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  1. Really disappointing he went half way around the world to sit on the bench. This will have put his progress back now for a good few weeks and he was hardly up to speed before he left.
  2. Has he? Mourinho won the League Cup, Europa League and finished second. Van Gaal won the Fa Cup. What has Ole won?
  3. jim

    Danny Ings

    I’ll put it another way, Ings wasn’t signed to sit on the bench. Whether that’s good for the team we don’t know yet.
  4. jim

    Danny Ings

    Ings hasn’t come here to sit on the bench.
  5. jim

    Tyrone Mings

    Very poor tonight. Lacks concentration imo.
  6. Good first half marred by poor defending.
  7. Hes a wonderful footballer but I don’t see how he fits into our side. Shoehorning him in will be our downfall this season.
  8. Yeah, he wasn’t great in Fantastic Beasts.
  9. We were good but didn’t score and Ings was anonymous.
  10. He didn’t stand a chance, it was trickling towards him. All on Mings.
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