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  1. I am clearly on my own suggesting he is being scapegoated for a disappointing result and period of games, but your observation is mine also and was my take away from the match. I thought he had some useful moments and showed some quality. You are not going to get a McGinn headless chicken run-out with Barkley which for some seems to carry a lot, but he has quality that others lack. If he had high energy and quality he wouldnt be here, he'd be in the mix a Chelsea or elsewhere. He is no where near as bad as is suggested here, but has been disappointing but is in very good company at the mo
  2. Rubbish. Another very angry post defeat outburst.
  3. McGinn barely controls a ball all game, miss places passes all over the pitch runs around like a headless chicken, falls over a lot, like every game for the past 3 months. mings sends another brain fart sliced back pass that should have cost us a goal; let’s Salah get in front of him for their goal. ATA scored a worldie 30 yard rocket through a packed defence. Barkley comes on finds space (all the time), sends a lovely penetrating pass to AEG with one touch; takes the ball on but fails to get a shot away (just like Watkins earlier in the game?) fails to score due to indecis
  4. Agree with this view mostly. Defo thought in the game that We could do with better quality on the wings, that’s certainly how we improve, nothing that £60-80m wouldn’t couldn’t sort out, and that’s what it’s going to take. I also think that Grealish has flattered McGinn and to a lesser extent Luiz. I feel we are asking a lot of Luiz as such a young man. But the McGinn thing is eating at me now, it’s another position that we could and should upgrade. I personally think Barkley is decent, if lacking game time and confidence, he certainly has it in his locker but our shape only unlock
  5. TBH if we had decent offers for McGinn I would take it. Luiz Is young and Dean plays him despite his form, that’s on Smith.
  6. Cannot believe these reactionary comments. Did more in his time than McGinn, Luiz, Ramsey and Najamba combined. Knee jerk Irrational Loan bias response.
  7. Deserves to lose. Midfield sloppy and poor, could have got something if we didn’t keep giving it away so cheaply. Massive over reaction to Barkley who I think offers more than McGinn or Luiz who offer nothing nor have done most of the season. Should have used The bench better, Smith is so reluctant to admit he gets it wrong and makes it worse by sticking to a losing formula. Hope Trez is OK
  8. Other than that moment, I thought Barkley has shown enough to start next game
  9. Those Liverpool shirts look like they are on back to front
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