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  1. I think Mings is desperately over rated but he is [was] an important talisman. My fear is that a few players in our squad think they are bigger than the club, superstars owed a living, a destiny. Frankly, we are better off without them medium/long term.
  2. I’m finished. We can’t get a break and can’t score goals. FWIW I was calling for Smiths head but for me he’s turned it around and proved he can set up a team. He’s also learned (too late) that you can’t be hung ho in the PL, there too much quality, experience and savvy players and managers up here, he was naive. But we look more organised and now lack three decent attacking forwards of Premier League standard. I think we would struggle for goals in the championship as we are. It’s now about lack of attacking quality and individual errors which when your not scoring, cost you dearly.
  3. No contact, player topples ontop of defender. Never, ever, ever a penalty.
  4. Heaton Targett, Mings, Engels, Guilbert Buendia, McGinn, Luiz, Benrahma Wesley Samatta Does that help you? I wasn’t being entirely serious incidentally.
  5. I think Wes and Samatta (if he stays) will form a great partnership up front next season in the Championship: Heaton, Targett, Mings, Engels, Guilbert Buendia, McGinn, Luiz, Benrahma Wesley, Samatta Pukki might be nice too.
  6. I dont agree with your first sentence.
  7. I should also add that I read so often that Maupay would have saved us. I was his biggest fan last season and in the Summer, desperately wanted him here and thought he would transition easily in the PL. But actually he has disappointed me with 9 goals. Hardly the saviour we missed out on?
  8. lol, this is absolute unqualified rubbish. On what basis is Davis miles better? I think Wes is good enough TBH. Its not like we spent £40m like Newcastle and Everton did on their new forwards who have worse goal returns. A striker should not just be evaluated on goals scored, its how the team plays with them in as well.
  9. Lol, or that butch girl that happily fights boys every school year has
  10. Firminio, all that money and terrible, terrible hair
  12. Smith wanted Maupay as well, he got priced out of the move
  13. Transfer fee yes. But his agent’s fee and his salary demand was massive.
  14. Yes and Benrahma, but we couldn’t afford them. its not a go at you at all, but this script is getting boring now.
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