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    Eh? Not in Dean Smith world/reality surely? We have just come up, were competitive with City and Liverpool and were 10 mins away from beating a quite incredible Liverpool team. Those aren't huge mental blows, they are reasons to be very confident we can stay up this season and reasons to not be afraid of anyone in this league. We are improving all the time if you ask me, a lot of people who had not been following us would have thought we'd get embarrassed badly at the Etihad and at home to Liverpool. We were a million miles from that. We appear to be a good Premier League team, a year ago we were playing like strangers and mid table in the Championship after we'd nearly gone bust in the summer. Now we're disappointed we didn't become the first team to beat Liverpool for a very long time. Huge mental blows. **** off.
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    Some interesting stats: We are 5th in the league for shots per game, and 3rd for shots on target. According to whoscored ratings, we are actually the 5th highest rated so far this season. The table actually makes for interesting viewing, with the top and bottom 4 the same (albeit slightly different order). The only real major outlier is us being 5th, which kind of reflects how well we've been performing without necessarily getting the points. We're 4th in the league for chances created and 2nd behind Man City for assists. In Jack Grealish we have the 3rd most frequent chance-creator in the league...the most from open play, tied with Kevin De Bruyne. Predictably, we're also the 5th highest scorers in the league. Unsurprisingly we're the most fouled team in the league, but also the team that concedes the most shots per game. We're #1 in blocks per game as well as 5th for clearances per game which is unsurprising given that we have Tyrone Mings in defence. Given that a year ago we were floundering against teams like Ipswich and Preston in the Championship, the fact that we are now performing like this in the PL is truly astounding. Dean Smith deserves all the credit in the world for turning us around like this in such a short space of time. It's been a decade since we were able to hold our own in this division, and we're now doing so in style with a young, growing team and staff. We've had to suffer for years, but we can finally say we have a PL team to be proud of.
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    Grealish was magnificent. He was both our beating pulse and the conjurer of seemingly infinite little moments of magic. A devastating combination. A wonder. The rest of the team were frustratingly flat. I do wonder if Grealish's genius sometimes leaves the somewhat lesser mortals in our team a little on the mental backfoot? Everything goes through him, and with his vision and drive it seems some players can't keep up. And sometimes don't try to. We need more players if not at his level, then at least on his wavelength. Grealish is the conductor and soloist; could do with a duet or two.
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    Just 7 months ago we were sat 14th in the Championship and today we were 7 minutes away from beating the best side in Europe with our best player out injured. It is remarkable the job Smith has done especially when you consider the turnover in players over the summer and the fact he has had to integrate so many new players. The starting line up today contained 8 players not here last season. To have them playing to a system all working their bollocks off for each other in such a short space of time is some going. Still plenty of work to do of course, and I'd still take 17th in the league this season if offered it now, but given how far Smith has taken us in a year I am optimistic about where he can take us over the next few years.
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    It pains me to say it, but its for this reason that i think DS needs to be moved on. He has taken us as far as he can, and i respect his achievements, but his in game management is terrible and it happens nearly every game. Wesley was a complete passenger all game, hourihane is not the man you bring on when youre under pressure and bringing on kodjia? I mean WTF? Talk about the least hard working player in the squad! May have well not put anyone 9n, would have had the se effect. For all the good DS has done to get us here and assemble this squad, his weaknesses are costing us nearly every game and its not getting better.
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    VAR is an absolute shambles. Before it arrived my concern was it might give TV viewers some fun but would be dreadful for actual spectators, and so it is. Celebrating a goal is the ultimate buzz at a football match. It was always tough if you started to celebrate then glanced over at the Offside flag - but you had the opportunity to do just that. This, is nothing like that. Ive yet to talk to a single fan at a game who doesn’t want it scrapped. Take today. Their goalie doesn’t appeal. The defenders don’t. The Ref and Lino give nothing. Not a single fan was worried. The players, on both sides, thought it a goal. So, where ( regardless of whether you think there WAS a foul) was the Clear And Obvious Error ? There wasn’t one. And I’ve rarely seen such anger from fans. We aren’t paying £500 a year to wait for a guy on an industrial estate to tell us what we’ve seen.
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    Called up to the Brazil squad
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    The absolute state of some of the posts in here. He's the best manager we've had since I can remember and as a newly promoted side, we're really pissed off that we didn't get anything out of a game against the champions of Europe and top 2 side in the country. Doesn't that tell you something?
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    When I see posts with three different reactions, I like to add a fourth different one. This is what I like to call a 'fourer'. Rarely, I'll find a fourer in the wild, which will enable me to add the one remaining post reaction, and make it a 'fiver'. I accomplished this task just now, on the post below, in the Tony Xia thread (other football). The aesthetic of a post displaying all five post reactions pleases me greatly. Even if the one I add to a threeer or a fourer doesn't make any sense. Case in point, the Tony Xia post above. I had to add the Cry reaction to make it a fiver. Why would that post make someone cry! "How odd", the poster will think. This also pleases me.
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    Ah the good old tax debate, it always gets brought down to the personal level. This is a distraction The tax debate should always be about where it matters, there are huge corporations not paying their fair share of tax. Uber (as a current example) will hopefully be liable for a UK VAT bill of over £1Billion based on the fact they currently don't pay any because... they aren't a transportation provider when they most blatently are. Uber are avoiding paying their VAT bill in a game of semantics. Arguing about a few rich people having to pay a few more pennies in the pound is quite frankly silly, when corporate tax avoidance is going on in an industrial scale (if you'll excuse the expresion). Labour, without fail bang on and on and on about making the rich pay (on a personal level) when in the grand scheme of things, this will bring in very little extra income to the exchequer. Yes they do say they are going to make the corporations pay (with very little evidence of how) and somehow never do. They do it because they like the working man to think they are on their side and they'll play the jealousy card to death. Taxing rich people more is a silly silly distraction from the real tax issues facing the country
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    One decent pass but looked disinterested. Outmuscled multiple times. Gave the ball away in very dangerous positions at least twice.
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    Withdrawn from the Wales squad for personal reasons. Regardless of what some think of him, I hope he’s ok.
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    Nope do not move Jack. One goal off a set piece does not excuse the 8 or so mediocre matches Trez has had for us. Moving Jack to wing got us wins, and we'd be stupid to move him back centrally where we struggled defensively. Have Trez as an option off the bench and pushing El Ghazi for a starting spot is great. But we cannot force him into the team.
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    He played the ‘quarterback’ role and dictated the pace and direction of the play. His passing range is fantastic. I thought he was head and shoulders clear as the best player on the pitch last night.
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    So would you if you had Kim Jong Un on your back.
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    Amazing 12 month progress.
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    I find it odd that we have fans who are reacting on a game by game basis as to whether we are relatively ok or in some bother. At the end of the season maybe less than 10 points could separate the bottom 10 Clubs in the League. Everyone will stay within touching distance of the rest for ages yet. Very very little will become clear, for most Clubs, until the Spring. It certainly means individual Matchdays will not be definitive. Add to that, we’ve played Man City Away, which is right up there with the most irrelevant fixtures we will play, I can’t see why there should be any concerns at all about the kind of day it’s been.
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    Yep, nothing to do with playing away against one of the best teams in football.
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    So they're just confirming that in fact VAR got it wrong AGAIN and it shouldn't have stood. Good one.
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    My personal perception is that Corbyn doesn't give a damn about the precise nature of a Brexit. He wants Brexit, personally and he wants it because he wrongly believes it will/would free the UK to pursue some kind of broken 1970s socialist model of the state controlling everything. He also wants it because the harder the Brexit and the more of a mess it makes of the Country, the more likely Labour would be to get elected on the back of that. One of the major problems Labour's got is that because the Leader and a tiny few of his helpers are pro Brexit, but the vast majority of the rest of them are anti-Brexit they can't arrive at anything other than a complete fudge of a policy. In trying to seem "Leavey" to Leavers and "Remainy" to Remainers, they've actually done the opposite - remainers see them as a Leave party and Leavers as a Remain party. Lose-Lose, due to not having the courage or intellectual honesty to take a clear and principled position. They are comically inept with him as Leader. I respect people wanting many of the policies of Labour to come about, but people supporting the incompetent effwit well beyond the point at which he turned from "magic gentle grandad" into "confused, bumbling hypocrit and electoral liability" are going to be awfully disappointed with the consequences of Labour's cack-handed incompetence.
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    I loved the quote from Smith about January about Suso having his team of scouts out watching games all over the place ahead of January. So different to years past, we can actually have some confidence in this aspect of the club and that come January and the summer we will be prepared. It also feels like Smith has confidence in Suso which is hugely important. I can’t wait for January to see what we do, I don’t expect a lot especially after the summer but I think we will add at least one player to the first team squad. Then if we can stay up I think the summer will be about 2 or 3 higher cost quality players. So refreshing to be able to trust the transfer business of the club after 10-15 years of frankly terrible decisions.
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    Referendums are **** stupid ideas unless the matter is simple and largely meaningless - choices on national identity stuff like flags, anthems etc. The moment it becomes complicated you're putting a decision to a people who by and large are neither interested, qualified or informed enough to make a considered decision. Unfortunately because that step was made the only way you can legitimately roll it back is by the same method. While theres nothing stopping parliament agreeing to bin the whole thing, as would be completely within it's rights and powers in our system, the nature of a referendum and an elected body defying it means it's legitimacy would always be questioned if it did so, so you'd by necessity need the same consent from the public that gave rise to the issue in the first place. Which unfortunately means rolling the dice. It probably won't happen though, because the parties aren't really acting entirely selflessly, to one degree or another. The Tories and Labour both kinda want to draw a line under this, to cross the rubicon and move on. Especially so for the blue team, who know the issue literally tears them in half and is the whole reason the issue arose in the first place. So while a lot of them know that the best idea is to just bin Brexit, they also know that that will harm the party, so they're prepared to accept self inflicted harm to the nation at large to protect the party.
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    It's probably alright to refer to Michael Howard by name.
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    Yes I am a Leicester fan but i'm also a football fan & not to recognize a talent like Jack would be plain foolish. .
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    VillaReport claiming he's a photographer now is he? Typical of that account.
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    What to sign for Villa? is Zeefuik
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    Glides across the turf. It’s like watching a swan go past a bunch of dogs paddling after a ball.
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    Alex? You still posting here?
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    Everything Austin says about anything to do with the current Labour party should be taken with a grain of salt. This is a man who hates Corbyn so much he heckled him during a response to the Chilcot inquiry on the Iraq war. He'd be hurling shit if Corbyn pledged to build a million hospitals.
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    We need to go there and punch them right on the nose.
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    I found this really painful in the first 15 minutes or so. He looks like he needs to calm down - I haven't seen a huge amount of quality on the ball, but I don't think it helps that he's so desperate to do something. On the plus side, the guy clearly cares and as much as he can improve through putting in the hours, I'm sure he will. I just hope his ceiling is higher than I think it will be.
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    You want to take advantage of their kids? VILLA WIN 4.5 - nil.
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    I mean, how is Sterling not interfering with play there? He blocks the sight of ball.
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    Won’t somebody please think of the shots!!
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    'Trust us' say the most dishonest government in history

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