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  1. If you were spending 229 on a switch lite I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just spend the extra 70 euros and buy a proper switch
  2. After the discussion earlier in the thread I went back and finished season 1 of Derry Girls (is only seen the first 3 episodes) I really like it.
  3. You know those cotton things you put on your feet before you put shoes on? waste of time mate.
  4. My last android you would use the rocker to turn the volume all the way down. When it was on zero it would go to vibrate and then you could release it and then press it again and it would totally mute it.
  5. Makes sense. It was probably the only position they weren’t really strong in. When Fernandinho wasn’t playing they looked a different team last season.
  6. The biggest gull and the smallest chihuahua, I'd go for yes
  7. Stevo985

    General Chat

    I noticed this myself and questioned it a few pages ago. I think I started a different thread that got merged into this one so it’s ended up with me as the creator.
  8. Stevo985

    Scott Hogan

    Nice goal. Hopefully a potential suitor was watching
  9. Liverpool’s New Balance Kit’s are always shit
  10. The Cold War angle helps to debunk whether it was a hoax full stop. If the Americans faked it, the soviets would have been the first people to blow the whistle. Yet they never did. It 100% happened.
  11. Yes. They did. 100% there is literally no question that they did. One of my favourite threads ever on VT was debunking the moon landing conspiracy. Sadly it got lost to time. But basically yes. They absolutely did walk on the moon. There is no conspiracy theory around it that can’t be easily debunked.
  12. Stevo985

    General Chat

    I don’t but I can understand how it happens. When I need a piss when I’m asleep I always dream of wandering around a strange place trying to find a toilet. Every time I find one something happens that means I can’t use it, like they’re out of order or occupied or something. So I move on to the next place. If you couple that with sleepwalking I can easily see how it would result in you pissing somewhere random

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