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  1. I think we can spend a lot more but would need to redress the balance next year (unless we get into Europe). They’ve stretched the loss making period over several years due to COVID
  2. Only slightly more than half of De Bruyne’s £385K p.w. And Jack’s better.
  3. Agree with all of this, Buendia could be exactly what we need. However we would still be better next season with Grealish.
  4. It would be really unfortunate if he left now of all times. I can’t work out if there is a release clause but assume there isn’t, but even if there was it would be down to the player to move or not, it wouldn’t happen against his will and the club certainly don’t want or need to sell. If there isn’t a release clause, I would fully expect the owners/management to put their foot down and say to Jack the timing isn’t right for the club, lets review next summer. Levy does it, why not us? Or you put an incredible figure down (say £150m and say to Jack, fair enough, this is compensation, you can go). This is actually the most damaging time to leave us barring the relegation fight times - the club has its best chance for at least 20 years to break into the elite end of the game, and frankly stay in it, at that point the door is opened to a greater wealth of talent and his departure would not be as painful, and our owners can fully exploit that opportunity should it arise. He is in a new improved deal and committed to the club and cause stating some very Delph-esque sentiment about his place in the project, his club etc. He is also our Captain, that should mean more to him than most. As an alleged fan he must see that getting us to the CL places is a massive deal for the club and he would be setting us back for personal gain. The worst thing for me is that Man City are utterly classless, and are part of the shameless European Super League set who stuck two fingers up to the whole game. How quickly that is forgotten when money is being waved around. If he goes it will be the bitterest departure of them all, a real mercenary move, and frankly he would be the worst of the lot and even though I never boo departed players (pantomime or heart felt) I would happily boo him when he faces us.
  5. Yes, us amongst several other PL team s are “linked”, Ivread that this morning too but think that means very little in this day and age, I certainly haven’t seen it elsewhere since. Quality player, but not sure he is any better off here than there really? watched the Villa TV training clips and Ollie is banging them in left right and centre, think he’s up for a big season this time.
  6. I have to say this transfer window is as of today ugly. Twitter is an absolute cesspool these days - the so called fans piling in/begging/bad mouthing other fans bases around transfers and some of the braini-dead arguments is embarrasing and Villa fans are amongst the worst as as bad as any I can see these days. I think I am just going to keep away until after the window shuts.
  7. Does Jack do it himself or does his 'team'? I am sure his agency carefully controls his social media output, I am sure that like most of the top players. For example I dont for a minute think Rashfords output is all in his own words, its a narrative thought out by his management team and then scripted in a way that sounds as though he might have said it.
  8. Wow, its getting a bit desperate on here! Chances are Sam Lee is likely connected well enough to write his article citing insiders and good ITK's, and what he has written is very likely correct - Personal Terms agreed, Fee in principle agreed. He is also absolutely correct in saying that it might not happen as it down to Jack. Suck it up. My take is there is a deal on the table: likely £300K p.w. (substantially more than Villa's £200K p.w.) and Jack also has the new contract from Villa. His agency will have arranged the deal, thats exactly their job, now Jack needs to come home, ground himself with his family and make a decision about his future and that might take one or two weeks. Its huge personal money (>£80m guaranteed with bonuses over 5 years), silverware and instant CL vs staying where his heart is for the chance of glory in maybe two years. Its likely very difficult, and if he was my son, and I dont like saying it, I would probably tell him to make the move in all honesty, it instantly delivers everything rather than the chance of it. He could easily be the next Beckham and have wealth and accolades beyond his dreams. But I can see its a massive wrench. I really dont know which way it goes but can see it is very much 50/50 at the moment, I dont think who we sign makes any difference, in all honesty none are big enough to really turn your head, but they do paint a picture of progression, but is it enough? My final word is that if it was clear cut it would already be done, so there remains a chance, and also he is young enough to make the move next year for possibly more money especially as he will likely figure much more prominently at the World Cup which might not be lost on his agents.
  9. Very much doubt Bailey coming in would mean AEG going, that would leave us short with Trez out if there was an injury. I think it would allow them to listen to offers and then get Alvarez in as AEG’s replacement.
  10. Bristol is close to home for me, our allocation (1000) sold out in no time, loads of Bristol seats available though and just wondering if I should buy one of those (was goingto take my 9 y.o. daughter to her first game, she will want to wear her Villa Grealish Shirt. Any thoughts - should we bother or avoid?
  11. TBH the financials in the game are mad, but his stats suggest he is right up there with the most effective players in the world. If we want to retain that level of talent we have to pay the wages those guys are paid. There are quite a few at Man CIty, for example, who earn over £300K p.w. And Arsenal have a few over £200K p.w. Theres a web site that has the player salaries/contract values listed, its an eye opener: https://www.spotrac.com/Premier League/
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