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  1. Ming's was guilty of over playing it for me, if he does that in the premier League we will get punished and conceding cheap goals from avoidable situations destroys team spirit , he needs to cut it out . It's early days yet and maybe it's a bit premature but the warning signs are there for me. Chester was solid and read the game well and didn't over complicate things
  2. Chester's played well, gets the nod over Ming's for me
  3. If he can stay fit then he could be an influential player for us , he has the ability to change games , he's brave and shows a determination to compete. However he was pedestrian in some.of his substitution appearance's, which in my eyes is a poor show . Interesting to see what a pre season with Smith can coax out of him.
  4. I waited 20 years for a player like the Benteke of old , we would be very lucky to get one who had what he did had and was a bit quicker and more agile, be worth £100m + . Fingers crossed though ay
  5. tinker

    Douglas Luiz

    I agree it's not am easy choice and it's very tempting to see this as an ideal opportunity to get a player who's beyond our reach. It's the long term affect I'm looking at and in 2 years time when we're losing our best player for £15m (£30m taking away the initial fee we paid for him) it will disrupt the squad and could start another exodus of players like the Barry sale did with Milner , Young and that Representative for Wellingborough Downing . On not having our own talent .....£15m could buy a young talented player who could grow into something special , McGinn or Grealish type prospect. It would not be devastating to have him from a footballing point of view but from a long term business point of view, on asset growth it raises questions and that's where the future of the club is. Look at Bournemouth with Ming's UTV
  6. tinker

    Douglas Luiz

    Maybe I haven't been clear. My point is he's not increasing in value playing for their sister club and hes not getting the experience or exposure the premier League gives players . We need to use the premier League to showcase our own talent and add value . Taking loan players or low buy back clauses on players is much the same thing, we are showcasing other teams players at the expense of our own talent .
  7. tinker

    Douglas Luiz

    The devils in the detail, but let's not pretend we wouldn't be inflating cities asset here. Without him going on loan to someone he's worthless to them. Buy back clause has to be very high or related to his future value.
  8. tinker

    Tom Heaton

    The players only sign 4 year contracts so if we sign Butland for £25m and he runs his contract down he's worth nothing or very little . His wages will be alot more than Heaton . We need a balanced squad and we have already spent alot on Ming's , as others have pointed out let's spread the wealth around the squad.
  9. tinker

    Tom Heaton

    What a signing he would be , remember him against us last game of the season when Burnley went down, he was fantastic that day said there and then we should have signed him .
  10. tinker

    Tyrone Mings

    If he had gone to man u for £20m how would all feel about that ? I think he would do well there and cement a place in the England squad. It's as much his character as it is his physical ability , he's a winner and pushes those around him to give everything . My only fear is if we don't build a balanced squad that's capable of competing in the premier League then he may become frustrated and this may compromise his decision making. He needs a partner at the back who has ability and can stay fit. At the moment we don't have this player or a squad that can compete , we have some big holes to fill .
  11. Draw , Grealish will run the game. We're BACK !
  12. Vertout looked like a good player from the start for me, he had what it took to make it but something was missing and he's told us what it was, he was never welcomed into the squad. He's not on his own, the midfield we had was far to good to go down but it did , it's clear the fault lay with poor management but it went further than that.......the management was picked by incompetent owners or directors. Spurs show what is capable for a team like us and their success lays firmly at the feet of Levy , like him it loath him . UTV
  13. tinker

    Tyrone Mings

    McCormack was a bit different though , he never performed while being on loan and we paid most of his wages, his attitude has been questionable from 2 months in. Ming's has enhanced his reputation while on loan ( typical of us loaning players) and has an expillary attitude
  14. tinker

    Tyrone Mings

    Bournemouth paid £10.5 m for Ming's and his contract runs until 2022 so they are in no rush. If he doesn't go to us then they could loan him out and he would further increase his reputation or maybe get injured and damage it. It's a gamble but I can't see us getting him for less than £20m. We should have negotiated an oprion to purchase at the start of the loan deal they meant both teams would benefit from him doing well,no just Bournemouth ( apart from his contribution to our season) I think we either need to pay up or move on to another option because the later we leave it then the more valuable he will become to us and that fact will not be lost on Bournemouth.
  15. Boris is the start of a change in UK politics that's going to hurt us all.........but it's the start of a change that will see us getting better leaders. Any system that allows a person so limited in his ability to govern as he is, has to change and the same goes for Corbyn, who's principles are good...but he is as far away as a leader than you can get . A sort of polar opposite to Churchill.

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