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  1. mikeyp102

    André Green

    He’s pacey (which is needed) and got a decent shot on him. Apart from that I haven’t seen much from him, but I didn’t realise he was only 20. Hopefully Smith can get the best out of him.
  2. I think we sacked the entire scouting team when The new owners came in.
  3. mikeyp102

    What you eatin' there then?

    Cornflour is very helpful, but don’t just chuck it in. You’ll either have to make a paste out of it first (mix with a little water in a bowl/cup), or dip the meat into so it’s stuck to the meat. If you just add it to the sauce it won’t mix during the cooking process. Another alternative is adding a sauce, so for a casserole I squirted in some “Guinness flavoured” bbq sauce (any ketchup style sauce would work). It thickens it up and adds a bit more flavour to it.
  4. mikeyp102

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Don’t think anyone will argue with the first part. Casting has been one of Marvels strengths, I think they’ll pitch it right. I was listening to a podcast a few weeks back, apparently fox only selected Jackman by default (yes he’s been superb), but he was actually about 5th choice and only because of other commitments did he get the role.
  5. mikeyp102

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I really really hope they don’t put Wolverine in. To start with the deal with fox hasn’t been fully finalised as yet, so any involvement would be very rushed. Secondly Wolverine has carried the X Men franchise for years, with Jackman superb in the role. But now it’s moving to Marvel it’ll be a complete new reboot, including a new actor. There is no rush to shoehorn him straight into the MCU when there is already a wealth of big characters there. X men, Wolverine and Fantastic Four can be introduced slowly into the MCU over the next 5 years or so. It will be interesting to see how Marvel bring through X men and mutants, as isn’t the traditional line that Xavier and Magneto were around during WW2, if so then where have they been? In hiding? Mutations blocked? There are many ways Marvel could bring them in.
  6. mikeyp102

    Chris Gaughran - AKA Villan4Life

    Hope he gets better soon
  7. mikeyp102

    Las Vegas - MGM Grand

    In all the bigger casinos you’ll get free drinks as long as they think you are gambling...if you want to be cheeky, you can sit on the machines, insert a note so it shows you have credit, get the waitress to bring you a drink (tip her obviously), withdraw the note from the machine and walk round with the free drink. Gives you a start at least pre clubbing.
  8. mikeyp102

    John McGinn

    At Harry Potter world today according to his insta
  9. mikeyp102

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I’ve really enjoyed the Marvel Spider-Man, but that trailer really hasn’t blown me away. You can see Mesterio is going to turn coat. I know nothing of the Elementals, but it just looks like sandman from s3 was it? And I was never a fan of that character. Apparently the close up of PP’s passport doesn’t show the years it’s issued. People are saying it’s to not “age” the film, others think it’s because it shows it’s set prior to Infinity War. Think Marvel have been very clever (when aren’t they), with having SpiderMan the film after End Game. It’s a hugely popular character even before coming into MCU, therefore it’s always going to do well at the boxoffice no matter what happens in End Game
  10. mikeyp102

    Tammy Abraham

    Na hogan used up all his luck by getting us to sign him
  11. mikeyp102

    Dean Smith

    I think the late goals conceded against Albion and Leeds have really knocked the confidence of the players.
  12. Like a lot of our youngsters they need games to build up being ready for full first team action. We may as well give them it and accept a few losses, and see if they are ready. Not all will come through, but some will progress. We aren’t going up this year so may as well.
  13. mikeyp102

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Other teams manage to bed them in. Norwich, Leeds, Wolves (in the prem), Albion. I’m sure there are more doing it.
  14. mikeyp102

    The Manager thread

    Sean Dyche still continues to do a great job. Manages to get the best out of very average players (Westwood, Bardsley etc) and keeps getting results to keep Burnley up. Wouldve loved him at us. Sad reflection that even Burnley are a better proposition than us now.
  15. mikeyp102

    Dean Smith

    I don’t think nationality has anything to do with it. You could argue that Smith has come from clubs with an entirely different, smaller mentality so that takes time to get to grips with. Do you know the club through and through? I’m a fan and I certainly don’t. So why would Smith? Im not saying he hasn’t made mistakes and that he can’t be criticisised. He has and rightly can. But sacking now or even soon, is premature and not a way to run the club.