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  1. Indeed, though even a 1000 point loss on the FTSE100 would see it higher than 2015 (pre-referendum) levels.
  2. Possibly. It would be unusual for there be a large loss on the FTSE100 and the pound.
  3. Are there many MPs who genuinely believe voting against the deal will lead to a better withdrawal deal? If not, what is the point on voting against the deal and then voting for the deal in a second vote?
  4. Ignoring the MPs who will vote mostly on self-interest (including the DUP and SNP) it seems the MPs intending to vote against the deal fall into two camps: the leavers who think the failure of the deal will lead to a preferential hard brexit; the remainers who think a failed deal will eventually lead to the possibility of not leaving. Assuming all the predictions that the deal will not be passed by parliament are correct, I’m really not sure which of the two camps will win.
  5. That index is just more fake news. There isn’t a single mention of Sweet Dreams or There Must Be An Angel.
  6. I will be surprised if it’s anything else.
  7. After the lack of polling accuracy demonstrated during the course of the referendum, I’m surprised anyone sees value in quoting them. As a Labour voter of 30 years, I’ve grown tired of polls predicting a win only to end up with a Conservative government.
  8. I wonder if the MPs who would prefer to see a hard brexit over the proposed soft brexit realise their votes will make remaining more likely. It reminds me of the one of the information films produced before the proportional representation referendum, that went along the lines of - 6 people wanting to go to the pub and 4 people wanted to go to the cafe; 3 people voted to go to The Red Lion, 3 people voted to go to The Crown, so they all went to the cafe. I suspect those pushing for a second referendum would be happy to see 3 choices on the ballet paper.
  9. It’s not hard to realise revoking Article 50 would take less ‘effort’ than the changes required for a so called hard or soft withdrawal. *insert Kenneth Williams photo*
  10. brommy

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    I was there to witness that bit of magic.
  11. Call it class or dignity, there will always be a gap.
  12. brommy

    Dean Smith

    I’m looking forward to when we can all forget Bruce’s footballing genius, thus: “Let’s try not to concede another goal and we might, just might, nick a draw. If that fails, let’s play the last 5 minutes with 4 forwards and a giant centre-half up front, just for gits and shiggles”. Dean Smith’s Villa will occasionally fall short (I really hope It isn’t during the next fixture), but at the very least they’ll have set out to win eaxh game!
  13. brommy

    Jack Grealish

    Jack has been booked to play our next game.
  14. brommy

    Match Thread: Derby v Villa

    Is hypnotism magic? There’s one for off topic!
  15. brommy

    Long weekend break for 50th birthdays.

    ...ahhh Vienna.