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  1. Mine was paused immediately and all my future bills were credited including the one I already paid has been added to next months. Check tomorrow and should be updated.
  2. Who are they going to sue? Corona? I personally don't think there is a cat in hells chance the season gets voided and will continue next year if needs be. However, if it is voided the clubs will just have to suck it up, these are unprecedented times and any clubs talking about law suits will be slaughtered and rightly so.
  3. I suck at online gaming but I’m in.
  4. I’m undecided but to call not paying a dick move is very harsh imo. These are uncertain times and you don’t know what is around the corner, so any money saved now could be putting food on the table a few months down the line. I get it’s harsh on the nursery and the workers and it’s not their fault, but it isn’t mine either. Paying out 50/60% of my monthly salary for a service I’m not getting, whilst busting a gut to keep myself in a job and look after the kids at the same time is a bitter pill to swallow. I’d like to think the government will be supporting these companies. Whether they will or not is another story.
  5. We are in the same boat nursery is closing and we pay them over £1500 a month. April bill is due next week. They are privately owned as part of a small group. I can afford pay it but I’m loathe to as we’ll both be working from home full time whilst trying to entertain/educate two kids under 5 for god knows how long.
  6. Schools closing Scotland and Wales on Friday. I guess we’ll follow suit too.
  7. McDonald’s only offering drive thru and delivery. Eating in closed for the foreseeable from tomorrow.
  8. A team with little to no fight, a manager without a game plan and performances getting worse week on week. Not to mention the worst defensive record in the league.
  9. Vibrant squad? Great manager? Apply maximum effort? I take it you haven’t seen us much this season as none of the things you mention are even remotely close to what I’ve witnessed.
  10. Absolutely! But could you imagine the reaction from Villa fans if we were to be relegated would be any different?
  11. jim


    Crisis meeting in the morning apparently. Can see suspension for the foreseeable.
  12. jim


    No way is this going ahead imo.
  13. jim

    Dean Smith

    If it’s not complicated, please share with us what Smith has done this season to suggest he is MORE than good enough at this level?
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