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  1. PieFacE

    Pre-match chat

    Haha how small time. Is everyone being given a KKK hood too?
  2. PieFacE

    List the "A" Artists on your Spotify

    Kinda new to Spotify so haven't got a huge collection, but... The Afghan Whigs Alvvays Arcade Fire Arctic Monkeys At The Drive-In
  3. PieFacE

    Trains & Disruptions

    Kinda glad i'm going from Evesham now. Will hopefully bypass the chaos completely.
  4. PieFacE

    Pre-match chat

    I'm not nervous at all! Just excited! What will be will be...
  5. PieFacE

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    It's the second time they've used that song. They used it on the first series but it was piano based. Because of the locatin they were in the instruments changed this season. Very clever. I love the music in Westworld. Edit: just read up and I'm too late! I've been watching Money Heist on Netflix. Sublime. It's Spanish but don't let the subtitles put you off, excellent series.
  6. PieFacE

    E3 2018

    I can't believe there's going to be yet another E3 where they will be talking about Crackdown. They must have burnt so much money on that project. Looks terrible too.
  7. PieFacE

    Pre-match chat

    Yeah there will be plenty of opportunities to counter attack into. They don't look great defensively from what I've seen. I think in general, from what I've read, they are very confident, maybe a little too confident? We suit being the underdogs for sure.
  8. PieFacE

    Pre-match chat

    So what you're saying is, if Fulham play well, they'll win, but if they don't, they won't? Dude it's just a game of football, no set of fans are "fearing" anything, just go and enjoy the day. Let's hope you bottle it like you did against the Blues last game of the season
  9. PieFacE

    Pre-match chat

    Getting excited for this game and feeling cautiously optimistic about it.
  10. PieFacE

    Battlefield 5

    Why did they leave out all the stuff which Jack was on about from the reveal? I watched the trailer and just thought it was going to be a BF1 re-skin, but it sounds like a LOT has actually changed.
  11. PieFacE

    Crypto currency

    I love the volatility. Traditional markets would bore me a bit, It's never dull in the crypto space.
  12. PieFacE

    Crypto currency

    100% correct. I'm still looking at the chart I posted the other day which compares now to 2014, and think we could see something similar. But frankly, who knows. Could go as low as 5k imo.
  13. PieFacE

    Mile Jedinak

    The guy has to start. Help deal with Mitrovic for starters but he's by far the best defensive midfielder we have. If we go a couple behind then I'd be bringing on Thor for more box to box legs in midfield, but.... Jedi always performs in the big games, I don't think playing at Wembley will phase him one bit.
  14. PieFacE

    On The Pi55 My Lord

    I'm tempted by The Green Man but think it might be chaos.