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  1. mikeyp102

    End of season awards/POTY

  2. mikeyp102

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I’m not, they are both in the same team, Adomah hasn’t got an og to his name I believe
  3. mikeyp102

    Manchester United

    No it wasn’t, Young was further up the pitch, it was number 6 (Pogba) with a blonde streak in his hair. The commentator even said Pogba hasn’t covered Young.
  4. mikeyp102

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I don’t fear anyone in the playoffs, I can guarantee they are all looking at that table and saying they want to avoid Villa. Second leg at a packed out Villa Park will be so intimidating for them. Look at last season, everyone had Fulham as favourites and they couldn’t get past Reading in the semis.
  5. mikeyp102

    Josh Onomah

    Haven’t seen the game, but two assists is pretty good going for him
  6. mikeyp102

    Manchester United

    That spurs goal shows to me why Pogba will never be world class. Yes it’s a great ball in by Erickson, but Pogba was halfhearted putting in an effort to get close too him. If he’d put in full effort he gets back too him.
  7. mikeyp102

    Pre match thread

    Snodgrass and Adomah both needed to be rested so no surprise really. Have I missed Kodj getting injured again though?
  8. mikeyp102

    The Manager thread

    I’ve always said that he would be perfect as the head of the whole set up, overlooking all age groups. When St James’ was opened they should’ve gone and got him in then. I think now it’s too late, he appears to lost his hunger and drive hence the lacklustre performances lately.
  9. mikeyp102

    Sam Johnstone

    Apparently Spurs want him next season as their number 2, he’d be bloody stupid to go there. Needs to be a number 1, learning all the time and could eventually become an England Gk
  10. mikeyp102


    Wenger completely changed and revolutionised the English game and for that he deserves many accolades . He definitely needed to go a few years ago though as was starting to ruin his legacy. Always thought England should’ve had him to head the whole development programme. Arsenal will go for someone who plays the “Arsenal way”, but I think it’ll be someone from Germany because of the new board. Think Rodgers’ reputation at a top club is still low, he’ll have to win a trophy in England before a top club will come in for in. Could see Loew being a good fit, but would laugh if it’s Klinnsmann
  11. mikeyp102

    Cricket: General Chat

    A 10 ball over at the end?? what are they thinking of
  12. mikeyp102


  13. mikeyp102

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    So if it’s too be the playoffs, does anyone know if the semi final would come under the season ticket or would we have to purchase a ticket?
  14. mikeyp102

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    I’ve seen this mentioned somewhere else as well... itk?
  15. mikeyp102

    Jack Grealish

    I agree, Jack is worth more to us than that. Let’s not forget that Jordon Ibe (who is just a few months younger) went for £15m, has he done far less than Jack in his career so far.