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  1. I just watched that full 8 minute video for a hint before realising it's the wording of the tweet I was meant to be looking at
  2. Grealish shooting against Cash this morning with the music playing and other players bantering gave me proper lads holiday vibes. Was proper jealous.
  3. If Danny Mills is on he'll probably claim there's nothing Jack can do that Trezeguet can't.
  4. Really need a break from this thread...see you all in five minutes.
  5. Tbf Jack is never not happy. He has a very refreshing approach to life!
  6. It's a shame because he's an absolute joy to watch with the ball at his feet, but you are right unfortunately.
  7. That three behind Watkins is mouthwatering tbh
  8. Oh they will, I'll never understand why, but they will. No-one will have been in a situation anywhere near similar to what Jack's in, so they have no grounds to judge. But of course many will.
  9. I mean that Russke tweet he even replied to it saying it's about being back to DJing.
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