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  1. Exactly. Form will have little to no impact during such a massive ‘one off’ game. When some form stats are emphasised (Derby beat wba and Leeds whilst Villa lost against Norwich and scrapped through on penalties against wba) and other stats are ignored (Villa had a 10 win streak followed by a decent draw at Leeds, resting players against Norwich and facing a 10 man defence against wba, whilst Derby didn’t manage a shot on target in their last home game), what’s the point? A team is only as good as it’s current game!
  2. On your 1st line - correct. How the club currently structures itself and whether the owners rent the stadium back to themselves matters very little. On your 2nd line - note that ‘if’ should be ‘when’. The current owners will sell at some point. The issue arises if they decide to keep the stadium for lease income and the potential conflict of interest that could arise (see 7 to 10 on my previous post). On your 3rd line - I have recommended it as a brilliant idea to the b-lose owners, they would make a fortune on match days.
  3. To add to @blandy and @sidcow replies, my thoughts/fears from best to worst are: 1. It’s just BS paper talk and this thread is wasting our time. 2. The ‘sale’ of the ground is conditional in that it legally has to be purchased by any new club owner. 3. If 2 isn’t legally possible, the current owners have absolutely no intention of selling the club and leasing the stadium, even if that means they struggle to get a club buyer. 4. Any new owner comfortably buys both club and stadium. 5. The new owner can afford the stadium but the previous owner wants to lease the stadium as regular source of income but also doesn’t exponentially increase the rent in the event of club success.. 6. As 5 but the new owner can’t initially afford to buy the stadium. 7. As 5 but the rent is increased on success of the club, stunting growth somewhat. 8. As 6 plus the rent is increased on success of the club, stunting growth considerably because the club owner is near skint. 9. The stadium rent remains high despite the club struggling on the pitch - the club owner can afford it but it impacts on improving the squad to turn things around. 10. The stadium rent remains high despite the club struggling on the pitch - the club owners are a chancer like Xia or a consortium who just about got the cash together to buy the club and can no longer afford to pay the stadium rent. Club administraton follows and the ground is sold for development. 1 to 4 are very little to worry about, 5 to 7 aren’t good. 8 and 9 are very poor and 10 is a disaster.
  4. JT has history, I’ll give you that. Dean Smith is a down to earth decent bloke which, to most, would not make him ‘thoroughly dislikeable’. If by ‘other’ individuals you are hinting at Jack Grealish, then I suggest you look at the amount of faking/diving offences that have been committed by other teams players (Bamford and Gayle for example), because Grealish’s total for the season is zero. As for us thinking we are ‘already up’, you couldn’t be more wrong for the vast majority of Villa fans. We might be proud of the heritage and size of our club (comfortably the highest attendances in the division supports the argument), but traditionally, Villa fans are negative nellies who think we’ll fall short of most hurdles. For the most part, the opposite of your post.
  5. I think many are overthinking the last four games/results: away against a good tough playing team with an apparently amazing tactician of a manager; against the best team in the division who were full strength needing a result to guarantee the title whilst we rested 5 or 6 first team starters; home and away against another decent team who had the attack/defend balance slid 90% over to defend. All four games against teams that finished above us in the league and yet in the two games that mattered, we achieved the result required. In no way will Derby be a pushover but, assuming they don’t set up like the boggies did, it will be a better watch than the boggy games and we’ll see more of the ball than last year’s final. Provided our effort and application at least matches Derby, we have a very decent chance. I’m reasonably confident we’ll give Derby a game which is one step better than we managed against Fulham. Anyone hoping for a repeat of the 0-3 or 4-0 league results, in a game worth £100m+ and against a team that is fired up from their previous achievements, is likely to be disappointed. Just hoping we do ourselves justice over the 90 or 120 minutes and get competent match officials.
  6. It’s not an issue whilst the owners of the stadium still own the club. It could be an issue if, when the owners sell the club, they decide to keep the stadium.
  7. This sort of rational thought does not sit well on the internet.
  8. I think the show would prefer some nudity in the final scene, so perhaps - We return to the scene of Bran being pushed out of the window, it speeds up and is immediately followed by a one second shot of Ned’s beheading, that is immediately followed by a rush of other key scenes from across series 1 to 8, each one playing faster and faster until they blur. Suddenly Tyrion’s face fills the screen, his eyes closed tight, his smile indicates near ecstasy. Tyrion mutters to himself - “The things I think about to delay an early finish!”. Tyrion starts laughing as the camera shot pans out from his face and across a brothel, two naked women are seen pleasuring Tyrion and the end credits roll over the top of the scene giving viewers something to enjoy and thus successfully distracting them from the huge ‘middle finger gesture’ that was season 8.
  9. Well Clough was a very clever manager!
  10. The media were 100% certain Jack was off to spuds for up to £25m last summer and he’s still at Villa. Why would Villa sell for the amount they rejected last summer when Jack now has a longer contract and Jack has been even better this season?
  11. brommy

    Dean Smith

    I would not have turned my nose up at a 4-0 win.
  12. Referees have the power to, often do, book players for diving. Times Grealish has been fouled this season = 150+. Times Grealish has been booked for a dive this season = 0. They are the hard facts from neutral professionals who, whilst far from perfect, are generally recognised as not being obsessed or biased. The figures tell the hard truth and I couldn’t give a flying fig whether opposition fans like it or not.
  13. Why facilitate that behaviour in the first place?
  14. Conor doing his best impression of a table footballer.
  15. Yep, said as much when walking out the back of the Holte End - McGinn was pretty average but we still won. If John plays like he does in 95% of his games we’ll be well set for Tuesday. Just hoping he isn’t carrying an injury or if he was feeling a bit ill, he’s fully better by Tuesday. Could just be that the importance of the game got to McGinn or just that the boggies system subdued him. Hopefully he’ll be back to his lung bursting best for the second leg.
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