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  1. I'll put a pound down that we don't see him again this season*. It is SO Villa to down play an injury and then player isn't seen for months. *I don't think this will happen.
  2. Nets v Phillie in the conference finals. KD on Embiid? Its far from perfect but it's the best we have I think. Phillie don't have much shooting outside Embiid so I think we have that one in a six game series.
  3. Why is it mad? He was questionable mentally. He's improved vastly in this area but the questions at the time were justified.
  4. Have you listened to the Villa View podcast? A guy on there called Ty says the word "mate" more times than I've ever heard the word used before ever, ever. Ever, mate.
  5. Is this a serious comment?
  6. He lies. Players don't earn the shirt on a matchday. Hause earned the shirt and got dropped immediately for Mings. Hourihane earned the shirt and got immediately dropped for Barkley. Nakamba earned the shirt and was dropped for Luiz. El Ghazi earned the shirt and was dropped when Barkley returned from injury. I don't necessarily disagree with his selections, but he has his untouchables like MON did.
  7. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/02/12/x-rated-rants-swingeing-cuts-manager-brink-birmingham-city/ I'm glad it's not us.
  8. I think we might see Sanson in for McGinn here.
  9. We're already there. They are absolutely down.
  10. A weeks rest will be welcome I think. Proper training time for Sanson and some well earned rest for those who have played six games in 18 days. Brighton are a good team who play smart football. Will be another big test.
  11. Drinking in town? In which town can this madness happen? Count me in.
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