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  1. thunderball

    Dean Smith

  2. thunderball

    Dean Smith

    Yes it hurts, yes its frustrating and almost inexplicable but Jeez, get a grip. Yes, two very poor games, but calling for Smiths head is utterly ridiculous we are in danger of living up to the fickle mantle. He’s only been here 10-12 or so games and 4 games ago he was ‘a breath of fresh air’, ‘exactly who we need’ etc etc. Our squad is a shambles, we have injuries and no defence, coupled with another new keeper infront of a make shift defence. But by my reckoning we have Abraham, McGinn and Grealish who are decent and everyone else is middling or rubbish here lies teh problem. However to suggest he has lost the dressing room is utterly bonkers. Lets the dust settle. Let Smith develop his team and style, twenty games left to sort this out.
  3. thunderball

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea FAC

    Shocking, really shocking. A hell of a lot of work to do here. Our squad is terrible, only one selection works, one injury and we are below bang average. We are no where near ready to go up, nowhere near. So much for fortress Villa Park. So much for Lansbury and Hogan taking their chances. Hopefully they will be gone by the end of the month.
  4. thunderball

    Tammy Abraham

    We are mugs, when you loan a player this is exactly what happens, it’s rarely a beneficial move for the loaning club unless the deal is locked out and with a transparent buy option. We are minnows now, our past three seasons have been a massively missed opportunity, admittedly in hindsight. What worries me is what happens if we ever go up with our Dads army and vanishing loanees. Any worthy outfield PL player starts at £15-20m, and it’s all north of this when they are half decent. We will be spending Fulham money just to stick a plaster over our squad. Get it right in this division and go up on clear merit, not lucking it via the playoffs, we’ll be back here in 12months minus Grealish, Chester, McGinn, Kalinic and a few others maybe too.
  5. Yes, you are onto something there, maybe we should try and sign: KIM Kallstrom ANDREA Pirlo JACKIE Charlton MICHELLE Platini LOUISE Figo CAROL Poborski NIKKI Butt Rod FANNI TITTY Camara Stefan KUNTZ Demba BRA But then again, remember the season we tried to sign all the Jordan’s?
  6. thunderball

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v QPR

    We have for a while I think, really not sure why. Other teams simply doing it better. We have had every chance to be knocking on automatics door by now, we must have dropped double the amount of points from winning positions than any other team?
  7. thunderball

    Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    Re Tammy, I’d rather have Benteke on loan than Tammy. I would be happy with Maupay too. It’s not the end of the world. He has shone here because of the service he gets, he failed at Swansea in the PL. He has a lot of craft to develop yet
  8. thunderball

    Dean Smith

    Exactly my view. last few games (without Grealish), we have looked to attack on the break rather than a possession based system, of attacks are much quicker but we lose possessi N more readily as the support isn’t there. I wonder if Sawyer is a like for like replacement so we can stick with the system?
  9. thunderball

    Ørjan Nyland

    Such a shame, we have invested in him and he was turning the corner in his last two appearances. Can we recall steer?
  10. thunderball

    Ratings & Reactions: Preston v Villa

    Poor today, defence as bad as ever. But despite the disappointment we are still in touch with the play offs. Hopefully January will make the difference with some new faces, and with only halfway through the season we have plenty of chances to kick on under Smith but I said this last Jan under Bruce! Aside from Leeds and Norwich, its anyones guess, and maybe Leeds wheels have fallen off (but not 15 points)
  11. thunderball

    Match Thread: Preston v Villa

    I meant this season. But yes.
  12. thunderball

    Match Thread: Preston v Villa

    Agreed, but cant keep blaming Bruce, even under Smith we've thrown point away. Again today
  13. thunderball

    Match Thread: Preston v Villa

    Blues and QPR above us and Forest 1 point behind. How with all our resources?