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  1. Was hoping to see kesler come in for elmohamady, el ghazi must be injured to not even make the bench
  2. Good to see Sanson and Luiz start
  3. rbcuk

    Dean Smith

    Playing bottom of the table who was down to 10 men, didn’t even look like scoring, his subs again was baffling why not take elmohamady off as they wasn’t attacking but no takes off a winger for Davis so then have no one on the right
  4. He’s finished, goal was down to him standing watching the ball, couldn’t cross for shit tonight, just an awful player
  5. Did bugger all from the bench, no doubt Smith will start him against wolves
  6. Absolute pathetic performance only there 2nd cleansheet after the 1st was against Newcastle Goal was down to elmohamady just standing watching the ball and putting his arm up for offside, his crossing was atrocious, if cash ain’t back against wolves stick kesler in
  7. Should just go 3 at the back and take elmohamady off
  8. This is poor, we haven’t even tested that shit keeper of there’s once tonight
  9. I give up with the subs Smith makes, **** trezeguet! I blame my stream they said Trezeguet was coming on
  10. Now take off nakamba and go for this with them being down to 10
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