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  1. He was a Holte end hero but forced a move to Man u . He was a good.player but he was at the villa for nearly 10 years, came good in the last 2 and then forced a move. Grealish has dragged this team up for two seasons . He's influential all over the pitch and he's still young, Grealish is re writing the record books and we should all sit back and enjoy it. Dwight Yorke........na not for me., Grealish kicks his arse into touch
  2. So did I, he played his best football for Manure
  3. Sorry Dwight was good for one season , maybe two, was at his best for Manure but even then he was never as influential as Grealish and would never score goals like Jack has , tap ins For a large part of Dwight's villa career he played second fiddle to the likes of Atkinson .
  4. He's better than Milner, he's the best player I have seen at the Villa and I witnessed the re birth of God
  5. tinker

    Dean Smith

    No striker , what did we expect . Any striker would have scored Elgahzi missed header, even a shit Kodjia or broken Benteke
  6. Backs against the wall with this one, can we pull out a performance after the Man City game? Its going to be hard, with us having no forwards Brighton can press us right up the pitch and they will straight from the whistle . Fingers crossed for a draw but I can't see anything but a loss here and quite a heavy one as well . 3 goals + . Our squad has fell apart before our very eyes I'm afraid.
  7. tinker

    Dean Smith

    Smiths at fault by ignoring all our striking options over the last 3 months and sticking with Wes, he could clearly have done with a rest, was a bizarre decision. Hes also ignored our wealth of talent in midfield and stuck with McGinn when he had an array of midfield talent waiting to astound us all with their skills and tenacious attitude. The formations he has chosen has robbed our players of the opportunity to challenge for 50/50! ball's and forced them into bottling tackles and hiding when we have the ball Manager hasn't picked these new players, a group of experts have and it hasn't worked, just like it never worked before. Smith wanted Phillips from Leeds and we ended up with Marv and Doug......did anyone watch Phillips against Arsenal? He was everywhere .....
  8. He's our only striker who has English league experience, it's ridiculous to let him go even though he's not affective He's a threat in the final 10 minutes as a sub. I cannot see how anyone cant see how bad this decision is
  9. Can't believe we have let Kodjia go. We have no fit strikers and one who's about to sign whos totally unproven and doesn't appear to play to our strengths. It weakens our negotiating position for any other deals. I'm sorry to say it but it seems. from the information we have, a ridiculous decision. Lerner like!
  10. tinker

    Keinan Davis

    Tammy , Ming's , Tunzabe all did well with us. O Hare seems to be doing ok with Cov .
  11. Watching Grealish playing is more or less the only highlight of this team. He's effort levels alone should should shame 95% of the squad. Smith is very lucky to have him available, if he gets injured we are relegated.
  12. It's was palace's only shot on goal and it was well parried back to him, he then passes it back into the danger area. He may no be Drogba but hes far from past it judging from that Newcastle video. He's far better than Kodjia.
  13. Just need a song for him.............
  14. You are right , but if palace pay 50% of his wages and there's no loan fee then he could be a decent gamble as a 3rd striker. Would want a set fee to purchase him if it works out. Palace have no other options with him other than to lose the money they have paid for him,£30m . If we sign or loan our main striker then this is more likely to happen as palace will have no leaverage and can't hold us to ramson for a player that looks like a complete failure for them .
  15. tinker

    The Film Thread

    Ford Vs Ferrari...Ken Miles the Ford driver and star of the team (and the film )........and a Villa fan , his son has the shirt on for the race. Good film 8/10 "Cheese and.onion cob"
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