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  1. James Chester

    Very good game, was so composed
  2. Sunderland

    A proper broken team. Think they'll go down again. Just simple things like hitting the ball out of play when trying to make a simple pass. We did this the year we went down and it's a hard rut to get out of. The players confidence is shot
  3. Steve Bruce

    Made hard work of it. But another win, results are all that matter and he's getting them.
  4. Jack Grealish

    Could have done with 10 more minutes tonight. He looked fairly lively and showed forward movement which others didn't
  5. Neil Taylor

    First half he looked to be asleep, don't think he did anything right
  6. West Bromwich Albion

    He doesn't manage
  7. West Bromwich Albion

    Chinese takeovers have so far appointed Italian managers, what about RDM going back there?
  8. Park Life: AVTV Live

    Apparently offering refunds
  9. Conor Hourihane

    I think he is getting a good partnership with Whelan and that helps his game. With Jedinak he had to play too deep to help cover the lack of energy. Whelan has more energy and takes the midfield to a higher starting point which means Conor can then push even higher and dictate the play. Glad to see him doing well and more like the player we excpexted to see.
  10. Keinan Davis

    Think you are doing Heskey as massive disservice there. He wasn't a goal scorer but he was a very intelligent footballer. Always linked players and took defenders away from goal and his strike partner. I said earlier in the season, but if Davis has half the career that heskey did, he'll be a bloody good player. Let's not forget heskey got over 100 premier league goals and 60 caps for England (at a time when there actually were striking options). What I like about Davis is that he appears to learn very quickly. One week he may make a mistake the next week when faced with a similar situation he has learned how to handle it differently and fends off the defender. Him and Onomah look like they enjoy being in the same side as each other and bring the best out of each other.
  11. The Film Thread

    Watched Thor the other day. It wasn't bad and has helped set up Infinity War (kept on showing the Tesseract). But I do agree that they overplayed the comedy aspect.
  12. Players you've completely forgotten about

    Lord Bentnar. As if he scored tonight against Ireland
  13. Callum O'Hare

    Made his England debut today
  14. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I'm not sure that will be good. A prequel means there is a lot not done by Tolkien meaning Amazon can create stories how they want. Whilst violence and sex makes good tv, it is afar stretch from Tolkien and the full essence of the stories.
  15. Peru

    Tony, do you remember if you flew to Lima? I'm looking at flights at the moment but it seems there isn't a direct flight.