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  1. HanoiVillan

    Possibly interesting maps...

    Yeah, I think that's what it is. The part I'm struggling with is the seeming implication that heading directly west leads to Cuba?
  2. Please excuse the link to the Scum's politics editor:
  3. HanoiVillan

    Possibly interesting maps...

  4. . . . I mean, this is quite likely to be exactly the issue, isn't it? And why would you have a vote of confidence you're sure you're going to lose?
  5. HanoiVillan

    Josh Onomah

    The bottom teams in the league will all sack their manager when the results are shit. Nobody could argue that Fulham's matches haven't been entertaining.
  6. HanoiVillan

    Josh Onomah

    Best will in the world, I think that's complete rubbish.
  7. HanoiVillan

    Manchester United

    I have no idea how he has.
  8. Sajid Javid's new immigration bill is a yet another act of national self-harm from this government. The plan is to make it so that anyone earning less than ~125% of the national average wage cannot settle in the country permanently. This will inevitably exclude junior doctors and nurses, teachers, social care workers and countless hospitality workers. The government openly admits their plan will harm the economy.
  9. Is there some doubt that Labour are going to do anything other than oppose May's Withdrawal Agreement?
  10. 'Our problem is that, for the last 70 years or so, we in the UK and Europe have been living in a safe, secure rules-based system which has allowed us to enjoy a holiday from history.' The rest of the world must be gutted for us.
  11. 'Entirely' is too strong; in a system as complex as a national, or even international, economy, few things have monocausal explanations. However, I personally think it is beyond serious dispute that a] austerity was a political choice, not one dictated by economics, b] that demand has been depressed as a result, and c] that countries which opted for economic stimulus in the wake of the GFC have outperformed those that opted for austerity. It's true that no developed countries are growing at post-war speeds, and their wages aren't either, but real terms wage growth of 1% would certainly be better than real-terms wage contractions. As a side note, I see that Republicans in America have given their typical short shrift to deficit hawkishness that they always manage when they take the White House, and while I would personally find more deserving recipients of economic stimulus than military hardware contractors and the richest 10% of Americans, the economic effects of all this stimulus spending seem to be about what you'd expect.
  12. Probably relevant to point out here that our wage growth since the GFC has been the lowest in the G7, and 32nd out of 34 in the OECD: