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  1. ferguson1

    "That's Disgusting"

    No sweetcorn in the Naan Kebab mate, but the texture of it in my mouth whilst reading this particular thread was not pleasant. Can you be mentally raped?
  2. ferguson1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Is that meant to be Ted? Shit me, I thought it was Nyland dressed as Bungle! Wishful thinking!!
  3. ferguson1

    John McGinn

    John McGinn Mrs F isn't impressed that I have a man love for this guy, but what the hell, I do. My favourite player in the squad and surely way ahead as our player of season right now.
  4. ferguson1

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Pretty sure it was an initial loan with an option to buy (in our favour). Was something like a £2M loan fee and then purchase for £5M? The player himself reminds me of a young Ronaldo when he first joined United. Skinny, quick and has a trick or two. Not saying for one minute he'll follow Ronaldo in his career path, but there are similarities in style etc. His goal and celebration last night reminded me again of this. Confidence is obviously high in him at present and Smith deserves a lot of credit for that. Long may it continue with him and the rest of the squad.
  5. ferguson1

    "That's Disgusting"

    Lesson learned - never read villatalk whilst eating! My naan kebab just doesn't taste right now.
  6. ferguson1

    John Terry

    That is a ridiculous bit of skill and is made to look effortless. Wish we could’ve had him five years ago. Hope he’s enjoying the coaching role.
  7. ferguson1

    Pre-match thread

    Anyone else think the extra two days rest for us will make a difference here? I’m never sure with these things, but surely in the second half we should be able to control the game and keep the ball more due to their tiredness? Can see our forward players running them ragged. Think we’ll win this. 2-1 or 3-1. UTV
  8. ferguson1

    Paul McGrath

    Not forgetting his Italia 90 displays either. I seem to remember that he was quite simply brilliant during that tournament and helped Ireland reach the last eight. Top, top international player as well and kept many of the best forwards quiet during his international career.
  9. ferguson1

    Paul McGrath

    Happy Birthday my lord. Having seen many of his games in a Villa shirt, a special mention should also go out to Shaun Teale. Absolutely fantastic partnership in defence and the best centre back partnership I have seen at Villa to date. Quite simply God is a Villa legend and always will be.
  10. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    Very good point in your opening paragraph and agree completely with your post. Every team within a club should play the same as the first team set up, without question. Anyway, to bring some balance to this Smith love fest this morning and in case any Premier League chairman read our forum: SMITH OUT! He's a one trick pony, can only do it with an expensive backroom team behind him, he's only a small cog in a big wheel and I hate the way he says "we go again". Long balls! Boring, boring Villa!! Is that enough folks?
  11. Woke up this morning and genuinely buzzing about our team. For anyone who can recall our Big Ron teams, it feels like that all over again. Pleasure to watch and not fearing anyone. Just pure entertainment week in week out. What is interesting for me is that I've now heard Smith say several times post match "it's something we've been working on", and that is music to my ears. He's finding ways to improve us. He's also seeing our faults and doing something to rectify them. That's a proper coach right there. We are by no means perfect, but dare I say it, we look as good as Wolves and Fulham last season going forward. Free flowing and a real scoring threat every game. We need to tweak this squad in January for sure - keeper, centre back and perhaps a left back, but I think that is all. Can we get promoted this season? For sure, on this evidence, but can we catch the top two places? Mmm, it's a big ask, but it's going to be fun giving it a helluva go! UTV
  12. ferguson1

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Smith out! I want 5 goals every game!!
  13. ferguson1

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Better than the Hutton goal that!