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  1. Stevo985

    General Chat

    Yeah. I’m not 100%. I’ve seen him around a few times and never made the connection. But today I was coming back from a run and passed him as he was coming out of the building. I took extra notice because he looked **** hench! And then it suddenly clicked. Showed the other half. A picture of Tony Daley and she’s pretty sure it’s him too. I’ll ask him next time I see him. His twitter says he lives in Sutton Coldfield so it’s all lining up.
  2. Stevo985

    General Chat

    I think Tony Daley lives in my apartment block
  3. Sold Pope two weeks ago. With games against Leicester and united to come and his run of fixtures I thought that was a safe move. 12 points and 10 points respectively in the games since. im in a massive rut
  4. David Silva is one of the best players ever to play in this country. And even he didn't break through at Valencia until he was 20. One player making it isn't proof that anyone can. If Barry is good enough, he'll play. At 16 I think it's early to be expecting him to be thrown into the first team already.
  5. Good point I'm not that amazed. If he's good enough I'm sure he'll get a chance. The club aren't going to make a transfer like that if they don't have high hopes for him. But I'm also sure the club aren't going to throw a 16 year old kid into first team action if he's not ready. And they probably know better than a load of blokes on the internet
  6. Amazing how sure people are that a 16 year old boy is ready for first team action despite (almost certainly) never having seen him play. Pretty sure if he's good enough, he'd be involved. I'd wager we won't see him in a first team game for a couple of years
  7. I don't think they even need many signings, if any. At least not to improve their season. It's behind the scenes where the club is broken. Is anyone still under the illusion that OGS is a good manager? He's shit. Giving him a permanent contract was a terrible decision
  8. Oh yeah, I agree with that. Was just thinking out loud
  9. Same. Sometimes I soak them in butter and top with jam. My other half thinks I'm absolutely mental. Am I alone on this?
  10. It does, but then I think their metrics must work for them. Maybe a show with more views, according to how they measure it, is more successful for them. If they're cutting shows and commissioning shows based on that then it must be in their interest. I dunno, I'm thinking out loud.
  11. The conspiracy theory at the moment is that the Glazers won't change anything at the club because it's taking all the heat off them Nobody is talking about them anymore and it's Woodward and Solksjaer getting the blame
  12. A HELL of a lot of people have done the same. The only saving grace from last night was that Salah did nothing either. About the same amount of people have TC'd him too so him getting a huge score would be a rank killer. If Mane doesn't make the West Ham game, which looks the likely outcome, then it's going to be a tense 90 minutes hoping Salah doesn't return. Anyone who TC'd Salah instead is in a very good position as it stands.
  13. Stevo985

    Louie Barry

    Unless it's to buy tickets, I haven't used the official site for about 5 years. It was shit then and sounds like it's the same now.
  14. This is the only point anybody is making. Yeah they've been lucky, but they've put themselves in the position that when they get a slice of luck, they capitalise on it.
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