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  1. Love this one: (I saw it at: https://twitter.com/rantyben/status/1280783121407815681)
  2. Yes, people have got this the wrong way round, this is a decent result for Trump. I found this useful in explaining why: 'This case will now be reheard by a trial court, which will have to conduct its own probe into how the three investigations fit within these new rules. Before that trial can even take place, House lawyers will need to comb through Mazars and likely make changes to the existing subpoenas so that they are more likely to survive judicial review. Even if the trial court does rule against Trump, that decision will be appealed to a lower appellate court — and the case could potentially be heard again by the Supreme Court. By the time this is all over, months or even years will have passed. If Trump loses the election, he’ll be a private citizen who no longer wields power over anyone. If Trump wins, he could be winding down his second term by the time anyone in the House sees his financial records. And that’s assuming that Republicans do not regain control of the House and cancel the investigations.' https://www.vox.com/2020/7/9/21318612/supreme-court-trump-mazars-vance-john-roberts-subpoenas-tax-returns
  3. Saw this and you could hardly argue against it really: We really are such a depressing club.
  4. Yes - I was focusing on the 'would you be prepared to shoot another human' aspect to it, but as you note, it's even more likely you shoot yourself with it.
  5. Most people (most men, primarily) will be reading this question and imagining 'a big nasty intruder has broken in to my house and I'm the last line of defence between him and my wife and kids', whereas the more likely scenario is something more like 'I'm drunk and having psychological problems and my wife has just told me she wants a divorce and she's looking for full custody'.
  6. [extremely newspaper-reading voice] 'but why can't the doctors and nurses run the hospitals during their coffee breaks?'
  7. The part of this prediction that seems likely to come true to me is the prediction of job losses. Assuming that they will happen at a pretty enormous scale (sadly), that is likely to lead to a *deflationary* pressure on wages. The response to the financial crisis did not see rampant inflation or rapidly rising interest rates, and it's very hard for me to see why this response would have completely different effects this time when the macroeconomic basics look pretty similar. It is going to be very cheap for governments and financial instittutions to borrow for the forseeable future, for as long as investors have few good options for locating their money, and it's not clear to me why, in an economic demand slump so steep that the government is literally subsidising meals in restaurants, the Bank of England would want to raise the incentive to save. (To be clear, since I was (rightly) pulled up on not making this clear last night, this comment should not be taken as arguing that government policy will not *also* keep the prices of certain classes of asset - like stocks and housing - artificially high)
  8. I had a lot of zits when I was a teenager, which sucked, and I still get them sometimes even now. Today was the first one I've ever had on my kneecap though.
  9. Sort of finished a work project (but not actually, still got a couple of hours to go ) but hit the beers early out of frustration/celebration anyway: A really nice beer. Had a salty pork belly Bún for dinner, with too much fish sauce and soy sauce, so needed something sweet and refreshing to take the salt burn off, and this did the trick nicely. Really has the feel of a mango and pineapple lassi on a sunny day. 'Heated Seats' is another Mikkeller offering, this time a New England Pale Ale with a faint stone fruit flavour. I normally find beers like these quite watery, but Mikkeller are always reliable and this was pleasant. Would fancy sessioning IMO.
  10. Yes, that's true, but most of the time when people raise the spectre of inflation in a 'we'll never be able to afford it' tone, it's not to complain about rising asset prices.
  11. Inflation isn't going to 'rocket'. It may increase somewhat, which would be a good thing all told.
  12. The data is clear that the average age of first-time buyers is getting older
  13. Sure, if you don't worry about any downstream political consequences for people being increasingly unable to get onto the housing ladder until middle age, it's a good idea.
  14. 'Housebuilders' and 'homeowners in the south-east of England' are just two different Conservative constituencies, albeit often in conflict with one another. It's nice for them to be able to find a policy that pleases both for a change.
  15. Isn't that largely repeating what the evidence already suggested? That hydroxychloroquine is useful but only if used very early in infection and combined with other drugs. Most of the concern about the drug has been about people taking it for preventative purposes or self-prescribing.
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