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  1. That's why this thread has a Groundhog Day feel to it!
  2. He is. Not good enough to play for anyone but Villa for the next decade.
  3. Whilst I agree, it could be argued that blackmailing Parliament into accepting her deal for fear of a no deal, is a clever way of getting her way. What I don’t understand is why Parliament voted to restrict itself to leaving on 29th March 2019 no matter what the forthcoming negotiations turned up.
  4. I assume the Irish government will maintain their right to refuse an EU request to build the border? Assuming whether NI left the UK to join Ireland would be decided by a NI referendum, I’m left wondering what the likely outcome would be. Could it hinge on how future trade deals affect the NI economy or is the demographic stacked so heavily that the outcome is inevitable?
  5. Confusingly, the EU has also stated it has no intention to build or pay for a border.
  6. Is it possible that there are ‘hits’ taken by both sides that, despite protests, never exceed the ‘suck it up’ threshold both the EU and UK impose so they aren’t building a border?
  7. With both sides committed to not building a border, it could be never before one side breaks their commitment and takes all the blame.
  8. With the EU and UK government both insisting they won’t build a border for customs checks between NI & I, is there any risk of a border appearing? I’m assuming neither the EU or UK will want to pay for, or be seen constructing, a physical border, so who and by what method would the trade be checked?
  9. I agree with your post but, after his outside of the box volleyed goal in his first game back and his post-assualt winner at the Sty, I think the chance of him 'flying under the radar' has gone! As keen as he will be to represent his country, I hope Jack realises it will be better to protect the final stages of his recovery and rest in readiness for his beloved club's final push.
  10. Their 20 minute checks were corroborated by others at the complex. I believe Calpol products are non-drowsy. In any case, the two other children, once woken, displayed no signs of drowsiness induced by drugs. A sleeping small child could easily be moved and kept quiet by an adult, without disturbing even non-drugged sleeping small children. I have often carried my sleeping children without waking them and they haven’t even remembered being moved. My son and daughter have both said they didn’t wake because they always assumed they were being moved by Mom or Dad. The parents were guilty of their level of care. It was a level that many, although not most, parents would have thought not risky. My own daughter was just 5 years old at the time and whilst my wife and I would not have left our sleeping children at that distance, we understood how some, without hindsight, in a family orientated environment, might. I think they have received the worst punishment for that lapse in care. I do not buy in to it being near impossible to take Madeline without her parents involvement (other than not fully securing them from other adults) as some social media drivel would have it.
  11. brommy

    Tyrone Mings

    But apart from him hating his time at Chelsea and Chelsea’s transfer embargo, Ake could go to Chelsea?
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