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  1. The wife watches this, I saw some of it when doing other things and it looked absolutely laughable to me. Hulking great 30 year olds pretending to be teenagers, and they talk about everything like they've got the wisdom of advice columnists. Maybe it's good if you watch it properly, don't think I can be arsed though.
  2. Personally, I don't give a shit about European football, and haven't watched a game of it for well over a decade. I'd far rather Villa won the League Cup than finished 4th in the league (except that to finish 4th we'd have won loads of matches which I'd have loved, but I just mean the final 'reward' of 4th). However, you're completely right that no professional footballer feels the same way and that this is the stage that matters to them.
  3. I see that that Football Insider outfit who run completely fake stories have another gem out today about Kevin Campbell saying Arsenal should re-sign Sanchez, gave me a good giggle that did.
  4. West Midlands Railway have changed one of their messages. It used to say, 'step onto the platform before removing heavy luggage and pushchairs'. Now it says 'step onto the platform before removing heavy luggage and pushchair'. I know it's not just something I heard because the dot matrix display in the carriage also doesn't have a final s. WTF is this????? This isn't how English works! There's not just one pushchair, and pushchair is as countable noun. How did they even decide to change this? There must have been meeting where some dickhead said 'actually, it should be pushchair without an s'. **** hate that guy.
  5. Aren't woolybacks specifically Liverpool fans from the rural areas and smaller towns (eg St Helens) in the region around the city?
  6. The prissy reaction to swears is so weird, like they think they have to do it or Lord Reith will rise out of the earth and strike them down. On the actual matter, surely no one is expecting western European truck drivers to be interested, isn't this essentially targeted at eg Romanians, or even non-EU like Ukrainians?
  7. Yeah, not suggesting it's 'thought out' as such, it's just something that the government says (and not only the Westminster gov't either, the devolved ones do it too) to make it seem like a problem is under control. Many people seem to find 'the army will help out' to be reassuring and soothing.
  8. I assume the point is not for the army to do anything, just for the announcement to make it seem like everything is under control so people stop panic-fuelling.
  9. Thought about this a bit after the Mings error against Chelsea, then after Nakamba missing a penalty, now Bruno missing a penalty, and . . . maybe this emphasis on players showing 'accountability for their mistakes' through social media channels is maybe kind of not that great? Like obviously in this case it's just funny because **** Penandes but I don't really need footballers to write me a grovelling apology for miskicking a football.
  10. Seems like having a squad full of the most massive egos in world sport might end up in a few situations like this.
  11. The definition of 'value for money' that gets used can only be decided as a result of an ideological process. What I consider 'value for money', what you consider 'value for money', and what Boris Johnson considers 'value for money' are not going to all be the same thing.
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