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  1. Easy win at a canter. No where near our best, still rusty and unfit after Covid break but we looked a team missing a beat however we can go through the gears from here to get back to our best. ‘Grealish is at 50% of his early season form but still acceptable and dangerous, Barkley very rusty, Traore looked sharp, Nakamba slotted in perfectly without missing a beat, Mings awesome first half, Targett awesome all game. Very happy for Watkins, work on those offsides please Newcastle up there in the teams I love to beat. Great stuff, trickier games ahead.
  2. Been awesome every game. Raised his level considerably and I was calling for England last season!
  3. Nakamba has been solid. Amazing how everyone looks much improved in this settled side this season.
  4. Ross is the weakest link here, needs more game time though
  5. Very good, understated transfer. Could and should be every bit as transformational as Barkley’s arrival. I am excited by this and what else we are now looking at to improve us.
  6. I think Everton are in a similar position - I think they levelled off that £50m loan shown by selling the training ground naming rights or something similar, so I think they too are pretty clean. Fulham/West Brom pretty healthy too. Just shows how well run we are from top to bottom, what a 'sliding doors' difference to the shambles we were 3 years ago.
  7. My money is on getting it closed today. Last thing we want is for the porn brothers nipping in and throwing money at illogical signings like they normally do.
  8. I hope not. If he's sensible, advised well and looked after [contract wise], he has no reason to leave: Smith, the club and the fans all love him, he is getting game time, is improving and our club trajectory is about as good as it gets at the moment.
  9. Dont see why not, would be a cracking loan. I saw he wanted a loan this window but see his heart is set on Real Sociedad for some reason. I am sure Lange could sweet talk him, I am sure they all speak Scandinavian from those parts dont they?
  10. We could lose Barkley and Luiz in the Summer, would be good to ensure we have a settled midfielder capable of starting. I am confident it will get done, just like I was with Rashica.
  11. His stock has dropped significantly this season, maybe we pick up a bargain in the Summer and rehabilitate his form?
  12. Villareport's take on this is not how I read it - that seems like that is the current offer and we need to alter to €17m in total with a more attractive split?
  13. Not sure we deserved much from this but it was a performance full of heart. Created our own problems though. Above all else rusty after 19 days off and meeting MC at home in the form they are in.
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