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  1. If I remember correctly though we started very shakily and VP was very nervous. The opening goal changed everything.
  2. Agree. How some people don't rate him is beyond me.
  3. Tom13

    Ezri Konsa

    I mean he put two excellent crosses in VS United. I agree though, although he was solid he's not natural going forward. Just hope Smith doesn't bring Hause back in next game.
  4. Tom13

    Douglas Luiz

    Is he anywhere near a suspension? I hope not.
  5. At least I can now use Villa as my excuse to get pissed on a Thursday
  6. Don't need a new manager. Smith 12 points from the last 4...sorted.
  7. Depends what you class as good times. I classed the playoff final and the win against Everton for example, as very good times.
  8. I still believe Samatta is a good player
  9. Keep the faith. The good times will be back. Might be few and far between, but they'll be worth it.
  10. Tom13

    Tyrone Mings

    Tbf I do agree with this. Especially when you're under the cosh as much as us, concentration levels have to be off the scale.
  11. Feel absolutely gutted tonight. If we don't beat Palace...I'll give up all hope.
  12. How can you not put effort in for the club you support. I'd be giving absolutely everything out there.
  13. Tom13

    Ezri Konsa

    I'm starting to think he's the best out of all our defenders. He's actually impressed me most at RB. I know he's not natural going forward, but he wins most duals...and his crossing tonight...wow.
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