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  1. About whether to do it or not, no, you're right, that ship has sailed. About whether the Tories are doing a good job of it, we'd better hope it's possible to either change some people's minds or at least get them to care more about something else.
  2. Why do we have a Brexit 50p, except that the Tories think there will be some advantage in it? Leaving the EU has been an enormous amount of time, effort and national prestige already, and most people are not going to experience any tangible benefits in their daily lives. One way to sell a policy that doesn't help people is to turn it into a big battle of cultural identity, especially if you can pitch yourself, however unrealistically, as fighting against the 'elites' who are looking down their noses and laughing at you. Has a single American ever changed their views on Donald Trump because they watched the Late Show? I feel like you're taking this as a personal dig, which isn't how it is intended. I'm not doubting your ability to do these two things at once. But on aggregate, and at a whole-culture level, I think it would be better to focus less on the ephemera around January 31st, and more on how the Tories are actually executing this scheme of theirs. It's certainly more likely to persuade people IMO.
  3. It's not for me to tell people what they can and can't laugh at, but my view is that it's more politically effective to ignore all this stuff. I haven't really seen many, or indeed any, brilliant jokes about 50p pieces, but maybe they're out there.
  4. I don't think that's true, to be honest. The idea that 'remoaners' 'won't accept the referendum result' ("what do they want, the best of three *scoff*"?) is widespread amongst the 'general public' and people going on about how they won't personally accept Brexit 50p pieces from shopkeepers and whatever else plays exactly into that. When people are asked to focus on Boris Johnson's actual competence, they tend to like him less. His uselessness around Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is one example of something that average voters actually picked up on. When he's allowed to turn politics into waving British flags while dangling from a zipwire or driving a tractor through a wall of foam bricks or organising voluntary Brexit litter-picking, he's winning. Tea towels and 50p pieces are the latter, not the former.
  5. Honestly, talking about tea towels and 50 pence pieces and Big Ben bongs and writing on the White Cliffs is talking about Brexit at exactly the culture war level that the Tories want to talk about it at. If it's just your symbols against their symbols you probably won't win. Better to focus on the details of the negotiations and agreements.
  6. Interesting. He came off the bench when the U23s were thrashed by Exeter a couple of weeks ago, but otherwise doesn't seem to have featured at that level this season. Maybe he isn't that good, or wasn't that highly rated, but sod's law, given it's us, we'll probably be trying to sign him back for £35m in four years' time.
  7. Also he turned us down when we actually needed him, so no thanks.
  8. Out of likes, but I completely agree. Only thing I would add is that the EFL could help here by making clear that Sala's death wouldn't negatively effect Cardiff's FFP status (unless they have, in which case ignore me).
  9. Jack should be playing in midfield for England.
  10. If you're thinking of giving up, I don't mind swapping you Lindelof for Pereira
  11. He can put it on a sixpence every time. He makes football look so easy.
  12. I said when we signed him that the thing I liked best about his highlights video was that he got in the **** box. He did get in the box, in a couple of great positions. As others have said, he won't miss those every time. I thought it was a promising debut, considering the stage he was thrust on, his lack of recent game time, and the pressure he must be feeling from home.
  13. I love this photo. What a moment!
  14. It's becoming quite clear to me that when he plays well, the team plays well. A really excellent performance tonight.
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