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  1. Yet it has also been reported that 22 weeks is the minimum but perfectly feasible timetable for organising another referendum.
  2. I thought the EU had ruled out agreeing a delay to Article 50 unless it was for exceptional circumstances, such as a general election or another referendum, and they would definitely not extend just for further negotiations. Are the EU likely to renege on this?
  3. Aim is going to miss. Must be Corbyn in the hoodie.
  4. Of the 432 MPs voting against the government tonight, I wonder what the split is between those who see the deal as a betrayal of brexit and those who think they can push no brexit ahead of a no-deal brexit?
  5. Anything less than 120 will encourage May to believe she can win after another couple of votes on a slightly modified and 'further clarified' deal, especially if she can push the 'her deal or no deal' angle as March 29th draws near. A 10% swing of MPs is possible given pressure and the threat.
  6. With everything being a bit topsy-turvy at the moment, it can only be 69.
  7. brommy

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    As many know, traces of faecal matter are found everywhere. If you think it’s a risk, or don’t enjoy the taste, sanitise before eating. Simples.
  8. brommy

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Yum! Try eating twiglets. You’ll never know which ones you’ve scratched your arse with.
  9. brommy

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I hope you are eating them as my child self did - pretending they are rings and biting them off your fingers.
  10. brommy

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    The large fast food chains have worker hygiene processes that are, or at least should be, monitored. I suspect there are more independent and non-fast food outlets where worker hygiene is worse. As for the public, I have eaten at so called “fine dining” establishments and witnessed blokes returning to their table directly from their toilet cubicle. I don’t think fast food chains have the monopoly on questionable hygiene.
  11. brommy

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Can you quote your source for this information, please?Just in case it’s BS that’s easy to spread via the internet to suit certain agenda. For example, the 6 legged chickens, supposedly bred by KFC for years, have yet to be ratified. Whilst I wash my hands before eating in a public place (including pulling doors open with sleeve ends), the word ‘trace’ is often used to mean insignificant amount. Cash will often have a trace of faeces on it. The smell you inadvertently inhale through your nostrils and in to your lungs after someone has farted, contains trace faeces. In summary, if one is very sensitive about hygiene, wash hands before eating anywhere because there are traces of many things everywhere.
  12. brommy

    Tammy Abraham

    Why would FIFA approve his third club in one season after refusing approval for Ben Arfa?
  13. brommy

    Tammy Abraham

    Has the number of clubs in one season rule been increased to 4? Perhaps it’s now unlimited? Transfer by helicopter to play in another game at half time? Still to see any reliable quote of the rule changing from 3 clubs OR that U23 games aren’t official games even though a red card gets a ban in first team games.