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  1. Crowd of 2943 at Bromsgrove today for the play off final. Onwards and upwards. Three consecutive promotions now
  2. By restaurants I presume you mean McDonalds and the local kebab shop
  3. Just another nail in the coffin of the game and the match day experience I used to love but don't anymore
  4. Looks like another trophy to put in their trophy cabinet this week. The "we took 5000 to Bolton on a Tuesday night" cup
  5. Would rather be with 12 Mets fans than 40000 skanks fans
  6. Go to a Mets game instead. Cheaper and less "touristy" But yeah it's worth going. A proper slice of "Merica
  7. Just about the only person to come out of this with any credit is the young girl
  8. I thought I would give someone else a chance so didn't enter
  9. The only team in all four English divisions, all four Scottish divisions, National League and National League north and south to have such a record. Before the games tonight
  10. I didn't think they'd have a chance against Auburn. Stunning win and an amazing end to an amazing season. Just wish the coach and half the coaching staff weren't off to Nebraska. I wonder if the Play-off committee aren't somehow wishing they'd given UCF more consideration now
  11. Dwight Yorke might be able to get an interview now
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