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  1. How long is that grass?? Bloody cheats the pair of them! Get it cut I say……….sorry, Souness said.
  2. No issue with signing Young on a 1 or 2 year deal. His experience will be a real asset in the dressing room. We’ve lost Heaton, Elmo and Taylor so far this summer and we have a young squad.
  3. If you look again it’s not The Belfry. It’s Julie B’s garden before he’s placed in the basement. However……………
  4. Enjoy the fixtures everyone. Could have been so different if not for Nyland.
  5. Locatelli deserves that goal for his outstanding pass to start the move off. Brilliant. Italy impressive again and serious contenders.
  6. Well done Wales Gobbie Cabbage really annoying though.
  7. Re kit: Is it possible to release our new kit and merchandise any earlier each year? My kids would love to wear a new kit over the summer holidays but this is rarely possible due to either manufacture/sponsor changes or delays. Feels like a missed opportunity for the club. Re Stadium upgrade/expansion: Can the club confirm any short and/or long term plans please? Many thanks @OutByEaster?
  8. Can see it being Brentford away, live Sky game . My preferred game would be someone like Newcastle at home.
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