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  1. No country has got over this virus yet, not one. Its far more serious than anyone is letting on from any Government and Boris ending up in a icu is a stark warning to us all. Who knows how this is going to end but it could go anyway you care to magine . This is arguably the biggest challenge the human race has ever faced .
  2. Journalism at its worse , boxed pre picked questions and answers that have no facts just froth. The lack of any talent in the government of this country is nearly as terrifying as the virus
  3. Witnessed a ding dong down the supermarket today, one bloke ignored the security guards request not to go shopping with his mrs , one person only. He pushed past and accompanied his mrs and ignored the guard. Then when he came out he started insulating the guard in front of waiting shoppers, disgraceful behaviour. What type of people do this kind of thing, its just beyond my comprehension.
  4. I dont know why people have this attitude , when all the experts are telling us the opposite. Its going to kill thousands and keep the virus in circulations for months the. I can only assume its the type of people who have enough toilet paper to last 10 years and or live on a desert island . Their definitely not over 70 or at obvious risk of serious illness, at least not on the surface.
  5. Corona took someone i know today. First person i know to die of it, hope it's the last, 55 years old.
  6. As the NHS collapses due to lack of PPE and no testing this government will collapse. I give it a month to 6 weeks . Stay indoors and stay safe, next to no health care is just around the corner with NHS staff either ill or self isolating.
  7. tinker

    The Film Thread

    It was worth watching just for the bacon sandwich recipe. Mmmmm
  8. It's to build cars in trim and final
  9. Yes it is, a 'friend of a friend' who works there. Asked for volunteers to go in
  10. The UK government is incompetent, their trying to lie and bullshit their way out of a right mess . There isn't enough PPE for front line staff and there isn't enough testing being done. The system seems to be ready to collapse, our front line health workers will catch Corona and have to self isolate
  11. People are buying into the , its just severe flu. Hope they are right but just by the actions of Boris , Trump and China i think their wrong.
  12. Production at a west midland saloon car manufacturer is back on tomorrow, 80 production workers plus the support staff , probably about 120 . I kid you not
  13. No its not because people are still passing the virus to one another, if this stopped the virus would die within 2-3 weeks , if the two week period of possible contagiousness is correct.
  14. Maybe it's related to the initial dose of infection or its mutating from patient to patient. Best way to stop this is if we all stop mixing, if we did it should stop within 2 to 3 weeks.
  15. Your right and odds are it will affect us all, from the stats today. Nearly 7 more days of more or less exponential growth until we start to see the affects of the lock down.
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