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  1. The only good thing about tonight’s game is that I didn’t pay to watch our trousers being pulled down: luckily despite trying to buy the PPV several ways I had to resort to a free stream which was of exceptional quality.
  2. Agree whole heartedly, he is an jingoistic embarrassment for the club at the moment. Him and talksport are a marriage made in heaven, it’s wrecking ball, reaction hungry brain dead journalism, but he thinks he’s doing a great job, especially when they pat him on the head after the show and say ‘well done son’.
  3. Agreed. Branford’s 2nd and 3rd were hardly chances, you have to credit him for great finishes from basically nothing other than being in a dangerous position.
  4. Gabby’s dead in my eyes: average at best, over rated due to his academy status and the reflective glow of the brief MON era - If we had Defoe instead we would have been Champions. His attitude and poisonous behaviour is the main reason we got relegated. No way would Grealish turn up a stone overweight and rail against the coach/management at the expense of the Club. His current embarrassing Talkshite waffle is a guilty attempt at currying favour with the knuckle dragging faction of our support.
  5. We were arrogant and expectant because of our good start so I hope this is a wake up. We were slow and ponderous, and didn’t stretch the game when we were capable of it. Our midfield needs another dimension, a plan B, but Jack was too ambitious and blinkered, McGinn not at his best and Barkley off the pace. We let them have far too many shots and should have been more respectful. Their goals were lucky but you create your luck at this level, our two clearances were unlucky but on balance we deserved to lose. Biggest downside, 3 goal capitulation, let’s hope its not damaging and we bo
  6. We had one day more rest than Leeds who played Monday night. And played at home. And we had a full strength team, they two injuries, one their ‘best’ player.
  7. Leeds Media w*ankfest aside (the commentators watched a different game to me), they aren’t a better side but they had more desire and worked like hell. Banford is a word removed but fair play, his second and third two goals were all down to him, something from basically from nothing. Yes we could have had two but we were beaten by newcomers with more desire and drive. We lost our way in the second half and Smith (and our bench) had no response. We completedly lost our way in the second half when we should have kicked on from a decent 20-45 minute showing. Jack loses his head when we
  8. “…and I’ll tell you, honestly, I will love it if we beat them. Love it.”
  9. Luiz is doing the Petrov role, the quiet, busy recycling function. I am very happy if he continues under the radar but I am sure his stats will tell tell the tale of the tape and attract the Man City vultures. Let’s hope the camaraderie keeps him and Barkley here.
  10. I always felt with fixtures that our position by the end of October would tell the story of our season, it could be maximum points at this rate. Even in my wildest dreams did I think that was possible. You can almost feel a Leicester season building....
  11. Defensively we are taking zero risks this season, and coupled with Martinez we look solid. We defend as a unit, and despite playing further forward always had men between the opposition attack and the goal. We rarely play out through our defensive third now which is clearly helping, and despite surrendering possession to cleared balls and clearing our defensive third, it’s working. Last year it was our downfall. Our back four all looked terrific and very disciplined and drilled in their role. This is going to make a massive difference this season, clean sheets will make such a difference
  12. Brilliant. We have matured massively, we look a really solid unit with a threat from lots of positions. Grealish, Barkley, Luiz and McGinn as good a midfield as any in this division. Extra mention for Trez who is a real trooper, ran his heart out tonight. Leicester closed us down but we worked through it, and carried a threat all second half. Amazing.
  13. You would need to view it in context of the current years accounts which we won’t see (in full either) for months and months yet. It will be for cash flow, i.e. to cover current or forecast losses in operational expenses which could include or be a consequence of transfers. However whilst the £30m is a convenient transfer like sum, it may not be ring-fenced for another single purchase. We really couldn’t tell. It’s just as likely that it’s the forecast trading deficit/loss for the year, now the main window has closed, which includes this window’s purchases, i.e, if we’d bought Benrahma and or
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