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  1. Fred put us in a dangerous situation twice (IIRC) with an awkward pass and an awkward attempt at a clearance. He wasn't that good last night IMO. I do like his attitude but am yet to be convinced by him. Better than Elmo though.
  2. After the Reina triple save and Targett cleared, Grealish beat Capoue in the air and he did not like it one bit Squared up and shoulder barged him. What a word removed.
  3. Are we sure that's not the one we're after then?
  4. Jota has a footballing brain though, Trez doesn't.
  5. Tom13

    Kortney Hause

    That's exactly what it is.
  6. Tom13

    Kortney Hause

    I'll admit I've been critical of Hause in the past and while he's still far from perfect, would love him to succeed. Honestly think he has serious potential. Seems like a good lad as well.
  7. I wouldn't be too sure about that.
  8. We've got 4 points from 2 crucial games. Engels, while a good defender, doesn't deserve to be starting atm.
  9. Tbf seeing the highlights back, his contribution for our first goal was fantastic. Good feet and a sharp incisive pass.
  10. What did he do when he came off? I never noticed.
  11. He was hitting the chair to celebrate.
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