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  1. Haven’t got figures to hand but watched every match, but don’t think we have serviced Wesley very well at all. He is living off scraps at the moment, both he and the team need to adapt for me. i want him to succeed, think he can succeed but we are not playing to his strengths at the moment, other than Jack when moved to a front three, our two other forwards have looked blunt, Wesley has outscored them all. Just look at how his more experienced, high cost peers are getting on elsewhere in the division. We paid £22m. How much is Tammy worth now?
  2. Big fan of Maupay, but this is based on nothing but your subjective view. Maupay has hardly set the league (or Brighton) on fire.
  3. I know its obvious but stringing together 3 consecutive wins (which is what we need) is far harder in this division than in the Championship. We have a lot of work to do but having more goal threat and effect offensive play is going to have to be part of that, more than relying on our backs to the wall defending. January window is very important. I feel something needs to change.
  4. I don’t get that sense, he certainly doesn’t display that attitude. He has to play a lot better to secure a move away to a better team.
  5. Difficult day before we started, got worse but we only showed anything for 10 minutes. We offer very little in attack without Grealish. Attack is very limited and we have little pace or decent movement. Deserve nothing today
  6. Very difficult to affect the game with the final substitution now
  7. Lol. He has displayed the look of someone who looks beaten by Traore for the last 30 minutes
  8. Rubbish. Positives: Konsa. Doing enough to keep out Engels Negatives: Poor service to Wesley; poor ball retention and giving away cheaply; AEG; both full backs look limited; creating nothing.
  9. It will come, most likely when Delph stands aside. But a stinker of a decision though, a proper stinker, and Southgate’s reasoning just doesn’t stand up: Delph, Hudson-Odoi, Winks and Oxlade Chamberlain for me could all have missed out to better playing Jack. Jacks getting better too.
  10. There’s an argument for not changing a team that performed well, although in fairness our midfield stats were poor. I can’t see anything other than jack starting unless a question mark over fitness persists. I think Luiz or AEG will give way. The challenge for the team will be tracking Adama from wing back. I think it’s how we resolve this that will determine who gives way, but Jack offers so many options to the team in possession, offensively and also does his fair share of defensive work. He never goes missing which I can’t say about Trez, AEG and to some extent Luiz.
  11. Let’s hope it doesn’t stay on the same shelf as Adama’s highlight reel.
  12. It’s irrelevant at this stage, and a tad obsessive. They’ve actually had some reasonable results. If we had played exactly the same fixtures against the same Opposition personnel I would still expect to be behind them at this stage as they have a settled squad coming off 13th PL finish last season and also invested heavily in the Summer whilst were were basically 5th in the Championship last season starting with a virtually new and unfamiliar team. Let’s review matters in May. I couldn’t care if we finish above or below Newcastle, this is a season of transition and consolidation. We just need to stay up.
  13. Everton (and Man Utd) are an example of not being a sum of their parts, and goes to show you need harmony: players, management and tactics all working together. We look much better and now need some results to validate our settling-in and quality emerging. But a lot of teams are in the same boat as us and it again looks like the middle ground below top 5/6 and the relegation basket cases is very very close: two wins you are knocking on the door of Europe, two losses and you are circling the drain. I think we have the depth of squad, quality and improvement factor that will see us OK by 20-30 games, I also think we will not mess around in January and make some serious signings to give us the best chance. Some teams around us will also improve, and other scenarios will unfold negatively for others. I thought Norwich would be the best promoted side but now I think they will struggle and can do little (£££) to improve themselves. I also thought Brighton would struggle but they look very decent. I think Burnley have the potential of losing momentum and struggling over the season. Newcastle: could go either way....
  14. Really very good performance and beaten by possibly the best team in the world at the moment, there’s no shame in that, it’s painful because the script was so dramatic. I didn’t see a poor performance from any player, and Liverpool have overwhelming strength, drive and power from every part of the pitch. Mane’s winning header was exquisite, absolutely millimetre perfect. We have a lot of promise, we have enough to stay up and only now a few forwards short of being a very decent outfit. We were 9th in the league at 4.44pm yesterday. I think we will kick on from here, and excited who might join us in January and the summer.
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