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  1. Don_Simon

    Dean Smith

    Just watched Deano's post match interview.... I wonder how many post match interviews this season he's said we were poor with the ball and too passive in our tackling? I would hazard a guess at 80% of games. What is happening on the training pitch to rectify this? At the start of the season he promised we would attack every game with the intention to win the game. Yet our pressing has gone to shit and our ball retention even worse. I'm 100% Smith in, but I just don't understand how we are so bad at the fundementals of what I thought was the "Smith Philosophy".
  2. Especially given its clear he didnt say it to Tyrone.
  3. If we play even remotely like we did yesterday, they will utterly, comprehensively, absolutely and overwhelmingly... batter us. I don't even know what changes to make to better us. Three centre backs might work, dropping Nakamba and Trezeguet, who I genuinely think made yesterday seem like 13 players against 9, is an absolute must. There just seems to be zero improvement week on week, unless Jack has a worldie, we're ****. Sweet jesus, this is a depressing post. As such, I'll go Villa 3-1. Wesley will be made my Fantasy Team Captain and I'm bringing in El Ghazi for goals assists from his guaranteed thrilling performance. Oh, Hause in at CB for clean sheet points and a goal from a corner.
  4. The North Stand should be the Ron Saunder Stand. We don't do enough at Villa to cherish and celebrate our greats. This would be a fitting start. A true Holte End hero now in the sky.
  5. This doesn't in any way answer my question, so I'm not sure the relevance of it.
  6. Out of interest, in today's market, what would you want for £22,000,000?
  7. This idea that hes one of the few trying to make things happen, thats literally what he's there for. His role is to be creative, be dangerous with the ball, make assists and chip in with goals. The problem is that he's, currently, doing a terrible job at it. Five games, one assist (for Luiz's worldie). We need so much more from him, his form is literally season defining for us, which isnt fair on him but its how it is.
  8. We have a massive Jack Grealish shaped problem in this team. He was awful today, what on earth has happened to his final ball ability?
  9. I've just seen this in off topic. Not only did i not know he'd left the club, i hadnt even wondered why he wasnt in match day squads. Cheers for the Wolves goal.
  10. I started this last season! Very happy to see it's still our good luck charm!
  11. Unless he gets injured playing when he would ordinarily be resting.
  12. We got rid of GG, his wages and his Bluenose stench for two million and the best beard since Mellberg. Signing of the millennia there.
  13. I'm going to open a bottle of red and read that tonight. I'm already excited! Cheers for the link bro.
  14. Don_Simon

    Ezri Konsa

    The exact one! The Holte went absolutely mental when that goal went in.
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