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  1. I actually think he performs better with Cash. Cash bombing forward distracts the opposition, making space for Bert to perform. He’s been a good signing but has been frustrating lately, especially tonight.
  2. Decent first half, poor second half. Zero shots on target is simply not good enough when at home. Plus point, we’re staying up.
  3. El Ghazi injured perhaps? Good to see Luiz back in.
  4. Morning all, game day and a nice local derby. The reverse fixture earlier this season was a tight one and won in the closing minutes by us. This will be similar I reckon, few chances and who takes them. Team pretty much picks itself here, with the main debate being who plays as the middle 3? Personally I’d go with: Martinez Elmo Konsa Mings Targett Nakamba Luiz McGinn Traore Watkins El Ghazi I don’t think starting Kesler would be right. Derby, up against Neto and Adama throughout
  5. Absolutely and this is where Bruce is so limited. He can set a team up but then hopes for the best. Tricky few weeks for them I feel.
  6. Add Willock and Fraser for width. Hendrick and Shelvey are still fit I think, and the Longstaff pair. They have quite a big squad to be fair but are just so poorly managed.
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