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  1. The Povetkin fight was ridiculous, when they fell on each other just showed it was a joke
  2. It’s what AJ should’ve done first fight. It wasn’t overly entertaining by AJ needed that. I’m looked like Ruiz couldn’t care less, he’s made his money and that’s it. No point in a third match, we want Wilder AJ
  3. mikeyp102

    Dean Smith

    It’s Pep... But yes going back to your original post, we do seem to get bullied in there at times, and that isn’t even a size issue. As you’ve said previously, we aren’t aggressive and don’t put up a fight. We make it easy for teams. We’ve also stopped pressing as much, which again gives team plenty of time to play
  4. Lampard said it was one of Chelsea’s best performances against us. And a few days later they do that.. seems teams know they have to raise their game against us, it’s almost like when we were in the championship. Can’t they look at us as if they don’t need to try and get surprised by us.
  5. I agree in a way. We should be going out looking to win. But at the same time we have to be sensible with our squad. Most of us have said John looks like he needs a rest, he played international and cups this year as well as in the league. He’s managed to avoid bookings, which is great, but is normally where he gets a rest. We have such an important run coming up. We need him firing.
  6. I think we’ll see a different approach from Marvel with this one, showing again that they don’t need to stick to the same old “super hero “ format. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is run in reverse chronological order, memento esque
  7. Why afraid? Surely that’s good news for us?
  8. Just watched ‘71! Film about a British trooper in Belfast during the war. Pretty decent. Jack O’Connell is lead
  9. Are you a chef? I always see your posts in here and wouldn’t even know where to start on what you do.
  10. I’d consider resting him for Leicester. The 4 league games after that are more winnable and I’d prefer a fit and firing McGinn for those. It won’t happen though
  11. He did ok, first half he was out of position a little, second was stronger. But we play better with Guilbert in there and his pace is vital, especially against Leicester
  12. Friedel Warnock Chester Dunne Young Delph Petrov Young Milner Grealish Benteke Didnt go for the loanees at fullback especially as not here long enough
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