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  1. He won’t if purslow is here they fell out when at Liverpool, I’d love Rafa here
  2. rbcuk

    Tyrone Mings

    Tbh he was making mistakes in the championship but got away with it there as the players in the prem don’t usually miss
  3. rbcuk

    Douglas Luiz

    Need to build the team around him next season if we are able to keep hold of him, but can see this being another gueye and vertout situation they move on to be the class players they are
  4. Why bother extending his loan paying his wages for him to not even make the bench
  5. Tbh only one I would want to keep is Luiz for next season from that starting lineup tonight, let’s hope the youth get games next season
  6. rbcuk

    Tyrone Mings

    Will any of us really be bothered if we sell him next season for a decent fee? I know I won’t be, as I’ve never rated him, was a reason why Bournemouth sold him to us apart from us over paying for him
  7. Him and a few others, how they can justify playing after these performances
  8. rbcuk

    Dean Smith

    Looked like he’s been crying, now he knows how we have all felt this season watching this dross
  9. rbcuk

    John McGinn

    Go the chippy on the way home, u deserve a bag of chips and a can of Iron bru after that performance
  10. These owners need to have a hard look at this fraud, shambles from top to bottom this season has turned out to be
  11. rbcuk

    Dean Smith

    Just looking at him at this after match interview can see he’s done
  12. rbcuk

    Douglas Luiz

    MOTM again, always been a class player but smith had him in and out the team every week before this lockdown, we have to keep him
  13. rbcuk

    Tyrone Mings

    GTFO this club, disgusting performance again!
  14. rbcuk

    Dean Smith

    Exactly I said at Xmas after that Southampton home game he should have gone
  15. Luiz yet again MOTM for rest of them I couldn’t care less if I never have to see them in a villa shirt again, Mings performance was as others have said disgusting
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