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  1. He's was poor , he's obviously talented with the ball at his feet in space but he's hopeless at the defensive parts of the game and didn't position himself in any risky areas , showed for the ball in safe areas with no pressure. He should be rested .
  2. Douglas has been poor, plays in an area that doesn't affect the game and lacks any movement.
  3. Tough game for us and them, we need to start this game at 100% intensity otherwise we will be caught cold . Best I can see is 1-1 draw .
  4. If that's the case then why don't they announce that and fight the election on that basis ?
  5. Southgate made his mark by using young and up and coming players , if he's lost that ability then he will fail. Jack will be missed but it gives an opportunity for other players to break through and for a new captain .
  6. Doesn't sound as clear as Boris and " leave at all costs on the 31st"but at least its a plan and it would be put to the public vote even if thry thought the deal was bad and would prefer remain. To me it's keeping the options open rather than making promises you can't keep and would be foolish to even if you did . Pressure mounting on the Tories now and their making mistakes all over the place , it's a shambles. Russia's influence over the party must be investigated, its a direct threat to our nation and cannot be seen as Brexit only issue.
  7. tinker

    Dean Smith

    We are getting closer to beating top 4 teams with every game, we haven't been in this position in twenty years.+ Anyone that would argue Bruce over Smith is quite frankly on the wind up, a football novice or related to Steve Bruce. Smith is already a legend and give him 2 more seasons with the backing he has had continuing and we will be top 6 and competitive.
  8. Marlon Harewood and Zac Knight , letting Cahill go............
  9. They see a player that's a once in a generation player who's playing for his home team and loves it. When did any club have that ? Gascoigne for Newcastle is the only one I can think of.
  10. Trez needs to work on his shooting , not sure how good it is in training but in games it's seems to be lacking in power. Think he's also feeling the pressure a bit, he seems to be showing his frustration at his lack of impact in games. I still think there's something there and he just needs a bit of a spark to lift hIm.
  11. It's what your supposed to do when your winning a game, trying to score a hat full and cheaply surrendering possession is a sure way to lose goal and games.
  12. On a single issue election Labour represent neither side. Definitely not leave and not clear enough on their remain stance.( More negotiating and another referendum isn't going to wash) I just can't see who will vote for them when there is such a strong feeling from both sides of the argument. As a remainer I wouldn't and 9/10 times I would vote labour , I like his policies and he appears to be a good man, despite his bad press. His Brexit stance will not work to 90% of the electorate. He should make it clear he would back another referendum on no deal or remain.
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