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  1. Communism failed because of greedy individuals, the same type of people who are pushing capitalism to the bring of failure. But that doesn't make it right and to look for answers to our issues outside of these facts is pointless. It needs to be highlighted and pushed to the front of our agenda for change. Instead we are side stepped by smoke and mirrors, reasons why normal workers are struggling to earn a living..... immigration or lack of commodities, brexit or the EU. No it's the greed of a minority of people leaching of supply chains and or commodities so they can live a life of untold riches.
  2. Obviously some shareholders have enough shares to fund trips into space and £200m private yachts, jets, houses the list goes on and on. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that the rich are getting richers and the poor are getting poorer , it's an established fact. Who's makes the money for the rich? Workers and consumers, Or someone or something else ?
  3. The middlemen are the owners of the supermarkets and websites like Amazon. If you don't think they make huge amounts of money then I think you are wrong, very wrong.How else do you think they can afford their extravagant lifestyles? Do you think they run their companies for the benefit of their employees or the consumers?
  4. The race to the bottom for workers wages and rights. Real problem is the massive amounts of profits the middle men are talking out of the supply chain, it pushes prices up and drives wages down just so a few people can have a massive yacht or a trip into space.
  5. Mass immunity is the only way to beat this and any other virus, I have had covid at least once and been around people in close proximity who have almost definitely had it (they never tested) and not caught it.
  6. Gareth's main problem is he can't change a game that's not going the way he wants it to. He's failed to do it against Croatia and Italy and it showed against Hungary as well. We usually start well....... the opposition see their weakness and our strengths and change the game by changing formation and or players, Gareth is then clueless on how to change the game and we lose the game or struggle to impose our system on the opposition, despite have a far superior squad of players. Until he goes we won't win anything .
  7. Blaming 'the West' for the actions of a few greedy rulers of the day is a dangerous game. At the same time slaves were being dragged from Africa, children from the West were working down mines and the peasants of the day were ordered to fight wars in foreign lands for the good of a few rich rulers.
  8. It may work that way but Usyk may choose to go to the body, like wilder did in the 1st two rounds, to great effect. If I was Fury I would avoid Usyk, hes the best boxer, other than Fury, in that divisiom and also has the insight to work Furys weaknesses. Hope AJ can sort that problem out to line up a pay day with Fury.
  9. Cars super bright led headlights that blind you its making driving at night a real pain in the ass.
  10. Just watched The Many Saints of Newark, good film with some great acting. The mannerisms of the actors is great, never knew Sal had a wig on. Makes me miss the Sopranos even more than normal, might have to give it another go, ( be the 4th watch)
  11. Well I'm 53 so I never saw the Ali, Fraser, foreman in their prime. Mike Tyson probably the 2nd best I have seen although Lewis , Larry Holmes were very good. Just can't see past Fury, his size and mobility are freakish , he was a 1/3 quicker than Wilder, he was turning and hitting him before Wilder knew what was happening and I'm not convinced Fury was 100% on his game. So best I have seen live, in a one off fight, at the top of his game, Fury. All time best not to sure, it takes something special to defend titles year after year, Fury hasn't got the time to do it and I'm not sure he has that in his locker In a one off fight at the top his game I think he would be to much for 99% of the fighters in history. Ali was 15 stone 7 when he fought Foreman, Fury is 19 stone......
  12. What a fight, can't think of a better heavy weight fight I have ever seen tbh. Just watched history being made. Wilder, his own worst enemy, he picked his corner who seemed to just offer words of encouragement rather than any technical support. Fury what a beast of man, born to fight with a heart of a lion and a corner who gave support. The way he seemed to target Wilders ear ....brutal, his heart to get up and hold on, huge. When I saw his weight gain and with the issues he has had over the last few months I had doubts but this guys simply the best heavy weight fighter by a country mile.
  13. Have a horrible feeling wilder may edge it, early knock down. Suspect Fury will try and go toe to toe with him and get caught.
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