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  1. Steve Bruce

    Diarra would be a fabulous signing.
  2. Leicester City

    Utterly bonkers decision. The players have been letting the club down nor Ranieri.
  3. What's wrong at Villa?

    The only thing wrong at Villa are the constant poor decisions from top to bottom. Signing all the players was not the answer. We are now paying for our arrogance.
  4. Scott Hogan

    I said the same in the match thread. None of them give a shit. The majority are just mercenaries here to collect their premier league wages.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Just go, you useless word removed.
  6. Bruce out. Pointless buying all the players if you don't have a plan how to use them.
  7. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    How many times is Kodjia going to play an awful ball? I am seriously starting to question whether any of these clowns even give a damn.
  8. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    Passing is so sloppy all over the pitch.
  9. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    They don't call him the Scottish Cafu for nothing.,,
  10. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    Surprise surprise we have gone to shit.