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  1. Absolutely shambolic "defending" from Albion
  2. He will be a naughty boy if he doesn't sign soon
  3. I wasn't going to go to this but got a ticket at late notice. I was at the Saturday game but had to leave early to catch the last train home. It went on for so long I had the leave in the middle of the fourth but by then I'd had enough anyway. The game was a farce although I'm sure for people who went for the "experience" it was great. The field was way too small and it was clear the pitchers were struggling for whatever reason. It felt like an exhibition game. I've tried to explain to people that wasn't normal baseball but they just see the hits and the runs. I doubt very much I'll both
  4. Crowd of 2943 at Bromsgrove today for the play off final. Onwards and upwards. Three consecutive promotions now
  5. By restaurants I presume you mean McDonalds and the local kebab shop
  6. Just another nail in the coffin of the game and the match day experience I used to love but don't anymore
  7. Looks like another trophy to put in their trophy cabinet this week. The "we took 5000 to Bolton on a Tuesday night" cup
  8. Would rather be with 12 Mets fans than 40000 skanks fans
  9. Go to a Mets game instead. Cheaper and less "touristy" But yeah it's worth going. A proper slice of "Merica
  10. Just about the only person to come out of this with any credit is the young girl
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