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  1. Don't like commenting on the penalty, it seems like sour grapes and we wasn't good enough defensively yesterday. But..... If it wasn't a penalty then the game should have been allowed to carry on, the ball was in the box. The ref stopped play and us attacking to review the penalty, an error on his part. He should have allowed play to carry on and reviewed the penalty at the next pause in play. Trez played well.
  2. Fair enough , it's a game of opinions. The thing I noticed with him is he's brave , he takes chances and isn't scared to play forward passes and offers when he's got opposition players close to him. For me this part of his game shows great promise, normally we only have Jack that does these things. Jack has a week to recover from his international efforts hopefully he will be back to his usual effort levels. For me with Barkley being out Jack should push into the middle ,Traore should start on the left with Elghazi coming on second half until his fitness levels are high enough to last 9
  3. Can't see how Traoré was a liability, he assisted and never gave the ball away, offered in areas other players don't. Hes obviously not fit enough for 90 min but other than that I can't see what he's done wrong. Jack was knackered, simple.
  4. Defensively we looked vulnerable all game. Mings was the chief culprit it but konsa was also a bit off. McGinn kept giving the ball away in dangerous areas and Target had his hands full with Lamperty charging forward and Jack not covering back. We also wasted countless chances, MOTM Trez, if he can relax in front of goal then he's going to be one hell of a player, the rest of his game his top class. Grealish looked Knackered. These type of games are going to be real difficult for us if we leak goals easily. We have to get it right defensively and with the players we have up front w
  5. His ball delivery is fantastic, more than once he curled the ball in with real pace. Played well for a player until he tired. He's very brave, shows for the ball in tight areas. I like him reckon he will be a valuable player with Barkley being ruled out.
  6. Love a win but it's a difficult game with the preparation or lack of it due to internationals. With that in mind we have to rely on Watkins and Barkley to put a real shift in. 2-2 draw with us going behind UTV
  7. We both see it the same , more or less. On the electrics, the wiring should be fine but the board would be 16rh edition with possibly no RCD's , 18th requires split load boards both with RCD protection, just a thought. Just get a roofer In and make sure there's no cracks or visible subsidence in the walls. Another issue could be construction type , Bryant system 2 , concrete construction has caught me out with a mortgage offer , non standard construction is a question to ask a builder .
  8. A recent example of a home buyers report I had on a house I was selling for someone, recommended a drain inspection, a roof inspection and a structural survey of the house. The purchaser proceeded to drop the agreed price by £5k. Sale fell through. The problem with home buyers reports is they are thorough but offer only questions and no answers, the answers come at further expenditure and someone has to pay for a builder, electrician or plumber to quote, I cut the middle man out. Home buyers reports are in my experience pretty useless. A survey from a expert in a particular discipline is bette
  9. Did the seller pay for the central heating repair? A friend of mine had his repaired in exactly the same circumstances , seller paid .
  10. They will produce a list of issues most of them small that some buyers use to negotiate a price reduction. Probably better paying a good builder / electrician / central heating to take a look around and see if there's any issues . 20 years and a boiler about spent and electrics would probably need upgrading , or a new fuse board existing wiring should be ok.
  11. You would lose out on your half of the stamp duty. Suppose it depends on how much the new house is wanted .
  12. Be really tempting for sellers to up the price on agreed sales to try and split the stamp duty savings. The Daily mail report is all about tbe SE.
  13. Thought we was poor tbh, same old passing sideways routine unless Kane got the ball or Jack. Mount was busy but no real killer balls from him. Jack would be far more affective playing there and maybe Mount should have been dropped to see how Jack was there, when Mount went off Jack's influence on the game increased. If we go into a tournament with this mindset then we will beat poor teams but lose against the stronger ones, nothing has changed form the last world cup. Southgate has to go and the sooner he does the better . Be a real shame if we don't get a decent manager that can use thi
  14. Seemed a bit isolated to me, Saka was playing in Jack's normal position and Mount was playing in the middle . Jack was pushed very wide at times. There also appeared to be a reluctance to pass to Jack when he was in space. Maybe egos are getting in the way of how players are playing, all the attention Jack's getting must be a bit of a slap in the face for the established big name players. Glad he's back with no major injuries and hopefully he can recover in time for Saturday, be interesting to see how he performs after all the excitement of playing on an international stage.
  15. If they do want him back, which I doubt then he will go back, the wages they offer would be £150k plus. Just add £15m to the £35m and get K Philips or another top class defensive Midfielder. Douglas is not irreplaceable , no where near it IMO.
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