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  1. Grealish was everywhere and put in a LOT of effort. Passing was uncharacteristically poor from him I think southgate being at the stadium didnt help. Wesley was very poor.
  2. Thug

    Lovre Kalinić

    To be honest, I was dubious watching his YouTube ‘highlights’ video when we signed him.
  3. I’ve never really had a problem. i say ‘really’, because my phone stopped working for ages, but I never used it and couldngbe bothered with an engineer to come fix it. eventually i called one in, and he fixed it. ive got 500Mb, which runs at 500Mb. Never an issue.
  4. I’m surprised. He’s done pretty well defensively, so swapping him for Hause won’t help much. The main issue is that he offers ZERO going forward, but I can’t imagine Hause doing much more from open play either.
  5. Both were yellows. Both were stupid, needless fouls. The ref was an utter disgrace, but THIS he got right. You can’t just run full pelt at the opposition in the hope that you might get the ball. To do it whilst you’re on a yellow is just sheer stupidity.
  6. Appalling ref. Our yellows were yellows, not going to argue.. but when their guy is tugging on McGinns shirt.. nothing. Grealish brought down, but wasn’t even claiming a penalty, Lansbury scores a legitimate goal. what the **** was Trez thinking?! Two appalling bookings.
  7. Thug

    Cameron Archer

    @sir_gary_cahill out!
  8. Thug

    Matt Targett

    In a round about, strange kind of way, I'm a little bit relieved he was injured. Not because I wanted him to be, but because I needed an explanation as to why our centre backs looked so exposed down the left side time after time... Lack of fitness, clearly... I'm sure he'll come good.
  9. Thug

    Tom Heaton

    I don't normally like to wade in into a disagreement between posters, but I think you're being harsh. I have to admit, that I also wouldn't really say that he "had it covered", and I think that had it been an inch or two more to the left, that would have been in off the post. More to the point, I certainly don't think it that it such a clear case of "having it covered" that you can "choose to be far more condescending if wish to" Well, you can choose to be as condescending as you want, I suppose - but the fact of the matter is, that there is no definition of what "having it covered" actually means, so it is a subjective take on the situation. For me, I 100% would NOT describe a situation where a goalkeeper desperately lunges full stretch to reach for a ball that passes him at speed, striking the post, rebounding into play, being lucky that the ball doesn't bounce back off him and into the net.. as "having it covered". Would he have saved it if the ball was a couple of inches further to the left? Maybe, maybe not. But you're talking to someone like they're stupid for "not getting it", and I definitely don't agree with that. Was he wrong when he said Heaton was nowhere near it? Yes. But he has already acknowledged that.
  10. with blocks and interceptions...
  11. Really is such a shame. Defensively he's been superb. But it's plain to see that we become so limited going forwards on that whole flank.
  12. Thug

    Douglas Luiz

    Surprising reading what I am about sigurdson. i thought he was making them click, and played some really dangerous balls. was surprised to see him go off considering Gomes looked like a competition winner.
  13. Thug


    I’m tempted to post a bunch of quotes from previous pages... but, I don’t want to jinx him.
  14. Excellent cameo, and I’m well pleased for him. Especially as Jota put in a stellar performance, I didn’t want AEG to become the forgotten man. Competition for places needs to be fierce, and he’s kept his hat in the ring.
  15. What a player, he is just sooooooo calm. reminds me of McGrath in how he just makes everything look so simple. quality signing.

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