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  1. About as close to a concession as we're going to get I suppose:
  2. Very routine victory, not in doubt from the first minute more or less. Thought Barry was uninvolved and not holding the ball up well, but then he scored an excellent goal so he was on it when he needed to be. To be fair though, everyone played pretty well, but no one stood out as too good to be on the pitch.
  3. Famous last words, but I think we're fine at the back.
  4. Is bogarde number 7? EDIT: no he isn't is he. What number is he?
  5. You're probably right, but then again if you put the ball in the net there's a small chance it stands, even if it's only small. If you don't put the ball in the net, there's a 0% chance you score.
  6. Always like to see Naming Names: Video is worth a watch as well.
  7. Occasionally you get demands On Here to acknowledge good things that have been done by Tories or whatever, so I shall take advantage of a good opportunity to do so and recommend people read this Tory MP clearly and smartly debunking some garbage statistics in the Daily Mail:
  8. It will be possible for many things to return to something much more like normality once the vaccine is distributed to those in most danger from it. That may still be a few months, but things are moving fast. I also think people are underestimating the momentum towards re-opening/returning to normality that will rapidly build up and will be politically very hard to stop IMO.
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