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  1. Not for me mate, but we all have different opinions. Leeds for me play with a real attacking intensity, where as if Sheffield lose Sharp now, I don’t believe they have the same threat.
  2. One thing is for sure, nobody is going to want to play us, should we gain a playoff spot. If Norwich and Leeds go up as top two, we really shouldn’t fear anyone either. Agree with some of the previous posts though, we need to beat the next team, the next one and so on. No point looking ahead and resting players until a playoff position is secured.
  3. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    An oldie, but a goldie - Deano to the song Geno! Used to love it when Dean Saunders was with us, so just an excuse to use it again!!
  4. Best game in a Villa shirt today!
  5. Bristol or Villa, who do you prefer? Yes, we know
  6. It’s tropical for McGinn!
  7. Can't believe we haven't updated this thread in 6 hours! Really? What short memories we've got. I want hourly updates of which county he's currently running through. Last footage was him on the breakfast run for all the lads this morning:
  8. Smith: kodj, if I start you tomorrow I need to know you're up for it mate?
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