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  1. I’ve had no issues this morning
  2. It's happening when logged in or when a guest. Seems to ber only on Safari as on a laptop it works fine
  3. On mobile browser (safari), I've cleared all cookies and history, but keep getting "diverted" to an advert popup page (eu.dscardcenter.world) and can't leave it without closing the browser. It only occurs on VT (mainly in Off Topic today). WIFI connection and mobile data.
  4. So after many many years... Bill and Ted Number 3 is being made. Can’t help but imagine that is going to be a car crash waiting to happen
  5. A quick glance on wiki says he has had 2 arrest warrants previously. So you never know he could have abused them.
  6. mikeyp102

    John Terry

    Hause said at the weekend that JT is helping him out with his positional sense playing on the wrong side. On insta, Mings has put a coaching drill up run by JT saying how he’s still learning. It’s good to see that his coaching is going well, and the defence is improving.
  7. Wilder Breazeale confirmed for May, easy win for Wilder.
  8. mikeyp102

    Jed Steer

    Can’t post the link but express and star saying signed a 1 yr extension.
  9. We have one of the highest draw records in the premier league history.
  10. How are boro in the play off spots? They were awful. Everyone will fear us now!
  11. Just walks through games. Class act. Needed someone like him at the back for a long time.
  12. mikeyp102

    Dean Smith

    Spot on tactics today, boro were never in the game.
  13. mikeyp102

    Glenn Whelan

    Didn’t put a foot wrong.
  14. A friend of mine who is a blues ST said he’d heard he was sacked but I haven’t seen any reports
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