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  1. Yeah, but he hasn’t heard about our interest yet.
  2. Depay would be a good signing on a free. Only 27.
  3. First ever opening game win against World Cup finalists and a clean sheet. The hypocrisy in this thread is hilarious, if this was a Villa performance against good opposition, the reaction would be completely different.
  4. Good result against the World Cup finalists. First opening game win in the Euro Championships. Well done Southgate. Jack didn’t play, so what we got the result we needed, that’s all that matters.
  5. All the cups or Smith out!
  6. Can’t even get a handshake right. Rashita.
  7. Has anything been signed yet?
  8. Getting Jack’s replacement in early. Nice.
  9. What’s the point in all these players not going playing? Surely these games are to get the 26 used to playing with each other?
  10. Good running for the goal
  11. Smithball = give it to Grealish
  12. Having a stinker so far.
  13. jim

    Douglas Luiz

    Eh? How do you work that one out. Citeh would have to pay us £35m for Doug if they wanted him. If Doug stays and they offered £100m for Grealish we would get the full fee.
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