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  1. rbcuk

    Milot Rashica

    Yeah seen all that on twitter tonight, that melt Ty bracey putting it on, it’s embarrassing
  2. Was good Upto that Southampton game when he got done for pace all game
  3. I know a few on here mentioned Baptiste Santamaria but he’s just signed for Freiburg
  4. At least got him off the wage bill, wonder how much we actually got for him
  5. rbcuk

    Emiliano Martinez

    For the money heaton is probably on, I’d look at shifting him out, steer is a decent number 2
  6. rbcuk

    Tom Heaton

    Can’t see him dislodging Martinez for the number 1 spot, it’ll be like at Burnley when pope got in front of him
  7. B not sure if they are doing it in surname or randomly
  8. rbcuk

    Emiliano Martinez

    Can’t see heaton getting back his number one spot after signing Martinez
  9. Need to get rid and replace him, been saying it for years
  10. Did what was needed, but we need to get rid of some of them tonight, Lansbury isn’t good enough, Hause with his usual headers that are never on target, el ghazi offered nothing
  11. Blimey was expecting him to scuff it to the keeper, lovely pass from luiz
  12. Think tonight has proven our players that ain’t in the starting eleven ain’t very good and most need shifting on
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