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  1. Joking apart, I wonder if this would be an issue for Taylor mentally? Something I hadn't thought of until highlighted by you, but you can understand him backing out of any hard challenge with Coleman. I don't think he or us can afford this to be an issue on the night. Would it therefore be better if Targett plays this one? I think so. Good point raised mate.
  2. ^ Apologies bumping my question above again, would just be really interested to know what people saw yesterday, including how the old girl looked and sounded?
  3. I've missed this league like a hole in the head. I realise money requires us to be here, but she's a cruel mistress!
  4. Probably not the time to ask, but did anyone see any noticeable improvements around and inside the ground today?
  5. ferguson1

    Joe Lolley

    At least today wasn't all disappointment. Thank you Joe!
  6. Morning all, finally we're back where we belong. Let's show the rest of the league what we can do. Game face on:
  7. What a..........................
  8. No better sight when full. The Holte can play an important role tomorrow and be that 12th man. Going to say a nail biting 2-1 win.
  9. Can't we just simply knock down the North Stand and then order something comfy from SCS? May reduce capacity a little, but at least you'll get home quicker! Always thinking!!

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