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  1. Really? That’s abysmal. When I bought mine the free delivery option stated 3-5 day service.
  2. Yep, it's really annoying as it's my daughters birthday in April and every year I buy her a top with her age as the number but she will miss out this year. Can't even get the away or third kit in kids sizes.
  3. Ordered the away shirt last Tuesday it was delivered Thursday. On a separate note I find it really annoying there are no normal adult and kids sizes of the home shirt available anywhere and has been the case for a few months.
  4. Yep. We need to forget about everyone else and keep winning. 11 wins and we’ll be in the Premier League
  5. It was shit a couple of weeks ago
  6. Very much on but still a long way to go. Can’t afford any slip ups.
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