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  1. Subscriber number 11 here! I’ve had a 4 hour daily work commute for the past 8 years and fill much of that time with a variety of Villa podcasts. Villa Talks is now my favourite. A big thank you to Omar and the other contributors for your work and output.
  2. I hope he channels his local rivalry energy correctly and doesn’t get an early bath.
  3. Bob Carolgees? Where’s Spit the Dog?
  4. brommy

    The NSWE Board

    Except they didn't seem beautifully restored on that close up of Sawiris. Unless the 'burnt out stand' look was intended.
  5. Especially after saying that Bowie had such a beautiful slim face and then the cake looked like a an overweight wrestler after his 1000th bout. Freddie Mercury was more Frank Sidebottom! I thought Matt Lucas did well for his first show.
  6. We need to find our shooting boots first!
  7. In fairness, I don’t think Arse fans or the club itself wanted to sell. Martinez was obviously ‘well set’ with a decent contract surrounded by his work ‘family’. Credit to Emi that he’s enough belief in himself to no longer accept being second choice. Long may Villa and Emi benefit from that confidence!
  8. brommy

    Matty Cash

    Any news on whether Matty Cash is fit enough to start the game tomorrow?
  9. Very possibly. Different type of attacking midfielder but then there aren’t many players who fit the Grealish mould.
  10. The Brum Mail website is shocking. Virtually nothing new or incisive, either stating the obvious or opinions out of touch with the majority of fans, all whilst surrounded by clickbait advertising that slows loading speeds. Bring back the Sports Argus!
  11. Hopefully the Brum Mail have more information than a single tweet from Ian Taylor. If not it could just be that Tayls didn't bother tweeting about the 5 we conceded!
  12. I'm uncertain anyone on VT is sure. It feels like Huawei will have more information on this match than us Villa fans do.
  13. Is the 'radio silence' because the clubs don't want knowing the scoreline to influence not to bother paying for the 10pm showing?
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