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  1. Because, and stay with me here, black managers don't get the same opportunities as white managers. You know, the entire theme of this conversation everyone has been having.
  2. I was tempted by KDB but Man City have been so poor it's a lot of money to be spending, especially when you (probably) have to sell another premium asset to get him. I think Vardy is a great shout this week. He scares me as I don't have him.
  3. Mass testing starting in Birmingham tomorrow I believe...
  4. The old Swansea - Cork route was 12 hours IIRC. Did that many times. Assuming the speed of those size ferries hasn't changed much this looks about twice as long as that from that rough map (I realise that's not the exact route). Long trip
  5. Yes. And not in the slang use of the word
  6. Robertson has the most touches in the attacking third of any player. Not any defender, any player! Think he's still a great option, even though Liverpool's defence is ropey. If I can resist the Man City assets and keep the money I've banked (ear marked to upgrade Son to KDB/Sterling if they start performing) I could get Robertson. It's tempting
  7. So I'll ask again, are you suggesting that Black Managers aren't already doing this? What makes you think this entirely logical course of action hasn't occurred to them yet?
  8. "And that was Fairytale of New York, which of course we can't play the uncensored version of. Anyway here's Cardi B rapping about her aroused vagina" I stole this joke
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