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  1. He’s so regularly visible doing training, interviews, promotion and leisure time Insta posts that unless he’s not bothering with sleep time, there’s no time for genuine rehab.
  2. Is the player with the addiction issue as publicly visible as Jack has remained? I’m wondering if it’s physically possible to have a serious addiction issue whilst regularly appearing in training, media interviews, promotion events, Instagram posts, a royal family meet and greet etc.? I assume it would be impossible if he were in rehab.
  3. I think the answer’s twelvty. What do I win?
  4. ‘Four days’ is funny. Took over three weeks to arrange my stepfather’s funeral. Also, the coffin appears to be unnecessarily deep.
  5. ...waiting but have all the background to make this a done deal. What does that mean? Smells like air freshener masking BS to me.
  6. After Bingham mentioned Selby’s slow matchplay, Selby was quick(!) to point out that Bingham had the same average shot time. 28 seconds is slow though!
  7. Are you off to see the Wizard? The wonderful Wizard of Oz?
  8. brommy

    U.S. Politics

    For reasons I don’t understand, the UK typically run sentences concurrently, however most of the US sentencing seems to be consecutively, hence the occasional 100+ year sentences one hears about for serial killers. A quick search gave the US’s longest sentence as 20,750 years, presumably in case of reincarnation! It will be interesting to see the sentence given to Chauvin. I suspect anything less than 50 years in the US would be seen as lenient.
  9. ‘Champions’ league, my arse.
  10. I’ve been trying to think why on earth he would think that?! Assuming there was sufficient time between the inoculation and the test for antibodies, I would definitely lean towards assuming the test being faulty or inaccurate. EDIT: I’ve noted your Dad had doses so definitely enough time to generate antibodies and most likely to be a faulty test.
  11. I don’t think you should worry. The research shows many people don’t have a reaction and from what I have read, whatever the reaction is, the protection provided is very similar.
  12. I haven’t tested positive for COVID or felt unwell at all for the last year so I’m assuming I haven’t had it, especially as my wife was part of an antibody test trial and didn’t have any Coronavirus antibodies prior to her jab in mid March and, given our very close proximity, it’s likely she would have if I had been asymptomatic. After my first AZ jab I went to bed feeling fine but, 12 hours after the jab, I woke up with a temperature. My temperature remained between 38 and 39C for 72 hours and I felt a bit weak. No other pain or discomfort, I just needed to take it easy for 3 days. I fel
  13. One can choose to see these round figures relative to COVID or not but In any aspect of life, enduring a 1 in 10,000 monthly risk of death whilst waiting for a 1 in a million risk of death ‘cure’, instead of immediately taking the 1 in 800k risk cure, doesn’t make sense. It’s as though some consider the AZ to be deeply flawed whilst the alternative vaccines are perfect. The real life numbers don’t indicate either. Perhaps risk analysis should be on the general education curriculum.
  14. I think women generally enjoy cringe comedy less.
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