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  1. mikeyp102

    Dean Smith

    Are we based on what exactly? It’s such a sweeping statement
  2. You’d imagine Smith will be gone the morning after the West Ham game. If that is the case I hope the board have someone lined up straight away. It will be a very short preseason/rest period before the next season starts. We can’t afford to waste a few weeks of that time without a manager in place
  3. It does look as if his head has gone unfortunately. It also looks to me as if he is carrying an injury. Every game he has had to have treatment on his ankles. Not making excuses as we expect better. But are people really questioning whether he is a fan, and whether he cares. Come on.
  4. Yes he’s been out a long time, but looks totally unfit and carrying weight. He looked a bit fitter last Sunday, but today again looked so out of shape. I’d consider not playing him against palace. Surely the likes of Ramsey would be fitter and couldn’t do worse. We’ll need McGinn in the championship. Get him rested (I do wonder if he’s fully over his injury) and ready to go again next season.
  5. Started well. Looked good. One of the worst penalty decisions I’ve ever seen. We lost all hope and effort. So mentally weak. Down and out.
  6. Sitting back to “contain” them and still going to concede a bucketload. So mentally weak. All given up. Going down without a whimper.
  7. Has to close the ball, said it at the time, and for once I’m agreeing with Roy Keane. That’s inexcusable
  8. I’d agree, said it all season. He’s good for us as he adds energy (when fully fit), but actually his quality on the ball isn’t very good. It’s why I think he’ll stay when we go down as no one will pay big money for him
  9. I know, that’s why I said they don’t look arsed
  10. They really don’t look arsed at all here against Bournemouth. Amazingly they haven’t won since Feb (of course that came against us).
  11. should we go down. Jack is obviously gone. Mings, whilst has enjoyed his time here, won’t be selected for Euros playing in championship, so therefore likely to go. Engels, Who knows what’s going on with him, but people were saying he’s had a fall out with Smith, if so he’s a goner. Luiz, has shown he has quality. But I do question whether enough has been shown to warrant someone paying more than we did for him. City may buy him back and then loan him out, as they’ll want him playing premier league if he’s as good as they thought originally. Also think he is the type that may not want to play down the leagues. Think he’ll be gone. Trez, seems his agent wants him out. Going El Ghazi, could see a promoted team, or someone like West Ham taking him. Also seems to fall out with some players, so he may not be committed. Going I think everyone else stays. Main areas of recruitment in championship would therefore be, wide forwards x 3/4 DLP CB CF
  12. mikeyp102


    It was typical yesterday Luiz did one in the box, That prick Souness “he should be ashamed of himself, that’s the worst I’ve ever seen”. Salah does two second half which were worse than Luiz, not even mentioned
  13. Signed England international Anita Asante. Looks like this side of the business is run well.
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