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  1. General Chat

    Radiohead are the dullest band of all time. Couple of decent songs but I find the vast majority of their music to be utterly tedious.
  2. Totally useless information/trivia

    If you buy an apple in the supermarket today, it may have been picked from the tree as early as June 2014
  3. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    The hangovers are what do me in these days. I'm a relative lightweight too now. In my uni days it would take a dozen pints to get me properly drunk. Now I'd say half a dozen gets me well on my way. But the hangovers now are ridiculous. I'm 31 and if I have a heavy night then I'm out of action for the whole following day. And I mean all of it. There was a time when I'd go out on a Friday, get absolutely blotted, and be up at 7 the following morning and playing rugby by 9 perfectly fine.
  4. Life After Death?

    Step off, bitch
  5. Things you often Wonder

    My mom had a few friends who got ALL of their teeth pulled out and replaced with false teeth when they were young. Like, in their twenties. Mental.
  6. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Torrential rain on holiday, when it's boiling in the UK
  7. What do you drive?

    Home from holiday on the 1st July, pick up the new motor on the 2nd. Something to make the end of the holiday more bearable!
  8. The Film Thread

    Yep. It's rubbish. The amount of praise it got annoyed me. It's not even a film about dinosaurs FFS! There's also a number of scenes and plot lines that add literally nothing to the movie. Shite.
  9. Playstation 4

    Does it? Did they fix that quickly? Because I've got a white PS4, which I think was out later than the black originals and there's no noticeable noise. It's almost silent from where I sit (about 10 feet away, if that)
  10. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    First thing my mom said to me yesterday about it was "I reckon it was terrorists making a bomb, given the clientele" I genuinely couldn't believe she'd said that.
  11. General Chat

    That's kind of what they told me, before my month long wait. The difference was the temp number didn't work. It's like they'd got as far as changing my number over, so my new sim had my old number, but hadn't actually turned the switch to make it work. Nonsense really.
  12. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Spoke to his boss. He actually appeared to be a relatively normal human being, who knew how to talk to people and everything! All sorted. he did try to get me to come in today and sign and pay everything but I refused. So we compromised. Nothing changes in terms of what I pay, all they want is me to pay my deposit before the end of the month, which is no skin off my nose. They're going to tax it on the last day of June (two days before I pick it up) which I'm guessing is technicalities on their side, but throw in a full tank of fuel for the inconvenience.
  13. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    The only pathetic thing is not trying, or giving up. If you really want to do it, you'll do it.
  14. General Chat

    I'm with Vodafone. To be fair, since I started my contract they've been fine. I'm on a great contract, good reception and never had a problem. But that probably drives my good experience as I've never had to deal with their customer service... ... SINCE I had to deal with them when I started my contract. They were utterly incompetent buffoons. I used my PUK code to transfer my number. They managed to switch the number off from my old SIM, but fail to activate it on my new SIM. So I was effectively without a phone for almost a month, because neither SIM worked. I must have spoke/chatted/emailed their customer service team two dozen times. no exaggeration. They just blatantly lied to me. They almost always told me they would personally deal with it and it would be working in 24 hours. It never worked. As in they literally told me that the first couple of times I called them, like 2 days after I used the code. That it would be 24 hours. It was closer to 24 days. I escalated to supervisors, was told the same thing, 24 hours. Never worked. Morons. If it wasn't for the fact the contract I was getting was heavily discounted (JLR FTW) and I'd be getting a shit load of data I'd have walked away before it began. Touch wood, it's been fine ever since (18 months now) but first impressions were dreadful.
  15. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    Don't worry about it. Write it off as a cheat day or a blow out. Wake up tomorrow (today) and get back on the diet. Get the app out and do it. The worst thing you can do is sink back into old routines.