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  1. It takes a whole lot more than just buying players to build something. You need to integrate them, create team spirit, find the tactics that suit them and probably most importantly, don't play them at right back. Furthermore, for every John McGinn there's a Henri Lansbury whose contributed **** all.
  2. Given you can get the rest of him £18.5 million, i would seriously consider buying a testicle-less player.
  3. How do all the people know about the inner workings of Villa? Does this sort of stuff not belong in the speculation blacklist?
  4. If we create enough chances, absolutely yes. I also think is the kind of signing we need to make to maintain the team spirit of last season.
  5. Its my go to on all villa news. Then i come to VT for analysis, hyperbole and / or utter derision.
  6. I'd like him to stay with us as Captain of the Big 1.
  7. And we finished 5th, so even less reason for a parade! (I cant imagine any fans actually wanted this, did they?!)
  8. We have that **** pointless matching option on Mings dont we.
  9. On it. Fair play my friend.
  10. Given he's on loan fron Lille, Ajax would take anything we give them!
  11. I assume you're referring to our loan players in that seven?
  12. Don_Simon


    That photo deserves more Instagram likes. I'm heading over there right now to right this wrong!
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