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  1. Don_Simon

    John McGinn

    Cool story bro.
  2. Don_Simon

    Michael Tait

  3. Put yourself in his position - would you have joined Villa when managed by Bruce this summer?
  4. Don_Simon

    Kortney Hause

    I never, ever thought I would be an advocate for media training, but, having just watched his welcome interview on youtube, good lord, this kid keep needs help with his communication. He *almost* makes Gabby look literate.
  5. Don_Simon

    Jack Grealish

    Of the 100% of VT'ers out there, I'm going with 0.4% will read that. Love the effort though my friend!
  6. Don_Simon

    Dean Smith

    Proper nimble this guy...
  7. Don_Simon

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Overreaction of the highest order there.
  8. Don_Simon

    Luke Organ

    My heart / organ joke was not as obvious as I expected it to be!
  9. Don_Simon

    Luke Organ

    Disgusted at Villa for this. We've clearly no heart to sack him this close to Christmas.
  10. Don_Simon

    Alan Hutton

    Surprised to see you say that after your bang average attempt to tackle him during his goal of the millennia in the recent derby.
  11. Don_Simon

    Dean Smith

    Disagree. He questioned fans intelligence, accused of creating mass hysteria, among other things. But, this is the Dean Smith thread, so Viva The Revolution!
  12. Don_Simon

    Dean Smith

    I think Steve Bruce shoved the fans under the bus much more than he did the players at the end of his reign. Dean Smith has been very complimentary of the fans, I wonder if he was aware of the deteriorating relationship between fans & Bruce. (Given Cabbage-gate, I'm sure he was!)
  13. Don_Simon

    Manchester United

    I'm still reeling from the £25 bet I made when Randy's jet was flying to pick up the baby faced assassin and make him Villa boss!