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    Just gonna leave this here.
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    Class. Jack Grealish is a player with class, he has that silky touch, the sway, the vision and ability to do things that other players can't. He's also rapidly shaping up to be a young man with class - character, calm determination, the ability to inspire and to lead and to not lose his head when other are. There is much to be proud of for him today. Our opposition showed a complete lack of anything resembling class, from the idiot running on to throw a punch at a player, the thousands applauding him for it, the steward trying to stamp on a players ankles, a manager and a club statement so desperate to say "individual" and "throw the book at him" but so lacking in taking any kind of responsibility for their own supporters or arrangements, right through to the sad angry youngster posting pictures of a grave. They're a shocking club, with shocking support, that have shamed the name of this city for a long time. It's not an isolated incident, it's not one idiot, it's the culture of the club, their ethos and it's time they were properly punished. We were second best for large parts of the game, we didn't play at all well, we got it tactically wrong for most of the game and heck, we even rode our luck at the end - but we didn't sacrifice our dignity or our class - we didn't lower ourselves to their level. I hope we never will. 0-1 is not the extent of our victory.
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    It was. He came on, changed the game for us to win and had thus had enough in the tank to absolutely run the show tonight. Absolutely perfectly managed.
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    had telephone interview today ... Got a job i will be starting new short term upto 3 month contract at Royal Stoke Hospital IT Department next Monday... Same hospital i went to when first had my stroke on Jan 1st. Went see doctor for first consultation yesterday and he said don't have go see him again as my progress is staggering and is happy me go back work etc. 80% of my right side of brain and he showed me x-ray was affected by the stroke with bleeds. I'm very lucky still be here and it's made me a lot more thankful after everything. Noticed i'm not as stresssed anymore and more positive I am also going go see a EFL Championship club about a First team scouting role hopefully next week or if not in the next few weeks. This week is going so well! I'm really happy
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    Three subs, at 2-0 up, Albert, Kodja, and Davies. No holding DM, no inviting pressure on, no nail biting clinging on. And great credit to Smith also for doing a better job of sorting our defence out in a couple of months and one Window of loans than had been achieved in the previous 6 months.
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    That's what you said yesterday, so which is it? We just have to win, or the scoreline doesn't matter? Just give it up, it's getting boring now.
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    I wouldn't say we would have thrown it away if we didn't make the Playoffs from this position now. Whilst it's nice being in 6th spot, it is somewhat of a fake position with a few of our competition still to play 1, or even 2, games. We're still chasing rather than being chased. It's more than feasible we're still 4 points from the playoffs. Obviously rather have the points than the games in hand though but I wouldn't say it's even ours to throw away as it stands. The mini run has been great but until we're in the top 6 on a level footing with everyone else then I don't think we can really be that upset if we don't make the playoffs. We've done remarkably well to even be in with a shout after two appalling spells this season. I still think the odds are stacked quite heavily against us; this run needs to carry on, we can barely afford to drop any points and we need a few other teams to fall off the pace. I think people assuming we're making the Playoffs have got a little carried away, it's still going to be a hell of a fight. I'm just pleased we're still in it.
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    I would argue he was unfortunate Grealish missed 13 games.
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    Only 6pts from 2 games though. A better manager would have got 7.
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    I'm waiting to turn right at a busy T junction when I see an old fella waiting to cross the road. I wave him across to let him know I have seen him . Next thing you know he's opening my passenger door and getting in the car whilst mumbling about not recognizing me at first but glad I was there as it was raining . Now my kidnapping days are long gone since Portugal but I genuinely felt like going along with it to see how long it took him to work out that he had just got In a stranger's car . It took him about 5 minutes and 3 turns up roads he didn't want to drive down before he clocked on. He was so embarrassed but I was laughing so much I took him home anyway.
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    Humble pie time for me. Ive put the boot in as much as anyone. But that performance today was totally and utterley top draw ...from defence, to midfield, to attack - at times it was breathtaking Well done DS. Have a good weekend youve earnt it.
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    That's a brilliant performance, worked hard to a man and Mings/Hause give us a real resilience at the back - they're both big, strong and quick and Mings is a really good leader of a back four. Credit to the two full backs for playing an astute simple game and not trying to do too much. I thought the midfield was outstanding at times including the old fella that came on at the end. McGinn looks like he's missed the game and he's as fresh as a daisy - he was our best player for me. Front three are still a little concerning, El Ghazi is inconsistent but working hard, Abraham isn't quite clicking and Green is working his socks off but not dominant. If they click, we're in. Picked the right side, made the right subs, played the right way - well done to the manager. This is a really good win.
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    I’m in it purely for the unrelenting glory.
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    Have to say Grealish's conduct and attitude today was amazing. Had to deal with being attacked, a truly hostile atmosphere, endless hacking challenges from the opposition and he still stood strong and scored the winning goal. Impressive.
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    You are hilarious. When jack is named in the team, according to you smith is desperate. When we win with jack in the team smith needs to do it without him. You are such a hypocrite that you are a parody. What a joke.5
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    Just got back from the march. Amazing experience. If everything goes tits up in a few weeks, , I will at least feel I did my best to do something to stop the insanity that is Brexit.
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    Sorry to hear that. You ill? Well @wilko154 is the first name on my list for next year.
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    If that incident doesn’t sum up everything about that club I don’t know what does. Absolute scum of the earth. If grealish slams home a winner in this game now you’ll have to watch the highlights on PornHub
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    In the Jack Grealish Thread, in relation to the incarceration of Paul Mitchell In my hotel room this morning I find this...... (this is honestly 100% genuine!)
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    It was a day to treasure Out at 10am Telford to Cannock, pop in to moms and dads in Hednesford for an hour, then to my daughters spent an hour with the grandkids, then to my sons in Heath Hayes for an hour with other grand kids. My turn to drive me and son to the match . Park in electric avenue, Bacon and cheese burger from outside the social club, pint of Guinness in the Holte . Brilliant brilliant display from all players fantastic result. Soaked on way back to the car. Nearly an hour to get back to main road, dropped off son in Cannock, arrive back in Telford ten past seven. Mrs T had dinner ready. Fell asleep twice watching TV. Told to go to bed at 9:20. Dreamt of a return to Wembley beating Baggies in the final. will actually have a smile at work tomorrow until I bump into the Wolves fans
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    Conor Hourihane?
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    Hahahahaaaa! Some Villa fan just phoned Franksy, and regarding the incident early on called the perp a retard. He then went on to say all SHA are retards Franksy told him not to use such words... So he said "OK, they're inbreds then"
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    Loving that I'm getting to post this so often again
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    Keith Flint, the firestarter, twisted firestarter, gone at 49.
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    People who say we haven't missed Tuanzebe (Or a defender of his ilk) only need to watch the highlights from yesterday. Mings and Hause put in some absolutely brilliant passes which created goal scoring opportunities and set off quick attacks.
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    DS should have signed at least 2 Grealish replacements last summer
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    I thought we played very, very well. Dominated from start to finish. We've made several decent teams look very average over the last few weeks and I'm increasingly convinced they've not all just had bad days. What I like about us at the moment is how balanced we've been, yes, "Jack's back" and all that, but the whole team is contributing, the much maligned (by me) Elmohamady has been coolness personified at right back, Taylor has added a bit of drive to his game, we've got two big, strong physical centrebacks, at least one of whom is absolutely top quality, McGinn looks unstoppable after his little suspension break and El Ghazi is looking dangerous and confident. I'd pick out a couple today - Whelan firstly, he was very good on the ball and in the tackle, but it's his defensive positioning that I can't help but notice. Every time a team breaks and we have a man missing - a full back up the field, a midfielder caught in the opposition box or a centre half gone for a wander, I worry, I look at runners from the opposition and then when I look back, Whelan is there, filling in. Not every now and then, not often, but each and every single time - he gives our back line the freedom to try things - it's a massive asset to us. He's in great form and loving his new cult status. The other one is Andre Green - he's not quite quick enough and he doesn't have a trick as such, which means he can at times look a little disappointing - but what I've noticed about him is how smart he his - for a young footballer, he makes good decisions, he's where his team mates expect him to be, he makes the runs they want and he understands what's happening around him - it's not going to change the world, but it means we have a balance up the right hand side that works for the team. Abraham looks a little tired and I hope his calf is okay, but he's not playing badly; he's working his socks off, leading the line and occupying defenders - creating space all over the place. Hopefully he'll get a little rest, we need him. The manager got everything right, Terry gave us a wave, the players did the right things very well, the crowd was excellent and it's hard not to feel very positive about things - at the end when the players applauded the fans, you got a sense of togetherness and alignment - it feels good at the moment. Good things can happen. Bring on Blackburn.
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    Damn, small heath just conceded in injury time at Preston. Not good for us...but oh well
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    It just occurred to me that we could get sponsored by Kwik Fit. As we have Steer, Axel, Jack, Wheel-an, And Tyre-one.( In Albert Adomah we also have AA.) Sorry. Theres that really interesting analysis from @A'Villan Then this.
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    I can't recall anyone on here saying that Whelan is a spectacular talent. He's a decent pro who has 'done a job' for us. Do we now need better than him to move on? Of course we do, but I don't think he's been quite the failure that some people are making out.
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    Wow some harsh comments. First game at cb. Playing right side. Brand new cb partnership. In a derby game. He did well overall and will be a good signing
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    Obviously, as a Villa fan, I've never liked Birmingham City, but today a new line has been crossed in my book. The first incident involving Grealish was just an absolute, complete and utter disgrace. Grealish is very lucky that this utter human mudslide failed to connect his punch properly, a shot to the back of the head at full force could be an instant knock out, and even be fatal, we're very lucky that Grealish didn't get hit 'correctly'. Moreover, this fan could have had a knife on him, it is just a woeful indictment of that club's inability to implement proper crowd control and safety measures. On top of that the 'fan' received a heroes applause when he was getting dragged off the pitch, which tells you all you need to know about the calibre of individuals who support that club. The other incident, that has received far less coverage for obvious reasons is the steward who attacked Grealish when he was celebrating the second goal. Thankfully the police did a great job and jumped on him immediately and dragged him out of the ground, and hopefully threw him in a cell. Birmingham City are a complete and utter disgrace to football, at a minimum they need a stadium ban and thus be forced to play behind closed doors for several matches and on top of that, an unprecedented fine, because this is absolutely the worst incident involving a pitch invasion that English football has had in a very, very long time. It's the type of shit you very occasionally see in Brazil, not in this country, totally unacceptable and the authorities simply have to make an example out of them.
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    I would argue you would argue whatever happens
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    So tired of seeing Steve Bruce's name in these threads tbh. There's a whole thread on him, mercifully in Other Football. But since we're on the topic, I'm not sure why people keep bringing up his current start with Wednesday as a stick to beat Smith with, when Smith's first 7 games yielded more points, more wins and twice as many goals and included demolitions of Derby and SHA as well as a crazy 5-5 draw with Forest. Give me that any day of the week.
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    I've heard that when Tyrone Mings lost his virginity he simply won it back.
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    Mings immense. McGinn turned the tide in midfield. Grealish stole the show. But that said: I'm glad Craig Gardner is crap.

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