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  1. Take Barkley off! That free kick sums up his performance
  2. Doesn’t surprise me with who they have in the studio, switched over to the wolves game to find bloody Stephen warnock commentating
  3. Didn’t realise the West Ham game was on before us, not even mentioned us all been Utd now gone to Antonio talking about West ham
  4. What a miss from roberts one on one with the keeper ran straight at him haha
  5. Now if Rotherham do end up drawing Hope sheff weds go on to beat Derby
  6. Hope Rotherham hold on to stay up
  7. Mate has just entered ours, doesn’t bother me If we win or not tbh
  8. Best winger out the current 3 we have in the squad, rather him start over the others he’s more direct and has a much better shot aswell
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