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  1. General Chat

    When I got a notification that you'd quoted me, I was sure it was going to say something like "Dear Mr Karl Dilkington..."
  2. General Chat

    Found the post
  3. General Chat

    They were the company responsible for (half) my custom title on here. They called me Natalie Bennett for ages even though every email I sent them told them that wasn't me, and they said they'd change it. "Thank you for your email Ms Bennett" **** OFF
  4. Villa fans harassing two people on a train

    This one tops them all. You've crossed the line!
  5. Villa fans harassing two people on a train

    THis one
  6. Villa fans harassing two people on a train

    @Brumerican's comments in this thread have shocked me to my very core. I may never recover.
  7. WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    LIked for the best gif ever
  8. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    No, I don't see it like this, although I agree about the timeline, my OP was a bit tongue in cheek about that. But Luther's flat isn't just a flat of a man who prioritises his career, it's squalor. There are jobless drug addicts who have nicer flats than him ANd it's the same with the cars, the police station, some of the settings etc The more I watch Luther the more I think it's basically a comic book. Whoever wrote/created/directed it had this vision of this old school decrepit setting, SIn City style and permeates it throughout the show. And Luther actually IS a one man police force. He's basically a super hero. He even wears a costume. I say none of that negatively.
  9. General Chat

    I would have done both. Redone the work but make it clear you think it was right first time round. "I'm happy to redo it for you, but I think it was right the first time round"
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Not at this stage, but I've said before in this thread that i do think he's a very talented guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he expanded into those sorts of roles eventually. At the moment I'm sure he's very happy making the shit tonne of cash he's earning doing the easy stuff
  11. The Film Thread

    American Airline's in flight movies are excellent. I saw "Christine" and "Moonlight" on the way over. Planning to see "Hacksaw Ridge" and "Manchester by the Sea" at least on the way back tonight. They've also got stuff like La La Land, Certain Women, Collateral Beauty, Arrival etc Best selection I've seen. Oh, and they don't edit them like so many other airlines do. Woo!
  12. Steve Bruce

    I'd like to see that table. We're 12th now and we were 19th when he took over. So it doesn't add up to me. Edit: I've done it myself. Statto.com allows you to make a custom table like that. Since he took over we're 10th, 5 points below 6th. I guess it's up to you whether that's "close" or not. Granted is lower than where I thought we'd be, but again I would add the caveat that the points needed for playoffs is particularly high this year.
  13. The Film Thread

    Don't get me wrong, I loved the soundtrack, in terms of the collection of songs used. I'd listen to it on it's own. I just didn't think it worked with the setting.
  14. Steve Bruce

    A particularly excellent example of a pre-season helping