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  1. Good suggestion. As a cheaper alternative for some, I’ve always liked my Victorinox Swiss Army knife. Had a couple for about 20 years and still serving me well.
  2. It was never a bad performance, we just weren’t great as I say. We seemed too desperate in our approach, especially in the second half. Far too reliant on Grealish again, which highlighted the need for Barkley to be on the pitch. As an aside, I did think the pitch cut up quickly and didn’t look in the best of condition, especially when you think it’s had so little use. Perhaps I’m being harsh here though.
  3. I could explain my choices but I’ve pretty much wiped them from memory. ————————Kalinic———————— Herd———Lescott———Crespo Tonev——Drinkwater—Sylla——Dawkins ————————Tshibola———————— ———Helenius————Bowery——— Anyone remember Berson? A nothing player from France who probably played a handful of games.
  4. Pen or no pen, bottom line is we weren't great yesterday. Some players were clearly jaded from internationals and we left ourselves open to the counter attack. Ross going off so early was a big blow and it shows what he means to this side. I said earlier in this thread that the final 30 minutes reminded me so much of last season. Give it Grealish and hope he can create something. We should have more about us than that. Just hope the 8/9 days rest does us the world of good and gets Ross fit in time for West Ham.
  5. Today and especially the final 30 minutes, reminded me so much of last season. Give it to Grealish and pray he can do something. Disappointing to see. Barkley going off was a shame, as our midfield needed him today. Luiz and McGinn in particular looked jaded. It’s early days with Bert and he probably is not match fit in the slightest but I’m a little worried about how he can influence games for us? I don’t see a real turn of pace or that trick that’ll win us games. The improvement in Trez this season gives me hope though that Bert can do the same once he gets a regular run of games i
  6. McGinn needs to be replaced as he’s offered absolutely nothing.
  7. I’m a little concerned for when we reach 69 i’ve got to be honest!
  8. Absolutely, we should be looking to win the game. Especially if Brighton have the injuries that some people have suggested. Trossard is the real danger man and will be the biggest loss for them if he’s not fit but I expect he will be.
  9. Not sure if you have young children but believe me the magic won’t be lost in 4 weeks time in our house.
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