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  1. Happens all the time on Sky. Very annoying when you're halfway through a show and it's suddenly nowhere!
  2. Yeah that happened to me in Morocco. Books were literally falling apart
  3. Looks **** delicious to me. The chips part anyway
  4. this is elitist nonsense
  5. I like the real thing too. Never had a Kindle. Tried a couple on my phone before but don’t like it. Everyone is different I guess. Some people like real records instead of MP3’s yet that doesn’t bother me at all.
  6. I wouldn’t accept that goal. I’d have backed us doing what Leeds did 100% The statement there was nothing wrong with the goal is bollocks imo
  7. Agreed. But that doesn’t mean there was nothing wrong with it. They faked putting the ball out of play so our players stopped and then played on anyway. Proper scummy thing to do
  8. I've heard of Oasis, therefore they are shit
  9. The only way they’ll get to find out is when he’s running rings about them at the Etihad
  10. It’s bizarre. I mean I assume we should have been wearing them all along. But I kind of give them the benefit of the doubt for early in the pandemic as I assume they were trying to keep as much PPE available for the NHS as possible. If the public were buying up masks in droves then it would deplete supply for healthcare. But surely that excuse has long gone. I don’t understand now why it isn’t being drilled into everyone that you must wear them
  11. Stevo985

    Gym Routine

    I looked for one of these in lockdown so I could at least try and hold onto some muscle. they were going for like £500-600
  12. I don't mean this to sound as harsh as it probably does, but this is absolute bollocks
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