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  1. That slide tackle technique Whoever said the Mark Delaney sliding comparison was spot on.
  2. But also said VP is his fav away ground and has been for ages
  3. I wish Grealish would take more touches sometimes. Happy to just do a one touch lay off a lot of the time. Really reminds me of Ozil.
  4. Is it just me or does Grealish hide at times?
  5. Playing long ball with the mids we have. Why?
  6. Fair enough. As soon as I posted it I actually thought he was decent going forward on Sat. Think he dwelled on it once and lost it near our goal (like he did against Spurs) and that stuck in my mind. Anyway...contract is deserved.
  7. I wouldn't say Elmo's doing well. Get Guilbert in on Friday and let's see what he can do.
  8. Yeah it's very annoying. That being said, Grealish has said on more than one occasion that his preferred position is on the left of a front three.
  9. Tom13

    Douglas Luiz

    Why are people talking about moving his position?! He's obviously a ball playing DM.
  10. Tom13

    Tom Heaton

    Well if we were playing with no goalkeeper then yeah you're right. But he cost us at least a point yesterday.

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