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  1. If you find a Farah t shirt for less than 10 quid let me know
  2. Farah are still very much going. Got a few shirts and tshirts of theirs
  3. Haha it was not. But yeah she's well now. Crazy story. If she'd gone once and they thought it was one thing it wouldn't be so bad. But honestly she went so many times. Different doctors, different hospitals etc. All they needed to do was give her a scan and they'd have sorted it. I understand you can't just hand out scans to everyone as it costs money, but how much time and money did they waste giving her drugs and sending her home and bringing her back every couple of months
  4. I want them to **** off if it fails. But not if it’s a success, which it probably would be. It would ruin the domestic leagues
  5. Similar story, A girl I work with had recurring problems with her periods for years. Really heavy, painful, and almost constant. Not just 4 or 5 days a week, more like 25 days a month. It was basically ruining her life and didn’t take a genius to work out something was definitely wrong. Anyway the doctor and NHS kept fobbing her off. Went on for years. Eventually one doctor said the only solution was to give her drugs to put her into early menopause and if that didn’t work to give her a hysterectomy. Didn’t give her scans or anything, just decided that was what it was Eventual
  6. But the point is the first team functions with Luiz. He’s not a liability. He’s a good player. If Jack or Konsa gets injured then we’re playing players like Ramsey and Hause and then the team doesn’t function
  7. Stevo985

    Tom Heaton

    Fair play to him if he goes to Utd. He won't be getting in the team here and his injury may mean that his time as a number 1 is over. Plus he might still live up that part of the country so it's probably just a better move for everyone all round
  8. It was a police call to a domestic disturbance wasn't it? How would the police have known that he was in a psychotic condition and needed specially trained individuals to handle it? If the police aren't trained to deal with that situation in a way that doesn't end with killing a man and kicking his head in then I'd suggest there is a fundamental deficiency in their training
  9. Being scared is one thing. Could the officers have been scared or felt threateened? Yeah probably. Does that justify tasering him for 35 seconds and then (possibly) beating him to death? No The officers may have felt threatened when they fired the taser for the 3rd time after it not affecting him the first 2, but they wouldn't remain terrified for 30 seconds with their finger on the trigger
  10. Ah yes, I know the advert. That makes sense now.
  11. If grealish stays wide then I think we need two midfielders to start ahead of Luiz. And no I didn't mean two positions. As per my last post I think it's more important to increase depth in AM and CB, even with non starters, than it is to replace luiz
  12. I didn't realise it was Chris Martin Bicks needs some new material
  13. "Richard's gone for those jeans, which go down well in launderettes" just what every teenager wants "Ey mam! get me some new jeans will ya? And make sure they're ones that go down well in launderettes!"
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