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  1. Crypto currency

    Yeah you can get verified and do it via bank transfer. Think you can then transfer up to 9k a week iirc.
  2. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Morrissey's new single "Spent the day in bed" is amazing. Best thing he's done for years!
  3. Virtual Reality

    I'm looking forward to seeing them in the next gen. Needs to be fully wireless with no motion sickness though. When that's sorted, and it's affordable, I'll pick one up.
  4. Crypto currency

    There's no real dummies guide. I spent a weekend thoroughly researching it all before I got involved. Have joined many crypto slack channels and have learnt loads just by chatting to experienced traders. Unfortunately it's one of those things where you need to lose a bit money first to learn how it all works (if you want to try trading). If you just want to buy something and then forget about it then just buy bitcoin. Tis the safest option. Buy, forget, come back in 3 years and buy yourself something nice. Anything you need to know is available by a simple Google search. Just need to spend the time to learn.
  5. Crypto currency

    Ha please do your own research too and don't just do it on my word. Would hate you to lose money on my recommendation. If I was to speculate I see no reason why ark won't be a £15-25 coin within a couple of years (being a bit conservative there) , but if bitcoin crashes then it will take alts with it. Which can happen at any point really, personally don't see it for a while but I'm no pro. Hmm... Maybe, unlikely for a few years. Generally, you buy bitcoin from somewhere like coinbase, and then send it to an exchange such as bittrex and trade your bitcoin for altcoins.
  6. The Film Thread

    I got to that bit of A Ghost Story and turned it off.
  7. Crypto currency

    Ha as always, do your own research and only put in what you can afford to lose. In 5 months I've made 3x my yearly salary by just investing in coins that I like the tech of. There's money to be made in this game. The whole thing probably is a bubble but i think it has a long way to go before it pops in my opinion. But, could be very wrong.
  8. Crypto currency

    Ark is another coin which I've liked since first learning about blockchains as it has great potential. The fundamentals of the coin is to connect blockchains together which will be needed if crypto ever gets mass adopted. They have one working example of connecting blockchains and you can use ark to trigger smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain. There's only 2 competitors that I'm aware of (polkadot and cosmos) but they don't have a working product yet. But there's a lot more to it than that too. Looking at ark on a 6 month chart, if it follows the same pattern it should be ready to have a good pump in a month or two. Yeah you can buy 0.0000001 of a bitcoin.
  9. Crypto currency

    $7k for bitcoin by the new year imo. I'm expecting all alt coins to go on a huge pump after the 25th October. Should be pretty epic. There's a huge dip with alts at the minute. I've pretty much moved my whole portfolio to ark now.
  10. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Bruce out. We'll never get promoted playing his brand of football.
  11. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    What does Bruce think Hogan is going to do here? What's the plan to create any kind of opportunity for him? So painfully tactically unaware is Steve Bruce. Sick of watching it.
  12. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Yup. Bruce doesn't do tactics though.
  13. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Bruce is such a shit manager. Jealous of Wolves.
  14. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Wolves are a good team. Goes to show you don't need an experienced championship manager in this league. To go from Paul Lambert football to this in 1 year really shows how bad we've been.