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  1. brommy

    Alan Hutton

    How? Even if Hutton plays at right back, how will we know it is because he has been given assurances he will play there?
  2. brommy

    Alan Hutton

    That’s a strange response, SGC, as: a) I didn’t post that you did ‘say that’, I asked you a question; b) your original post I asked the question of and your subsequent post above, would both indicate that your are assuming Hutton would prefer to play right back elsewhere than possibly play left back for Villa, else why, as you wrote, ‘he must have had assurances that he’d play at right back’? Having witnessed Hutton play better at left back than right back in his later career, I don’t believe the current management at Villa will have given Hutton any assurances on which position he will play. Nor do I believe Hutton would have asked for any positional assurances before signing his new contract. In any case, ‘positional assurances’ aren’t worth the air they are spoken with or the paper they are written on and someone as experienced as Hutton will know that. If I was pushed to guess why Hutton had chosen to stay at Villa it would be a combination of: him enjoying playing at a level he feels is decent for his current ability, him earning more than a decent wage in an environment he is comfortable with; him being able to easily commute from an area his immediate family are happy in. It would not include an assumption that Hutton must have been assured he’d play at right back at Villa.
  3. brommy

    Alan Hutton

    Are you assuming that Hutton would prefer to play right back elsewhere than possibly playing left back at Villa? I wouldn’t be so sure.
  4. brommy

    Season Ticket Renewal

    Season tickets renewed for what I believe is the 30th year in succession for myself, 25th year for my wife and 14th year for my son. Despite everything, I still have more faith in Villa than any god and it’s cheaper and less mind numbing than trips to Merry Hill or the Bullring.
  5. brommy


    Thanks. All sorted. 4 seats in area 127 in the back of the lower tier overlooking the corner flag.
  6. brommy


    I spent 83 minutes in the online queue to be presented with a white screen with the following text in times new roman Oops! a general exception has occurred, please refer to the system administrator for further details... Any advice?
  7. brommy

    John Terry

    See, I read that John Terry owned a 'Traore' that was crap.
  8. brommy

    U23 Development League 2017/2018

    RHM's disallowed goal was not offside. Not only was he half a yard behind the defender, he was behind Green when the pass was made. Poor from the assistant ref, especially given the benefit of doubt should be given to the attacking team.
  9. brommy

    U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Thanks. The North Stand car park was full so, as you stated, we were redirected to the staff car park the other side of Wilton Station, free and only a 5 minute walk. Pity Hepburn Murphy's goal was incorrectly ruled out for offside. It could have been a different game at 1-1.
  10. brommy

    U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Going to this game. Anyone know if either the North Stand or Holte End car parks will be open and free?
  11. brommy

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I just don't see the value or point in posting "if we play like...". It's not incisive to list a few games that we played poor or well in and stating that if we play like that we'll lose or win. It's either blindingly obvious or still has a chance of being wrong!
  12. brommy

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    That's the spirit.
  13. brommy

    Glenn Whelan

    That's a fair point.
  14. brommy

    Youtube Hilarity

    Imagine being the bloke who carries each chicken back inside.
  15. brommy

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    There's another argument that we should do what Huddersfield did last season - cruise the couple of games and rest players, ready for the playoffs.