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  1. Not many clubs have had to do a rebuild like we have this summer. Prices have gone up recently with more money in the game. Agreed, but it may be a while
  2. I was very disappointed with MOTD, first time I’ve watched it fully and properly was this Sunday morning. All they did was talk about how poor Luiz was, Shearer never even said anything. It was odd. As for Murphy, when he first started as a pundit he was decent but the longer he’s there the more it’s just “I can’t be arsed” so just goes through the motions
  3. The way Wesley plays, we definitely have to get players closer to him quicker. Whether that then translates to goals is another thing, but at present he always has to contend with being tightly marked and then having someone take off the ball him. Hopefully with players to closer to him, it will take a bit of pressure off him, giving him more space to perform. Whether he comes good or not, I still think the club want another striker (different style) and that’ll be done start of January
  4. mikeyp102

    Dean Smith

    I’m in the upper Holley, there was a very small murmur of discontent and the odd boo. This immediately got overshouted by cheers of support and clapping
  5. I’m confused by this. Are you saying a backwards pass cannot create a chance?
  6. mikeyp102

    Joe Lolley

    It was implied by your use of your emoji. What else could your post possibly mean?
  7. mikeyp102

    Joe Lolley

    How does scoring against Blues in the league below show that he’s good enough for us?
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised at some point this season we see a midfield 3 of Luiz, Marvelous, McGinn . Then have Grealish and either Jota or Trez both in the number 10 position playing off Wesley. Yes it’s a different way of playing than we are used to but it would get ball players closer to Wesley playing the ball into his feet. Width can come from fullbacks
  9. mikeyp102

    Set Pieces

    I think one of the most disappointing things about the game yesterday was our set pieces. Time after time we tried to play a short ball and work it into the box rather than crossing it in. It’s fine doing this once in a while but other times a good cross into the box works wonders. I’m not sure it’s even orders from the manager. Smith made a point of saying that he thinks goals from cbs are vital and in Mings and Engels we have two attacking defenders who can score. I think at times Jack and McGinn try to rush things as they see an opening or a chance. Yesterday there was even one corner taken before the cbs had even got into the box.
  10. At what point do we declare and go for the win? 20/30 more?
  11. mikeyp102


    I haven’t but it’s on my list. Looks so beautiful . Wouldn’t be surprised if @tonyh has been
  12. I thought the ref was poor yesterday. Their Cm made some very bad tackles, and whilst the ref did well allowing advantage, he should have gone back booked the player.
  13. I think El Ghazi has struggled so far, so I expect Jota to come in over him. With that in mind and the way Jota likes to cut in, you have to have an overlapping fullback. So Guilbert comes in over Elmo (not a slight on Elmo, but his best work comes from crossing from deep). Heaton Guilbert Engels Mings Taylor Luiz McGinn Grealish Jota Wesley Trez
  14. Yep I think there was a marked improvement from last week. He was using his body more, holding off the defence and not going down. Yes he didn’t look like scoring or getting into positions to score, but he seems someone who wants to learn and improve. He’ll get there. It’s not his fault we have no one else
  15. Unfortunately had a poor game, think Jota starts on Friday ahead of him

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