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  1. We had won four in a row up to Friday. As the adage goes, you don't change a winning team. Never mind a title winning juggernaut unstoppale force immoveable object team. (United are not that).
  2. Trump: "We're learnig to live with the Coronavirus". Biden: "No, we're learning to die from it". Biden much more alert and aware at the start of the this debate than the first one.
  3. If your son was offered a professional contract there, but nowhere else, what is Papa TV advising?
  4. Is anyone staying up for the final debate tomorrow night / Friday morning? I am. It's pure **** Hollywood. Just hope Biden is able to be Presidential whilst Trump goes nuts.
  5. Wins against Rotherham, Burton, Shrewsbury, Grimsby, Weston-super-Mare, Hednesford and Cambridge. Welcome to The Premier League. Bitchezzzzzzz. (All shit teams chosen at random - but I do live in Shrewsbury).
  6. After the Leicester away game last season, I was 100% sure we were down. It was over. The apocalypse had begun. Fast forward and I can't believe we're playing them again, in the same league. Never mind being fourth in the league, with the world's best striker and Argentina's best player. And favourites to win the World Cup. I love our team.
  7. I would genuinely rather us compete in the Premier League and have a lower chance of winning it whilst staying at Villa Park, than selling our soul in the name of money and competing with Petro-states to have more of a chance, but no guarantee, of winning the thing. I went to Spurs last year, its an amazing stadium, but has no magic (apart from the upside down pints!) Ask West Ham fan about their new stadium. Do you want a plastic bowl like Brighton or Southampton? I guess it essentially comes down to the fact I want to take my son to Villa Park on Saturdays. (I'm a romantic, the ab
  8. There is no better answer.
  9. I'm going to bite here. They must indeed lead sad lives, but why are you scouring other midlands clubs forums to gauge reactions on Grealish being a decent player?
  10. Changing to the Arsenal kit would ruin the transfer window for me.
  11. Demolition. Astronomical fallout. Utterly obliterated. Devastating effect. Like it.
  12. The poll says best ever performance, the first post says best ever result. Its by far our best ever result, but not best ever performance.
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