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  1. So took the plunge and purchased due to the lockdown. Starting watching Sex Education. It’s decent. Although I wish my school was as promiscuous when I was there. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure some did stuff but nothing like that. Also it’s a very American school in an English setting
  2. mikeyp102

    Your GOAT 11

    Schmeichel Lahm Cannavaro Maldini Cole Vieira Xavi Iniesta Cristiano Ronaldo Messi Ronaldo
  3. mikeyp102

    Your GOAT 11

    Defending has gone downhill since then
  4. Villa report saying that he is now working for us as a youth coach. Always had that father figure authority so I could see this being true
  5. First few days of lockdown I was doing well, but last couple I can’t stop eating. My snacks are rapidly decreasing
  6. It’s my first time wfh as well. First few days I was fine, used my commute time to do an exercise video. Go for a walk lunch or home time. Even avoided snacks etc Im now getting bored of it. I have back problems anyway so having a rest day on the exercise videos. Found myself walking to the fridge more today as well.
  7. A few dreams of mine have been in my old family home, with slight alterations. But it’s always something that never or would never have happened there
  8. Ah man that’s sounds horrendous, hope you are family are ok after the knife attacks. As for the Schizophrenia, how did that all start? (If you don’t want to talk about it, I completely understand). You've always seemed very thoughtful and level headed in your posts so I hope you get better.
  9. Yep I live alone. Been working home since Tuesday. It’s only Thursday eurgh. I’ve gone for walks, and rang a lot of people but it’s already starting to grate. I don’t even go out that much these days, but still just to talk and laugh with someone in person would be nice. I think the weekends are going to be harder with no routine, no work to break up the day. Yes, I get it, it’s far better to be in and healthy than running the risk of infection or infecting others, but it’s still boring
  10. I managed to get a good Mandalorian on the aforementioned programme. I too want the marvel programmes which is why I was considering it, but I backed out last moment. I’ll wait til they are out and then reconsider
  11. That’s shambolic. Even if you have to use your own equipment (which we’ve had to do in the main) it’s still better than nothing. My Technician seems to think the the govt will put a stay on all injury claims going to court, so that judges time can be used for more pressing criminal/family matters. If that is the case then you’d think work will decrease massively for us
  12. They’ve not prepared anyone for it? I’m in the same industry. Whilst we haven’t been the quickest to get things sorted. I now have 100% of my claims team working from home as of today. As a new tl, it’s been a very stressful time for me, as I’ve been given the task of helping people set up their IT (which I’m no expert at). Yesterday everyone on the government vulnerable list didn’t come in, whether they had full access or not. I’m expecting a few problems today getting on, but it’s still better than going in. The problem you have is that part of the key workers was “financial services” now I read that as banks, etc something that will keep the country running; but my company, so I’m no doubt yours will be similar, are treating themselves as key and are trying to get the letter from govt re children can go to school
  13. Have you left the house at all? Tomorrow is my first day working from home. I’m not looking forward to it, but needs must. I’m going to use my “commute time” to walk round the local park. Will do the same at lunch time and again my “commute” home. It will help me break up the day and stop me working through the evening
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