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  1. People at work think the council scene was the best bit What the ****?
  2. Call me crazy, but I don't think the colour of our shorts has any bearing whatsoever on how we perform.
  3. I know this is an old post. I don't play FM anymore, but if I remember rightly I think potential is determined by your scouts/coaches. So it is massively defendant on how good those scouts and coaches are. If they're not very good, then they might tell you that an amazing player is going to be crap. Or vice versa, they might tell you that a crap player is going to be a god. The better your coaches/scouts, the more accurate their predictions on player ability is.
  4. Yeah. Just pretending he knows what was about to happen I knew that would happen. Yeah you're here for a reason. I could see that coming. Could you?! Why not tell people about it then?! I mean you could have, you know, saved literally hundreds of thousands of lives!
  5. Well like Zatman said he was the first manager to take an Irish side to the group stage of the Europa League. Which fair enough isn't at the top level, but if you add that to his performance as the national manager and the fact he's still young for a manager, it's understandable to see why people think he has potential and might take a punt on him. It's not like he's getting the Man Utd job. He's getting a Championship job (if the link is true) Personally I don't know why West Brom would look anywhere other than Chris Hughton.
  6. How is that relevant to what Zatman said?
  7. Also, the ending to The Wire was also excellent. Even though Season 5 is a bit of a let down compared to the rest of the show (but still better than 99% of other television), the way it ends (at least how I remember it) is perfect.
  8. It was amazing (I hadn't read the books) It was still at a time when killing main characters was a shock in Game of Thrones (at least for someone who hadn't read the books), despite Ned Stark's demise. And at the time Rob and Caitlyn were the entire main story. For them to be killed in that way was incredible. I wish I could go back and watch that again not knowing the story.
  9. It wasn't a twist. People have been saying Brann would end up on the thrown for ages. Also the ending to the Sopranos was absolutely brilliant.
  10. Stevo985


    I sat in the neutral zone in Club Wembley at the Liverpool side of the stadium for our Semi Final with them a few years ago. We celebrated wildly when we scored and won and nobody minded. It sounds weird seeing as there are liverpool fans in the stand below and above you, but you feel quite isolated from them. It's only really the people in your section who would notice you celebrate.
  11. The Red Wedding remains the pinnacle of the show in my opinion. No episode of any tv show ever has taken me so much by surprise and left me as shocked as that episode. There are probably BETTER episodes of other shows, sure. But in terms of that pure emotion, that absolute feeling of "I cannot believe that has happened", that has never been topped imo. When you compare that to the episodes now it's not even close. There hasn't been a decent twist or surprise in GoT for years. I'd say the Dragon being turned is as close as they've got, but even that other people said they saw coming a mile off (I didn't but maybe I'm thick )
  12. I love Game of Thrones, but it's nowhere near those shows.
  13. @Tegis cheers me up The absolutely massive legend I love him
  14. It’s weird because I initially thought it was a good thing that they had an end point in sight. Some of the previous seasons were far too stretched out. But is gone so far in the other direction it’s ruined it. 10 seasons would have probably been a perfect balance. Like I said earlier, this season has had 3 big climaxes which lend themselves perfectly to three seasons, even if they were shorter seasons than before.
  15. Stevo985

    General Chat

    No I don’t think so. Genuinely. I think she’s just in a really bad place and desperate. I do feel bad but there’s no way I’m putting myself at risk like that.

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