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  1. I’d just be surprised if we get another 4 in, taking us to 7 new recruits in one summer. I think we have some options to LW even if not their best position. Personally the other positions are more important squad wise. Obviously, I’m not going to be upset if we do get more
  2. For me we still need: Backup GK Backup CB Midfielder and if being greedy another LW
  3. Wow this happened fast, slight rumblings earlier but didn’t think we’d get him and boom. Good signing when fit, play all across the front line, can score goals, good in the pressure and will really help develop Barry.
  4. In his interview he says he’s happy to play anywhere. Buendia mainly plays re as well.
  5. What’s Smith history pre Villa like of bringing through youth players, and not just for the odd match but to be permanent fixtures?
  6. I think he’ll starry on the left wing, from some of the videos I’ve seen of him he operates well out there. Buendia on the right. Then we need an AM unless we’re planning McGinn or Sanson there
  7. I wouldn’t mind him, I think he’d play 10 to begin with but could see him eventually dropping in to midfield and playing the box to box role.
  8. Ideally I’d want 3, on top of those 2 to really boost the squad.
  9. Didn’t he make his name by selling players for high value and bringing in cheap alternatives. Well now is his time to shine on a bigger scale. If we can get 3 good additions to the team for the Grealish money he’ll have done well.
  10. So when we announce the sale, do we announce 2 signings at the same time?
  11. Really happy about this one. Surprised it’s only a 4 yr deal though.
  12. I’ve read and watched them all. The movies were for not a poor imitation. They were excellent. Some hard core fans didn’t rate them as they left some stuff out, but that’s only because there was so much source material. Let’s not forget there were 3 films each over 3 hrs. Couldn’t really put much more in. I think that’s why the tv programmes could be interesting as they can put more stuff in. I’m very excited by the prospect. @HanoiVillan is correct the Hobbit films were appalling, but that’s because they went the opposite way to get money. The source material is small and they wanted to make 3 films out of it so changed and created new story lines.
  13. I think you’re reading too much into nothing.
  14. Amazon saying that Lords of the Rings will be out Sept 2022. Will be so interesting how they compare to the Jackson films. Guessing they will flesh out the story more (how I hear you ask)and we’ll get Tom Bombadil.
  15. Also the sailing to win by cms is nuts. Tomorrow we get the youngest ever British athlete. Apparently already ranked 3 in the world.
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