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  1. Jonathan Kodjia

    It's hilarious. Although made slightly less hilarious by being a blatant rip off of the LA galaxy video from the other day.
  2. Steve Bruce

    And considering he took over a team who's win percentage, from memory, would have been under 10%?
  3. Gary Gardner

    It was the same the game before that when he got subbed off first half (I think it was first half, maybe early second half). Bruce was going mental at him for most of the half.
  4. Rocket League

    Haha nope! I think I've saturated myself with Rocket League again recently. Play one game and then can't be arsed. So I've had a break. Can't guarantee I'll be on later but there's a good chance
  5. The Run In

  6. Rocket League

    I might be on later
  7. General Chat

    I was getting very confused. I thought you were talking about a chili. As in a chili pepper
  8. Gym Routine

    For a beginner or someone purely focused on losing fat it's way too complicated.
  9. Gym Routine

    Sorry, to clarify, by "burning" I mean not just in exercise, but also in just existing. The average male burns 2500 calories per day just being alive. So if that average male eats less than 2500 calories per day, then he will lose weight. Bar the odd medical exception, it's as simple as that. Obviously if you do exercise the amount you burn goes up so you can eat more and still lose weight. But if someone is eating 4000 calories per day, that's a LOT of exercise to burn it off You don't have to do any extra cardio or exercise if you're eating fewer calories than you burn. If you care about muscle and fitness then you need to pay more attention to what you eat (high protein being the main one for muscle). But if you're purely interested in losing fat, it's calories that you need to look at. If you've lost weight then I imagine you have lost fat, it might just not be noticeable. Where your body stores it's fat is genetic. For example, if you've got a belly on you, it might be that your body naturally stores fat there. So you might have lost fat on your legs, and therefore lost weight, but because your body naturally stores fat on your belly then it's harder to shift that, Unfortunately it's not possible to target losing fat in specific places. You just have to lose it all over and eventually you'll get there.
  10. Gym Routine

    This is way wayyyy over complicated, and more than some of it is nonsense. Burn more calories than you eat. You'll lose fat.
  11. Steve Bruce

  12. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I think you could say that about 90% of comedies. I find that more than any other genre requires you to adjust to the show before you start enjoying it. Pretty much every comedy I've ever seen I don't really like the first episode. With a few exceptions.
  13. Gym Routine

    If you're purely looking at losing fat, then it is as simple as calories in vs calories out. I'm always amazed at how complicated some people make it. Yes it requires discipline, and it's not necessarily easy, but it's not complicated. I genuinely think more should be done in schools about this stuff. And I include myself in that. I didn't have a clue about this stuff until I was about 25!
  14. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Easily done. I can't count the number of times I've come home to find my other half sucking my socks