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  1. Enlighten us. I’ve read it. I don’t see what I’ve missed? Assuming “peter” is Mandy Lifeboats. I’ve not responded to peterms post if you’re talking about him
  2. Absolutely something almost always has to die. Eating plants is damaging too but far far more plants and vegetation are used to feed animals that we then eat than would be used if we just ate the plants in the first place. It’s something like a 14:1 ratio All food is damaging somewhat. Existing is damaging to the environment and animals. But I don’t think there’s any debate that a vegan diet is far far less damaging than a meat eating diet.
  3. No. I **** love meat. It’s delicious. I just don’t want to eat dead animals anymore. If I can get something that tastes like meat, but doesn’t include the dead animal part, then I’m delighted.
  4. What do you think the animals that are farmed to produce meat eat?
  5. Well yeah which is why it can’t really be that choice. I’m not sure it can really be only two options this time (if there was a this time)
  6. Here’s an annoying thing about being veggie. Took a long haul flight yesterday. Pre ordered a veggie meal option for it. It came and it was disgusting. Some sort of bean stew. But on the normal in flight menu that everyone else had, there was a lovely sounding veggie option anyway. Same thing happened when I went to New York in November. Why not just give me the veggie option that’s already on the menu?!
  7. This seems like the issue to me. What exactly would a second referendum ask? it can’t just be leave or remain again.
  8. Chris. I must admit when this thread was first posted I feared the absolute worst. It’s haopened with other VTers on here and hearing you had such a bad turn was really worrying. To hear that you’re doing as well as you’re doing after such a short time genuinely warms my heart. Couldnt be happier for you mate.
  9. Stevo985

    General Chat

    My flat is like this. Or rather the whole apartment building. Not quite a dead spot, you get a tiny bit of 3G. But as soon as you walk 10 steps outside you get signal again. Frustrating!
  10. Ps we got our car a day early (pick it up Monday) so definitely going to do hoover dam and hopefully something else nearby. Thanks for the tip
  11. Thanks mate. I think Death Valley is more likely as my trip mates are more keen on that than Joshua tree. But I might try and persuade them. Done our first day. Spent a fortune already but was up until 8am partying. Amazing place so far. Already up (10:30) for our next party. Barely slept since 4am on Friday UK time. I think I’ll crash at some point!
  12. Stevo985

    General Chat

    I imagine it’s one of those things where they should legally send you home. But they will never actually do it. And nobody will do anything about it for fear of being frowned at
  13. “The train now arriving at platform 2...” nothing to to be seen for miles around
  14. The worst is a highlights package that uses loss of weird angles of the goals. Usually on something like “Premier League years” just show me the goal you word removed.
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