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  1. This can't be right, can it?
  2. You're the jilted ex that can't get over the love of your life being happy with someone else. He said in interviews its been his dream. Scoring against Blues whilst getting attacked was "the best day of my life". Of course it was his dream. Now he's moved on and we will too.
  3. I'm so happy for him. He lived out his personal dream with us. He's living out his professional dream with them. When I retire from the teaching game, it'll be the personal memories I made outside my job that I cherish over those made in my job. Jack captained Villa. That will always be his personal pinnacle.
  4. That guy. My god. When asked on said podcast if its an issue that Tyrone doesn't seem to be learning from his mistakes, (which is true), he responded by giving some weird, meandering answer about Paul Gascoigne not connecting with the cross against Germany which means it wasn't a chance. There's no way he's not high during these podcasts.
  5. How will this ever happen? Ings, Watkins, Bailey, Buendia, Traore. Four defenders. A GK. We don't need midfielders I suppose.
  6. He is one of the reasons we haven't scored though. Which is his main role.
  7. So glad to see some positivity here. We played really well and I'm more encouraged about this season, and beyond, after this game than I was after beating Newcastle.
  8. I'm a fairweather WWE fan but I was really getting into The Fiend storyline. Why was Bray Wyatt released?! Crazy decision when there is such little else to be excited about in the WWE environment at the moment!
  9. If this is true, and this "luck" carries on much longer, the season could be a write-off without ever really starting.
  10. That tweet from Jack is quite well written. Which leads me to believe it absolutely wasn't him who wrote it.
  11. I've read some hyperbolic nonsense on this forum before. However, this post is up there as one of the most ridiculous.
  12. He scored those goals for a piss poor team in Asia qualifying.
  13. If VT lived by this rule, there would be very, very little to discuss.
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