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  1. Wouldn’t argue or be against that either. Kodj on his day, could be useful, but not a starter of games. If the Butland signing turns out to be true, then i think it shows that our owners aren’t afraid to spend, so another striker coming in can’t be discounted.
  2. Agree totally that we need another striker. Think we’ll keep Davis as a third option and can see Kodj and Hogan being sold. Someone said i was being daft in the week when I suggested another big striker deal being done, but I just think we might you know? Even if it’s very late in the window and Tammy returns on loan for another season. I see the Euro U21 tournament starts today. I wonder if we are keeping an eye on anyone?
  3. Never heard of him, but trust your judgement here mate. There is also Celtic's Tierney, but they would want a hefty fee I suppose. With the success of McGinn, I'm surprised we as a club don't look at the Scottish leagues a bit more for value?
  4. Skinny bloke in my pub reckons it's a done deal.
  5. I understand when Smith returned from holiday this Week, Purslow's words to him were:
  6. Welcome Villa, what took you so long? Bet Edens owns an all white pussy!
  7. Play all the Brazilian's *sounds better than play all the right backs* Let's sign Marcelo for left back!!
  8. I know Richard Madeley is full of it, but to call himself "Jesus" and work for our glorious club? What does he honestly know about scouting??
  9. Secret Wednesday medical all done perhaps and Mings all excited?
  10. Anyone else think that a top six spot is wide open this season? Take Man City and Liverpool aside, then the usual suspects below have some issues to sort out. Arsenal seem all over the place, Chelsea may have a two window transfer ban with Hazard gone. Man Utd appear to be in a mess and if Spurs lose Eriksen, and perhaps even Kane? Surely the likes of Wolves, Everton and Leicester have a chance of getting in this season.
  11. My opinion, but with the right service i think Mitrovic could score 15+ goals. We also need more than one striker in the squad. Maupay fits the young and hungry model and yes he could cost 20m, but it’s a squad game and he’d get plenty of minutes, so not so daft as you’ve made out.
  12. I don't necessarily disagree with this. The price for Butland is excessive, but if he fits the brief of the club then I'd be happy and have Steer as back up. Up top, I still like Mitrovic. Although I know he's not popular on here. Maupay would then be a fantastic back up/option from the bench. Start the season with those four players including Mings and couple of others and I'd be happy.
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