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  1. The 3rd shirt will be worn against Man City
  2. Definitely need another forward and a winger, our options from the bench aren’t the best
  3. rbcuk

    Wesley Moraes

    Got to give him time, but was shocking tonight, big lad like that always falling over from that slightest touch is bloody annoying
  4. Definitely 2 points dropped, talking of dropped we need to drop Taylor ASAP he is a waste of space going forward, even defensively he was crap tonight
  5. Kept there best player quiet tonight, shame he had jota on his side as he got no help from him
  6. Thought he played well tonight, broke up there play and played it simple to our players
  7. Waste of time having him play, we need our full backs to over lap when he actually does go forward, no one wants to pass to him as he always plays it back
  8. rbcuk


    Every time he got the ball he kept turning back onto his left then losing it, he ain’t a starter for me
  9. He had a converted loft apartment in a old gun factory in town
  10. Guilbert is a much better defender and going forward than elmohamady, as proven against Everton, nearly every cross from elmohamady against Bournemouth was overhit
  11. Let’s hope it’s a sell out like Everton and as much noise is made
  12. He wasn’t against Everton, played well that evening, one loss and people are already on his back
  13. Done the right thing and making all these changes to the team, don’t want any of the 1st eleven getting injured this early into a season

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