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  1. jim

    Wesley Moraes

    I’d drop him for Doris the tea lady tbh. Total waste of a place in the team.
  2. If you’ve got the holiday rewards thing on your dashboard for free EA access, Discord and Spotify. Claim the Discord promo and you get another 2 months of game pass. It’s says 3 months but it only gave me 2.
  3. Can’t see a third fight happening
  4. Eh? Because nobody got sparked out? That was a superb tactical boxing performance. Knew what he had to do and executed it perfectly.
  5. I’ve seen this a lot online and on here. People seem to think it’s a given we’ll beat those around. Fact is we have thrown away far too many points this season and the worrying thing is we don’t seem to be rectifying those errors. It’s all well a good playing ok in games but if we don’t get the results it means diddly squat.
  6. She got locked up for holding Dale Stephens hostage at New Hall hotel.
  7. I haven’t, it will be one I am more than happy to pay out on if I lose.
  8. Back in a very dangerous position. What worry’s me is despite some decent performances we haven’t been able to see our results and I fear that will be our undoing this season.
  9. Really poor performance. Once again we were strolling around with no urgency whatsoever. If we want to stay in this league we need to fight for every ball. Smith needs to show these players whose boss not be their best mate.
  10. He’s got more kids than headers he’s won this season.
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