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  1. I thought they did refer to VAR and decided straight away that a full review wasn’t needed?
  2. Personally wouldn’t trust Axel either, never seen him a strike a ball.
  3. I’d be very surprised if we didn’t have some kind of option, more than the matching the bid (which was never confirmed and just papertalk as far as I’m aware. Smith said when he came in that he didn’t like loans without a follow up option. Look at what Wolves did with their signings last year. I think the terms of the loan going permanent depend on us going up.
  4. Yep agreed some of Bournemouth’s signings have funded Liverpool, and yet have barely played. They just seem to like to spend a lot on English youth. As for Bristol, last 2 years they’ve made a fortune just off left backs.. we should just offer a 1m for the one in their youth team as next year he’ll go for £20m
  5. Mike Costello has been saying for a while that Inoue is easily in top three pound for pound. Haven't seen tonight yet, but to win in 2 is very impressive
  6. Yep agreed. Luckily it just seems to be the BBC who promote this. Every player they interviewed said “it’s great to be the first team to do this” etc Knowing the BBC they’ll do it for a few months to show that they are “better” than others. Then they’ll get bored of doing it and it’ll go back to normal
  7. mikeyp102


    Trains down last year were fine. On the way back it was really busy, but nothing untoward
  8. mikeyp102


    Just reading back on this thread, really surprised people had issues with the site, think at 17:05 on Wednesday I queued for all of 4 mins. I went for block 501, right on halfway line the dug our side. Never been this side before so hoping it changes my Wembley luck (I missed the Liverpool semi final, so seen us lose 4 times going back to the Utd final). I’m the very front row of the cheap seats. Good of luck for all those still trying to get them
  9. Jermaine Jenas seems to get worse, when he first came out he seemed a really good pundit. Commentating today he was just chatting inane none sense
  10. I was probably one of them. Sterling has stepped up so much, constantly working on his game and showing maturity.
  11. Incredible team. Any mistake opposition make is penalised. David Silva has to be one of the premier leagues greatest ever players? No doubt they’ll look to improve even further. Sane could be one position they look at, whilst he is an incredible he seems to lack that cutting edge to be the very best.
  12. Well we don’t have the worst fa cup final score of the modern era. City just another level
  13. Dark Materials trailer has dropped. Getting a lot of praise. Big Budget made as a combo with HBO and BBC.
  14. I’d completely forgot he played for this season

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