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  1. When he does a Dennis Rodman and changes his hair during halftime then I’ll be impressed
  2. Going off topic, but I think we’ve actually been missed from the premier league and because of that the media is far more friendly towards us atm. Ever since the Grealish punch incident and then aided by the Bielsa incident the media seem to praise us. Bbc who have notoriously never have a good word to say about us have been very favourable this year. Then you have sky praising our fan base and the presenters saying they love villa park Going back on topic, Marvellous has a very hard role with us being so open. However he seems to keep on improving which is only a good sign
  3. I think he will have another big game against city. Pep, will release Foden isn’t a patch in him, will fall in love with him and set about taking him to city to replace David Silva (for me they have very similar styles). Edens and Sawris will tell them to **** off and we’ll end up replacing them in Europe next season (only the last 10 words are an exaggeration)
  4. I was just about to post this very thing
  5. It’s a hard one to call, don’t think he’s ever been head coach before, and so don’t know what his style of play will be. He is renowned for his defensive work, and a fast line speed, so you’d imagine that would definitely be part of his style, but attacking wise, who knows.
  6. Is he? I just see someone who is struggling being in a new environment. He clearly has some ability and he is clearly trying. He like the rest of the side have he some good games and some bad games. He seems to get on with the others in the squad and I think he’ll grow into the role.
  7. It won’t be a walk over at all. NZ are better but England can get to them.
  8. England yesterday were very clinical and the defence were awesome. Dug deep when needed and showed their quality in the final third. Think we can play better than that as well. New Zealand were just awesome, Ireland couldn’t get near them. Next week will be a huge game, neither team look to dominate possession but both can hurt the opposition. I hope we can step up and really push the Kiwis, I think it’ll be one step too far though. In the other semi it will be a very forward dominated game. South Africa showed today that they know how to do the dirty work and grind teams down. Will be very close and either team could win. Just hope it’s not the Welsh
  9. mikeyp102

    Keinan Davis

    Poor cameo in my eyes. Was brought on to make the ball stick up top, and he really struggled to do that.
  10. mikeyp102

    Dean Smith

    Absolutely buzzing about the result. The starting line up was correct and we dominated first half. I did think however, that the second half we rode our luck and Deans subs or tactics did not help. McGinn was practically right wing last ten and was nullified completely. But hey, about time we got something go our lucky way
  11. mikeyp102

    Dean Smith

    Can we stop all talk of our previous manager in here, there’s a whole boring thread about him in off topic that repeats the same thing over and over. We have Dean Smith now, how about we focus on his role and achievement at the club
  12. I fully expect Liverpool to beat us with a controversial VAR assisted/not used goal
  13. Not sure, it might have been on Instagram
  14. I’m really surprised about dropping Ford as He’s had a good World Cup and Jones appeared to like the double axis of him and Farrell. No Nowell or Cockanasinga is a surprise but then Joseph can cover Slade If he gets injured, still a bit of a gamble. Pack is very strong and mobile. Hopefully Billy is fully fit . Although Ludlum has been a good back up this World Cup
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