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  1. A chicken has to come from an egg. An egg doesn't have to come from a chicken.
  2. I went to LA last year and the rented scooters were all over the place. Several companies operated them (Uber being the most obvious but there was a company called Lime or something as well that seemed pretty big) Gotta say I thought they were absolutely brilliant. I guess they work a bit like the "Boris" bikes in London. Scan the scooter wherever you find it, that unlocks it and makes it work. Drive it wherever you want and then just leave it where you finish. There's certain places you can't leave it, but pretty much anywhere is allowed. The app gives you a map of where they all are so you can find your nearest one. And they're cheap. We worked out that if you used one for a full hour it would cost you less than 10 dollars (I think it was actually 8 dollars something) What I would say, however, is the roads there were perfectly set up for them. Huge wide roads with dedicated bike lanes. Not much traffic (Santa Monica that is, obviously traffic elsewhere in LA is horrendous). I'd suggest if they were let loose on the roads we have over here the potential for accidents is much higher
  3. Ha same. I played RDR2 for a few hours and then never went back to it. Found it very very boring. Hopefully this isn't the same!
  4. I'd rather buy better players to slot into the midfield around him than mess about moving him around.
  5. Yeah he’s very talented. In the position he plays.
  6. I’ve just picked this up. Only put about an hour in so far but it’s as good as I remember the first one being.
  7. Stevo985

    Keinan Davis

    Me too. I actually like him as a player, I just don't think in this day and age a striker who doesn't score goals is ever going to be a big asset. Too many teams, us inclded, rely on playing one up front so you can't carry a striker that doesn't score in that set up. If he can ever add a decent goal tally to his game then he can be a good player. Unfortunately I don't see it, but would love to be wrong
  8. Oh I slightly misunderstood. I thought you meant the bully had tried to make her eat it. And she somehow turned it around and tricked the bully into eating it Like some sort of "I don't believe that's even laxative. prove it!"
  9. I dunno. I highly doubt we've matched the wages Utd would have put Grealish on. I think it's more a case of they wouldn't match our valuation and Grealish was happy to not kick up a fuss and play for Villa. Think it's a bit harsh to say he's used Utd to get a bigger contract. I don't think he's done that, and he'd have got an improved contract anyway even if there's no interest. I'm sure what you've suggested does go on though. Messi and Rooney do it every season
  10. You can't say that and not tell us how she did it
  11. Stevo985

    General Chat

    Didn't they make it mandatory to have at least two people in the cockpit at all times after that? The issue with him was he locked himself in the cockpit so nobody could stop him. I might be wrong but I'm sure they made that a rule
  12. I'd love to see the interview again but didn't he say something like "thing that are happening in the next few weeks that I can't talk about"?
  13. Could just be that clubs contacted Villa about Grealish, were told a valuation that they wouldn't meet but never actually made an offer. If we were adamant, like "£80m or we're not interested. Don't even bother negotiating, that is our price" then it's reasonable that they just didn't make a bid.
  14. I liked the MIlan one when they went for thin stripes. But like I always say, red and black is such a good colour combination it's hard to **** it up (although Bournemouth usually give it a good go), so maybe it was just because of the colours.
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