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  1. Don’t know what game you was watching if you thought he was creating, Nope I’m perfectly fine thank you!
  2. Is it? He lost the ball all the time
  3. Easily been our worse player today, every time he’s got the ball he’s lost it
  4. Don’t think any of our fans are even celebrating judging from his reaction
  5. Why is this garbage on the bench, Hause should easily be on it than this poor excuse of a player
  6. Poor excuse of a footballer, so far he’s had one decent game for us this season
  7. **** this shit, needs to get this lot into training tomorrow, shocking!
  8. **** sake trezeguet cross the **** ball instead of your weak shitty shots
  9. Wrong sub that, should have easily been trezeguet going offp
  10. Great ball from Luiz but yet again trezeguet runs straight at the defender
  11. Trezeguet has been absolute awful since he’s been here, played one decent game last week, take him off and get Lansbury on
  12. Come on McGinn stop trying to take everyone on, keeps losing possession today
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