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  1. Remember when I joked that Boris would come out of this better than ever and people would find a way to blame the EU?
  2. First impressions are good. It feels lovely, just a calming beautiful game. I still don’t like the turn based nature but hopefully it’ll click. my only complaint is I’ve played it for over an hour and there’s been about 10 minutes of actual gameplay. So many cutscenes
  3. Nah I won't. But 97% of actively publishing climate scientists will. As will most of the leading scientific organisations around the world who have all published public statements expressing as such.
  4. Still think that's wallace and gromit and not Doug. The dog is the wrong colour for Doug (although i'd never noticed how similarly Doug and Wallace dress!)
  5. I couldn't be less surprised that this is your opinion.
  6. I'd say that's very cynical. She spends most of her time going to huge rallies. She's probably as exposed as anyone. Off topic but I really don't get the hate for Greta. She's trying to change the world for the better. I wish more people were like her.
  7. That's not the part that disgusts me. That's their culture. They eat animals like that. I don't see the difference between eating a mouse or a bat compared to a pig or a cow. But eating anything that's alive, especially ripping it apart like that frog is extra disgusting. Needless cruelty
  8. I've enjoyed the hospital I'm on though, the really small one with helicopters coming in and dropping off fracture patients. Nice challenge to try and fit everything in.
  9. I've done most of this. Not quite the specific layouts but I don't have bottlenecks. Like the current hospital I have 3 diagnosis rooms and still getting the messages. Yeah done this too. Trained nurses up to be Diagnostic 2 or 3 and have made it so they're the only ones who work in the diagnosis rooms. I shall persist and have a look at that mosh pit stuff. Lucky my OCD like behaviour meant I was already trying to dedicate entire buildings to certain things, and trying to adjust my layout in general to mean all the GPs are in one place, DIagnosis in another, pharmacies in another etc etc
  10. It's a shame it's such an uncertain time because I'd feel like handing my notice in if I were you
  11. I think I've got them apart from 16 which is driving me nuts. Question marks indicate I'm not sure
  12. Glad to hear it works. I might follow suit. Ever since you mentioned it I've been thinking what a good idea it is
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