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  1. His way of playing is everything you want, as a fan, from a player on your team. He's one of my favourite players we've ever had.
  2. I don't think he'll play for England; he's not assured not to make a rick. But he is an absolute warrior, and it's what we need. Our needs aren't honestly the same as England's.
  3. I don't think Steve Bruce has a monopoly on the concept of changing formations between matches.
  4. How the **** weren't those cretins building a team around him?
  5. Gotta say what a wonderful sound that was. I loved the sound of VP last season when we played Boro, but that was even better. Had it on full volume, beautiful.
  6. I have no knowledge of philosophy whatsoever (nor do I care) but any 'rule' or 'fallacy' that doesn't allow people to point out hypocrisy is useless.
  7. I know this is incredibly childish, but I'm currently marking a paper with lots of references to 'Dick, C.D. & Wang, Q. (2010) The economic impact of the Olympic Games: evidence from stock markets' in Applied Economics Letters, which is leading to fantastic sentences like: '. . . which means hosting the Olympics can bring enormous benefits (Dick & Wang)' and I'm having a hard time concentrating.
  8. He needs to prove to Southgate that he's better than those players. I don't think Mount is as good as Jack (at least not yet), as much because of a lack of game time as anything, but Maddison probably is a bit better, or at least more effective. Jack has to prove that he deserves it, and frankly I'm glad he does because we need some inspiration from somewhere at the moment.
  9. I know Coventry are a deeply unpopular side on this forum (I can't say I care about them in the slightest personally), but they play pretty good, fast counter-attacking football under Mark Robins. They have some good players for him to work with.
  10. That's a rather more typical Hogan performance than the one when he scored. Whoever replaces Nathan Jones is going to drop Hogan very quickly and bring Afobe or whoever else they have back in.
  11. This is the key point. Managers, fans and chairmen are all extremely bad at understanding that reversion to the mean is a thing, and generally assume that whatever the last result was will be indicative of results in the future. We all understand in theory that there is no actual difference between a sequence like WLWLWLWLWL and one like WWWWWLLLLL but the difference is that the first manager isn't worried about losing his job and the second has just received a tepid vote of confidence.
  12. That seems like a question that can be answered empirically, rather than by insinuation or sarcasm.
  13. I would expect the crowd to start booing some time before ten games without a win to be honest. The club will start thinking about potential different options in the not-too-distant future, behind the scenes. That's just the nature of English football these days.
  14. Neocon shitstain Marc Thiessen has a piece in the Washington Post, which I link here but urge you not to reward with any clicks whatsoever, in which he lays out the positive case for purchasing Greenland - and mentions the people who live there or their interests a total of 0 times

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