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  1. mikeyp102

    Dean Smith

    But that’s not all down to smith. We have a lot of players who make good impacts as subs, enough to warrant a starting role and then do Less than nothing when given a chance to start. A lot of the players show potential but not consistency
  2. Or does it show what an exceptional talent he is?
  3. You can’t say that so matter of factly, when it is just your opinion. When you have absolutely no evidence to support your view point. For me, Trez couldn’t play with back to goal (not saying that Ghazi is great at it). He’d get bullied. At least Ghazi the stature to hold off CBs a bit. Trez is more suited to running at players.
  4. Saracens getting another 35 points docked for more salary breach. Meaning relegation for them. They could still win the European trophy as they’ll play their strongest team I. That every week now.
  5. Who the hell is that bloke and why would he know what’s been said?
  6. Joshua and Usyk talks beginning. For me AJ would be very stupid to take that fight, Usyk dominates for me.
  7. Probably time this guy had his own thread. What a debut for Dortmund, a hattrick within half an off of coming on as a sub. He could become an absolute world beater. The last 18 months or so his stock has risen and risen. Rumours he will already be leaving Dortmund in the summer as there is a release fee.
  8. Wonder what the delay is in this? In the summer we announced Wesley, Luiz and probably even Trez before the work permit was confirmed, then did a second announcement once the WP went through.
  9. Did Vassilev get many touches today?
  10. I don’t think he would at all.
  11. De Bruyne comfortably. Mane, Salah (probably many more from that Liverpool side).
  12. I was going to say since Yorke, but let’s not forget how good milner was in that final season with his. He dominated midfield. But either way, Jack is right up there. I wouldn’t say he’s overtook Yorke yet but getting there.
  13. Still scored again today though. On track to become Bundesliga top scoring teenager ever. He may seem a dick, but he’s an extremely talented one. Could see him playing at Madrid
  14. Without him we’d likely be virtually down. He is unbelievable. Question is best player we’ve had at Villa since? (I’d go Milner, but if he continues that form he could easily surpass that)
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