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  1. tinker

    Dean Smith

    Chris Houghton is like Smith,to nice. We need a manager who's got a strong desire to win rather than make everyone happy. Fwiw they are rare as rrocking horse shit and we shouldn't be in a rush to get rid of Smith only to pick another similar manager who's going to make the same mistakes. Stick with Smith until a standout manager becomes available and then do whatever we need to do then. Grealish will go to Man city, or whoever , if the price is right . The rest will have to stay unless we want them to go. Certain players need to go imo, Nakamba , Trez and Elgahzi are never gonna be good championship players let alone premier League, let them go. Engels, Konsa , Target are good players, the type we need to build a team around .
  2. tinker

    Tyrone Mings

    This this this , we need an edge of nastiness that we are lacking and have been for years.
  3. Just back from injury, star player next season whatever league he's in
  4. Just not good enough. Effort levels maybe ok but he's just not going have the time he needs to try and develop. Championship ........he doesn't stand a chance, he will get kicked to bits with no protection.
  5. tinker

    Tyrone Mings

    He needs to be led , he's hardly played at CB and it shows . Stick him at left back and get Engles back in the middle with Konsa
  6. tinker

    Tyrone Mings

    Play him on the left, he's not got the concentration levels to play in the middle and were not gonna get anywhere near £25m for him , maybe £10m
  7. If inflation does rise, which seems likely, then so will interest rates Those waiting it out waiting for rates to drop further should factor that in. Add to that the likelihood of jobs losses and you have a lot of pressure on lenders to tighten their lending up.
  8. All this printing money is surely going to impact on the pounds value? Import prices will increase. The money would be better spent on the tidal energy scheme that was proposed a few year ago only to be thrown out. Low cost energy would have a real long term impact on the economy.
  9. Demonstrating how to ruin a reasonable competitive league with one rule change. The Premier League is doomed........
  10. When anyone is different to the norm then names and labels will be dished out, fatty , speccie, baldy the list goes on and on. In a large majority of cases i suspect its ignorance rather than racism thats got a lot to do with name calling, although human nature does a liking for bullying and general nastiness. The real issues start with institutionalised racism which is clearly a problem in the UK and needs to be addressed. We shouldn't forget there is also a very strong. class system in the UK that stops progression for everyone who's from the lower classes whether they are brown , black, Chinese or white. Ex Eton school boys in government as MDs , high police ranks, armed forces the BBC the list goes on and on and its not just Eton either .Take the BBC, its full of upper and middle class workers , presenters who are there because there Daddy was . I cant bring myself to watch these old white middle class people who have nothing in common with 95% of their paying customers. The debate needs to be widened even if its uncomfortable to the ruling classes.
  11. Looking like we're down. We need to build for next season by getting in a more successful scouting team , one thats proven in the championship and league one. We need two new wide players, a holding midfielder and thats before anyone moves on. If we dont prepare now other teams will and we end up chasing our arse trying to rebuild from the back of the que Large parts of this team will not compete championship style .
  12. Their never gonna out bid Man U and Man U aint gonna out bid Man City.............
  13. tinker

    Dean Smith

    Who would we have left that is any good? Douglas , who's been good since lockdown ended but was unreliable before. I just cant see this squad having the character or talent to compete in the championship . Plus there would be a long que of players wanting to jump ship , Douglas would be one of them , Heaton. Engels has been treated badly , Trez, Elgahzi. Davies looks our most useful striker atm. £100m will cover wages and ffp rules, there would be no spending to that extent.
  14. tinker

    Dean Smith

    As it stands today , without Grealish , we just dont have the squad to come back up, maybe midtable. The weakness we have in the premier league would be further exposed in the championship, our lack of confidence and willingness to fight tooth and nail for each other and every point is a weakness that would transcend leagues.
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