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  1. Leicester City

    It annoys me that so many people are annoyed by this They're going down. They need to change something. An amazing achievement last season, but if they want to stay in the league he has to go. I also find it quite patronising that people are saying stuff like "Yeah but this is where Leicester were before Ranieri so they should be ok with it" Why? They won the **** league, they should be rightly furious that he didn't build on that whatsoever. Sentiment is fine, but sometimes managers are good at one thing and not another. Ranieri was clearly brilliant at harnessing the momentum they gained last year and keeping the team motivated to win the league. But defending a title or winning it a second time is way different than that, and clearly Ranieri hasn't got whatever it takes to do that with Leicester.
  2. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    When I was in Thailand we ate in a restaurant that overlooked a car park. Anyone who has been to Bangkok knows there are about 10 times as many cars there as the city can handle. Traffic is everywhere, and the same for car parks. Spaces are at a premium. This car park was small, it had one row of bays. So people parked in the bays, and then when they were full the next people would parallel park in front of the bays, blocking the bay cars in. However, there was a man who had the job of moving the cars. The parallel parked cars left their handbrake off, as colhint described about portugal, and there was always one vacant space in the row of parallel parked cars. So when someone came along to leave one of the bays, this guy had the job of rolling all the cars out of the way so the one space allowed the bay car to leave. He must have been fit as a butcher's dog, because he spent the whole 90 minutes we were there handling this operation, pushing cars back and forth, and it was about 35 degrees!
  3. The Film Thread

    For films I really like or really want, I still buy the blu ray. DVDs are usually limited to impulse buys in HMV or a sale or something. Everything else I "acquire".
  4. Leicester City

    Right decision. A shame he couldn't see out the Champions League campaign though.
  5. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    She's actually going be a brakes buyer. It's fate.
  6. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    I agree, but that's not really how it works. If the club are planning to redevelop parts of Villa park anyway, i.e. not for capacity reasons, then they may as well increase the capacity while they're at it. It would be way more expensive to redevelop for aesthetics etc, but keep the capacity exactly the same, and then to redevelop AGAIN 5 or 10 years from now because they need to add more seats
  7. Possibly interesting maps...

    Yep, and me!
  8. Steve Bruce

    Good post, and I agree with all of it except the above. No, as a defender or a keeper I would be facing the ball, not facing the attackers with my back to goal, in that position you've taken a freeze frame of.. If the ball came directly at you and you were stood side on to it you'd be in all sorts of bother sorting your feet or body out to get rid of it.
  9. New Manager : 2017

    Don't get me wrong, I would love a young and innovative manager that gets us promoted and established us back in the prem. My point is that there are dozens of managers who are or have been considered as the next big thing. 95% of the time they're shit.
  10. New Manager : 2017

    Just like Lambert. Or Sherwood. Or Garde. "Young and innovative" usually translates to "gamble".
  11. New Manager : 2017

    Staam and Wagner are the standard flavour of the month managers. Do a great job at one club, get a big move and then suddenly aren't so good. Not saying that will happen to them, they might be the real thing. But we've seen the same countless times before.
  12. Chris Samba

    Whilst admittedly a shit signing, I think we might be going overboard a little. He'll be 4th choice CB if he's signed, and I imagine just for the remainder of this season. No biggie.
  13. What do you drive?

    New ones are very nice. Wouldn't get one myself, but they are a good looking car.
  14. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    Brilliant game. Dodgy at the back but both teams were excellent going forward.
  15. Neil Taylor

    I think he's pretty similar to Hutton. Defensively sound most of the time, but not that great going forward.