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  1. Birkir Bjarnason

    Cool. I think that's very generous. 45 good minutes followed by a poor 90 doesn't make up for 12 months of shit in my book. he'll be back on the bench once the other two DMs are fully fit. I wouldn't be surprised to see him back on the bench for the next game in fact.
  2. Gran Turismo Sport

    The main thing is you get matched in the Daily Races with other racers of the same SR rating. So if you race dirty, you get put in with other dirty racers. The cleaner you get, the cleaner the races. It seems to work pretty well, it just makes it tricky to get out of the lower ratings because if you're surrounded by rammers it's very hard to avoid contact. I also THINK, but I'm not sure, that your Driver Rating is linked to your SR in some way. I've seen on Reddit people suggesting that you can't become an A rated driver with a Sportsmanship Rating below B, for example.
  3. Birkir Bjarnason

    I didn't trawl through to find your quote. I went back to the date of the Blues game to make sure I'd got the MOTM correct and your quote was there. I think the difference is you seemingly think that Whelan in the side produces defensive football, and Whelan out of the side doesn't. I don't agree with that at all. We've produced some fine performances with Whelan in the side. When all is said and done, forget the comparison with Whelan. The bottom line is Bjarnasson isn't good enough for the Championship, and there's no way he'll be making a step up to the Premier League.
  4. Birkir Bjarnason

    Fair enough. I'd say saying a player "did brilliantly", and then claiming he has never been good, is contradictory. In my opinion you;re underrating Whelan. And 45 minutes vs Forest does not a good player make. It will take a lot more to convince me that Bjarnasson is any good. As I said, hopefully Jedinak is back properly, and we won't need either of them.
  5. Gran Turismo Sport

    I've asked myself this many times! My guess is the game isn't clever enough to distinguish who was at fault. So it goes down as a bad mark against both drivers. It's not always like that. If someone absolutely punts you off the track, you don't get penalised. But for general racing incidents, if you're side by side for example and you make contact, you both get penalised. Don't get me wrong, it is definitely a good thing. It really encourages clean racing. It can just be frustrating at times. You have to be so careful.
  6. Birkir Bjarnason

    Sky. FYI here is your opinion after the Blues game: You'll see the comments after that game and the games that followed were, in the majority, very positive. But apparently he's never been good? Like I said, a lot of revisionism going on here. Scapegoat of the moment for sure.
  7. Birkir Bjarnason

    The Blues game and the game after I'm certain he got MOTM. He was very good in those games too. I've edited my post above. I THINK he got it the game after as well but can't be sure. I think Bjarnasson was very good in his 45 minutes against Forest. I think he's been atrocious in pretty much every game he played before that. And I don't think he was good on Saturday. In fact i think he was poor and was given the benefit of the doubt because his name isn't Glenn Whelan. If Whelan is fit he should be playing ahead of BB. He's a better player.
  8. Birkir Bjarnason

    Whelan got MOTM 3 games in a row during our good run earlier in the season (well, I think it was 3. Was at least 2). It's a stretch to say he's never been good. Being able to play in multiple positions is not an asset when you're atrocious in all of them.
  9. Zelda - Breath of the Wild

    I really need to pick this back up. My Gran Turismo addiction is waning, so I'll get back on this soon.
  10. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    I hope that's not the answer. I would absolutely hate that.
  11. Gran Turismo Sport

    Last few posts in this thread by me are a bit moany. Just to clarify, this game is really **** good, despite it's faults. @villarule123 and @StefanAVFC should defo get it!
  12. Gran Turismo Sport

    On a positive note, the Mt Panorama daily race yesterday was really good. The fuel usage was turned up so much that it was actually a two stopper if you went full power. I made up about 5 places at the end of the race because I wised up to it and turned my fuel mix down to save enough fuel for the last lap, whereas half the field had to dive in for a splash and dash.
  13. Gran Turismo Sport

    They class any contact as bad sportsmanship, even if it's innocuous or not your fault. I think the only time you don't get penalised is if it's really really obvious, like someone completely punting you off the track. It must just be really strict as you get a higher DR. I got to an S SR no problem when I was at a crap DR. I honestly can't see how people race completely clean when you're in that middle pack of cars. Even if you do nothing wrong, you're bound to have someone bang into you, which is enough to get marked down. The SR system is definitely a good thing, but it really needs some fine tuning. Even the penalties for cutting, which again are obviously a good thing, can be crazy. On Mount Panarama, which is a really good circuit, there's a really technical section on the far end of the course. It's fast and narrow, but completely surrounded by walls. So it's impossible to cut a corner. I got it a bit wrong in a race yesterday and rammed into the wall on the inside of a corner. Completely **** me over, lost about 10 seconds. And it gave me a 10 second penalty! Presumably for cutting, which is impossible. Crazy!
  14. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I've reached a good level of petty at work today. A new guy emailed me asking me to set him up on one of our systems. His name is Jonathan. Firstly, that's not my job, which I'd already told him, so that annoyed me. But it's not a big deal so I replied to his email and said I'd do it. No "thank you". Just a one line response saying "please ensure you spell my name right" Cheeky bastard. So I've set him up on the system as Janothun word removed.
  15. Your Top Live Music Experiences By Venue

    I'm the same, hence why my list was so rubbish. I love music, but I never have the desire to watch it live. Had loads of invites to festivals and that in the past but never really been interested. I've seen Bastille a few times, but that's only because one of my best mates lives with the lead singer so it's free. Can't say I'm that bothered about seeing the band