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  1. Tom13

    Samir Nasri

    It was the fall that made me laugh the most. It reminds me of some scene out of a film / TV show but can't think what. And I can laugh at him, I've put weight on myself during lockdown, and I laugh at myself regularly.
  2. Southgate the type of guy who never speaks or reacts with emotion, everything is always measured and he always has to try and say the right thing. Those types of people are boring.
  3. Southgate is the definition of a little bitch. He's not worth the energy.
  4. Rodgers or Potter I'd be very happy with. Tbh I'd be happy with pretty much anyone who's not Southgate.
  5. Gareth Southgate is the main reason I hardly watch England. Boring, predictable, and can't answer questions straightly.
  6. Anwar has never looked like one of the best attacking players in the league. If you looked at goal return over a short period only, then yes, but performances, nope.
  7. That's not true though. I know of a few neutral fans who don't think he's all that. He's never a number 10 either, if he played as a 10 week in week out for us he would frustrate like hell. Has nowhere near enough guile/subtlety in his game. With all that being said, he's playing very well currently for us in his CM role.
  8. Have they played Dijibouti twice then?
  9. Great watch, love the attention to detail
  10. Well Casemiro would be starting, Douglas won't be replacing Casemiro in the lineup will he? At least I don't think he will unless he impresses in training. He is simply taking a place in the squad. Don't look too much into FIFA overall ratings.
  11. It's on the previous page of this thread
  12. Tom13

    Wesley Moraes

    I wouldn't say he's a good target player as he often struggles physically. I do agree that he likes to drop though, his strengths are passing and finishing. He's a strange player but I do rate him.
  13. Ah yeah, that one was superb.
  14. This is one confusing post. Are you saying that he should have been replaced with someone with a similar FIFA rating who is a different position? And no, of course you shouldn't go off FIFA ratings.
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