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  1. jim

    Dean Smith

    We could easily have 4 points or more than we do now, getting something out of Bournemouth x 2 and Watford is not out of the question with this team yet we failed to show up as we have done on so many occasions this season. As it is we could easily find ourselves 4 points adrift by the time we play United.
  2. Oh you mean the one where he had the best team in the league that was massively under achieving but still managed a run of 2 wins in 12? He struck gold and it all came together and for that I congratulate him. It’s been pretty dire ever since.
  3. If Smith is in charge we’ll probably lose.
  4. jim

    Dean Smith

    They all have the ability, the way they are coached or not as the case may he is the problem.
  5. jim

    Dean Smith

    Vastly experienced World Cup and European Championship winning keeper. Striker who has played and scored in the Champions League and a highly-rated young English forward. See, I can spin it to suit the narrative as well. As we saw yesterday, the players DO have it in them to play well and had we played like that with the same gusto and enthusiasm against the lesser teams we’d have got more out of those games. Smiths coaching and tactics for the majority of the season have been our downfall. Good managers get the best out of their players and improve them. We’ve got worse the longer Smith has been with them with the exception of the odd game.
  6. jim

    Wesley Moraes

    Rubbish. Louie Barry has the most generic name ever and people are jizzing in their pants over him. Keinan get's no love because he is crap.
  7. He did, completely rinsed him. Trent was probably still drunk!
  8. jim

    Pepe Reina

    Yep, much more assured.
  9. jim

    Dean Smith

    What utter tosh! I hate seeing us lose but it’s become so predictable under Smith that it’s hard to see any other result. He is a huge part of the problem and the sooner we get rid the better.
  10. jim


    This. I guess his face doesn’t fit around here, he’s barely had a run in the team and he’s written off.
  11. jim

    Dean Smith

    Our relegation won’t be defined by games against the big teams remember. It’s against the likes of Watford, Southampton and Bournemouth etc... where we need to make it count.
  12. We are done sadly. I just hope the board doesn’t waste a season in the Championship by sticking with Smith.
  13. jim

    Dean Smith

    Very true Tro. We are far too easy to predict. Looking back at previous relegation battles the teams down there spring surprise results. Can anyone honestly say we look remotely capable of that, especially as we have failed to do so all season. I honestly don’t think we’ll pick up more than 3 points between now and the end of the season.
  14. jim

    Dean Smith

    Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!
  15. jim

    Dean Smith

    No, regardless of division.
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