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  1. There's ten games left. There's six days until the next game. Yet I'm nervous as ****. This game is massive. Win, and confidence spreads. Lose, I just don't see how they pick themselves up (again). Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't **** it up Villa.
  2. If Mr Purslow sees that, he better have some serious questions to ask of Deano, JT and RoK.
  3. 5-2-3 isn't working. Our defence is woeful, my remedy to this? Ossie Ardiles-esque attack tactic! Or... Reina / Guilbert, Mings, Konsa, Targett / Luiz, Nakamba, Hourihane / El Ghazi, Samatta, God MkII
  4. Don_Simon

    Dean Smith

    I was at the Spurs game at their place. For the first ten and last thirty we were battered, but the other 50 we were in it. I'd also expect a battering at the Champions League finalist as a newly promoted team. Better at retaining posession? I dont see that in any way. There's clips from that spurs game of us playing excellent football, even including Neil Taylor at one stage. I dont think we've improved at all. I think we've regressed. You think we're much better. A game of opinions I guess. I very much hope you're right though.
  5. Don_Simon

    Dean Smith

    First five games of the season we lost three, won one and drew one - conceding six. Last five games of the season we have lost three, won one and drew one - conceding 13. Even taking away the City spanking, we've conceded more than the first five games. We've conceded 50 goals (the most in the league). Incapable of beating teams who have less players than us. Errors are more prevalent than ever and we're playing five defenders each game. May I ask where you think we are "much better"?
  6. Don_Simon

    Dean Smith

    The most damning indictment of Smith is that I think we're worse now than at the start of the season. We cannot defend, its beyond comprehension how bad we are. He talks a lot about improving players, I'm not sure he's improved any at Villa. (Jack has got better, but he's a different conversation altogether).
  7. As it stands we're ending the Transfer Window weaker than how we started. This is like a football form of self harm.
  8. Sweet jesus. "Mini Anfield". Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.
  9. The problem with Morelos fighting for a place is that he probably would, actually, fight someone. (Although I reckon Wes would take him down with some favela street fighting style!)
  10. Don_Simon

    Dean Smith

    Just watched Deano's post match interview.... I wonder how many post match interviews this season he's said we were poor with the ball and too passive in our tackling? I would hazard a guess at 80% of games. What is happening on the training pitch to rectify this? At the start of the season he promised we would attack every game with the intention to win the game. Yet our pressing has gone to shit and our ball retention even worse. I'm 100% Smith in, but I just don't understand how we are so bad at the fundementals of what I thought was the "Smith Philosophy".
  11. Especially given its clear he didnt say it to Tyrone.
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