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  1. brommy

    Douglas Luiz

    He’s Brazilian, not French.
  2. It starts on ‘coming soon’; now commonly used as meaning ‘probably within a month, but don’t expect it next week.’ P.S. so glad you resisted asking when Bake Off ‘drops’ - an even bigger bugbear of mine.
  3. Well that’s very easy as I don’t drink it! Not had any alcoholic drink for a week either.
  4. In the Championship he’d have waltzed through ball watching opponents or been hacked down for a foul. If Jack needed a Premier League wake up call, better that he did it away at a top 3 side when we looked very unlikely to get more than a point, than at home against a lesser team when it could cost us all 3 points. It’s the only silver cloud I can find in Grealish’s distinctly average performance, albeit against very good opposition.
  5. For all the dogs abuse he got in the pre-match thread, I thought he had a decent game.
  6. brommy

    Wesley Moraes

    I will spell it right when he scores more goals!
  7. brommy

    Said Benrahma

    It appears, at this time, Benrahma is worth more to Brentford than to any other club. That’s assuming there wasn’t any bluffing or club to club politics going on.
  8. brommy

    Douglas Luiz

    Deano certainly didn’t rule it out but probably didn’t feel that he had to. Would still be a massive surprise to start on Saturday though.
  9. brommy

    Wesley Moraes

    Wesley is hopefully going to provide a goal threat and link-up play. If he’s injured, we’re down to Kodjia (carries a goal threat) or Keenan (provides some link up play). If big Wes isn’t playing, either Kodjia or Keenan will need to significantly step up their game. In any scenario, playing the way Deano intends, relies very heavily on free scoring midfielders. Fingers crossed Wesley performs!
  10. *said by David Attenborough* “Taken by the world’s fastest high speed camera, this photo finally captures an image that reveals the McGinn’s totally unique running style. The McGinn is also displaying his mating plumage, in readiness for his productive season.”
  11. Thanks Rob. Way too much sense for the average football fan!
  12. Could we all respect him enough to pronounce his name correctly? It is clearly detailed by Conor as How-ri-han on the recent BBC podcast, so much that Conor offered the BBC interviewer a bottle wine if he could get his name pronounced correctly on this season’s MOTD. Even captain Jack (Woodward) is pronouncing it correctly on the Villa commentaries. D D D D D D CONOR HOWRIHAN doesn’t spoil his song either.
  13. It appears the compensation for youth players covers the clubs costs in developing the player and is not intended to represent a profit for an uncontracted player who is free to move as they wish.
  14. Does all this Totti distraction indicate this thread is coming to a happy ending?

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