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  1. André Green

    Premier League clubs? £75m please.
  2. Not getting too excited. We're playing Wigan at home.
  3. The Film Thread

    Holy shit... I always thought Bron in Game Of Thrones was Martin Kemp until seeing that film poster a few posts up Anyways, Tried to watch both "Baywatch" and Guardians of the Galaxy 2" over the weekend. Both films were terrible.
  4. Gamescom 2017

    Yup pre-ordered Scorpio too. FIFA in 4K and HDR, whoo lol. Looking forward to PUBG hugely tho
  5. Gamescom 2017

    If it's a full on exclusive for Xbox then it's pretty huge. Though, I can't help but feel if it was they would have made sure there was no uncertainty around it. Pretty sure it will be timed still like Tomb Raider.
  6. Gamescom 2017

    The PUBG is going to be some kind of timed exclusive I guess? I thought that was already announce at E3? Can't be arsed to watch, E3 was so poor I have no interest in anything gaming this year other than the One X console itself.
  7. Keinan Davis

    Dunno, if we've got youngsters who are performing better than the "mature" players, then why not play them every week?
  8. Steve Bruce

    Whilst yesterday was great, i'm still not okay with having Bruce as our manager. Our away form is still garbage and I think we will still have plenty more terrible performances.
  9. Keinan Davis

    I'd adore this. Would be so good. I say do it with Hourihane and Whelan behind them. Or Whelan and Jedi.
  10. Conor Hourihane

    If we were seriously considering selling him then Bruce can go **** himself.
  11. André Green

    Bruce should be instructing him to cut in on his right foot and whip crosses in like the one he did for the Davis header. Young used to that all the time for Carew and its very effective.
  12. Keinan Davis

    Was incredible today. Shame he didn't have a bit more composure in front of goal but definitely helped bring the midfield into the game. Much rather he play than Hogan.
  13. Match Thread: Norwich v Villa

    Murphy looks brilliant.,