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  1. HanoiVillan

    World Cup : Group D (Arg, Ice, Cro, Nga)

    Hmm, what's going on here . . .
  2. HanoiVillan

    Tony Xia

    This is a fair post, and makes some decent points. However, I can say that in a country the size of China, companies that employ thousands of people are ten a penny, it's nothing special at all.
  3. HanoiVillan

    Tony Xia

    We appear to have enough cash on hand to pay the tax and wage bill this month, but 'the press' are suggesting (if by 'the press' you mean Percy's article) that finances for July are not secured. It seems a bit early for gloating, don't you think?
  4. This is an extremely important point in the week when we've all remembered that tearing families apart is an awful thing to do:
  5. The reports are today that she's sort of trying to: May risks row with Brexiters over plan for single market for goods 'Theresa May could once again be on a collision course with the Brexiter wing of her party over a controversial proposal to keep the UK in a single market for goods. Whitehall sources said they believed free movement of goods was “100% the direction of travel” as the prime minister’s focus shifts to the next battle over Britain’s future relationship with the EU after next week’s Brussels summit. Downing Street remained tight-lipped, reiterating that the UK would be leaving the single market in its entirety. However, cabinet sources suggested the issue could be on the agenda at the Brexit “war cabinet” awayday at Chequers in early July. Government insiders believe that Britain might be able to retain a relatively frictionless trading relationship if it sticks to single market rules on manufactured products but diverges elsewhere, such as on services. But Brussels is unlikely to accept the proposal as it would require concessions on the free movement of people. UK negotiators would also push for an independent trade policy. One cabinet source said: “If you look at how all the negotiations with Brussels have been structured it looks like the whole process has been geared towards this endgame. But the big kicker for Brexiters will be freedom of movement. “What No 10 is banking on is that the EU will let them fudge this and give them some sort of flexibility. They’ll come up with clever wording but it will basically be freedom of movement by another name. There’s no way Brussels is going to allow us an opt-out.” A Whitehall official added: “It is the logical extension of the prime minister’s Mansion House speech that there would be a relatively high degree of alignment … But we want an independent trade policy. It would be a massive negotiating challenge.” Some Tory Brexiters believe Brussels is gearing up to offer the UK access to its markets this autumn, before the party conference season, on the understanding that May would accept some degree of freedom of movement, currently one of the prime minister’s red lines.' (more at link: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jun/21/may-risks-row-with-brexiters-over-plan-for-single-market-for-goods) Not saying any of that is going to happen, but the claim is that she's bending a little that way.
  6. That is weird, isn't it. EDIT: There's loads of people under the initial tweet saying they signed it, so I'm assuming it's a problem with change.org rather than anything else.
  7. Hostile environment lines up to kill a 33-year-old mother:
  8. HanoiVillan

    World Cup : Group A (Rus, KSA, Egy, Uru)

    Yeah, Uday Hussain was absolutely notorious for that stuff.
  9. HanoiVillan

    World Cup : Group A (Rus, KSA, Egy, Uru)

    I'm no lover of KSA in many ways, but I don't think that's something they've been up to.
  10. HanoiVillan

    Media and punditry

    Efan Ekoku was surprisingly decent on the radio the other day. Haven't thought about him for about two decades.
  11. I would gloat if I weren't so annoyed, but even I didn't think they'd be this pathetic.
  12. All I can say is that Stephen Bush has talked to a lot of the MP's concerned, and as far as I can tell, he disagrees completely.
  13. Stephen Bush doesn't agree: Dominic Grieve on this: Tory rebels not trying to collapse government over Brexit, says MP [...] The former attorney general said: “One of the reasons I’ve supported [this amendment] is precisely to avoid a situation where the government would immediately collapse,” he said. “And I’ve been misreported on that, it was suggested I want to collapse the government, I don’t.” Grieve said the new amendment was “a mechanism by which the House of Commons could express a view, without moving to a motion of no confidence, which could collapse the government."' https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jun/19/conservative-tory-rebels-collapse-government-brexit-dominic-grieve-eu