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  1. Refs obviously thinking they’re only allowed to throw flags against the Skins...
  2. Keenum named as starting QB for the Skins. As gutted as I am not to see Haskins yet, it’s the most sensible decision. If Trent Williams ain’t coming back, the left side of the O-Line worries me a bit, plus, it’s nice to see us being patient, for once!
  3. Looking forward to Arsenal Fan TV later...
  4. It sort of went as I expected, to be honest. I was in dreamland when McGinn scored, but realistically, sitting back for the remainder of the game against last season's CL finalists is only really going to end one way. I do think we defended well in general but it obviously took a lot out of us and once the tank was empty Spurs took full advantage. It's a good eye opener for us - it demonstrates just how much sharper we need to be and what can happen if we don't look after the ball. Early signs are reasonably positive, I think. There's not going to be too many games as tough as that (though some tougher), and if we can match that game for effort then I think we'll be okay.
  5. I reckon it'll eventually end up like this: Wesley El Ghazi Jota Grealish McGinn Luiz Targett Mings Engels Guilbert Heaton Subs: Steer, Konsa, Elmo, Nakamba, Hourihane, Kodjia, Trezeguet It's a toss up between El Ghazi and Trezeguet as I haven't seen enough of Trez yet. I have a feeling that Luiz will end up first choice based on how Dean's been talking about him.
  6. Waited so, so long for this. I was like a restless child until 1pm today. Absolutely love it
  7. I do have a beard, but I get a very disapproving glare from the missus when she spots half a Muller Corner hanging off my chin.
  8. Ate my yoghurt with a table spoon as because I couldn't be bothered to wash a tea spoon. 3 mouthfuls and it's gone. I feel cheated.
  9. JoshVilla

    New Music 2019

    Someone please get outrageously excited about the new Tool album with me, please? I've waited 13 very long years for this and now that it's a mere 3 and a half weeks away I'm almost nervous...
  10. How Henderson still starts for Liverpool is beyond me...
  11. He doesn’t half whip the balls in with some pace.
  12. We’ve absolutely robbed the blosers for Jota. Love it

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