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    If you hate Smith: shit performance, we invited the pressure in the second half and got punished for his tactical naivety. If you have a modicum of realism: an absolutely superb performance with no recognised striker, third choice keeper, away from home against a very good side. Great fight and besides a niggle to El Ghazi, looks like we survived without any injuries. Bodes well for a real scrap against City on Sunday.
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    N'Zonzi would be most welcome. I would be so pleased with Smith and the recruitment team if we got him. N'Zonzi, Drinkwater and Luiz in midfield would dramatically improve our chances of winning the ball and retaining it. McGinn was a catastrophic loss as he was so influential in both winning the ball back for us and also getting on the front foot. I know we're crying out for a striker, but adding quality that allows us to be a better team overall is first priority. You never know, with the above mentioned midfield, and Grealish as part of a front line, we might be able to create enough without a prolific striker. People are talking about embarrassing and all the shortfalls of the regime for being so ill-prepared. I just don't share that view. I am actually proud of the efforts so far, given the challenges we've faced. Take a step back from the expectations and look at what we've actually been through. And without wanting to sound like I'm looking down on other supporters, I'm astonished that as people who follow Villa so passionately, you aren't the first to notice! We've spent a decade without anyone of serious capability at the helm of this club, no one driving it forward with vision that would allow for success. It's been the opposite. Now we have a number of leaders who are trying to piece together a rise in standards, but who must navigate the barriers and restraints that are consequence of our demise. Don't assume that if we fail this season to maintain PL status, that it must be by default a poor reflection of the decision making from those in charge of our club. If we look at what really constitutes for the difficulties we face and the apparent struggle to ascend beyond our current position and predicament, then we can begin to offer insight. I get that football is about winning, and ultimately that's what we want to do, but if you neglect the process and simply expect the outcome, you're bound to lose. I'm not suggesting by any means we give up hope and aspirations for bettering our position on account of us being at a greater disadvantage to our rivals. I'm just saying don't be so hasty to have a critical and judgemental disposition towards those who you think responsible for our plight, when it doesn't go our way. We've had a decade of shortsighted thinking from leadership, do we really need our supporters to do the same as a consequence? Before we go on a song about opportunities lost, just remember that some teams will spend on two players what we invested in a SQUAD. And we're not even down and out yet, so as far as I'm concerned, we have much reason to be hopeful that the current regime can rise above this. Just remember that an outcome or result is just a snapshot in time of an accumulation of moments and a myriad of facets. So again, if you focus on the outcome, losing sight of the process, then you're neglecting all those necessary moments required for the result to even become a snapshot in time. It's easy to evaluate a result. It's getting familiar with the process that takes effort and which is most challenging. So in a very long-winded way I'm saying before we conclude that we have something to be disappointed about with what's current at Villa.. Let's be true to the club we all love, and take the time and effort to try and understand what's really going on within it's walls, and be patient when we can't. We might just find that we look back on this transfer window five years from now and think, woah, Smith and the leadership team really pulled one out of the hat that year.
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    Prior to today Burnley had played 5 games at home against sides from 10th down....(Everton, Newcastle, Southampton, West Ham, Norwich) Their record was Won 5 Scored 10 Conceeded 0 Well Done to ALL 11, the Subs, and the Coaches.
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    We have to be careful who we critcise in games,is it the player who shows for the ball and makes a mistake or is it the player who avoids taking a pass in a difficult position. He made a big error today and didn’t have a great game.I remember Mings getting a lot of criticism before his injury for mistakes for overplaying in dangerous positions.The reason was he was the only player taking the responsibility trying to avoid just hoofing it . We need players to have courage on the ball and accept that it can go wrong and lead to a goal.
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    So where are all of these forwards we so desperately need then?!
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    Strange how VAR can spot in insignificant heel being 0.000001 mm offside when the player was clearly not even interfering with play and yet give nothing for a disgusting assault on a player resulting in serious injury What a joke football has become
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    This lad is so young Jack Grealish was probably his favourite player "growing up". He was 11 when we beat Liverpool at Wembley in the FA Cup semi. He was 7 when MON walked out. He was 5 when Gareth Barry left Villa for Man City. I think I need a lie down.
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    did someone say Bunga Bunga?
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    I hope there is never a scenario that allows Leicester City to take our best player in a generation. That is all
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  11. 16 points
    No, you are definitely 100% the first person to mention Benteke on this thread.
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    I think we're all treading carefully around the fact that he looks like a complete, f***** bellend. And as for those handbags that all the kids are wearing these days, they're shit as well. Use your pockets you stupid pricks. Sick and tired of it.
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    This is nonsense. Next people will be saying how slow he is. He's gone from fans favourite, "future elite fullback" with people worried he'll get poached by PSG to a bottler who can't tackle or pass in less than three weeks. It's like people have never come across concepts like form or confidence before.
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    Say what you want about Jimmy but at least he doesn't just make everything up like that VillaReport faker.
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    I was touching 22 stone in January 2019 but I have been bigger. When I left university I had a 50" waist and ordering jeans off Jacamo. I'm around a 38 waist now, and on top of the obvious health benefits I've discovered my penis.
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    There’s no indication of where @villareport gets their info from. Probably just all made up.
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    Wes hopping round the training pitch if @zab6359 was in charge
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    Him sprinting back today to track a runner 60 yards was what forced them to turn and pass it, allowing Luiz to read it, intercept and set up the goal. Great to see that work off the ball.
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    Well done to young Vassilev when he came on. Made a real difference.
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    Jeez some of you need to lighten up with the criticism . It’s almost like some were itching for an excuse to moan and have a pop and now after a few dodgy results and performances all our summer signings are shit and we are doomed ... laughable if you compare where we were a year -18 months ago ... have faith UTV
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    Bloody hell the romance in football really is dead. Benteke returning to villa park would be unbelievable. I don’t care if he’s not the same player or past it. He is still getting minutes so must still be able to play at this level. Can you imagine the atmosphere on his debut?
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    Only been about 10 signings so far from Premier League clubs, we are joint most active team so far Its not easy to sign players this month
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    I have a feeling we will get one good result at home against one of the top 6 this season, and I think everything is set up for it to be this game because absolutely nobody is expecting it. We have no strikers, we're conceding goals, they're in good form, and many people have written this off as a dead rubber. Here's what will happen. They will have all of the ball in the first half. We will have the odd good moment, inevitably involving Jack, but overall the possession/shot stats will massively favour City. Then we sneak a goal just before HT from a set-piece (foul on Jack, then a Mings header). The second half goes even more in City's favour. We retreat and retreat. All of the game is played in our last third. Nyland is a wall. Jota comes on for Trezeguet and is similarly ineffective. There's a heart in your mouth VAR call that goes in our favour. Smith subs Lansbury on for Luiz for no good reason on 80 minutes, then Lansbury touches the ball once in the remainder of the game. Far too much time is added on. City have a final attack. We head it clear. Jack takes it to the halfway line by himself to relieve the danger. The final whistle blows. Everyone breathes for the first time in seven and a half minutes. Or maybe not. It's Friday afternoon and I'm killing time until the weekend starts. But you've got to have a little hope, right?
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    That's a brilliant result. It wasn't pretty to watch, and right now we're short in areas where pretty things happen, but it had grit and determination and organisation and heart and discipline and effort and we made it really hard for Leicester. We gained time and pride; time for the club to strengthen and a little bit of pride back into the players that they sorely needed - it's a pity it's Man City next, but we can take a lot from tonight's performance. It's a shame their goal came from an error and I'm a little concerned for the fitness of El Ghazi, but the positives in terms of the team ethic were there to see. I thought Nyland was excellent and a whole lot of credit needs to go to big Neil Cutler - it looks like they've worked hard on turning him into a keeper who suddenly looks rock solid with the ball in the air. One tip - if you've got kids and need something signed, Marvelous Nakamba will give balls away all day - just ask.
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    At last! Some penetration into the box.
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    33 year old Giroud = 45 year old Kelly Brook. Still would.
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    I'm genuinely upset about this. Smith made me fall in love with the Villa all over again after a decade of shite, and we'd never have come up without him. I think if we hadn't lost Mings and McGinn, things could have been so different. If we'd signed a striker that won't go down in history like an expensive Bokso Balaban, things could have been so different. If we had a winger that was PL quality, things could have been so different. But there's no defending that. He's got to go.
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  31. 9 points
    Bottom of the table Norwich are still fighting, but we are "doomed". Alot of football to play still.
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    That he has failed to step up to this level. He stepped up to this level faster than anyone else in the squad and then his form dipped.
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    I’ve been watching Drinkwater - a couple of bad errors but not hiding. he may be decent given a few games to settle in. Not his fault he’s been thrown into one of the toughest tests of the season. I’m reserving judgement
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    There isn't a player in the world that I'd swap Jack for, with this in mind the bidding starts at 250m
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    I would be keen for us to sign all the various grandmas who it is claimed are better at football than Wesley. Many of them are free agents, so we'd just have to cover their heating bill.
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    The missus has just dropped into a long WhatsApp conversation a picture of a scan. Quite nonchalantly. I'm in Prague at the moment she's back in Sofia. Another Bulgarian/English hybrid on the way. Doubt I'll get away with naming him/her after a Villa player again but that's life. I might get drunk tonight.
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    It’s an Arabic name. BenRahma is two words Ben (should be Bin or Ibn) means son of , Rahma is most likely his father’s name. Therefore as an Arabic and English teacher teacher I refuse to not capitalise his father’s name. Ta.
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    for every club that has done it better you can point at a club that has done it worse, that's football I think we have a problem at the club for a long time that players leave us and go on to do better things whereas managers leave us to never be heard of again, that should be the opposite way round
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    Absolute bullshit delusional. We're newly promoted with a new squad still learning to play together and Brighton don't lose many at home and has been case for few seasons. New manager would be on hiding to nothing with unrealistic expectations like this.
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  41. 8 points
    Those two guys were just returning there season tickets.
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    I don’t know why people find this so hard to understand. Maybe we did, and then on the 1st Jan our only fit striker got taken out for the rest of the season and every prospective transfer got 50% more expensive. We’re in a terrible negotiating position and I’m guessing the club are trying their best to find us a striker without being fleeced. Even the likes of Glenn Murray are probably thinking they could get a five year deal at £100k/wk out of us right now. It’s frustrating for sure, but I’m fairly certain the higher ups at the club aren’t just sitting round a table right now going ‘you know what, shall we just not bother lads? anyone fancy laser quest?’
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    Maybe we can persuade PSG to sell Choupo-Moting.
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  45. 8 points
    He only missed one penalty as well which in hindsight was best thing to happen to Villa
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    Apparently Iran have put an $80 Million bounty on his head, dead or alive. I mean, Melania’s got to be seriously weighing up the options here.
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    Luiz is certainly PL quality.
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    I wish I could always make 8 minutes last that long.
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    My 8 year old baggies supporting nephew text me during the Watford game, "You're getting smashed". He got a half season ticket for Christmas, his first ever one. Imagine my PURE JOY seeing the baggies v boro score yesterday knowing he was there for his first game. It took all my restraint to not reply "HOWS THAT YOU LITTLE ****!?"
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    Wesley shagged his wife and Dean Smith filmed it.

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