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  1. tinker

    Dean Smith

    Great manager, he's calm and collected and shows a passion for our club that makes players play at 100%. More like Brian little than Gregory. He's gonna create something special over the next 10 seasons or so .....UTV
  2. tinker

    Keinan Davis

    He had two decent chances against Bolton ,the header looked like a good chance but the sun was directly in his eyes and he miss directed it. He then had a shot across goal which missed the goal but he had to work hard to make the chance and did well. I see a good player in him but he needs time to grow some confidence .
  3. tinker

    Scott Hogan

    I don't think he's a bad player we just have a very strong line up of strikers at villa who are more versatile than Scott. It's unfortunate he was loaned to a club who also have good strikers maybe a loan to a club who will play him would be a more sensible choice.
  4. I love the championship , we need the premier League money to survive but the way this league plays out is what football should be about .
  5. Jack's taking us up with him, who would deny him or us the pure pleasure of watching that happen UTV
  6. Rumours about players circulate all the time and rumours about Ross were in the air before we purchased him, the powers that be still sanctioned the purchase. I'm pretty sure if the manager of Fulham would have confirmed the rumours in a public interview then even our management team would have pulled back from the purchase. Bruce was wrong to slate Ross, he gave him nowhere to go and destroyed any chance of resale . It's was spiteful to Ross and negligent with our clubs money .......and idiotic .
  7. What Bruce did with Ross would be like our owners saying he ( Bruce) was negligent and basically incompetent starting the season with one proven central defender. An area of the pitch that should be his strong point turned out to be his weakest. Ross was an asset and even if Bruce lost respect for the player he should have realised that attacking him publicly diminished the club's 'asset' and lessoned the chance of ridding himself of the burden of Ross and his wages . It was a foolish move from Bruce and if I owned the club I would have been furious with Bruce's actions . Idiotic
  8. tinker

    Dean Smith

    Just watched his latest video and he made references to the pressure of playing for Villa. Made a great point about Alex Ferguson looking at players that can play under the pressure of having 67000 fans and high expectations. I think we have had plenty of players that are good under no pressure but wilt under pressure , I'm glad he regonises this it's a very important point .
  9. One vote with two options, there would almost certainly be a winner........unless they all abstained
  10. Next vote put to MPs should be , leave with no deal or revoke article 50 , it's where we're heading so we may as well know and have some time to adjust .
  11. The bitterness is making people become entrenched on both sides of the equation. It's a worrying trend. I do think we need an enquiry into the funding of both sides of brexit and see who and why they backed the relevant campaigns. The recent report on the leave campaigns funding is very worrying, especially with the lack of media attention that it's getting This brexit mess is beginning to feel like it was planned from the start, just a question of who and why .
  12. Starting to show some promise, interesting to see how he develops. I'm not to bothered how he celebrates scoring tbh , football is a business and decisions should never be made without putting that first, we could make some money or gain a decent player.
  13. They have left the negotiations just like Farage and Boris. Tbh loads of people I know who voted leave have started to realise the errors of believing their lies. How I see it playing out...... MPs reject the deal, then the only way to stop us crashing out is to revoke article 50, which they do. They then have another referendum , stay or leave on Mays terms . Crashing out is not an option unless your next option is suicide and or nuclear war. WTO terms give us the worst terms anyone has , on those terms medication and certain foods run out and our gas price spirals out of control. Only our enemies would want that to happen .
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