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  1. Not sure but it doesn't stick out as much as Hause's. Watched many CB with no pace , the best I have ever seen could be described as being slow but his reading of the game was 1st class. I'm not saying Engles is without his faults , there just not as bad as Hause's. Just watch him on the ball hes dreadful.
  2. Don't think you can judge a player from one bad game, it would be great if you could but you can't. Anyway our alternative is Hause who who for me has consistently shown his great athleticism and his complete lack of football ability on every occasion I have seen him play. There is another issue with Engel's is my conclusion.
  3. Has anyone actually watched Hause playing? He might get his head on the ball but it goes everywhere you don't want it to. His distribution and play when he's got the ball is dreadful For me Engel's is a much better player, may not have pace but then his reading of the game is far better than most if not all of our defence. There has to be another issue with him.
  4. tinker

    Saïd Benrahma

    He did but the smirk and lip biting indicated there was a lot more to it.
  5. tinker

    Saïd Benrahma

    Do we need a left back as much as we need players for other positions? I hope we don't buy him and not strengthen the midfield and wings.
  6. tinker

    Saïd Benrahma

    Just watch Smiths interview, when someone asked if he was going to sign anymore Brentford players he had to bite his lip to stop the smile, could Benrahma be back on?
  7. I can arrange £1.5m for a small processing fee....
  8. Jack's only going to get better, the "no one wanted him' headline is going to look very dated this time next year.. If he gets more quality around him, Watkins is a good start, then he's going to flourish.
  9. His corners were woeful last night. Can understand him having an off game but surely someone else can take a corner ?
  10. Great start , has everything to be a huge success for us, going to get close to 20 goals this season is my guess.
  11. tinker

    Kortney Hause

    Watching him brings back the horror of last season, got all the physical attributes but he's just not good enough for me, at least not to start a game .
  12. Not a premier League player , nowhere near tbh.
  13. Maybe ..........They have played well and come away with nothing, if they don't win their next game then the pressure will start to mount. We felt this last season and it really starts to affect the players early , especially when they have no experience of losing more games than they win and in a league their not sure they are good enough for. The doubts set in. I quite like Leeds and think they add to the premier League , similar to us tbh but the league is stronger this year and the battle at the bottom is going to be brutal. Will their bottle hold under the pressure? I have my doubts tbh, they have struggled in the past and I'm guessing this is a projection of their manager emotions. Must be odds on for the team with the most bookings this season if nothing else.
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