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    Some good news... been asked to be best man at a wedding in Poland. Barely spoken to the lad since school but he said he has no-one else he can trust so I've got the honour. Best thing is, i don't have to sort the stag do out as some sap is doing that. Result!
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    Someone said in the Match thread that you can't look to the ref if you lose a game you can only look at yourselves, but I disagree with this. So much of football is about momentum. The ref did everything in his power to ensure the momentum was with Palace. Whenever Palace were attacking any kind of tiny contact from us was immediately given as a free kick. This meant we could not interrupt their forward play, it was pretty much impossible to get the ball off them with anything other than the cleanest of tackles, so most of the time we got the ball off them they were immediately back on us again from a free kick. Conversely everytime we were on the ball Palace players were pushing and shoving at us, going in with very hard tackles and it was almost never given, we seemed to time and time again spring an attack and surge forwards only to be hacked down or shoved over and the ref each time waving his arms around so we are stopped in our tracks. Finally any player on a yellow card has to play within himself somewhat so by dishing out cards to so many of our players he helps blunten our aggressiveness whilst allowing them to get away with strategic foul after foul after foul with no punishment. And of course the ultimate of disallowing a perfectly good goal for no reason whatsoever. Kevin Friend seemed determined that we would get nothing from this game from the very start and he must be delighted to have achieved this. It has happened to us from him too many times now. I am convinced that he has something against us. I mean this 100%. There is something wrong with how he referees our games. It's too much to be coincidence.
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    Rest them all. Steer Elmo Konsa Hause Targett Marvelous Lansbury Hourihane El ghazi Kodjia Davis Solid back up team. Should get job done
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    That’s a great post and brings up difficult questions, such as when is criticism bullying. A lot of bullying is clearly obvious but some much more subtle and criticism is received differently by different people. There appears to be overwhelming evidence that KMac was a bully, had stepped way over the line and got, eventually, what he deserved. Good man managers know how to deal with people. I watched an interview with Ron Saunders when he gave his view that different players respond to different approaches. Some needed an arm around the shoulder and some a kick up the backside. He said, for example, if Tony Morley hadn’t had a bollocking by 10am Tony thought he’d fallen out with him. Morley himself tells a great story about Ron being on his back all week and then he scored and ran past the bench giving the Vs. He said he immediately regretted it, wondering what Saunders would say after the game. He said Ron didn’t say a word, but fined him 2 weeks wages a fortnight later! Saunders was a strict disciplinarian, who knew how to get the best out of all his players, recognising their different characters and treating them accordingly, but he was never a bully. I understand the attitude that life is tough sometimes and there’s times when you need mental toughness. But bullying people doesn’t prepare people for tough times it just breaks them down. It’s a sledgehammer to crack a nut approach. My Dad had 14 years in the RAF, a couple of years at Dunlop’s and then went into teaching. The government at the time, which would have been the 60s, thought that men from industry would have life experience that would serve to make good teachers. A sensible approach that worked, for Dad anyway. He wasn’t a tough guy, but he didn’t take any nonsense. He seemed to have an affinity with kids, but was never a pushover, if you were in trouble you knew it. But he hated bullies and wouldn’t stand for any form of bullying, from teachers or pupils. That for me is the only approach. There are lots of ways to build character and I’m not an advocate of wrapping kids in cotton wool, but bullying is just wrong. Using “character building” as an excuse is equally wrong. The idea that it wasn’t regarded as bullying at the time is again wrong. My Dad taught from the 60s to the early 90s and never bullied anyone in his life but he commanded respect the kids learned and developed as people. Anyone who knows me wouldn’t class me as a hand wringing liberal and I do think that some kids today often don’t leave school with the life skills that prepare them for the world. Perhaps there is an element of mollycoddling in the education system and society on the whole. Although kids brought up in the inner city tend to find toughness pretty quickly. However the answer is never, ever bullying.
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    Guilbert will start next week and be brilliant. I know this because ai am removing him from my Fantasy Football team
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    Should have proved her right and chinned her.
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    Honestly chill the F out everyone. It wasn’t great, but it’s our fourth freaking league game, and we won the last one. Also, whilst our performance was poor, we almost drew the game with 10 men. As a fan base we need to stop the self flagellation. We get it, we’ll lose a few this year. It feels like some are genuinely shocked we’re not title contenders or something. Let’s just back the team shall we? It’s not even bloody September!
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    Just to put things in perspective. Last match we were playing direct. Our midfield got surpassed in parts of the game. We had a total possession of 35%. 85% of our total possession was in the Opponents final third. We made 219/301 passes. A 73% accuracy. 94 of them were in the opponents half and 41 in the final third, at roughly 77% accuracy. I think it's fair the conclude we played with a direct approach, in an attempt to run in behind Evertons defence.(Also shows us how flexible Dean Smith is, and how willing he is to change the approach to games in order to exploit opponents weakness) Now, how did Jack Grealish do? When the plan was to utilise Wesley and our wingers. A game where we in parts, play the ball over his head. What's his numbers compared to the teams total. Or even McGinn who's being applauded for his performance(rightly so) . I'll put McGinns numbers next to Jacks. Touches: Pases received: Total: 56 vs 47 Total: 27 vs 24 In Opp. Half: 38 vs 25 In Opp half: 18 vs 25 In Final Third: 15 vs 15 In Final third: 8 vs 9 Dribbling: Take ons: Total: 2 each Total: 2 each Retention: Disspossed: 2 each. Tackled: 2 each. Goal threat: Penalty area touches: 1 vs 2 Goal attempts: 2 vs 0 Distribution: Total Passes: 41 vs 28. Successful 88% vs 84%. Passes in opponents half: 24 vs14. Successful 89% vs 82%. Passes in Final Third: 9 vs 10. Successful 90% vs 83% Crosses: 0 vs 1. Successful: 0 vs 100% Chances created: 1 each. Asssits: 0 vs 1 Defending Arial duels: 0 vs 2 won: 0 Tackles: 5 vs 6 won: 20% vs 50% Interceptions: 1 vs 2 Recoveries: 8 vs 6 Clearances: 0 vs 1 Jack's and McGinn scompliment each other very well. Statistically they performed quite equal to each other. One was a bit weaker in the areas the other was stronger. Quite roughly Jack's behind 1/5 passes being made at a very high accuracy, in all ereas of the pitch. In a game where we took an direct approach. He's more or less involved in every offensive action/chance created during the game, that's not a long ball. Look at the highlights. Who won the free kick, to take it quickly, between the legs of two Everton players. In what's a perfect pass into space to Guilbert who comes on a run from behind him? Which then leads to Wesley's goal? That's Jack. He's the one who usually changes the tempo in the game and finds a pass that makes the other team unbalanced. It doesn't give him goals or assists but it leads to it. It's also quite clear that McGinn has been instructed to make those deep runs, even behind the defence. While Jack is holding back, more centrally. Dictating the play, when we weren't going route one. There was someone who said he was pretty much doing the same job as Luiz at the moment. That's just plain wrong. Luiz made 1 successful pass in the final third, Compared to Jack's 9. In total Jack made twice as many passes. Recieved the ball twices as many times, three times as many in the final third. Not comparable by a stretch. Saying he had a poor game simply because he didn't have a assist or goal is very simplistic. For me it's equal to saying Mings had a poor game vs Tottenham because we conceded. Jack is capable of more, but did he have a poor game? Far from it.
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    This. Not the greatest performance but we should chillax a little.
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    Just appeared in another window
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    But that **** chant Just end it lads
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    Driving home on the A41 and got stuck behind some melt who must have been out on a day trip. It was like being behind Mr Magoo auditioning for Driving Miss Daisy. Put your foot down you clown! Don't these people know I have places to be and people to see.
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    After all the overblown excitment of the transfer window where many were looking forward to top ten or higher finishes, we are down to earth with a bang - the top teams (Spurs), even on a bad day will wear you down and the middling teams (Bournemouth) have discovered the killer touch and organised resistance that is required to win points At the moment we are in adjustment mode - mistakes that are inconsequential in the Championship, U23 or Belgian Leagues are critical in the PL - Against Bournemouth we did not start with the concentration required and only really got going 15 mins in when it was too late. I beleive that Elmo and Taylor are playing because DS and Terry realise that you can't change everything at once - Heaton, Engels, Luiz, Trez, Wesley are all finding their feet with a new club, the rest are getting used to the speed and athleticism of the PL - Only Mings, SJM and perhaps Engels seem to have settled quickly I didnt buy into the hype during pre-season - we (seem to have) bought some solid players and they gelled well against limited (Leipzeg apart) opposition but the cauldron of the PL is a different matter entirely. £130m (?) spread over a dozen players only buys "solid" not "spectacular". We obviously do not have unlimited resources BUT another winger and another striker (or even just one wide forward) woud have made all the difference. Our bench does not give many forward options - imagine how differnet it would have been if we had Maupay and Benhrama to bring on (or start). AEG and Jota look like bit part players so far. We've not seen Nakamba but we have cover in midfiled so I'd have prefered to spend that money on a forward option instead The players have the ability to get much better. Jack in particular is too good a footballer not to take lessons from the first couple of matches and adjust his game - at the moment I think he is trying too hard and as players around him adjust and improve he will go from strength to strength - we do need to get better quickly though. If we continue on for a while without a win, the nervousness and frustration could find players going backwards not forwards For me it will all stand or fall on Wesley - lets hope the scouting team have got it right and he delivers what is expected. He's trying hard I think but I've been unwhelmed with what Ive seen so far. Not many occasions where you can think "wow hes going to be a player". If Smith can't get a tune out of him then its going to be a very long hard season I trust Smith to get things right and find a way of playing that produces results but I'll be very happy this term to finish 17th - I'm expecting a long and frustrating season, we need to manage expectations and guard against being overly critical
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    Bumping this thread, can’t believe that nobody has posted in it in weeks.
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    Why do the tories bother with speeches when they could just all stand up, collectively say "we're a bunch of words removed", then sit back down?
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    The problem is a fool with a tool is still a fool
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    @KenjiOgiwara You do realise Grealish is the 4th most fouled played and 5th best in the league for key passes played across the entire league. He also passes with a 86% success rate. This doesn't really align with your notion that Grealish makes more square passes than he should and slows down the pace of an attack unnecessarily. It's quite the opposite. He covered the pitch in 3 or 4 touches against Spurs and still played a ball that ended with an attempt for Trezeguet. He's assisted Luiz from out-wide in the final third with a pass that allowed Luiz enough time on the ball to adjust himself and score. He and David Silva are averaging 40.7 passes per game, would you say David Silva overuses the ball? Grealish has double the key passes of Silva, same success rate for passes. As for his shooting, his ability to create space for a shot isn't his best asset, and he is often accompanied by intense attention from one or multiple defenders wherever he gets it.. So often a clear shot on goal isn't really something that's available to him, even from the top of the box, so to find the space to shoot into is difficult. He's basically shooting from around the top of the box, with a defender man-marking him, add a line of defense, plus a goalie to beat, so attempts are tough to make. Shots on target are either going to get deflected or find a very narrow angle and hit the back of the net. To do the latter deliberately is a difficult skill to execute. That's why a lot of his shots are attempts to curl them into the top corner, he's aware that the bulk of the goal is covered by defenders. Inevitably many will go wide of the mark.
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    Brilliant today. Without taking anything away from Jota who was brilliant today, his game needs a quick overlapping FB behind him otherwise his need to cut inside becomes predictable. Guilbert adds so much to our attacking game.
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    That's all well and good but I still think he should have Ronaldo chopped it and stuck it right into the stanchion. That's what I would have done. Backwards passing. **** right off.
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    So he was born in 56 and probably doesn't really remember much before he was 5, that's 1961. Rationing ended two years before he was born in 1954. File under C unit
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    This is a myth, the vast majority of council services are put out to tender and the cheapest quote wins. The inefficiency comes from accepting the cheapest quote (which they pretty much have to by law), which then gets you the shittiest job done. You can blame a certain Mrs Thatcher for that, she introduced "competitive tendering"
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    Eh? What on earth does that mean? Seven people were shot dead in Texas yesterday. We don't know the full picture, though, as we haven't heard any stories about those people in Texas who didn't receive fatal bullet wounds yesterday with which to draw comparisons.
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    Shame Targett is off. Could be a good pairing.
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    This whole argument would be a lot easier is people would just be a little more honest. There can only be 2 reasons for continuing to argue food/medicine/fuel shortages... 1. You don't believe the predictions. 2. You do believe the predictions but don't care because it's an acceptable price to pay.
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    Mos def binnedunne but not for a while
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    Telford is a **** shit hole and the only good thing about it is nothing, I can't think of a good thing about it. Everyone who lives there is scum and deserves bumming/shooting/hammering on the face. I hope a pelican/giraffe hybrid does a poo on your houses. Sometimes at night time when everyone is asleep I go to telford to spit at it and throw litter on it. I've kicked 4 bins over and moved 2 trolleys out of the Asda car park so they can't be used. I put a cone in front of the hospital doors so people can't go in, and Dr's cannot come out, to speed up the death of telfords people and I played music in my car radio at unsociable hours a bit too loud. haha telford, **** you.
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    Thought we was great when he came on. Has to be close to a start whether outwide or up top with Wesley.
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    I'm torn. He's a total melt, but my natural inclination having heard The 1975, is not to oppose anyone going in two-footed on The 1975.
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    Seems they used to supply entire England teams in the 1880s, giving them a bit of a head start in the caps table. Also refused to take penalties properly (in a nod to future England teams). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corinthian_F.C.
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    Have a nice evening. I worry a little that people just see the first three letters of our usernames.
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    A wild Tshibola appeared!
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    You are rubbish at anagrams.
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    One thing we'll probably never know is how much of the bullying was done under the guise of 'coaching' and how much was straight forward victimisation outside of that remit. My money would be on a combination of the two. Either way, the results are awful and unforgivable, but I think it's important that we make the distinction between the two. ^^Absolutely.
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    I think a number of posters already have. What a strange hill to die on.
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    The head gasket went and I was told the price to repair it was more than the car was worth, it was a 2007 corsa. EDIT: And it didn't to be fair, it died at 90,003. Keep up.
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    I miss Liam Rosenior already. 100x the pundit the likes of Danny Murphy are.
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    What's happened is the premier league. That's what's happened.
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    But why do they blame the EU, rather than Tory austerity? Tabloid press, I assume.
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    Really impressed with how Dean handled the Kevin Friend decision in the post-match interviews. Critical but in a calm, measured way, didn't make it personal. Made the point about Jack already being the most fouled player in the league, and challenged the idea that he has "a reputation" for diving. Just as when things weren't going well for us last season, I thought the things Dean was saying and doing gave me confidence that he could turn it around. I feel exactly the same way this season.
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    Andre Gomes. Where to start with that? If I was an Everton fan I’d be furious with that performance from him.
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