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  1. The UK recently broke a record, going more than 90 hours without using coal power generation on the national grid:
  2. I never fully understood what everybody hated about that movie. I mean, I didn't enjoy it exactly, but it was passable time-wasting. Then again, I've never read the books.
  3. Yeah, agree with this. This one was much better, with some actual character development and everything being given a bit of room to breathe. No idea how you finish this from here in four episodes. I'll never understand why they haven't done a full season to carefully wrap things up in a way that builds tension slowly and then provides meaningful pay-offs.
  4. He did well not to let his head drop after the miss; there was real determination to make up for it, and he did. End of the day, you can't knock a striker for scoring the winning goal.
  5. The only stat I can remember about corners is that only about 3% of them lead to a goal, which certainly suggests the big cheer that crowds give when they get one is not really in any great expectation that they will be successful.
  6. He played it very safe . . . it wasn't that he was making mistakes, exactly, but if all he does is look to pass to Elmo if a defender comes to within 5 feet of him then he's not going to be very difficult to defend against. Just looks short of confidence still, as he has for a lot of the season.
  7. Ugh. Well, at least we should rinse them for whatever we can get for Gardner.
  8. Lovable ol' scamp 'Arry gone got his cash-in adverts on the telly din'e, good for 'im, guess e's cashin' in his I'm A Celebrity winnin's in'e Sandra. Two of 'em at once! Two different companies! Crackin', lickin' 'is chops all the way to the J Arthur Rank 'e must be. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but if I were responsible for a medium-sized gambling company called BetMeldrew or something I might think twice before outsourcing my brand identity to a guy who's notorious for his inability to read or count, and considered financially dodgy even by people who like him, but what do I know.
  9. I thought he was a bit loose to be honest, but against such limited opposition it really didn't matter. We need Tuanzebe back for the games that really matter.
  10. HanoiVillan

    John Terry

    EDIT: I've deleted this as too aggressive, but honestly your comment here is rubbish and you should take your own advice.
  11. HanoiVillan

    Jed Steer

    One shocking flap today, but a couple of good saves as well.
  12. Can't believe how much space Millwall gave him. Four or five times he had about forty yards of space.
  13. Weird game. Hard to pick anyone who had a brilliant match, but we won at an absolute canter. Gave Kodjia motm not because he was the best player - he wasn't - but because he picked himself up from the horrible one on one miss to score two minutes later.

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