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  1. And the UK is better for it and the US is a cesspit.
  2. There is absolutely no way that Dean Smith has egg on his face after Barkley's dive-bomb in form. If anything, Deano tried to hard to get Barkley's form back by keeping him in the team.
  3. Why do we "need" a statement signing? Who has been West Ham's or Leicester's statement signings? Everton's statement signing of James Rodrigues has really worked a treat. Do you not think securing our best players evidences ambition? Developing our training ground to be one of the the best int he league evidences ambition?
  4. "No, definitely not" Part II? Or perhaps a little more open minded?
  5. Spurs getting absolute pelters on social media for the flat rate of £60 + booking fee prices of tickets for their home game against us.
  6. Ah okay, sorry, I read that as you having some super secret ITK. If Lange / Smith want him, I hope we sign him. We've been given absolutely no reason to not trust their judgement so far.
  7. I think Deano will be the next one for a new contract. He's hit every single target set in his time at Villa so far. If we're rewarding excellence, he'll be next to be rewarded.
  8. The F1 and this game...
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