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  1. Tom13

    John Terry

    Tbh Terry strikes me as a bit of a yes man. Also he must do the most Instagram posts of any football coach ever.
  2. Tom13

    Kortney Hause

    Doing well but has a mistake in him pretty much every game. A lot better than the game at Brentford showed anyway!
  3. Getting a bit frustrated with Tammy tbh. He's struggling to do the basics right atm. Also, considering how many goals he has, it's amazing how rarely he actually strikes the ball cleanly
  4. Imagine if he's named in the lineup tomorrow
  5. Why would anyone care about that? They know what he can do.
  6. Not convinced he'll make it in the PL.
  7. Does he really have enough guile/subtlety to his game to play as a 10 though? FWIW I don't think he's all bad, we need to lay off him and hope he gets some confidence back.
  8. Tom13

    Dean Smith

    Two quality fullbacks who are fairly comfortable on the ball in the final third would make a world of difference for us. Having no threat whatsoever coming from those areas is rare nowadays.
  9. Tom13

    Dean Smith

    It's funny because for about 5 games or so, Sherwood had us playing some unbelievable football.
  10. Plus, he's an entertainer. The type of player you love to watch as he glides across the turf. Will be gutted when he goes.
  11. Tom13

    Dean Smith

    In his interview he seems to be getting very defensive. Clinging on to "positives" and going on about how Brentford's style was 2-3 years in the making (so all his work). Not a good sign IMO.
  12. Tom13

    John Terry

    If I see an Instagram post tomorrow about those **** Thomas Royall swimshorts...
  13. Deserved. Dean Smith sort it out or get out.

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