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  1. He does shoot frustratingly often lately though. Fair enough it was a cracker on Saturday, but the amount of his shots that have just been telegraphed and easily blocked recently has been ridiculous
  2. Probably, but involved in that aim would be playing some games for Villa for fitness/giving a reminder to Southgate. It is amazing how he's not an autoinclusion though.
  3. Tom13

    Matty Cash

    That being said he is a bit rash. It was a moment of madness the other night - he was no doubt frustrated with our performance in general, takes a terrible touch and gets skinned by Foden who is giving him a torrid night already, decides to fly in. I do have some doubts about him - rashness and the fact he struggles with the ball in tight spaces, however at the moment I'd much rather have him in the team than not.
  4. Tom13

    Ezri Konsa

    Arsenal at home, shouting "faaaaack*** hell!"
  5. Tom13

    Dean Smith

    Our performances over the last month or two have been nothing short of a disgrace. No intent whatsoever.
  6. Targett was clear of Guilbert even last season IMO.
  7. Tom13

    Matty Cash

    He played centre mid for Forest? Or right mid?
  8. I really rate Ramsey, no argument there
  9. He seemingly continues to waste good opportunities by trying that ball over the top (which feels like it always fails), instead of playing a couple of simple passes to open a defence up that way, and it's so frustrating to watch.
  10. Not at all. I was calling him shit when he had his bad run of form, since then he's had a kick up the back side and needs another proper opportunity. And let's not forget how many of us were praying to sign him after his first few games of the season.
  11. He was poor yeah, I agree, but he was seemingly given a kick up the back side. Since then he's not been given a start, I mean he came off the bench VS Newcastle and created two clear opportunities ffs (granted one would have been pulled back for Watkins being offside). I'm not actually trying desperately to defend him or anything, I just think lately you can see he's trying hard to make a difference but it's not easy for him at the moment.
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