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  1. Thug

    Ross Barkley

    Played an awful pass forward, then watched casually as someone strolled past him. Very, very poor today, and needed subbing off near start of second half. Everyone is entitled to a poor game, hopefully will pick it up next week
  2. I'm not worried. They will tire around the 70 minute mark
  3. Really wanted Grealish to pull some magic tricks against Phillips as a **** u to cocknose. oh well.
  4. Ginny’s got a long way to go before we can start having that conversation.
  5. Why would he move for lower wages? Not like he needs to kickstart his career. Not like he needs first team action to get into the england squad. He’s winding down to the end of his career. Kids are probably settled in school, and his short earning life as a footballer is almost over. who in their right minds would give up a million pounds? Anyone with an IQ of above 100 would sit out the last year of their contract, THEN move to a club on lower wages.
  6. indeed, this thread is firmly tongue in cheek @White_Wall Dont know if you’ve noticed but we also have a relegation thread. Neither seem likely, and the truth is we are somewhere in between the two.
  7. This is the odd part. El Ghazi was in my opinion (as well as according to whoscored) our best player that night. Not saying a lot to be fair, but he certainly didn’t warrant the level of abuse directed at him. As @penguin has written above, it’s fine to come to a forum and express your irritation ( within reason), but a different matter to go to that person personally and direct abuse at them. I’ve got MAJOR Southgate issues right now, but I wouldn’t dream of directing abuse at him personally. If he wants to actively come to villatalk and read about a Mr Nobody making fu
  8. Thug

    Matty Cash

    I’m glad it’s not a red as it was our player who did it, but I honestly think that a blatant foul like that should be a red card regardless of where on the pitch it is. As the rules stand, it’s a yellow, and therefore it was a good decision.
  9. I’ve never seen a keeper just catch so many shots. It’s like he has Velcro gloves
  10. Battles are healthy. If he sees what Trez has achieved by applying himself, then there’s no reason why he can’t do the same. If he sees that Smith is not afraid to leave big signings on the bench, then there’s no reason why he can’t work his way in. Hopefully this spurs him on to make himself better, with an increased work rate.
  11. To be fair to Durham, he’s been a big admirer of Jack for some time now. I think he was just making a point about how he could be better, rather than he’s not very good. He does have a slight point, as I myself was thinking the same a couple of time’s against a Leicester. However, I’d argue that usually, his ability to draw defenders towards him is what makes him tick. Teams will soon realise that his number one priority is to try to slide someone else in, so by sitting off him slightly and inviting him to shoot is safer than going I to him and either getting beaten, giving a foul, or a
  12. I don't care what anyone else says. I'm going with this website. Yes. He's better than Messi.
  13. After reading 10% of your post, it’s clear we have a 95% chance of winning the league
  14. Because we’re gonna chase it, catch it, kill it, and dump it in Small Heath.
  15. I say let’s go to totally OTT while we’re winning, and call for player executions and manager sackings when we’re losing, thereby experiencing a full range of emotions to nurture our souls.
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