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  1. Tom13

    Matty Cash

    Yeah his crossing is brilliant
  2. Exactly this. That was the only time I questioned his decision making as well.
  3. Yes. He has been excellent.
  4. Give him the Ballon d'Or already!
  5. So, Martinez is only the second Argentinian we've ever had on our books. Gustavo Bartelt came on loan from Roma under John Gregory, who it's fair to say wasn't his biggest fan after he'd arrived
  6. Has Fred done something to annoy people recently?
  7. Yep. That aimless panicked pass played forward to no-one from him...Grealish would never do that in a million years.
  8. I always remember when he used to be a pundit on ITV. He never had any confidence in his own opinion and constantly looked at the other pundits for reassurance. How he's national team manager is beyond me.
  9. Southgate is a really strange guy. Answers every question nervously. Cannot wait till he's gone. Kinda hoping as it's only Nations League that we get spanked.
  10. Special, special, special player!!
  11. Tom13

    Dean Smith

    Club legend? 10 game winning streak, promoted at the first attempt. Playoff final euphoria, got us to a cup final, kept us up against all odds with a completely rehauled squad. 7-2 win over Liverpool.
  12. Some strange opinions in here. I can't see him being able to improve his left foot much at all, but there are plenty of right footed left backs who don't have a strong left - Jonny, Santon in the past, Azpilicueta when he played LB. And Freddie, as much as I love him, should be nowhere near our right wing. Never mind training him on his left foot, he has plenty other areas to improve on first.
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