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  1. Don_Simon

    Jack Grealish

    What a word removed.
  2. Don_Simon


    I wonder when bigger clubs come calling, like Arsenal (heh), and Spurs try to keep their players, will the press be accusing them of holding back said players careers and ruining dream moves? I very much doubt it.
  3. Don_Simon

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    He was poor before he left, that's why he left. He was poor when he came back, that's why he's not good enough. To suggest fans love writing off players is beyond ridiculous as it implies fans want poor players so they can get their kicks from slating them. I'd prefer a squad of 23 world class players if its all the same to you.
  4. Don_Simon

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    If you thought Elphick had a solid game I can't begin to imagine the superlatives you used to describe Terry last season. And surprised you didn't spontaneously combust if you ever saw McGrath. We need a CB, desperately.
  5. Don_Simon

    Jack Grealish

    Were he to do this something new, the mirrors in deep do-do.
  6. Don_Simon

    Jack Grealish

    And our owners have more than most.
  7. Don_Simon

    Jack Grealish

    One of the top earners. Based on ability he should be out earning the top earner £5 to every £1 of theirs.
  8. Don_Simon

    Steve Bruce

    If we do keep Jack, and if we do get the players in Bruce wants, he will be under high pressure this year. There will be no excuses available whatsoever.
  9. Don_Simon

    Top level appointments

    Who is the person in charge at the moment making all these offers and negotiating with clubs, agents & players etc?
  10. Don_Simon

    Jack Grealish

    Why would Sawiris intervene now? This has been going on for weeks! Its complete bullshit. They just make stuff up as they go along.
  11. Don_Simon

    Jack Grealish

    It's not their word. Its a journalists mates word on Sky Sports.
  12. Don_Simon

    Gary Gardner

    If we sell McGinn already, does this make him the new Unsworth?
  13. Don_Simon

    Match Thread: Hull v Villa

    We're gonna win the league. Factarama.
  14. Don_Simon

    Match Thread: Hull v Villa

    Elmohamady right wing and Green on the bench. Good times.
  15. Don_Simon

    Match Thread: Hull v Villa

    Yeah I know bro. I just don't know why he won't play to our strengths. We're lacking good defenders but look good going forward. So pile in with the defenders and drop the forwards. No team should ever have Elmo, Taylor and Hutton in it. Ever.