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  1. Albert Adomah with a couple would be just the ticket.
  2. For anyone currently watching this latest season, I thought episode 6 was the best so far. Was like a mini horror movie.
  3. yeah, Mings or Hause centrally or on the left works doesn’t it. However, Bailey isn’t fit and won’t be until the Wolves game at the earliest according to Deano
  4. ferguson1


    Hi Phil, I’d probably like a deal under 2k but is that me being cheap? Just be 100% sure it’s genuine as it’s a lot of your hard earned money to waste if caught out. Many years ago I bought a Armani watch via eBay for a couple of hundred, which should have been worth more but I don’t think it’s genuine. Refuse to wear it and never had it checked, but papers etc don’t look right.
  5. Ahhh, I remember those glorious days when we conceded a goal from our own throw in. Love how MacPhee appears to be very vocal to the players during matches as well and not just sitting/analysing.
  6. Was hoping for a performance like this from Spurs today, so confidence will be fragile next week. Be nice if one or two lose their heads now and get sent off.
  7. We’re really in the mix now with the likes of Arsenal, Spurs, Leicester, Everton and West Ham, which is amazing really.
  8. Fantastic result. Very well done ladies.
  9. The Great Escape, just starting on Film4. One of best war films ever, it not the best. The music, humour and sadness, just gives you everything.
  10. Great to see how brave he was with his substitutions yesterday, in not wanting to accept the draw and being defensive minded. That bravery is also being instilled into the players.
  11. Bit early for this but what the hell, I’m looking forward to the next game already. Simple selection this time in that I wouldn’t change a winning side. Hause deserves to keep his place, so Axel will have to settle for a place on the bench for me. Looking ahead to Spurs away, Kane, Son, Gil will give us a test and it would be good if they have a bad result against Arsenal, with a sending off for good measure. Spurs are not a Chelsea or a United even, so we should have plenty of the ball and cause them plenty of problems. Think we can do well in this one and a positive result may make the media stand up and take notice of us. Going to say 3-1 win: Martinez Konsa Mings Hause Cash Luiz Targett Ramsey McGinn Ings Watkins Subs: Steer, Tuanzebe, Young, Nakamba, Chukwuemeka, Buendia, El Ghazi, Traore, Archer Finally, just love how impressive our bench is this season. Real options that can change a game and this without having Bailey, Sanson, Davis, Trez etc
  12. Very tough game today (2.00pm) against top of the table Brighton. Be interesting to see how far we have come along since Carla has arrived. Think our aim this season should be roughly 20 points (5 wins and 5 draws) mainly against the teams around us. That’ll be enough for a lower half finish, then progress to try and get a top half finish next season.
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