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  1. Same. I've never tried it, and I don't eat fish anymore, but if I did then Blandy's take on it looks pretty nice to me
  2. I'd just hold onto it. If you've still got the FH to negotiate BGW29 then you don't need to play it now, especially as you're doing so well! You're bound to get to a point after GW30 where you'd like to make 4 or 5 transfers so just play it then. Usually I'd say that is a bit of a waste but if your current team is doing this well then there's no point just wildcarding for the sake of it unless you want to be really aggressive!
  3. I'll finish on 84. Could have been worse but a disappointing week. Especially as I dropped the TC chip. I nearly sold salah a couple of weeks ago for Son. I really wish I'd had the balls to do that
  4. I know the feeling. There's been a few weeks this year that have been good, but feel like they were this close to being absolute monsters!
  5. Funnily enough my sister is playing this season for the first time and I've helped her quite a lot. I advised her to wildcard last week so she could bench boost this week and helped her pick her wildcard squad last week. They're probably the best transfers I've made all season and they're not even for my own team! The highlight being telling her to sign Guaita as her second keeper to use on the bench boost as I had a feeling he could get a clean sheet against Fulham. I didn't expect him to get a second clean sheet against Man utd She's on 103 with 5 to play, including her ca
  6. Absolutely love the Brera. Was strongly considering one myself once upon a time. Lovely looking car
  7. Missing two players is no excuse for losing to one of the worst teams the premier league has ever seen. There's no excuse
  8. Yeah I posted a while back that I'd seen a tweet by someone and they were being very racist. I replied and called them a word removed. Which fair enough I shouldn't have done, it's not smart or funny. I got immediately banned for 24 hours. The blatantly racist tweet i replied to (and reported FWIW) stayed up. Never got removed or deleted.
  9. Worth noting that it's entirely possible to be completely on board with Dean Smith, what we're doing as a club, the direction we're heading in and the players in general; and still be incredibly frustrated and angry about last night's result. The comments about people being overly dramatic and the wheels coming off are largely wide of the mark. Most of us are 100% with the manager and the team. Doesn't mean we're not allowed to be pissed off about last night
  10. Inexcusable result. Yes we're missing Jack and Cash, yes we've stumbled a bit lately, yes we did a lot right and the underlying stats showed we were the better team. I don't care. The worst team in the league and down to 10 men and we lose. It's proper shit. Worst thing for me was our panic for the last 20 minutes. Instead of keeping our heads, continuing to play how we usually play and taking advantage of the extra man, we just started lumping it into the box and crossing from deep every single time. Pointless. That negates your man advantage and plays into the hands of
  11. Having a very average week. 30k red arrow as it stands but got Kane TC to come tonight so a goal or two from him could rescue this week for me. I've had a lot of good weeks in a row so it's been coming, just disappointing when it's on a huge DGW.
  12. He is surprisingly short. 5 foot 7 I believe. Nothing wrong with that I just think his quite gangly build means you naturally think he's really tall. michael Gove is one of the tallest cabinet members I think. Which is again quite surprising, but that's probably because my opinion of him is so low.
  13. I've said it before but I'm 99% sure Crooks (or whoever does Crooks' column for him) are aware that people just laugh at his team of the week. I'm convinced the stupid mistakes he makes in it are deliberate just to keep it relevant
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