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  1. He’s quick, he scores, he can dribble He’s CANT tackle, and he’s not brave, and he’s inconsistent. Yes he’s a limited player. Along with 90% of the footballers out there.
  2. Thug

    Tyrone Mings

    We just went toe to toe with a Man Utd team that have spent £1 billion in the last few years, 2 years after languishing 14th in the championship We don’t need a scapegoat. We need a reality check, people.
  3. I thought we were really good. a shame we lost. I thought the penalty was a penalty. Douglas a bit naive there. Cash my MOTM, but I thought aside from the silly penalty, Douglas had a good game. They’re a good side, and we went toe to toe with them. Well played boys.
  4. Hertha Berlin. But couldn’t we kind of muscle in?
  5. What’s going on with Guendouzi? Not wanted at arsenal? worth a cheeky low bid?
  6. I’m not sure why we’re so eager to push people out the door. He was playing really well, a big part of why we are where we are, gets injured, AEG does well in covering, and all of a sudden Trez is surplus to requirements? Why is the grass always greener elsewhere with our fans? Maybe we should go spunk £70m on a Nicolas Pepe? We have players performing. 4 weeks ago AEG ‘wasn’t fit to wear the shirt’ and now he’s the best winger in the league! We have players that are performing, a good mood across the squad, we’re competing at the top end of the league.. and people are look
  7. Thug

    Ross Barkley

    Not if he’s injured more than he plays. No one will want to touch him, and we should get a cut price deal - if we’d want it that is.
  8. The most important thing for me over the last few games has been that finally Jack hasn’t been a shoe-in to be MOTM. More and more players have stepped up to the plate and actually making me think about who my vote will go to. Who would’ve thought at the end of last season that players like Hause, and AEG would be serious contenders for MOTM for a team challenging for the top 4 at Christmas? And it’s not even been lucky. In fact luck has been a bitch to us and we could easily be sat pretty at the top of the pile. Our transformation has been nothing short of remarkable, and prai
  9. Good set pieces, decent scoring/assist rate. Not mobile enough for our current style, but for what we paid, and for what he’s costing, he’s a perfectly decent squad option.
  10. Guilty for the goal, but as many have said stepped up to the challenge from around 55 minutes onwards. A little bit harsh as chelsea clearly are better on that side, but I think trez wouldn’t let that happen. I think when fit again, these are the types of situations where trez would be more suited
  11. Havertz £80m? By these yardsticks McGinn £1.25 Trillion?
  12. I think it refers to the fact that he blasts things over all the time.
  13. Isn’t it bizarre that I’m disappointed we didn’t win, or dominate. well done lads. Commentators talking about Grealish fouling their guy before the goal - WTAF??
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