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  1. I like Citeh. They're a rags to riches story. It's not the fans fault the riches are the Richie-est of Riches around. They play incredible football, do not buy superstars and I love Pep for what he did at Barca. Ergo... in the Champions League... Citeh Till I Die!
  2. We got absolutely battered first half and shouldn't in a million years have been two up. I remember watching them thinking they didn't belong in this poxy league.
  3. I was reading yesterday about the fracas in the AC Milan v Lazio game and a tidbit of info piqued my interest. The new owners of Milan are contesting their own FFP investigation as they don't feel they should be impacted upon by the poor decisions made from the previous ownership group. With my very basic understanding of this topic, I fail to see how this cannot be taken into account. If the new owners have a sustainable plan, who can punish these clubs based on errors of owners gone by?
  4. I pointed it out in the opening post mate, but always good to double-down on important points!
  5. In the immortal words of long lost friends... we go again. Dean Smith said in post match press conference on Saturday that the players will have two days rest, so hopefully nicely refreshed for Friday. Some decisions to make... do Mings and Grealish come back in the team? Who gets left out if they do? McGinniesta two bookings away from another suspension - do we get tactical with this? If Bolton lose, they're relegated - perhaps them having to win plays into our hands? Either way, I'll be in Kiev on Friday so if anyone knows of the Ukraine Villa Lions fan club, that's where I want to be!
  6. I know! I started that tradition and was particularly proud of it! This one is just plain boring.
  7. Don_Simon

    Ritchie De Laet

    He's playing as a striker isn't he? Not sure he'd get in ahead of Tammy.
  8. Michael Portillo's Spanish lovechild was never going to succeed. He didn't stand a chance.
  9. In one man's wise words... we go again! After beating Forest, Rotherham will be energised, so perhaps this is a game where some changes could be made? Either way, clear eyes, full hearts... can't lose.
  10. This goes back as far as O'Neill. You could even predict the subs and minutes of subs then!
  11. Same team again? Just don't see who you can drop given the current form of the team.
  12. I'm a 35 year old with a crush on Jack so I might join you!
  13. Don't let the door kick you on the way out. He had the keys to the kingdom and **** it up because he didn't give a shit. As for "not wanting to play against Villa" - that just highlights his stupidity or heightened levels of self importance.
  14. Perhaps because his defensive minded coach told him to?

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