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  1. Appeared to be a young team (apart from Heaton)
  2. It’s a weird one with Conor. Whilst we all know he can missing in games, he’s still been part of our most successful teams recently. Getting promotion, he started in the run in. Post lockdown last he started and helped keep us up. Smith really doesn’t rate him, as you’d have thought he’d come on instead of Traore (who was then initially played out of position).
  3. Disagree, we were attacking. The crowd mainly only to toxic, when it appears there is little effort and we are sitting back. I actually think the crowd would’ve been really encouraging and would’ve swung the game in our favour, aka the Brighton game last season where we scored last minute
  4. Thanks for that. Chrisene looks a big strong lad, and looks very comfortable on the ball. Wonder what he’s like defending.
  5. I’ve not had a console since the PS2, out of interest how much are consoles and games these days?
  6. Looks like Freddy is injured as well
  7. That’s not a new thing. Or do you not remember O’Neil and Reo Coker
  8. mikeyp102


    I’ve always struggled with my calves when running (one reason I don’t do it). Heel raises and dips are really useful. Look online for other calf stretches. Also get a massage ball, or foam roller and really work them. Calf problem can stem from back issues, so make sure also stretching the lower back a lot. When lockdown is finished, get your gait checked. You may need insoles or similar when running. There was a shop in brum near snow hill station that did this.
  9. I think Rice was officially awarded the Ireland game. I’ve not seen the game, but Jack on insta says Foden should’ve got today.
  10. Looking down the ranks, you have to say England really are producing an array of attacking talent now, especially in the wide positions. Added to those already in the first team, most of whom are still young, and they could be such a good team. Seem to lack strong defence though. And of course need better managers in charge. But a few years back The FA said about winning 2022 World Cup, that may be a little early, but the talent is there to challenge the next few years.
  11. England u17 played 2 games, looks like Chrisene was on the bench in one game and started against Derby u18s. England won 3-1 England u18s played Southampton u23s Chukwuemeka and Barry both started. 1-1 (sourced from Secret Scout insta)
  12. Do you know the England Villa score?
  13. Surely he can’t play another 90 for Scotland
  14. It is so odd how little we mention the youth teams in our media coverage
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