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    If only all these people at the Berlin Wall and across Eastern Europe had realised marching and protesting was so pointless. If only Emily Pankhurst had realised waving a placard was a waste of time. If only the Tolpuddle martyrs had known that long walk was about as useful as Gandhi’s walk to the sea, or Rosa Parks sitting in the wrong seat. If only Martin Luther King had had the sense to tell all those people marching in Washington that firstly they were hypocrites because they hadn’t marched about other things, secondly they had no real merit because millions of other people didn’t join in, and thirdly that marching never achieved anything. All these silly “scum” causing all these problems in the world....if only they’d not bothered, or listened to those who sneered at them. Good grief, Ive read some stuff on here that I’ve disagreed with, sometimes passionately, but I’ve never read anything that has managed to simultaneously excel in ignorance of facts, history, protest, and politics, whilst at the same time displaying such deplorable and arrogant sentiments towards others. Luckily, such sentiments only strengthen the resolve of others to do, in whatever way they can, all manner of things to expose and weaken them.
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    By having a manager capable of utilising the expensive squad he had correctly and getting promoted is the one that sticks out for me.
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    Transfer money should never be used to keep the operational side of a club going, it should be exclusively for bringing in new talent. I'll be honest and say I'm utterly gobsmacked at the level of incompetence of the senior management of Aston Villa and they should be absolutely ashamed that they've let things go so badly, it's got to this point. Whilst I knew we'd probably have to sell Jack this summer, I didn't think it would be to merely enable to the club to exist. The biggest mis-management of the club in my entire life time, and I didn't think it could get much worse than the previous 2 chairmen.
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    Looking back on when we first met, You weren't a billionaire, now you've left us in debt, It was all a con, We all want you gone, Get the Villa sold again.
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    I didn't get that impression. He said it would be tough, but that we are Aston Villa and would still be expected to make a challenge and one of the last things he said is that we would now get ready to try and make a challenge. Not so much on here but certainly on social media I don't know if the penny hasn't dropped for some supporters yet or they are just in denial. Financially we are up shit creek. Our best players will be sold. We will be heavily reliant on youth next season and maybe one or two bargain basement signings. The manager stating it will be tough isn't him getting an excuse in. It is simply stating a fact. I am actually surprised he didn't play down our chances.
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    Not worthy of its own thread but on Saturday I was at a wedding of a work colleague and after the speeches the groom persuaded the best man to tell his story of what happened to him at the play-off final. He was a funny guy and told it brilliantly so I can't really do it justice second-hand but here goes. I'm sure there was a teeny bit of exaggeration of some bits but it was hysterical and had the entire room in fits of laughter. The guy was called Reece and although not a big Villa fan himself, his dad has always been a devotee although some recent health problems have meant that he’s not always been able to get to as many games, so Reece decided to take him to Wembley and they got tickets and coach travel although not through official channels (whatever that meant!). Anyway, they set off by coach and during the journey Reece, who by the way is a copper (not that that has any real significance) needs a wee but doesn’t want to use the toilet on the coach so opts to wait until they get into Wembley. They finally arrive and eventually get into the stadium, find their seats and once his dad is settled, Reece nips to the toilet for his much-needed relief. But when he gets into the Gents he encounters an unfortunate problem – the tag on the fly zip of his jeans comes off in his fingers and he can’t get the zip undone. He struggles for ages and then realises it’s all looking a bit odd so he leaves, goes back to his seat, tells his dad what’s happened and decides to hold on until the game has started when the toilets might be a bit less busy. Sure enough, 10 minutes or so into the game he leaves his old man again and goes back to the toilet where he discovers that the situation is even worse than he’d thought! Somehow, and this seems impossible but he can’t explain how it happened, he’s somehow managed to do up the stud button on his jeans and at the same time catch some of the material of his pants in the stud opening, so he now can’t get the stud undone without ripping his pants. In the midst of an almighty struggle to free both himself and the underwear, he contrives to tear the pants and the stud gets caught in the thicker waistband between the two layers of the material and by hell or high water he can’t free it. Eventually he realises the only way he can resolve the problem is to break the stud off his jeans, but he hasn’t got a belt on and knows he won’t be able to keep his jeans up without holding them up and he needs to hold his old man’s arm and waist when they walk so he won’t be able to do both. He gives up, goes back to his dad and explains his predicament. His dad suggests that if he can wait, why not do so until they get back on the coach and he can then go in the on-board toilet, wrench open the waistband of the jeans and then return to his seat where he can sit with his jeans undone. Reece reluctantly agrees and so desperately hangs on for the entire game, hardly able to concentrate on the match because his need is getting so bad. The game finally ends and Reece helps his dad as they slowly wend their way back to the coach but his discomfort is so dire that he can hardly walk properly. They get on the coach, pull away and guess what? The driver announces that the toilet has become blocked and is unusable so it’s been locked! There are no plans for a scheduled stop but they’ll see if it’s necessary later in the journey. Half an hour further on and Reece is in the most desperate trouble and can’t wait any longer. He goes and asks the driver if they can make an emergency stop but the driver says he can’t stop on the hard shoulder but, if absolutely necessary he can pull in at the next services which are around another 30-40 minutes. In despair Reece goes back to his seat whereon his dad tells him, “Look I know it’s embarrassing, but just wet yourself if you have to. No-one knows you and we’ll deal with the situation when we get back.” Horrified, Reece realises there’s little other option. Resigned to it happening, he slips his trainers off his feet to avoid them getting wet and prepares to let go. But, guess what again? He can’t! No matter how much he tries to release his bladder he’s unable to. The more he tries the worse the pain gets but he just can’t start doing it! That goes on for pretty much the rest of the journey and when they approach the next services the drivers sails straight past in the absence of any further request from anyone. The coach finally arrives back at Witton station by which time Reece is doubled up in agonising pain but as he tries to get up, he can’t find his trainers which have presumably slid under one of the seats in front. Despite the arrangement, it’s his dad who ends up helping his son off the coach but to his horror he’s also discovered that somehow, someone has ‘snaffled’ his trainers and they’ve disappeared!! So Reece is in his socks! Most travellers have started to walk away from the coach leaving Reece and his dad standing on the pavement – just as about a dozen young lads in Villa tracksuits walk around the corner, quite possibly the under-18 team having just got off their minibus back from Wembley, and right as they get alongside the coach they are suddenly faced with… … 30-year old policeman Reece standing in his jeans and socks and torrentially wetting himself in the most spectacular fashion whilst standing on the pavement!! He’s reckons the trainees, who watched open-mouthed, were probably scarred for life by what they saw! His summing up was that the experience taught him three things: It IS possible for a bloke to piss for two solid minutes! It simply ISN’T possible for a sober bloke to piss himself sitting down! However bad Villa fans think things have got, there’s always someone else worse off! Anyway, just though it was worth a share if anyone managed to get to the end of it. As I said, he told it superbly.
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    I properly belly laughed at that. So much so I had to see what it looked like for real and you're right, almost identical!! You probably can't see it, but I also stuck Alan Hutton's head on the boy riding him, it seemed to make sense at the time.
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    Don't expect Tony near one of them. It'll keep his card.
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    Not for the winger position but as defender it might work...
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    Tomorrow is my last day. After having my notice in for a few months now, I will be released back into the regular world after 17 years in the Army. I am feeling mainly relieved, then excited, and a little apprehensive. My send off is tomorrow afternoon, and my Sergeant Major wants me to give a spiel to the junior soldiers about what it means to commit to the Army for 17 years, as he believes it is something that means something or something. I don't bloody know. I just want to fade away, because in the end it does feel quite meaningless to me. I am not one to give sermons, just let me throw out a few jokes or so, such as there is a zimmer frame out there with my name on it somewhere. I honestly feel like I am reclaiming more from life by getting out than I did when I was in. If there is still a Villa Park this season, my plan is to make the pilgrimage now that I have the time and freedom. I would need help from fellow VTers in helping with the logistics, such as how to get tickets, otherwise I have no idea. But this another story for another thread later. The company I am angling to join actually offers positions in the UK. Who knows? I find this optimistic wondering of what could happen quite exciting. It feels like my life truly begins at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
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    Ok. Well just on the off chance we have I’d like to get my next couple of years Posts in now... So glad/bitter we got those new owners they are far better/ worse than the Doc/ that pillock.....it just proves all the critics/ doomomgers/ optimists/ neutrals that they were right/ talking out their backsides. At last/ again we have owners who will build/ destroy the Club and make us proud/ ashamed to be a Villa fan. I hope they invest heavily/ tread carefully in buying experience/ young talent and, ideally predominantly British/ continental. I am confident/ suicidal about our future.
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    I think with the new mega rich Arabian fella there is a 'C' option which is to retain Grealish, Chester & Kodjia, and supplement the squad normally. We're not far off, as shown last season.
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    Has anyone suggested a protest using apples? As the saying goes, an apple a day..
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    Whether people choose to admit it or not, Britain and the USA have very strong linguistic and cultural bonds, and what happens one one side of the Atlantic often has pertinence on the other side. British Muslims are facing extreme prejudice from entering the USA, and some American Muslims might be feeling restricted from re-entering the country...which would be just cause in and of itself to protest the architect of the policy of banning a religion.. In an era in which Ireland (gasp) has legalized abortion, the United States is a judicial appointment away from outlawing the practice. Worth protesting. His shockingly inhumane treatment of Central American and Mexican migrants is worth protesting. His diabolical trashing of historic alliances is worth protesting. His collusion with Moscow to steal the US election is worth protesting. His insults, lies, threats against the press, his disinformation, his stoking of racial tension, his ignorance and his misogyny are all worth protesting and I'm really glad to see so many Brits out in the streets doing just that.
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    Well, I'm sure it's it the Running thread somewhere, but what the hell... Dewsbury 10k, 2007. I'm chugging along at about the 8k mark, and starting to feel tired. My legs are telling me to slow down, and my brain is listening. Suddenly, I notice the most beautifully formed derriere ahead of me, so I speed up a little, and pull up alongside to see if she's more than a "1664". And I recognise supermodel Nell McAndrew (I knew she was a keen runner). I look at her, she looks at me, and I start to feel like a stalker, so I decide to run ahead. She accelerates and catches up. I look. She looks. I accelerate. She accelerates. By now, I've forgotten I'm tired, and we're properly racing - all the way to the line, which I cross just ahead of her - with a new P.B. We had a chat about our dingdong battle, and agreed it gave us both better times than we were expecting. My mates at the running club later said I was the only bloke that would run away from her!
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    Well zoom out then.
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    VillaTalk: Come for the takeover talk, stay for the fashion advice.
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    Daughters play yesterday ( was a drama club in a full on theatre , not your average school play ) the evening consisted of 4 plays , with the various children being involved in 1 play each , meaning you had to sit politely through 3 plays that held no interest for you in acting terms it was a bit meh in places , but it's not really about that it's about supporting and encouraging so would it be 2 much for parents to sit there quietly ? we had 4 mobile phones go off , parents opening packets of wine gums , showing mobile phones to each other with football updates on Croatia v Denmark , couple of toilet visits ( why is it always someone in the middle seat that needs a piss and never someone on the end of the row ) despite having an interval 15 mins previously and proud parents doing lots of waving to their child who was on the stage as a background character whilst the main players did their bit maybe it's me turning into Victor Meldrew but I still think you should have to go on a fit and proper selection before you should be allowed to bred .. wearing a Ramones T-shirt / unfit , unable to open a packet of wine gums in silence / unfit , not knowing how to put a phone into silent mode / unfit , Hipster beard / unfit and taken out the back and shot , arm full of footballer style tattoos / unfit and deported to Essex
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    He is taking the piss even tweeting at a time like this let alone one that says f all. If he is to break his silence he needs to be making proper statements on the official site not letting out the odd tweet weeks apart that still give off a stench of self pity and not having a clue. My default position with Xia is now that he is a charlatan and it is for him to prove that wrong.
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    This is a complete misunderstanding. It’s not true at all. The 39 million figure is the maximum total FFP losses permitted over the period covering next season and the previous two. There’s no figure for how much any owner can put in to a club. Many expenses are not included in the FFP calculations. From memory, Things like community work, youth development, stadium work, training facilities etc. etc. So those things can be funded by an owner, or from operating income, or from debt, or from any number of sources, essentially without limit. The 39 million FFP limit is nominally about not permitting the club to go silly on players, endangering the long term future in a gamble to get promoted. The FFP figure to the end of this season, btw, was much larger because it included one seasons worth of allowable losses under prem. calculations. We know that next season the TV money drops by about 18 million and the FFP allowance by another 20 or so (approx). So we know that next season alone we need to somehow find around 40 million quid in savings on costs (wages), or in income from somewhere (player sales). Returning to the owner, we know that that the club has laid people off, sacked the CEO, ended catering contracts, failed to pay bills on time, publicly announced struggles with meeting FFP, declared sizeable losses in the accounts. We know that the owner has taken steps to either facilitate a buy out or to let others take a stake in the club. We know that no one has done either of those things, to date. We know that the owner gambled on getting promoted, and lost. We know that costs are too high, income too low and the club is skint and the owner has vanished, and is probably not in a position to continue as the owner for much longer without wrecking the club completely. It’s all very Leeds.
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    How many times last season did we hear "we have planned for all eventualities; if we dont win promotion, we have a plan in place; we're on course to be in line with FFP; etc, etc.". Biggest steaming pile of horseshite ever. Chancers just wrecking our club. Going to take an age to recover, cant believe this has happened to us. Think this season will be more painful to witness than even 15/16. Just hope the kids can step up to and form a side we can be proud of. Think midtable would be a success the way things are shaping up.
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    As for those trying to shift some of the blame onto Bruce for this whilst I'll acknowledge he fell short of what was achievable you don't put potentially the very existence of a club onto the shoulders of a manager and say get us promoted. No owner in their right mind should run a club on the basis of one extreme or another be that qualify for Champions league one season or we'll be battling relegation the next or get us promoted or we are up shit creek. That is no way to run a football club. Xia came in proclaiming to be a billionaire and is now scratching around for outside investment. Last season we heard on numerous occasions that there was a plan B and things would be fine if we didn't get promoted now as shown by the threat of the winding up order, the search for outside investment, the actively encouraging player sales, the haemorrhaging money like an open tap, there wasn't. Xia is a charlatan it is as simple as that and he should be hanging his head in shame for what he has done, and continues to do, to our football club.
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