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  1. mikeyp102

    Steve Bruce

    Not to join current coaching staff, would be joining a new team if one of the consortiums takes over... apparently..
  2. mikeyp102

    Albert Adomah

    Newcastle also linked apparently
  3. mikeyp102

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    My team of tournament would be: Courtois Triippier Varane Vida Hernandez Kante Modric Matuidi Mbappe Suárez. Hazard (now I know Suárez didn’t go that far, but his play was superb throughout).
  4. mikeyp102

    Time for a takeover

    Club secretary during our greatest ever period, helped float the club on the stock market, established us in the premier league. Now works for FIFA as a delegate. Whilst it may not be perfect, it would be a huge step up from having people who know nothing about football.
  5. mikeyp102

    Time for a takeover

    Listened to a podcast recently with Steve Stride, seems a very knowledgeable bloke who clearly loves Villa. Was treated like shit by RL and the “general” apparently, as they thought he was just a “secretary” rather than secretary of a Football club. If any take over comes in and they don’t have a football background, I think having him in an advisor role, a couple of days a month wouldn’t be a bad thing. He would be able to show how things should be done
  6. mikeyp102

    Steve Bruce

    In typical villa style, we will go through the English window not selling then anyone, and thinking the squad is fine, then a week later we lose 3 players to Europe
  7. mikeyp102

    Time for a takeover

    Thanks for being so condensending, my head isn’t the sand. I’ve said that we have issues, I just don’t see them as being as bad as everyone says. Again, accounts are not out, so apart from believing everything you read from media outlets that have no extra information how do you know we are haemorrhaging money?? There ARE plenty of clubs in worse positions than us. Look down the leagues and you will see, hell even Crystal Palace with all the premier league money have had to sell half their squad.
  8. mikeyp102

    Time for a takeover

    Are we though? Yes we know we are being run poorly and yes we have losses. But accounts are not out, how can people know we are haemorrhaging money? There are a lot of clubs in worse positions than us, as someone mentioned above Bolton’s players haven’t been paid but they are still looking to sign players. Leeds when going through their financial problems still managed to bring players in. We are currently giving a trial to someone, so there must be some money to bring frees and loans in, albeit not at the level we were last year.
  9. mikeyp102

    Time for a takeover

    Where is this reported? I can’t imagine that’s true
  10. mikeyp102

    Media and punditry

    I thought he hated life
  11. mikeyp102

    Swimming Outdoors

    Swimming in lakes is brilliant. In New Zealand I would often jump in a cold lake first thing in the morning. Great hangover cure.
  12. mikeyp102

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    I’ve loved this World Cup, after the last few years of Villa I’d seriously lost interest in the sport, only watching us play out of habit and not following any other matches. This World Cup has reignited my interest in the sport, it’s been fantastic from start to finish. I never expected England to go anywhere near as far as they did, who cares if it was an easy draw they still had to beat the teams in front of them, which in the past they have failed to do. Seemed to be really well organised by russia with very little trouble reported
  13. mikeyp102

    Media and punditry

    He sees messi play for Barca and makes the assumption that Argentina are European??
  14. mikeyp102

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    France for me were lucky to get the first two goals, first wasnt a free kick, second wasn’t a penalty (although I can see why went to VAR, for me it’s not deliberate handball, ref also looked like he wasn’t going to give it, then went back to the screen and gave it). Third and fourth good build up but keeper has to do better. Then Loris does his clown act. Best World Cup ever for me.