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  1. The board seem very keen to push all aspects of the club, and that includes the women’s team. This is where you’d expect Aluko’s knowledge and contacts within the game to come to the fore.
  2. Well as far as I remember they didn’t get rid of the previous manager Gemma, and he was just here to help her. Perhaps they think she’s learnt from him
  3. Marcus Bignal has now left the club
  4. Daybreak on Netflix is really good. A post apocalyptic series with a twist. Begins in similar style to Zombieland but changes throughout. Just read they didn’t renew second series.
  5. Quite a lot better. Second highest Brazilian scorer overtaking the great Ronaldo and Romario. He hasn’t done as much as he should have in the game, but is still a long way ahead of Robinho.
  6. And yet Ramsey is clearly ahead of Chukuemeka in development. Ramsey stood out at youth level just as CC has
  7. Well done, just got safe and even finished above blues
  8. I’d go for whichever is soonest, jab wise we don’t really know the difference it’ll have.
  9. Your earring habits mirror mine
  10. Apparently earlier in the season they’ve made rumblings that they don’t want to fund a women’s team. They didn’t pay the players at one point. Relegation would likely lose all pro players, so would save them a fortune. Coaches and Players obviously want to stay up. Reading between the lines, it seemed that the board deliberately failed to file the paperwork for the player. Meaning that they’d get a points deduction and pushing them towards relegation.
  11. I think fair play on the FA once, it seemed a deliberate act by their board to get them relegated so they can not pay them. FA have basically stuck two fingers up at their owners by punishing them but not the players
  12. Yeah I’ve been refreshing the page daily but remained at 40, luckily a friend of a friend is a doctor and said he had space in his clinic, jumped at the chance.
  13. Booked for my vaccine tomorrow at 4:30
  14. In the backs Aki and Daly are huge surprises. I’m guessing Daly for boot and Aki size gets him in with North getting injured. Farrell was always going unless injured. Yes his form has been off, but it’s someone who captains England to a World Cup final, beating the likes of New Zealand and Australia. He runs the defence and did so for the last lions tour as well. He may not be a fan favourite, but he must be a coach’s dream. Gatland was not turning that down. Sexton can feel a little aggrieved, but I’m guessing third choice FH was between him and Russell, Russell is so different to the o
  15. Some surprises in that squad. Think we all knew AWJ would be captain although he still may not start. Shocked at Daly, Hill, Aki and with his recent injuries Lawes. Simmonds is form player so credit to them for picking him.
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