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    Centre mid is probably their strongest area. They have Thiago, Henderson, Ox, Fabinho, Milner, Keita and Wijindum. Signing another forward makes sense as the main three played so many times last season. As for wolves fair play, they seem to be getting good players and selling at a good price. The Mendes link up works for them.
  2. It’s pathetic, such a cock up by the Premier league and sky
  3. @omariqy the music you play at the start, have you got a license to play it? I remember hearing other podcasts have got In trouble for using music as not paying for it. Sometimes it has to be an original.
  4. Looks like they’ve changed it. Now on Sky Premier League annoyingly
  5. Have sky dropped the games from Pick, I thought the Newcastle game was meant to be on, as ours tomorrow. But neither are now showing in the listing
  6. If true he’s leaving it’s a shame. Think he would’ve kicked on this season and really pushed Watkins. Hopefully means have someone else coming in.
  7. I’ve not seen him, but appears one of those that will both excite and frustrate during the 90 mins. He adds pace and flair too ya, which will give Jack more space. Looking forward to seeing him in action
  8. This aged well. Never seen him play, but some much needed pace and a different option to Ghazi and Trez. I’m excited by it.
  9. It amazes me how well German football brings through young players. Bayern yesterday had Jamal Musiala playing and scoring at 17. Bellingham will get games this year a lot. They seem so comfortable introducing young players.
  10. Everton had Tom Davies playing in the prem at a younger age. I agree that we need to loan some players out more regularly, but if Ramsey is good enough, why not give him a chance
  11. The buy back clause is in our contract with city. Not the contract with Luiz
  12. Thought it would have been done today. We never seem to make any announcements over the weekend, so hopefully Monday it is.
  13. Man Utd arguably one of the biggest clubs in World football. They are struggling to sign people in this current market. I’m sure closer to deadline day, we’ll have more players in.
  14. A half volley is probably harder to keep under control. He deserves credit for them.
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