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  1. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    So tempted to click 'reveal' but I'm watching it tomorrow so need to resist.
  2. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Indeed. Cults born out of some humans need to put meaning to things they can't understand or comprehend and/or to belong.
  3. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Totally agree. Teach children from their first year at school that some people follow beliefs that have no basis in fact and that as far as research can currently confirm, there is no more truth in such cults than fairies at the bottom of the garden. Teach that everyone has a right to believe what they wish but without basis in fact or truth, religion will not be taught in schools.
  4. All-Purpose Religion Thread

    Amen. Or rather, I agree.
  5. Rogues Gallery

    We all know God was fine once the game had started but to be the one who kept him upright before the game is some accolade.
  6. Things you often Wonder

    I guess his Take That years earned him a few million fans, most of whom stayed with him and were suplimented by some older fans who enjoyed his less 'boy bandy' take on popular music, hence the track sales. He was also seen by many as a 'performer', hence the 375,000 fans over 3 nights at Knebworth. I don't think even a supremely confident RW would claim to have a great voice, but he can carry a catchy tune and can perform so he did make the most of his talent. There's a distinct lack of amazing voices in music so he's probably no different to 95% of successful pop artists in that respect.
  7. Things you often Wonder

    I genuinely don't know if you are questioning the logistics of music industry sales or just implying that he's not your cup of tea.
  8. Sky TV packages

    Thanks again Kingman.
  9. Sky TV packages

    Thanks. Will a 50% offer increase to 60% at some point in the 31 day notice and how long is the discount for, 12 months?
  10. Sky TV packages

    Hi Kingman. I've been with Sky for about 18 years and only occasionally phoned them up asking for a better deal. The last time was over a year ago but I can't see anywhere on my online account that states my contract dates. My last call reduced the cost of my HD variety TV package from about £38 to about £28 for 6 months (I think) but for the last year or so I've been paying £44 per month which seems excessive for pretty basic channels from an old Sky+ box, albeit in HD. Are any large discounts and account credit deals on at the moment or should I cancel via a live chat and hope for a 50% return offer within the 31 day notice? Thanks.
  11. Will we give Bruce and the team a clean slate?

    Clean slate at the start of the season but with high expectations of at least 2 points per match after the first half dozen games. Assuming Dr. Tony backs Bruce early enough in the transfer window and after a full preseason of training and friendly games there should be no excuses.
  12. Things you often Wonder

    It's incredibly unusual to be snookered in such a way that makes it physically impossible to hit the object ball. In the professional game a miss is called (until snookers are required) if it is deemed a better attempt could be made. As professional players are very good and could usually hit a snookered object ball (especially if they play the shot without a safety concern) a miss is called in most instances. However, if the snooker is extremely difficult, for example if the cue ball is near trapped between a cushion and a non-object ball, the referee can choose not to call a miss. A frame is only forfeited if a player misses an object ball(s) that is on (not snookered) on three consecutive attempts. Fortunately, the miss rule isn't used in the non-professional snooker game.
  13. Things you often Wonder

    I assumed sharkyvilla was talking about playing snooker rather than watching the professional game. The miss rule is only used in professional snooker. I play weekly and I have never seen the miss rule used in amateur snooker.
  14. Things you often Wonder

    Fortunately I'm going north around 23:00 and going south around 05:30 so it's reasonably quiet. Already had diversions due to M5 J1 to J2 closures which add about 6 or 7 minutes to my normal journey times and now there's a 40mph average speed camera limit from a mile north of J1 to J2 which add 5 minutes. I believe they are going to use contraflow to keep 2 lanes moving in each direction. Probably going to be major delays at peak times but the extra 5 minutes at my travel times aren't enough for me to use the M6 toll with it's extra 20 minutes and associated costs.
  15. Things you often Wonder

    The M6 toll is also no use for me. I live south west of Birmingham, near J4 of the M5 and J1 of the M42 so when traveling to and from Manchester, which I do 5 times every week, the toll would add about 20 miles to my journey.