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  1. It's extremely difficult to actually wipe data like that, especially from company servers. My understanding is that your best bet to do so is really using an angle grinder. However, it is extremely easy to 'accidentally' 'wipe' data if nobody is really that interested in finding it. I would like to know if any experts in data retrieval have been consulted, or if we're just taking this guy's word on this one.
  2. It's an interesting thought, but in the end I think Trump will be somewhat secondary to this process, which is driven by the Senate Majority leader. Trump will choose from two or three options on his desk, but it's McConnell that gets to ram the process through the Senate. The only real question is whether is whether he does so before the election, or waits until the lame-duck session, but one way or another I am extremely confident there will be a rock-ribbed christian fundamentalist freakazoid in place by the time Biden takes office.
  3. They will do the former, because the latter - an uncertain shot a presidential term with an unpopular doofus in charge - is worth a hell of a lot less than the baked-in decades-long dominance of the court they are about to take.
  4. This is gonna cause some big problems.
  5. British people, to be honest (I have to confess I learned very little Korean, Chinese or Vietnamese, though I guess Bale has had more time in Spain).
  6. HanoiVillan


    Jota, the ultimate frustrating fantasy player.
  7. It won't include anyone, because it won't happen, but it's particularly amusing to imagine where these tests would be processed when there is absolutely no lab testing capacity anywhere in the country.
  8. Some nice sentiments on display here, but would we say that the UK government is helping this situation overall? Maybe, just maybe, if we weren't supporting a blockade that prevents food and medicine from reaching Yemen, there would be less risk of a famine. As usual, donate to Yemen, don't vote Tory, oppose military support of the Saudi government.
  9. I think it would be untrue to make a blanket statement like 'voters don't care about corruption', because sometimes they do (blatant corruption has led to a number of actual revolutions in recent years after all, 'sleaze' was important back in the Major years, and a lot of our current drama began or was developed by the expenses scandal) but I think it would be truer to say something like 'there's a high floor before voters start to care about it'. There has to be a concerted campaign to get voters to care, and even then they might not until it is so blatant they can't ignore it, or so pervasive they are personally affected by it. I think more broadly voters are more open to being angry about corruption when governments feel 'tired' and 'stale' - notable here that the accusations of 'sleaze' and the expenses scandal both came towards the very end of long periods of one-party rule. The genius of the Tories constantly changing their leader is that I think for a lot of people this feels less like the 10th year of Tory rule, and more like the 1st year of a Johnson government.
  10. Hmm thought-provoking points @blandy and @choffer, need to think further about this.
  11. I'm aware it's not a popular suggestion, but it would have to be combined with real enforcement of taking no outside work. If people don't want to change the system, that's absolutely fine and a valid opinion, but then they should shut up about Chris Grayling, because he's not doing anything he's not allowed to do. Why wouldn't he take the job, and why wouldn't they offer it to him. This is the system we currently have, working fine.
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