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  1. And here is the exact reason why I get frustrated by posts like this. You argue that AEG’s all round game just isn’t good enough to warrant keeping despite his attacking quality. Yet here you are championing the purchase of a player that you’ve seen 2 YouTube videos of him smashing in a few goals, and know probably absolutely nothing about his all round game. You say keep quoting stats, so sure. AEG is not good enough despite his goal scoring because 1) he keeps giving the ball away. (He has a better pass completion than Rachica). 2) AEG doesn’t defend enough. (
  2. Based on the fact that Rashica has 2 goals and 1 assist in 1323 minutes of Bundesliga football, and has nice YouTube videos. Exactly the type of player that we need. Really really wants to be here too from what I gather. Exactly the type of person I’d want in the trenches with me. So I too wish we trade our 1 goal every 2 games in the premier league player plus a wad of cash on this guy. You know it makes sense.
  3. ALWAYS the same. why do our midfielders mark their most dangerous players???
  4. Thug

    Matty Cash

    He’s had a very good season but he’s very hot headed. He will do something very strange very frequently. He’s already an asset, but he will be much better when he irons this shit out.
  5. Agreed. I think it’s time we step into the £30-50m player brackets now. Need 3 of these this summer rather than 5-6 £20m players
  6. Thug

    Ross Barkley

    Except I’m not the one re-writing history here. I posted a very thorough statistical analysis of our performances with and without him in the team even before his injury ‘ruined his brilliant start’. We were playing with MORE possession, MORE shots on goal, MORE average goals per game, HIGHER up the pitch WITHOUT him in the team DESPITE a 7-2 victory counting towards his stats. All the while conceding FEWER goals, and FEWER shots on target against us. Lets face facts, Ross Barkley has been Ross Barkley during this loan. He put in 2 brilliant performances, a handful of average perfo
  7. Thug

    Ross Barkley

    What is ‘his form’ though? is it the hand full of stellar performances in his career, or the majority of lazy half arsed appearances? on his day he’s brilliant - hence the england call ups. But his day comes around 2 times a year.
  8. Big defender of him, but that was awful today.
  9. Thug

    Keinan Davis

    When you put it like that, it’s hard to disagree. A joelinton with an end product and We’d have been hammered last night.
  10. I’m sorry, I just can’t agree with that. in no way, shape or form is that McGinns fault for playing a good ball through and setting out striker off on goal. That is 100% the strikers responsibility to ensure he is on-side ready for a ball like that. edit: just watched the replay, and you’re right! I just didn’t remember it like that
  11. We’re blaming McGinn for Ollie being offside? It’s Ollie’s job to make sure he’s always inside, not McGinns to be a linesman. There was about a yard in it, impossible fir McGinn to tell from where he was edit: I’ve watched the replay, and @AndyM3000is right.
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