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  1. Jack's situation appears different to me, perhaps even unique in my 40 year Villa history. For Grealish, being interested in playing elsewhere won't necessarily equate to him playing under duress at Villa. He might be interested or just using it to leverage a much improved contract at Villa. It could genuinely be both. Jack wins either way. I don't see Jack 'doing a Yorke' if his valuation isn't met.
  2. I can see him much preferring any training with the ball at his feet but to be honest it doesn’t look like he misses out on the physical effort of non-football work. From memory, his mindset changed during his recuperation from his kidney injury where he vowed to come back stronger and more able to protect himself from hard contact.
  3. It’s slightly possible that citeh are sticking to ‘we’ve offered all the money in terms that are very typical’ and hoping Jack gets annoyed that Villa aren’t playing ball, but as Jack still looks chilled I’m definitely moving towards this no longer being a possibility of the delay. A release clause is looking less and less likely as time moves on.
  4. Of all the things to base on, don’t use Jack’s morning face. There’s plenty of footage of Jack arriving at training over the years looking half asleep. He’s definitely not the only bloke who favours another 20 minutes in bed over time to wake up properly.
  5. Hair and a thumb! That’s some going in photo quality!
  6. As I wrote last night, this is a possibility of the current hold up. IF there is a gentleman’s agreement or even a contractual release clause, it may not have included payment detail. Villa are then within their rights to stick to 100% payment up front which in ‘real terms’ (inflation considered) is a higher amount than the more typical (not always) payment by instalments. I’m still hoping that the delay is simply Jack’s agent obtaining the largest possible Villa contract for his client.
  7. Yikes, jumping to conclusions! It’s been written by a couple of others but I feel it’s important to reiterate, before this turns into a massive misinformation spread, that the reported death threats were from girls, during the Euros, who were jealous of Jack’s girlfriend. NOTHING to do with Villa fans and Jack’s possible move.
  8. It’s definitely one possibility.
  9. Exactly. Citeh might think it’s a reasonable to offer the amount in instalments, as most transfers are done. Villa are happy to remind citeh and Jack’s agent that their bid isn’t to the value and/or structure they want. Meanwhile Jack’s in a win-win position of a huge pay rise playing for his boyhood club on the up, or earning even more money and almost guaranteed trophies. All just conjecture on my behalf.
  10. IF Jack leaves, I also suspect that’s what is currently going on. Citeh have made a bid they consider has met Villa’s valuation or release clause and Villa have said the offer doesn’t meet their valuation or trigger the clause... yet. In the meantime, Jack behaves and trains exactly as a contracted player should. He’ll not have to decide between the two massive contract offers until citeh’s bid is acceptable to Villa. IF there is a £100m release clause, I wonder if it’s detailed how that £100m is paid? Possibly not, so perhaps Villa are comfortable to insist it needs to be £100m up-front. No player swap, no instalments, no ‘including add-ons’.
  11. Looks like Jack’s too busy waiting to time a smile at the rotating camera. He definitely looks at peace with any decision he’s already made (if any). Either the Villa Admin don’t know the outcome or they’re starting the guard against the media trash talking about Grealish being forced to stay by his Villa contract. I currently suspect the former.
  12. That would be at BMH though presumably using the club photographer so I can understand why official photos weren’t provided at this location. Given there were two 90 minute games yesterday I can also understand why this training was light. What I cannot understand is why use this facility instead of Bodymoor? Is it part of a senior players’ group bonding few days getaway, that normally would have been abroad but for the COVID situation?
  13. Fortunately and unfortunately in one sentence!
  14. How many years left on his current Leverkusen contract?
  15. Looked alert, quick, good going forward and not lazy to track back. My early impressions are that, given a bit more time and coaching he really could make the grade at the level we need.
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