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  1. I disagree, he may not be the elite level manager, but he kept his team in the premier league. Last season in here many people had Newcastle as favourites to go down, he got them to safety relatively comfortably. I think there are worse managers out there. The problem for bruce is that his style of football is so turgid
  2. This is what I’d go for, not what I have think Southgate will do. Pope, Pickford, Henderson Alexander Arnold, Walker Chilwell, Saka Konsa, Stones, Mings, Coady, Maguire Rice, Henderson, Phillips Maddison, Mount, Grealish, Foden, Sterling, Rashford, Sancho Kane Yes it’s only one striker, but you could easily put Sterling or Rashford up there if Kane gets injured/Suspended. Strting 11 Pope TAA, Stones, Mings, Chilwell Henderson, Maddison Foden, Grealish, Sterling Kane Mings is vocal and a leader so whilst not the best g
  3. The last 2/3 yrs they were very lucky with injuries barely getting any, especially to key players. The likes of Mane and Salah played so many games including African nations. They were always going to drop off. I also think some of it comes from Klopps arrogance. They made one major signing in the summer. Thiago (someone who doesn’t seem to fit their system anyway). As champions they should’ve added more. Another top quality forward and a top quality centre back. You never stop improving your squad. Fergie was the master at it, always knew when to improve and when to get rid of players des
  4. I don’t mind the rotation, helps bring through others, and keeps people fresh
  5. My parents volunteered at a vaccine centre last week. They were told the 15/20 min wait after is for the Pfizer jab as some people can react to it. Apparently, with the Oxford one you don’t have to wait after.
  6. The rumour I was told when over there is that the factories are unregulated. Meaning that some bottles you have will be as strong as hell and then others will be piss water. Just depends on the batch mixed that day. It certainly did feel like that over there. Id imagine the stuff that comes to the UK is very different though
  7. At the weekend, Ellis Genge got death threats for not clapping Wales players. The BBC reporter Sonia got foul abuse because of her questioned. Unfortunately, it’s social media, people can hide behind their keyboards and get away with abuse.
  8. The first season was incredible telly. Be prepared though. It Changes a lot. I think it was around the time of writer disputes and distribution arguments, that it changed channel it was on. Never saw the end (it was pre streaming days). Heard some very strange things about it though
  9. Too be fair World rugby did just say the World Cup postponed, their announcement never said mentioned gender
  10. So the ref has admitted that the first two tries were wrong. It’s great that he accepts the errors of his ways, but doesn’t really help. Without those two, it’s a completely different game and England wouldn’t have been how they were. Again, no excuses from England, the tries were given and England simply didn’t react to the situation.
  11. It really won’t. People go abroad all year round. Domestic travel will only be in the summer months, it will barely touch the sides.
  12. Dear Mrs Ramsey, you’ve already potentially helped Villa out for the next 15 yrs or so with your 3 boys in the Villa academy, but pretty please allow Mr Ramsey have his fun tonight so Villa are helped for even longer
  13. Don’t forget Marcus Smith who is flying at the moment as well. Max Malins has done reasonably well in limited time and looks a good runner. Agreed we really lack a world class centre, they were talking about this on the rugby union podcast as well. Especially the way Jones likes a centre to play, it’s all on Manu and without him the game plan goes awry. Think back row we have so many options, but haven’t got that consistency in a partnership without Underhill
  14. Disappointing by England. The first two tries obviously were ridiculous decisions. But England bounced back from that. But they capitulated again. So many penalties, you just can’t win rugby games giving away that many. Eddie obviously wants them to play close to the edge, on another day and another ref, Itoje gets motm for how daring he was. But the players have to adapt to what is in front of them, and they just don’t. Manu is a huge miss from the midfield, but then he has a record of being injured, we’ve not built another attacking game plan without him. Lawrence wasn’t give
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