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  1. I'm a train driver so I'll let you be the judge
  2. Love the name on the badge on the front of the shirt and not the name on the back.
  3. Having Jacob deGrom is basically a cheat code
  4. Does this mean Smith will be nominated for FIFA coach of the year now
  5. Imagine your reaction if before the season started someone had told you Villa would be five points behind Liverpool with two games in hand after twenty one games.
  6. Not sure what Robbie Savage was doing there
  7. Some win that. One of the best team performances of the season. Superb to a man, Mings excepted
  8. Without a doubt he played in the best team, man for man, I have ever seen live. The Juve team that night was the very definition of Star Studded. Zoff, Gentile, Cabrini, Bonini, Brio, Scirea, Bettaga, Tardelli, Rossi, Platini, Boniek.
  9. Saturday was the 50th Anniversary of my first game at Villa Park. 7th November 1970 Villa 0-1 Torquay. Thats not a bad way to start the next 50 years
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