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  1. Does anyone know how much if anything we will get for him if he goes?
  2. Let’s hope he’s decent, I’ve never heard of him
  3. Seen a stat to say that our starting midfield made 4 tackles in today’s game, doesn’t surprise me when he’s playing he’s always hiding away from the opposition
  4. rbcuk

    Dean Smith

    I think it’s more the we’ll cope part which more than likely means we ain’t even got anyone lined up
  5. rbcuk

    Dean Smith

    Just seen his quotes on twitter, dunno how he thinks we’d cope not a chance - Dean Smith: “If we don’t (sign a striker before Brighton) I’ll have to cope with it. I know how hard the people above me are working to try and get players in, and I know how hard this market is to work in. If we get one in, brilliant. If we don’t, we’ll cope.”
  6. Where is the option for none for motm, shambles of a performance
  7. rbcuk

    Dean Smith

    If he doesn’t get a striker in before the Brighton game, it’s a bloody joke, absolute no fight whatsoever today
  8. Absolute shambles yet again, we’re still here, no fight whatsoever
  9. Quickest I seen him move today was when he was being subbed
  10. Waste of space, another game he’s gone missing in
  11. rbcuk

    Dean Smith

    Atrocious today, never looked like doing anything, the players didn’t even look up for it and that is shocking
  12. Laughable performance from him so far today
  13. How anyone can say he’s better than Guilbert I’ll never know, I know it’s against city but he is atrocious
  14. rbcuk

    Pepe Reina

    Don’t get this signing, seen him a cpl of times for Milan this season, let in a shocker against Genoa earlier on this season
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