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  1. To be honest, I quite like most of those. Just don't much like VAR.
  2. Or, everyone uses both lanes and does a zipper feed
  3. Isn't this supposed to be subtext or something?
  4. The whole 'why won't the EU renegotiate now we have new people in charge' bit is bizarre. Have the things the EU wants changed? No. Have the Tories changed what they want? No. Are the Tories willing to make any concessions, to get some of what they want? No, they want to make fewer concessions thank you very much. What on Earth is there to talk about?
  5. My favourite thing in Word is having to look up how to extract a page, with formatting, from the middle of a multi-page document, which I can never remember how to do even though I do it every week, and always seems bizarrely cumbersome.
  6. Some incredible kind of brain genius to say you want a better style of play, and at the same time swap Jota for Gary Gardner
  7. Firstly, it *is* fair. The dimensions are the same for everybody. Secondly, the other poster is explicitly saying it's about making the game 'better'.
  8. No, it isn't. You want female football players to retrain to deal with smaller goals; you want female players to go through a process that many may well find completely humiliating of having the playing dimensions reduced to account for what you see as their weaknesses. However, it is the way it is now. If you want to change that way, you need to come up with a convincing reason why. You say it would be 'better'; what is this definition of 'better', that isn't just simply your aesthetic preference?
  9. I can't help idly wondering what the Venn diagram overlap would be between 'people who want to reduce the size of goal frames in women's football' and 'people who complain about positive discrimination in the workplace'.
  10. We just have such a wildly different perspective on this. My answer to the bolded is 'try and save it; if she can't, pick it out of the net like any other goalkeeper'.
  11. But so what? She's not *entitled* to save the penalties. Hurdles are obviously a different matter. If it's not possible for women to reliably get over men's hurdles, or if they would have a higher frequency of injury doing so, then it's necessary to have lower hurdles for safety reasons. But the Korean goalkeeper wasn't in any physical danger from not saving a fairly well-placed penalty. People are still not answering the key question, 'what problem are you trying to solve here?'
  12. Yes. Women's tennis is different to men's tennis. It's just fine. Imagine thinking that football needs fewer goals overall. Bonkers.
  13. Weren't we rumoured to be interested in him at one point? Is he any good?

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