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  1. rbcuk

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    I bought that a couple of weeks ago from vintage football shirts
  2. rbcuk

    Media and punditry

    Rio Ferdinand just waffles on, the bloke does my head in
  3. rbcuk

    Summer Transfers 18/19

    Jean Michael Serri on his way to Fulham according to reports, surprised by this as Chelsea Man Utd and Barca was after him
  4. rbcuk

    Ross McCormack

    I know what’s gone on, but we need every player that’s on our books to be available especially as we have nothing to spend
  5. rbcuk

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Supposedly we are bringing out a 3rd kit, can’t see when that would be worn tho
  6. rbcuk

    Steve Bruce

    Can’t believe people are letting him off lightly after the debarkle of that play off final, his remit was to get promoted which he didn’t do, he should have done the decent thing and resigned the following day, but not a chance he would have done that with the salary he’s on (must be one of the highest in the championship) Now we are in the shit cause of the owner spending silly amounts on players Bruce and RDM wanted and 2 seasons in this division, and now his interview on sky admitting grealish will be sold, not a chance we are going to get decent money for him now after he’s openly admitted he’ll be sold. I don’t buy this he’ll keep us steady and get the best out of the younger players, he never played them last season when he had plenty of opportunity to do so.
  7. rbcuk

    Steve Bruce

    There’s one on the YouTube channel, same stuff he said last year switched off after a min, when he said were Aston Villa
  8. rbcuk

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    £50 for them as according to the clubs twitter the pricing was wrong, his logo ruins it for me
  9. rbcuk

    Steve Bruce

    Piss poor, should have walked/sacked after that performance at the play off final, all he’s bothered is getting his millions a year, his football is dross not looking forward to another season of it
  10. rbcuk

    Media and punditry

    Danny Murphy again he is one annoying word removed
  11. rbcuk

    Tony Xia

    I don’t like point 9 of his open letter
  12. rbcuk

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Looks even worse on
  13. rbcuk

    Lewis Grabban

    6mil fee agreed, Bournemouth have got the best of that deal, lazy player as proven in the playoff final
  14. rbcuk

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    That looks **** awful, what’s with the pink stripe and that shitty luke logo, dread to see the kit Monday if that’s what he’s come up with for the training range
  15. rbcuk

    Football Kits 2018/19

    The new Marseille Home and Away look good, made by puma now