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  1. I’d say more 90-10 in favour of their defender. He is so limited in going forwards that it’s embarrassing, but credit where credit is due, and he was doing a MUCH better job than target against Adama. And quite frankly, if it’s Taylor rather than Douglas defending against Adama in the lead up to their second goal.. I’d wager that they don’t score. Totally pointless pass by McGinn. Not only was it a poor one.. it was a stupid one. Even if it was inch perfect, Taylor wouldn’t have done anything useful with it. Just cross the damn thing in yourself.
  2. Thug

    Douglas Luiz

    Too much Hollywood, not enough of the basics. its all very well scoring a screamer now and again and doing a nice touch here or there, but far too many stray passes, and just not involved enough. The balance is just wrong with both him and nakamba on the pitch. I get the DLP role is pretty much to collect the ball and distribute, but honestly their central defender Coady was passing better. We’re lacking a cutting edge - and I’m afraid at the moment I am also starting to think that Hourihane is the better option - especially without grealish
  3. Thug

    Wesley Moraes

    Poor again today, but far from the worst of our bunch.
  4. Thug

    Wesley Moraes

    I’m sorry, I just can’t agree with this at all.
  5. Thug

    Tyrone Mings

    Him and Engels were generally superb today.
  6. Thug

    Tom Heaton

    I’ll have to look at it again, but I didn’t think he did much wrong in all honesty. He had a really good game regardless.
  7. Thug

    Dean Smith

    He deserved something from that game. tactically spot on, for 95% of that game. i expected a total hammering, so to come away disappointed we didn’t win Against the champions of Europe is amazing. keep it up Deano.
  8. Thug

    John McGinn

    This man is absolute quality. i know there’s some criticism about needing to release it sooner, but honestly when he has an option he does.
  9. Very composed. Did well when he came on.
  10. Superb today. Well done
  11. Thug

    Wesley Moraes

    I’ve been hugely critical of him in recent weeks, but thought he really put in a shift today. That little episode in the second half before his substitution when he went on a one man ‘gegenpress’ won him a lot of brownie points for me. still some petulance, but to be fair he got absolutely nothing at all from the ref today - so can understand it to a certain degree. I’m happy with today’s performance. Keep it up.
  12. Thug

    Keinan Davis

    Come on Kienan, if you’re starting.. then show us you can do it.
  13. Thug

    Wesley Moraes

    You quoted my response to a comment that said that when Davis starts he's not looked any good. But now that you made this argument clinching point, may I remind you that: "management and coaches" thought that Tshibola was worth £5m? "Management and coaches" thought that Gary Cahill was no good and that Zat Knight was a better option. "Management and coaches" can be wrong.
  14. Thug

    Wesley Moraes

    Yh, because I remember that time when he started ahead of Wesley... and he was utter tripe. You remember that time? It was... oh wait.. he hasn't started ahead of Wesley.
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