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  1. What about if it goes to penalties? Who's behind the sofa
  2. Forgotten how long Lescott has been around that must be back in 1998/9
  3. Sorry but no to Pat Murphy, guy always seems to take every opportunity to have a go at Villa. Always felt he was rubbed up the wrong way by RLs refusal to talk to the press or more importantly to him! And as a result delights in any chance to have a pop at the club
  4. 3-0 down at half time, there may be trouble ahead!
  5. 196 according to Wiki 258. Wikipedia only lists league appearances in the profile box. If you include cup and European games then he played 258 times for Spurs. Only another 142 games for JK to find then
  6. Cant see this .. Why would a company Dafabet, based in the Philippines want to pay for a Japanese international?
  7. The Barcelona thing has nothing to do with what happens on the pitch, football-wise. It has everything to do with the fact that every game, every reference, every supporter reverts back to the political situation of Catalonia, and they use these home games as a stump from which to preach their separatist ways. I have no issue with their views nor their reasons for not wanting to be part of Spain. What I have an issue with is that their games represent much less sport and much more politics, and when I watch football, I want to see and hear about football...not about why the team on the field is purportedly a pillar for the issues that plague the population around it. If Spain was a united place, I'd feel much differently about it than I do. I even saw this years ago when separatist chatter was more minimal. But now, every game has to somehow feature the Catalan flag in massive fashion, making me wonder who is playing...a club team, or the Catalan (national) regional team? There is another team in BCN, RCD Espanyol, but they get shit on by the greater public in comparison to FCB. I had a hunch to simply walk across town and join them originally, but if they ever improve to a top flight team, the same political shit will come out of there, too. Hence, the Premier League was my landing spot. Thanks for that explanation , VILLAMARV asked the question that puzzled me, as we certainly don't play the brand of football that Barca do, and perhaps your answer shines a light on a less attractive feature of 'the greatest club side in the world' long ignored Well done Sir Anyway welcome to the fold, strap on your seatbelt this will be a bumpy ride. You have certainly joined us at an interesting point in our long history, I would suggest a quick read of the optimist ans pessimist threads to illustrate just how schizophrenic we villans have become. After last season we are either (1) A doomed bunch of cheap inexperienced kids, led by a man with poor tactical skills and little support from the club owner. Or (2) the brightest and most exciting young side in the premier league led by a genius in the transfer market who is supported by an owner who finally has learnt from early mistakes. You sound like a positive individual well capable of making your own mind up, so read the comments with the big 'pinch of salt' they need and you will love being a part of the crazy world that is Aston Villa
  8. Certainly not ... its 44 pages 'thick'
  9. Everton have signed with dafabet. But not as shirt sponsor
  10. Known whacko. He's come out with his alien beliefs numerous times. Nothing to see. Paul Hellyer, he first started announcing alien presence in 2005 so this is not new 'news' from him
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