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  1. ferguson1

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    I didn't doubt for one minute that we were going to lose. I said in the pre-match thread that the score would be 2-1 or 3-1 to them - and we couldn't even find the net today! Anyway I had a lovely day in Shrewsbury with Mrs F and the kids. Normally I would be watching or listening to the game - I'm just not going to bother for the rest of this season. Sad thing is, I feel much better for it, as I don't care today and usually I'd be really fed up with another weekend ruined. Finally, to have the season finished before the end of February is just embarrassing for a club our size and to see some of the teams above us just shows how poorly we've been mismanaged. Very sad.
  2. ferguson1

    Pre-match thread

    Even with Gayle out, I can't see anything other than a defeat here. 2-1 or 3-1 to the Tesco bags. Really hope Smith tries something different, either with formation or personnel. Forget play offs now and concentrate on building his squad for next season.
  3. ferguson1

    Pre match thread

    So wrong day and possibly any score possible! What’s tonight’s lottery numbers mate? Anything from 1-59 you reckon?
  4. ferguson1

    Pre match thread

    Same here and agree. Think they’ll play us off the park for most part and just can’t see anything other than a defeat.
  5. ferguson1


    Chelsea could do a lot worse than take Frank Lampard and Jody Morris back to the club. Think they would both jump at it as well.
  6. ferguson1

    John McGinn

    He must consume energy drinks all week and also be off his tits by the time a game comes round, cos he does the work of three men in the middle every game.
  7. ferguson1

    Mile Jedinak

    Makes Whelan look like the Irish Iniesta! Truly dreadful performance from him tonight.
  8. ferguson1

    Pre-Match Thread

    Mrs F’s response to this and seeing the line up - “Jam sandwich it is then”. We better bloody win tonight!
  9. ferguson1

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2019

    Real shame this. Best remembered for Scrooge I suppose and he was a very good Scrooge. I still smile at some of his lines in Skyfall though - "welcome to Scotland", "what did you say do did for a living". Also calling James Bond a "jumped up little shit". RIP.
  10. ferguson1

    Pre-Match Thread

    If Adomah starts tonight I will force myself to get a Chinese or Indian takeaway and i will hate having to do that! Damn you Adomah, damn you!! Mrs F reads my posts, so I am doing this for her. Hope he starts
  11. ferguson1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Perhaps we're just fickle?
  12. ferguson1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Agree fully with this. Four points off sixth spot right now is nothing and if we win on Friday, I expect us to put a run of points together. Imagine the spine of the team below at the end of February and all staying fit for the run in: Kalinic ............ Axel/Chester Mings/Elphick ........... ........... Grealish McGinn .............. ............ Abraham A play off spot is definitely up for grabs. UTV
  13. ferguson1

    Tom Carroll

    Yep, where's Papa Bouba Diop?
  14. ferguson1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I actually agree with you to some extent, as we really lack zip and energy in some games. I also think we've had a soft underbelly. However, get Axel back next to Mings, Jack back next to McGinn and Abraham up top, that's one helluva spine in the Championship. The keeper situation is also an upgrade now. If we can have this spine fit during February and then the remainder of the season, then I believe a playoff spot is not out of reach. Granted, most of the rest in our squad are holding us back, but hopefully the above 5/6 players should be enough. A positive result next Friday could kick start a run and I believe it will. UTV
  15. ferguson1

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    So you're saying we have a chance?