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  1. Can't be too negative about that to be honest. When you're up against 10 behind the ball for 80 minutes in the first proper game of the season it's gonna be tough to create too many clear cut chances. We still managed to get the ball into dangerous areas and probably could have wrapped it up at the end had we been a bit more match sharp. I think Traore will add some much needed pace and directness. If we get another tricky midfielder in (someone beginning with R) I think it'll give Jack and McGinn a bit more freedom. First League game of the season. Let's wait and see.
  2. I dont think we were that bad. Sheff are defending very, very well and we are getting the ball into some dangerous positions (Cash doesn't half have a good cross on him). Just need to move the ball about a bit quicker, which I think will come as we grow into the game a bit more.
  3. Their keeper looks like he's gotta get up for school tomorrow.
  4. Go Football Team! Our DL is just awesome.
  5. Leeds and West Brom giving Plop and Leicester games on the first day of the season doesn't worry me. Plenty of surprises happen on the first day before teams settle into their rhythm.
  6. New Everything Everything album. Wonderful as always.
  7. This is pretty much how I feel. As much as I think signing a couple of highly rated lower league players can be good business, it's risky. I think we need to set our sights a bit higher if we genuinely want to push on.
  8. I have a Brentford supporting friend who has a borderline bloser-like obsession with us, so for that reason I hope they get battered in the final (plus the ever loveable Pontus Jansson plays for them, so....)
  9. There is absolutely no way that the powers-that-be at Leeds would think that they would genuinely be doing a bus parade to no one. They flippantly told everybody to stay away just to try and cover their arses. Minus 10 points to start the season, please.
  10. Clever, aren't they? An open top bus parade that you know is going to encourage fans to gather in large numbers.
  11. Really enjoying this so far. Visually stunning and the combat is very well done. Been waiting for a game like this for a long time.
  12. Yep, apparently its likely to spell the end for Dan Snyder...
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