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  1. So what we're saying is, apart from all the negatives it doesn't sound too bad?
  2. HanoiVillan

    Tom Heaton

    I think Villareport do a good job of making it clear that they are simply passing on other news sources. I don't have an issue with news aggregators, as long as they make crystal clear that that's what they're doing.
  3. It's an extremely good record - I believe it was the best in the world, though maybe somebody can correct me - which is why some of the posts in this thread are too overreactive. Yes, it was a bad result and a really bad performance, but we're generally really good in qualifying games these days. Let's see how we get on against Bulgaria before getting too angry. That said, I think @KentVillan makes good points above about the peculiarities of Southgate's recent team selections.
  4. Another very important thread that people should actually read (especially wavering Labour MP's frankly). This isn't just May's WA redux, it's much worse.
  5. I watched El Camino last night as well, and I spent ages trying to remember what role he was in that I found so affecting, and I finally remembered it's as George Clooney's father-in-law in 'The Descendants'.
  6. Excellent. He goes around acting like he's one type of dickhead, but it turns out that behind closed doors he's a completely different type of dickhead.
  7. I would strongly advise people not to make confident predictions about the value of the pound.
  8. Shamelessly stolen from Twitter (https://twitter.com/5ChinCrack/)
  9. @mjmooney and anyone else interested in whether and to what extent conservatives and liberals are just different - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/vox/the-ezra-klein-show/e/62043840 This is quite a good listen, even if it is a bit dense at times and very much based in an American context. It's a conversation focused on the evidence of differing personality types between conservatives and liberals, particularly in the context of how those differences affect media choices. The personality stuff begins in earnest around the 18 minute mark and continues for about half an hour or so, but the whole conversation is interesting. The basic takeaway though, is that yes conservatives and liberals are very different, even in their responses to non-political stimuli like being shown pictures of spiders or told stories of hospital workers cleaning up sick.
  10. I want to stress, in case anybody was put off by the word 'THREAD' here, that this one is genuinely important, and needs to be clearly understood.
  11. Are there many other players whose surname sounds like a synonym for rocket polishing?
  12. Do you work as a bouncer with the Noonan brothers or something?
  13. You can't fully accurately represent a three-dimensional object in two dimensions.
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