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  1. Still going! Our 10th episode is in the bag and out now. We got an actual, real life journalist on it this week so will probably be our most listened to pod. He's a Wolves journalist (Tim Spiers) so the pod has a Wolves focus, but it's still a good listen, if I do say so myself
  2. I’m hibernating from VT but had to pop back in for this. That is lovely comedy guys glad you’ve expanded your VTer portfolio, Rich!
  3. Stevo985


    We're 4 episodes deep now. I think that makes us a proper podcast Give us a listen if you haven't already
  4. I think we're finally listed on there! Episode 3 out now
  5. Episode 2 is out if anyone is interested @BOF solved the Google Podcasts issue. Might not be showing on there right now, but definitely done the process to get it on there, so should be soon
  6. hmmm, thanks mate. Seems there's a different process to get listed on Google. I'll keep digging. Thanks!
  7. We're listed on Apple Podcasts as well now so if you could check that google app and see if we appear you'd be doing me a favour
  8. Stevo985


    May as well stick the link in here as well now that you can find it on Apple Podcasts. I made a podcast with some friends. It's about Fantasy Premier League and fully intend to keep it going. Check it out here if you fancy
  9. Sorry to spam, but we have now been listed on Apple Podcasts
  10. Thanks mate! It all started as a bit of a laugh. I did a video for the guys in the league doing the draw for the groups and made it far more professional than it needed to be. Everyone found it so funny that I thought it would also be funny to do a podcast. But then once the three of us started discussing it we kind of thought we could turn it into a proper podcast. So it's likely if we carry it on (and we definitely think we will), the part about our specific league will be relegated to 5 minutes and it'll be more about FPL in general
  11. I think once we're listed on Apple Podcasts we'll automatically show up on most podcast apps. So future episodes you should be ok But I'll look into this to make sure and get us listed separately if not
  12. Plugged it on the main forum, but if anyone's interested, I've started a podcast with a couple of mates about FPL. It's partly FPL in general and partly specifically about our super league, which is what I set up based on @Wezbid 's league that he has with his mates. Bit of fun, but it anyone fancies a listen and give us some support it's on Spotify here: Minus 4: An FPL Podcast And it should be on Apple Podcasts by the end of the week
  13. Hey guys! I know I said I was on a break from here, and that's still true. I just popped in to plug something of mine that I'm weirdly proud of (hence the thread choice!) I've done one of them there podcasts. It's about Fantasy Premier League with a couple of mates. If you fancy a listen you can get it on Spotify here: Minus 4: An FPL Podcast It should be listed on Apple Podcasts by the end of the week too
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