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  1. Since we've spent so much time moaning about the media, here is an example of one of the absolute worst offenders proving that he can, actually, do this stuff properly: Simple, clear, with some information about consequences, obviously impartial but still stressing the importance of the election rather than performatively rolling eyes at it all. Just do this every time please (and don't tweet so much).
  2. I have to admit the phrase 'hiding in a fridge' is rather more dramatic than the reality of the video. It does go to show the lengths he will go to to avoid scrutiny, though, and people should reflect on whether that tells them anything about how the next 5 years look set to go (beginning with the Brexit deal he appears to want to ram through Parliament on the Saturday before Christmas).
  3. I can't 'like' the post as I don't really 'like' the conclusion, but despite disliking it I do agree. We're at a point where, unless there is a systematic polling error, Labour look set to lose seats, and not just a few of them, and I don't see how Corbyn could stay on as leader after that. Not to mention that a Tory majority government should be expected to last 5 years, at which point he would really be too old to be embarking on a government anyway. I think you can make a reasonable argument that some of the criticisms he has faced have been significantly less worthy of merit than others, but the reality is he has faced them and the same stories will not go away while he remains leader. Of course a new left leader will also face a monstering, but hopefully they will have learned from at least some of the self-inflicted wounds of the last four years. Corbyn himself is the least inspiring part of 'Corbynism', and if the polls are right it may be time to cut off the head to preserve the body. (I hope the polls are wrong).
  4. Two points about this. Firstly, since @StefanAVFC and I were debating this earlier, this is pretty persuasive evidence that if anyone reading this happens to also be one of the presumably tiny number of wavering tactical voters in Kensington, then vote Labour. However, more importantly than that, what these polls show is that there's wide variation in constituency predictions. MRP might be right, but it might not, and there's still a lot to play for.
  5. The MRP did well last time, but of course like any projection it's just as good as the data inputted, so there's still the chance that there's a systematic polling error. However, that's pretty unlikely, and of course it could be in the opposite direction as well.
  6. I'm actually in the same situation (rent, but have a good relationship with my landlord). However, Labour's policy wouldn't have the effects they're catastrophising about, especially on situations like yours and mine (if neither party has any problem with the current arrangements, there won't need to be any changes). It's just funny seeing them shit bricks on behalf of landlords, not necessarily the most relatable bunch.
  7. I'll know whether I'm up all night drinking (and going into work the worse for wear on Friday) or going to bed in a huff but getting a good night's sleep right around 10 PM Thursday I guess. Not gonna bother staying up all night if it's a Tory landslide, that's for sure.
  8. From Twitter: I love this poster! Please share this Conservative election material as widely as you can; I hope we can spread their message far and wide.
  9. That is indeed the key question; why don't deficits matter any more?
  10. Just sitting back and reflecting on the day really . . . On the one hand, kind of fair play to the secret telephone recording bloke, cos in one single act he's changed the momentum of the campaign and given the Tories their best day in ages. He's probably sealed the deal by making that tape. On the other hand, politics aside, what kind of rocket polisher makes a telephone recording of his friend and gives it to the media? You could imagine a different scenario, where Ashworth was admitting to some serious wrongdoing or something, and there was a real public interest need to get a taped recording of it, but nope, it's just bland concerns about Corbyn that everyone knows Labour MP's have. You'd really have to be a complete bellend to do that.
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