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  1. Good for running about, his composure in front of goal is awful
  2. He’d be decent if he could use his right foot, everytime kept cutting back to his left
  3. He’s been doing this before he got called up + England are playing a back 3 so can get away with it
  4. rbcuk

    Matty Cash

    Again gets caught inside leaving the winger free behind him, did this against Southampton and now again today, sick of seeing him and Targett so far inside
  5. Awful back to his worse, thinks he’s better than he actually is, we so need another centre back in jan, might give him a wake up call
  6. Rubbish and yet again var goes against us when every angle can see he kicked Trezeguet shin, idiot only looked at one angle on the screen
  7. These refs have got worse since this var and when they have it on the screen they still can’t get it right
  8. How can u not give that every replay shown he kicked his shin
  9. Yet again mings thinks he’s beckenbauer running out of the defence with the ball then losing it and jogging back
  10. Another chance from Trezeguet should have at least hit the target
  11. Don’t know why we keep putting it to the wingers they keep cutting back passing it backwards been a poor performance this
  12. A back heal from grealish in our own box, The defending today has been laughable
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