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  1. Nothing wrong with your post, but the thing that led to the like was definitely 'in the words of Nigel Pearson'
  2. HanoiVillan

    Saudi Arabia

  3. HanoiVillan

    What's your tipple this evening then?

    #3 Name: Frambuzi Raspberry Sour Brewer: Tiny Rebel Price: £2.00 Side-of-can Bumf: n/a Review: Not good. Not sure why I purchased it. I guess because I like raspberries, and I generally like sour things. But this doesn't taste like real raspberries, and has left a taste in my mouth like bad cough medicine. After each mouthful, the liquid disappears, and you're left with this sort of deeply unnatural residue type taste. I'm still trying to get rid of it thirty minutes later.
  4. HanoiVillan

    Saudi Arabia

    'PS I know you're mad at us now, but if you don't stop being mad at us, we'll stop funding your think tanks, and we'll get our mates to stop funding them as well, and you know nobody in the real world is going to pay for that **** dribble you write so I know you'll come to see that we're alright really, and we won't do it again, we promise *smiles sheepishly through the tears*'
  5. HanoiVillan

    Saudi Arabia

    LOL 'we didn't intend to murder him, we just wanted to rough him up a bit, put the wind up him, you know, and those blokes who flew in with a bone saw and flew out again with him chopped into bits in diplomatic bags, they weren't torturers, they were actually expert teasers, you know, we were hoping to make him feel pretty silly about himself, but then he done gone and slipped and cracked his head on the floor and we lied about what happened for two weeks because we were scared and we're so sorry *sob sob* . . .'
  6. HanoiVillan

    Saudi Arabia

    In case anyone is forgetting what else they're up to (with our support) while they pretend not to have murdered this journalist, Orla Guerin managed to get to Sana'a (capital of Yemen) today. Her Twitter feed is a real heart-breaking show of people near death, and it's hard to confront, but the starkest fact is laid out here: Reminder that our government is enabling this humanitarian catastrophe by providing diplomatic cover for Saudi Arabia at the UN, as well as providing arms and training and logistical support to the Saudi military. 12-13 million people.
  7. HanoiVillan

    What's your tipple this evening then?

    #2 Name: Gamma Ray Brewer: Beavertown Price: dunno, the sticker fell off Side-of-can Bumf: n/a Review: Excellent! A light American-style pale ale with quite floral-y hops with a slight citrus aftertaste. Not as tropical as they claim on their website, and no bad thing either.
  8. HanoiVillan

    What's your tipple this evening then?

    I purchased a bottle of the sleeping lemons as well so I'm glad to hear you liked that one!
  9. HanoiVillan

    What's your tipple this evening then?

    Went to Cotteridge Wines today and significantly lightened the load in my wallet. Going to post details of the beverages here, as much to help me keep track as anything, but might also be of some interest: #1 Name: Sleeping Limes Brewer: The Wild Beer Co Price: £2.20 Side-of-can Bumf: 'What is it? A lager, a gose, a sour . . . All, or none of the above . . . Put simply it is the most refreshing beer we've ever brewed' Review: Purchased because of previous encounter. Not much to say really, beyond the description above. It tastes quite a bit of lime and salt, though fortunately more of the former than the latter. No real taste beyond that, but slips down very easily. Worth it at the price point.
  10. HanoiVillan

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Because the BBC are obsessed with giving him free publicity, thinking they're being 'edgy' or some shit, who knows. In fact, I think I'm calling for a complete and total shutdown of Newsnight until we can figure out what the hell is going on.
  11. I have honestly tried to put it in your way and I can't see how it makes any sense: 'Our biggest [challenge/goal/opportunity, not problem] with UC is the bad press it gets (some self inflicted obvs), and therefore some of our hardest to reach communities (eg disabled) don't come forward, and go for longer on less money than they are entitled to'. He's clearly describing problems, not opportunities.
  12. HanoiVillan

    UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    Oh look, Newsnight are puffing convicted fraudster Yaxley-Lennon yet again, this time with an image of him being 'silenced', presumably because constantly having Newsnight spread his message for him is supposed to be some form of censorship now: