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  1. If Barkley get his chance next game its arguably the most important game in his career, I just hope he understands that and I'm sure he does. I would start him without hesitation When we're going to have a lot of the ball we need players that can use it offensively and Barkley is one of those players, Nakamba isn't, he's a spoiler but give him time on the ball and he will waste it if history repeats itself. If we are 2 goals up then Nakamba should come on if the opposition are pushing us back and having the majority of possession . Let's really see what Barkley is made of before we
  2. Luiz gives to many free kicks away in dangerous areas , as a DM that fact alone is why he isn't affective. When we don't have the ball Nakamba is a better player.
  3. He's 19 and starting out and didn't look out of place in arguably our hardest game this season ( Leeds comfortable beat us in the home game ) . If he can improve by 20-30% then he will be a starting first team player , ahead of any of our other central midfielders, Samson aside.
  4. We now have a squad that can win games with our best players our injured. Hopefully Westley can help lift the burden off Ollie who's arguably our most important player .
  5. Very good, everything he did has a show of quality about it. Pushing for a start.
  6. Played well, lovely ball for Elgahzi to run onto.
  7. Great news, just needs to go out work hard and enjoy himself and the rest will happen. Reckon he will cause Leeds issue with his movement. No pressure UTV
  8. Let's hope he's got someone watching this thread, he's back , Jack is back , back, back
  9. Jack's back for the Leeds game, you heard it here first .
  10. tinker

    Dean Smith

    Barkley coming on as a sub maybe a good way of building his confidence back up. On subs I thought Smith took a chance with Douglas staying on the pitch Sunday, he had a yellow card and was lucky not to get another with a challenge late in the second half.
  11. Looks like hes going to be a great player for us. Looked composed , and threatening and doesn't get phased when he has possession under pressure, he still keeps the ball either with a nice pass, a turn, or nice little run. Got to be pushing for a start.
  12. The irony of it all is staggering. Witchell and his fellow media hacks are vile , shallow but also quite dangerous.
  13. The issue is we don't move the ball far and fast enough , of the opposition are surrounding our play makers then we need to move the ball further to punish them for leaving too much space in other areas. We tend to just continue to play short balls in the area their flooding with players .
  14. FFS, this should be funny but I believe you mean it . I'm sorry but your letting your emotions get in the way of reason. Brightons last 6 games show how hard they are to play against . Because their not fashionable fans expect us to beat them.
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