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  1. tinker

    Keinan Davis

    He needs to go to a level and club where he can start every game . I'm not sure Stoke is a good match as he will need to hit the ground running there and if he doesn't he will be back to square one. Low in confidence and on the bench with tons of pressure on him when he comes on. If he has to go down another league to guarantee a start then I would rather him go there than sit on the bench at Stoke or another high pressure club. Its a big move for Keinan and a hard one to make the right choice but I'm confident that he has the ability to play at high championship, low premier league levels but he needs to build his confidence up from a lower level where they have the patience to let him grow.
  2. Grealish will fill the space created by the back tracking defenders, some teams are going to get stuffed next season.
  3. Yea your right , just to painful to think about. Writing was on the wall after he scored the overhead kick against blues , a cb, overhead kick......The mind boggles, what was going through O'Neils head?
  4. His biggest mistake in the transfer market , that or Marlon.
  5. We need a good dm , if we get one then top 6 is possible. Without one 8-10th
  6. Winning the league with man City will mean nothing, they have brought the league with money. They have nothing other than money and when that goes so do they. The history books will show a 10 year period where they won the league a few times and then drifted back off to oblivion. Leading villa to an fa Cup win would mean more, especially to a villa fan......... Our owners have to say no, just like man u or Liverpool would if man City came in for their star player. Its this "saying no" that build success. Our owners know this, Jack is staying.
  7. We will see, but don't underestimating what Wes is capable of, the challenge of Ollie will bring the very best out of him...fingers crossed.
  8. Anyone got any Tunein radio station recommendations? I can't get.off NME2 or NME1 if.i fancy some older stuff thrown in.
  9. Barry left us in January, RIP, great lad.
  10. I can see him really making his mark this season. 10-12 goals.
  11. We had a Brilliant run, penalties tripped us up again, we was very poor at them again, it's more or less like flipping a coin . Looking forward to the next world Cup. One criticism is Henderson, he was a yard behind the play , Bellingham would have made more sense but that's an easy call with hindsight.
  12. Well they hadn't created a chance in 60 odd minutes .........then he comes on and all of a sudden they create two , he's heavily involved in both of em. He's the most talented player we have , work ethic ain't that great for England, strange as its alot better for villa ( a point the man city's of this world should note) Stage is set, if we're winning then he's not needed, if we aren't then Jack comes on , again, and maybe just maybe changes the game (again). It's written in the stars utv and come on England, what a beautiful time to be an English Villa fan.
  13. He presented the best chance we had, in open play, to Kane and had a shot saved that was on target.
  14. If Jack hadn't played any games we wouldn't have beaten Germany, would that make you happy?
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