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  1. Best not to believe either the Chinese government or Falun Gong.
  2. A bit of a tangent, but I see this tweet is blowing up the Internet tonight: I hover over the profile, and I see: Another terrible Villa fan Just add her to the list with Nick Timothy and Mervyn King I guess.
  3. Okay, we're not going to agree and that's fine. But I completely disagree that they have avoided carping or that 'the country knows that', and the poll you've found at the end there prompts about VAT, which hasn't been raised and is much less popular for raises among the general public, for obvious reasons.
  4. Did he give the answers to the top 10 Scottish PL goalscorers? I can't find it online anywhere.
  5. I don't really think it should be about whether they offend someone or if you like them or whatever other personal reaction you have to them. If you have a hereditary monarchy, you get whatever the first child is and you have to deal with that. It's not a question of personality. I don't want to abolish the monarchy because they're bad people, though some of them undoubtedly are, but because our monarchy plus our unelected second chamber and our system of honours and patronages and on and on is a source of corruption and limits our ability to govern ourselves democratically.
  6. I mean, 32% is literally less than Corbyn got in 2019 . . . It's just not a big surprise to me though. Why would any 2019 Tory voters feel that they regret their vote at this stage? I think voters think that the virus was an Act of God, and that the government have been generous enough. The middle of the public are happy to be sitting on bigger savings in their bank account than ever before. Meanwhile, the only consistent line the opposition have tried is 'competence', but that looks stupid now because Matt Hancock watched 'Contagion' one night last year and now we've got a world-leading
  7. Yes and no, though; in seats where the main challenger to the Tories are not Labour, there usually aren't many Labour votes to be distributed to eg the LDs in the first place.
  8. I think I'm mostly just happy that people might kind of force reopening faster than the schedule just by behaviour change, rather than looking to 'blame' anyone as such. I think there's data - although admittedly I don't have it to hand - of 'contacts' previously, suggesting that this is a significant increase. I'll have a look for it later.
  9. Get a load of this snivelling toad: Meghan's interview obviously more dangerous in health terms than his son's alleged raping of minors I guess.
  10. @villakram I know you love a good candidate video, make sure you watch this one all the way to the end:
  11. It really is that simple, isn't it?
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