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    Well that was an interesting evening. Genuinely not pissing about here. Felt fine until Tuesday despite wife showing symptoms over the weekend but mild dry throat & occasional cough appeared before relatively light chest pains & difficulty breathing kicked in. Actually seemed to improve a little by the time i woke up but cough & breathing worsened during the day to the point where i am struggling to take any sort of meaningful deep breath at all. Doesn't feel like i am about to collapse or anything but breathing isn't fun and having to stand up every few minutes to try and get some sort of deeper gulp of air.Standing in the garden definitely seems to aid this at least somewhat. Assessed & told it looks like i definitely have it but not tested or hospitalised. Repeatedly asked about any blood coming from either end (there isn't) & still able to hold a conversation without having to stop to try and breathe every few words and this seems to be the cut-off point at the moment for whether you are going to end up in hospital or not. Treatment/advice is drink water, take paracetamol, wash hands, do not leave the house for 14 days, avoid other people. If breathing difficulties worsen over the next 3 or 4 days and/or any signs of blood call 111 (999 in extremes). Unless you are pretty much about to drop dead (which hopefully i am not) it seems you are not getting tested or going anywhere near a hospital. Now off to bed & will hopefully wake up in the morning Cheers to those who showed concern & stay safe out there. This isn't much fun.
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    Thanks for all the best wishes guys. I really appreciate it and it's uplifting to see such warmth from a load of people I have never met at a time when I'm isolated in a bedroom. My 6 year old son keeps popping up the stairs to ask how I am and if it's gone yet. It's a grounding experience.
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    I've been told today that I've got it. I'm really ill and weak. It all started around 7pm last night when I suddenly became colder than I've ever felt in my life. I was shivering and shaking uncontrollably and no matter how many layers I put on, together with the duvet and blankets, I simply couldn't get warm. From 7pm until just after 11pm last night I was like this and lost all my energy. I went to bed last night and just couldn't sleep because of the aching and pains all over me. I took paracetamol but they did nothing. Then, halfway through the night, it flipped from feeling cold to sweating profusely. I couldn't cool down no matter how I tried. I was awake all night and talking jibberish according to my girlfriend who could hear from the next room. I've had a really nasty headache since around 4am and despite taking paracetamol it will not go. I've also lost my taste and appetite. I also feel nauseous. I've been told to stay in one room alone for 7 days and my son and girlfriend have to isolate for 14 days. I called 111 but simy couldn't get through and it kept cutting off. I went online to do the symptom checker and it simply says to call 111 - waste of time. I called my GP and got a consultancy and he diagnosed me as Covid-19. He pretty much said to take paracetamol and drink lots of fluids and do not mix with anyone until after 7 days. After 7 days, I can hug my son and girlfriend again. He also said that with my pre existing lung condition - lifelong Asthma sufferer plus weakened lung from a previous blood clot - I need to hope and pray that I don't get the pneumonia part of the virus as it would be tough for me to fight it. He said that's the part that is killing people. I was advised not to go to hospital unless I'm fighting for breath and cannot speak a sentence as they won't do anything for me because they are concentrating on those that are life-threatened. Just got to hope I stay snot free now.
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    Whereas Britain has the meanest old population.
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    Applied for my dream job on the off chance on Monday with zero expectation of getting it. It's 25 mins from my house to start with. Had the interview yesterday, got offered the job there and then, got a small pay rise, choose my laptop and which software (Power bi / Azure) I use on a daily basis. Start in a month or so. One of the best days of my life. I walked to my car like Norman Wisdom.
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    Been laid off thanks to this f*****. What a sensational year its been.
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    Well none of our players got within 2 meters of theirs so it's fine.
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    Was just feeling a bit dejected after another very tough work day but then had to slap some sense into myself. I'm lucky I can work from, have a secure (well, at the moment) job and earn a decent wage. Some people are out of work, living week to week or are ill. Wishing all the VTers suffering with this all the best.
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    Our Home Shopping Delivery Service Launched today. Much quicker than we expected, We have Tesco and Boots on board already with negotiations underway with a number of other chains. This shite would have taken months in normal times. We;ve done it from inception to delivery in 4 days, including talking to the chains Just proves things can be achieved in a short space of time if everyone comes together
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    Thoughts with Sid and his family
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    Think this thread fully confirms you are here on a wind up
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    Presumably that will be her role, no?
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    Prince Charles is isolating at Balmoral with Covid-19. Prince Andrew is isolating at Windsor with Jennifer-14.
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    Regardless of how this season ends for us I think Smith will be a better manager for the experiences he has gained from it. We knew when we brought him in that he had zero top flight experience so this season was always going to be a learning curve for him. I do get the impression with Smith though that he is trying to learn all the time and that he is open to taking on new ideas and different ways of doing things. I know in a few interviews he has said that when he gets chance he will go away for a few days and watch coaches in other sports etc. If we go down this season obviously there will be calls for his head but I am not sure that would be the right move. Firstly we would want someone in charge who knows his way out of the Championship. I'd also imagine we'd want someone who wants to play the game in the right way, who is keen and capable of working with players that can be coached to improve and a manager with his best years ahead of him. Smith would still tick all the boxes he did when he came in 16 months ago and would also now have the experience of having taken us up and a season in the Premier League where as I say he will have learned a hell of a lot. Having contemplated worse case scenario this season above I am though still confident we will stay up and I am really excited as to what Smith with the experience of this season behind him, and likewise a number of players who will so much stronger off the back of this season, can achieve next season. This thread gets bogged down in doom and gloom, understandably so at times, but I do believe that we have the right man in Smith and have done the right thing in not panicking and going for the quick fix of a Pearson or Allardyce with a known low glass ceiling.
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    I'd say that's very cynical. She spends most of her time going to huge rallies. She's probably as exposed as anyone. Off topic but I really don't get the hate for Greta. She's trying to change the world for the better. I wish more people were like her.
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    & now waiting for a paramedic... Cya folks
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    Yeah, I have decided to knock the gym on the head too tbfh. Of course I decided that back in 2017 but I am sticking to my original decision.
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    Just had a staff meeting with a senior nurse who is also on the National Infection Control Board. Basically, carry on as normal. The risk is purely in droplet form from fluid coming out of the mouth & nose, plus hands due to the cross contamination from face touching. Staff onsite have been told to carry on as normal (we access everywhere), if an area has a confirmed case, fluid preventive face masks and frontal pinnies are handed out (and binned upon exit). Pregnant staff (up to 6 months pregnant) and staff who are classed as vulnerable still work normally. Avoid concentrated areas of people, where proximity is less than 1m as an average (hence gigs/stadiums closing). Wash your hands properly and if you touch something which is an area of contamination (door handles etc), try not to use your bare hands. If you see vulnerable or elderly people, that's ok, but give them more space 10ft is your droplet distance. Children are more likely to spread as their hygiene is poor compared to adults. We're anticipating a 30-40% infection rate and currently the mortality rate is 1% - the same as the flu. Heat kills it, so if you have a tumble dryer, that'll help kill it. The hospital are not advising you wash your clothes any more regularly than you already do. IF you have a fever of above 37.9 degs for 4 days, call 111. Only people who require breathing assistance will be admitted - everyone else, go home and isolate yourself. Many of us already have it, or have had it, we just showed no symptoms. Try to go about life as normally as possible, but measure the risk of you and the people around you. If you see someone coughing in the air, not their hands, just remove yourself from that space. Please note, this is anecdotal from my personal experience - the senior nurse said to us that information is evolving very quickly, but as of 3.30pm on 16/03/2020 - this is what I can paraphrase from memory. Please use the advice, but obviously stay sensible. The general attitude of the nurse was quite laid back, but obviously everyone's circumstances are different, some people may live with cancer patients or immune suppression consuming family, or the elderly. But for the love of God, can you please stop buying all the shit roll?
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    Without wishing to invite ridicule of the “ bringing apple for teacher” variety I’d like to echo this and specifically thank @limpidfor the fact the site exists. I don’t see people outside my missus and kids except at the Matches. I’m at home all the time ( which I usually like ). I watch CNN for its excellent reporting. And, recently, my mind has been fully focussed on this, and what to do for myself and my family. Its tough. At times it’s utterly utterly terrifying. Despair pops in occasionally of course. Ive had a breakdown in the past, 6 years ago, and I can struggle with anxiety, although ( for the most part CBT has nailed that. At 58, Ive had heart, lung, and kidney problems in the last few years. So I’ve got a fair cocktail in all that to make dealing with all this difficult. The fact that - at any time day or night - there are people, from all over the world, on this site, chatting, posting thoughts, information, fears, and hopes, and the fact that they all ( well, most ) feel like friends, and that I trust what they are saying,is important beyond measure. Thats quite some contribution Limpid and VT
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    Probably because every article, stat and opinion on Villa and Smith should be followed with a handful of asterisks telling the full story: - At the end of last season, after contracts ended, we had 16 first team players. This is including 3 goalkeepers and quality players such as Taylor, Elmo, Bree, Lansbury, Tshibola, Green, Hogan and Kodjia. How people can keep forgetting the mammoth rebuilding job on Smith/Suso's hands is beyond me. - In the summer we brought in 13 new players, with an approximate spend of £130m. That's an average of £10m per player. £10m does not get you Premier League quality. But what other option did we have? As shown above, we needed to build a squad. But with limited money, we needed to take a few risks and bring in a few 'gambles'. Some have paid off, others haven't. Most are inexperienced, but what other choice did we have? - Purslow has repeatedly stated that he wouldn't risk the club's future financially, therefore we had a limited amount of money available to spend on new players. We could not and cannot compete with offering the wages that clubs that have been in the Premier League for longer than us can. So, other than Sheffield United and Norwich, every other club in the league can offer more money than us to potential transfer targets. Not to mention, every other club in the league had a head-start on us, for knowing which league they would be playing in. - If our whole squad was fit, the consensus would say that our best players are Heaton, Mings, McGinn and Grealish. We have lost McGinn for 1/3 of the season. We have lost Heaton for 1/2 of the season. Any team that loses 2/4 of their best players for lengthy spells will struggle. On top of a difficult squad rebuilding job, having ample replacements for your best players is simply not possible. - A standard response to counter the '13 new players' point, is that we should have brought in fewer players. One suggestion has been that we should have kept some of last season's squad to add to numbers. Let's have a look at some of those options. Albert Adomah, looked to have lost his legs in his last Villa season, and has been shipped out on loan from Forest to Cardiff. Alan Hutton, has now retired. Jedinak, hasn't found a new club, presumably retired. Super Glenn Whelan, couldn't cut it in Scotland and is now playing for Fleetwood. Bjarnason, didn't find a new club for a while and ended up in Qatar. He played 5 games and is now back in Italy with Brescia. Tshibola. Just no. - Another standard response to counter the '13 new players' point, is that we should have brought in more Prem experience, perhaps with free transfers or loans. Experience costs money. Cahill has been suggested. This is the Cahill that has gone to Palace, who can pay much higher wages than us. Cahill could have become another Richards, Lescott or Drinkwater. There is no way of telling whether an experienced player is that interested anymore. Had we managed to spunk 2 players wages on one 'Cahill' type, the recruitment team would be getting the same stick if it hadn't worked out. Smith has to shoulder the blame for many of the things in his control. But we must also remember all of the above points when looking at individual snippets of negatives. We're 20th for many defensive stats, which is really, really poor. But let's not pretend that we started on an even footing with every other squad in the league. If Sky Sports thought it would get a few clicks from the mindless people who lap up what they say, I'm sure they'd also post things like: Fewest players in the squad at the start of the season: Villa 1st Lowest amount of Premier League experience: Villa 2nd Lowest amount of regular starters that played in the previous season: Villa 1st etc etc.
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    Losing 2-1 in the league cup final to a team from Manchester due to an incorrect refereeing decision? It's becoming a tradition.
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    One of our volunteers at work passed away in hospital last night, confirmed virus. Was well 2 weeks ago and deteriorated. I last saw him and his wife beginning of feb and had a meal with them. His wife was unwell and just returning to volunteering, such a selfless couple, always driving up and down the country looking after grandkids and volunteering with asylum seekers/ homeless etc. We really need to look after each other.
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    I see absolutely no 'respect' in your post.
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    Not heard that album by them
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    Apparently there is a national round of applause planned for the post/delivery drivers working on the frontlines throughout this crisis. I’ve been told it will take place at some point in the next 3 to 7 days between the hours of 8am and 5pm.
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    It's funny to hear the outraged comments about people reacting to Boris getting the virus. It mostly makes me laugh because it's only about two weeks since his plan appeared to be for 60% of the population to get it.
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    Can I just point out we haven't actually closed our schools. We've reduced their capacity. I, and everyone of my colleagues, will be going in this week to a group of 30+ children, approximately 45 parents, working with a daily skeleton staff of approximately ten to care for these children with no chance of social distancing or protection from any kind from infection. We will be increasing our hours to offer wraparound care and staying open through the holidays. If one person gets infected then all the staff do as they will come in to contact with each other within that rota. It's an improvement from Friday, but largely the risk to me and my colleagues remains unchanged - we will deal with 30 kids as usual and all get infected if one person in the school does. My wife will, as management, be going in to her school every day with similar numbers. Combined we're going to be coming in to contact with 200 people a day in a confined space with what would be considered super spreaders - children. And we'll do it with a smile, endless energy and a mask of positivity to keep the children unaware of our own personal fears. But we're closed and safe apparently. Might be wrong to state this aloud, but we're feeling a little under appreciated. Have seen loads of, rightful, support for NHS workers, delivery drivers, shop workers and all those other 'key workers'. We're the only group that will get zero protection from this, no masks, no scrubs, no avoiding the public, no changes whatsoever to our normal routines - in fact an extension of them. Sorry, feeling a little fed up tonight.
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    How is life working in Downing Street?
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    I think that just identifies him as a carrier.
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    I see Amazon have opened up a charity that takes public donations to help compensate their contract employees. If there's one thing that comes from this, I hope it's eating the **** rich. Take your trickle down economics, and your "unskilled jobs" benevolently created by our job-creating betters and shove them up your collective arseholes. The ultra rich exploit us all, and they've particularly shown their true colours in the last couple of weeks. The costs of the financial hit the world is taking should be coming from an extremely aggressive wealth tax. While the rich hide, laying off thousands and thousands of workers, minimum wage workers find themselves "essential" having to go out and risk their lives. **** this system. The injustice has never been clearer.
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    Thinking of all of you @Jon@Demitri_C@Villarocker@LakotaDakota - get well soon.
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    By the time football is back on Louie Barry will be looking to retire
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    Our financial director gave me a call this afternoon. It's one thing when HR calls to check up on you, but I really appreciated that someone high up, who really doesn't have to do this, made the effort to call. I'm also loving working at Aldi while I'm on leave from my main employer. The people are fantastic, and the job itself is pretty simple, but the time passes incredibly.
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    Government text messages now sent to everyone telling people to stay indoors. Must be nice for several of Johnson's children to get a text from their dad for the first time.
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    Got a temp job at Aldi, start Tuesday.
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    That’s what I thought how the hell do the Stereophonics get crowds like that ?
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    Thought I might as well drop in and give you an update as to my relationship. A short 8 years ago I posted in here about meeting a girl on eHarmony. She was a model/stripper. I'm sure some of you remember the early days. Well, we're still married, have a 5 year old, a house and mortgage and she's now a gardener and volunteers at his school doing a gardening club. Happy and very much in love (even if we do drive each other mad).
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    Special mention to Engels for putting that terrible mistake behind him with this very mature performance today. Well done Bjorn.
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    as @Jareth astutely observed in the other football thread - we never got within 2 metres of them anyway, so no risk
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