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  1. Can see Newcastle going down, he will buy over the hill players that have no resale value, tactically inept, I know a few Newcastle fans they really don’t want him
  2. rbcuk

    Douglas Luiz

    Where is everyone seeing this buy back from city?
  3. Not sure how true it is but supposedly a Prem team have put a bid in for Callum Robinson and both us and Bournemouth are looking at him
  4. I hadn’t received the email, checked the villa site as I knew I was in this allocation and it allowed me to buy mine, try the website see if you can
  5. Just tried on the villa site got my 2 for the season and it was the ones I wanted before this wait list aswell
  6. Anyone had an email today? Now they are back on sale to the next wait list? As from the numbers I should be in this one
  7. They are bloody useless they ain’t got a clue
  8. This is what I got from the website...Further information will be sent to the next 1,000 in the waiting list shortly after the deadline, subject to Season Ticket take-up.
  9. rbcuk

    Tyrone Mings

    Glad we’ve agreed a fee for this
  10. Must admit I much prefer the kappa kits from that pic to Luke’s
  11. Hope so mate, depends what number they finally stopped selling them at before this waiting list
  12. 2019-20 Season Ticket Waiting List 28102 is that it?

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