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  1. It seems many think UV strength is related to temperature. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve reminded family and friends you’re more likely to burn on a cool clear day in April/May than a hot hazy day in July/August. Often ignored followed 24 hours later by a red faced person complaining ‘it wasn’t even that hot’. A breeze on a fairly clear May, June or July day seems to catch many people out.
  2. @Robtaylor200 I hope your circumstances improve. Good luck mate.
  3. I find many sci-fi and fantasy TV series conclude in an unsatisfactory manner. They often end with a plot hole(s) that make no sense, drag on until you don’t care leading to a ‘meh’ ending, or frustrate with more questions than answers. If Dark was American made I probably would have switched off after the 10th ‘Goddammit!’ exclamation (Jack Bauer’s ‘24’ to blame for that), excessive moody-mumbling or annoying ‘sun flare’ cinematography. Fortunately the German team did a great job and I thought Dark was well made and acted. What a fantastic change that Dark managed to avoid the stereotypical sci-fi pitfalls during it’s moving conclusion. It loses 1 point for being challenging to follow at times but gains a point back for being refreshingly different and concluding in a clean and satisfactory way. 9/10.
  4. By continuing the protocols that exempt.
  5. My stag night was in The Grapevine. As many of the attendees were from my office in the city, it was convenient and was one of the only pubs in the city centre which was okay hosting stags. The stripper whipped my bare backside with a leather whip whilst I was bent over the piano in the bar. Between her second and third strokes, the pub went wild because Villa’s Ray Houghton scored for ROI against Italy during USA 94 World Cup. A Polaroid of my naked self was passed around for the viewing of everyone I didn’t know in the pub. I’ve never drunk so many beers bought by strangers.
  6. Finished Dark series 2. Blimey it’s a mind bending storyline but well constructed and acted. Despite needing to give it 100% attention it’s easily good enough for me to look forward series 3.
  7. Alternating every other game for season ticket holders would see the attendance above 25% but below 50%. Probably only possible if social distancing is reduced to 1 metre. I think away fans will be the very last addition.
  8. Not much at all. My dad fitted a power shower for him years ago and sent me to his house to collect the payment. Big Ron welcomed me in to his hall where I waited as he went upstairs. He came back down with several £50 notes that were all gently curled. I assume he’d taken them off a very large roll of other fifties! I left with him saying ‘There you go son, thanks for the good job’. I didn’t have the bottle to mention he’d managed a great team that I’d not missed a single home match of.
  9. I don’t see this quite as salacious as some knuckledraggers will make out. Jack made a reasonably significant mistake and will be punished according. Possibly a fine and a short driving ban. I guess the length will depend on whether they see the ‘failing to stop or report’ as potentially avoiding being found to be unfit to drive.
  10. Barnt Green, not Barnet. About a mile from where I have lived for the past 22 years. Jack’s occasionally spotted grabbing a Chinese takeaway.
  11. Slightly the better team which was encouraging. Only one point makes us very slightly more likely to drop in my opinion, but a lot will depend on how much the team, particularly the defence, take from a decent performance. Surprised more wasn’t made of the massive pull on Mings’ shirt for what looked like a definite penalty to Villa.
  12. If the start were delayed, I can see $kySports saying they have to leave the final 10 minutes of the Villa match to cover the citeh-arse warm up!
  13. If the ‘leaked’ team sheet is to be believed, Fleck is starting.
  14. It’s all about reducing close distance multiplied by time to as little as is practical whilst still completing a competitive football match. Close contact time between players is significantly less than being sat next to someone for 90+ minutes. Separation of substitutes also follows the ‘where possible’ advice during work activities.
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