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  1. That card was amazing...
  2. I wonder if we'll see a statement from Villa/the rest of the PL clubs at some point today. If I'm honest, I can't see the Premier League having the balls to punish those 6 teams at all.
  3. That fight and everything that it stood for really did my head in. To say that it's "boxing vs MMA"...no it isn't. You're taking a retired MMA fighter, who was a wrestler, and making him box. Why not even the odds and do it the other way round and make Jake Paul do an MMA bout? He wouldn't last 5 seconds if Askren was actually allowed to use the skills that he has. Anyway though, now that Jake Paul thinks that he's an elite boxer, let's put him up against an actual boxer and see how long he lasts....
  4. Spoilt YouTubers thinking that they're elite boxers....
  5. As entertaining as Kevin Holland is, unless he learns some takedown defence he's gonna end up in the pre-lims...
  6. It all depends on the background, I guess. One of my tutors at Uni was big on sight reading and would often put scores in front of us and say "go". Then, other times, that would be taken away and we'd need to figure things out purely by ear (Being given an hour to work out Steely Dan tunes by ear and then having to play it in a band off the bat was erm, fun) Both ways are good, and I've always thought that working towards having a good ear is most important first and foremost. I do a lot of weddings/functions (well, before Covid anyway) and only once have I been in a function band where I
  7. Brilliant finish from Ngannou. I think that Miocic's game plan was rocked when that first takedown was defended so well. There was only going to be one winner if the fight was staying on feet. Seems like Porier v McGregor 3 is on for July. Chances that this will end up PPV in the UK? It shouldn't be, McGregor shouldn't really be a PPV fighter any more. There's so many better fighters out there and it feels like it's going to just cater to the masses of people who only know who Conor is...
  8. This is what I don't get. I get that you'll want to watch the progression of one of your academy players who is a fan and all that, but he spent one season in the first team and left. Retiring the number after one season was already pathetic enough, but they're so strangely possessive when he's not even their player.
  9. Currently playing Like A Dragon on PS5. Anybody have any thoughts? This is actually my first Yakuza game and I'm really enjoying it. I love how detailed the world is, and the combat is surprisingly satisfying considering that I'm not the biggest fan of the turn based system. Issue that I have is that I want to see everything and take my time with it, but I have the Nioh Remastered collection in the queue, which I'm really excited to play.
  10. I don't care that he's 38 and it's a one year deal. I'm absolutely buzzing to have Fitz in Washington
  11. That's what is keeping them up. The teams at the bottom of the championship are REALLY bad. They always stay up on the basis that there are at least 3 teams somehow worse than them. That and they always seem to shithouse a couple of freak results against the likes of Brentford earlier in the season and give themselves a headstart before their inevitable post-Xmas collapse. They call us lucky, but they somehow manage to avoid further points deduction while Sheff Wed's punishment seems to have pretty much sent them down.
  12. Shame to see Edwards' fight ended prematurely. He's getting a lot of grief on social media with people saying it's deliberate (which I've had to come back at seeing as he's a fellow Brummie...). No way was the eye poke intentional. Says he wants the title fight next but tbh I think he'll fight Belal again. Would love to see Wonderboy fight Usman next if I'm honest.
  13. Think that's what I'll do now, just wait until the proper next gen version is out (though I wouldn't be surprised if that's gonna be completely knackered as well!)
  14. Anybody had any experience lately with this on PS5? I stopped playing before Xmas as I experienced a few crashes and frankly couldn't be arsed getting any further into it if there was a chance of losing my progress mid-mission. I'm a bit out of the loop with the updates and couldn't see anything online as to whether the issues on next gen consoles are mostly fixed or not.
  15. Our inconsistency is just gutting. I'd have taken this league position all day long at this stage, don't get me wrong, but just when it looks like we might push on and cement a top half finish we completely drop the ball. Some work to do in the summer if we're going to be competitive on the occasions that we don't have Jack.
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