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  1. It says the argument was after he damaged the cars.
  2. Elmo was part of the front 3.
  3. Yeah he's not played a single minute as a RCB.
  4. He put an Insta story on (probably a couple of months ago now), and it said something like 'Even if for no-one else, do it for your family', did make me wonder at the time as even then he hadn't looked happy for ages.
  5. Tom13


    Yeah, it's sad he hasn't been given a few more opportunities.
  6. Tom13

    Pepe Reina

    Embarrassment of a performance.
  7. Tom13

    Douglas Luiz

    I've stuck up for him but he was dire tonight
  8. Guilbert is standing out as being terrible, and that's saying something.
  9. I don't know if we'd be balanced enough with both, but can see Davis and Samatta causing an absolute load of problems together.
  10. It's a good job you didn't give him this idea when he was at the wheel.
  11. Jesus. If Guilbert has been playing in PL 6 months and doesn't know how to gesture/say he wants to pass on a man at a corner, I'd be worried.
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