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  1. Steve Bruce

    I might be in a minority then but I could see we were always going to get performances like the last 2. We have played really well only a handful of times (imo) The rest of our performances have been mediocre at best, even when we went on that great run a lot of the performances weren’t great. The cracks have been there to see for most of the season. I would go as far to say the Wolves performance was what I didn’t see coming, as we have seen some very average displays for the majority of the season.
  2. Steve Bruce

    Yesterday and Tuesday showed how tactically inept Bruce is. He has no clue how to turn things around when things aren’t going well. We have seen it time and time again this season. I have no confidence that he can inspire the team now and get us up this season. He has to go as soon as the final ball is kicked at the end of the season.
  3. Steve Bruce

    Grasshopper would have us second with this squad!
  4. Steve Bruce

    Totally on Bruce today! His tactics were awful and it summed him up on 70 minutes when the camera was on him. Puffing his cheeks looking totally clueless. I want him gone once our stay in the champions is confirmed.
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Bolton v Villa

    Totally disgusted! Awful tactics and in game management from Bruce.
  6. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    This falls squarely on the managers door. Awful tactics and management.
  7. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    That’s it Bruce puff your cheeks and look clueless. Prick.
  8. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    They can’t even pass now, useless words removed.
  9. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    Out of ideas, typical Bruce
  10. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    Carry on like this and we’ll be lucky to make the playoffs.
  11. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    No way would I keep Bruce if we fail to go up this year.