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  1. Alli? No thanks. Such a limited player.
  2. Great work rate, very skilful at times. However, he is so frustrating to watch. He's not great at passing, is often slow to react to the path of the ball, and his reading of the game is so far behind the likes of Grealish. Plenty of room for improvement though.
  3. Poor first half much better second half
  4. He is playing with 0 bravery and confidence. Rather anyone have the ball but him.
  5. Traore and El Ghazi (in particular) are getting on my nerves tonight.
  6. Tom13

    Matty Cash

    The energy of the lad is unreal. And some of the tackles he makes you don't expect him to be able to are fantastic. Seems to have fitted into the dressing room perfectly as well. What a steal!
  7. He hasn't always said that. Years ago he actually said his fav position is LW. Now he says he's not sure what his fav position is.
  8. Tom13

    Kortney Hause

    Played well the last couple of games btw.
  9. Tom13

    Kortney Hause

    Nah don't agree at all. It was obviously clumsy but was also very nasty.
  10. He is world class. No doubt about that. Watkins struggles to read the game on Grealish's level.
  11. Quality tonight! Will do his confidence the world of good.
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