will be close and the much needed new signings will arrive and probably very soon. It is though only a month ago today that we triumphed at Wembley, a month isn't a lot of time. Yet we've done good business in terms of the players we've moved on and those we've recruited so far. So have faith in Smith, Suso and Purslow and ignore the press!! We've come a long way in a month, in another month I think our team/squad will look very different.
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    Most famous Villa fan is my old man Alan Taylor Sadly as I write this he is in Stoke hospital with only a few days at most left in this life. He is 91 years old and has kicked every ball, headed every cross and saved every shot for over 80 years. As a youth he would cycle to Villa park and some away games as far as Coventry from Cannock to watch his team. He has been there at every cup final from early 1930s. He has Villa scarfs draped across the bottom of his hospital bed. No one on here is more famous than my dad
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    Enjoyed this on their forum
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    Nigel Spink, pictured here having a shit next to his car, reckons a new goalkeeper remains a priority for us this summer. Maybe there is some truth in the Mendy rumours.
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    Imagine if we’d gone up 12 months ago. Most of the money would have gone in paying off debts and dodgy deals involving Xia and Wyness. The squad would have been full of the likes of Sturridge and Austin on 5 year contracts at £80K a week. We’d be back in The Championship and almost bankrupt by now. Makes me shiver to think about it. The 2018 playoff final was the best game we’ve ever lost.
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    So from what I’ve gathered from here, Twitter and Southampton and Fulham forums today is that he’s a thick, articulate, pacy Championship level full back with Premier League experience, who runs in slow motion, is good going forwards but only when playing in a flat back four, not as a wing back, can’t defend but is good in the air, poor positionally but reads the game well, and an excellent crosser who offers no width. It’s reassuring to know what we’re getting for our £11 million / £14 million / £16 million /£17 million outlay.
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    Nice of him to acknowledge McGrath.
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    I once got fired from a job for being drunk. I was so drunk I turned up the next night none-the-wiser only to be sacked for a second time. Not my finest moment.
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    Depending on how long you have been married mate that's just natural, don't worry about it happens to us all......
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    They grow up so fast...
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    The Queen is not his mom
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    Hi, firstly contratulations on your promotion. Konsa is a quality ball playing center back who will look to step forward and bring the ball out. He is still young though and has his lapses so expect a few mistakes along the way! Expect him to go on and become a top talent though. He should have played for england at the euros but players from more "fashionable" clubs got in ahead of him. There are a few reasons most brentford fans arnt overly fussed about losing him which seems to have baffled some of you on here. Not too far in the past brentford fans were shaking buckets at every game collecting money to keep us afloat. Now benham has turned us around and we are financially sound, thanks to sales like these. We have built a repuation for bringing players in with the understanding that if the right set of circumstances come about we will let players move up the ladder. If we start denyinf players this pathway they might not come to us in the first place. Konsa although a brilliant prospect isnt really the kind of center back we need for this season where we look like we are going for it in our last season at griffin park. We have had always scored alot of goals since being in the championship but that has been undone with a soft underbelly and lack of experience and resilience. Replacing the young and silky Konsa with a tougher more experienced Jansson makes perfect sense to us and we are hoping it will make the world of difference(big profit is a bonus). Dont get me wrong i imagine if we hadnt signed Jansson or another center back we probably wouldnthave taken the news as well. Smith will be brave if he throws Konsa in at the deep end and doesnt have a plan B but he might take to the premier league like a duck to water. Goodluck with the season ahead, for what its worth i think youll be fine
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    1ngr4mITK on twitter says he is due to sign in the next hour but has been stuck outside the VP gates for ages due to our 'no horn no entry' policy. Security guard says he just needs to toot an come in.
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    never seen him play, but I think I’m allowed to be excited by the thought of a Brazilian u23 captain joining McGinn and Grealish in our midfield. or maybe we should have kept Gary Gardner, see how he develops?
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    Do you know, every now and then, I'm suddenly hit by the reality of this transfer window. In a couple of days time, we'll have spent £130m on fees and we're still looking for a keeper and maybe a striker. £130m - it's incredible - I mean, we needed to buy, but it's hard not be impressed with the way we've gone about it. We are walking the walk. Stop a moment, enjoy it; this is an amazing summer.
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    Have you lads still got that f.ookin' cabbage??
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    I just love the savvy nature of how we're going about things... Fluff up Leeds, make them think they're going to get £30m for Phillips... BANG sign Douglas. Sweet talk Stoke and get them all hot under the collar about £25m for Butland... BANG £5m offer in for Heaton. Give Bristol City a full on foot massage over '£30m rated' Adam Webster... BOSH about to sign Engels for £7m. We are the d*** teases of the transfer window!!!
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    Im starting to feel spoiled. 2 brazilians in one window. Its like amsterdam
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    Despite being entitled to more time off after internationals he turned up for training today apparently. Obviously he has struggled since joining, but gotta give the guy credit for trying and not being a Richards McCormack.
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    Finally Trevor Jones 50 has spoken. Done deal.
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    I hope he's a better shot than Tonev, who always seemed to aim Pharaoh Z
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    Bruce finished Chester’s career by leaving us so exposed at the back. Chester played on during our injury crisis knowing that it was probably going to cost him his career. 99% of players would not have done that. He deserves every credit and we should keep him on the playing staff for as long as he can meaningfully contribute on the pitch. Let’s help him get his badges and then offer him a coaching position as well. We owe him - it’s as simple as that.
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    It's roughly the same price as Ings but we get an extra letter. Shrewd business IMO.
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    It’s not even the start of July and we’ve sunk as low as talking about Shane Long and Charlie Austin? Come in guys. You don’t go buying Brazilian strikers from Belgium who are 22 then go and sign the likes of these two. We are trying to take an approach like Spurs or Leicester, I just don’t see players like that even being part of the conversation.
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    I think it was the punt managing them that was the problem.
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    Dave = Dave J = Jenkins Honestly I thought it was kinda obvious..............
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    I just thank god we didn't actually go up with Bruce and Xia. What an absolute blessing in the end that turned out to be.
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    Happened to me once , I came home from a beer festival and someone had stolen my house , changed all the locks and i couldn't get in thankfully , they weren't very smart and my keys fitted in the house next door which looked almost identical to mine , right down to the furniture , family and cat I found inside it
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    Just give this beast some time guys. He is just a few weeks contracted at Villa so you can't make any conclusions right now. And yes frequently he will shout at a teammate, but that's because he got the mentality to win everything. He will fight untill the end every match. I think that's what you need. I miss him already . Grts Brugesfan. Good luck!
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    Well doesn't this thread feel like a better place to visit this morning with the pending return of Mings, I don't know about anyone else but its a signing that has really lifted the spirits it certainly has mine as I was starting to get a little concerned last week. Still a huge amount of work to be done but his pending arrival does seem like a pivotal moment to me and I think he is incredibly important to how we want to play. Hopefully in a few days the fuss over the fee will subside, the price we've paid is important it shouldn't just be dismissed because it will impact on what else we can spend but on this signing I think it was less important than others. On the topic of fees one thing that does frustrate me is comparisons, so allow me a rant a moment. The game is changing, rapidly. The market today has no relation to the market 2 years ago or 4 years ago, what Bournemouth paid for Mings from Ipswich is about as relevant today as Martin O'Neill. Yesterday has gone, the transfer market of years past is gone and it isn't coming back any more than 442 and a midfielder at right back, sorry Martin it just isn't. Those in, around and watching the game can howl at the moon as much as they like but they are akin to people moaning about modernity, things change, progress although not always positive is relentless. So this comparison to past transfers isn't relevant, this idea of players having some sort of predetermined value almost as if there were a global player price list is a fantasy. It is quite literally the by product of fantasy football. Sure there are lose market parameters, there will be an element of benchmarking but just because player A costs X doesn't mean that player B will cost Y. Ultimately players are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them and their price is only ever what the selling club is willing to part with them for. It doesn't matter how much Wolves paid for Boly, it doesn't matter than Alderweilder has a buy out not much more than the maximum price we could pay for Mings. It doesn't matter what Bournemouth paid for Ake, Solanke or what other players will go for in coming weeks. Like lots of things in and of the game, sure it can be fun to debate, to discuss and pick over but ultimately I think this notion of a definable market like the housing market is largely a construct of fans imagination. Sure clubs asking prices are at times influenced by certain transfers, the Pogba and Van Dijk deals were seismic shifts in the entire pricing of players but they are exceptions rather than the rule. What we've paid for Mings shouldn't impact what we pay for the next player to arrive and I suspect now we will see the pace of things pick up. I do think that perhaps we've seen Purslow and Suso box a little clever, I suspect had we paid £20m for Mings a month ago the price of every other player we enquired about would have increased. It may well do so now as we move on to the next target. In terms of what we need, I think almost everyone would agree as a minimum we need the following; GK, CB, DM, RM/W, Striker We could probably do with a couple more on top either now or in January if at all possible as well. As I've posted previously we can't spend £20m a piece on the above, we will need to look at some players at lower prices and they are out there. With Mings we've spent about £60m, I think we've probably another £50-60m available, £70m tops without any significant income from player sales. So a lot to do but there is a quiet efficiency and I think a steal about Villa in this market that we've not seen before, we are in danger of being a professional well run club which is odd. I'd love us to land Butland and Phillips next personally but the prospect of another Wesley coming out of nowhere is always exciting, who knows what they've got up their sleeves. Exciting times.
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