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  1. Blimey, Peter Reid just doesn’t age does he?
  2. The three you mention above are good shouts and would improve us for sure, but deals like that will only happen if we stay up and Leeds/Brentford etc stay down. Eze is another from the Championship that we should be eyeing up, but many clubs will be doing the same. Perhaps we could offer them Hogan, Lansbury or even Hourihane as part of any deal. If we need additional full back cover, then Rico Henry or Antonee Robinson should be considered. Either are upgrades on Taylor and could seriously push Targett for a starting place next season. Finally, and this is me being greedy really, but if Man Utd spend big on anyone, what about a cheeky bid for Axel? Would love to have him back in our squad.
  3. “Magic Merson”. His winner against Coventry at home and his goal at Everton were special moments for me, as was at both games. Met him at his book signing in Waterstones. Very pleasant chap.
  4. ^ it appears to be true, sadly. Truly shocking and thoughts and prayers with his family. RIP.
  5. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    Keep reading that we spent approx £130m on 13 players last summer? First i’ve heard about this? Can someone please explain (in detail) about what actually happened last summer and Smith’s role in all this. Thanks.
  6. Absolutely shameful and a despicable act to nature. I really do hate this world we live in sometimes. As an aside, my children are aged 8 and 5 currently and am trying to teach them the right values and to be kind everyday.
  7. Some footage of Purslow on the training ground carpark yesterday:
  8. Had come on this morning to post something similar. We do obviously have issues with defending, especially from set plays, but our midfield is our biggest issue and has been all season. OBE is spot on. Whether we play two or three across the middle of the park we struggle and allow the opposition to dictate the game. When you look at the highlighted names above you can see why. Fully accept that we’re going down now., as we’re just not going to obtain the points required.
  9. I would think about bringing on Davis and AEG now. Need to create.
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