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  1. Saido Berahino. Plays for Sheff Wed in League One now. Crazy considering that there was a time when he was being linked with United & City. There were a lot of players around 2013/14 being hyped up that never really did anything of note...
  2. I can't take any event that Triller puts on seriously. They did the whole Jake Paul v Ben Askren debacle, and from what I heard it was an absolute disgrace. Commentary team was essentially like a group of mates getting rat arsed, disrespecting the fighters ("fighters" excludes Jake Paul, obviously), completely unprofessional. Then they stick an almost 60 year old Holyfield against a 44 year old Vitor Belfort, which should never have been allowed the happen. Companies like Triller are part of the reason why boxing is in what many perceive to be a pretty bad place at the moment.
  3. I thought our Defense was meant to be "elite"...
  4. Fitz out (Heinicke looking lively, though). McLaurin not really in the game yet. Defense yet to wake up. Ugh.
  5. I did have a go at this but it only seemed to want to let me add a venue/business. Could you DM and show me how? If so, I'll be the hero of the estate...
  6. Delivery drivers not reading the notes on the orders from Just Eat. What is the point in being able to leave notes on your order (we live on a new estate that isn't on Google Maps yet) when I'll just end up getting a phone call from the driver every time saying (sometimes aggressively) that he's in a canal or something.
  7. Speaking of Swedes releasing new music, the two latest releases from Dirty Loops are phenomenal.
  8. I hate when people use events like this to show that boxing is somehow "superior" to MMA. It's simple, an MMA fighter will likely lose in a boxing match, just as a boxer will likely get mauled in an MMA fight. Even if you train a striking martial art, unless it's specifically "boxing", you probably won't beat a boxer in their own sport. Jake Paul might be a better boxer than Woodley, but Woodley is a better fighter. The guy isn't going to get any real respect until he fights someone his size, his age, who is an actual boxer instead of cherry picking non-boxers twice his age.
  9. First game I've actually been able to watch live this season. Though Konsa is a better defender in terms of the physical work, I think we're missing Mings' organisation at the back. It's a little bit too last ditch at times. Definitely missing McGinn's tenacity in the middle. However, Chukwuemeka is looking very promising. I think he's got a big future ahead of him. AEG playing well, great goal from Buendia. Once we have everyone fully fit and firing I think we'll see a totally different team.
  10. Wtf does "offered to Aston Villa" even mean? Is his agent picking random clubs out of his special UEFA-issued yellow pages and dialling them at random asking if they want to sign his player?
  11. Anyone know what sort of reception he got from the Norwich fans on the weekend since he was booed by Leicester and Spurs fans previously? Tbh, I think a lot of the booing is people expressing their utter contempt for the modern game. You've got some clubs that have had their very existence threatened by the pandemic, and yet in this climate you've got City splashing 100m on a player they don't need, in a position that they're stacked in, just because they can. I'm not surprised at the reaction if I'm honest.
  12. I'm not too worried tbh. - Some of those players had next to no pre-season and are still bedding in. - We lost Watkins, who is instrumental to both our pressing and hold up play. - 2 of those goals probably wouldn't have been goals any other week. - It's the first game. You can't really draw too many conclusions when we're still finding our feet. Yes, it's a poor result, but hopefully it'll be a big shock to the system and Smith will drill it into everybody that you need to be at the races from the word go.
  13. He's certainly made the break up a lot easier as of late. His hopes of a hero's welcome back at VP are diminishing every time he opens his mouth.
  14. City probably preparing a £200m bid
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