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  1. Glancing through his Twitter page is plenty enough to show me that his politics and mine could not possibly be more utterly opposed. Nevertheless, nobody deserves to be a victim of racism, and if he has specific evidence and accusations that he is making, or intends to bring forward, then the club should cooperate and take them seriously. However, as far as I can see he has deleted whatever the tweet was that began the discussion, so I can't see what allegations he is/was making.
  2. A lot of chuckling going on about Denzel Dumfries' surname, but . . . is it in fact a legacy of slavery, and not particularly humorous at all?
  3. This, but seriously. They mainly pay Lawro for predictions, and this is the clearest possible evidence that he's incredibly shit at it. He's overdue a performance review.
  4. 3 points and a neutral or positive goal difference might well be enough to go through. Need to not be thrashed by Spain (obviously even better if you can get something of course) and then beat Sweden comfortably. At least your GD is as good as it could be right now.
  5. I've never had a rental contract that didn't specify making no changes to fixtures and fittings. Obviously they may exist, but I haven’t had one.
  6. (There's a very small chance - maybe like 1% or something - that they make this comment look silly, but whatever . . .) I think the best thing for the Swiss would be to stop qualifying for major tournaments. Have a longish run of failures. Then when they actually do make it, the fans will get behind the team and the team will play with a real pride. This qualifying-then-turning-up-and-stinking-the-place-out thing is soul-destroying. Look how much fun the Welsh are having, and then contrast to the Swiss.
  7. You're more charitable than I am. I expect they'll be pretty much as half-assed against Turkey as they were tonight; I guess they might need no more than that anyway given how poor Turkey have been, but I think I might put a small bet on 0-0.
  8. The simple comparison for me is to Hungary (and to a lesser extent, to Macedonia and Scotland as well). The gap in ability between Portugal and Hungary is even greater than the gap between Italy and Switzerland, but Hungary gave it everything they had, left nothing on the pitch, and yeah it all went wrong at the end and in the end the final scores were the same, but the difference is the Hungarian players can be proud of their efforts and the Swiss should be ashamed of theirs. There's no shame in being worse than your opponents, but there is in just not even trying to do the job properly.
  9. Well I don't own a house for one thing. It's not up to me to buy light fittings.
  10. Maybe it's niche, but this tweet made me laugh a lot
  11. I would be pretty despondent if I had paid a lot of money to witness that half-assed, lackadaisical, stroll at around at half pace display. Nobody would ever expect them to actually beat Italy, but I think you'd feel entitled to see them give it a try, rather than just rolling over and having their tummies tickled.
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