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  1. Don’t know how impressed I am with a 16yr old having a tattoo.
  2. Thug

    Pepe Reina

    I wholeheartedly believe without him leading by example at the back that we would not have controlled 65% of possession. There must be an element of ‘well if the keeper can do it.. so can I’ recently it’s all been players trying to get rid of it to anywhere, because they’ve been too scared to make a mistake. and the free kick at the end. Just strolled up to it calm as anything and picked out a perfect 60 yard pass. Have to admit I was annoyed thinking ‘hurry the **** up!’ Until I saw what a quality ball he put in
  3. i Know it’s only been 2 games, but I’d be delighted with Reina being permanent, his calmness and ability on the ball is a HUGE upgrade on what we have.
  4. I gave him my man of the match.
  5. Thug

    Pepe Reina

    Quality. just feel so comfortable with him there. even more so than Heaton dare I say it
  6. Superb today (but his crossing needs to be much better)
  7. He’s just not ready. definitely getting better, but we’re carrying him i really do wonder if he’s got some kind of starting guarantee... makes no sense otherwise
  8. With all due respect, we could have Kane up front, but when the crosses are that bad we still wouldn’t score
  9. I don’t think anyone has set expectations any higher than staying up. I think the certainty of losing Grealish if we go down is heightening anxiety amongst posters.
  10. Lol I bet mr dogg was replying to @sir_gary_cahill
  11. More importantly... why are you awake?
  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I I’d think the decision to sign for Chelsea would have been his own. The agents job would have been to get him the best package possible, and considering how things planned out.. he should be giving the agent a bonus, not sacking him. i mean the guy got him paid somewhere close to £18m for 23 appearances. Add the £34m transfer fee and that’s £52m that Chelsea will have paid. (Or £2.25m per appearance) If anyone needs sacking it’s the Chelsea guy that signed this deal off. The agent did a pretty **** tremendous job if u ask me.
  13. Thug

    Matt Targett

    I quite like him to be fair
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