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    The newest Villa fan was born at 10.40am this morning, Lily182 will be her VT name in 20 years time! She even has a little Villa dress
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    I'm worried about Saturday because Steve Bruce has never won a match with a kick off time of 17:15. Apologies if incorrect, I have a sore neck.
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    I guess some people are just drawn to it.
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    Good luck in the playoffs
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    The only team I'm worried about is us.
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    Didn’t he attend for the Villa Blues match just 4 days after his father died? Whatever people think of Bruce’s abilities as a manager, it’s hard to fault his commitment to the club and his job during an exceptionally sad and tough personal time.
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    Bumped into the man himself outside New Street today. Top bloke. Wished him the best for the playoffs and he winked at me. So he's either confident for the playoffs... or you can start calling me Mrs Jimmy Danger.
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    Received a proper shitty email from a senior Director in another part of the organisation saying I had promised something to a client (I hadn't) and that I hadn't done something else (I had). They copied in my boss and my bosses boss with the sole intention no doubt of getting me into bother. Years ago I'd have been fretting and would have spoken to my manager all worried even though I know I hadn't done anything wrong. I'm not quite sure when my attitude changed... maybe its age or the fact i'm comfortable in the fact that I am good at my job but I basically 'replied to all' in the email and went to town! Called the sender out on his email of grossly incorrect assumptions and that he should perhaps check his facts before emailing me like that and embarrassing himself again. No doubt there will be some blowback on it but I'm not putting up with that bullshit. Tosser.
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    If you'd told me this time last year that I'd be watching a 20 minute interview with John Terry and thinking "I bloody love that bloke" I'd have called you crazy
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    So that’s the away goals rule sorted then, the next question must be is Januzaj eligible to play given that we have Johnstone on loan as well and he will most probably be a definite starter?
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    This time tomorrow I will be a dad to a little girl! .. unless she decides to finally turn the right way on the day the C-Section is booked in
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    The fact that we're trying to decide if Hogan is better or worse than Andi Weimann says a lot.
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    I actually like Gil. I think he showed here that he had something about him and was talented and could produce some spectacular moments. I think he was also quite limited which meant he was very inconsistent, and we couldn't afford that at the time. I do think he could have been an asset in the Championship, but he didn't want to play in this division, which is understandable, so **** him. But to seriously suggest that you'd rather have Gil playing than Jack Grealish is laughable. It's probably what comes when you don't actually watch football matches but instead just read random stats off the internet.
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    A few things stood out watching that video. The quality of some of the goals and the magnitude of many of the games he scored in. The fact he said Martin O'Neill got the best of him as there is no doubt despite still having some very good performances he was never as consistent after O'Neill left. I think given it is all over now though the last thing he said is the one that matters most. "Hopefully the fans will think back to the good memories I gave them" Love him or loathe him he gave us plenty of great moments and I'll choose to remember those. Thanks for the memories Gabby.
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    I remember when credits used to be accompanied by Jackie Chan forgetting his lines or accidentally kicking the wrong person in the face. Happier times.
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