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  1. I'm in exactly the same boat. Vardy coming in and tempted by a -4 for Havertz
  2. Yeah I'd be up for that but I can't really be bothered with anything like that at the moment. I just want to sit and do nothing
  3. Yeah I think the expectation this season will be to stay up. It doesn't really matter where they finish as long as they remain in the league so they can spend their money
  4. The difference in opinion between Rafa's performances for Newcastle and Bruce's despite very similar results and finishing positions and in truth pretty similar football being played is amazing. I think Bruce has done exactly what he's capable of. Dull, boring but competent. It's not good, it's not bad. It's just Bruce
  5. He'll pop up at the next Prem club who sacks their manager and bore them into survival as well
  6. fbref.com is a more reliable source. They're 4th in the league for xGA there. Attacking wise there's no argument. They're the best in the league. Yep 100%. Mendy has bailed them out a few times
  7. Yeah I think Watford being absolutely shit has shot them up that table. Fair enough, 4th in the league is a big improvement
  8. I haven't looked at the figures after the most recent round of matches but last week they were 9th in terms of xGA. Their xGA would average to around 46 goals in a season which I'd argue probably isn't good enough to win the league, but obviously it's possible. I agree "huge problems" is a massive exaggeration. I was just making the point that statistically they weren't performing like title winners defensively. If that's massively improved over the last week then fair enough
  9. Correct. But like I said they're overperforming. They're conceding lots of big chances and lots of xG (relatively speaking for title challenges). Twice as much as Man City for example. Which is obviously fine if they continue to overperform. But teams usually don't. They regress to the mean, which at the moment isn't good enough to win the title, imo
  10. I wouldn't say huge problems but their defence isn't great. Not title winning great anyway. They're about average for the premier league statistically but they're overperforming (mainly due to Alisson) which puts them a bit further up for actual goals conceded. Better than Chelsea though who continue to get bailed out by Mendy. Man City are absolutely miles ahead of everyone
  11. £3 for an 8 pack of cans. There's the solution
  12. 100% this. All diets that lose weight boil down to calorie cutting. Fad diets are all just a way of tricking you into eating less calories. Like you said if you can do it like Stefan is doing where you don't have to actually count the calories then that's ideal. Whatever works for you. But it all comes down to calories in vs calories out
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