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  1. jim

    Pepe Reina

    Looking an inspired signing, oozes class and made some important saves. Love that he pushed everyone forwards at the end and should take a lot of credit for the goal.
  2. Well done, you are a much better fan than some us. Give yourself a round of applause.
  3. Difference is they had a good team and manager. We have neither.
  4. Pretty much is, we’d need to go on a hell of a run and we’ve seen no sign of that happening this season. Games are running out and the gap is widening. Writing is on the wall.
  5. Why? Losing at home to a relegation rival. 4 points adrift as it stands and running out of games. What do you expect?
  6. I think it’s all over. 4 points adrift if it stays like this and the teams above us look far better than us. We’ll need to put one hell of a run together and I haven’t seen anything from Smith and the players this season to suggest that is possible.
  7. I fear it will be too late. The damage has been done not beating teams around us.
  8. Christ, do you have an excuse for every game? We may as well pack up now and go back to the Championship. They are 1 point above us and rivals for relegation, we are the home team and it’s a must win or the gap widens.
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