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  1. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Well I'd probably consider why somebody was saying what they were saying. I'd probably also reconsider a sentence like 'You made the choice so if your not willing to make the decision to leave them then you live with the consequences'. Grow up. This isn't a primary school playground.
  2. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    Is that actually true? I don't constantly read reports about Arsenal fans trashing Munich or singing ten German bombers every year when they draw Bayern. And even if it is true, just because 'it's a huge part of English football' doesn't mean that we should like it, or just shrug our shoulders and say, 'well, what can you do? It's a huge part of English football after all'.
  3. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    I didn't say you had said they should blame themselves? So I don't know what point you're getting hot under the collar about. I pointed out that victims sometimes do blame themselves for their own mistreatment, and offered that as an example of how victims may rationalise their abuse (and why it may seem to you, or anybody else looking in to a relationship, that the victim 'doesn't want to leave'). You talk about 'making the decision to leave' as if this is trivially easy - of course it may not be, for all sorts of reasons, both emotional and financial. And no, you cannot say 'you live with the consequences' - that is justifying abuse. Nobody should live with domestic abuse, regardless of your ill-informed speculation about whether they started a relationship because they like 'bad boys', which, just to be clear, you cannot possibly know. This is a serious topic, and you're treating it exceedingly trivially. Just stop. While we're on the subject, I'm concerned about this as well. The way this post is written seems to suggest, without making it quite clear, that you are aware that a colleague of yours is a victim of domestic violence, seemingly rising to the level of 'broken ribs' ()? I must stress that I'm not a lawyer, but I strongly suspect this person is a victim of crime and what has happened to her is assault or grievous bodily harm. If you actually know this is the case, or have a very strong suspicion, then you may have a legal, as well as moral, obligation to report what you know.
  4. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    It's not just that it's easier to criticise English fans (and of course it is, I don't know how to write 'stop throwing beer bottles' in Italian, or who I should address the complaint to) but that, being English myself, I'd like to hold England fans to a higher standard.
  5. West Bromwich Albion

    Surprising that, as Pulis seemed to quite like him. Not sure who their centre back cover is now.
  6. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    I would agree with all of this, and would even go further. I am not at all convinced that 'stopping and standing around' is always the most helpful thing somebody can do in this situation. If I consider myself, I last took a first-aid course 16 years ago and have forgotten nearly everything I learned. In very few situations would I be the most qualified or able person to help, and I suspect I'd be as likely to be an active hindrance as an aide. What these victims needed was people who knew what they were doing and were able to give real, practical help at speed (and it seems they mostly got that), not people who are standing there with their hands on their hips, puffing their cheeks out and looking concerned, who are only stopped there because they're concerned about a berk with a telephoto lens taking a picture of them and uploading it online for a five-minute hate session. I truly believe that if you have nothing to contribute in a situation like this, the best help you're likely to offer is getting the **** out of the way.
  7. Top Gear 2017

    Completely agree. The show is absolutely fine except for the celebrity bit. I just watch it on iPlayer and fast forward through that part now.
  8. The Film Thread

    If your box is meant to be a spoiler, it's still appearing in full. I completely agree with the analysis. Nowhere near worth the hype and extremely predictable.
  9. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Come on people. We're talking about victims of domestic abuse here FFS. It is of course possible - indeed, it's common! - to love someone for whatever reason despite the abuse and for the victim to rationalise their mistreatment or blame themselves, refusing to see the evil in the person they love and being incapable of self-identifying as victims. It certainly does not mean that you should have 'no sympathy' for their situation. Honestly just read back what you're writing, it's on the verge of being morally repugnant.
  10. Jonathan Kodjia

    That is hilarious. There really are some miseryguts around these days. It's good stuff.
  11. Leandro Bacuna

    I don't hate him, but I sure as hell don't rate him very much either. He just isn't very good. I did hate him last season, for a brief period after his 50 yard assist for Shane Long, which was the most pathetic, half-assed, responsibility-shirking disaster I've ever seen. But yeah, I concede he tries this season. Nevertheless, I'll be very disappointed if he makes more than half a dozen appearances for us next season.
  12. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    I mean, it quite literally is a place where people can practise religion.
  13. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    '**** the pope' is not particularly tame at all, it is openly and aggressively sectarian. It only seems 'tame' because of familiarity. It deliberately seeks to demean and offend people based on a religious difference.
  14. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    The fact that other countries' fans can also be awful doesn't actually excuse ours.
  15. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    I thought Lallana played well to be honest.