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  1. I asked and he said 'BMH is now just a hall of mirrors, infinitely reflecting back on itself with nowhere to hide'. It's the set being used for the next Matrix movie.
  2. I know someone who works as an analyst at Bodymoor Heath, not studying the players but purely analysing the performance levels of the coaching staff. It's clear we're at least investing in breaking away from those clubs only interested in surviving in the PL.
  3. Can someone add steam out of his ears?!
  4. Well that's the plan. Although, after getting hugs from 30+ of the 120 at my son's wedding yesterday, I'm hoping the 26 days before departure is long enough to recover from what seems the inevitable 'rona. I've already been told a niece, who I did hug, has tested positive (but is symptom free) this morning.
  5. With an expectation that Mexico was likely be removed from the red list, I cancelled the Paphos holiday just 10 minutes before it would have been charged to my card. 2 hours later the news broke we can go to Mexico. We’re so happy as it’s probably the most luxurious adults-only holiday we’ve ever booked and the price has more than doubled since I took the chance of booking back in January. Better still that the 16 days (including travel) don’t clash with a home game so the number of Villa Park games I’ve missed in the last 35 years is still in single figures.
  6. Thanks Mark; much appreciated. I'm feeling more confident the wedding will go well. The holiday is further complicated - after Mexico went red in August and expecting the cancellation, I booked Cyprus leaving this Sunday. I can cancel the Paphos holiday before 4pm this Thursday. I don't want the expense of both holidays so need to know whether Mexico is leaving the red list, before Thursday afternoon. Still, very much a 'first world problem' compared to those who have suffered this pandemic.
  7. That government information brings 'chocolate fireguard' to mind!
  8. Sorry about that Mark. I'm currently feeling mentally drained about this pandemic. It's difficult for me not to start feeling more relaxed or complacent, especially when it seems I'm the only one with a mask in my local supermarket, but at the moment I'm dreading testing positive. My son's wedding is on Friday so my wife and I are being very cautious about who we meet at the moment. We're going to rapid test on Friday morning. What's annoying is for the past 2 weeks we've had sore throats and slight coughs, but we're still testing negative so I think some of the ailments are just cruel psychology - worrying about missing the wedding. I'm also stressing about a holiday to Akumal we have in 4 weeks time with British Airways. BA still haven't cancelled/refunded the flights and hotel but Mexico remains on the UK red list. Surely they won't fly us and then expect me to fork out £3715 for me and the wife to spend 10 in a government quarantine hotel??!! It's all messing with my head!!!
  9. Quickest in the squad, along with Bailey, according to Ings.
  10. I strongly suspect Bruno was suitably insulted and that was behind him hammering his penalty kick so hard as an ‘up yours’ to Martinez. Favouring power over placement is ultimately why Bruno missed so Martinez’s chat worked.
  11. Enjoyment, physical and mental well-being, fun? Assuming those lads aren't trying to carve out a career in football, is there any harm in unstructured kick-abouts?
  12. I've seen no sign of him unhappy at the club or unsettled in the area so what gives you that feeling?
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