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  1. @blandy - This will mean nothing to you but I feel compelled to tell you. For a long time (possibly years?) I've always known I recognised your avatar but couldn't recall what it's from. Today I finally realised it's from a Grinderman album. Which is also an awesome album. That's all
  2. Bored at work, so silly question time. If you had to choose one of these players to replace Diaby, who would you choose? - Raphina - Felix - Grealish
  3. Weirdly I feel the complete opposite. I think to get the best out of Felix, we need him on a permanent where he can get a fresh start and a new place to call home. Though, it would be a gamble, just as any big money signing is a gamble. (that said, I don't think we'll sign him)
  4. Been playing Remnant 2 with a few friends over the past few days and it's excellent so far. Such a fun co-op game. Glad it was on Game Pass otherwise I never would have tried it.
  5. What does that mean? Google translate gives "João Félix closed at Aston Villa" but that could mean a number of things if poorly translated.
  6. Just ordered myself and my lad the new top. Figured we don't play in the Champions League every season so why not.
  7. PieFacE

    Jhon Durán

    His career will be an interesting one to follow. Definitely think it's better for us that we follow it from afar. He could go on to be an absolute world beater, but if there's a sensible offer on the table for him then we should definitely take it. It's very clear he wants more game time and I just don't think he's remotely ready to be a starter in Unai's system based on the few times he has started games. He certainly can't play with Watkins.
  8. I usually don't care all that much for kits but I actually really like the home top. Super simple (and maybe a bit boring) which is my preference when it comes to clothing. Video is great too. Good job all round.
  9. I love the bit of dialogue in The Mushroom and The Swan. Hilarious.
  10. Leicester fans thought Youri was lazy too but he's been anything but lazy since signing here. Sometimes a player needs a certain type of manager to give them clear instruction and play to their strengths. I'm sure Unai will do that for Onana.
  11. Or picking someone up to bring back for a medical
  12. I have a feeling we'll sign Raphinia, but I don't think he's a big upgrade on Diaby tbh for the profile of player we need. But obviously just guessing.
  13. Good luck to him. Will make a fortune which will provide his familiy riches for generations and still has time in his career to get a move elsewhere later on if he decides to do that.
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