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  1. Jack going and Ings coming in has actually really settled my FPL squad. Watkins has gone for Ings and Grealish downgraded to ESR (who will be on my bench)
  2. My opinion of Man City has nothing to do with my point. My point was a lot can change in a year. Grealish has had an incredible season. And whatever we think of Man City, it’s a huge opportunity for him. I don’t think him being so enthusiastic about Villa last season when he signed a contract is a bad thing.
  3. The transfer window doesn’t close for a month. Why would we be panic signing now?
  4. Haha this is out of nowhere. A far more sensible signing than Tammy. Good move imo
  5. I mean all that can still be true even though he’s going to City
  6. What he should have said was "yeah I've signed a new contract but if I have an amazing season, and a great Euros, and become the pin up boy for the England team, and the best club in Europe and best manager in europe want to sign me for a British record transfer then i might move next summer to be honest"
  7. I agree with this completely. I was more referencing the request for VT to photoshop anything. You'll have dildos all over it
  8. Because he's a professional? And it's pre season so fitness is important? And he's still officially a Villa player? And the club actually like him so they don't have a problem with him training with us even though he's going? I don't really see the confusion. If he wasn't training then everyone would be moaning about it
  9. Well to stick to your analogy, the new company contains some of the best workers in the world at the job, including your idol who you based your entire career around emulating. The company regularly win all of the awards which you are a direct part of. The company is run by one of the best bosses of all time, with top notch facilities. The new company also has loads of those fans that the old company has. And yes, they're giving you a huge pay rise.
  10. But we literally are holding him back. It hurts to say it but it's true. If he'd moved last summer he'd be a champions league player, he'd probably be nailed on in the England squad and he'd probably have a trophy or two to his name already. I love that he didn't leave last summer and I'm dying for him to stay this summer. but holding him back is exactly what we're doing. And I agree we'd be much better this season with him here. But we are still an absolute mile away from Man City. He's 26, he wants to play at the very top. And now he will.
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