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  1. Chris Samba

    He was shit 4 years ago. He's not going to have gotten any better. He will come in, play one game, seem alright, get injured, and will have no impact on our season whatsoever other than earning a wage. If i'm wrong i'll eat my own face.
  2. U.S. Politics

    So now trump is in favour of the EU after previously stating the UK were smart for getting out. The guy is a loony.
  3. Pre Match Thread

    Yup, you're insane
  4. Jordan Veretout

    I don't understand why we don't bring him back and play him? The amount of players we loan out who could do a job for us is shocking. This club is so mismanaged.
  5. Leicester City

    I think he would be terrible for us to be honest. Not the man we need right now imo.
  6. Midweek Football 20/24 February

    These things are always temporary imo. A new ground doesn't make a good football team bad.
  7. Chris Samba

    hahahahha... Holy shit, Bruce out. Lescott Mark II
  8. Steve Bruce

    What I mean by it is that we don't seem to have any kind of plan as a team. As a team we don't seem to know how to work the ball out of our own area other than hoofing it. There's such little movement and pressing. We seem to constantly be so deep leaving the striker isolated, and the ball keeps coming back. Fundementally, we're not very good and do not look like a team. We don't seem to have any method of scoring a goal, we seem to be reliant on someone (mainly Kodja) creating something out of nothing.
  9. Steve Bruce

    It's not individual players that are concerning me apart from Johnstone. It's the way we're setting up as a collective, we really are looking completely clueless at the minute. If we don't win on Saturday then the bloke really has to be sacked.
  10. Pre Match Thread

    3-0 loss
  11. Scott Hogan

    West ham (or Bilic) didn't feel that he was worth the £12m so they pulled out? Apparently, the owners at West Ham thought he'd be a great signing but Bilic was unconvinced. Either way, they pulled out of the deal.
  12. Scott Hogan

    Yeah, the board were buying him but Bilic wasn't keen on him for the money quoted. So they pulled out According to all the journos on transfer deadline day anyway... http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11685/10749772/slaven-bilic-pulls-plug-on-west-ham-move-for-scott-hogan
  13. Scott Hogan

    West Ham did pull out, Bilic didn't want him.
  14. The Film Thread

    I always wished that whoever decided to make a Resident Evil film had have decided to keep the first film true to the game, and have the characters turn up in a zombie filled mansion. Could have been so creepy.
  15. The Film Thread

    The best one I can think of is the Mortal Combat or Street Fighter films, I loved those when I was about 10. They'd probably be shocking now if I watched them.