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  1. I've been to both games this season, and if there isn't serious progress within the team, we are going to struggle. The gaps between defence and midfield and then midfield and forwards seem massive. We are making unbelievably naive mistakes and our new signings, bar Engels, haven't hit the ground running, which although a shame, is not a surprise. All that being said, I see lots of potential so think we will see the required progress and stay up. Shouts of Top 10 may be a little optimistic however.
  2. Because as our best player we rely on him. He simply has to do more.
  3. Surely the fact he should have had two goals to boot, but didn't, means he wasnt good? The header second half, to not even get on target was so poor.
  4. If Jack Grealish is our best player, then he needs to do a lot more. Expectations are high and hes currently nowhere near them.
  5. Plenty of Villa colours on the 1030 train from Shrewsbury to Birmingham. Today is going to be a big **** day!
  6. 2-2 for me. Come December and onwards when the team has been together longer I will be more optimistic.
  7. By being so fervently ambivalent, you're actually caring more than people that want him to do well. That, and it's just weird.
  8. You didn't watch Villa v Blues?
  9. We love a good #40 at Villa. Almost as much Geordies love a good #9 at Newcastle.
  10. I grew to love the Championship and a little part of me is sad we're no longer in it*, so I'll definitely be watching it. Fulham and Brentford to get promoted automatically. Cardiff via playoffs. *Then I remember we're Premier League ballers and all sadness dissipates.
  11. All part of the general theme, no?
  12. Houllier touching the Liverpool sign when walking to the pitch was it for me and him. Our bromance was over. I'm not at all surprised he pissed some players off.
  13. Two friends and I have just bought the membership. We're part of the pride! Tickets for Bournemouth have been bought, I'm so excited for the new season. I just truly hope, this time, it's not the hope that kills you. #InDeanoWeTrust.

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